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  1. So if you include indies, then 1st party games are even less of a factor? TBH, I always thought that Switch was the console that parents bought their pre-teens so they wouldn't be playing Fortnite on the TV,
  2. I am expecting the reviews to show that Proton is nowhere near as good as people hoped and that compatibility is a huge problem. I'll continue praying things will get better until after Q2, and end up cancelling my order....
  3. They call out what proportion of their sales are first party. In their first 2 fiscal quarters it is 71%, down from 82% the prior year -- I assume this is revenue (which is probably not the best measure of what the user experience is). 211105e.pdf (nintendo.co.jp) On page 22, the bars show that over the last 18 months sales (on a unit sales basis) show non-first party software outselling first-party software in FY21 and FY22.
  4. If this forum was being modded, @Commissar SFLUFANand @Jasonwould probably be the only ones not perma-banned.
  5. By the time this deal closes, CoD 2022 will have been released, CoD 2023 will be mostly developed and CoD 2024 will already be under development. We are probably talking about CoD 2025 -- my guess is that MS will continue to develop CoD for PS5 lifetime, and not support the next gen (PS6 in 2025 or 2026).
  6. If they were platform agnostic, all future Bethesda games would be released on Playstation. Starfield says hello. If they were platform agnostic, all MS Game Studio games would be released on Playstation. Forza Horizon and Halo Infinite say hello. They are not releasing their content on Nintendo/Playstation - and I've seen nothing to suggest they plan on changing that (and no, Minecraft doesn't count). IMHO, they want to push GamePass with exclusives -- and AFAIK that is only available on Xbox and the shitty MS store on PC.
  7. I am sure that Sony would allow GamePass on Playstation as long as they get 30% of the revenue from any user that connects their account. MS would never do that.
  8. Actually, that was sarcasm. The fact that their board felt the need for an external investigation suggests that they do (or recently had) a problem.
  9. They have a great history. Microsoft orders probe of Bill Gates harassment allegations NYPOST.COM The tech giant said law firm Arent Fox will compile a report detailing the effectiveness of its internal policies on workplace sexual harassment.
  10. If this deal closes, they won't make them exclusive, but they probably will remove future iterations from Playstation platforms. They will never comment on future products, until they are announced.
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