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  1. Good. Hope this never happens. Make some cool new sci-fi movie. Stop recycling things.
  2. These Titanic deck chairs would look so much better if we just set them up like this...
  3. The problem is that Trumps slack jawed painfully idiotic followers only think racism is when you run around yelling the N-word and punching black people in the face. Anything less just doesn't register. They don't understand much. These people are fucking stupid. how fucking stupid? So fucking stupid that the elected Donald Trump to be the president. That's how fucking stupid. It never stops being terrifying that we live in a country with 63 million people dumb enough to be conned into voting for Donald Trump. Fuck everything. If you still support Trump you are either a rich person who doesn't care about anything but your personal enrichment, a total bigot or a complete fucking idiot. If you're having trouble figuring out which box you belong in, it's most likely the third thing.
  4. I haven't looked that hard, but it looks like most of the fresh reviews are pretty tepid.
  5. They should make the little soft plastic tabs that hold the joycons in place out a material that doesn't break forever the first time it's pushed against with the smallest amount of force.
  6. Maybe I need to rewatch it, but I don't remember it that way at all. I watched season 1 and 2 back to back and noticed a big difference in how they handled all the 80s retro stuff. It felt like they were trying to hard to shoehorn in as many references as possible. Season 3 feels worse in that department, but it's been a while. Whatever. I'm just being a stick in the mud. I do enjoy this show quite a bit...
  7. Season 2 felt like a bloated unnecessary sequel to a movie you love... so in that way, they really did nail the whole 80s thing... It wasn't that bad overall... but I don't feel like they nailed the tone or subtlety of season 1. They just went to a white board, wrote down all the things that people seemed to like about season 1, figured out a way to do all those things again, only bigger and louder and then shoehorned a story around that.
  8. I was attempting to be funny. I feel like they've turned the "EVERYTHING 80s!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!" slider up like 100% higher for each season. This show is basically showing me my childhood, but I still think they take it too far. You can set something in a certain time period without beating your audience over the head with a hammer about it every 10 seconds. It's a little too on-the-nose. I'm only 2 episodes in, and it does feel a little stronger than season 2, but I still feel like they gotten way too far away from what made season 1 so special. The first one felt like a small loving homage to the 80s and 80s movies. Now it almost feels like a parody of 80s movies or something.
  9. They should have made this thing dockable. The annoying thing is that I think it's a pretty safe bet that they removed that feature not because it was too costly, but rather to build in some differentiation from the traditional Switch. How do digital downloads work if you own more than one Switch? Can you download your games on both systems? (probably not) Delete on one and download on another? EDIT: I looked it up. You can download on all your consoles, but you can only be playing it on one at a time. That's surprising consumer friendly from a company like Nintendo.
  10. Only two episodes in and I have a question. What time period is this supposed to take place in? I don't feel like they are giving us any clues...
  11. Seeing as how my main issues with the switch have been joy con connectors repeatedly breaking and the USB-C port not connecting to the TV, it seems that they removed all my pain points... But my kids play on the TV all the time and I don't want to give Nintendo another penny of my money ever again because I don't feel like they've given me a satisfactory customer experience (AT ALL) so they can get the fuck outa here with this thing...
  12. Sounds great on paper... we'll see how it turns out. I wonder if this is a direct sequel or will redo the whole thing as one story or what.
  13. I used to read MAD Magazine cover-to-cover every single month. It was a part of my childhood for like 6 or 7 years... I actually have a subscription to it now for my kids, but they really don't care about it. My oldest has probably spent about 10 minutes in total reading them over the last year of issues... My youngest is still a little too young... The quality of the content is pretty bad these days. I think it's a mix of reasons... A.) I'm more mature, <kinda>... B.) The quality has gone down... C.) It was probably never that great...
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