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  1. From what I read, if you tested positive, that's VERY likely to be correct. If you test negative, it's 50/50.
  2. You just went into this thread and said, "Half the country are Trump sycophants because look at my family." Your family is irrelevant, Republicans have sucked for ages and got what they always wanted in Trump, and Republicans aren't half the country. Are you listening at all?
  3. What does your family have to do with the entire country? They're not representative, nor does it change that every Republican could be loony and they still wouldn't get to half the country. Republicans spread rumors about the Clintons murdering people in the 90s as well; they simply resurfaced in 2016.
  4. Every Republican could turn into this and it's still not half the country. Side note: they were impossible to talk to during the Bush years. Doubling down and ignoring facts didn't begin with Trump; he's just what they already were without the facade.
  5. In Pennsylvania: “They yelled and screamed about it being safe for others across the state to gather, while they were testing positive," state Rep. Brian Sims said.
  6. If by out of reach, you mean leading. Not exactly a comfortable lead and not better than how Hillary fared close to election day, but out of reach, he is not.
  7. Through all the videos, I can't find the part when officers say he was resisting SO much that they had to suffocate him with a knee and kill him.
  8. Hmm, the fast ones? I took a COVID test and an antibody test, both negative. My antibody test was a result of my blood donation recently.
  9. The soundtrack released today. 150+ tracks for $19 if you want it off Google Play. Apparently it's more expensive on iTunes?
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