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  1. Another 'sort' feature that MS needs to add is games installed on your console that you don't have a license for any longer. I install any GP game that I think sounds interesting and I very often forget to ever play them. I know I have some installed that aren't on GP anymore... but without combing through the huge list of games installed on my console and comparing it to the huge list on GP I don't have any easy way to uninstall the non playable games.
  2. If it works on the One it will work on the two. However there is no guarantee it will still be on GP in a year. Games shuffle on and off every month.
  3. Kind of a news story without much meaning. Sony basically said yea we own it but we want them making Spiderman and Ratchet games for the foreseeable future.
  4. It is getting pretty hard to argue that GP isn't the best value in games right now. It might not be good for you - but for many people there is a wide variety of games that gets added to constantly.
  5. - Biggest launch for ANY Xbox 1st party game this generation - 3 Million Players launch weekend - 2x the number of players at launch as Gears 4 - On PC Gears 5 has nearly tripled the performance of Gears 4 and is the biggest Game Pass launch ever Info taken from @BenjiSales on twitter. This game is doing what MS wants it to. Getting subscribers is the long term goal. Not game sales, not hardware sales.
  6. Beautiful day. I love this time of year when it just starts to cool down a bit and football season finally starts. Work is a tad busy, but I love my job so I can deal with that. I honestly hope things are going well for you too. As long as we aren't calling each other Hitler, or wishing for death or dismemberment for each other - then there is no reason that civil conversations cant be had about topics where there is disagreement.
  7. Well it sure is obvious no one in here is triggered by me or by this netflix show. Not like anyone is digging through past posts to try and find something that resembles dirt on me, or literally calling for the deaths of people that they mildly don't agree with. (by marching them into the ocean at gunpoint.) Real reasonable little mob we got here. Does everyone have their cute Antifa ski masks and finger-less gloves on?
  8. Wow... How rasist are you? Comedians drop n bombs for years, but 1 gay slur sends you into a tizzy.
  9. Dude, you literally said that the only thing keeping him from being alt-right is that he is black. That statement is both ignorant and racist. I would say you are triggered plenty.
  10. I'm in the same boat as you. The previous Netflix specials were not real great to me. This new one however was great. Dave was pretty obviously poking at the PC culture. I do think he is somewhat upset at some of his friends that have had their careers ruined (CK), but I think there is a bunch of material here that is not necessarily what he believes - but he is poking the PC crowd intentionally to get a reaction. He was obviously wildly successful. I'm sure he is reading threads like this and enjoying all the people he triggered.
  11. You win. You are the most woke. Can we talk about Spiderman again? I have seen on a few scetchy sites talks of a new 6-7 movie deal. I think there is still hope something gets worked out.
  12. Yeah... this is pretty much a whole category of movies already. Not a new thing.
  13. No time to die... first thing I thought of was the 'aint no one got time for that' meme.
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