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  1. Run commercials unopposed and not responding directly from candidates. He's raising his poll numbers in Super Tuesday states, which is having an effect on his national numbers. We'll see how this translates when he faces more resistance from other candidates and when other candidates run ads in those places.
  2. What Obama Is Saying in Private About the Democratic Primary Good attitude, and I hope he really does continue this. If that really is his attitude toward Sanders or even Warren, then that's actually a good pragmatism I can get behind.
  3. All bigs look alike
  4. This was such a great scene, and unexpected because when I saw the trailer, I thought the, "You're kidding," from Buzz was edited from somewhere else and had no idea that there was actually a full sequence of bad ideas.
  5. I know what Sanders' strategy will be against Bloomberg in the debate. And I know the buying elections argument works and is something Buttigieg/Biden/Klobuchar can and will bring up, as well as Warren. But I'm very curious what other strategies they use against Bloomberg. And Steyer, for that matter, being the billionaire who's not spending what Bloomberg is.
  6. You have to register (for free) to read, but it's worth it. Other areas covered more in-depth in the article: BOTTOM LINE:
  7. Whoever did this should have put, "Okay, yeah. Good," for Bernie just cuz. Now I'm irrationally angry.
  8. More than 17,000 showed up to a Sanders Tacoma rally: Hell if I know if he's actually going to win.
  9. Just to show how much ecstasy I haven't done: I thought MDMA was some kind of psychological exam.
  10. What's impressive is this isn't the only thing he's going to be tried for. I haven't followed all the details, but the Stormy Daniels case has yet to be tried, and my guess is that he's guilty as sin there as well.
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