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  1. Officially certified fresh! It joins Toy Story and Kung Fu Panda as the only animated trilogies to have 3 certified fresh movies.
  2. That's a good long list of notes. Anthem may not review well right now, but I agree with @Moa that it will improve a lot like Rainbow Six Siege.
  3. https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2019-02-20-paradox-interactive-breaks-new-ground-for-modding-on-consoles
  4. Got my free copy as well. I only put in an hour and 11 minutes so far.
  5. Captain Marvel: First Reactions Praise 'Surprising,' 'Badass' Film Various tweets in the link
  6. Load times will be improved with the day one patch and that should help somewhat. The story structure probably can't be altered. You have to load into Fort Tarsis after completing a mission to pick up the next quest. I think it does a fine job of breaking up the action, but I know a lot don't care about story stuff. Maybe they could have taken a page of TOR's book and had a story mode that you could play with friends together.
  7. The Silver Lining is the best of the bunch. I finished it off a couple weeks ago. Just need to complete NG+ and Ultimate difficulty to get the last two trophies.
  8. Not everything is meant to be. I believe Hellraid by Techland was also shown off the same year as Deep Down, and it was put on hold almost 4 years ago.
  9. If you can do it, go for it. Getting the first two seasons of the TV show will be a bit expensive though. They're not on Netflix.
  10. Can't say I watched any of that stuff, but I didn't feel at a loss when watching How to Train Dragon 2. I'm sure the directors wouldn't expect people seeing the third film to have watched all that material. Edit: Reading through the descriptions of the stuff, it seems that cartoon show only covers the events between the first movie and the second. The short films are mostly supplementary. There is no bridge between 2nd and 3rd movie.