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  1. There are DRM options in EGS. It's up the developer. In many cases you can play without directly opening the launcher, but it still requires a handshake with your account to set up.
  2. Hmm, I might be misreading this chart then: https://www.pcgamer.com/control-system-requirements-settings-benchmarks-and-performance-analysis/
  3. I don't think they've ever truly leapfrogged each other. The XB1 vs PS2 was the closest its ever come to that. What they're doing today is attempting to inch ahead. They do console releases more frequently now, sure. But they're each still scrapping for those minute advantages. It's a totally different ballgame than say, the PSP vs DS. I just find it hard to get excited for what the new consoles prospectively offer. Wade through the bullshit (8k! 120fps!) and it's easy to see that we're not likely to get much resolution or framerate gains if next-gen rendering tech (raytracing) is employed. Maybe if you've been stuck with an XB1 base for all these years, 1080p raytraced games will seem like a big step up. But with a Pro and decent PC, I don't know if I can get excited for that at this point. The 'mid-cycle' has spoiled me.
  4. Let's just rephrase beefy as being able to run Control with full raytracing settings at 1440p60. That would be a 'next gen' bump in performance and fidelity worth getting excited about. It's also only feasible today with $800 MSRP GPUs. The sooner we stop pitting Sony and Microsoft against each other, the sooner we'll realize nothing will stop the next gen from feeling premature in 2020.
  5. I don't believe any machine Microsoft or Sony launches next year will be beefy enough for the raytracing developers will want to push. They'll try anyways, of course. And then people will say the mid-cycle refresh can't come soon enough, to realize that vision at a more modern day framerate/resolution/etc. ... I'd love to be wrong on that. I'm speculating too. But it's what I'm anticipating.
  6. I have it, but haven't played it yet. I have beaten the entirety of Xenoblade 2 and DQXI however. Those are worth every penny. Xenoblade 2's been down to $40 before. You don't need to start with the first. Though that's coming too ... ... and I'd recommend ahead of those once its out.
  7. I think we'll see some form of raytracing cores in the initial sku, since the Coalition confirmed it for Scarlett. Whether it'll be worth the resolution/framerate trade-off is another story. Performance mode won't be going away. Might as call it performance + resoultion mode.
  8. For the money, I'd recommend Odyssey above any others in that link, save for BoTW. There's just a ton of content and replayability in it. You can look into Mario & Rabbids too. When that goes on sale, it's $20 (or $26 with DLC). It followed Ubisoft pricing, not Nintendo pricing. Just to mention it, I instantly regretted purchasing Slay the Spire on PC after getting around to it. Because that game is perfect for Switch. If you do keep your system and see an eShop sale, I'd highly recommend it.
  9. Batman games collection is up. It's everything but Origins and Arkham Knight DLC. Next week is Metro 2033 Redux and Everything.
  10. Sounds like larger framerate issues are mainly in transitions between world map sections, and the swamp. Not perfect, but shouldn't ruin the experience.
  11. In other words: PS5 Poor. Launch. PS5 Pro-ish. Launch. $599 US Dollars. PS5 Pro-er. Mid cycle.
  12. FYI, Walmart sells all new games at $50 or lower now. I'd wait until Black Friday if you want deeper 1st party deals. Not for the newest stuff though.
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