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  1. Peter MacKay says he will march in Toronto's Pride parade Walking in the pride parades has become normal for Canadian political leaders. The leaders of the Green Party, NDP and Liberal party have been regularly participating. Conversely, I do not believe a US President has ever walked in a pride parade.
  2. How a vegan diet could affect your intelligence The vegan diet is low in – or, in some cases, entirely devoid of – several important brain nutrients. Could these shortcomings be affecting vegans' abilities to think?
  3. ATM, I honestly have no idea who I think will win. And... I hate both teams.
  4. Germany confirms first human coronavirus transmission in Europe Chinese officials had previously stated that human-to-human transmission had been confirmed, but their had previously been some doubts/skepticism from their European/North American counterparts.
  5. McDonald's is fighting the breakfast war with chicken sandwiches Sadly, this appears to just be a US phenomenon, and I can't get them in Canada.
  6. Questions emerge about why Kobe Bryant's helicopter was flying in 'very scary conditions' Not acknowledging all of Kobe Bryant’s legacy is an insult to sexual assault survivors We can grieve Kobe Bryant while still honouring survivors of sexual assault
  7. Yes. But it will probably be at least a year before it could be rolled out.
  8. @sblfilms From USA Today this morning: Opinion: Don't shy away from the complicated part of Kobe Bryant's legacy Yahoo news: Kobe Bryant leaves behind a legacy of intensity, greatness, controversy Chicago Tribune Kobe Bryant leaves behind one of sports’ most complicated legacies Radio New Zealand James Nokise: Kobe Bryant was flawed, but indisputably an icon
  9. I've played a couple of hours of The Witcher -- watching the Netflix series got me interested in playing the games. Feels like an old-school CRPG, terrible graphics (lots of glitches/clipping), a questionable battle system and bad voice acting. I'm still pretty early in Chapter 1 -- so it might get better.
  10. I'm not sure why they would. The Wii-U controller was seen as being core to the experience. I am sure they would just prefer to port the games to Switch and have them buy it there.
  11. Cruise Unveils Origin, a Self-Driving Vehicle with No Steering Wheel or Pedals The near-term future of autonomous vehicles is not regular production vehicles with sleds of LIDAR sensors on top -- it's purpose built vehicles that will be used for ride-hailing services, and other fleet applications.
  12. Aaron Rodgers' Family Feels He's 'Turned His Back on Them,' Source Says I know the press liked to make it sound like Olivia Munn was the core issue behind Aaron's estrangement with his family. Based on some of the recent quotes in the press, it sounds like the family may be a big part of the reason. If they can't accept a family member who questions his faith, then there are some fundamental problems there.
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