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  1. The news that there are three movies on the schedule between now and 2027. Also as far as I know it hasn't been confirmed the got guys are doing a trilogy. You have to make several unsupported leaps in logic to suspect there are three trilogies in the works.
  2. Unnamed sources say a thing... then if you make three other wild assumptions and ignore other news directly from Disney then ... Blah.
  3. We should take bets on what the first movie series will Legacy Sequel existing Legacy Sequels. My money is on Alien. Someday someone will make a movie and say 'yeah ignore Prometheus'.
  4. I'm honestly surprised that the price is what has everyone turned off. If this was in the $5 bin at best buy I wouldn't look twice at a black and white system with a hand crank.
  5. I have no idea how this information ties in... but Brett Azar is a bodybuilder who was the body stand in for the T-800 in Genisys (they CGI put Arnold's face on him) and he is in Dark Fate as well in the same role. So I don't know if Genisys is part of the history (future?) of this movie or not, but I'm pretty sure we will be seeing the old (young) version of Arnold.
  6. It is a half hour show. You definitely should watch the first couple of episodes and give it a try.
  7. Maybe, but people not watching Barry, and Chernobyl are doing it wrong.
  8. Wait they are doing a live action rescue rangers? I will only see this if it stars Harrison Ford and Tom Selleck.
  9. Glad this is being addressed. We have been saying for a while the major problem with EA games was the hair.
  10. He has at least two prophetic visions in the show. Ned dying, and the ironborn attacking winterfell. He got Jon to tell Sansa who he was, which started the mess at the end of the show. He had to know how that was going to turn out.
  11. So Bran is the ultimate bad guy in the series right? I mean with his knowledge of the past and future he set events in motion to make himself king while sacrificing an entire city.
  12. Even if you put all of the blame on them it does not mean Star Wars is in trouble. The list of directors that have never made a bad movie/tv show is pretty short.
  13. It's been confirmed that there are no skywalkers in the Mandalorian show... so that theory was debunked quick. Also unless they screw with the story of how Vader came about in Ep 9 then any timeline that takes place prior to ep 1 would not have the skywalkers in it because Vader didn't have a previous bloodline.
  14. I think Disney has made it clear that 9 is the end of the Skywalker story. There will be star wars stories coming out long after we all are dead, but I think we are done with Skywalker. My guess is that the next Skywalker movie would be maybe a generation from now someone will get the idea to remake them.
  15. As others already pointed out there was only one star wars trilogy on the Disney release schedule they put out a week ago, and that listed all their planned tent pole movies through 2027.
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