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  1. I'm still trying to interpret is this sentence from Spencer's blog: My guess is was edited/re-edited by PR so much, that it not longer says anything. But, I think he is trying to infer no PlayStation? Update: But he also said: So, I dunno what they are thinking.
  2. You don't make a $7.5 billion investment without having a plan to drive appropriate returns. I don't know how you get enough revenue from GamePass to justify this kind of investment. I haven't modelled this out, but my sense is they can't drive enough profit on this unless Zenimax games continue to come out on PlayStation. This is the "conventional wisdom" of why Sony/MS haven't purchased any of the big publishers to date...
  3. 1) He was borderline terrible last year 2) They haven't updated anything based on week 2 games yet. His week 1 QBR/DVOA were only OK. 3) And he's only played Jets/Dolphins. Let's see what happens when he plays real NFL teams. 4) Does anybody really think EA does a great job of reflecting actual NFL games in Madden?
  4. All of the Toronto suburbs are starting to spike. Mississauga and Oakville were at less than 1/100k up until 2 days ago, today they are 6/100k -- and rising every day. In Mississauga, more than 80% are under 40, with ~50% being 20-29. It's time to shut the bars, night clubs and cinemas -- that age group clearly isn't physically distancing like the rest of us.
  5. As we’re watching this terrible Thursday night football game, boys asked me who the best football player I knew of was. I answered Aaron Donald, showed them this. They were amazed.
  6. A little. Lots of the load times are still taken up with decompression. Those should be fixed with the next gen version.
  7. Week 2 Feature Game Seattle Seahawks - $500 QUESTIONS 1) Seahawks TD 2) Russel Wilson 3) Raiders 4) Matt Ryan 5) LA Rams. Minnesota, New Orleans 6) Ravens, Broncos 7) 2-3 8) Josh Jacobs, Davante Adams
  8. I'm still planning on sticking with my 1070 -- that is until COVID eases up and companies start hiring again. I'll add Control and Cyberpunk to my backlog, and wait to play them in RTX. Hopefully a 3080 or 3070 in the new year.
  9. The quoted read speeds by MS For SeX/SeS are actually pretty slow for a m.2 SSD.
  10. I remember spending the night before launch playing Ridge Racer and Battle Arena Toshinden in my basement with a group of around ~10 friends. Great memories.
  11. If you've got a gaming PC, there appears to be no reason to get either console at launch. Waiting for the exclusives seems like the right decision.
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