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  1. Ha, yeah, I noticed that too. Kate killed at least 10 people in that last episode and didn't even pause to reflect on that for even a second.
  2. It was weird seeing Gamora with zero setup in the finale. Apparently they had to cut her episode and it will show up in season 2. I liked how it all tied together at the end. Some eps were better than others, but overall, it was more entertaining than I was expecting. I don't know why I wasn't really that pumped about it... I think the animation looked kinda meh in the trailers, but it was actually pretty good. It grew on me. I think I often see that style of animation and expect it to be lazy, kinda like a 2nd rate direct to video superhero movie... but it was a few steps above that for sure.
  3. I have a really unhealthy amount of anger for COVID downplayers/anti-vaxxers.
  4. I only know him from Family Feud, and he's a fantastic game show host. The dude is just a natural. I've never seen his standup. Whatever. As soon as any of these nipple brains start whining about cancel culture I instantly stop caring about anything else they have to say. I feel the same way about anyone who uses the word "woke".
  5. What makes the Raid good was the action choreography, acting/fighting and pacing. It was the execution, not the concept. The concept/plot is basically not important at all.
  6. Same. I liked season one... but the last few years it was hard for me to find the motivation to start a show as dark and cynical as this one... Plus, Amazon Prime is annoying. I have a sub, but almost never launch the app. out of sight, out of mind.
  7. Or that the master plan behind crippling the world's 94 trillion dollar economy is every single government in the world is participating in a global conspiracy to help a handful of pharmaceutical companies make like an extra 40 billion dollars. Yeah, that fucking makes so much sense.
  8. Sometimes I wonder if what's wrong with many conservatives is that they are literally incapable of understanding why anyone would want to act altruisticly. It's like, they know that they are completely self centered pieces of garbage, they understand how their terrible own selfish mind works and then they assume that everyone else thinks exactly like they do. It impossible for them to understand why anyone would act selflessly so they assume everything is some sort of hustle... because in their world of swirling garbage selfishness, everything is. It's this sort of shit garbage thinking that leads these deranged motherfuckers to think something lie wearing masks is some sort of government conspiracy to try and control the populous. I mean, this is a well established way to think about the situation. It boggles my mind. They really truly believe that there's some smoke filled room full of Democrats somewhere rubbing their hands together and laughing over their brilliant idea of making everyone wear a mask. This is literally what millions of people think.
  9. Nothing infuriates me more than some faux alpha male motherfucker being all like, "it's no big deal, I got COVID in April of last year and it was like a cold. Stop living in fear." Tell that to the 800,000 who died you selfish mountain of ignorant trash. It's like their pea sized lizard brains are incapable of understanding that there are things that happen in the world that don't have anything to do with their unique person experiences. If it's not happening to them it's just not a problem. They are like this because they are worthless asshole pieces of trash. I have way too much interaction with these people.
  10. Eh, the diaper thing, yeah, that sucks. Fuck that... but forgetting some shoes? Man, we've all been there. Mistakes happen. I don't know about shoes specifically, but you're gonna mess some stuff up. It's gonna happen.
  11. I always feel like too much emphasis is put on the few thousand knuckleheads who went into the capitol building and not enough is put on the reason they were there in the first place. The scandal is that Trump wouldn't stop trying to push the idea that the election was a fraud, and he was willing to take it to such extremes. Stay laser focused on that. Keeping the attention and blame on the dumb idiots who actually went into the building is a losing strategy. It's too easy to write them off as goofballs... they aren't the point. The big picture is the point. The big picture is what's so dangerous. If every future election is going to feature the losers never giving up and claiming fraud with zero evidence, this country is done. That's not hyperbole. That's the end. Especially since it's now been proven that people will just accept it as fact. The fact that the main voices of the right wing are so willing to go along with all of this as if it was just politics as normal and so many of their supporters are following right along is what is truly frightening. Not the 500 goofballs in funny outfits. Was the actual act of those people going into the Capitol as bad as 9/11 or Pearl Harbor? No. Was the losing candidate for President riling his base into a froth because he refused to admit he lost and was willing to lie about it for months as bad as those two things? Yes. Yes it is. 100% yes.
  12. Interesting... I mean, I also loved Fraggle Rock back in the day and this does look good... but I wonder if modern kids will be as in to this. It's interesting that I guess this is a reboot or whatever but they seem to have kept everything exactly the same. Same characters, same exact look, same voices for the characters, etc... Not trying to be a sour fuddy duddy, but it just feels like no one is going to care. I already have the old show on DVD, my kids liked it well enough when they were younger, but it was never something that really moved the needle for them. I guess my question is, if you're a 6 year old right now, how is this any better than just watching the old series? It's in HD?
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