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  1. Guys, get a room, this sexual tension is starting to leave me all hot and bothered!
  2. Spork3245

    Nintendo Recommend me a cheap eshop game

    If you're married and looking for a divorce I'd highly suggest Snipperclips
  3. Sure, but I'd argue wearing the MAGA branding on Trump clothing/hats kinda has a consistent meaning vs when other presidents said it many years/decades ago or even the generality and vagueness of the given phrase.
  4. @CitizenVectron posted more-or-less my exact reason.
  5. Comparing the two groups in such a manner, even though I, at least *think*, you were doing it as a way to state the ridiculousness of absolutes.
  6. Perhaps I’m missing something, possibly past posts/threads/discussions, but you guys do seem to be reading too much into what Boyle wrote, even though I do disagree with it and think it’s an awful comparison/analogy. Though, again, maybe I missed something in the past.
  7. They’re made in Mexico and the profits go to boarder wall ladders.
  8. Because his heart may be atheist, but his erections are agnostic.
  9. If you believe that there's even a 0.00000000001% chance of a god existing, then you're, by definition, agnostic.
  11. Atheists firmly believe in no god of any sort and that it's a fairy tale. Your description is of an agnostic. Unless we're talking about atheists who self identify as agnostic or something
  12. The first reply and Trump’s response... dear god
  13. Spork3245

    Movies Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie trailer

    These (Battle of Gods and onward) movies are “mostly” canonical as Toriyama was involved beyond a simple character design (script/story/writing), and the anime/manga uses the movies for arcs (but more fleshed out). The previous movies were all Toei with Toriyama only involved for an occasional character design (iirc, just Cooler/team, Broly, Bojack/team, and Hildegard). There are only a handful of the previous (Z) movies that can fit into the timeline of the series, and if they have a Toei-made character then they’re out completely. I think it’s pretty much just the Bojack movie (which could take place immediately after the Cell saga) and #13 (Hildegard) which would take place immediately after the Buu saga but before the time jump in the final episode. The Deadzone movie gets argued as possible (movie 1), but, for it to work it would need to be prior to Raditz arriving on Earth, which means none of the characters would be surprised Goku had a kid when Raditz does arrive (meaning it’s not possible, and also means we can thankfully skip that horrendous Garlic Jr arc that Toei threw into the anime as it’s not even canon! ) The manga pre-super is MUCH better paced than the anime, IMO, as there’s none of the god awful filler from Toei and battles move at a much better pace, I highly recommend giving it a read (I’ve read through it an insane amount of times) . Though, for Z, you could just watch Kai and more-or-less get the pacing of the manga. I haven’t read Super’s manga yet as I’m waiting for it to get (awhile) past where the anime ended.
  14. Spork3245

    Movies Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie trailer

    Yea, I meant they’d have to present him in the show/manga not just potentially this movie to make him cannon. Technically, the last two movies aren’t 100% cannon as the anime/manga had differences in their presentation. Knowing Toriyama, he likely forgot that he even created Cooler for movie 5, just like he forgot that SSJ3 existed (he forgot that there was a difference with SSJ1 and SSJ2 )
  15. Spork3245

    Movies Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie trailer

    I’m not going to see the movie until I can see it in Japanese as I have come to greatly dislike the English voices and the seemingly random changes in dialogue from the original, so I was mostly guessing as this movie is likely (one of) the next anime arc(s) if/when the show returns. Cooler isn’t cannon, sadly. It’s a shame as movie 5 (Cooler’s Revenge) could take place canonically during the time between Mecha-Freiza and the Androids (while everyone was preparing for the Androids) except for Higha Dragon (Icarus) being in the movie making it impossible to be cannon. It’s silver/gray unless it looks different in the movie
  16. Spork3245

    Movies Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie trailer

    Not black, and not really. Black was a character, not a form. Also, he saw the previous two movies (which take place after Z and are the first two arcs of super revealing SSJ God and SSJ Blue). Let me elaborate as to why I think going in with a summary of Super would be a good idea: when I was a kid, prior to Funimation getting the DB rights, I was on Race St in Philadelphia with my parents (basically Philly’s China town), we walked by a store that had a “Dragon Ball Z Movie!!!”, bootlegged and subbed obviously, I bought it because I loved the show. My only exposure was the Bandai/Saban dub, meaning my knowledge ended with Goku arriving on Namek and beating Recoom (that’s where the OG dub ended). The movie was apparently #12, Fusion. I watched it and, while I could follow it, I was still super confused: why did their hair turn yellow? Who the F are these kids? Why is Gohan so old and wearing a Power Ranger costume? Why does Freiza look like this (I only knew his first form)? Why are Goku/Vegeta dead? Who’s this wannabe Piccolo? I mean, obviously, going into Super’s Broly movie has a lot less questions, but, I still recommend just reading a quick summary of the Super arcs after the Resurrection of Freiza arc, it’ll take less than 10 minutes, and watching the Broly movie is going to spoil most of the plot from those arcs anyway.
  17. Spork3245

    Movies Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie trailer

    Except It may not be overwhelming, but you’re going to be a bit lost without at least reading a Super summary.
  18. Spork3245

    Help me remember a SNES game

    This has been driving me nuts! Trying to remember an old snes game, I remember it was hyped to hell pre-release and you played as a sorcerer or something and had a blue orb. It was *not* Soul Blazer, though, as it was a side-scroller and not an isometric view. Help?
  19. Spork3245

    Television Punisher S2 Release Date

    This is, IMO, the best season of any Marvel-Netflix show. Wow! (On ep 8)
  20. He also spent a lot of his time buying Trump's team hamberders, chokin mcnirgars, and fech firs.
  21. Spork3245

    Television Punisher S2 Release Date

    Cool cool cool You’re half way there!
  22. Spork3245

    Television Punisher S2 Release Date

    Probably best if you don’t watch it and throw your TV out the window.