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    Okay, serious post time: This is a massive rebuke to Trump and Trumpism - nothing else. We have historically low unemployment, a flying (albeit recently stalled) stock market, rising wages, very strong GDP growth, and Republicans can make a plausible case that the tax cuts and deregulation have provided to a steady but anemic recovery a sugar high, at least. And they lost. Big, it appears. If one looks at previous wipeouts, 2014, 2010, 2006, 1994, we could point to a bevy of economic, war, or policy conditions/positions that voters rejected. Not so here. This is entirely about the GOP failure to provide any constitutional check on this naked emperor. Point is, any spin tomorrow is complete horseshit. This race is about the simple fact that the president is reprobate who either rejects or never understood the character of this country. I want to point out, too, that rejecting a president for his refusal to abide by American democratic norms is an incredibly sophisticated voting analysis. We have ample reason to be very proud of our people tonight. I mean that earnestly. Anyway. Fuck him, fuck Republicans.
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    If guns are the only thing you care about there is no flipping you or changing your mind and maybe you should rethink your priorities.
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    The GOP is so terminally ill it's amazing Newt hasn't tried to divorce it yet.
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    We will all feel better if Nancy Pelosi was to spontaneously combust.
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    I forgot to mention this here. My mom became a citizen this year. She cast her first ballot in the primary this year and this is her first midterm. If you ever want to talk to someone who came to America with just her clothes on her back, she's your woman.
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    The reason for implementing this executive order is to send babies born in America back to countries where they and their families will face potential violence. Yes, it’s evil.
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    I’ve been in a really bad mood since reading this. I’ve made the argument to several family members of mine that Trump would have stopped my wife from being a citizen at birth by virtue of my mother in law’s status at the time. They all scoffed. Well, here it is as explicit as can be. America doesn’t deserve people like my wife, but we sure have earned Donald.
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    It's embarrassing to say, but at the age of 28, I voted for the first time!
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    Wars in this hemisphere are cheaper. They are being fiscally conservative.
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    I'm mostly kidding, but I'm also kind of not; I think you'd be hard pressed to argue that calling someone 'used-up' (particularly in light of their career as a sex worker) isn't distasteful (especially given that her behavior is, at worst, annoying as opposed to malicious). I'm generally uncomfortable when people are demeaned over behavior that doesn't warrant it, and I think that applies in this case. I don't think Wade is a terrible misogynist or anything like that, but I have no problem labeling it as 'not cool, man' kind of behavior. And I'd also like to say I'm not pointing any fingers, because I say shitty things all the time. Moreover, to flip your point on its head a bit: if the President is suppose to be 'the best of us', why wouldn't we expect that out of everyone?