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  1. I mean, on the surface I get what the flag smashers are mad about... I just don't think the show has done a good job enough of world building. I don't feel like they've done the work of explaining the exact stakes... and why they are so high that they feel like blowing people up or dying.
  2. Yeah, I'm still not 100% sure what the flag smashers are even mad about. Who exactly are they at war with? The whole world? I don't feel like they've done a good job of really explaining the stakes. I feel like this show went through a lot of re-writes or something. It feels kind of all over the place. I still really like it and I'm having a good time. I like how they've really fleshed out Falcon... he was always sort of a background guy and they've done a good job with him. Looking forward to the finale. Elaine!
  3. This feels like the setup for a TV show, movie or video game.
  4. Not enough people point out that this problem is also tied to our overall gun problem. Maybe if every single police officer wasn't constantly worried about the fact that there are 400 million guns in this country they wouldn't be so fucking on edge al the time.
  5. They should just pass a bill that ties it to inflation or have it go up by 2-3% every year moving forward or something like that.
  6. It's also a sample size thing. Culturally, women just aren't as into sports. For every young girl who tries baseball and loves it, there are probably 1,000 boys who do the same. We can and should do things to encourage girls to try more sports... But there is just no realistic way integrated sports would work at higher levels. Let's just look at hockey for a second. The best women's hockey team in the country practices by playing boys high school teams. If an NHL team played a high school hockey team, the final score would probably be like 30-0. I would be surprised if
  7. Skull Island was a lot of fun. Much better handling of the human part of the story. Still fluffy lite fun, still just an excuse to get to the monster fights... but not as cringy and dumb. It's really shouldn't be that hard to make these parts slightly better... is it? I can never wrap my head around how so many of these mega budget Hollywood blockbusters end up with such unbelievably terrible scripts.
  8. If I was coming up with the top 10 reasons to not vote for Matt Gaetz, this honestly wouldn't even crack the list...
  9. I think there is a very real possibility that none of these girls were under 18 and it turns out no actual crimes had been committed and he will just continue on because neither his party nor the constituents who vote for him actually care about any of this at all.
  10. I get strong Ben Shapiro vibes off that video...
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