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  1. Biden plans early legislation to offer legal status to 11 million immigrants without it WWW.LATIMES.COM During his first days in office, President-elect Joe Biden plans to unveil a legislative proposal that would include a path to citizenship for 11 million immigrants in the U.S...
  2. Returnal combat details: Upgradable weapons, otherworldly tools, and risky buffs BLOG.PLAYSTATION.COM How Housemarque is equipping you to survive its upcoming PS5 action shooter.
  3. Last line definitely hits better if you watch the whole thing. I like him.
  4. Social Network made Zuckerburg actually seem more likable than in real life. Same goes for Larry Summers.
  5. He sent the 2000 tweet after the 600 dispersed tho. Why not just go for 2000? He won’t even have to fight for it.
  6. It feels weird to campaign on $2000 checks and then give 1400 ijs. If he said 2000 total stimulus then that make sense but he tweeted out $2000 checks after people already received $600 ones.
  7. Some are saying $2000. Biden did: And, for example, this: Biden expected to include $2,000 checks, new child benefit in major new stimulus proposal WWW.INQUIRER.COM Biden transition officials have not disclosed the overall price tag of the package, but it is expected to be more than $1 trillion. 3rd stimulus checks: Biden expected to unveil COVID-19 relief plan with $2,000 payments KTLA.COM Under a recent Democratic plan that may provide some insight, people making up to $1
  8. Old Hunters is a new area, but if you ended up there, then it would have been easy to get back to Hunter's Dream if things were difficult. Makes me think you were killed and then brought into a prison? But the difficulty isn't THAT bad there considering that section is meant to be done earlier.
  9. I haven't played Hades yet, but I do have a similar opinion to yours about roguelikes. I played Rogue Legacy, and I had fun, but losing everything and getting different stats or perks instead of what I originally had was never that exciting for me. However, I loved Dead Cells, and some of the things I loved about it seem similar to what they're saying about Returnal and what I've heard about Hades. Basically, yes, you don't have the stuff you received during your playthrough, but in Dead Cells, there were separate upgrades that remained the same for each playthrough. That would all
  10. Oh, you never beat the original? Or started The Old Hunters? BB did get me used to the spectacle of a great boss battle because DeS's bosses are not as intricate, or as @Bloodporne said, they don't have that 2nd "fuck you" form to them.
  11. I'm trying to imagine what would happen if I played Bloodborne right after Demon's Souls considering going from 60 to locked 30 was jarring and Bloodborne isn't locked. I'd get used to it because it's a fantastic game, but DeS is so slick. So glad they remade it.
  12. Two observations I've seen people make: 1. Trump lost the 2020 election by only getting 232 electoral votes. 232 is also the number of votes he received for his historic second impeachment. 2. Two weeks ago, he shared some photoshopped photo of him with a Nobel Peace Prize. Now he's impeached for inciting an insurrection -- filled with neo-Nazis, racists, and radicals -- against his own country.
  13. Houston Police Department found that one of their officers breached the Capitol. They say he will likely face federal charges.
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