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  1. Biden Aides Weigh Pursuing an Iowa Caucus Alliance With Klobuchar This has happened before. In 2004, Kucinich and Edwards formed an alliance. In 2008, Kucinich urged his supporters to vote for Obama if Kucinich failed the first round of voting.
  2. Bloomberg plays all the time here in Florida. I'm very curious how his poll numbers will be affected after Iowa and New Hampshire. His strategy is to skip those states and focus on Super Tuesday. That's been done by candidates who didn't have his money (Giuliani 2008) and has failed, but his money is large. No debates, unlikely wins or news cycles in the early states, but tons of money for ads for Super Tuesday. I'll be verrryyyy curious to see if he holds after the early states or if he's forgotten despite the money advantage.
  3. I still remember the people crying about Romney's loss. When someone brings up "crying liberal snowflakes in 2016," I'll post one of these pics and get them to laugh at it (one without Obama/Romney's names on it), and then bring up that they're laughing at Republicans.
  4. Ya know, the article itself isn't that weird? It just goes into the anti-Semitic attacks and Jewish conspiracies connecting socialism and Jews (as the Nazis did, which right-wingers don't seem to get when they call Nazis left-wing), and this seems to be the thesis: Not really that weird. I guess what WaPo typed in the Tweet took away from what seems to be a decent article from a Jewish author.
  5. I'd like a 2008 repeat, where two big elections in a row (2006/2008, 2018/2020) Democrats kick ass, but without the 2010 repeat.
  6. Man, I have no idea how this is going to shake out. Competitive Top 4, plus caucus style multi-round voting.
  7. Just to show how much basketball I watch, I had to reread that 4 times before I realized the problem with it.
  8. For whatever it's worth, even though many of you find this discussion frustrating, I think it's a good discussion because the answer to, "Do we forgive someone for past acts if the act was heinous?" and "Do we believe women considering the amount of rape accusations that are found to be true?" are good things to talk about. They're hard to talk about, but if the accusations are true, the woman has to live with it despite how thorny it is to confront. If we had more ladies on this board, they could give their view on it. I just dunno what to really think, and I feel that's OK since I'm not required to judge.
  9. I can see both sides of the argument on this one, and it's made me think of someone else: Mike Tyson. Here's a guy who served a prison sentence for rape and was involved in seedy shit and feared for his life because of the really horrible people with whom he associated. He converted to Islam, but he was still chin-deep in horrible shit when he got out of prison and went back into boxing. Down the line, he cleaned up his act, he publicly apologized to Evander Holyfield while sitting next to him after admitting that he was not sincere when he apologized in the 90s, and he's been on late night and doing social media things and staying out of trouble. He also endorsed Trump (you fucker). He's a guy who did terrible things, but isn't doing them currently. Do we forgive someone for rape after he served his time and regrets what he did? I find myself crossed on this whole thing because I feel many women aren't believed when bringing forward sexual assault/rape accusations, but I also feel our justice system does a disservice to many people who need to be rehabilitated and that, while not everyone can be made good and kept out of the justice system, plenty can and we're failing them. And I also feel once the time has been served, punishing them for life is counter-intuitive. My gut says that he did his time and that should be the punishment, and whether someone wants to associate with him or not is a different matter than if justice was served. But gee zuz, rape is atrocious. It's not 1:1. Kobe isn't someone who was tried for this and found not guilty or guilty. I know all of that. But all this talk ITT has made me think of Iron Mike. I guess the question would then be, if Kobe was tried and found guilty and served his time, would someone's opinion differ of him? If he was tried and found not guilty, would that mean anything?
  10. I started to think they quietly canned it. I remember in 2016 they announced remasters of Patapon 1, Patapon 2, Locoroco 1, Locoroco 2, and PaRappa the Rapper. All four came out pretty quickly and then I didn't hear about Patapon 2 for ages. Pretty cool to get these PSP games available for download (PS1 for PaRappa).
  11. After the first Star Wars came out, every Star Wars is basically low risk. I just rewatched TFA, which is the closest to a rehash just by story beats, and it feels like a wholly different movie than ANH. The motivations and characters are much different than ANH. TLJ is a different movie entirely with one of the most creative endings of the saga. In fact, it gets attacked repeatedly for its subversion of expectations. Rogue One never really felt Star Warsy until the last third of the movie from my recollection. Haven't seen all of Solo. TRoS was a mess, but with what came before it, I can live with 9 being mediocre considering I survived the Prequel Wars.
  12. So it's Kobe, his daughter, another teammate and that person's parent, and pilot who died.
  13. None of the Star Wars movies -- 1 through 9, Rogue One, Solo -- are low effort. Some are worse, some are better, but a lot goes into these films. Solo shows that you're not guaranteed a blockbuster just because it's Star Wars.
  14. Shit, so one of them was the daughter.
  15. ABC is reporting that the others on board were his daughters. Can't find other sources confirming that
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