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  1. Origin Access, Discord Nitro, Google Staidia, GeForce Now, Walmart ... who else? Maybe some we haven't heard of yet. I wouldn't think Humble Bundle operates that way with the monthly bundles, since they can't collect play metrics.
  2. Sounds like it would be iOS centric: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-03-23-apple-reportedly-working-on-premium-games-subscription-for-the-app-store https://9to5mac.com/2019/01/28/apple-reportedly-plans-netflix-for-games-subscription-service/ Bonus: An indie publisher from a few days ago. Apple apparently isn't the only one doing this. (he later clarified that Games Pass and PSN+ don't operate this way)
  3. I've been saying for months that streaming & subscriptions are headed towards a 'premium cable' model. That prediction might have just got a shot in the arm. Jez Corden (Microsoft insider at Windows central) says that Microsoft might be looking to sell xCloud servers to interested 3rd parties. That means a streaming version of EA Access, for example, could run on their servers. Any interested party could have a discussion with them about developing their own offshoots. Given what we know about the state of PC launchers today, the big 3rd party players could be very receptive to that idea. IMO, it's clear that Games Pass won't become the 'Netflix of games,' or at least what Netflix once was. Too many companies see the benefit of not putting their biggest releases into someone else's basket. But few companies have the infrastructure to support their own cloud services. If Jez is right, Microsoft might have found a way to still come out ahead in the inevitable splintering process. It could also stop publishers from running to Google's lap, should they also pursue a subscription model. ... Crazy times ahead. I will say, the more things fracture into individualized subscriptions, the happier I'll be sticking to direct purchases.
  4. Tacoma for free from Humble (DRM-free) https://www.humblebundle.com/store/tacoma
  5. Oxenfree is up on the Epic Store! The Witness is coming free in 2 weeks.
  6. So much good stuff here. Katana Zero is looking as slick as ever.
  7. https://www.usgamer.net/articles/walmart-video-game-streaming-service-exclusive
  8. Another update: I bet these will mostly be the same games that Ubisoft gave away a few years ago.
  9. I’ll be interested in these games by the time they hit the bargain bin. Sub $20, probably won’t purchase until $10 or less. I get the feeling that Epic Store exclusitivty will prolong that process. But the humble store development today did change my tune a bit. And by the time I finally get Control, I’ll have a rig that can do all the ray tracing bells and whistles.
  10. https://www.shacknews.com/article/110641/epic-partners-with-humble-bundle-for-epic-games-store-titles
  11. This thread is even more relevant now. I don't think Steam will go away as the norm, at least not anytime soon. But Epic's going to want to see their keys in bundles. EA and Ubisoft similarly benefited from their Humble partnerships.
  12. Just announced via Epic's GDC stream. I'll still be buying Steam keys when possible, but I think it's likely we'll be seeing Epic keys in bundles there soon.
  13. The artifacting in Project Stream at 1080p was severe at points in motion, and it looks like they haven’t fixed it in the most recent screen cap comparisons digital foundry did. Especially in captures of the eagle. My internet should be good enough to handle 4K. But I don’t think it’ll ever replace native hardware for me. But I am happy to hear lag has improved a bit.
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