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  1. At this point if you think MS cares if you buy their hardware then you aren't paying attention.
  2. This won't be the last. People see this as a new market and several will attempt to jump in. You know facebook will try something.
  3. Oh yea. I see what you mean. They are already putting out 2-4 super hero movies a year. With DC putting out the same amount I doubt that they can possibly up that output much. There will eventually be an over-saturation point. No one wants a new superhero movie coming out every week (it already feels that way at times).
  4. With so much focus on game streaming it will be interesting to see the support VR gets in the next couple of years.
  5. Video can also be buffered much more easily than a video game. A movie never changes so it can be continuously buffered. Games are constantly changing... are you going to look up next or down, are you going to shoot him or will he shoot you etc. I'll bet there are some very smart people that have figured out ways to buffer that to some point but it is definitely more tricky than a static video. Streaming is the future but we are at the very beginning. No doubt the next couple of years will have a few bumps.
  6. Next phases may be some spin on Secret Wars...? Have to introduce the X-men and F4 and Dr Doom.
  7. The first SS squad movie wasn't self contained. It had Batman in it. I also don't see how the new one will be self contained since Margot is going to be playing Harley in another movie (with poison ivy). The Joaquin Phoenix movie can be it's own thing, but having the same actors playing the same roles in different movies but saying they are unrelated is going to confuse the heck out of people.
  8. Right. When watching Suicide Squad staring Margot Robbie, you should put Suicide Squad staring Margot Robbie completely out of your mind.
  9. Exactly. This is more along the lines of bringing Christian Bale back as Batman... but in a new universe where those other batman movies didn't happen. I'm not dogging the movie I think it could be good. Just may be confusing. If this is going to be a comedy they should probably go the Deadpool route and just address the absurdity of it in the script.
  10. Total reboot with some of the same actors, some of the same characters but with different actors. No doubt this will be a better movie but it will certainly be confusing.
  11. I don't normally put much personal info on here but I have found 'most' people on this board are good and caring. My dad just who is about Trebeks age got sent home yesterday and will be receiving at home hospice care. He also has stage 4 pancreatic cancer. My dad isn't going to beat it. I hope that Trebek will.
  12. My kids are white boys and they loved the spiderverse movie... And will probably love captain marvel. Also if some freak is turned around the whole movie staring at my kids we are probably going to have words.
  13. Maybe. But I think soon there won't be platforms. If the next gen starts in 2020 and lasts 5 years it might be the last gen of traditional hardware upgrades.
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