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    Crazy considering you're apparently so tall that this somehow went over your head.
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    I’m scrolling through his FB page and the dude unsurprisingly hated The Last Jedi.
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    An update: three of the families are being housed by a church in their vacant parsonage for the time being. The pastor said all their needs are covered at this time. I’ll report back on any status change.
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    Let em the fuck in. Ellis Islands all across the border. Process them there. Change the mission of border patrol from rounding them up to doing paperwork to get these people green cards. Then leave them the fuck alone.
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    This thread is already well off the rails, so I'm going to just post my final thoughts: The thing that ultimately makes me despise the incel movement is that it discourages self-improvement. It's saying that no matter what you do, no woman is ever going to give you what you want, so there's no point in trying. Which is absolute bullshit. Do women think you're too fat? Join a gym and work on your diet. Do they think you smell bad? Work on managing your hygienic habits. Repulsed by your appearance? Look into improving your fashion sense and/or skin care. Lack confidence or social skills? Figure out ways you can improve on those, like a therapy session or attending some kind of group function. (I realize that I'm throwing stones from my glass house regarding that last one.) I'm not going to pretend it's easy. And yes, it can be easier for some guys over others. But it can be done. You're better than you think you are.
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    The problem is that Trumps slack jawed painfully idiotic followers only think racism is when you run around yelling the N-word and punching black people in the face. Anything less just doesn't register. They don't understand much. These people are fucking stupid. how fucking stupid? So fucking stupid that the elected Donald Trump to be the president. That's how fucking stupid. It never stops being terrifying that we live in a country with 63 million people dumb enough to be conned into voting for Donald Trump. Fuck everything. If you still support Trump you are either a rich person who doesn't care about anything but your personal enrichment, a total bigot or a complete fucking idiot. If you're having trouble figuring out which box you belong in, it's most likely the third thing.
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    I love how this happens every generation, we get all this bitching and comparing about the most minute of details. Then people are like "Here's the PC version at 72k and 12,000 FPS" and people are like "Ugh whatever who cares," while comparing the dithering on a leaf in the distance between the Xbox/Playstation version. It's great every time!
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    Listen everyone. If we do the half your Senate time plus 9 rule, Warren is clearly the old guard. Let's vote for the guy who was in the Senate for 40 years. And speaking of 40 years, we can't trust people who have been saying and doing the same thing for that amount of time to continue to do so. Let's give the lady who can't decide what she thinks about gay people a chance. Additionally, Harris sucks because she prosecuted the parents of black children. We need to vote for the guy whose relationship with the black community is the most questionable of all. And, if we don't think a candidate can beat Trump, we need to vote third party and do our part to ensure a Trump victory because the mythological perfect candidate wasn't chosen. Because if we don't like poor treatment of black people and minorities, people that are too old to function, nor people that can't make up their mind about a subject, then we need Trump.
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    If you want a dockable Switch, buy the $300 Switch. If you want an undockable Switch, buy the $200 Switch. Why is this complicated?
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    Then the flaws of our system are ultimately exposed, as the Executive-directed DOJ does nothing, and Congress does nothing.
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    “Something not made for my uses? Stupid garbage, only idiots would buy it!!1!!” - D1P, every time any product is announced.
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    If Pelosi went after Trump as strongly as she went after members of her own caucus, we'd actually get somewhere.
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    Nah I dont think Epstein trafficked boys
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    The Nazis didn't start with extermination camps but it doesn't count until we're giving people Zyklon B showers, obviously, and even then it won't count because the showerheads will have come from a different factory.
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    bruh he posed for pictures with a fucking waifu pillow
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    Sushi rare steak folks Japan autism inherent rights Irish Slavs Israeli Jews great presidents physical human contact. @SFLUFAN
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    I don't think that people are laughing at their inability to get laid, but rather at their obsession with not getting laid, and their hatred of women (and society) because of it.
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    The soldiers? Sure. But the names on the plaque were the people that financed the statue and obviously were racists. I think it makes sense. Lost causerism is a perpetuation of white supremacy, and so is defending it.
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    We've become exponentially desensitized to this stuff, but Trump's recent tweets are so fucking bad.
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    No. No, no, no, no, no. No. What you fail to understand is that perpetually casting unremarkable white men is not and in fact cannot possibly be pandering. I expected to be represented in all media at all times. However the casting of any minority (racial, sexual orientation, and so on) must inherently be pandering. I see me on screen and it is clearly made for everyone. I see a black woman cast in something and it must inherently be about wokeness, about pandering, about oh fuck I can’t go on anymore Jesus Christ. I can imagine that a 50 year old man can fuck any woman within seconds of engagement, kill anyone on the planet with generally modest effort, and that a giant with steel teeth can survive a building falling on his head. But you mean to tell me a BLACK WOMAN might have her name in cell B7 of an Excel file somewhere at MI6? THAT I CANNOT ABIDE.
