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  1. Skyward Sword isn’t what I’d call a Mario Party mini-game. Everything integrated in that game. Worked fine, for the most part. The joycon may not be the most capable motion controllers out there, but they’re apparently an improvement on Wii Motion +. I would still want to see more of that potential realized. Yeah, they could stand to benefit from spacial tracking too, but that’s also most important for the disembodied hand-like experiences you get in VR. Not everything using motion controls needs to be that.
  2. I wouldn’t agree. One, because it closes off another outlet for developers to create split controller experiences, with VR slumping nowadays. Two, because we’re less likely to get a Skyward Sword port, or any game that is an iterative improvement on its control scheme, which I quite enjoy.
  3. All said and done, the Switch Lite is a personal machine. The controllers aren't detachable. You can't dock it. There is no kickstand. Some of you guys should really be asking for Nintendo to screw the dock altogether and include a standard HDMI port and a 12+ foot cable. At least that way, you could use the damn buttons on the thing when its hooked up.
  4. Parents who’d want another set of controllers might as well opt for that anyways. Since the Switch Lite can’t be used as such from what we know.
  5. I’m aware of what he’s said, wanting it to still be an option for it to be docked. I’ve said that too, and agree with him. I just think the controller problem is being underplayed.
  6. You missed the point entirely. What controllers would a dockable Switch Lite use? If the family owns two Switches and can only afford $500, the controllers would have to come from the other machine.
  7. There is no $500 formula where the Switch Lite is hypothetically docked, being played, and the main Switch is still usable. Controllers.
  8. With all the reports to the dock itself scratching up the Switch if you aren’t careful, the younger sister probably shouldn’t be attempting to dock/undock anything.
  9. Kid A shouldn’t take the dockable Switch. Both Switches can download the same games, continue from the same saves, etc. Problem solved. Alternatively, Kid B can get over slumming it playing their own personal portable console in their lap. Or their impatient ass can wait until Kid A comes home. Then Kids A and B can commiserate in their depraved portable-screen hellscape while Mom watches daytime TV on the big screen.
  10. I wouldn’t argue with you that the option is nice in the second case. But I think you are overselling the value of having two dockable Switches in one house. Nintendo’s pricing for a second stand alone dock is terrible. But it would accomplish the same thing in your first scenario. Moreover, the Switch dock is portable as is. Why not just move it? First world problems I suppose...
  11. Parents can set it up so that kids can play the same games on all Switches in their family. A docked one, or otherwise. Part of the subscription fee.
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