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  1. I am not putting up RL2 as a gold-standard for anything. I'll wait to play the game to make any judgements. However, I am excited to see what they do with it. I am not an animator, so I am probably using incorrect terms. However, what I see in a lot of "pixel art games" is the tendency to not have a "transition frame". For example, in RL, when you fall off of a ledge, your sprite that has the cape hanging downwards is replaced by one with the cape pointing up. There is no frame that transitions cape down to cape up. The version of Spelunky I played (a long time ago, for a brief time) looked like what @Keyser_Soze posted. Clearly, it is possible to put great animation in a 2D animated game. It is also possible to put in great art.
  2. Kotaku: The Last of Us Part 2’s Metacritic Page Shows How Broken Numerical Scores Are Screen Rant: Gamers Are Now Review Bombing The Last of Us 2 Again, IMHO, this game appears to be being review-bombed by two groups, not just 1 as had been suggested: 1) The typical gamer-gate crowd 2) The group who are upset about the storyline And again. We don't live in a world where users give "reasonable scores". We live in a world where people give user-reviews on the products they like on Amazon "5-stars", and Metro Exodus 0-stars because it is an EGS exclusive. User reviews are frequently not based on rational assessment of the "technical merits" of the game, they are often based on one (or more) issues -- "I hate that this game is only on EGS", "I hate that this game shows Russia in a bad light", "I hate that LGBTQ characters are shown in a positive light" and "I hate what happened to Joel, and how he was portrayed". IMHO, aggregated user review scores should be ignored by almost everyone (on Metacritic, Yelp, etc.) The problems in them are fundamental, and cannot be fixed.
  3. Rogue Legacy, Spelunky, Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2. It was 16-bit plus. I don't believe RL graphics would not be possible on a 16-bit console/computer.
  4. The articles I have read suggested he lied to a woman about not being married, and had a relationship with her for over a year. I suspect that Ubi has asked him to take a LOA while they do an investigation. If he hasn't done anything inappropriate in the workplace, he may return to work when the "embarrassing PR" blows over. I don't believe what is described in those articles are grounds for termination in Quebec.
  5. My son saw that "gun" mod and really wanted me to use it. While it might be fun for a second-run through, I think I will try to stay closer to the original intent for my first...
  6. 1) I think people should be smart enough to recognize I was talking about the style of pixel art used in the original Rogue Legacy, not anything that has 2D art. Can anyone clarify what the commonly accepted term is for this, so I don't confuse people going forward? To be more specific, I am tired of pixel-art graphics that: - artificially constrain the numbers of colours on-screen - use pixels (or voxels) that are visible, and way too big for modern resolution screens - use excessive tiling of background elements - use far too few frames of animation Older hardware had physical constraints that forced this in the past (i.e. limited memory, limited colour pallettes, limited # of colours onscreen) -- modern gaming platforms don't. 2) FWIW, Rogue Legacy 2 is 3D made to look 2D
  7. Something older, like Dragon's Crown looks infinitely better, to me, than that.
  8. These accusations are more than that. IGN apparently was filled with fucktards at the mid-level management level.
  9. I view it as a lazy art style that is trying to prey on the nostalgia of gamers. Just do good art. We no longer are limited by the hardware of the 80's and 90's.
  10. Mass Effect didn't get negative reviews because of LGBT relationships. It got negative reviews because people hated the ending. That was my point. 1) It is easy to assume that everyone that doesn't like the game is a an incel neo-Nazi facist small-dicked asshole. And a number of them are. 2) There are also a lot of people who have an irrational attachment to a certain character, are pissed about what happens to them and are willing to review bomb. (Read the resetera spoiler thread if you don't believe me.) This is what the kids do nowadays. "I don't like something. Post negative review/post on social media." Is it so hard to recognize that everyone who is upset with this game is not a homogenous mass of assholism?
  11. There are a series of former IGN editors/staffers posting on Twitter. I think it was Kallie Plagge who started it. If you recall, it was Kallie's accusations about Steve not reacting to accusations of sexual assault against another editor that got him fired a few years ago.
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