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  1. as glad as I am that they dropped that stuff, I thought those Dance Central games were a blast.
  2. agreed. Go in knowing you aren't going to see anything mind-blowingly original and just enjoy the ride
  3. Takes place 30 years later. Danny, as you might expect given what he went through, has issues Yeah he has done plenty of crime novels in the last decade. Revival wasn't, though that one....totally loved the first 90 percent and that ending seemed to come out of nowhere. I remember when I finished that one thinking it was quite the Lovecraftian mind trip.
  4. it's an incredible book. I'm a little dubious of how it will translate to film, but I'll be there day one.
  5. honestly can't remember if I ever played the original. I have to believe I probably bought it since I was buying just about everything back in the day.
  6. Still a ton of games I'd still love to see, but I enjoyed the heck out of Too Human, glad to see Enslaved and Forgotten Sands...and ARMED AND DANGEROUS!!!!! I loved that game.
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