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  1. And he makes it so easy-to-understand. One of Hillary's problems was it was hard for her to make a pitch concise and as a platform; Sanders is able to do that.
  2. I would definitely have more confidence in Buttigieg in a national campaign over Biden, but for me, it's more not having faith in how Biden is handling any adversity in his campaign and Buttigieg not having decades of votes to pick through. It still annoys me that Democrats were so disorganized and triangulating in the early 2000s that Trump ran to the left of Hillary on Iraq and would do the same with Biden. >_>
  3. I'll be the judge as to whether or not you like skim milk
  4. They said 20 minutes and that it would start at 9ET.
  5. SE's Babylon's Fall will get more info next year. Possibly a fall game, I'm thinking.
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