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  1. @atom631i think we need to also include those seven digits after our user name to become Activision friends
  2. I see 4 requests. Which is you? I don’t see atom or anything close to that.
  3. I play COD all year and never spend a dime on the battle pass stuff. When you’re good like me you don’t need any help
  4. who cares? I’m buying it no matter what it cost.
  5. why is his mother helping him bag these ladies and getting laid
  6. never thought I could dislike Crocs anymore but yet here I am
  7. What school of dentistry did you graduate from doctor?
  8. Wrong but keep making assumptions. I floss daily. I’m not a savage.
  9. I I will take my chances but thanks for the warning
  10. Season 2 of CoD Modern Warfare as soon as I get home
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