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  1. better they should get the writers of the original playstation game to do the dialogue!
  2. No one should be judged by how they come off in a Snyder film Should be interesting to see how she does under Branagh's direction in Death on the Nile.
  3. they definitely messed with books quite a bit. Almost the entire Crow Club stuff is new, as those books take place after the original trilogy and none of them play ed a role in that storyline, though the parts of Nina and Mathias and the shipwreck is a flashback that happened in the Six of Crows book. And despite not being all that faithful to the books, I thought it was fairly well done.
  4. finished the Shadow and Bone series and the first book in the second series Six of Crows, so I feel safe finally going back and watching the Netflix show, though I don't think the heist part of the show is actually based around the Six of Crows book but rather a prequel of sorts, since the Six of Crows storyline takers place after the Shadow and Bone series and revolves around a different heist I believe
  5. the movie is a fairly good adaptation though I preferred the book
  6. I understand he's getting older, it just doesn't really look like him in that picture
  7. Donnie Yen Joins Keanu Reeves In Lionsgate’s ‘John Wick 4’ DEADLINE.COM Donnie Yen Joins Keanu Reeves In Lionsgate's 'John Wick 4' Man I can't wait to see where this film goes.
  8. forget the suit, that pic barely even looks like Zac
  9. well that's a bummer. It wasn't great, but I found it fairly entertaining
  10. Gal running around in costume is great and all, but could we please get a decent villain this time around...not to mention a coherent script?!
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