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  1. Yeah, I'd much rather he was doing a show. Or honestly, something that's not Star Trek, since I think I would rather see something else from him... but whatever. I've only seen the first movie in this franchise and I wasn't really a big fan.
  2. LT.ALDO Now say we let ya go, and say you survive the'war? When you get back home, what'eha gonna do? PVT.BUTZ I will hug my mother like I've never hugged her before. LT.ALDO Well, ain't that's a real nice boy. Are you going to take off your uniform? PVT.BUTZ Not only shall I remove it, but I intend to burn it! The young German is telling Aldo, what he thinks, Aldo wants to hear. But the last answer didn't go down as well as he thought it would, evident by the frown on Aldo's face. LT. ALDO Yeah, that's what we thought. We don't like that. You see, we like our Nazi's in uniforms. That way, you can spot 'em, just like that. (Snaps his fingers) But you take off that uniform, ain't nobody gonna know you was a Nazi. And that don't sit well with us. Aldo removes a LARGE KNIFE from a sheath on his belt. LT.ALDO So I'm gonna give ya a little somethin, you can't take off.
  3. Legion and Fargo are both amazing. Noah Hawley is not someone who plays it safe. He doesn't always knock it out of the park, but he always swings for the fences. In a sea of entertainment options, the world is so much better off with Noah Hawley's in it trying new and interesting things.
  4. What a clown. What a shit show. Every person who voted for this man should have to get the word FUCKWIT tattooed on their forehead.
  5. After wallowing in the muck with conspiracy theories, dragging his opponents through the mud and questioning their health, he deserves every fucking thing that comes his way. He deserves to be miserable every waking second of the rest of his miserable life. He's a fucking human monster and he deserves all of this for all of the misery and bile he has spread through the world. Fuck him now and forever. He's the one who lowered the nation discourse to this level. He can't whine when it comes back to bite him in the ass. He deserves all the scrutiny. He fucking started this shit. He can go fuck himself. No sympathy ever for anything. I want to see him suffer. I want him to be miserable. He deserves it all. He's a piece of crap. Fuck him.
  6. It's not that I don't agree with you overall... but Donald Trump is such a disgusting and abhorrent person that I make special exceptions for him.
  7. Trump's total and utter failure and/or complete fall from grace needs to happen before he can die on us.
  8. Aren't most ambassadorships to countries like this fluff posts for big donors?
  9. A lot of people still have major hangups over it. It always drives me crazy how socially acceptable it is to drink booze anywhere and everywhere... but pot is still some giant taboo. I did some back of napkin math a few months ago and realized that for roughly 25% of the american population, marajuana is completely legal. Seems silly to me. Just go all the way. We all know it's happening, and happening sooner rather than later... Let's just get it over with and do it already.
  10. In the grand scheme of Rick and Morty, this is a fairly forgettable episode. I feel like it didn't do much new... it played around in some already well covered R&M territory... but whatever... still great, still loved it.
  11. Aren't presidents not supposed to use their platform to advertise for products? People who hate Donald Trump Jr and want to silence him are also known as sane rational people. What a fucking piece of shit that man is. Fuck him and fuck his book.
  12. I went to a few back in the 90s. I knew several people in that "scene" or whatever. It wasn't really my bag, but I had fun. Part of the problem is that a lot of Rocky Horror kids are pretty darn annoying.
  13. Man that sucks... he was grandad. He pumped so much life into that character with his fantastic voice work. This sucks for Black Jesus too, which honestly isn't that great of a show, but I continue to watch it just for the sheer audacity of the concept. First Charlie Murphy and now John Witherspoon? Ugh.
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