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  1. I love Sam Jackson, and I know he does not show his age... but dude is 71. How long can he pull off action roles? I'm rooting for forever, but he is going to hit a wall soon.
  2. I'm not sure they will discontinue it. It is the one people want. Plus as manufacturers costs fall it will come into line of being profitable. Also Sony makes more money on the back end if people are all digital. They will definitely discontinue these monsters once they can make them smaller!
  3. I got the XSX. I plan on starting with gears 5 and doom eternal. I'll probably pick up Valhalla. I might hold on to cyberpunk and wait to play it after it gets the upgrade.
  4. I would love to see InXile help on Fallout. Wasteland 3 was the best fallout game since NewVegas!
  5. @sblfilms I already messaged and gave rights since he is in surgery right now. If he does not take it then it will be yours.
  6. I'm only going to keep my Amazon order for a day or so. If someone on here does not want it I'll cancel it tomorrow. Just trying to make sure anyone on D1P that wants one has one.
  7. All these other stores launching late. MS must have scared the crap out of them.
  8. Yea. I refreshed a few times. There were a couple pages that I just got grey boxes and I had to refresh a few times.
  9. OH MY GOD.... I'm spent. That was tough. I got one. MS Store
  10. LookIf you hadOne shotOr one opportunityTo get a launch Series XIn one momentWould you capture itOr just let it slip?
  11. Ha. Same. I'm logged into 4 pages. Logged into the same 4 sites on my phone. Ready.
  12. Probably they are getting ready to go live... or because thousands of people are refreshing the page every 3 seconds
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