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  1. It's no wonder the majority of republicans don't give a shit. All Fox News is talking about is the left wing reaction to what happened and how the republicans should react to their reaction. They don't actually talk about or show what happened. They've just moved on as if what happened was just another week in American politics.
  2. I also have a shit ton of zip ties. The largest of which could probably be used to restrain a toddler...
  3. I think what they are really telling us is that this game clearly doesn't qualify as an "All-Star". Noted.
  4. So, aside from the very obvious reason, why wouldn't they just throw this in with the other old Mario games they want us to pay for again? I just bought 3D All-Stars for my kids...
  5. Yeah, it sounds like they are going all in with multi-verse stuff to explain away this stuff, so they can do whatever.
  6. So they just released a bunch of old Mario games in a collection and charged us $60 for it and now we're getting another old Mario game and they are again charging $60 bucks for it?
  7. I mean, every Republican who has buddied up to Trump, who saw a mob of his followers roaming the halls of the capitol calling for Mike Pence to be hung... that was his literal right hand man. His number 2. He disobeyed once and the mob came right after him. If that doesn't drill it into your head just what kind of craven deranged mob you had been trying to hard to appeal to, I don't know what will. They all sold their souls and they can all eat shit. Any Republican who went along with Trump this whole time and normalized this bullshit should have their careers ruined. If not we hav
  8. I'm happy that Fox News and McConnel are turning on Trump, but at the same time, they are just as reposnsible for everything that happened as he is. They made this happen. Fuck you Fox News and EVERY SINGLE PERSON who works there. You enabled this. You work for a company without morals. Fuck you. Also, do your thing Mitch, but also, eat shit. You also did this. You enabled Trump for 5 year, you don't get to act all offended now. You're a fucking disgrace to America.
  9. And people say the American school system is failing... and yet here they are, putting their education to a real use.
  10. In the short term I'm happy to have the help of any republicans who suddenly decide to grow a spine... BUT, and it's a big ass fucking BUTT... I will never forgive them. They did this to the country and they all proved, EVERY SINGLE FUCKING ONE OF THEM... that they literally care about nothing. It's all a fucking game to them. If you can fall in line for a man like Trump, you are capable of anything and you are not a person who can ever be taken seriously again. EVER. I consider them all traitors... not to the country, not to the constitution... but literal traitors to
  11. It really is a miracle that 20+ people didn't die in this thing. All it would have taken is one of those Trump dingalings to start shooting and then it's a firefight and who knows what. All it would have taken would have been one cop with a little less discipline and suddenly everyone is shooting. It could have been so much worse.
  12. She wasn't really in the mob at that moment. She was up and away from the rest of the protestors, climbing over furniture and through the smashed in window... The man who shot her was literally like 3 feet from her with a pistol trained right at her and she kept going through that window. I don't know what she expected to happen. Clearly not that, but like, come on.
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