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  1. The original Metal Gear Sollid is reportedly getting a PS5-exclusive remake | GamesRadar+ WWW.GAMESRADAR.COM And the three successive sequels could be getting remasters. Keep this console war going baby!
  2. Was just thinking this yesterday, as I sat there trying to Pre-order a PS5, something I don't necessarily care too much about having right at launch, but still wanted to buy one to be part of the madness and excitement of a new generation. Is this the first time in History we have so much "Next Gen Tech" all coming at us in such a short time period from all the major players? Sony with the PS5. Microsoft with Xbox Series X/S PC Gamers with the new beastly 30 series. Nintendo Switch rumors of a Pro model for early next year. Even Oculus Quest
  3. Red Dead Redemption 2’s easy-to-miss moments are built for Twitch and YouTube (Polygon) But a gorgeous virtual world doesn’t quite feel like a living world until you put humans (and, in this case, animals) in it. The most exciting element of that stunning vista was the people I saw crisscrossing the landscape on horseback or in a carriage — and the idea that I could gallop over to each person and have some kind of interaction with them that might be unremarkable, unforgettable or anywhere in between. Just like in real life. The Biggest Takeaways From Our Red Dead Redemption II
  4. RECEIVING DATA — Crysis (@Crysis) April 13, 2020
  5. Figured we needed a thread where we can come together to complain... er... um.. chat about all things Destiny 2.
  6. After watching a few Destiny content creators play this game I couldn't help but think that this seems like the perfect game to play with a good group of friends. Just watching these guys play the game was hilarious, and had me laughing hard. Decided to get the game and play with some of the Destiny crew from here, and we had a lot of fun, and I can't wait to play again. The gameplay is simple; 4-10 people are on a space station and need to complete simple, various tasks in order to win, however, 1-3 people are impostors and need to kill everyone before the tasks are
  7. I couldn't find a thread specifically for indie games, so I thought it would be fun to start a recommendations/review thread specifically for smaller or independent games that aren't discussed as much. There are lots of interesting indie games that have caught my eye recently: Lonely Mountains and Ion Fury have both been out for a while, but I've been waiting for the Switch versions. Anything else of note that people have played or are interested in?
  8. So, initially I almost pulled the plug on the $399 console. I didn’t as I thought how locking myself down to whatever Sony wants to charge is bad news. Heck, even today I’ll see $60 charge on 3-4 year old games on PSN. The ability to go back and pick up games at bargain bin prices can’t be overstated. Buying a $60 title at launch, beating it, selling it on Facebook for $45 if you felt inclined. Getting the benefits of price drops and sales at online retailers, physical retailers, and also PSN. The extra $100 premium will pay itself back tenfold.
  9. I have two Samsung televisions that I have Xboxes hooked up to; my One X is on my 40" no-frills 4K Samsung, and my launch XBO is on my 7-year-old 1080p Sammy in the living room. All this talk of "120 fps" on the next gen systems got me thinking back on my older tv. My 4K is a 60Hz tv, so no fun with that one, but I remembered that my older one was supposedly higher than that, so I looked up the model number and apparently its refresh rate is 240Hz? Is that because it's a 3D television (to show 2 frames each at 120Hz?) Does that mean that I should technically be able to play a game
  10. New year, new list so let's get this thing started! Just as always, it's not necessary for the game to actually be released in 2020 to be discussed in this thread! Now that I've gotten my physical fitness level/health back to where I want them to be, I fully intend for 2020 to be a more...uhhhhh..."productive" year for gaming completion than 2019. First up, I'm gonna finish Quantum Break!
  11. Tencent’s Gaming Stakes Draw U.S. National Security Scrutiny WWW.BLOOMBERG.COM The Trump administration has asked gaming companies to provide information about their data-security protocols involving Chinese technology giant Tencent Holdings Ltd., people familiar with the matter said.
  12. This just DMC5 video gives us the most clarity we've had yet as to what PS5 and Series X can achieve with RT. - Remastered current gen game: -- originally targeted 60fps at a 1080p (PS4) and a reconstructed 1800p/2160p on Pro/X1X. - Next gen, it runs 120fps @ 1080p without RT effects - Raytraced reflections, global illumination, shadows (presumably using traditional methods) - 4k @ 30fps with RT on - 1440p *1080p* @60fps with RT on - Both PS5 and Xbox Series X are singled out as hitting these targets. No word on Series S. Reconstruction tec
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