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  1. We're back to avoiding theaters... which is super annoying because I sure would enjoy some fluffy marvel movie entertainment with my kids right about now...
  2. Anyway, people are nuts. Do you know how flipping easy it is right now to get a vaccine? When my son turned 12, I found literally 100+ available appointment slots for the first Saturday after his birthday. All within like 2 miles of our house. It's such a stark contrast to the hoops I had to jump through to get a shot in March... which, ironically it turns out that being on the leading edge of being vaccines was probably not the best choice, since the protection against infection wanes as time goes on and now that delta is here in full force, my antibodies are wearing off.... Oh well, I'm still protected against serious cases and still made the best choice I could at the time with the available info. No regrets.
  3. I can't believe I've spent even a second thinking about any of this nonsense... but I believe she said that she was planning on getting vaxed, but was not yet.
  4. The idea that the Joint Chiefs of Staff was so alarmed that the President of the United States was making wild, baseless and completely false claims about election fraud and starting riots and doing all sorts of who-knows-what off-the-rails stuff like allegedly asking for military takeovers and was then forced to make calls to other powerful nations to calm them down about it because they were also freaking out isn't quite the political slam dunk the right thinks it is.
  5. How Lin Wood and His QAnon Fans Tried to Force a Hospital to Use Ivermectin – Mother Jones WWW.MOTHERJONES.COM The phone harassment campaign was launched to support a conspiracist who contracted COVID.
  6. Brigadier General Jack D. Ripper | Villains Wiki | Fandom VILLAINS.FANDOM.COM Brigadier General Jack D. Ripper is the main antagonist of the 1964 black comedy film Dr. Strangelove (or how I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb). He was Captain Mandrake's supervisor and the Strategic Air Command General who blamed the Russians for contaminating his "precious bodily fluids" and ruining his sexual performance and was convinced they were planning a sneak attack. He was...
  7. Speaking of this, can I interest anyone in here in watching a short demonstration of some knives? It's just a demonstration, you're not required to buy anything.
  8. That letter is just so fucking nuts. It reads like something a homeless man would hand you on a street corner. It's just completely and totally disconnected from the actual reality of the real world. People are really this demented? I mean, I know people are, but military officers? Yikes...
  9. It could have industry wide ramifications. Google is sure to have to abide by this as well... and after that, why wouldn't the consoles too?
  10. This is the common sense answer people have been looking for for a long time. Apple should have made this change on their terms years ago rather than wait for a judge to force it on them on someone elses terms.
  11. The fact that he gets this worked up over AMERICAN politics is just pathetic. Shit doesn't even effect his day-to-day life. He's just in it for the fight. He sees politics like most people see sports. It's all some sick twisted game for him.
  12. I'm gonna watch it with my kid. He'll love it. I still associate the second one with a really bad run-in I had with the police. We went to a midnight show on opening night, and I was driving home at like 2:30am with a friend in the car going like 75 in a 55... sirens flashed and I went to pull over I figured I would get off the highway so it would be safer... hoo boy, that was a mistake. I ended on the face down on the ground surrounded by like 10 cop cars. No guns were pulled, but hands were on guns and there was a lot of yelling... They really don't like it when you pull off the highway... like a lot. I had no idea. They also couldn't accept the fact that I was driving at 2am stone sober. It just didn't register in their brains. Got away with just a ticket, but whatever, it sucked.
  13. I gotta say, that's a good trailer... I've always been pretty luke-warm on the Matrix movies, but I'll watch this. I like the first one, and recognize how important it is, but also feel like it was way way over-rated back in the day. I think I had some hipster aversion to how popular it was. Really hated both sequels. I'd be down if they just kinda flushed 2 and 3 down the toilet and made this a sequel to the first one...
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