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  1. I'm not sure it matters. I'm not sure it is productive to call out any specific person in particular.
  2. I will repeat myself. It shows a distinct lack of compassion for your fellow human beings, and a lack of basic human decency.
  3. I really don't understand the smug comments when someone with a different political POV than you has health problems. To me, it shows a lack of compassion and basic human decency for your fellow human beings.
  4. Everything I have read suggests that population density is a key contributor to the speed of the spread of disease in a pandemic. (e.g. https://www.uta.edu/math/_docs/preprint/2014/rep2014_05.pdf, https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0378437118308896) Mass transit needs to keep running to ensure that people have access to essential services, and that those that work in essential services can get to work. Clearly, if people are not observing appropriate social isolation on transit, it is a problem.
  5. You can do the mission select from the main menu and replay the level (which is what I have done). It didn't seem to be unlocking the Empyrean key unless I fully completed the level (to be fair, the slayer gates seem to be right near the end of the level). Yup. Slayer gates are much easier when you're more powered up.
  6. It could have a number of root causes: 1) If there is a more severe shortage of tests, they could be reserving them for more high risk cases (testing bias) 2) There is a higher absolute level of Covid-19 In the case of NY, I suspect it is both of these. On a tangent, my brother/sister-in-laws in Taiwan have commented that as they are out, they are constantly being tested for their temperature. Given the relative success Taiwan has had at containing the spread of the virus, I am surprised that no one is talking about that here. If essential businesses are constantly checking their employees (particularly front facing ones) for evidence of fever, and forcing those with even mildly-elevated temperatures to self-quarantine, even without testing, we would probably get through this faster.
  7. It was a dumb flippant comment, so I made a flippant comment back. By virtually any measure, society puts significantly more money into healthcare than sports. FWIW, the US spends about triple per capita on health care than Spain, pays its doctors significantly more (and I assume its medical researchers) and Spain generally has better healthcare results (and apparently is doing a better job bending the curve).
  8. If they had a higher salary, they would be able to find a cure?
  9. If they launch the Switch 2 in 2025, I'm sure it will have DLSS.
  10. That's an AI chip for robots/drones. Why do you think it would be appropriate to run a handheld gaming console?
  11. Doom Eternal - the combat loop is just so much fun for me. I understand the criticism of the story and the play forming/swimming, but the high speed frenetic action is so refreshing.
  12. I think you’re right. Will Nvidia put tensor cores in their mobile chips? Dunno. Nvidia also doesn’t have a CPU business like AMD, and I don’t know if Nintendo wants to pay the $$$ in R&D to get Nvidia to do something custom.
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