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  1. Apparently Trump insisted that his signature and name be on every stimulus check sent out.
  2. Well, too be fair, I don't understand how anyone can think he's done a tolerable job at anything, ever. I don't understand how ANYONE could even imagine the possibility of voting for him, let alone actually doing it. We're in weird times and we're surrounded by the stupidest possible fuckers imaginable. 1 in 6 Americans is enough of a gullible drooling dipshit to vote for Donald Trump... so all bets are off for everything... forever... We're surrounded by simpletons who lack the ability to think rationally. They are walking amongst us as if they were normal people and that is terrifying. It never stops being terrifying.
  3. I saw this shit live. Can you imagine them talking about any other president like this? This is not fucking normal. This ids not fucking okay. You send the shit where it needs to go and you don't act like a fucking middle schooler. Jesus Christ. It's fucking ridiculous. Laura Ingraham is a fucking monster. She is the face of evil. I know Tucker and Hannity get most of the attention, but she is just as bad. She's a truly vile terrible person.
  4. What the fuck did I just get in the mail... "PRESIDENT TRUMPS CORONAVIRUS GUIDELINE'S FOR AMERICA" postcard? He really called it that? Like, it's from President Trump? He put his fucking name on this shit? What an egomaniacal shitlord. It really is all about him all the time. What a fucking goober.
  5. They go up like 15% every single year anyway. I wonder where the tipping point is for most people? How far can they push before it all blows up in their faces. It's so ridiculous already... I don't understand how any single person is okay with how health care works in this country. Maybe this shit will finally push normal people so far that something actually changes and these fucking health insurance executives are finally held accountable for the misery they've put out into the world. FUCK THEM ALL. We should be storming every health insurance office building in the country and putting the executives in front of a kangaroo court. All the heads on pikes. Don't fucking care any more. They are killing people. They are all monsters and the era of them milking profits off human misery needs to end. No sympathy for any of them. FUCK THEM ALL. KEEP RAISING OUR RATES FUCKERS. See how far you can push it. Keep pushing.
  6. God, Jesus fuck, I can't even listen to this fucking monster talk about any fucking thing for more than 10 seconds without wanting to go on a fucking murder spree. How can ANYONE fucking take anything he says seriously? How can a serious adult person listen to this man talk and not have all of their internal bullshit meters max out instantly? Can people not recognize what a fucking shuckster sounds like? Do they not know the difference between what a knowledgeable person and a person who is full of shit sounds like? How can anyone take anything this man says ever about anything seriously? How is that possible? How far up your own ass would one have to be to consider him a serious source of information about any god damned fucking thing at all? How do you reach adulthood without the ability to instantly recognize that someone who talks like Donald Trump has no idea what they are talking about? It fucking boggles my mind. I seriously can't wrap my head around how fucking dumb, ignorant or willfully evil you would have to be to accept this fucking dude as your leader. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?
  7. I feel like we're right on the edge of the GOP and Fox News leaning HARD into the narrative that this entire thing is the fault of the left. Chinese people started, the lame stream media overhyped it, scientists got it all wrong, the democrats wanted the economy to tank, etc... It's going to get super duper ugly super duper fast. I was watching Laura Ingraham last night for 20 straight minutes waiting for her to talk about people, or people suffering, or how the virus is effecting people or how normal people are suffering... and I shit you not, it was just business business business... economy economy hoax hoax overhyped the whole time... Switch to CNN and MSNBC and it's all about people and hospitals and information. The contrast switching back and forth was jarring.
  8. My FPS skills have atrophied so badly that I'm forced to play this game on easy mode. I'm really not a gamer anymore. Sad.
  9. So if my employer provides health insurance for my entire family and I lose my job, are they doing anything about that? $600 extra a month doesn't amount to a hill of beans if you have a major medical emergency after being laid off. Are they doing anything about that?
  10. Details seem to not be out. Sounds like every working person making less than 100k gets $1200 bucks and kids are worth $500 each.
  11. The story in this game is laughingly bad. In the first game it kind of made sense, I don't even know what the hell they are talking about in this game. Who are these people and things and huh? Good thing I don't give a crap about the story.
  12. I'm still very very early, but yes, ammo feels more scarce than the 2016 game... but it's not really to the point of being a problem. Partly because there is no pistol anymore, so if you run out, you're kinda screwed.
  13. In a small piece of good news. I took the whole controller apart and (probably) managed to bend the bumper back into place and put it all back together. I still need to test, but it appears to be back to normal.
  14. He's a fucking embarrassment to the human race.
  15. It's really just one of my children. The young one. But I'm open to letting them both grow up in the woods. That's fine with me. That sounds pretty fucking A-OK with me.
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