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  1. Everything from the trailers is from the first 15 minutes of the movie, that's confirmed.
  2. Damn man, I know some people dislike Sanders supporters' strategies, but not voting for their own candidate is fucking extreme.
  3. I can't look it up right now, but.... is this normal? Because if it is, it shouldn't be, and if not, what's going on this year besides sheer bad luck?
  4. Ugh, it's seriously my biggest pet peeve. It'd be like me going on Good Morning America in 2005 advocating for gay marriage legalization. "But most people disagree with you." No shit, I'm trying to turn the fucking tide, dipshit.
  5. I hate anchor/reporters like that. "But at lot of people disagree with you." Not only does he not define how many and who, but the fucking reason the guy is on there is to get people out to vote and convince people on his perspective herp derp. "But people disagree," is so fucking useless. Just talk about the argument against the deal revolving around remaining in the Customs Union and why that's supposedly bad, and then ask the guy to respond.
  6. God, I hope cable news isn't going that stupid route. I don't watch enough of it to know. On a side note, this reminds me of Brit Hume in 2012 during the conventions. In one of Daily Show's infamous "Bullshit Mountain Fox News" segments, Brit Hume was like Paul Ryan: This is what he's brought to the campaign. You can sense his knowledge on the economy. You can sense his knowledge on unemployment. Detailed, he has a grasp of the issues. Bill Clinton: It was wonky. He gave so many numbers and policy figures that people simply aren't going to remember them. Which, on a side note, is what you're there for as a news guy: fact-checking the figures and talking to your viewers.
  7. And then don't realize the cognitive dissonance of calling someone else a snowflake.
  8. The great thing is there's no rush imo to get behind a candidate currently. I have some favored ones now (been really impressed with Warren), but with a little under a year away from voting, I'm just going to see how they campaign, what they're offering throughout the year, how the debates shake up, etc. A lot of people I see ranking who they like so far, but I'm just like, hey, what's the rush? I get what you're saying about identity politics. I think it's impossible not to talk about it (civil rights are all about identity, and the economy disadvantages connected to many minorities are connected to things that have a racist past that don't seem racist now, systemic racism), but I post on Reset for example -- which isn't a progressive board as much as it is Democratic, if that makes sense -- and I've heard things like, "Man, Biden and Sanders are at the top, of course it would be old white guys," and, "I'd rather have a minority leading the pack than old white guys," and I go, "Yo, fellas, you do realize Sanders is Jewish and that's a minority, RIGHT? And that we've NEVER HAD A JEWISH PRESIDENT?" I saw a few Jewish board members go, "Yeah, seriously, why are we minorities when it suits some of you?" I'm pretty excited by how diverse the field is. We have several women, several black Americans (both men and women which hasn't happened until now), one Hispanic candidate, an openly gay candidate, a Hindu, a Jewish candidate (who's way better than freaking Lieberman), white men (who, some forget, are still an important demographic in the Democratic Party) and a Taiwanese candidate. It's honestly pretty damn cool. You'll be happy to know one of our best workers at my station was gay and received a well-deserved promotion to a bigger market. He was totally a leader behind-the-scenes, nice as can be, friends with much of the newsroom and appreciated by the whole crew. Also, hit me up some time. You can't be in Florida and hide from me.
  9. You can't tell someone not to get triggered when you're making a fuss that people said Easter worshippers.
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