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  1. "Have you ever played Risk? Take all your troops and put them on Madagascar. Do you ever win?" Apparently quite easily.
  2. I don't really think it's simply mudslinging. They really spread conspiracy theories about other candidates' health. Many Republicans think Bill and Hillary straight-up had people murdered.
  3. Yeah, I'd say that definitely conspiracy theories feel crazy as fuck, so I get what @finaljedi is saying. However, think about this: in my lifetime, we had some celebrity in the White House questioning the health and mental capacity of a Democrat running for president. And that wasn't just Trump this year (and in 2016 running for president). That was Ronald fucking Reagan.
  4. I actually don't think that. Is anyone thinking Bill O'Reilly, John Gibson, and Glenn Beck weren't so bad? One is forgotten and nobody likes the other two. I know Sam Bee ate ice cream with Beck but I don't feel many sympathized with him.
  5. Some stray observations: 1. Sympathies for the husband. 2. I'm sure Biden is the dumb one.
  6. I actually haven't figured out the PvP or PvE stuff yet! BUT, I've beaten two bosses in the first area, got my ass kicked at the fourth headstone, but am doing better at the second headstone, so maybe I'll figure it out soon.
  7. I'm really loving this game. Looks great and plays like butter. When I'm not on mobile I can probably share some more detailed impressions.
  8. This controller probably has the best rumble I've experienced. Also, battery life has been fantastic. Huge improvement over the DS4.
  9. No, I mean I missed the entire series of posts about her not being affiliated with his legal team so the first thing I saw was, "How's Parler responding to this?" and I had no idea what happened.
  10. I had to Google her name to find out what is the news that Parler is supposed to be responding to.
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