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    We haven't had one of these in a while, so I figured why not make this holiday weekend the one for the first game giveaway of 2019? Rules are easy: just post in this thread over the course of the weekend and you're eligible to be selected! Note: if you're interested in the PlayStation version of a game, remember that in its infinite wisdom, Sony is no longer providing digital keys to third-party retailers like Amazon, Gamestop, Best Buy, etc. so if you're selected and you want a Sony game, you'll receive a PlayStation Store gift card code instead.
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    I’m not even outraged, I’m more perplexed by how somebody arrives at the thought you expressed in response to the tweet.
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    This movie just made Thor cosplay so much easier and accessible to the “masses”
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    People blaming Hilary for losing to Trump are letting the real people responsible for his victory off the hook... The American Electorate. The youth and minority vote that couldn't be bothered to show up this time, the Bernie supporters who took their ball and stayed home because their guy didn't win, the Obama voters who flipped to Trump for whatever the fuck reason, and yes the racists and misogynists who couldn't bear to suffer a female president after 8 years of a black one and who wanted to "take their country back". Trump was elected because that's who we were as a country at the time of his election and he is a reflection of that. Yes the Russians interfered but only by taking advantage of the gullible and ignorant. Writing Trump's victory off as Hillary being a flawed candidate is overly simplistic as hell. They're ALL flawed candidates and fewer were more flawed than Trump... yet he beat Hillary and 15 more qualified Republicans in spite of that.
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    You can tell it's fake because nothing is misspelled and it clearly and concisely conveys an easily understood message.
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    Warren should be the front-runner if only based on her ability to articulate actual policy and not just spout feel-good babble (Mayo Pete).
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    Of course Idea’s first two complaints are about the women.
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    And I'm sick of the trope that Trump's campaign actually wasn't built on racism and xenophobia. It trafficked in it. It used the words from those groups. It spoke to those people. The voters responded based on those ideas. Because they held those ideas. Trump used all of this to his benefit, saw it had benefit, and kept doing it. Is he a white supremacist? Probably not. Does he benefit from people who are and people who dance around the edges without realizing what they're doing? Yes, absolutely. If you fuck goats as a joke, you're still a goat fucker.
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    This is a stupid point. The left was never going to support the Republican nominee regardless of who it was.
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    1. Show nip or butthole. 2. Keep job 3. $$$
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    Beto should have run for senate again and then run for Lt Governor if he failed. Democrats continue to have far too many people interested in becoming president instead of taking governorships, senate seats, and state legislatures.
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    There's a lot to be said about how this season has played out, but I have to question what show you've been watching the last eight years if you honestly think Dany's madness was a quick pivot.
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    This thread makes me want to die alone.
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    For heaven's sake, the last reason in the world to adopt an animal companion -- adorable or otherwise -- should be for something as ridiculously trivial as "impressing" a woman (or man). Hell, it should not even be a reason at all.
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    I want to make a snide remark over gun ownership but i'm getting tired of having to think of one every few weeks. Simply just fuck the NRA and people who feel nothing should be done because they have a hard on for a fucking gun.
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    Good thing no one can afford to live alone anymore
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    How dare they classify Coffee as "nonessential"
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    Detractors: This show doesn't do enough to subvert expectations anymore. Also detractors: Arya killed the Night King?! But that was Jon Snow's destiny!
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    Let's see... Arya spends YEARS training to become an efficient killer. The Red Woman told her she would "close many eyes, brown, green and blue". She uses the dagger that they tried to kill her brother with, the same dagger he gave her in that very spot, to save him. She also snuck up on Jon in that very spot, with him being shocked that she was able to get that close to him without him knowing. She used the same exact move on the Night King that she used on Breeane last season, with the same dagger. She stabbed the Night King in the same exact spot where the Children of the Forest shoved the dragonglass in him to create him, his heart. One of the first lessons in killing she learns is where the heart is, from The Hound, and she used that knowledge to kill Biter. So yeah... her killing the Night King the way she did was forced and out of nowhere
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    I’m pretty sure dodger just looks at any topic and is thinking what is the dumbest fucking thing i could say, and he says that. And man he nails it every time.
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    He's not the Riddler, jerkface.
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    "Personal convenience" Link I can personally attest to the financial constraints as a reason for abortion. It's why my wife had one a year or two ago, before I started my new job. She was at about 6 weeks. Between daycare, servicing all of our student loans, and paying down medical bills from her two hospital stays before giving birth, our first ER visit bill for my daughter when she was an infant, and then the debt incurred from having to deal with unpayed maternity leave, it was not financially possible to have another kid at my then current salary. Even having my wife stop working to take care of two kids would not have been possible without accepting nearly twenty more years of debt servicing on our student loans. So, uh, no thanks. These pro fetus assholes can take a long walk on a short pier. If they really cared about life, they'd make it so giving birth and taking time off for a newborn child aren't so financially burdensome, and that the woman has an actual choice to either return to work with daycare that isn't the amount of a mortgage itself, or can stay at home with the child without plunging their family into poverty (we were and are in a better position than most people, and we wouldn't have gone into poverty but another lifetime of debt shouldn't be the sentence for having a family)
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    Thought last night's episode was a technical marvel, in terms of the framing, cinematography, scoring, and editing. And glad to see that I wasn't the only one who appreciated the apparently explosively tactile force of the dragonfire...apparently Drogon's fire includes some globs of C4 or some such to cause such explosive reactions on contact. ;p In terms of narrative and character arc(s), I'm definitely a bit dissatisfied at how the constraints imposed by the limited number of episodes in the final season(s) have forced the writers' hands. I can understand how and why the stories of Jamie, Cersei, Dany, and others ended as they did, but it doesn't help the feelings of (figurative) whiplash at seeing multiple characters make an apparent complete about-face in terms of priorities and choices, from one (or two) episodes to the next. I can't really make a strong argument that my own feelings are supported by the show's evidence - I'd have to watch the series again, as too many memories are obscured by variances between the books and the show. So with that said, I do have the feeling that a number of turns we've seen over the last couple weeks have come across as extraordinarily contrived and ham-fisted, in service of wrapping up the stories before the finale, and that some of the arcs are less complex than simply muddled. And given that, it only throws some of the more "Hollywood-esque" type choices into sharper relief.
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    I’m not against where Jaime ended up, but, let’s stop calling it an arc... it was a circle.
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    Head Canon WILL blow your brains out
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    I’m officially a home owner.
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    I had the disorders before I lived alone, so joke’s on them.
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    Better than shrimp in my cocaine I think
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    The Dothraki cavalry charging offscreen into the darkness, never to be seen again, was a pretty ingenious way to save some money on the production budget
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    It’s always amusing when female characters take up residence in a space dominated by male characters, it’s “forced”. Think for a minute why it feels that way, and then stop making that weak complaint anymore
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    The music in this episode was amazing... aside from that last sequence with the Night King and Bran, I liked the revised versions they did of scores we heard before... Arya's theme when she starts to fight, Mellesandre's theme when she lights the trench on fire and again when she walks to her death at the end. The Unsullied, theme... the music on this show puts a lot of films to shame.
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    Oh man, I don't think the CEB is ready for the Lucian/Boyle tag-team duo.
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