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  1. The five are the previously announced Watch Dogs, Rainbow Six and Gods and Monsters games plus, according to Jason Schreier, an Assassin’s Creed and a Far Cry game.
  2. I didn't realize crocs were still a thing.
  3. VIA Rail cancels trains across Canada, CN shuts down Eastern Canada network amid pipeline protests Federal minister, B.C. premier try for meetings with chiefs over blockades It's embarrassing that the Canadian government didn't try and set up these meetings a week ago -- and that Justin Trudeau isn't personally involved.
  4. As mentioned by others, paying to have your HD restored is probably your best option. The strategy I employ to try to protect my data: 1) Main storage is on an HDD in my desktop computer 2) Computer does daily backups to a WD USB drive that is plugged permanently into the computer Therefore, I have two drives that always have copies of my photos. So far, I haven't had a failure.
  5. Canadians are allowed to protest peacefully. An illegal protest is one that: 1) Involves violence (i.e. if I protested by running down Yonge and punching people in the face, that would be illegal) 2) One that is classified as a "riot" 3) One that disturbs the peace (i.e. I cannot drive through a residential neighbourhood at 1AM playing a speech at 140 dB) 4) One that unreasonably blocks a roadway or thoroughfare (I cannot decide to pitch a tent at the corner of Yonge and Front, and decide to live there for a month) As in any free and democratic society, if there is a court order demonstrating that a protest is illegal, the government has an obligation to enforce it.
  6. As far as I can tell, no Canadian political leader has sat down with any of the elected chiefs of any of the tribes, to try and resolve the issue. I live in a society where people are expected to obey the rule of law. Disputes about the law are settled by the courts. If a court order has been issued, it is the responsibility of the government to enforce it. First through negotiation. Second through the peaceful arrest of those who violate the court order, and finally if they resist arrest, police should use the least amount of force as possible. This should be done whether the protestors are of aboriginal descent, English descent, French descent, Ukrainian descent, Irish descent, Chinese descent, Sikh descent, etc. As far as I can tell, the Trudeau government hasn't done anything. Complete removal of illegal protests should be the goal -- and that isn't racist. Legal, peaceful protests should continue -- but those don't include blocking railways or highways for extended periods of time. Just like any other group of people, indigenous Canadians have a variety of opinions --- there will never be any way to gain unanimous consent of every individual for every action. If tribe members are unhappy about the decisions their elected tribal leaders have made, they should elect different leaders in the next election, not block railways.
  7. Ottawa 'very concerned' about blockades as CN Rail says it will close 'significant' parts of its network Day ends quietly as Mohawk rail protests expand, trains remain stopped Minister offers to meet chiefs over cross-country anti-pipeline protests In summary, last week the RCMP enforced a court order to remove protestors (both those of aboriginal and non-aboriginal descent) that were preventing a natural gas pipeline from being constructed. The pipeline had approval from all of the elected chiefs and band councils, but several hereditary chiefs (i.e. chiefs that have had their position passed down from father-to-son or mother-to-daughter similar to a monarchy) have claimed that they need to approve the pipeline as well -- though they have continually lost this argument in court. As a result, groups of sympathetic protestors (some aboriginal, some not) have blocked Canadian railways in a number of places. As a result, there is no way for a significant amount of Canadian good to get to port for export, or from port to the rest of the country. As a reference, this is what CN's railway network looks like in Canada. There really has been a complete lack of leadership from Prime Minister Trudeau -- Liberal - (who is in Sengal lobbying for votes for Canada to get a seat on the UN Security council), Transport Minister Marc Garneau -- Liberal, Indigenous Services Minister Marc Miller - Liberal, Ontario Premier Doug Ford -- Conservative and BC Premier John Horgan -- NDP. The fact that the Canadian rail network has effectively been shutdown for over a week should be a complete embarrassment to all of them, and so far there has been sense of urgency on their part to get freight moving again.
