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  1. My guess is the average person could not tell you any more about Arthurian legends than what has been displayed in popular movies over the past 5 years.
  2. I would be surprised if either system has any games that can only be played on the next gen for a while. I know Sony has indicated that they will - but there is a huge PS4 install base. It would be a risk to spend big money on a AAA game and not take advantage of the number of buyers from the PS4 gen.
  3. I know you are joking... But if your only interaction with Beowulf is that 2007 cartoon Angelina Jolie thing - then you don't really know the story of Beowulf. That thing was bastardized like hell. Same for the Hobbit. LOTR was done pretty well and pretty faithfully told the story, but even with three movies they cut significant portions. Generally its best to just enjoy movies and books as their own separate things.
  4. For those that aren't aware this story comes from an ancient poem. It was always one of Tolkien's favorites and he did a really good translation of it. It is very quick to read and I would recommend it (if you enjoy reading).
  5. Because communication is hard. I see what you mean. I wasn't getting your point. I do think having him back will be important to the story they want to tell - but I agree that they sold it too hard that he was dead. Very Chewie like.
  6. Okay I guess. I am struggling to see much of a difference. Foreshadowing that your biggest star is still alive and having him present in the next season are kind of the same thing. Seems to me that decision was made when the epilogue aired.
  7. They already said he was alive in season 3. When the Russian guards are picking out who they were going to sacrifice to the monster they stop at a cell door and one of the guards says 'no not the american'. This can be no one but Hopper. I can understand not liking it. It is kinda like 'hey chewie is dead wink wink'. But if you watched through the epilogue you had to already know this.
  8. The profit they made in the first year was minimal - it has shot up since as components got cheaper. However taking minimal gains on hardware sales is giant leaps better for Sony than taking losses. Last year video games made up 27% of Sony's revenue. I don't think they financially can afford to sell Playstation 5 for a loss. Microsoft may have more wiggle room on price just because they are not as dependent on video games for revenue. But in the end I would expect both systems to be within $50 of 500 one way or another.
  9. I have had to resort to paying for restoration of hard drives a few times for work (users keep saving 'vital' files in folders they know aren't backed up) and it has cost up to a couple thousand bucks per drive. So yea very expensive. But - it has worked every time. It all depends how bad you want that data back.
  10. That isn't really a question. There is another one every week. They just don't get reported much unless there is a huge body count or something else that will catch peoples interest.
  11. I'm glad we can release this film now since we don't have mass shootings at all anymore.
  12. From the team that brought you Gears Judgement and Bulletstorm, comes exactly what you would expect from said team.
  13. I would not want to be in charge of marketing the new suicide squad movie. A do over of a movie people hated - staring some of the same actors - following a Harley Quin movie that didn't hit it's numbers.
  14. Eh... Pete Davidson being in this annoys me. Also - the only thing he really did in Lebowski was lick a bowling ball, so of course in this movie that is a big deal for him... one of his defining traits. And he of course wears the same outfit he wore in BL.
  15. They are going to make the songs rock. It's going to star Ryan Gosling (because everyone loves him) and they are gonna have to add some Asian characters so it will get some run in China. Otherwise they aren't changing a thing.
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