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  1. I think there are legitimate reasons to be underwhelmed by the final. The first rule of these types of revivals is that you can't shit on the original series. On a fundamental level Dexter was supposed to be the character you root for. Dexter was not meant to be a deep examination of the consequences of American bloodlust, it was American bloodlust. The show only works when it manages to convince the audience to continue to cheer for Dexter. Maybe I'm wrong, but I can't remember a coach Logan moment from the original series. The original run seemed to understand that the audience's ability to remain sympathetic towards Dexter was both essential to the show's success and incredibly fragile. They went to great lengths to ensure that Dexter never had innocent blood directly on his hands to the point that it became more than the rules of the code, but a fundamental rule of the show. So to see them break that rule in the final episode of the revival just feels lame. To continue to restate myself, Dexter feels like it has far more in common with superheroes like Superman or Batman than with modern antihero dramas like Breaking Bad or The Sopranos. I may be out of my depth here since I don't engage with much superhero media, but as I understand it superheroes are relatively static characters. Some arcs may see some deviation from their essential core, but these are followed by re-commitments to the mostly hard and fast rules that define who Superman and Batman are. Dexter was also a very static character, so it felt extra uncharacteristic for him to do something uncharacteristic. Going back to revivals in general, I also think it's important to remain true to the original ending. People had 9 years to let the original ending of "Dexter got away" solidify in their mind, and to jerk that away feels wrong even if it's a better ending.
  2. Dexter killing Logan really bummed me out. I think the show needed to end with Dexter facing justice, but I would have rather he be held accountable for the hundreds of people he killed according to the code, you know what the show was actually about, rather than the one character he killed without justification. It just feels unsatisfying to have a show break its rules in the final episode, especially when they could have reached a pretty much identical ending without that.
  3. Any chance on this seeing a PC release? Sony has been more generous with us lately.
  4. I really enjoyed the slapstick nature of a lot of the fights. Jaskier interrupting the basilisk fight and the dwarf gangbang had me laughing out loud. The tone of Witcher stuff is just so fun, it feels like at every point the characters are just completely exasperated by their own main character syndrome.
  5. This show makes me want to just get into the books. I've played the games and still have like, no idea what's going on other than pretty basic story beats that I remember being mentioned in the games. I am enjoying the show because like the first season it is likeable despite its flaws. I'm also glad that unlike the games and the first season Geralt and Yen finally have some chemistry.
  6. Yeah, I hadn't been keeping up with the most recent seasons but saw all of this one and was quite impressed.
  7. Tetris has a habit of invading my dreams.
  8. I think depending on your setup the Quest 2 feels like a fully baked device. It works well as an independent device, can stream through the PC wirelessly, and is at by far the most competitive price. It also has a good resolution (3644 x 1920) and has a 120 hz mode. It's obviously not a 100% perfect future-proof device, but it checks all the boxes I thought of as prerequisites to get VR and also comes at a low enough price tag that when better headsets come out I won't feel awful.
  9. I’ve had some stuttering with airlink and am also using an Orbi mesh network. It hasn’t been a big deal but now I’m wondering if virtual desktop would be an improvement.
  10. Man, I had assumed that functional wireless VR was a generation away, not a reality with the most affordable headset.
  11. So I got it working wirelessly, which I obviously did not know I could do. So far it has worked incredibly well, and while I haven't gotten to the shooty shooty part of Alyx, the drawing penises on the windows part of this game has been pretty mindblowing. It looks incredible and I've been having a blast just walking around and making friends with every single object I see.
  12. Unfortunately I'm still rocking wired internet on my PC. Maybe I should look into getting a wifi adapter since my home wifi is pretty good. I'd completely forgotten about Tetris effect. I'm now super excited to try it in VR. I love me some mini golf games. a what?
  13. Holding objects and looking at them is really fun. Despite the fact that it’s a GameCube game running on mobile hardware I can’t stop just looking at stuff in RE4. I like offering an egg to the zombies in this trying time. I ordered a fancy usb cable so I can try out Alyx. I feel like if RE is already blowing my mind Alyx really will.
  14. I've only seen through the sixth episode, but I really enjoy how this season feels like an inverted crime thriller. There could easily be a show about Molly investigating this small town disappearance and the twist is that this guy in the background is the killer.
  15. I definitely want to hop on RE4 VR but what other VR games should I make sure not to miss? I have never tried VR in any capacity, so there’s probably a lot of ground to cover.
  16. I haven't read the books and have only seen the first episode of season 2, which I liked quite a bit, but I feel like the universal thread between the games, the show, and presumably the books is not the unified canonical plot, but the essential charm and likeability of the universe and characters. Season 1 of the show was often ridiculous and not great, but it also won me over by just being charming and fun.
  17. It really was excruciating to watch. There was a lot of unpleasantness in it, but I don't think that is what make it feel so monotonous. In high school English they talk about the rule of threes, the loose rule that if a subject or theme recurs three times, it must be important to the overall message of the work. This movie follows the rule of fours or fives. We see Phil be cruel or George be weak over, and over, and over, and over, and over again. Each time it happens we expect some variation or development, but instead the movie is relentlessly consistent. I admire the movie's willingness to be provocatively tedious. Another uncommon feat the movie pulls off is to be subtle but unambiguous in how it presents the plot. I finished the movie not really understanding what actually happened in it because it doesn't shine a spotlight on critical details and moments. However, after doing a little confused research it's clear what happened and how. Usually when I leave a movie befuddled it is because it is being coy and leaving things "open," but this movie is very much closed despite making the audience work and pay attention to get answers. I think what I ultimately liked most about the movie is how the brothers were an allegory for American western individualism, and the failings and vulnerabilities therein. The brothers live in a mansion playing at the outmoded lifestyle of an era the world is leaving behind. They sleep together in small beds in a small room in a large house where the servants probably have more privacy than themselves. They use their families wealth to insulate themselves from progress, except when it is inconvenient, and they live wholly within their own fantasies. I think it is this self delusion, and particularly Phil's need to defend against every encroachment of the modern age, that makes the brothers seem so fragile, childlike, and ultimately sympathetic. Seeing the way Phil needs things to conform to his ways, the lengths he will go to to maintain his fantasy, and how easily threatened his "rugged individualism" is, is heartbreaking. His self image is built upon needing very little, but he also needs very little and cannot tolerate having more. There's a lot more to be said about this allegory, and how well just about every aspect of the movie supports it, but at a certain point I'd just be summarizing the plot and pointing out the obvious, so I'll end it here.
  18. This movie really was something. It has really grown on me in the week or so since I watched it.
  19. This looks awesome. I never know how much credit/blame to give A24 for their movies. They definitely tend towards a certain type of movie, but I've never gone into a movie that happened to be from A24 but didn't look like an "A24" movie and had it be an "A24" movie, if you catch my meaning.
  20. Given all the shit coming out on all these studios and the longstanding history of people dunking on Valve's weird corporate structure/culture, I'm surprised nothing horrifying (that I know of) has come out about them.
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