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  1. Late term abortion arguments usually evolve into the ridiculous because somehow, even people who have kids don’t understand why a woman would choose that. I think of this quote by Buttigieg when I think late term: I think the bottom line is, rather than those of us who aren’t part of these peoples’s lives and will never be part of their lives trying to figure out what the line is and what hypothetical is appropriate, we should leave it to the person who is pregnant.
  2. I think the most stunning thing about this discussion is many of us were posting with each other on IGN two decades ago, and we were having these arguments and some of us hadn’t even been laid. Now many of you have kids and had to actually make that choice, in my card. It bums me out but it’s valuable to know and crazy to think the prospective y’all are coming from now.
  3. Oz is the Trump pick. The good thing is the live recount. Barnette came from behind at the end because Oz/McCormick were going so negative on each other, but she was unvetted and said many homophobic and Islamophobic things and she was seen walking in a Jan 6 protest (unclear if she entered the Capitol), so Republicans could see a drip drip drip possible if she were nominated.
  4. Haven't read the statement yet, but seems like good stuff to run on and against (from 538 chat): "Read into it what you will, but Josh Shapiro’s press release on Doug Mastriano’s victory previews three attacks on Mastriano, in the following order: “Ban abortion without exceptions” “Restrict the right to vote and spread conspiracy theories” “Destroy the union way of life for hard working Pennsylvanians”"
  5. Interesting quote from one of the 538 guys in the chat tonight: 'In my survey of Pennsylvanians, I am looking at the factors that distinguish Oz supporters from Barnette supporters. Oz supporters are more likely to watch Tucker Carlson, while Barnette supporters have higher incomes and are less likely to identify as Republicans.'
  6. Dude, in a big Republican year in 2014, Pennsylvania elected a Democratic governor. There's nothing pointless about voting in Pennsylvania.
  7. Many elections happening today. 16 GOP Primaries To Watch In North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Idaho And Oregon | FiveThirtyEight FIVETHIRTYEIGHT.COM Tuesday is the busiest election day of the year so far, as five states — Idaho, Kentucky, North Carolina, Oregon and Pennsylvania — hold their 2022 primaries. A… 12 Democratic Primaries To Watch In Kentucky, North Carolina, Pennsylvania And Oregon | FiveThirtyEight FIVETHIRTYEIGHT.COM Most of the primary action so far this year has been on the Republican side, but Tuesday’s elections in Kentucky, North Carolina, Oregon and Pennsylvania will a…
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