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  1. I'd like to echo something @Anathema- asked. Where are all the "I like the composition of the court the way it is" folks, shitting bricks over someone like Scalia getting replaced but mum over this?
  2. It's honestly pretty amazing how many of us only really thought of Spider-Man/Superman/Batman being hugely successful/popular superheroes before the MCU. I'm also not as big a fan of it as, say, TDK trilogy or even something like Days of Future Past, but holy shit at the idea that Iron Man became huge, or Guardians of the Galaxy could be #1 in a year, or the fact that Black fucking Panther was the highest grossing movie in North America even above Avengers: Infinity War.
  3. They're already doing that and have been for months. Pro-Trump media doesn't control the narrative; it's only a sliver of the media landscape.
  4. Some good numbers for Trump in Florida and Arizona from WaPo: These do have an R+5 turnout model (Kelly is up by 1 on McSally in this one). But that's not impossible. At the same time, St Pete Polls released a Florida poll as well with good Biden numbers and a big sample size (haven't seen crosstabs):
  5. Yeah, it's basically been seven years of Sony's first party being all right and changing goal posts around here. We both know Twin's not one of those weirdos; it might suit some people to act more like him. I think there's a difference between not being interested in the games (or just haven't gotten around to them) and not acknowledging it's a big get for MS. The latter is true; the former is YMMV. For me, Doom was a lot of fun, and I've no need to go back and play it. Skyrim I've no reason to go back to UNLESS it's VR, in which case I'm set. End of the day, they had games I was r
  6. Unlike much of the thread, Twinion's probably not trolling and seems to really not be interested in it. You're on my psn friends list so you're more than welcome to look at my trophy list to see how many games Bethesda released I played this gen. Guess the timing is bad for me since next gen they had three things I was interested in, two of which were rather big.
  7. One of these days, we'll get back to talking about things past moping about Democrats.
  8. Exactly. It's in their interest that they can mobilize voters with judges; I don't think they're expecting to get even more of that vote by gutting it. Also, this makes me want to buy Reaganland. It may be my next political book.
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