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  1. This is all we know, from the original unveiling: Whether that includes NVME SSDs is anyone’s guess. But technically speaking, those are available on the market now.
  2. The point isn’t just that it’s a SSD, but that Sony’s developed some propriety way to make the hardware communicate with SSDs more efficiently.
  3. The Wii U library by that point was honestly much better than the PS4/XBO early gen stuff. Nintendo was already in their stride phase. It's a good thing so many of those games got a second life on the Switch. That's what people were truly missing out on back then. I'm surprised we haven't seen SM3DW, Pikmin 3 or Xenoblade X ports yet.
  4. So many storefronts are all "don't forget about MEEEEE" since Epic started their giveaways. Awesome to see.
  5. This paints a more representative picture of how Days Gone is selling in the US: With another week or so of tracking, it might have even climbed higher. Says something about just how well MK11 is doing too. I expect we'll hear something from Sony soon about worldwide sales.
  6. I’ve got a PS4 strictly for its exclusives. Sony’s publishing efforts have stepped up considerably this gen, but its also been counter weighted by 3rd party developers overseas cozying up to the PC. I’m finding that Sony’s pitch for their consoles is a lot closer to Nintendo’s exclusivity angle than it used to be.
  7. https://store.steampowered.com/app/275390/Guacamelee_Super_Turbo_Championship_Edition/ Guacamelee is now free on Steam itself for the next two days. No excuse now.
  8. Essentially, a way to get Nintendo online free for year with the purchase of two new games. Nintendo Online should already be free to begin with. Hard pass unless I find two must owns from them this year.
  9. If the game is already on Steam, and Epic offers a significantly better historical price across the board, I would. ... That's what they've told us is the promise of their storefront. I don't think they've delivered it. So for now, it's just the place I grab freebies from.
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