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  1. I prefer it that way. These days too many movie trailers give away the entire story. This could be the only trailer they release and I'd be fine with that.
  2. Stranger Things the movie. The trailer alone was better than the entire previous Ghostbuster film.
  3. Trailer definitely looks promising. The 1984 aspect still has me puzzled a bit. Are we going to see what makes her go back into hiding or is the DC universe just going to ignore that until BvS WW seemed completely unknown to the world.
  4. but I never did that. I just called it a steaming turd. In no way imaginable would I lump it in with the likes of The Happening or Dead End Drive-in
  5. the original is definitely the best, but all of them are to a certain degree-some more than others
  6. again, your opinion that my comment is hyperbolic...also your opinion that the film 'competent' I'd say that the mere fact that half the storyline depends on the one or two people aware of the 'escape' plan not filling in the rest of the crew to be completely asinine. These are the core members of the rebellion, the die hards….and so we can't trust them to know what we are doing? Not to mention Poe doesn't have any friends among the ground/flight crew that could have filled him in on the fact that all the smaller transports were being prepped? And Rian having the ship become a lightspeed missle completely negates the threat of any massive ship in future and makes the sacrifices of those who died fighting the previous Death Stars seem outright stupid. Why launch a massive assault at all, take one capital ship, aim it at your target, hit the hyperdrive, and threat go bye bye.
  7. you'd never seen Die Hard?! Wow. Given how often that movie seem to be on TV that fact that you haven't accidently seen it after all these years is actually pretty dang impressive.
  8. that's you interpreting my meaning of steaming turd I don't get way people are defending this so hard. I don't get why it seems to bother you. It's not like I've insulted your mother here, and it's not as if what I am saying is going to hurt TLJ box office...the movie already made a billion. And it's not even as if my not liking the movie is going to stop me from seeing Skywalker. I'm still playing to be there opening weekend. Just accept that there are people, myself among that, that don't like the movie. that would be another's opinion, meaning it would be your opinion that my opinion was idiotic
  9. A bit much? Dude, it might be a bit much for you, but since it's my OPINION it's not a bit much for me. You don't have to agree with it, but you really can't argue with opinions. As for the original trilogy not having a plan whether mapped out or not I can say storylines followed one another in a coherent way.
  10. been playing my Switch today. Guacamelee (forgot how tough this game could be....tough in the fact that my reflexes just aren't as quick as they used to be. Some of the platforming is just brutal for me. I know what needs to be done, but being able to input the commands as fast as necessary....) Diablo III: gave it a bit of a test run to see how it plays on the switch. Seems to run just fine. And last but certainly not least. DQ XI
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