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  1. If you have the Steam version of GTAV, it will now force you to install and run the Rockstar launcher.
  2. I had that a lot in Michigan -- and loved it. Unfortunately, not available in Ontario.
  3. Week 3 Feature Game Chicago Bears $1,000 QUESTIONS 1) Bears FG 2) Under 3) Dak Prescott 4) Browns 5) Carolina, LA Chargers, Kansas City 6) Carolina 7) Baltimore 8) OBJ, Josh Jacobs
  4. Every display technology has advantages and disadvantages. CRTs can produce stunning images -- due to their great black levels and lack of motion artifacts. However, there were also some disadvantages: 1) They cost a lot to make -- according to google, the FW900 listed for over $2,500 over 15 years ago. And given that CRTs were a fairly mature technology, I don't think the cost of making them was coming down 2) They are very bulky relative to their screen size. My 34" CRT HDTV was about 2 feet deep and weighed over 300 pounds 3) Making of the tube above 34" wasn't really feasible due to the increased weight of the glass 4) They had their own set of visual artifacts -- scan lines, moire interference patterns, geometry issues (I've never seen a CRT with perfect geometry, but maybe the FW900 can be set up with it?), eye strain (due to flickering), low sharpness on objects, etc. Modern plasmas, were a dramatic improvement over CRTs (with almost all of the benefits, excluding the variable resolution) -- but giving a much better package size. OLED TVs (such as the C9) I believe are in a similar boat (for various reasons). And both can produce stunning images. Monitors (for a variety of reasons) have given up some of the functionality -- probably because of the cost (a very good gaming monitor is $700, a @Spork3245 super-expensive one is still only $1,800) and LCD just doesn't suffer from the same problems in bright environments, and fits much better on a desk, etc. FW900
  5. I just moved back to Ontario from Michigan. And the craft brew scene in Ontario is significantly behind Michigan -- I can't find a decent porter or stout here. However... I have found my new favourite beer (even if it isn't a craft beer). I'm convinced that any beer aged in a bourbon barrel will be awesome.
  6. The John Wick movies are lots of fun. Great action choreography, awesome lore, and fantastic cinematography. Not every movie has to be a tear-jerker period piece with something to say.
  7. If that is all they had said in their video, I wouldn't have made my post.
  8. Yes they are. There are "lots of reasons" of why CRTs don't hold up. They're just commenting on the advantages.
  9. My experience is that just a couple of years makes a big difference in what kind of games a kind can handle. My 8 year old was winning races Forza Horizon on easy, and my 6-year old couldn't keep it on the track.
  10. I recognize a lot of the criticisms they have of LCD -- but I still think they are looking at CRT with rose colored glasses. CRTs had geometry issues, were severely limited by screen size, had separate motion artifacts due to the nature of scan lines, were VERY expensive to manufacture, etc. They were VERY good but not as perfect as they make them out to be. I personally think that the last of the Plasmas (particularly the Pioneer Elites) were the best compromise.
  11. Raiders score 10 in the first quarter, in what looks like an NFL game. Chiefs score 28 in second quarter in what looks like a game of “throw deep” Madden. No one scores in second quarter in ... no good analogy here. What a weird game.
  12. My kids started gaming on some of the Xbox 360 Pixar games -- Toy Story 3 and Cars 2 I believe. They were relatively easy games to get started with, and had characters they were familiar with. I played WITH them most of the time. They graduated to the Lego games -- the Marvel/DC games were their favourite. At 5, they mostly played WITH me (or an older brother) on couch co-op. They can normally be found for fairly cheap, and the puzzles aren't difficult for older kids.
  13. Playing more AC:Odyssey DLC. What I thought was the "first DLC" was actually Episode 1 of the second DLC. So I actually just completed Episode 2 of DLC2. Which means that the DLC was a much better value than I thought it was. Both of these Episodes were among the best parts of the game, mostly because they were much "tighter" experiences than the main game. And each Episode brought a new twist in gameplay that freshened things up. So on to Episode 3! Unfortunately, it also means that its going to take much longer to wrap up this game than I thought it was.
  14. Furnaces will last that long -- AC units rarely get more than 20, frequently between 15-17 years. In the house I just sold, my AC unit was pushing 20 -- so I may have dodged a bullet.
  15. I’ve only played the first disc of FFVII. ill get back to it someday.
  16. If your backlog isn't crazy... what are you doing? Mine: Wolfenstein: Youngblood GTAV Divinity: Original Sin 1&2 All 3 Witcher Games Skyrim Just Cause 4 Spider-Man (Just ~4 hours in) The Witness Every David Cage Game Xcom 1 & 2 Darksiders Series DMC/DMC5 Nioh Nier: Automata Shadow Warrior 1&2 A billion indie games From your list -- just play Portal. It is amazing, and short. And then immediately play Portal 2 (which is amazing, but not as short).
  17. Other than Nintendo -- they don't seem to be selling large $$$ though. I am glad you are enjoying it. For me, it feels very much like a down year (after several phenomenal ones). Of course, these numbers all exclude FTP transactions (Fortnite, PUBG, Dota, APEX, etc.) -- which may be where all the $$$ is going.
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