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  1. I think it is still a little early to say anything definite. You should listen to the IGN interview with Phil Spencer from a couple days ago(I would normally not recommend much on that site - but that interview was really good). Microsoft currently does not have plans to delay. However we are not out of the woods yet. The hardware is finished for the Series X - but it still needs to be manufactured on a large scale. It looks like that is possible in China in a few months, but realistically we need to probably just wait and see if there is another Covid wave to come. Also he mentions that 'so far' they are on schedule developing the software (OS) for the system but that everyone working from home has created a strain. That could conceivably slow things down too. If the PS5 gets delayed that would take the pressure off MS and they may choose to delay rather than push too. The end of the year is a big unknown for everyone at this point.
  2. I don't believe any of this. That being said it is entirely possible to screw up a console launch. We have seen it happen a lot. A lot of people assume that because PS has such a huge lead that they will lead in the future - but things don't always work out like that. Hopefully both launches go great and people have tons of great choices this Christmas.
  3. I was just debating getting the DLC for BL3. So yeah, not gonna do that. There is other stuff to play that won't pad Pitchford's pockets.
  4. Let me preface this by saying I know it won't happen... But damn. Release this whole thing in 4k for the PC, series X and PS5 in one big collection (like the Halo collection). They could charge $100 for it and people would snap it up.
  5. You should spend a solid 30-45 minutes looking around at all the options, then just randomly put on an episode of the office while you fall asleep.
  6. Yeah I haven't heard the other ghost albums. It's not like these are bad... They just only really have appeal to me as background noise. Like if I want something on while I need to concentrate. In my mind NIN is downward spiral. That is what I was hoping for when I hit play. But he can make whatever he wants. I prefer people who experiment and grow, but I don't have to like everything they make.
  7. I was excited to see this. After listening... I'll just politely say it's not to my taste. Seems he has done so many movie soundtracks that he mastered the art of making background music.
  8. I'm honestly surprised to see Death Stranding on there. I haven't followed it much really - I don't have a PS4 - but from all the media push on it when it was released I always assumed it was a pretty big hit.
  9. I have been playing through xcom 2 again. I think this is probably my 4 th playthrough all together between pc and Xbox. For the first time I downloaded a ton of mods and completely changed the game. New enemies, abilities, and missions. It's like a new game. Love it.
  10. Well... Go measure : it measures 301mm tall and 151 mm in depth and width
  11. For the elderly (people over 80) COVID-19 has a mortality rate of 21.9%. That is 1 in 5. The only way to keep them safe is for the general population to keep this virus in check as much as possible. To continue as normal would be a death sentence for large numbers of our elderly population.
  12. I was interested early. I downloaded a few episodes to watch on a trip... but never watched them. The more I have heard the less interested I have become. Too much content out there for me to start a 'meh' series.
  13. I think this would be better if it was reversed. I would rather play a 2k sim and an EA arcade NFL game. Madden has never been the best, and 2K is sketchy at best so far with arcade style sports.
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