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    It is for many people, none of whom are wringing their hands over buying a second copy of the same video game system for their household though 😂
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    I think there are some people that have legitimately come around, in no small part because societal norms have changed. My dad is kind of like this. He was never against same sex unions, but was against them using the word marriage, due to its religious history. And he’s not religious himself. But for many years now he has been accepting and for gay marriage. He has almost forgot that he had any opposition at all. I think a lot of people are like this. They were only against it because it wasn’t the norm. Now it is and since they never really had a reason to be against it they just accept it. They won’t participate in a pride march, but they also see no reason in removing the right/privilege (however you wanna see it) from gays either. This is is why I am not as cynical or offended by companies like Apple or MS sell pins with their company logo colored by a rainbow during pride month. It helps normalize LGBTQ rights, to make it easier to accepting them as a society.
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    RSF bemoans the use of mockery against lower social classes, yet happily utilizes mockery (and worse) against those of higher social classes, completely oblivious to the fact that the latter legitimizes and normalizes the former. It's almost as if once you disregard socials norms and civil discourse, you can't call on them for any degree of protection. Then again, when you are a white, well-educated straight man, why worry? Even in the most toxic of social environments, you are perfectly safe. Enjoy your cruelty, @RedSoxFan9. I'm sure the marginalized groups you purportedly care about enjoy the social environment you love to feed.
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    Clear Winners: Harris, Buttigieg Made a wave or two: Swalwell, Bennet Where they were when they started for good or bad: Crazy lady, Gilibrand, Hickenlooper, Yang Lost a little luster: Bernie Clear Losers: Biden, us the viewers
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    Yet again, Demolition Man proves prophetic in its portrayal of the future. Can not wait for the three seashells scientific breakthrough.
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    You could say the same thing about any level of education; why should the middle class family of a 10th grader pay school taxes so a wealthy family’s 11th grader can go to school for 'free'? Because if you are going to assert that public education is a worthwhile investment/resource that should be ‘freely’ available, then everyone should pay their fair share and everyone should have access.
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    As someone who has both been spanked and physically abused - mostly by my cunt of a mother, my father was usually fair and lenient - I decided to adopt a non-corporal punishment approach to disciplining my daughter using a tiered system similar to the one employed in her school, but with a few modifications. Privileges are granted based overall behavior, scholastic performance and cooperation throughout the day: Purple - The highest ranking. Netflix (Kids) or Hulu for 2 Hours or Video Games for 1 Hour, Ice Cream for Dessert, Can retrieve one item from her donation bin, additional privileges such as field trips and doesn't have to do any extra home work assignments. Green - An average ranking. Netflix (Kids) or Hulu for 1 Hour, No Dessert, has to do one extra homework assignment. White - A below average ranking. Educational Television for 1 Hour, No Dessert, has to do two extra homework assignments. Red - The worst ranking. For every instruction or command disobeyed, or for any bad action - hitting, throwing, etc - she must donate one toy to a child in need. Loss of all positive privileges until she gets 3 consecutive purple days, she has five days to earn her donated toys back. I've found this system to work out pretty well for my daughter as the incentives to do well are strong enough that she consistently tries to perform her best. This shows in both her school performance as well as her relationships with other children and adults. She has earned honor roll (whatever that means for a kindergartener going to 1st grade) with every report card and has received a student of the month award on multiple occasions. While my daughter does have her bad days, they're so few and far between that I'd consider my method of discipline a success for the most part. My entire goal with her has been to instill an attitude that focuses on moderation, working hard and learning to compromise - if you want privileges, you have to earn them - while giving her an opportunity to be a child who forges quality bonds, with her friends, her teachers as well as my wife and I. @johnny it's entirely possible to raise well-adjusted children without resorting to violence. Simply replace violence with some other uncomfortable form of punishment - e.g. loss of privileges - and actually enforce that punishment. The one thing I've noticed with other parents is their reticence to enforce non-violent forms of punishment because it's difficult. It's extra work that has to be done and if you're a wage slave working 9-5 with little in the way of respite, actually trying to treat your child like a human being worthy of the dignity and respect that comes along with the title is quite a difficult thing to do. This is especially true for younger parents who grew up in households were such violence was the norm.
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    You have two professors of film interviewed talking about how chauvinist cuts of film have become more frequent and why. It's not "some whacko." It's also part of a culture that we see in this thread where women make people's pee pees feel small.
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    Do it. The generational wealth stolen from black folks is staggering, and the US government was the key agent in so much of it.
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    Reset's got a thread about this with a lot of excited people, but my favorite comment: "Meanwhile Biden out here saying how DMC2 is the best in the series and how there should be way more underwater levels in video games"
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    Diagnosing someone over the internet because of a certain posting style is bullshit and should be called out.
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    Do you know what an incel is? Worry less about the lack of sex and more about the horrible misogyny and propensity for violence from that community.
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