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    Man, if only the CIA had not deposed a democratically-elected government in 1953 and installed a monarchical regime who employed a torture apparatus trained by the United States and Israel all because the UK was pissy that the democratically-elected government wanted to audit a British oil company.
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    I know we don’t always see eye to eye on issues, but damn, that was good.
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    If you get a virus, we will hire the best unpaid university inters we can find to spin up a new cloud instance of your training model.
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    I don't think you need to be a berniebro to think Clinton is a fucking moron for making those statements, even if you think much of what she said is true.
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    I thoroughly agree! Hence, my position to declare healthcare as a "public good" and to nationalize the entire economic sector.
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    I still laugh that Kylo Ren’s big redemption moment in the movie is him pretending his Dad came up and forgave him for being literally the worst person in the galaxy.
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    What’s there to be confused about? ‘Look how right I always am’ in the face of international conflict is insanely narcissistic.
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    You DO know that it was other soldiers who reported him, it was the military that convicted him and it was our civilian elected, never served in the military president who pardoned him right? I'm willing to bet most enlisted people and ex-military find this piece of shit to be exactly that while most of his support never put on a uniform of any kind before... except maybe a fast food restaurant's.
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    By far the most emotional moment for me was when Rey accidentally destroyed the transport ship and killed Chewie. That was thrilling. I was stunned, and audibly said “holy shit”. Then 5 minutes later that was completely undone and it was REALLY hard for me to care about anything else that happened in the rest of the movie.
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    I don’t know what Star Wars “feels” like, but Mandalorian season 1 is flat out a better story than the ST.
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    If a president can obstruct Congress without Congress impeaching, then Congress can't exercise their oversight roles. Isn't the case where Obama and Holder didn't give documents to Congress under subpoena still making its way through the courts? If if takes months to years to get courts to settle disputes, and that's the only way, then our system can't function. The executive and legislative branch are supposed to have an understanding that they comply with each other as co equal branches. The executive is behaving like it is above the legislative branch. The legislative branch is being shit on and the remedy isn't the courts. The constitution gives the legislative branch its own authority to take action. Given the quantity of subpoenas that Trump has ignored, I think this beyond qualifies for removal.
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    These are confirmed as legit. Jesus Christ, this movie looks so much better than TROS. I know movies don't live up to the art...but just the basic ideas are more interesting (ESPECIALLY Finn becoming a leader of regular people against the FO who enslaved him). There are a few more in the link that I didn't include. @SFLUFAN this artwork is now the official sequel to TLJ, and the ending to the saga.
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    should have been her answer the first time
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    I honestly keep forgetting I saw this a couple of weeks ago. Cats made way more of an impact on me than this nothing of a movie.
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    On the plus side the boards will be able to survive without the extra stress of E3!
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    @johnnyis right that Glasgow from Wild Rose should have won. And more of you guys need to see the film! Beyond that, I will simply remind everyone that the Oscars are just an industry trade show awards banquet and have no relation to the quality of films
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    Disagree. Play how you want and enjoy. #GameGenie4life
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    This is a hard movie to digest. The movie had way too much going but so little did I actually care about. I kept hearing about the pacing being way too fast, and boy were they right. The emperor’s whole fleet is resurrected within five fucking minutes! I swear there are 10 scenes within the first twenty minutes. The only time the movie settles down is oddly enough the third act because they are no longer planet hopping every five minutes. The pacing was hard for me to get adjusted to at first. For the first hour I had trouble even remembering the scene that came before the previous one because I had barely any time to process an individual scene. After a certain point I gave into this relentless groove. But wow, the pacing alone makes this a bad movie. So little in the movie is blatantly terrible but just seeing a lot of blandness scenes at an unprecedented rate for over two hours was numbing. The culmination of sitting through all of that was way more worse than any individual scene. With that said I still found bits that I enjoyed. The emotional beats towards the end worked. Rey accidentally harming Chewie was a great moment, but it’s too bad that the movie was too safe to commit to a bold choice like that. I do wish more of consequence happened, though. Overall I felt empty as I left the theater. After a few hours passed I began to feel bummed out as I began to realize this is what it the culmination of an entire saga. As an individual film it is bad enough. As the end of not just a trilogy, but a trilogy of trilogies, it becomes even worse. It’s been hours since leaving the theater and my face is still stuck in that position.
