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  1. Assuming the funeral homes were mostly closed during most of January/February/March, how many deaths should we expect in a city like Wuhan over three months (excluding Coronavirus)? 11.1 million people / 76 years average life expectancy * 3 months / 12 months/year = ~36k deaths over 3 months (and if you assume that 1 child policy has screwed up the demographics towards older people, perhaps it should be higher). I'm not saying that I believe the Chinese numbers, but I think there are some other factors involved.
  2. We didn't see a post by @TomCat, so I'm pretty sure it wasn't them.
  3. KB/M is clearly the best control method for FPS (I can't imagine playing Doom on a controller). However, whether you have an advantage in multiplayer in vs. a controller with aim-assist is completely dependant on how aggressive the auto-aim is. If any of the multi-player games used an auto-aim system, that was aggressive as the single player RDR2 system, controllers would win all of the time.
  4. Trump announces new face mask recommendations after heated internal debate I think he just wants to be able to tweet out a photo of Nancy Pelosi or Joe Biden in a mask. FWIW, Ontario/Canada officials are still not recommending a mask. Their feedback was "if you're sick, a mask may reduce the risk of transmitting the virus, but you should be self-isolating anyways".
  5. Taurus -- no, because it is out of production. Domestics and Europeans do this for sure. I have never bought an Asian brand vehicle, so I can't 100% confirm they will. Edit: Dealers generally don't want to do this (you may have been insistent) -- most sales people are paid commission when they deliver the vehicle, so they REALLY want to sell you something on the lot.
  6. Sony, Microsoft may contend with thinner launch lineups for PS5, Xbox Series X due to pandemic
  7. It's really hard to understand the specifics of what additional is being shut down, other than additional construction workplaces.
  8. Economists have often calculated the "value of a life" -- implicitly through how much society is willing to spend on safety (airline safety, automotive safety, etc.) I haven't seen any numbers recently, but in my health economics class 20-years ago it was about $14-million/life on average. I suspect the number has grown quite a bit since then. Of course, there is a much larger issue. My POV, is that a broad economic shut-down for a long period of time (certainly beyond the end of April) will have an economic impact that will impact mortality (whether through suicide, loss of long-term health insurance, substance abuse, etc.) Edit: A more recent study valued a life at $4-9 million
  9. Coronavirus outbreak could cripple India's economy There has been a narrative that protecting the economy is about supporting billionaires. The poor always suffer the most. Billionaires won't have problems putting food on the table, or finding a place to live. Governments have to be very careful about how long they think they can put in significant restrictions. Thousands of Canadians can't pay their rent today
  10. I am concerned that they will be releasing a projection, without properly communicating the assumptions behind it. There are too many times that scientists communicate overly negative outcomes to motivate behaviour in the way they think is for "the common good". In today's briefing, Trudeau suggested that he doesn't believe that the modelling is good enough yet for public release.
  11. Canada’s food supply at risk as pandemic tightens borders to farm workers Europe is having similar issues.
  12. I believe there is a fundamental timing risk for holiday games. If the "social distancing" lasts for months, there is a real risk to games coming out. If there isn't a critical mass of "next-gen" games, MS/Sony would be foolhardy to release a new console. You only get one chance to make a first impression, and get a big launch push. There are all sorts of other risks (the OS, logistics, delays to manufacture, global depression, etc.) -- but, I still think delays to holiday games may be huge.
  13. It depends on availability of the model, and the content (and how good your dealer is). If you're trying to order a constrained commodity, it will take longer. (They are guessing how many parts they will need years in advance.) You're always ordering high demand product with high demand content. I've ordered a vehicle from the plant and got it in much shorter than 90-days.
  14. 'Top Gun: Maverick' release date pushed back In the most unsurprising news ever.
  15. There is a very real possibility that the delay of software this fall will delay the launch of hardware.
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