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  1. Sorry, But NFL Draft Grades Can’t Tell You Who Had A Good Draft
  2. If any generation shouldn’t be raising children. It’s Millenials. Hopefully the Zoomers turn out better.
  3. I started working in a restaurant at 14, and that’s the minimum legal age. So yeah, that.
  4. You're absolutely right -- vaccination plays a huge role. And, I don't think anyone has yet demonstrated seasonality plays a role in Covid waves. However, infectious disease experts admit they don't know why some areas have been hit much harder than others. They cannot explain why Minnesota and Michigan were hit so hard by B.117, while most other states weren't. Vaccination rates don't seem to be the only factor. Michael Olsterholm has a good science based podcast devoted to COVID -- he can ramble a bit, but in last week's episode he discussed some of these issues with so
  5. It provides context for the level of their numbers. Their numbers are low when compared to the large waves we are seeing now, but certainly not close to going away. While I've heard some doctors talk about the virus going away at those levels, I've heard many infectious disease experts express the exact opposite opinion. Particularly with the risk of new variants making Covid more infectious -- and eventually making the current vaccines less effective.
  6. They have seen their numbers drop dramatically, but it hasn't gone away. The Israel death/infection rate is still hovering around where Canada/UK/Germany/France/etc. were in June/July/August of last year.
  7. LOL. The Raiders pick Trevon Moehrig in the second round. Jeremiah O-K is still on the board.
  8. I'm hoping that Gruden had very little to do with the pick. I think he is a very good offensive scheme designer, but is generally terrible at evaluating talent.
  9. The Raiders picked Alex Leatherwood at 17 -- and have roundly been criticized for taking someone who would be available in the second round. And thus not getting good "value" for their pick. Mel Kiper had them taking Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah, and Todd McShay had them taking Trevon Moehrig. Both are actually going to be available in the second round. If they had picked either, the group-think from the mock draft crowd and the talking heads covering the NFL during the offseason would have said that they got "good value" from their pick and didn't "reach". I am not sayin
  10. The MS store is not relevant -- it's a terrible experience, and I've had tons of technical issues with it. It's easy to reduce it's cut on the store that nobody uses, yet leave it at 30% on the one that has a relatively high amount of revenue.
  11. Hopefully you get what you're looking for. It looks like you guys are set up for another good year.
  12. I think it's actually worse. Griese had some decent years. Plummer had some good years. Even Orton and Cutler were mostly better than what they've had the last 5 years or so. In the first round, I will guess a Safety or a LB (if one of the top CBs drops, then perhaps a CB). We could also use some help with an Offensive tackle or guard, and wide receiver depth.
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