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  1. A movie is coming out with a woman in it.
  2. ort

    Insanely cold Midwest weather

    -5 degrees here on Tuesday... 57 degrees today... wheeeeeeeeee!!!1!!!!
  3. I was really looking forward to some Made-In-The-USA "AI 5k+8G" or whatever.
  4. ort

    Insanely cold Midwest weather

    Our stupid schools are closed tomorrow. This shit gets so annoying. They close schools over anything these days. It wasn’t like this when I was a kid. meh. My kid has an outdoor hockey practice on Thursday, but it should be normal January cold by then.
  5. You know, I hate Gamestop and you would think I would want them to go away... but the world needs game stores like this. Well, maybe slightly better game stores... but we need something...
  6. I know I'm late to this but... Black Panther? Seriously? Just, no. Come on... it's just farcical. Such transparent pandering...
  7. I don't think anyone who wears a MAGA hat is a racist, but I have no problem branding anyone wearing that hat as an idiot. Even if you don't have an ounce of racism in your soul, you have to know that wearing a MAGA hat comes with a lot of baggage and just wearing it is sending some strong messages to different people. But I guess that's pretty much the whole point of that hat these days.
  8. ort

    Mueller Season 3: The End Game

    It's just funny to me that Donald Trump thought that all of the shady shit he's been doing for his whole life would still fly when the entire world is scrutinizing every tiny detail of his life. It also doesn't help when he starts his presidency off by thumbing his nose at the entire journalism industry basically begging them to go to war against him.
  9. ort

    Microsoft Hololens 2

    Too bad we lost that thread where we were arguing about whether announcing the hololens 4 years ago made Microsoft not boring. So many people were so sure that it was right around the corner.
  10. Trump was probably hoping this would blow up and turn into a “thing”. Meh.
  11. ort

    Movies Coming to America 2

    I've probably watched this damn movie 100+ times with the amount it used to play on cable. I'm sure this sequel will be terrible.