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  1. https://www.ea.com/en-ca/news/an-update-on-our-creative-leadership
  2. One with the Jungle Gameplay Reveal: Takedowns:
  3. It's actually almost three years if you bought it on the Xbox One/360 as they got it in November 2015. It launched on PC in January 2016 and PS4 in October 2016.
  4. No official release date confirmed yet, but 2019 is most likely.
  5. Probably more of the same, but hopefully they can improve the multiplayer experience.
  6. I've been playing since Tuesday thanks to Origin Access Premier. The last Madden I played was 08, so I have been trying to get acclimated again but overall, it seems that Madden is improving on the base game gradually. Franchise mode has definitely changed a lot. The addition of practice squad and having to do preseason cuts is pretty cool. I also like having the option to switch between a player, coach, or owner role. Haven't tried out the story mode or MUT yet, but hopefully, I can this weekend.
  7. I think the guillotine is for saying that AC has 4 releases a year, which is inaccurate. AC has been an annual franchise for the most part since AC 2 (they skipped 2016). Odyssey is stated to have between 3 to 4 years of development time, so take that for what you will.