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  1. I would be surprised if the social media folks at Nintendo and MS have any inside information on this. However, on the surface the Show coming to Xbox looks like a no brainer, to me. I wonder if the plan for this game to come to other platforms is via a streaming service -- so could this announcement be referencing a yet unannounced version of PlayStation Now accessible on non-Sony hardware rather than a locally run game? Is there even a market for sports games on Switch? I thought that NBA 2k didn't even hit the top ten on Switch, despite being a huge seller on PS4/Xbox.
  2. I know they have a patent that outlines a hybrid approach. AMD said at E3 that their hardware support for ray tracing will be available in Next Gen RDNA -- as far as I know they haven't given any specifics as to when this will launch. I have seen speculation that the "hardware ray tracing" referenced by MS/Sony implies that the "hardware approach" referenced at e3 will be in next year's video cards and consoles. I haven't seen anything from AMD clarifying (or even hinting) at their specific strategy for the consoles and next year's video cards. If you have, please give me a link, because I would very much like to read it.
  3. According to insiders, AMD devoted most of their resources to Ryzen, and didn't have the $$$ to also invest in their GPUs. They knew they wouldn't be competitive in the mid/high end for several years. Those same sources suggested that the money they receive from Sony and MS should fund a competitive GPU in time for NAVI. I don't know how much truth there is to that. Traditional Tflop comparisons are very valid for rasterization performance. I referenced the "Tensor Flops" benchmarks for the Tensor Cores that do the ray tracing computing -- I've read some suggestions that this may be a valid way of comparing the ray tracing capabilities of these cards. I am certainly not a chip engineer, but my understanding is that the cuda cores and tensor cores on an NVidia chip are not good at doing each others jobs -- so you need to look at the speed of both. We don't know what AMDs strategy is for NAVI, and whether they will have something similar to Nvidia's "Tensor cores". Many people have taken the "hardware ray tracing" comments to suggest they will. (AMD could easily say "fuck ray tracing" and come out with a 12-14 TFlop rasterization card, and just do "software" ray tracing.) This strategy would likely "destroy" a 2080 in traditional rendering, but perform very poorly on ray tracing.
  4. I'm going to sound like a dick here. However, BLT is one of my favourite songs of all time (and was my first dance at my wedding). It also did not exist in 1984.
  5. A complicated answer: 1) I believe that AMD has spent much of their R&D budget on their Zen processors, and backed off on their GPUs 2) This has allowed Nvidia to take premium pricing on their GPUs (as they don't have credible competition) 3) Using MS/Sony money, AMD will be able to spend the appropriate amount of money to become somewhat competitive again in the GPU space So.... My expectation (and @crispy4000, I am totally speculating here) Because they can't continue their ridiculous pricing, Nvidia will launch a 2170 in 1H of 2020 that has specs between a 2080 and a 2080TI (8.9 and 11.8 Tflops of rasterization and 81 and 108 Tensor Flops). AMD will launch a comparable card, and both will be priced with suggested MSRP between $400 and $450. I interpret this price to be a "mid-range consumer" price.
  6. Vulture 10) Apex Legends 9) Card of Darkness 8) Dragon Quest Builders 2 7) Slay the Spire 6) Death Stranding 5) Baba is You 4) Control 3) Fire Emblem: Three Houses 2) Outer Wilds 1) Untitled Goose Game
  7. I am suggesting what minimum they should be targeting -- AMD themselves may not know what performance they can put out. What I was suggesting as the target is only about marginally faster than Nvidia's current $500 GPU -- the 2070 Super (about 10% faster on rasterization, about 15% faster on Ray Tracing). Ampere should be out before these consoles launched, so the NVidia cards in the market will be even faster than this. I am assuming that AMD will actually not shit the bed with Navi, and will be somewhat competitive. If PS5/Scarlett isn't faster than a 2070 Super, I will be disappointed. (To be honest, I think PS5/Scarlett SHOULD be faster than what I described above.)
  8. According to Wikipedia, unlike the first 4 episodes, Episode 5 (and forthcoming Episode 6) were not written by Jon Favreau, while Episodes 7 and 8 will be. We may be in for another standalone episode on Friday.
  9. The problem with Oklahoma, is they haven't beat anyone decent. 'Cause they play in the Big 12. Wisconsin has beat in Michigan, Iowa and Minnesota (and potentially Ohio State), 'cause they actually play in a decent conference.
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