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    3 years from now, front page of WaPo: Millions Dead as Moon Explodes Fire and rock rained down upon the eastern seaboard this morning as the moon split open, revealing a pink core. Casualty estimates range in the tens of millions, and some scientists say the coming impacts could result in an extinction-level event. It's a Girl! Jeff Bezos announced to the world this morning that he is having a baby girl! Due in three months, Mr. Bezos* when reached for comment said "She will rule the ashes of the forsaken world as my heir." *Jeff Bezos is the owner of this paper, the Washington Post
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    I like the casino bit in theory and in tone and in message. But I think specifically the horse chase was probably superfluous.
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    Having Holdo do it is kinda super important to the whole story. If you have Ackbar, there's immediately a sense of authority that comes along with him, and the confrontations between Holdo and Poe would no longer feel nearly as ambiguous. It's also an emotional moment, and I'd much rather have Laura Dern in that role than a fish man that can hardly emote.
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    https://kotaku.com/sources-bioware-plans-a-complete-overhaul-for-anthem-1839892415 Mass Effect:
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    Pretty sure most of us here know that. But at the same time, why shouldn't we show disgust for the man who's the face of it all? They're not mutually exclusive.
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    Different thing man... Finding someone innocent and pardoning them after they've been found guilty are ENTIRELY different.I'm not sure where you're going with this. What Trump did here was objectively worse than what you're talking about. There's a reason that military justice is harsher than civilian Justice and it's for cases like these three. Trump threw that ENTIRELY out the window with this decision so no... it's not "Business as usual" and shouldn't be taken that way. This sets a very bad precedent... not that our short sighted commander in chief gives a shit.
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    How do we know that Luke at age ~55 would act as he did? Because it happened in the movie. End of story.
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    You mean Respawn. They probably went, "listen, Frostbite is best with Battlefield games. We're not not DICE, so just let us use an engine that's actually built for multiple genres".
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    Hong Kong protests yay Bolivia protests boo Is that right?
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    After that tweet I still can’t believe his family can’t/hasn’t made any money off of his presidency. isn’t that RIGHT my fellow republican friends.
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    If it doesn't involve Dead Space 1 + 2, I'm gonna mail a turd in a box to their stupid CEO.
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    The president leading chants of "lock her up" and people turning the phrase around on him in protest are so obviously not equivalent.
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    Also it's hard to ever tell if there is a situation where there is consent between someone and their subordinate.
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    Zuck better keep in mind he might not get much help from the right wing. Whenever I ask right-wingers why it’s okay for a private company to not bake a wedding cake for a gay couple but not okay for it to regulate speech on its proprietary, privately owned platform, and get a lot of contradictory gobbledegook in return, I’m always reminded that a vast swathe of conservatives don’t actually give a shit about classical liberal principles and ‘constitutional libertarianism’ except as generic, undefined cultural totems to project themselves onto.
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    They made a second Death Star. Jedi come back as Force ghosts. It's not backtracking, it's Star Wars.
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    I'm sure they have a vastly different staff compared to when they created the original list. Stuff like Portal 1 being in the top 20 and 2 being in the top 10 suggests they don't really trim the fat on their process, which I kind of respect. What you get is what you get. It's an impossible task to undertake in the first place, and the reactions in this thread are probably why a lot of publications don't really even try. I like seeing these, regardless if I agree with them or not. It's just for fun.
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    Sanders is a horny atheist, confirmed.
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    Maybe all you alphas who only talk to women in person could use a dating site to maybe expand your circle and meet even more women unless of course you're swimming in so much pussy you couldn't possibly handle any more!
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    By *some* people, let's just assume we're talking about rich execs that thought this would be some cheap R&D spent over a few years.
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    When you think about it, any food that involves raising animals in factory like conditions is pretty inhumane regardless of whether it's bad for the environment or how healthy it is. But I'm still gonna eat chicken and eggs and probably beef too.
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    Why not change the work day to match the school day?
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    https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/cars/2019/02/28/pedestrian-safety-crisis-deaths-ghsa/2993321002/ And also The point being made, that SUVs are more dangerous to pedestrians than sedans, is absolutely backed up by the data
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    lol. Turning the biggest game of the year into a safe space
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    I don't want to play art. I want to play video games. If a video game is only good because it is art then it isn't a good game. I love the story of RDR2, but the game part isn't that good.
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    I think gameplay-wise it doesn't necessarily scream Kojima. I mean, for all intents and purposes, a "Kojima game" is Metal Gear Solid. And while he has had a hand in other games here and there, none of it culminated into any sort of consistent style that we can expect from him, again, gameplay-wise. Everything else, sure. I think saying, hey if you like Kojima's heavy handed and quirky story telling, you might like DS is about as definitive of a statement that you can make at this point. Because fans of Kojima and fans of MGS - not to mention people who don't particularly have any affinity for the dude, like Rob Zacny (who happens to like the game) - have played it and the impressions are all over the map. I agree people could read your subsequent posts @Greatoneshere and get some more context, but that one post is mired with that "simple as that" little paragraph, and even after clarifying it's just a very striking thing to post, and people are going to latch on to it.
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    This game just clicks with me. I’m really having a blast roaming around space and exploring everything. My one complaint are the load times during travel or entering a new area. I hope the sequel offers bigger areas to explore and lots more planets. I’m thinking this will be an Xbox exclusive next time.
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    Nice thread title.
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    I'm just going to equate this to hate-fucking. I'll buy your game, Blizzard, but not cuz i like you.
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    That Lois looks like she’s 70 trying to pass for 40.
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    The idea that the World Series arena was full of working class brown and black people from the city is just... Uh... Fucking idiotic. So fucking weird how the population of this city is erased until they need to become liberal scapegoats then suddenly they can all afford game five tickets. FOH.
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    If you say something enough times with conviction, it will be true. Our President does that all the time.
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    Clearly these two creatures do not have a brain. They are seemingly happy due to ignorance that a lack of brain provides. Please crack open my skull and remove brain. Thank you.
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    Never-Trump Republicans are just like Trump Republicans except they prefer their racism covert and insidious rather than overt and insidious. Never-Trump Republicans enact racist policies while hiding their personal racism. Trump Republicans enact racist policies while showing their personal racism.
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    Trump is not Teflon, the fact that Trump's ceiling is approximately 42% approval is proof. It's just how racism is priced in and no one is changing their minds about him or it
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