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  1. I've only beat AoC Valhalla and Divinity.... TBH, I've spent way more of my gaming time on X-Wing and other board/card games this year though.
  2. I'm still trying to figure out how MotU is woke. As an outsider, the intolerance that has been embraced by the left in the US -- which is heavily associated with wokeness and cancel culture -- is definitely a negative thing.
  3. Over half the deer in Michigan seem to have been exposed to SARS-CoV-2 Wear a mask when you go outside in the wilderness.
  4. UK is reopening and scientists are confused to what's happening (cnn.com)
  5. Alberta (54.48%) is more highly vaccinated than PEI (43.59%), Saskatchewan (54.02%) and Quebec (54.02%) - and only behind 10 states in the US. On a partially vaccinated basis they are at 64.09%, are slightly behind Saskatchewan at 64.3% and only behind 6 states. And significantly better than Florida 48%/56% respectively. At some point, we need to move on with our lives and live with the virus. Now that most people, who want a vaccination have had the opportunity to have one, it seems like the right time to do that. I, personally, would like to see that done with a vaccine pas
  6. I have no interest in forcing people to be vaccinated -- we can't actually do that. However, if people want to work in the healthcare field. Be a teacher. Eat inside a restaurant. Work in a workplace where you are in close contact with others. Be close to me. I think it is OK to insist that only vaccinated people can do those things. I mean, restaurants regularly bar you from entry if you're not wearing a shirt/shoes, because they want to provide a certain experience for their patrons. How is vaccination status all that different? But if our government (both federal and pr
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