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  1. I've beaten 16 backlogged games just this year. The pile still may outgrow what I can burn, but new game prices will hold higher than normal for a while due to the generation transition. Gives me an excuse to catch up. It's usually what I do.
  2. My list, based on what I currently own that was released this gen. I came into the generation late, and waited for bargin bin price drops and freebies. So that's my excuse. It's not quite as bad as I thought... I'll probably aim to beat most of the primary list games. PC Primary Yakuza series (PC releases of 0 and 1) Dark Souls Remastered AC Origins Doom Crash Bandicoot 2 & 3 Witcher 3 Okami HD Halo Master Chief Collection PC Secondary Prey AC Odyssey Black Mesa Megaman 11 Tales of Beseria Batman Arkham Knight Shadow of Mordor Ni Nu Kuni 2
  3. Man, I never finished Human Revolution. I got to a point where the game forces you not to stealth and said fuck it. Might have been near the end.
  4. Based only on what I’ve played, I’d pitch prioritizing these. I’d probably make LiS my number 1 for what it offers on the whole. It goes wild places. Even more than Edith Finch. You could put off the 3D platformers a while if you’re not that into the genre, but the those three are top shelf. Though be warned, they’re all a bit collection heavy. You could swap Xenoblade out for DQXI later this year (I know we’ve talked about that). I adore both games. Pick Xeno if you want more exploration and plot, pick DQXI if you want something more light hearted
  5. Most new releases have next-gen versions or upgrades planned (Nintendo exclusives excepting). 2020's been a huge help for my backlog already, but there's still so much left to cover. What do you all hope to get around to before it gets forgotten about? Wii U games could count as well, if that's a question.
  6. Never played the original, but the PS4 remake is sitting high on my backlog currently.
  7. It'll be good at telling us what each of the platforms can do with reflections at least. Then Control will tell us more.
  8. Yup, which means a lot of puddles to start with. It'll be striking until it's not. Reconstruction techniques could get better as the gen goes on, but the specs games are built for will also get more demanding. It's going to be interesting to see how a truly 'next-gen' game deals with RT. Even Control is still current gen in scope with RT layered on top. Same with Cyperpunk.
  9. Looks like a match for DMC and Spiderman MM. Just no 60fps mode that we know about.
  10. Not if you're tying to maximize elemental bonuses and blade synergy. When and how you switch between blades becomes the focus in the late game. And that's very much dependent on the battle situation. What element orbs does the enemy already have? What blades elements do you and your party members have equipped? Do you go for riskier elemental chains or topple combos? Can you do both to maximize damage? What about healing? Etc. By the end of the game I had that elemental flow chart pretty much memorized. There's a ton of the character/blade abilities and pouch items that make auto-atta
  11. Hard disagree. There’s many more layered systems to juggle in XB2. Timed press bonuses for basic attacks, elemental combo chains, seals, ‘blade‘ swaps and cancels, animation cancels, break-topple-launch-smash, elemental orbs, health pellets, etc. It’s quite satisfying to stack multiple elemental bursts into one massive chain attack. You need it against most of the late game and end game bosses, unless you find other ways to cheese it through the gatcha and blade leveling (there are a couple). For better or worse, XB2 addresses simplicity concerns by overstuffing it with systems to manage
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