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  1. Wow. What a game. As a Raiders fan: The Offence The Raiders offfence has officially arrived. They have had some good games this year, but that was the BEST I have seen them play -- particularly the pass offence. After some real sketchy OL combos early in the season, Brandon Parker and Denzelle Good looked solid in pass protection. The Defence Raiders fans have pointed at lots of things to blame for the Raiders losing -- the two Agholor drops, PI calls (both the bullshit one on Arnette, and the non-call that got Gruden the Unsportsmanlike flag), the decision to kick a FG
  2. I really don't understand the Patriots. One week they look like Patriots of old, the next week they look like they could be in the NFC East.
  3. No they didn’t. Guy wasn’t in the 120Hz mode. When he figured out how to turn it on, he posted a comparison of SeX @120Hz vs PS4 (and claimed the PS4 version was PS5). Edit:
  4. That wasn't my point. Both PS5/SeX have very similar RDNA2/Zen2 AMD APUs -- the narrative that SeX is the "most powerful" console on the planet and the best console to play multiplatform games, so far at least, not manifested in the real world results.
  5. I didn't think anything could make the Pro Bowl more irrelevant than it already was. I was wrong.
  6. SeX is largely a DirectX box running on a custom version of Windows 10 -- I'm not sure that it is that much harder to develop for. By specs, it should have a 15-20% performance advantage (potentially more given how Sony is handling GPU frequency) -- yet the comparisons I have seen all have the PS5 version superior to the SeX version. It could be that Sony's console is just more efficient at using its GPU, and the MS power advantage won't materialize in better performance this gen.
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