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  1. Oh, almost forgot, play Terranigma. There is a minor leveling up component, but it’s got dungeons close enough to what Zelda is. Some of them are 4th wall breaking in a similar way to later 3D Zeldas (think TP/SS’s Ice Hotel & Pirate Ship dungeons).
  2. It’s Zelda for the first 4th of the game, maybe. Then it’s a stealth platforming game with lots of mini-games bolted on. I’d still recommend it though.
  3. Play Mystical Ninja starring Goemon if you haven't. Almost a proto Zelda OoT. Except 300% more weird. I beat HOB last year. Not bad, not a must play, but will scratch that itch. Just don't expect great combat. ittle Dew is Zelda with harder puzzles. I enjoyed what I played, but combat is even more downplayed. minit is a a 1-2 hour Link's Awakening fix. Quite good, while it lasts. Avoid Oceanhorn. At least the first game.
  4. All the weapons are good in their own right, IMO. Not really a bad one of the bunch. Sword is the most vanilla though.
  5. Maybe the first one will be the next game I play. I booted it up a long time ago, not sure why I stopped.
  6. Olli World looks fantastic. That's most exciting pick for me.
  7. I only care about card drops because I have a mild obsession with farming and gaming the market (both) to get more games. That ~$75 extra I make a year goes a long way still. Reduces my entertainment budget significantly, way more than rewards points or other methods people use to save on their purchase cost. There’s even been years for me in the past as a student when I earned more from cards than I spent on games.
  8. I prefer whoever sells the Steam version because I'll take the few cents back in card drops. EGS only wins for me if it's for game I'd pay $5 for, and it's $15 everywhere else. I've bought two games total from them. Came very close with Outer Wilds, then I came to my senses about it showing up in Humble Choice at some point.
  9. Not playing, but I've been building a theme for Launchbox in my spare gaming time. The video zooms in a bit and fades the other portions of the screen as you stay on particular game.
  10. The story is told by the games, ultimately. I would be highly surprised if that narrative holds for long. Do people earnestly believe Sony will stop producing games like Sackboy or Destruction All Stars going forward? The system launched with a small project pack in. We also know a new PSVR is a thing, and there will be smaller projects to support that. This might even be an enviable position for them going into E3, as far as the library is concerned. If people want things from them that aren’t their already announced blockbusters, there’s no pressure to announce
  11. Don't disagree. But it's not unprecedented. Perhaps Sony thought repeating Bluepoint's pattern would be okay, because it worked out here.
  12. Schierer needed to clarify what Bend is working on next for his premise to land. Uncharted is a huge property. You don't just take a team off like that willy nilly. Is this purported next entry dead now? What could Bend possibly work on that would, on paper, be bigger? Doesn't add up. Whatever they do next will make less money than an Uncharted. Futhermore, they're the most proven studio Sony has with the IP that's not Naughty Dog themselves. Bend would be absorbed and/or stuck on the same project if his narrative held up to scrutiny.
  13. I've never played any AC game other than Origins and Odyssey, both very briefly. The latter felt a lot more scattered and unfocused to me than the former, at least in the opening hours. Neither was riveting, but I don't think I could easily appreciate Odyssey without Origins weaning me in. I don't know if I'll ever get around to them. I'd probably be happier beating 2-4 games in the time it'd take to finish one of them.
  14. I just looked that one up. Pretty slick for a Gameboy game.
  15. It might be? That's what I would assume if it was the norm. My assumption is Sony wrote the contracts out that way because they wanted to, not because developers insisted.
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