  8. I can understand why. The prologue and Chapter 1 are much weaker than Chapters 2-4 and the game does a pretty poor job of explaining the mechanics.
  9. So, I am most of the way through Chapter 4 of the Witcher -- so I'm guessing I am ~4/5 through the game. Other than the Netflix series, and reading the first few chapters of "The Last Wish", this is my first introduction into Witcher lore. The Good: - It is great to play a game that has "monsters" and story-telling that doesn't feel derivative to either Tolkien or Bram Stroker -- The combat is interesting -- and has a lot more depth and is better than some recent games like RDR2. (It's probably a stretch to call it "good") -- Some of the story-telling feels atypical for a computer game -- its great to play a game that doesn't feel like a standard western European/North American/Japanese story. The Bad -- The jank is some of the worst I have ever seen. Lots of clipping, characters beards are actively waving like a flag, etc. -- The game is actively cringe inducing when it comes to women. Most of the women look like super models with breast implants and half are nude or in lingerie. Geralt feels like he is going on a fucking tour of Eastern Europe -- he has already had sex with 15-20 women so far in the game (and it is more awkward than AC:Odyssey/Mass Effect) -- The voice acting, dialog writing, and graphics are objectively bad. -- The quest design has me actively walking back and forth to the same locations OVER-AND-OVER. However, because it is so different than modern games -- even though the game is objectively "not good", and I would never recommend it to anyone, there is something compelling about playing through a game that is so different in a gameplay/storytelling way from every other game.
  10. When I was younger, I never heard anyone refer to a Commodore/Apple/Atari as a "PC" -- I always heard the referred to as a Commodore (or a "64"), an Apple, or an Atari (or an "ST"). I agree, in many ways those computers were almost a "bridge" between consoles, and the IBM PC.
  11. My first gaming PC was an Intel Pentium 66MHz with a VGA card and an AWE32 that I bought in the summer of '93. I built it (with the help of a friend), with parts I purchased from a local computer store. The first computer I played on was the family Commodore 64, the first computer I purchased myself was a Commodore Amiga 500 (I think I purchased it mid-'88).
  12. Epic announced that Pandemic will still be a free game, but at a later date. Speculation is that they didn't want to release the game during the nCoV19 outbreak in China.
  13. Your experience was very different than mine. TBH, I thought Horizon was relatively short compared to most open world games -- I have never played a Dark Souls game for more than a few hours, but I thought they were a similar length -- ~35-40 hours. I never felt the way you did. I loved coming across newer/more powerful enemies -- and getting to the point where the "once difficult" robots became trivial to deal with. Certainly, when I was traversing the world, I frequently avoided "random encounters", but I never felt I had to use stealth to avoid them. I would just run around them. I'm sorry you didn't enjoy the experience as much as I did - because Horizon is probably one of my top 5 experiences of this gen.
  14. Ubisoft has had some misses over the years. However the last AC game was solid. The best part of Horizon was the combat, it was inventive, varied, and IMHO a ton of fun. Each different creature needed a different strategy & weapon/ammo combination to take out. IMHO, I really don't get the comparison to an UBI game.
  15. Ubisoft Will Release 3 AAA Games This Holiday Season, No Major Titles Before October I don't know how Ubi would release a new Watch_Dogs and a new AC game within a few months of each other. EDIT:
  16. There is very little evidence that wearing a surgical mask will help you avoid a virus. Frequent hand washing and keeping your hands away from your mouth/nose/eyes is the most effective thing anyone can do.
  17. That's one possibility. The reports of a toxic culture at Rockstar Games came out several months before his sabbatical. There have been numerous reports that the culture has been getting better. This might also have something to do with that, or not.
  18. He has been on an "extended break" for the better part of a year. I am guessing there is more to this story than Dan Houser wanting to retire. This sounds alot like what happened to "The Benz" at Rockstar 3-4 years ago.
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