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  1. I'm at the part of the game where everyone's like "Oh I thought it was over." Which is interesting because
  2. That's what I bought it as. Fucking steal for $10. Literally. I was arrested for buying it and had to go before a judge.
  3. I'll beat TLOU2 in time to start this at launch. I'm wondering more about Persona 5 Royal. I think I beat the fifth palace and there's still a lot of content to go, but I put it on hold for TLOU2, so I think I may have to put it on hold AGAIN once GoT arrives.
  4. The confederate flag ad isn't a burn. The Jodi Ernst ad isn't a burn. The Russia one definitely is, but getting under Trump's skin gives the ads earned media coverage. Some of these ads which showcase his limp COVID response, for example, get Trump riled, and the news talks about them by playing the ads and talking about their merits. Trump earned media coverage like this in 16 and saved a ton of money doing so. This is strategic and gives an ad worth thousands the equivalent of millions in terms of exposure.
  5. Ha, I mean I can't wait until I can do so to see what y'all's opinions are on everything without fear of spoilers.
  6. Wouldn't it have been great to click the link and instead of an article they just had
  7. 538 is diving into the expected swing states of 2020. I'm planning to update this whenever I see a new part uploaded. Arizona's is interesting because of where the Democratic areas and Republican areas are and why it's become a swing state. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/how-arizona-became-a-swing-state/ What's driving the shift: Democrats' strongholds in the state aren't in city centers, which is the case for most of the rest of the country. What Maricopa County is: Here's 2008 vs 2016 by county. And here's 2008 vs 2016 by district:
  8. Weirdly enough, most of my cheapest purchases are physical.
  9. https://www.cdkeys.com/playstation-network-psn/playstation-plus/1-year-playstation-plus-membership-ps3-ps4-ps-vita-digital-code
  10. I can't wait to use the Platinum headset with the PS5. Been using it for TLOU Part II and hooo boy, it's lovely.
  11. If I heard that during this game's story, it would be glorious. Also, something I noticed around 60% - 70% of the way through. As vague as possible, I'm at a point that deals with something very tall and scary.
  12. I don't know if it's truly a straight-up purple state yet (though the polling has been promising), but since it's much tighter currently than the national polling, I figure it's more a, "If Biden wins Texas, he's winning in a lot of other places," swing state. Kind of like North Carolina/Indiana in 2008. I don't yet see a scenario where he wins Texas but wouldn't also win, say, Virginia and Colorado and Michigan.
  13. Maybe if she looked like this: Then I'd wonder where she found the time or what purpose it would serve. But Abby just looks like a muscular woman. They exist. She's not "exaggerated" lol Besides, this has nothing to do with realism; the comparison was already made to not wanting to play as ugly, obese women.
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