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  1. Yesterday was the one-year anniversary of the "Future of Gaming Showcase" for the PS5 when we finally saw a bunch of the games on the platform and first saw Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Sackboy: A Big Aventure, Demon's Souls Remake, Returnal, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, Horizon: Forbidden West, Destruction AllStars, Gran Turismo 7, Astro's Playroom, Bugsnax, Kena: Bridge of Spirits, and Resident Evil Village. One year already when we were in the depths of the pandemic. O_O
  2. Ubisoft reveals Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora with a new trailer at E3 WWW.POLYGON.COM New Avatar game set for 2022 release
  3. Still love that there's an arena in this game. I get why the 2016 one didn't have it, being a remake of the first game that also didn't have it, but I still missed it and am glad it's here. Also, if you haven't gotten to the "You know what you have, Glitch?" line yet, enjoy when you get there. I dunno how funny everyone else found it.
  4. They are strong fuckers. Go behind a pillar and try to pick them off. Keep moving, as well, as those homing missiles are really good. And if they spawn in a room and I'm by the door, I leave the door and try to cheese them from the other room. Be careful as they'll still try to send homing missiles your way.
  5. The arena felt a lot harder to me this time. I am playing on a hard difficulty though. Also really dig the arena music. Felt good to be in a new arena, tbh, since we haven’t had one in two generations.
  6. Read the whole thing. This is one of the better breakdowns as to why getting rid of the filibuster is a good thing because he breaks down how the past 15 years would have gone with a real-life event. Good read. I did get a kick out of this 3 hour gap:
  7. @GameDadGrant is going to talk about its launch, library, business strategy, and everything you need to know in the next three posts. Give em hell!
  8. This was in late December a bit before the US Capitol insurrection. Now he's gone, and he was the only one to vote against. All other Republicans voted to expel him. Oregon House expels Rep. Mike Nearman for role in state capitol riot WWW.STATESMANJOURNAL.COM The Oregon House of Representatives ousted Republican Rep. Mike Nearman, the first time in state history a sitting Oregon lawmaker has been expelled.
  9. Deviation Games signs with PlayStation to develop a new original IP BLOG.PLAYSTATION.COM A note from the development team on building something new.
  10. Leaving Sanctuary: Ska Studios’ journey to Salt and Sacrifice BLOG.PLAYSTATION.COM How Ska Studios balanced iteration and innovation in the side-scrolling co-op sequel.
  11. Salt And Sacrifice, Sequel To Salt And Sanctuary, Announced For PS5 And PC - GameSpot WWW.GAMESPOT.COM The sequel to the acclaimed Souls-like game hits PlayStation 5 and PC in early 2022.
  12. Some on Reset swear by the Coilspine Shredder. I wasn't able to find a good use, but I don't know how many upgrades it takes before it's OP.
  13. You know, considering Sony has given us big games like Days, Horizon, and Ghost the past few years (I enjoyed all of them), it’s been quite cool the past eight months to get slimmer games (Sackboy, Returnal, Ratchet, and non bloated open worlds like Miles or wide lines like Demon’s Souls). Destruction AllStars issue was that it launched a little too slim, lol. It certainly made me appreciate games that are this length or just don’t have the same kind of fat in them.
  14. Days Gone could have had some fat cut off of it, but I think the content is so far between the hordes and nests and even scavenging that it's easier to not feel overwhelmed taking your time on it. But on the whole, size is part of why I haven't played Valhalla, so I can't see myself going for something even bigger. But the tease also makes me wonder if anything's going to be procedurally generated.
  15. I agree. The size of Valhalla has made me not want to get it yet (which judging by sales, they're not dying for my money lol), so hearing bigger isn't as exciting as it used to be when open-world games were smaller overall.
  16. Microsoft announces Xbox TV app and its own xCloud streaming stick WWW.THEVERGE.COM No pricing or release date on the Xbox streaming stick yet.
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