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  1. you missed a genuinely entertaining debate....it was a total shit show but genuinely entertaining
  2. I'm a fan of Podehl's work, and I have the first few books in the Land series in both ebook and audio formats
  3. I'm just bummed the show is over. I could have continued watching those characters for several more years.
  4. Haven't read them yet, though I have a few of them, just haven't gotten around to them yet, but I've also heard that many people think the author is an ass. That doesn't actually bother me much though. There are plenty of actors that I think are complete jackasses but I can still enjoy movies they are in, should be no different with writers and their books. Getting the first 3 feedback loop books for one credit is definitely a good deal. Quantum Hughes (lead character is a major badass) and I believe Jeff Hayes does the audio, and he and his crew at Soundbooth Theater do incredible work. The guy is the Mel Blanc of audiobooks. A book can have three dozen characters and he manages to give one of them a distinct voice.
  5. if you are looking for some fun litrpgs check out Harmon Cooper's Fantasy Online series and his Feedback Loop series.
  6. yeah it's a book you can easily blast through in an afternoon and one I tend to re-read every few years
  7. started re-reading The Thief of Always, definitely one of Barker's best.
  8. Never saw Never Back Down and I can't remember anything about KA2 other than hating Jim big time. Don't get me wrong, Fantasy Island is definitely not what you'd call a good movie, but I still managed to enjoy it. Like I said, I went in with almost no expectations of it being a good movie and managed to enjoy it, but then I often enjoy cheesy horror flicks. And as a fan of the original show I did appreciate the subtle nods to the original.
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