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  1. I’m doing better with the bigger characters. Bowser and Donkey Kong.
  2. Damn brother. You need to ask for a raise.
  3. That bitch ain’t nothing but trouble. Seems like the type that would lie about shit if you keep turning down her advances.
  4. That wasn’t me. It was Best.
  5. Wish you had the online service so we could battle!
  6. Oh man I didn’t get that. How much is that added on? Do you know?
  7. Seattle Seahawks - $20,000 1. Seahawks TD 2. Vikings 3. 50-99 4. LA Rams 5. Detroit Buffalo NY Giants 6. Sebastian Janikowski 7. Rams 8. Saquon Barkley Brandin Cooks
  8. Aren’t you close enough to just drive there?
  9. Biggie


    Nothing but smoke & mirrors.
  10. He uses all mentions incorrectly just about. He dumb af. @stepee
  11. Biggie

    I’m an extremely bad person

    You’re cool af. You got that going for ya.