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  1. Protesting an institution is fundamentally different than protesting at someone's personal residence. Protesting someone's house is pure intimidation, and in this case is illegal.
  2. I'm a liberal in how it is used in every country but the US.
  3. Picketing judges houses has nothing to do with that. Agreeing that targeting people's families is somehow "OK" because you don't like the America electoral system is, IMHO, a bizarre argument. It opens up society to another level of problematic behaviour. If it somehow became acceptable for the Karen's that are yelling at their school trustees to begin picketing their houses, or defund-the-police advocates to picket police chiefs homes, or.... I'm a liberal -- I know you'll disagree with 90% of what I'll say.
  4. I think most rational people recognize they are both wrong. Picketing outside people's houses is wrong. Targeting people's families because you don't like their politics or judicial decisions is wrong.
  5. Atari 2600 NES/Master System/C64/Amstrad/Speccy Super NES/Genesis/3DO/Neo Geo/PC Engine/Amiga/ST PS1/N64/Saturn PS2/Game Cube/Xbox My hot take is that the games of today are significantly better than most from games pre-2005. UI, Controls, Game Play, Depth, Graphics, Sound, Multiplayer, etc have improved so much over the last 17 years.
  6. I think neither are OK. Didn't they prosecute people for storming the capital buildings?
  7. I've played it (probably only for 10-15 hours though). It's really good. I suck at it. Incredible depth for an action-oriented sports-like game, which are notorious for lack-of-depth. There are 40k concurrent players on Steam as we speak. (And it is in their top 20 today.) And it's an Indie game to boot. So, people seem to like it. I'll be honest, I didn't care much for SSX or Tony Hawk -- I thought NBA Jam was great in it's day in the Arcade though. Doesn't really hold up for more than hour or two today. Probably enough to suggest that Indie developers are still capable of making action sports games.
  8. My kids seem to love it, and still play it. And my google search says It is still played by millions of players a day more than 6-years after launch.
  9. I am not sure what the action sports genre is. Is that like the old BMX/Paintball games? I never thought the 3D Platformer genre was that interesting -- so I don't know for sure. I think "RPG" elements elevate most genres. It allows you to play with systems, and evolve the gameplay over time.
  10. Many of today's Indie games are better than AAA stuff on older consoles. I dunno, many non-F2P games actually handle the system-driven stuff really well. I take your point on the F2P grind fests that so many people like.
  11. It can be: Nausea and Vomiting Might Be the First Signs of Coronavirus WWW.HEALTH.COM Is vomiting a symptom of COVID-19? Find out what doctors say about nausea, vomiting, and coronavirus symptoms. If you also had other symptoms such as fever, runny nose and/or cough then the symptoms would be consistent with COVID.
  12. 18 U.S. Code § 1507 - Picketing or parading WWW.LAW.CORNELL.EDU
  13. The CGI looks stunning in this trailer. Some of the small details are incredible. I thought the first one was a fantastic popcorn flick, and really don't understand the hate for it that exists in some parts of the internet.
  14. I am +1:16:44 for a 512GB -- says Q3, but I'm skeptical. Frustrating because I was trying to order from minute 1, and Steam kept timing out...
  15. Someone needs to tell him that no vaccine is actually mandatory in Ontario schools. You can opt out by watching an online video and signing a form. And since only 56% of kids aged 5-11 have received their first dose (only 36% have received 2), I am not sure that most parents will even support this.
  16. My wife stopped watching after Capaldi. I stopped watching mid-way through the last Doctor's first season. It had become unwatchable.
  17. I think if you haven't hit refresh on your browser in a few days, then you may still have the old word. I think the old URL forwards to the NYT site now. Sorry, didn't mean to spoil it.
  18. Conservatives allege misconduct over Liberal MP joining hybrid House proceedings from a washroom stall WWW.CTVNEWS.CA The Conservatives are alleging 'contempt of the House' after a Liberal MP appeared to be participating in House of Commons proceedings virtually from a washroom stall on Friday. Last year, Liberal MP William Amos was caught naked on camera during a house session.
  19. Today’s intended Wordle solution pushed to 2027 due to “major recent news event” ARSTECHNICA.COM "FETUS" edit comes as NYT says game should "remain distinct from the news."
  20. April 2022 -- Caught it from a friend who came to dinner while his wife was sick (but didn't tell people she was).
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