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  1. If you have corrupted drivers/settings, reinstalling Windows (vs. a reset) may solve your issue -- keep in mind that this will require you to reinstall all drivers/settings/software.
  2. Nintendo Switch New Model Boosts Performance Slightly, Screen Quality Inconsistent Looks like the only real advantage to the new Switch is battery life. However, if you do upgrade, it looks like there are problems with screen colour calibration on the new units.
  3. http://web.archive.org/web/20190822025839/https:/twitter.com/matt_stott_72/status/1164067840976195585 Sony Patent Shows PS5 If accurate, this has got to be the fugliest console design I have ever seen.
  4. It won't be outdated, it will perform exactly how it does today. If you want to have bragging rights to the "best GPU", be prepared to buy a new GPU more often than once per year. I'm sure there will be a new Titan GPU sometime either late this year, or early next year. And a new gen of GPUs before the middle of next year.
  5. 1) Magazines are largely dead because of the internet 2) GameStop is dying because of digital media replacing physical media Game Informer dying is only a matter of time -- I was always surprised that it still existed.
  6. They made exclusives for MS too (see Sunset Overdrive) and even a multi-platform game (Song of the Deep). Most of their recent output has been Mobile games and VR games for (primarily for Oculus).
  7. I am expecting this adaption to be as bad as the Shannara chronicles.
  8. The Asus MB is designed to detect an over or undervoltage hitting your MB. This is MOST likely caused by an old/failing PSU, but... It could be caused by anything in line with sending power to the MB (i.e. wall wiring, surge protector power strip, power cord to PC, etc.) It could also could be caused by anything you've added new to your computer (i.e. new video card, new HD, new USB device) that is increasing the power draw to your PSU beyond its specifications -- in which case you need to get a bigger PSU. In theory, it could also be caused by something going wrong on your MB and the detection is actually a false positive. (In which case, you would need to turn off the feature.)
  9. Not surprising -- it is hard to be an independent studio nowadays.
  10. Most of the missions require you to head to specific points on the maps to "do stuff". Some of the better designed missions are more akin to a "crafted single player" level, where you play for an extended period "out of the open world:". However, the "list of chores" is still here most of the time. Lots of crafting, and a massive skill tree here. IMHO, as I have already stated, I think the story and combat are really good. (However it does take a few hours to get going.)
  11. NVIDIA Readies Another TU102 GPU Based GeForce RTX Graphics Card – Might Be The GeForce RTX 2080 Ti SUPER
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