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  1. Delayed till 2022 Harry Potter RPG Hogwarts Legacy delayed to 2022 WWW.POLYGON.COM Hogwarts Legacy won’t be whisking you off to the castle this year
  2. From my standpoint this game is still indefinitely delayed. I bought it day one but my plan was always to wait for the next gen patch. I thought it would be out early this year... But now I guess I'm waiting for fall. It's honestly not hard to wait with all the bad press. Hopefully it's a good game someday.
  3. I still have enough interest that I may binge the whole thing when it is done. Do you know are they finishing the story this season or is it going to have another season after this?
  4. With Deadpool they don't really need to worry about explaining the shenanigans with the different universes. Deadpool can just look at the camera and shrug and say well I guess I'm a part of the MCU now... just address it all directly. That probably makes it a lot easier to keep the deadpool story going. When their is eventually a new wolverine Deadpool can just flat out say wow I thought you used to look a lot more like the actor Hugh Jackman.
  5. I would much rather this be Assassins' Creed: Star wars, than Division: Star wars. But I guess we will just eventually find out. With the EA exclusivity running through 22 this game probably won't hit until 23. So way too soon to get excited about anything anyway.
  6. I am certainly more excited for this game than I am for Indy 5 which is supposed to film this year. 'in his prime' indy is better than 80 year old indy.
  7. Bethesda is making an Indiana Jones game WWW.THEVERGE.COM From the studio behind Wolfenstein Interesting. First question would be if this will be exclusive...
  8. I really liked the book and like most Gaiman stuff. I was excited for this when I saw S1 first announced but have never watched because I don't have the channel. But honestly reading little tidbits about the show don't get me excited at all. It sounds like a mess. This is a story that allows for some confusion - but the number of characters you just described leaving/being replaced is crazy. At some point don't they just give up?
  9. This show is going to need more CGI than any of the DC or Marvel shows.
  10. I'm not hating on him. After all I got no cheese, no deals, and no G's.
  11. With all the craziness that happened yesterday ... I kinda forgot about Dre.
  12. I kind of thought someone would post this before now... But this thread was based on bad info. Right now Keaton is only coming back for the Flash movie. Is Michael Keaton the new Batman? Not so fast WWW.CNN.COM When The New York Times reported that DC Films' plans to have Michael Keaton reprise his role as Batman in "The Flash," some fans took it as Keaton would be Batman permanently in the DC Extended Universe.
  13. It's probably a reach to call it a 1440p console - but it can do it on some games. This isn't really a pearl clutching lie. The last gen was sold pretty often as 4k. Honestly for people buying the S - 1080 is going to be good enough most of the time. 1440 is an odd resolution for TV's, and I'm guessing that someone who cares enough about graphics to hook up a fancy monitor to their console is going to either want a PC or a higher end console. The S has its place, and that place is as a secondary console or a console for a kids room/dorm room etc. It absolutely is
  14. I have gears tactics, control ultimate, and cyberpunk locked and loaded. Tactics first, and I plan on playing the other two when they get next generation upgrades. February 2 for control... Who knows on cyberpunk, but I'm patient.
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