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  1. I'll get to see him at the all-star game festivities this weekend... I'll be sure to keep my kids away from him... (ha, nope, I want a pic with gritty more than anything...)
  2. I would like to see someone ask him the questions you need to answer to become an american citizen. I bet he would screw it up pretty bad.
  3. Well, it's one of those movies you kinda forget right after you watch it. My younger one really wanted to see it, he really liked the commercials and trailers for some reason. So we all went as a family. (My wife also didn't like it, kids both did) I remember it being pretty boring... it's one of those movies that just doesn't quite come together..... and doesn't quite stick the landing. It thinks it's being way more clever and original than it is, but nothing happens that is really breaking any new ground. I also remember feeling like it suffered through some story problems. The story felt like it was a bit of a frankensteins monster of some conflicting ideas or themes. It felt like it was rewritten like 10 times and suffered because of it. I wish I could be more specific, but it really was pretty forgettable. I'm a big fan of most Laika stuff, but this one fell flat for me. But I'm probably being excessivly harsh... it's cute and fluffy and harmless.
  4. It's not that good. It's not terrible, but it's also not noteworthy in any way.
  5. This story is much more amusing using this definition of beard... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beard_(companion)
  6. Hell yes. Love this show too. Great trailer, can't wait.
  7. ort

    Uranium None

    It doesn't matter how it ends up. The damage has already been done. No one who matters will see this. They will just always think Hillary sold uranium to bad guys. End of story. Facts don't actually matter. You just throw as much confusing bullshit out into the world as you can and make sure that the only way any of these scandals make sense is through the filter of your media outlet of choice and you control the message forever. If a message comes out you don't like you just slander the source. ALL THE NEWS IS FAKE! TRUST NOTHING! THE FBI IS CORRUPT! CANNOT TRUST!
  8. It will be another step in the fetch quest. They'll need to put together 7 jewels to form a big jewel to open door to find a map to some other thing. Or maybe they'll squeeze in a few more fake deaths of main characters. Medals for C-3P0 and R2D2? A new scene where the Emperor also raises a 10,000 planet killing AT-ATs from a desert or something. Flashback sex scene with the emperor.
  9. Played was Pong. Played a lot of 2600 at other peoples houses. Most of my early gaming memories are of the 2600. My parents were very anti-gaming. I had to buy my own everything. First console I owned was an NES, it took me a year to save up for it and that was in 8th grade.
  10. This would be political suicide for the republican party and they know it. It's like that saying about dogs chasing cars... they love to chase them, but what would they even do if they actually caught one?
  11. It makes him look like a big tough guy. It appeals to the worst of his base, the ones who delight in the killing and torture of muslim people. It sends a message that he's more concerned with being big bad bullies than following the rule of law. He doesn't like the law. He thinks that his soldiers should be able to do whatever they want because he's a literal garbage monster of a person. He wants to rule over a fascist state. He's signaling that he's a literal movie villain. He's a fucking bad guy who does bad things and anyone who supports him is also bad. Evil exists in the world and it looks like Donald Trump.
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