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    Equating what you did to how the media covered it is disingenuous. They all mention accusations of a sexual assault - not a one mainstream media member called him a “probable rapist,” minutes or hours after the event. You are the one changing your narrative. Most people in this thread are open to the topic being discussed and mentioned in pieces in the media. The issue people had was how you did it. You continue to shy it off as silly, but yes, tact matters to many of us. If you want to continue to dig in and pretend to not see that how you phrased it upset people on the boards, that’s your prerogative. But I take issue with you acting like people don’t want it mentioned at all.
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    New year, new list so let's get this thing started! Just as always, it's not necessary for the game to actually be released in 2020 to be discussed in this thread! Now that I've gotten my physical fitness level/health back to where I want them to be, I fully intend for 2020 to be a more...uhhhhh..."productive" year for gaming completion than 2019. First up, I'm gonna finish Quantum Break!
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    The people have spoken in one, clear, united voice!
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    Somehow the greatest tragedy on this page is that spelling of the word check.
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    Raycevick is also another good one. His very first video was on how Call of Duty lost its identity And one of his most recent ones is a look back at Call of Duty 4 and what made that game so great Also his retrospective on the Mass Effect trilogy is superb. Definitely worth a watch.
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    Due to budget cuts the only available unit we can download you into will be an old garbage barge....
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    Consoles used to be where you had to go to play 70%+ of major releases. Today it’s less than 10% of them. So I’d actually say the PC’s reversed course at this point. Like the consoles now, the biggest draw of its library used to be exclusive games like Starcraft, Unreal, Counter-Strike, etc. Now it’s become the catch all platform with the broadest library. What is ironically implied with ”console exclusive” now says everything about how much the PC market has boomed.
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    I've realized that the best combination for me is a gaming PC and Nintendo for the exclusives. 😍
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    Not what I'm saying at all... I'm just saying who TRUMP sees as the bigger threat and I'm sure there are reasons behind that.
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    This really bums me. One of their best shows. But I agree with those opinions regarding The Last Kingdom.
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    Maybe Bloomberg or steyer could do some actual good and pay these debts instead of blowing money on their vanity campaigns
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    Poor The Onion, they still try to parody the news, but so often now they are just stating facts with their headlines.
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    This was not exactly the Warren campaign's "finest hour". Still not as terrible as the Native American ancestry DNA test though!
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    Nuke toxic accounts and this isn’t necessary. But you know, that would take work and reduce “engagement” so it’ll never happen.
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    This isn’t a remotely new action and has happened a lot in the post Korematsu US. White folk just don’t have to deal with it, so it seems shocking when it happens.
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    They'd have a nuke if they weren't, lol. At the very least a nuclear power plant.
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    But there is a disturbing amount of voters that are fully on board with Trump. It’s different than how the GOP supported previous presidents. This is more like religious devotion to a man.
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    When we saw it, we understood his lines because they were easy to understand. The line you quoted wasn't unintelligible.
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    Bail Organa has a line in Revenge of the Sith in which he has Threepio's memory wiped. Beyond that, no. This makes Artoo one of the more bizarre characters in the entire canon... he meets A LOT of people who he'd interacted with before that don't recognize him or comment on that at all, he has a ton of information that would be useful to the people he's hanging out with that is never shared, etc. I'll write off Artoo not recognizing Obi-Wan, dude visually aged 30 years in about half that time, he forgot that double the suns means double the SPF on your Coppertone. But Artoo and Yoda know one another pretty fucking well, they're both just method acting on Dagobah, I guess? Artoo knows who Luke's dad is and says nothing, what a dick.
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    Perhaps, but if we're ranking them as disappointments, then you're taking the context into consideration. TDKR, Godfather III, and T3 were all sequels to instant classics, and Revolutions was slightly removed from one. Watch Godfather III by itself and it's a fine film, but watch it after the first two makes it a rather disappointing experience. With that in mind I'd put Alien 3 on this list as well. It's not terrible, but it's a big disappointment after the first two. Maybe it's just recency bias, but Glass should also probably be on this list. I wouldn't consider either of the first two classics, but as a culmination to a trilogy that wasn't obviously a trilogy, it was a real let down.
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    Hamill had some serious Yoda playfulness in this scene. I loved it.
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