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  1. Well my quick math (which could be wrong) shows that they have 117 million subscribers. The article posted here says the most popular plan is going to be $13 per month. That would mean they are taking in over 1.5b per month. That is a lot of cash. They obviously have some big bills to pay and they are heavily invested in new content... but if they can keep that revenue stream they should be okay. If the revenue stream dips (hi disney) they could be in trouble.
  2. I'm excited for the conclusion and will probably watch some 5 minute youtube recap before the new season starts to refresh myself. Don't know how you all find the time to re-watch a series. There is so much new content all the time... ain't no one got time for that.
  3. He really does have a "Duneish" face. So it is a good choice.
  4. No matter what Glass does - there is no possible way it can do what The Last Jedi did. The reason being is that there are not nearly enough people to care. If Glass isn't what people are expecting or wanting... they will just shrug for the most part and move along. People are invested in Star Wars. Unbreakable and Split have a fan base but not the rabid following of Star Wars.
  5. To me Hart is kind of another version of Jack Black. Lots of extreme facial reactions and big arm movements... However even Jack Black has Tenacious D, and he has found a niche with kids movies (school of rock, goosebumps, house with a clock in it's walls).
  6. This will be a pretty great game April 23 2020. The full game with all the DLC added in will be available by then.
  7. I was kinda thinking that Iron man in space scene could be the opening to the movie. They don't have to show how all that happens - when he gets rescued in space/or gets back to earth he can explain to Cap how he got off the planet.
  8. The book is great. Actually the first 2 or 3 in the series of books are really good. But... they have proven hard to film. I think for this to be successful they need to take a hatchet to the source material. Don't try to do everything in the book. Parse it way down and make something that is enjoyable to watch in a 2 hour sitting. This will piss a bunch of people off but I think it will give a better chance at a quality final product.
  9. number305

    Microsoft M$ GWG and Game Pass

    Celeste stresses me out. I'm worn out after about 30 minutes of playing. Very hard, but it seems all doable so far.
  10. number305

    Microsoft M$ GWG and Game Pass

    Thanks I will try it. I plan on trying life is strange 1 + 2 in the future too.
  11. number305

    Microsoft M$ GWG and Game Pass

    Last month I signed up for Game pass and so far it has been a fantastic deal. Games I have played so far from game pass: Forza Horizon 4 Zombie Army Trilogy Rush: A disneyPixar Adventure (kids) State of Decay 2 Strange Brigade Below Mutant Year Zero (I beat this - Great game!) Agents of Mayhem (bad game, but one I had wanted to try for a while) Also they are adding new games like crazy so I'm sure there will be fresh stuff every month to try. In addition this year games I know I will be playing from this service: Ori and the Will of the Wisps Crackdown 3 Gears 5 On a related note the game Celeste is currently M$'s games with gold game for the month. I have been playing that too and I like it a lot. I got the game pass 12 month for $70 on sale before Christmas. It seems so far like one of the best deals I have gotten in a long time!
  12. Is it a bit odd that we have a thread discussing if that movie was the worst movie of the year, and Bale gets a best actor award for being in it? I haven't seen it, and maybe he gives the best performance of the year in a terrible movie... but it feels like the award was given as a political FU.
  13. This must have been a free game at some point... I have it on Xbox and I didn't know I owned it.