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    i don’t give a shit anymore. Gun ownership is a fucking plague. I grew up with hunters, I know many responsible gun owners, etc. I don’t care. We can’t handle the societal responsibility.
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    Last night was the Garth Books virtual concert. The kids in my concession stand have been writing “Black Lives Matter” on the boxes we put food orders in. I actually only found out last night when I had them put together an order for me. I knew the hate mail was coming Karen is done being terrorized
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    So this is now The Official Thread of Existing While Black Bear?
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    I know Jewish Baseball and Christian Urn are high on my list of cities to visit in Japan.
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    I never want to hear another peep from anyone about how the second amendment is there to check abuses of power from the state after these protests. If you’re willing to get in a cop’s face about Red Lobster being closed but you’re not out there now when the cops are shooting back, what’s the fucking point? Especially after footage where the police are willing to work with Proud Boys and shit like that, it’s clear that its main function is enabling white supremacy and facilitating mass shootings. Abolish that shit.
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    Hear ye! Hear ye! In recognition that this First Weekend of the Month of July in the Year of Our Lord 2020 has been dedicated to the Faithless Traitors who committed Foul High Treason against His Most Sovereign Majesty King George III, By The Grace of God and His Holy Saints, I -- in my capacity as Imperator Augustus Maximus of DayOnePatch.com -- do hereby proclaim that I shall bestow upon my Subjects my Highest Noble Beneficence through the gifting of a Bounty of Videogames for your preferred System through the Auspices of the Random Number Generator Gods. All that shall be required of you to participate in this Most Excellent Privilege that I have granted is to make your mark by posting your Most Humble Supplication in this thread. For I have spoken these Words and signed them This Day under my Hand.
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    We already banned him. Remember? His girlfriend was totally going to prove us wrong about evolution.
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    Stared with this tweet by Neil Druckmann: Jason Schreier then responded with: Cory Barlog then weighed in: To which Jason fired back: Naturally...
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    I just closed a deal to acquire a big chunk of land just east of downtown Houston, less than 5 minutes from Minute Maid Park (Astros) and Toyota Center (Rockets). The ground lease is exactly zero dollars for 5 years. It’s basically just a piece of marketing for the overall development they are trying to do with the 150ish acres they have which used to be KBR’s corporate headquarters. We will be building a drive in there. Much excite.
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    No, he's not. And don't let the #Resistance "liberals" convince you otherwise.
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    Wow, you managed to wrestle control of the computer in your house from the 16 other Hispanics living there. Congrats, bro.
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    Nobody fucking cares, Bacon.
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    Look, we've all played Civ, this is because Polynesia gets to start with the ability to move across ocean tiles.
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    That's because the unwarranted violent actions of "the State" are inherently worse and therefore should be met with greater outcry by external parties than internecine violence within the community itself. Simply put, I don't feel that it's my place as a white man to draw specific attention to violence within the black community itself, not when there are FAR more than a few whites who do just that for nefarious purposes. You're an African-American so you are absolutely well within your "rights" to draw as much attention to the internal violence within your community as you feel necessary. The rest of us honkies just need to keep our mouths shut.
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    Alright, so here's my mega post. As I said last night, in general this is a great game. Technically and artistically it's a marvel. The gameplay is generally very good, even if it's very badly balanced. I also think the game is probably about 2 hours long and they run out of gameplay ideas 2/3 of the way through. The main characters are well realized and compelling and I spent the whole game wondering what was going to happen next and reluctant to put down the controller. I also think the gameplay compromises the narrative and makes the whole affair disjointed if you pause to think about it for any length of time. I had a really great time playing it. So the spoiler free, general stuff. Just about everything "artsy" or technical about this game is great. The animation is bonkers, the characters are always interesting to look at, the sound is incredible (Naughty Dog does so good with audio options, it's really wonderful), etc. The environments are varied and interesting and the slightly more open design compared to TLoU really makes everything feel more natural. Yes, there's still a lot of filing cabinets blocking a lot of stairwells, but it just... feels better. When you get to the "open" area, I was concerned we were hearing into Uncharted 4 territory, with its boring ass, largely empty (in terms of both actual content and interesting gameplay) space... but that didn't happen here. They've also gotten a lot better at not telling what's going to be a combat area. Sometimes things you think will be one are not, other times it's the opposite, and I appreciated that. The main characters are all well acted and directed, and I enjoyed the time spent on all of them. More specifics to come in the spoiler section, but I think most of the shots Naughty Dog took here worked well. The gameplay is... odd. When it pops, it pops. But much like Uncharted 4 or Bioshock Infinite there are only a few "arenas" and encounters that really take advantage of the skills and weapons