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  1. Funny that you posted this. My sister and I were just over watching my youngest nephew this evening and I was looking at a list of upcoming movies and saw this one listed and joked about how we'd definitely have to see it, as my nephew used to love the show when he was younger.
  2. just saw it. was just okay IMO. Some very cool/creepy parts but overall perhaps a bit disappointing. I will say
  3. Don't know if it was THE best, I'd actually have to go back and look at everything that was released, but it's definitely one of the best films. And while I've only seen a few of the DC animated flicks, Into the Spider verse is my favorite animated superhero flick.
  4. Has KISS even put out a new original album since Psycho Circus?
  5. I'm not even really talking about superhero flicks. I honestly don't forsee them putting out any more than 3 a year, even with the purchase of Fox. I just mean that Disney isn't really going to up their overall movie output. They aren't going to utilize the properties they purchased other than showing the stuff on their streaming service. Which is why we should indeed expect to see massive layoffs/firings coming on the fox end.
  6. No I think that's about all we'll end up actually seeing movie-wise from the deal. They didn't really purchase Fox with the intent of putting out more movies every year. Sure they'll add xmen and FF to the Marvel universe, but don't expect to see Disney actually increase the number of movies they are putting out each year. They may up their output by 3 or 4, if even that much, but for the most part I don't expect Disney to do jack with the properties they just purchased.
  7. we can all complain how bad it is for the industry, which it is, but they were getting taken over one way or the other. It was either going to be Disney or it was going to be Comcast. I hate Comcast and am somewhat hopeful/excited to see how/if xmen/FF will be integrated into the marvel universe, but I think the truth is that Comcast would have been more likely to embrace the fox properties and put out new movies, where I believe Disney is just going to use the catalog for their streaming and the odds of them actually increasing their movie output is almost nonexistent.
  8. fired it up on my phone and damn I forgot how freaking amazing the animation is
  9. It's Sony so yes the movie will likely go on sale fairly quickly. That being said, I snagged to today because I had some BB reward I needed to use and really didn't feel like waiting to see this one again.
  10. maybe, but lets be honest, SS is completely forgettable so I am not sure how many people are even going to really remember it by the time new one comes out
  11. Finished up Lord of the Fallen. I will say I wish I could have kept exploring since it seemed like you gained five or six quest items/keys in the last 20 minutes of the game.
  12. yeah but it's not as if we haven't seen different actors play the same characters before. We've had 5 or 6 Batman's, 3 different Spider-men (or something like 11 if you include all the ones from Into the Spiderverse, lol) so I don't think that is that big of a deal. And I definitely think if Gunn is writing it, he'll do a heck of a better job of introducing the various characters than the original SS movie did.
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