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  1. I have to say I am looking forward to trying this one out. I've always loved the quirky things Nintendo comes out with.
  2. and this Friday has so much coming out I want to see. Lighthouse, Zombieland 2, JoJo Rabbit, plus Jay and Silent Bob drops Wednesday.
  3. Yep, was posted a while ago. https://www.dayonepatch.com/topic/6229-the-lighthouse-robert-eggersthe-witch-official-a24-trailer/?tab=comments#comment-143731 definitely looks interesting
  4. put in some more time with Borderlands 3. I beat the game a couple of days ago but I'm trying to hit level 50 and max out all the ammo capacity as well as trying to find anything I've missed. Some of the maps are driving me crazy. It'll say I've uncovered 90-96% and yet for the life of me I can't seem to figure out what I am missing.
  5. no it didn't grow into that, it was never a serious ride, it's always been campy. Just look at the silly names they give each boat as well as the crazy overhead announcements you hear while in line and all the silly signs in the line. The opening of the trailer, at least the part with the Rock doing the tour with the full boat is straight from the ride. Those savages 'attacking' his boat as working with him, he's trigger the machine hippo, and he even busts out the 'back side of water' gag. Now I definitely think the movie is going to have some real action but it looks at least at the start we are likely to get some campy fun.
  6. I maxed my backpack and honestly I am fine with not being able to carry a billion guns, but I wish the storage on the ship was unlimited
  7. just when you think WWE can't get any more ridiculous they do this stupid draft shit. Yes I know they've done it countless times before, but this time they've taken it to an entire new level of stupidity. The executives high-fiving each other or being upset by draft picks, an analysis panel? I'm sure Vince thought it was brilliant.
  8. nope...well I am sure I must have picked one up but never noticed You pick up so many weapons that I almost never read the description just check out the stats.
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