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  1. Ugh, I always buy the battlepass but never actually put money into it. I'm strongly considering just yoloing it this year, I want that morphling taunt.
  2. Goddamnit, I though I was fully woke to anime by watching it with subtitles.
  3. I recently watched it as my semi-annual anime. I thought it was pretty okay overall but I wish it had more of what it gets into towards the end sprinkled throughout the first 15 episodes. It just felt like a lot of the stuff near the end of the series and in the movie was unearned. That said, I'm kind of a dyed in the wool anime hater, and while this show didn't change my mind, I enjoyed watching it well-enough. This song is pretty dope though. Also that shit in the movie with was just tasteless.
  4. Seems like the type of thing that could justify have justified a refund if not dealt with. I wonder why they bothered to implement something like this.
  5. Nope, your time is more valuable than the experience of playing Anthem.
  6. Why did nobody warn me that Control was siiiiiick?
  7. It's weird to include out of date entries in annualized franchises. Who is looking to get COD WWII or AC Unity in the year 2020?
  8. I'm totally fine being stuck in the middle of this fight. The e-hoarder in me has collected almost 80 free games from Epic, some of which I might install some day.
  9. They also have a decent sale going on with a $10 voucher. Once I got my store out of the eastern bloc I was able to get Control for $20.
  10. Call of Juarez Gunslinger Kentucky Route Zero Warframe (this deserves a little explanation because the game is pretty huge, but it's probably the most quietly huge game I can think of) FFXIV (Same as Warframe)
  11. The store is up for me, but it's also in Russian? Edit: The store is down but remains in Russian.
  12. Halo 2 just came out on PC yesterday and I'm now relearning the combos. I think I can already doubleshot more reliably than I ever could back in the day. I'm shocked that no games have really tried to replicate the button combos as a deliberate design.
  13. I'm assuming for yeeting your teammates into the fountain primarily. Honestly, this might be it. I can't think of another ability that brought me more filthy disgusting joy.
  14. The drifting on switch controllers is totally unacceptable. The only problem with Microsoft controllers I've encountered is that my old wired 360 controller lasted so fucking long that I couldn't justify getting an Xbox One controller for the sweet trigger feedback in Forza.
  15. This seems ideal, we get EVO and all the inevitable drama the move to online will cause.
  16. lolno, but I could occasionally beat a Korean pro in a random game. We did have one player who later moved to Korea to run a team house for "foreigners" (non-Korean players) and qualified for Code S (one of the most prestigious Korean leagues). SC2 has always been at least slightly flawed from a competitive player/spectator perspective. Early on when I played the most the early game was much too slow and it took them a long time to speed up the first few boring minutes, and later on with the expansions they introduced a bunch of unnecessary and poorly balanced units that, coupled with burnout, made me much less interested in the game.
  17. I was a pretty high masters Starcraft 2 player and played on a well-respected amateur team. It was a fun scene to be involved in and it was cool to see people grind their way through the amateur levels to become professionals. It was back in the early days of streaming and it was always fun to get "fan mail" of people calling you a cheater if you took a game off a prominent player. It's a shame that SC2 and the RTS genre has fallen out of favor with the esports crowd.
  18. The only redeeming quality of the franchise is the sea shanties, so black flag.
  19. Not all games are narrative arts but all narrative arts are inherently political.
  20. It's possible for a good writer to also be an asshole, some might even say it's a prerequisite.
  21. A competitive strategy game where you make and control units in real time from an overhead view. This may be too cumbersome for a controller but would likely work well with a mouse and keyboard.
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