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  1. It’s more than just game play. The whole story line doesn’t interest me at all. Something about it just doesn’t excite me.
  2. Yeah you can. Like if my Free Safety is a 79 and I pull a player card that’s 77 I’ll keep him too. But if he’s a 65 then I either sell him or send him to complete a sets.
  3. I suck at the game too @Mr.Vic20 but the important thing is I have fun while I suck playing the game!!
  4. I use the pick best team possible option for my MUT. Then either sell other cards for coins, training points, and send them to complete sets.
  5. Received Rod Woodson last night while opening a pack @BuckFly My first star on defense!
  6. Unlocked high rank quests last night and switched back to sword & shield. Dual blades kinda sucked but I remembered liking them playing on the 3DS so I was sort of confused.
  7. Biggie

    General Gaming Impressions for FFXV

    Madden MUT. It’s all you need bruh. Give it a real chance.
  8. Say what you want about the COD franchise but Activison has that online multiplayer running p’ damn good on day one.
  9. Looks good but I’ve never enjoyed a game based on a comic book hero. So I’ll wait.
  10. Biggie

    General Gaming What are you playing today?

    Madden 19 MUT