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  1. I really enjoyed the combat in the later levels of Doom -- I found them to be a challenge, and really fit into the "progression" of Doom. As you progress through the game, things are continually getting faster, you are having to use ALL of the weapons and skills you've earned/developed over the past 15 hours to overcome some of these arenas. I never felt the sense of fatigue that you guys are describing.
  2. Fast food must be really pricey in Boston. my policy is to always buy everything for the lowest price possible. I’ll pay for quality, but not for no tangible benefit.
  3. I've never used GoG, but I haven't heard any complaints about their service. Your call, but I will buy the game for the lowest price I can...
  4. Then it'll be harder to get it for less than $60 if you want to play at launch. I think the key resellers will be selling GOG keys.
  5. They're giving free games every two weeks with no subscription. I Even if you don't want to give Epic any money, it doesn't hurt to claim the free games.
  6. Enter the Gungeon was free on the Epic Game Store until recently. edit: noticed @crispy4000 already pointed it out
  7. Of course, final dev kits are based on final silicon. The pre-release dev kits are based on PCs that are specced to represent target performance. People are discussing the rumours.
  8. Probably not. They are just talking about the relative power of the dev kits. However, power of dev kits TENDS to be linked to the expected power of the final product. No one can talk with confidence about ANYTHING on these new consoles until July/August of next year. (Even their release dates.)
  9. All FPSs are significantly better with KB/M. Because Doom is paced more like a pre-Halo/CoD4 shooter (i.e. it is faster like a traditional KB/M shooter), it benefits even more. I'm playing Far Cry 5 right now -- and the KB/M makes it significantly easier to make headshots.
  10. I never played Primal, and haven't played the most recent spinoff either. I played the first couple of hours in FC5 primarily with a pistol, and just headshotted everyone. So far, stealth hasn't seemed to be the priority it was in the earlier games. The puzzle element of taking over a base undetected seems to be largely gone. I'm only ~3 hours in -- so things may change.
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