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Who won't be playing RDR2 this weekend?


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Just so there is no misunderstanding - I think RDR2 looks amazing and I can't wait to play it - however:


I'm in the middle of AC Odyssey and I know if I switch to RDR I may not come back.  So I am going to finish Odyssey first.  That may take me a couple more weeks.  Who knows maybe I can get RDR on black Friday for a couple bucks off.  I am a gamer that can't play two games at once so this is what I get.  


Anyone else here not getting this right away?

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I was really intrigued because I do love Spaghetti Westerns and the game looks visually absolutely stunning. That being said I had already decided not to buy it based on simply not having the time and/or patience for these type of 'substitute for life' type games. 


What did cement my decisions was reading several reviews this morning out of curiosity and seeing that the controls, character movement and gunplay still seem to be stuck in typical R* mode. The Kotaku paragraphs on movement and gunplay particularly were downright ugly for my tastes. 


Love what the game is doing visually and whole ultra-detail thing but overall as an actual game, it turns me off almost completely. 

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11 minutes ago, atom631 said:


I wish I had it in me to do that. No way I can fire up a game at 12 and then play till 2-3 and be able to function at work the next day...unless I call in sick! :thinking:

The last time I tried this knowing farce of a move was when Bloodborne came out and I told myself "only an hour to check it out". Called in sick at work at 6:30 AM and ended up playing until like 10AM and fucked up my entire sleep rhythm on top of wasting a vacation day. 


High five. 

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4 hours ago, mikechorney said:

Unless I decide to go for Gamestop's Xbox 1 X deal ($100 off, plus a $200 trade-in on my launch XB1), then I will be waiting for the Master Race version.

Oh my goodness, this is a good deal. I have a launch Xbox one in my closet, gonna go look this up now. I wont bite unless its the white Xbox One One

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urgh. picking it up at 9PM tonight and immediately download so I can play it after work on Friday. 


Stupid but not suprising I'm doing this.  I've really been itching for a new game but not really a western but I know I'll love this.


Just finally finished Batman AK and then went back to God of War and finished it up (absolutely loved the ending but glad I paused it for a bit to play batman) then finally convinced myself to relearn Witcher 3 to play the expansions.  I'm almost done Heart of Stone and will try to get it mostly done tonight and was planning to get into Blood/Wine but guess I'll relearn Witcher 3 again in 2019.



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1 hour ago, SFLUFAN said:

Not until mid-2019 at the earliest for me.

Same. Going through backlog and currently playing Resident Evil 7. Forza Horizon 4 gets my in between gaming and Battlefield V is next month so I'm good for now. After RE7 I will be finishing up Wolfenstein New Colossus, Hallowknight, Strange Brigade and Hitman. Damn Hitman 2 is next month as well huh. Well yeah not touching RDR2 until a game of the year edition is out :lol:

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