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  1. Great game. Possibility of a rematch, and I wish we could have just gotten the extra point earlier, but is what it is.
  2. Fucking great game. Ugh, wish more time was on the clock.
  3. Okay, defense has to keep up the pressure. THIS FUCKINg GAME
  4. Also, first quarter defense was the worst of Grantham. This second quarter has been way better.
  5. There we go! Still a ways to go, but gotta keep the faith. Pity Richardson isn't 100% to play today, but Emory's had a good two years, so despite the mistakes, I've got some faith.
  6. I dunno, it just seemed kind of funny in my head if five months later, you were hanging around Biome 3.
  7. Bad call, definitely should have been offensive pass interference on Alabama. Still, enjoying the game so far. Go Gators!
  8. QAnon and Proud Boys were calling today's Justice for J6 rally some false flag operation by the government to round them up. As Bill Maher said, "Too paranoid to attend their own paranoia rally." Well, here's one of the doofuses attending: And here's the turnout:
  9. Now any post that’s a tweet is blank
  10. I saw someone liked your post and thought it was @skillzdadirecta, but looks like I was fooled by the self giving reputation. I am considering doing that, though! Might keep a backup of the other one just in case.
  11. It's easy to look at a slew of fantastic proposals and be excited about it, especially if you're not just on this board just following left-wing Twitter reacting to each development as if one meeting between Biden and Manchin is it. Did any of you read that "Biden bombs" article? It was a low-drama conversation and they will continue to discuss the bill; this "bombed" conversation happened after a big speech Biden made, which is a speech that suggests to me that Biden is just getting started on this arm-twisting blitz. Nobody shared Biden's speech yesterday or put that into context. Isn't it kind of a big deal that the president even supports this? During the Obama administration, the board relentlessly bitched that everything was compromised and we weren't being ambitious at all. The infrastructure bill was far bigger than much of what Obama proposed. The reconciliation bill is one of the most ambitious pieces of legislation proposed in my life. And the stimulus at the beginning of the year was much more significant than the one in 09, with people continuing to feel the effects of it and hundreds of thousands lifted out of poverty. Did people here think if you started bigger there still wouldn't be bad-faith debating? Did people think if you proposed something much more ambitious that it wouldn't get cut at all? It'll "arbitrarily cut good, necessary spending?" Anything you propose will have something cut stupidly because nothing passes as is in government. You're playing an expectations game rather than simply what actually gets into the bill. You could have started with a $40 trillion bill and there's still gonna be stuff you're upset that's cut. If the proposal was $600 billion but then they got it to $900 billion, would that have been better because nothing was arbitrarily cut, only increased, even though that would be a very small bill? Are we just gonna be upset that stuff was cut or proud of what you're able to get through the mechanisms of government with the majorities we have if we get a reconciliation bill with Paid Leave?
  12. I know what the conservatives are trying to do. However, considering the infrastructure bill exceeded $1 trillion, this is one I fully expect will surpass that as well. I feel on this board, people were poo pooing the first bill's prospects, which exceeded a trillion despite people thinking nothing was going to happen and Obama pitching way less than that. There's been a lot of good news that's followed the reconciliation bill as well (hell, just the fact that it's backed by Joe freaking Biden), but we only get left-wing Twitter here and it's healthier and more informative to just look elsewhere for infrastructure news since only the bad stuff that gets people tied in knots gets shared here.
  13. I've had an urge to replay Returnal but there's so much I want to play, lol. But I have a feeling within the next 6 months or so, I'll delve into that world again.
  14. Castlevania Advance Collection rated for PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC in Taiwan - Gematsu WWW.GEMATSU.COM The Taiwan Digital Game Rating Committee has rated Castlevania Advance Collection for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC. The unannounced collection was first rated in Australia on June 18…
  15. I feel like third games always get the most push back. I definitely love this world and lore and characters and want to spend more time with them, like Mimir. But these are bigger games than the originals, so we are spending plenty of time with them.
  16. I feel like this is some rib at best. But all seriousness just because it's a decent conversation, RDR2's world is a marvel to behold and explore, but few teams have the resources and size and time to do that. GOW 2018 was the first GOW game where you really were encouraged to explore and could easily return to the main story at any time. It was probably one of my favorite worlds to explore from last gen.
  17. If by part 1 you mean the first GOW game, then no. If by part 1 you mean the 2018 game, then the bold = wut. Exploration was a major component of the game.
  18. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2021-09-16-the-big-gran-turismo-7-interview New Gran Turismo 7 Details: PS4 vs PS5, Driving Physics, GT Cafe, and More Revealed in Kazunori Yamauchi Interview WWW.GTPLANET.NET A week on from the big Gran Turismo 7 reveal and launch date announcement, GTPlanet got the chance to sit down with Gran Turismo series creator Kazunori Yamauchi for an extensive one-on-one interview on the latest title. Although there was plenty of information to dig through...
  19. Depends what you like. It helps that Astro Bot comes with the system. Demon’s Souls is a must buy IMO, so good on ya. Sackboy and Ratchet & Clank excel as platformers. Sackboy is also a great couch co-op and online game. Returnal excels as a bullet hell shooter and, a bit biased toward the developer, makes me so happy that Housemarque found success. Miles Morales is a lot of fun and streamlined the Spider-Man experience, and I didn’t think the 2018 game was even bloated, so it’s an easy recommend for me based on fun factor and respecting your time. To go lesser known, I’ve heard really good things about Chicory, which looks like an indie Concrete Genie and a feel good game overall. I’ve not played it yet, but the concept was intriguing enough that it’s tempted me a few times. Those are good starting points. There’s plenty of other games, especially third party, but at that point, it’ll stop being helpful.
  20. As the numbers stand right now, he's winning his election by more than he won in 2018.
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