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    Welp, just proposed and got engaged!
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    You can abhor someone's political impact, while at the same time avoid being a miserable cunt about their death. They are not mutually exclusive positions.
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    I think at this point it’s one thing to piss on someone’s grave whom you despise because of their policy and make an off-color remark or two. But it’s kind of another thing to piss on someone’s grave, dig them out and shit in their mouth, then reburry them only to piss on their grave again so you can repeat it obsessively for two days. As has been said earlier you don’t have to be civil, but at the same time you can also not become a caricature of everything wrong with discourse today.
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    I'm not going to dance on the man's grave, but my ambivalence means I don't have any real sense of loss either. For me, it comes down to his willingness to apply military force to just about every foreign policy situation that bordered on the pathological. Even after the disaster that was Iraq -- for the thousands of dead and injured Americans and the tens (if not hundreds) of thousands dead and injured Iraqis -- he still advocated military involvement in Iran, in Libya, and in Syria. And for what? When I think of McCain the words that come to mind are "wasted opportunity" at the very best and "enabler" of the very worst aspects of American foreign policy at the very least.
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    McCain-Feingold, opposition to torture, his previous efforts toward comprehensive immigration reform and the ability for us to view this video were all good deeds. I'm in the camp that he's overrated and is not the amazing person many liberals think he is (or feel they're supposed to think he is), but the hyperbole and attempts at edginess are lolzy.
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    The majority of people suffering from mental illness are not violent and the majority of gun violence is not committed by the mentally ill.
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    The mental fragility of a guy who would resort to mass murder because he lost a video game tournament is frightening. These people walk amongst us everyday, and they’ve got quick and cheap access to guns.
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    It has long worried me that the far left displays some of the rot that the GOP is in the advanced stages of. I think there are times when they should serve as a cautionary tale that the Democratic party should be careful not to devolve into the same kind of degenerate party the GOP has. And this thread seems like a good example. As I said before, I enjoy a tasteless joke myself. But when you're literally making the same jokes as the MAGAtard, lolwhatacuck, alt right scumweb dwellers, maybe it's time to examine what you're doing.
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    In a normal world, he probably would be your run-of-the-mill very conservative judge... but we're in Trump world, and nothing he wants will be going through without a fight.And after Merrick Garland, all of the republicans in congress can get fucked from now until the end of eternity. They threw down the bullshit gauntlet and they don't get to complain when it's thrown back at them. Fuck them all. Fuck them all forever and ever. FUCK THEM. Turn the whole thing into clown show. It doesn't matter. The system is broken and the while both parties deserve blame, the republicans deserve WAY MORE BLAME. They deserve like 80% of the blame. They can wallow in the shit pool they filled with shit. They don't get to complain about the shit. They put it there.
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    As someone who has a mental disorder, I absolutely despise the notion that mental illness is the root of gun violence. Not only is it not true (the majority of mass shooters are/were not mentally ill), but it also serves to demonize those that have mental illness. As if we all need to walk on eggshells around them, otherwise they'll snap and pull off the next Columbine. Talking about mental health is already such a difficult subject in this country, and notions like those aren't helping.
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    1. Chicago does not have the most strict gun laws in the country. 2. The majority of guns that are used in crimes in Chicago come from other states. Indiana is an hour drive from the south side of Chicago and has some of the weakest gun laws in the nation. http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/columnists/glanton/ct-met-gun-control-chicago-dahleen-glanton-20171003-story.html
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    So this is basically the government selling hunting permits at a reasonable price then? Let's do it!
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    RedSoxFan has definitely unironically owned a Che poster at some point in his life.
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    These revelations about what Trump knew and when he knew it are just going to keep getting worse. Here soon we'll be seeing GOP senators giving interviews like.... Tapper: Senator Grahmn, Donald Trump is literally straddling the side of your head and humping your ear. Are you telling the American people you honestly have no problem with that? Grahmn: All I can say is that I know what's in his heart, and Donald Trump is a good man.
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    The most shocking thing I learned from this besides a lot of you really do take the edgey route a bit too far is that his Mom is still alive at 106. She was 6 when WW1 ended. She has seen some shit man.
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