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  1. Regions of Ruin (Steam) https://store.steampowered.com/app/680360/Regions_Of_Ruin/
  2. Haven't read the spoilers. I'd hope that being a "remake" is somewhat a safeguard against that. FF7 was pretty convoluted plot-wise compared to other JRPGs at the time though. So it might fit? lol
  3. I can't wait to see what this means for a Switch successor. The 540p upscale examples are wild.
  4. We would have been fools to expect a great launch line-up before this crisis hit anyways. The industry hasn't been about that for a long time.
  5. I'm in that boat, even having beaten it a few times back in the day. I did fully understand the details of it at some point, but I've played plenty of other large-scale JRPGs since that have kind of supplanted its headspace in my brain. (Xenoblade 1 & 2 stand out in recent memory) I did watch the newest trailer once, but noticed a lot of characters I didn't recognize or just straight up don't remember (well). A few new plot devices too? Not going to dwell on it now, since I'm still pretty open to it being a re-imagining and want to see it through in that context.
  6. I expect it to be more anime-feeling just from the voice acting and camera cuts. Text bubbles don’t always read that way. They’ll try to rewrite some of it read better spoken... which could be a problem for the translators. The original game does have character though. The main cast and certain scenes are iconic for good reason.
  7. Symmetry (GOG) https://www.gog.com/game/symmetry Free DLC for Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (EGS) [game was previously given away there] https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/totally-accurate-battle-simulator/bug-dlc
  8. Hob and Gone Home are up. I'm going to actually update the OP now... so much free stuff lately.
  9. Woah, even Jason’s playing the console war card. If anyone would be hearing rumblings, it’s him.
  10. “OK this isn't even a fucking remake at this point. It is almost like spoiling a new FF game. Almost.” Good enough for me to stop reading. Let them take the liberties they want to. I’m cool with it. 😎
  11. Other than the occasional performance dips and 30fps norm, this gen could probably go on impressing me for years if we weren’t moving on.
  12. You must not have heard of the mobile game. And no, seasonal events aren’t GaS in themselves. Where’s the dollars to bells exchange?
  13. Don’t mind the 3D Mario update schedule personally. There’s a wait, but you never get more than 2 in a row without some kind of reinvention. I’m more interested in them not screwing up Paper Mario again.
  14. Rayman Legends on Uplay: https://register.ubisoft.com/rayman-legends/en-US
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