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  1. they didn't roll out that bundle until months after I had signed up for a discount deal on just D+. Also the deal sucks as the Hulu offered if the Hulu with ads. What's the point of using a paid streaming service if you still have to deal with commercials?
  2. I probably do. Considering the stupid fox has only been to my island like 3 times. WTF the visit percentage for almost every 'special' creature in this game is insane. I have over 100 days of play in and that moron has visited 3 times, the bird has washed up like 6 or 7 times, I've had two real shooting star showers. AND I still have barely gotten any of the damn summer recipes from the freaking balloons....oh look 10,000 bells or a little bit of clay...gee thanks a lot!
  3. I watched the first two or three seasons but then lost track of it. Can't remember why I stopped watching because I remember enjoying it. Probably was one of those times my DVR screwed up and stopped recording and by the time I realized it too many episodes had passed to make it worth my while. At some point I'll get around to watching the entire thing from the start.
  4. It's rare that I buy a game at launch. The ones I do tend to be first party Nintendo games that almost never see a price drop anyway. But for the vast majority I just wait a month or two and get them on sale. 70 seems crazy to me, but if a company can get it...why not try I guess.
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