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  1. If you can find a local game store that has a community that would be ideal -- my local store, when I was in Michigan, had a pretty robust group that met once a week. (My local store here doesn't). IMHO, the best way to dip your toe into the game is with a like-minded friend using just the core set. Then pick a faction, buy a few ships and go from there. I agree the game is tremendous fun. I wish I was somewhere that there was an Armada community -- I've always wanted to play but my LGS barely stocks anything for it (let alone having an active community). Wit
  2. I play games for the "experience" -- and what I get from the experience may change from game to game. I _TRY_ to get enjoyment out of what the game designer is trying to do. In some cases it is primarily from the story, in others from the game mechanics, or the puzzles, or a combination of all three. I generally dislike it when games waste my time, deliberately hide mechanics from me so I can "discover them", have crappy writing, are way too easy or become challenging for the sake of being challenging.
  3. Lots of info released on new Squadron Packs: From Out of the Flames Strike Without Mercy The Desperate and the Devious The squad builder YASB (that most of the Xwing players I know use to build their lists use) has been upgraded to allow you to build lists with ships from any factions. This is a great feature for new players who may not have a lot of ships and want to play casual games with their friends. Or, conversely, with players with lots of ships that want to create crazy combos (Vader and Anakin together?
  4. My game clock is at ~125 hours -- but I've probably done 80% of the mysteries/wealth/artifacts, and spent ~10 hours in the river raid mode, and I make sure I do the daily quests. If you mainlined it, you could probably do it in <60 hours.
  5. Just finished the Hordafylke region last night. After that near Kojima-length cutscene... Not sure what to say. That is not where I thought this was going.
  6. Tiger Woods in surgery after vehicle rolls over in crash
  7. Vaccine rollout in Canada is going very slow, my parents (late 70s) still have no firm timeline on when they will be able to get their shots. My uncle (80s) has been told he will be able to signup to get one in late March.
  8. Taste is really complicated -- it combines info from your taste buds, and olafactory neurons (i.e. your sense of smell) -- most doctors believe the loss of taste being reported due to covid is due to the Covid virus attacking your olafactory neurons. So people should still be able to taste sweet/bitter/etc. using their taste buds. Heat from peppers is completely different -- it is due to how capsaicin creates a burning sensation anywhere -- so would be unaffected by COVID. Most reports I have seen show that most people suffer a significant loss of taste/smell -- so if you can put
  9. I have unlocked my third river, done ~7 raids and have yet to come remotely close to dying. I hope it gets more difficult -- right now it is not even challenging. I always enjoy playing the game, even though the combat is easy. I think the game has a memory leak. I was having lots of crashes and running ISLC in the background has fixed the problem.
  10. I’ve mostly been flying Empire lately, and have been experimenting with Darth Vader in the Tie Advanced x1, Fifth Brother in the Tie Advanced v1, and Rexler Brath in the Tie Defender. (And trading some of those out for a Decimator or Soontir Fel in an Interceptor). I am so pumped for this pack, I think it will turn my lists completely around. More on Vader in a Defender.
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