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  1. You should really give the reboot a shot. It’s a fantastic, gives me RE4 vibes at its best.
  2. Half Life Silent Hill Soulsborne Persona Last of Us GTA (other than a few minutes with 3) RDR DMC old God of War Call of Duty Battlefield Dishonored Forza Probably more I’m forgetting.
  3. SkateBIRD for XBXS, Switch, PC, XB1 Reviews OPENCRITIC.COM SkateBIRD is rated 'Weak' after being reviewed by 11 critics, with an overall average score of 60. It's ranked in the bottom 18% of games and recommended by 9% of critics. Said this much after trying the demo, but I was hoping they could turn it around. Apparently not. A skateboarding game that controls like crap is bad.
  4. They tried to increase it to $0.32 cents a day and people threw a fit. If it’s all just cents on the dollar… Here’s a more practical way to think of the cost. You could have traded in an Xbox One X for a Series X and used the saved Gold fees over a few years to cover it. You could keep doing this every time they do a refresh. I also doubt most people would be paying for Games with Gold now that Games Pass is a thing. The value it adds is pretty much moot. Still hoping they drop Gold altogether one day and price Games Pass accordingly.
  5. Little point to, yes. Even moreso if you've already been gaming on PC and want access to your Steam/EGS/etc library in your living room. This really doesn't address the main argument. It says: only buy a Sony console if you care about playing their exclusives in a timely fashion. (I'd throw pricing into the mix as well) It doesn't say why a Series X is worth full price if you already have an equivalent PC. The idea that you should buy a $500 console strictly for convenience and not library expansion or power is very niche. If his PC is underpowered and out of date, and/or he refuses to move it and hates streaming options, a better argument might be made for buying a Series X. It's not a bad piece of kit for the price. As a semi-duplicate for his PC though...
  6. I don’t move my gaming PC out of my living room. For all intents and purposes, it is my most used console. It functions as such, and other things, if I so choose. No one’s made the argument he should buy a PS5 for (old) multiplatform games if he already has a PC. Ever think he already might own many of those games on Steam? My PS4 is my Sony games box in the same way people (used to?) talk about Nintendo consoles. It’ll be the same with PS5 for me, if I ever get one. No harm, no foul. It’s either you think that’s worth it or it’s not. If their pc ports ever get more timely and have price parity, I’d never get one.
  7. This doesn’t reflect the current reality. They discount console versions to <$20, make them a pick-up on PS Plus, then port them to PC for full price years later. I’d love to see this change for the better. We just don’t have the evidence yet. I’m most inclined to wait on buying a PS5 until the game prices plummet. That’s where Microsoft has the better pitch with Games Pass. Though buying an Xbox is a wholly different proposition for someone without a PC gaming aversion. Or just move your PC to the screen you want to play it on and keep $500 in your bank account.
  8. “Only $5 more” is still $60 extra a year. $300+ over the course of a generation. That’s not nothing. Stacking promos is still thing, you’re right. The current limit is 3 years per account. It’s a sweet deal if you’re willing to jump through the required hoops. If you plan to stick with the ecosystem longer than that it’ll be back to normal eventually. In the larger scheme of things, this is still work you’re doing to discount something that should cost nothing. (Online play). If having a console is all you’ve ever been used to with online gaming, maybe that’s no big thing. For me personally, it’s a strike against them. All of the big three. Free online on the Deck makes them look even more like scam artists.
  9. Without a back catalog of Xbox games you already own, its still paying $500 (+ Xbox Live fees) for the connivence of not moving your gaming PC back and forth for Games Pass on the TV. Or refusing to keep it in your living room for whatever reason. Something else that’s being overlooked here: He can’t play his PC Steam library on either console without resorting to a streaming solution. If access to his existing game library is important, perhaps the Deck is the most sensible (and flexible) option. For now, at least, it is the Switch Pro. With better and free online, and cheaper indies. I think if expanding your game options matters, you either ask yourself how badly you’d want new and old PS games both, because their PC ports come late/expensive with no subscription option, or you start saving for whatever Nintendo has in store next.
  10. Neat to see you all had the same idea! I won’t be replaying Super and Fusion. But I did get to Zero Mission for the first time. Figured I’d be a little burned out starting Samus Returns right after it, but it feels surprisingly fresh. Definitely want to wrap it up soon though, so I get a bit of a buffer before Dread.
  11. Lost in Random for PC, PS5, XBXS, Switch, XB1, PS4 Reviews OPENCRITIC.COM Lost in Random is rated 'Strong' after being reviewed by 22 critics, with an overall average score of 79. It's ranked in the top 24% of games and recommended by 73% of critics. Not many reviews yet, but it looks like a solid 8.
  12. It stopped making sense for me to consider a gaming PC a desk device a while back. They can be. But with 4K being the visual aim for so many games, I'd rather see them on the big screen. Plus there's controller support for everything now. Maybe if I played a lot of MOBAs, RTSs and multiplayer FPSs it'd be different. But I'd still probably go cheapo for the desk PC if I needed one.
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