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  1. Those are some stinkers on Thanksgiving Day for sure. Even Baltimore isn't playing that well recently.
  2. I'm sure insomniac will give Pete some fun stuff in the next game. Very possible that they will go with the Symbiote and Venom story line which will give him the Symbiote powers for an Act or 2.
  3. November 20. It is a pretty glaring omission, but I guess they didn't want Sony to have 1/2 the nominees.
  4. If you are baking a turkey, make sure you make a foil tent! It keeps it from drying out.
  5. I got this game a couple weeks ago and just beat Hades on my 25th run. I have been really enjoying my time with and can't wait to uncover more of the story and lore elements with each additional run. Going to try to beat Hades on normal mode with each weapon first before using the pact of punishment.
  6. Federal minimum wage does not have to be paid for FLSA exempt jobs, which would be stuff like seasonal/recreational jobs, farm hands working on small family farms, newspaper delivery, and babysitting.
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