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  1. Week 6 Feature Game Buffalo Bills $2,000 QUESTIONS 1) Bills TD 2) Bills 3) Titans 4) Bucs, Bills 5) Minnesota, Cincinnati, Dallas 6) Seahawks/Steelers 7) Chiefs / FT 8) Henry / Adams
  2. There are lots of fresh water resources that are not in private control. They just happen to not be near the place that where they are in short supply. Yes. Scarcity is complex.
  3. Food is not a finite resource. Production levels are highly influenced by the ability to use modern farming techniques, and the price.
  4. If only that were so. That's the case if you view the supply side as fixed -- which it often is not.
  5. Italy is about to bring in the strictest COVID-19 measures in Europe | CBC News WWW.CBC.CA Despite violent protests in Rome this weekend over new COVID-19 requirements for workplaces, Italy is moving ahead with the strictest measures against COVID-19 in...
  6. No unnecessary travel (i.e. for an unnecessary election) or beach vacations? From this government?
  7. The NFL began this investigation in August 2020 - and reportedly got access to these emails shortly thereafter. They concluded the investigation in July 2021. They should have taken action against Gruden in June -- not in fucking October.
  8. I follow lots of rules. I pay taxes. I drive on the right side of the road. I send my kids to school. I might already be indoctrinated!
  9. Antisemitic rhetoric continues to be used by some opponents of COVID-19 measures | CBC News WWW.CBC.CA A Winnipeg restaurateur likened public health orders to Nazi brutality. Now, advocates are calling attention to antisemitism on the fringes of the anti-vaccine mandate movement... No, requiring vaccination before entering a restaurant is not like what happened to the Jews in the Holocaust.
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