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  1. Sony: In summary, we were caught with our pants down. Please don't hurt us anymore big daddy XBOX.
  2. People buy Nintendo consoles for indies…? Is… is that the argument being made? People buy Nintendo consoles for Nintendo games.
  3. Oh, there's a mod for people wanting to play that have Windows 7... Windows 7 Patch for God of War at God of War WWW.NEXUSMODS.COM God of War Windows 7 PatchI modified the OS version detection behavior. The modified version can enter the game with Win7/8/8.1, but cannot enter the game with Win10/11.Also need to
  4. Microsoft just won this gen. Sony probably will have the better games overall, but MSFT just won if COD is now an Xbox/PC exclusive and included on GamePass
  5. Chloé Zhao: ‘Really Bleak’ Original ‘Eternals’ Ending Didn’t ‘Go Down Well with Audiences’ WWW.INDIEWIRE.COM Zhao says the original ending for her MCU debut had "Twilight Zone" vibes that didn't test well with early viewers. Emergency Awesome expands upon this as well as the deleted + unfilmed scenes.
  6. Alt (apparently original ending that Marvel/Dis wouldn’t sign off on) @skillzdadirecta + deleted/unfilmed scenes:
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