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  1. I've never even heard of this, but the trailer dropped today and it looks pretty cool.
  2. I know Richard Stallman is a hero to the open source programmer community, but he really is a total piece of work and always has been. Have you ever seen his appearance rider where he talks about parrots and stuff? It doesn't really have much to do with this story, but it is funny as hell and gives you a good idea about what kind of guy he is... https://gizmodo.com/please-do-not-buy-richard-stallman-a-parrot-and-other-r-5853729
  3. I never played this game, or if I did, I don't remember it... But seriously, a gameboy game from the early 90s still holds up as one of the best Zelda games?
  4. Battlestar Galactica was a fun ride, but the ending was rather poor. You can't make a show that's all about building these grand mysteries and leave the viewers wondering what it all means and then not pay it off at all. It's frustrating when you watch a show like this and realize that they were just making it all up the entire time and painting themselves into corners they didn't have a way to get out of. Meh, still a good show.
  5. Man, I LOVE the art style of this game... they really killed it. I never played this, not sure it's worth $60 to me, but it looks really great.
  6. It gets tiring saying... if Obama did this then.. But seriously, if Obama sent out this exact tweet, it would be all fox news would talk about for the next 20 years. Every right wing commentator would be writhing around on the floor in a state of permanent agony/ecstasy.
  7. Coming to yet another stupid ass bullshit streaming crap service you don't have, want or need... This current state of TV is a hot pile of flaming diapers. Fuck everything.
  8. I don't even remember. We played a lot of the LEGO games when my oldest was a little guy. They figure it out pretty quick. I assigned my son the "homework" of beating Super Mario World because we were playing Mario Maker 2 and I was stunned at how bad he was at 2D platformers. He's 10 and already better at FPS's than I am, but can't play Mario for shit. He wasn't really into SMW, but is currently playing though Super Metroid, which makes me very happy.
  9. I don't have the time or energy this morning. Can someone give me a 20 second cliff notes version of what the heck is going on with this?
  10. Hey, I’m right there with you. I buy everything on amazon. I just don’t feel good about it.
  11. Amazon has a really terrible reputation for how it treats it's employees...we've all read the stories about how awful they treat their warehouse workers... but I've also read that they also have terrible workplace environment for their corporate employees as well. A toxic environment of overworking them and insane politics and expectations. I think that Whole Foods has always been considered a very employee friendly place to work... treating them way better than most grocery stores treat their workers... but I'm sure Amazon will fix that. I'm always surprised that Amazon is such a beloved company, because they really do a lot of shitty stuff.
  12. They are using some new sort of screen tech to make it possible. That said, they should let people do it if they are willing to live with the sacrifices it brings. For me an always on display is the tipping point. I really want an Apple Watch now, but having a hard time justifying the expense at the moment, seeing as how frivolous an item it is and how many other expenses we have.
  13. Just the new one will have an always on display. Not sure if you will be able to turn that off, but it seems fairly likely.
  14. How much of a drooling simpering git would you have to be to approve of Donald Trump? Like, how fucked is that person's brain. ... and that's 40% of the country? Let's just nuke the planet, fuck everything.
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