on offer. On Hard, human enemies without dogs are complete morons. Take one out near cover and every other enemy in the zone close enough to see the body will blindly approach cover and wander into your fatal embrace. Inch up to the next patch of cover close to the next patch of enemies... rinse, repeat, and you're done. Even if you wander into the sight line of an enemy, if you go prone and scoot a little bit, they'll lose track of you quickly. If enemies don't see the bodies of their friends, they remain blissfully ignorant as they patrol, not realizing that 9 of their buddies that they saw on patrol minutes ago are now gone. With the infected, it's a different song on the same album. Any single enemy type is easy to take out, even ones that come up later. When you get a combo of enemy types it's much more interesting; this doesn't happen nearly enough. And as I said before... you are an absolute TANK in this game, even on Hard. The dodge button is too useful. You can dodge just about any melee attack, including from clickers, who feel neutered here compared to the original. Even if you happen to get spotted by several enemies with guns you'll be fine unless you move towards them, their aim is comically bad if you run away. Because a stealthy approach is by far the most effective way to approach encounters, it means that I was never strapped for ammo, resources, or health. Anything on the upgrade trees unrelated to stealth was almost entirely unused for the entire game. Why bother with a rate of fire upgrade on my handgun when a shot to the head or a knife in the back is a one hit KO for most of the enemies in the game? Why do I need a stability upgrade when most of the time enemies aren't aware of where I am and I can aim at them leisurely? Why would I bother boosting my crafting speed when never once in a 20+ hour game did I need to craft under duress? I often found myself not bothering to upgrade myself at all until I had enough pills to get to the bottom of a tree. Most of it just doesn't matter. In the few scenarios with multiple infected types, or humans with dogs... the stealth really shines and you have to move around, be aware of your environment, and actually think about whether or not you should take people out or move to the exit. outside of that, it's in your best interest to kill everything silently, because it's not difficult and it lets you find story collectibles and loot uninterrupted. Also I'll say that I feel the game does a generally good job of representing LGBTQ people, which I appreciated a great deal. Writing this up, I imagine I feel similarly to how reviewers must have while writing under embargo in that I've said a lot but haven't really talked about THE GAME, so... spoiler time. Inside the tag I'm going to talk about everything openly. Don't read it if you don't want to be spoiled. I'll say again... the whole game will be spoiled inside the tag. Open with caution. I think that's it, in a nutshell. It took almost as long to write as it did to play the game. Long story short I think it's a really great ride that has some gameplay and story wrinkles that keep it from being an all timer for me. If the combat was tightened up, if the narrative gelled with it a bit better, and if they removed some of the padding from the endgame, I think it'd be transcendent. As it stands, it's still an essential experience for anyone who wants to see what happens after the first game, or who likes stealth / action trillers with a sprinkling of horror.
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    I think knocking Trump like this is giving him a taste of his own medicine and exposing his own hypocrisy. He's has done this to others and will continue to do so. EDIT: rewatched the ad again, it's basically attacking his virility and manhood and using his own exaggerated, pseudo/macho bullshit against him. I would say it's definitely art because as a satire, it works on so many levels... but that's just me.
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    This game is so good. I made an account here just because I wanted some place to talk about it. I honestly didn’t think I would play a more polished game than FF7R this year, but twelve hours in and im having an incredible time with it. Its hard to say its a good time, because the game is so heavy, and the themes of revenge are so incredible. how do we make those spoiler tags that I see in this thread? I don’t want to ruin anyone’s experience on my first day here.
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    The review bombing because Ellie is queer makes me hope the final weapon you unlock is a rainbow flamethrower that you can mod with a glitter grenade launcher. Fuck these people.
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    You know where Bolton could have revealed "classified" information about conversations with the president? A congressional hearing.
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    Got my results back... I'm negative Gonna have to do this two more times though.
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    I swear to god if this turns into another Canadian thread of good governance imma be pissed
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    ...and with that I've never been more convinced that opening the schools in the fall would be a terrible idea
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    I’m on the @skillzdadirecta train of thought that you call it out, every time, with vigor. Racism should result in shame and embarrassment for the perpetrator and right now it most often results in shame and embarrassment for the victim.
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    Braxton Bragg was a loser and massive fuck-up of a general. If the Cleveland Browns were a general, they would be Bragg. Bragg looks at the Detroit Lions 0-16 season and says "Damn. Only 16 defeats???? How'd they manage that?" He is to winning battles what Walter Mondale is to winning presidential elections. Trump has not cheated on his wife more often than Bragg has victories. The only reason to keep those names is to prop up white supremacy. Fuck the Confederacy and fuck the baby boys who look up to it.
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    San Francisco will no longer allow police to respond to non-criminal calls. Will dispatch trained, non-armed professionals in their place.
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