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  1. Yeah yeah, but it's okay to rhyme. This is the part (59 minutes in): Lucas tells John Williams that he loves the chorus. "I think it's gonna work, you may not realize it, but it really goes into the third film very well. And I think it'll be an important thing to reprise. It definitely has the quality of the inevitable fate of doom with larger hands at work." So it plays in the first movie and then Yoda v Palpatine (which works considering the two people fighting). So Rey v Kylo I think would work quite well!
  2. If I remember correctly, during the making of The Phantom Menace, Lucas said that Duel of the Fates needed to sound like an epic because it would likely be used again in the prequel story. And it was in the Yoda vs. Palpatine fight. So I think a theme that was used in the start of the numbered movies being the finale actually is a pretty cool loop.
  3. Well, it wasn't a straight decline; TLJ outgrossed Rogue One, and TRoS outgrossed Solo. I put them in order of gross, not release. All the first movies in the trilogies were event movies (Star Wars being the first, TPM for being the first SW film in 16 years, TFA for being the first SW film in 10 years and having the original cast in it). The second movies never grossed as much as the first, but RO and TLJ still made bank, with TLJ being the number one movie on home video when it released. Solo was an offshoot no one asked for, and TRoS's negative critical reception clearly has affected it. IMO make a quality Star Wars movie, and it'll be huge. Marvel has shown that "fatigue" never set if theater goers liked the movies.
  4. We're waiting on Thursday's numbers, but day-to-date, here is where each movie stood as of Day 34 in theaters. The Force Awakens - $863,148,249 The Last Jedi - $596,867,242 Rogue One - $504,221,149 The Rise of Skywalker - $495,816,498 Solo - $204,414,703 Over $100 million separates TLJ from TRoS. Around $10 million separates Rogue One from TRoS. TFA was really the event of the decade in North America.
  5. Biden ad says now is not the time "to take a risk"
  6. The best SW movie since Empire. What's with people's obsession with her? It's weird.
  7. https://www.pbs.org/newshour/press-releases/from-judy-woodruff-longtime-pbs-newshour-anchor-and-co-founder-jim-lehrer-has-passed-away My favorite Lehrer moment (it should be timestamped, but start at 11:52 if not):
  8. The conservative state becomes the 19th to ban the discredited practice.
  9. Yup. If it's Biden, I won't be as enthused, but he's easily got my vote should that happen, as do all of them down the ballot. All the choices/debates for whom to vote will be primary choices.
  10. Tulsi Gabbard sues Hillary Clinton for $50M, claims defamation over 'Russian asset' remark
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