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  1. number305

    Movies Toy Story 4 teaser trailer is out

    I think it will be emotional again... or at least it is shooting for it. There is a story that Tim Allen couldn't make it through a script reading without crying.
  2. number305

    Microsoft X018: The Official Thread

    Spot on and exactly what MS is doing. They will have a handful of AAA content and a whole lot of pretty good filler for people to play between AAA releases. For the farther out future I don't think MS will care what device you are playing on as long as you have a Game Pass sub.
  3. I learned from watching the Foo Fighters 'Sonic Highways' show that learning the meaning behind lyrics makes songs worse.
  4. I would assume this means more K-2SO. Best star wars droid since HK-47.
  5. I approve this post. Also I may subscribe to this service after the past few days announcements of content.
  6. number305

    Sony Playstation Classic game list revealed

    I would not be surprised if these turn out to be the exact same hardware that is in the NES classic and SNES classic (those two have the same innards). It is just a different cover and emulator running. Easy way for these companies to make money.
  7. Yeah... One of the things I read is that LG is working on big screen TV's that can be sold rolled up in a box. That is pretty cool.
  8. number305

    Movies Black Panther 2

    Wait are people walking around saying IronMan 3 is good now? I had to have missed a memo...
  9. number305

    Movies Shrek & Puss in Boots to be rebooted

    So if they just threw another movie out there and didn't tell anyone it was a 'reboot' ... would anyone really notice? I mean is there a Shrek fan base out there that is keeping track of continuity?
  10. number305

    Microsoft X018: The Official Thread

    I would kind of doubt it. They were pretty clear that they wanted to create their own worlds and do their own thing. I would be surprised if MS put them on an existing property. But who knows. They could probably do it well if they wanted to.
  11. number305

    Microsoft PUBG and PES 2019 free weekend XBL

    I just 'purchased' both games for free. But I only told it to install PES. Not sure i'm interested in PUBG... but if I ever am at least I own it now.
  12. Everyone can have their own list - but for me Breaking Bad is my #1 favorite show of all time. I think this is a bad idea. The show ended perfectly. Sometimes it is best to just let things be.
  13. number305

    Microsoft X018: The Official Thread

    I'm interested enough to keep an eye on it. Interested to see if Crackdown can still be anything at all. Battletoads could be a great first party asset if they treat it right. Ori will be great. I have faith that Ninja Theory will do something good.
  14. number305

    General Gaming Path of Exile coming to

    I'm not near hard core enough for this game. I played if for about 30 min on X1X. When I first saw that skill tree... I just gave up. For those that love digging into that stuff this game is probably fantastic.