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  1. agreed, she actually reminded me of the woman in the grocery store from The Mist
  2. saw this on twitter yesterday. Not sure who I'd have picked to play Adam, but Will wasn't a name that popped into my head. But I'll reserve judgement. There really hasn't been any seriously bad casting in the MCU.
  3. just finished it up tonight and I couldn't agree more...that was some dark stuff there
  4. I thought both endings were fine, though one was definitely more disturbing than the other.
  5. As for what I am currently reading...almost a dozen books at the moment (the next upcoming Reacher novel Better Off Dead and the newest Jonathan Kellerman City of the Dead to name a few) but am most excited that this morning I got an ARC from Disney for In Every Generation which is a book that continues the Buffy the Vampire Slayer universe. It centers around Willow's daughter who becomes the becomes the new slayer. So she's a witch/vampire slayer. Haven't started it yet so I have no clue if it's any good or not but as a fan of the show I can't wait to jump in.
  6. well considering the show never had a resolution...stupid decision for them to try and make it an ongoing series rather than a limited series (especially given it was based on a short novella) I would definitely have to say the movie. The movie also has several options. Two different endings and a color version and black and white version.
  7. Season 1 was only 5 episodes. Season 2 was only 12. It wasn't until season 3 that we got a true full season.
  8. seems Newman went through some changes before we actually meet him in person. Isn't he originally unemployed?
  9. I thought she would be as well. And yes, she was indeed stunning, but then she always is, but I loved her character. I'd love to see her make a return.
  10. saw it early today...it was okay EDIT: The highlight of the movie was Ana de Armas
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