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  1. I've disliked Chuck Todd since 2008, which was the first time I remembering seeing him. His analysis of the 2008 election, but worse his lack of issuing a mea culpa, were the drizzling shits. I still remember when Obama was easily ahead in delegate, pretty much insurmountable, his analysis was something along the lines of Obama needing a bigger win to really show he can win the general. He "can't keep winning in places like Wyoming." Well, one Obama primary win and two Obama presidential wins later, he could have thought that out more. Chuck's problem is that he takes his fascination for politics and enjoys too much of the "game" behind it.
  2. The last two candidates to drop out will run for office in 2020. Inslee will run for reelection as Washington's governor. Hickenlooper is running for Senate in Colorado.
  3. God of War -- Finally got the platinum by taking out the ravens and getting all the artifacts. Oh Santa Monica, why you gotta make such a fantastic game? Astro Bot: Rescue Mission Detroit: Become Human Resident Evil 2 Remake Moss Yakuza Kiwami Yakuza 0 Tetris Effect Dead Cells (one or two runs) Days Gone Dead Cells (completed all runs, true final boss, true ending) Toejam & Earl: Back in the Groove Kingdom Hearts 3 God of War
  4. I've done plenty of reading on gaming sites and insiders, so for the best I can do: Microsoft: They really needed to expand their first party with the increased competition and the paltry offerings this gen, which now puts them around level with Sony in terms of number of studios. The thing is, some of them came out of left-field (Playground Games is like Insomniac in terms of the relationship, but at no point would I have expected Ninja Theory and Double Fine Productions to be acquired), so I have no fucking clue. Amazon: They're in the game, but I don't know what they're doing. Sony: Since their CEO Jim Ryan already talked about acquisitions to investors, and we've just seen Insomniac join their first party, I expect more. Remedy has been rumored. I know they've been in talks, but I don't think anything is final, and the talks were early last I heard from a few Reset insiders a few months ago. It's possible they want to see how Control is received and how it does. Kojima Productions is another that I'm sure is at least thought about at Sony, but an issue with that which someone on another board mentioned, is that if you buy a studio, it's great to buy a studio with a culture in it where the wheels keep turning no matter who's at the helm (like Naughty Dog). Kojima Productions revolves around Kojima, and many of those employees likely joined it for him. Whenever he retires, are people guaranteed to stay? Dunno. So there's a risk to that. Bluepoint has a long relationship with them and have great development chops. They've done a good job remastering/remaking older games in Sony's catalog, and they're working on a big project right now (don't know with whom). Housemarque is a studio that has admitted their next game likely won't perform well sales-wise. They're working on a AAA game currently, but I know their arcade games were not bigger sellers with Sony, which is why they're shifting away from Resogun/Alienation/Matterfall/Nex Machina stuff. So I don't necessarily know how they fit, but considering Media Molecule and PixelOpus exist, I think they'd be able to fill a multi-player/pick-up-and-play niche in the whole lineup. Plus, I don't know how well they're doing financially, and I'd hate to lose them if their AAA game doesn't pan out. There's also Ready At Dawn, which I feel would have been part of it already had it not been for The Order: 1886's underwhelming sales and reception. I still think they're really talented from their other games, especially when you see their VR success with Lone Echo on Oculus Rift, so if you want to expand your studios and also beef up PSVR (Insomniac has shown they can do that to), it seems like it might be a reasonable possibility considering their past relationship with them. Supermassive has a long history with them as well and honestly did the whole Quantic Dream thing better than QD with Until Dawn. They worked on VR games, Playlink games and standard PS4 games with them, so they're versatile, but right now, they seem tied up on The Dark Pictures with Bandai Namco, so I dunno. That's all the obvious stuff. There are a bunch of smaller independent developers who have worked with Sony on one-off projects, but it does seem as if they acquire studios after having worked with them as they did with Bend, Naughty Dog, Insomniac, Guerrilla, Media Molecule, and Sucker Punch, and the ones who no longer exist (Incog, Zipper, Evolution).
  5. Here's an interview with Shawn Layden about the Insom acquisition:
  6. As a fan of choose-your-own adventure games, I may actually plop down the lunch money for it once I pay off my bills this month. It was going to come out for a now defunct Playlink initiative, basically, so it's getting the short end of the stick.
  7. Stan Lee’s daughter: ‘No one could have treated my father worse than Marvel and Disney’s executives’
  8. It's easy to interpret the second amendment as, "Right to bear arms, not necessarily every arm that exists," because we already do that, just as it's easy to interpret the 14th amendment as birthright citizenship because that's what we do.
  9. Former Trump official Sarah Huckabee Sanders joins Fox News because you already knew she would
  10. According to Jim Ryan (SIE President and CEO), he said in an investor meeting a while ago that due to increased competition (not just MS's acquisitions but Google and Epic as well), having a strong first party will be important in the future. So it likely goes well beyond MS.
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