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  1. I think they give 3 months these days if its a new account, but A) I already had a free year and B) not buying any new Apple products any time soon. I'm sure at some point I'll snag it for a month or two but IO'll wait for there to be a bunch of stuff I'll want to watch first
  2. This one definitely had tie-ins with the D+ series which might have left some movie only viewers a bit confused, after all the last time they saw Wanda she was a hero not a villain, but if they are aiming the MCU in the Secret Wars direction as it most definitely seems than it was kind of unavoidable. Still sadly bombing since it's closing in on 700 million. I enjoyed the movie but what I have to say it almost didn't feel as if Strange were the main character/hero of the film
  3. I've seen multiple stories praising Cruise, even saying Academy worthy performance
  4. Pretty sure I read that last year. Journalist that is somewhat inexperienced that is covering a guy trying to break the summiting record?
  5. Mostly recently you might have seen him as the sheriff on Netflix's Midnight Mass, but he's best known as Ravi from iZombie
  6. No we don't know, though I rather doubt they will have him go dark. He only used it once, briefly and the introduction of Clea would kind of indicate they have some big plans for Strange. Be curious to see how much of Clea's backstory they change. Can't really see her being big D's neice considering how they portrayed him in the first movie...but who knows.
  7. possibly, which is what that initial ending was hinting at, Strange dropping to his knee in pain and then the third eye opening. The Darkhold corrupts those that use it. Of course the mid credit scene seems to indicate he has a handle on it
  8. If its the same series I am thinking about, I think I remember reading several of the Deathlands books back in middle/high school.
  9. Yes, audiobooks definitely count. I made the mistake of introducing my sister to audiobooks about a year ago. She loves to read but never seemed to have the time anymore. She now blows through 3 -4 a week.
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