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  1. Well the "internet" is pissed that the lesbian playing batgirl isn't lesbian enough... I don't think the internet is right in the head.
  2. I think Spiderman handled this the best with Miles. Have a new 00 movie with black lead... just don't have it be bond. I don't see what the drawbacks to that are.
  3. I think the biggest question in this thread... what movies HAVE you seen?
  4. Glad we got this settled. So everyone is cool with a Blade remake staring James McAvoy
  5. My take does not fit this conversation much... but I would like to see Tom Hiddleston in the role.
  6. So honest question. Did Gunn grow, or did he clean up his act because he started getting bigger gigs in the movie business?
  7. How about tell new stories. They don't need another reboot. There are a million science fiction stories that aren't star wars or star trek. Lets put some of those on the big screen.
  8. number305

    Television Batwoman Series In the Works at CW

    The reason is awesome. She got negative backlash because she wasn't enough of a lesbian enough to play this lesbian character... even tho she is a lesbian. People are terrible.
  9. number305

    PC Inside The Culture Of Sexism At Riot Games

    I'm surprised the farting on peoples face thing happened more than once. I cant fathom a work environment where people have such low self esteem that they wouldn't stand up to someone doing that to them. Sounds like a terrible culture.
  10. Well Disney is a part owner in Hulu... Is that what you mean?
  11. Disney also recently announced that the streaming service won't have any Star Wars movies that were released prior to 2019... (so none of em). Apparently they sold the streaming rights and don't get them back until 2024.
  12. number305

    Movies Supergirl movie

    Eh. I don't care a bunch. I have never watched the show. I just don't understand having two separate iterations of the same character going at the same time. I would hope that if someday Marvel wanted Daredevil or the Punisher to show up in a movie they would not recast.
  13. There would be a line around the block of directors wanting to work for Disney. The money is too great. Also (smart) actors can't half-ass performances. Everything that gets released is on film forever - and is also an audition for future roles. These actors would not put out sub-par work on purpose.
  14. number305

    Movies Supergirl movie

    Why change actors?
  15. It does need to be launched from the ea hub. I had not been in there since I got the X last fall so I had to download it, then all was good. Madden feels weird... But I think that every year. I'll get used to it in a week of play or so.