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  1. EternallDarkness

    Microsoft X018: The Official Thread

    No clue what that game is. It sounds vaguely familiar but definitely isn't one I was crazy about, perhaps you are thinking kill.switch or ADVENT RISING!!!!!!
  2. so yesterday I ran into an interesting issue. I went to do a wheel spin and it wouldn't let me...said my garage was full so I've had to start dumping a number of my duplicates. seems the garage holds a maximum of 549 cars
  3. EternallDarkness

    Is it illegal to take the pillows from a hotel room?

    yes...I believe they call that ummm theft can't you just look and see if the pillows have a label on them?
  4. Been forever since I played a Hitman game so I can't say any assassinations spring to mind. What does spring to mind is how often I failed
  5. Overlord odd movie to release around the holidays but what a blast/10
  6. bummed that that it looks like Spiderman isn't going to be on sale anywhere
  7. had both cars already, and I think one of them was already in the shop before! But the gear is still Halloween stuff, pumpkin head and clown head.
  8. if there is I haven't seen it yet
  9. definitely, have 2200+ fp stockpiled and read to blow on whatever they put up...better not be cars I already have
  10. yeah, pretty cool, wondering what the stuff on the shop will be this week, maybe something thanksgiving related
  11. EternallDarkness

    General Gaming Epic announces NFL skins for Fortnite

    I still haven't even tried this game.
  12. EternallDarkness

    Microsoft X018: The Official Thread

    there are plenty I'd love to see make a comeback
  13. it takes place after Avengers 4, Cap dies, but they don't want the world to know so Flacon and Bucky carry him around everywhere they go. It's called Weekend at Steve's!