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  1. yeah that's actually a good comparison, this movie isn't trying to be anything grander than just a fun horror flick.
  2. he'd feel differently if Disney was trying to take 50% of his salary
  3. Had to scratch that FF itch so I ended up picking up FF XII instead of X...still may get X at some point. I have to say it plays and looks damn good in handheld mode.
  4. I have to say I really enjoyed this one. Ending could have been a bit better. but this was just a fun twisted movie.
  5. 2 was indeed a trainwreck and yet if I see it on tv I'll usually leave it on. As for the parent story. I get it, but it was still stupid, especially since they never had the rights to even mention SHIELD
  6. I enjoyed Spider-man 2 but thought it was a bit over-rated personally. 3 was a disaster. And I really enjoyed Amazing Spider-man 1, it's only real flaw was whatever the hell mystery they were trying to weave (pun intended) with Peter's dad.
  7. indeed that is what I recall as well, which I believe was a similar deal with Fox at the time which is one of the reasons we got that craptastic FF4 movie. There is a similar deal with Universal in regards to having Marvel rides in the parks in Florida. If I recall correctly, they have to maintain the rides to a certain standard/condition or they lose the rights. For a while Disney wasn't supposed to be able to have any kind of Marvel presence period in the east coast parks, but they must have negotiated something because they ended up having characters so up in the parks. I think Dr. Strange might have been the first one to appear, but since then they've had some crazy ass GOTG singing/stage show and they are building a GoTG thrill ride in Epcot.
  8. well with the split I guess they'll have to redo the suit again.
  9. https://deadline.com/2019/08/the-matrix-new-movie-keanu-reeves-lana-wachowski-writing-directing-1202674278/ Not sure how I feel about this. I loved the original but wasn't really that much of a fan of the 2 and 3.
  10. I loved Into the Spider-verse and while it wasn't a flop, it wasn't exactly a cash cow either
  11. Disney is and always have been straight up greedy as hell! And I say that as a diehard Disney fan. It would suck not to have spidey in the MCU, but they could always allude to him being killed and that could be the jump off point for another of their characters, someone has to rise to fill the void he leaves behind. I could completely see Disney screwing with Sony and changing release dates for some of their monster projects just to try and crush some of Sony's releases.
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