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  1. Well then slap slap. I think the term auteur goes out the window when you sign onto a tentpole flick like Bond. I'm not mad, if the previews look good I'll go see this. It is just very on brand for everything else that is happening in 2019.
  2. Pretty good contra style game. My kids played it a good bit over the weekend. I do wish they had an unlimited lives option (my 10 year olds can't really get past the first level). There are unlimited continues, but it starts you back far enough that for unskilled players they can't advance.
  3. It is getting hard to get worked up over stunt casting anymore. It's the 2019 way to grab headlines for a couple days. Idris would have been great... who knew that when the time came to change up 007 he would not be a shocking enough selection to make the cut.
  4. In the world of law you pretty much have to protect your copy write from infringement. If you don't then the next case that pops up can point to it as an example of it being okay.
  5. Sorry man, I have been off the site for a bit. I really don't care enough to get into a debate. So I'm gonna drop it. I have yet to see anyone's mind changed about religion or politics on the internet so I just don't see any purpose in discussing it.
  6. There seems to be some misunderstanding in this thread. This isn't really an update - this is Nintendo changing production to newly available cheaper chips. Any performance difference is going to be negligible. The new higher spec switch is supposedly pushed to next spring.
  7. My get rich quick plan - I'm going to bundle all these services for people. Sign up with my service for say... $140 per month and I'll give you access to all the streaming services. I'll call my service CABLE!
  8. I think people need to back away from the notion that anyone who voted for Trump is a racist. I mean you are talking about half the country. We need to avoid the trap of thinking that if we disagree we have to vilify and hate.
  9. I think that right there is the problem. People aren't waiting for the backlash... they are prematurely reacting to a problem that has not manifested yet. There very well may be a ton of racist stuff when it comes out. We have seen that reaction before. However I don't remember much backlash when they did this with Annie a few years ago, so maybe it never comes around.
  10. I'm surprised no race or gender swaps for this one... (JK) Honestly I love that they are going in a different direction than the cartoon. I would probably like most of these remakes more if they did different stuff like this. I don't really need to see shot for shot remakes in semi live action.
  11. To be fair I have not done a ton of looking, but so far all I have seen about this on the internet is people being triggered about people who are upset about the race switch. What I haven't seen is any actual people upset about the race switch. There is a big #notmyariel trending right now, and I scrolled it for a few minutes, but it was all people defending the new actress. Didn't see anyone mad about the decision. I think we have hit a point where the backlash is now preceding the outrage.
  12. Inside is great. If anyone hasn't played it they should. It is pretty short and not very difficult either.
  13. So where is Zathura...? Isn't that a Jumanji sequel too?
  14. lol. Nah. Just because the new system is still all getting worked out does not mean that a caveman setup is preferable. A good setup with cable or DirecTV is going to run you about $140 per month (a setup with a healthy package of channels, HD, multiple tuners etc) You can pay for LOTS of streaming services with that money.
  15. Yep yep. Netflix has been dumping tons into new development for years. They have some legit hits like Stranger Things. They are going to need to keep those going because the future does not look good for them getting other providers goods. Eventually everyone is going to have their own streaming services. That will someday contract again because several of them will fail.
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