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  1. blasted through the 2nd book in that Paul Levine series, also chipping away at the 23rd book in Evanovich's Stephine Plumb series and this morning I decided I randomly picked from the thousands of unread books I have on my kindle and started Hotel Megalodon.
  2. it'll definitely take me a ton of time to get through everything I have added so far, but more suggestions are welcomed. I know Netflix did 2 or 3 mini series by Harlan Coben, which I heard were great, but I'm going to need to look up what they were called.
  3. I know it's a classic, but that one never clicked with me
  4. loading up my watch list and since the lockdown is going to last even longer than expected keep the suggestions coming.
  5. they definitely missed an opportunity to take the game up to the next level with actual multiplayer
  6. I watched the first season of Stranger Things on DVD so I am sure I'll jump in and watch the rest of that seasons, but what are some must-sees, both movies and series?
  7. yeah, I was visiting an island in Australia yesterday and snagged a crapload of bugs/fish we don't have around here right now. Dude's island was also incredible. I can't even imagine how much time he spent organizing/designing it...made me feel like mine is crap
  8. paid off my 3rd room and just ordered my second story floor. 1.2 million bells? Nook you are a crook!
  9. yeah the second or third night, can't remember what I got, but I think it was a dupe of something I already had
  10. they definitely made some odd choices with this game...and would it freaking kill them to allow me to move things around in my personal inventory? I need to drop things and pick them up to move them around...seriously?
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