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  1. I hope that’s good for Warioware (counting physical only) one of the most fun games of the year easily!
  2. True point about the opening, it was quick though at least. And I’m over half way through now probably and I didn’t even know it had a “pick the right fool for the right job” mechanic lol.
  3. Nothing wrong with going to a show by yourself, the worst is dragging someone along who isn’t really interested and having to deal with their buzz kill vibes.
  4. This is where I’m at basically. The Animal Crossing dlc looks legit awesome and like something they would have charged $30-$40 for as it’s own handheld game back in the day. Going back to Animal Crossing with the 2.0 update and this dlc together is going to make it feel fresh again. And for an extra $5, sure I’ll try the service and get the N64 games for a year. But if in a year this is still all the service is then I’ll at least say that I’m not going to subscribe any longer as I secretly forget to unsubscribe for the rest of my life.
  5. Game is kinda crash heavy for me tho. I’m on Windows 11 but I think it’s kinda common in general. It’s not constant but it’s enough to be a little annoying by now. The checkpoints can be less than generous sometimes too so the two combined sux.
  6. Female, I can’t imagine it with a male character, so so guess that means the voice actress is doing a good job!
  7. Happy to hear it is indeed running so well! I’m pretty into this one too, I gotta say. I think I’m definitely further into the main story than i've been in a far cry game. It’s just never not fun!
  8. dentist build a rocket ship underneath the large acorn tree upon which he was born
  9. Yeah tons of great stuff to play right now, I haven’t even started Psychonauts 2 and that could be a goty fit me for all I know, barely touched Deathloop! I did beat this game though last night. I liked it more as it went on, about half way through is when I really got into it (besides the graphics which are amazing the entire journey), the story kind of takes forever to build and even then mostly just exists in a couple 3 minute cut scenes at the end of certain sections. And it takes too long to get some upgrades that make the gameplay come into its own a bit. But at its worst it’s still a charming ps2 era platformer that happens to be one of the most stunning looking things out there. But it gets pretty creative and juggling enemies with the bow/staff gameplay becomes really solid for this type of game by the time you get the sticky bombs. I love slow motion double jumping with a fully charged arrow to the enemy’s face. At first I laughed at some people saying goty potential in the reviews, but while this would not be my pick, I could at least see it by the end.
  10. From the end of the dlc trailer it sounds like eventually when you “beat” the dlc then you’d get access to the editor in the main game, at least that’s how I took “your local residents might even ask you to remodel their homes”. This all looks really good, I’ll probably do a year of expansion pass to play the dlc and combined with the free update and it being the holiday season coming up it’s a great time to go back in.
  11. just wanna bitch about this puzzle which is a spoiler i guess for very close to the end of the game This game is so breathtaking though, my goodness. Highly recommend editing engine.ini to remove some shitty post process and clean the iq, it looks even more stunning: I didn’t like the AA suggestion so so just turned that to 6 but man is this a painting.
  12. I say if people try to find a new home that we allow 50 new users tops.
  13. This is so weird, it’s intentionally gimped and just too expensive for its super casual market it’s going after. The headset design is so good though, great step forward, I’d love a quest or similar device with that design.
  14. Definitely glad I waited to really play this one. DLSS quality looks better and gives me like 15 extra fps than quality amd upscale. But performance looks probably about the same as amd upscale except it lets me play it at mostly 120fps. DLSS rules.
  15. lol same here and now I’m wondering if it’s something we just made up!
  16. lol the fake lefties sold out for that $$$ d1p remains the one and only true video game community
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