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  1. with all this talk about Only Good Indians, it just struck me that I am actually reading an advance copy of Jones' next book My Heart is a Chainsaw
  2. It was okay. Watched the pilot, or should say half watched as I tend to be doing other stuff while watching most TV shows. Seemed like they were planting a lot of seeds to be explored later on the down the road. The real problem? I doubt they'll ever get there. Sci-fi shows on there main networks rarely take off and last more than a season or two.
  3. I've heard so many mixed review for The Only Good Indians, kind of sounds like a love it or hate book to me. It's definitely one I intend to give a shot to at some point down the road. Picked up and started Stephen King's newest Later. Not that far into it yet, but enjoy it so far.
  4. I'm sure I'll pick it up at some point, but I'm knee deep in Persona 5 right now and I know if I pick up BD2 now I will try it out and then get distracted and end up not finishing either
  5. So something accord to me and I can't remember if it was exactly answered in the episode or not. So if Wanda didn't steal Vision's body and was able to recreate him perfectly...why wasn't she able to recreate her brother accurately? Why did we get weenie boy instead?
  6. Well if I am remembering correctly, he used his power to wake a few people inside the trap. And I would think that would be a mind stone-esque power, but I just assume his powers are echoes of what Wanda believes them to be.
  7. Could be wrong, but I don't think so. My take was that was her getting a peak at her future and seeing that the mind stone was going to have a profound impact on her life.
  8. you bumped it after I posted my thread but the odd comment as about the no skates
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