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  1. ort

    Television Stranger Things Season 3 teaser

    I can tell you what happened... everything from the first season, only bigger louder and cornier. How they didn't make season 2 all about russian spies is beyond me. I don't understand how they can go back to a normal life in that town. Surely you would evacuate and/or move? They made it too big too fast. It was like they made a list of all of the things people liked in season one, repeated them all, turned the volume up to 11 and crammed them all together into a big sloppy mess of a season.
  2. ort

    Trump nominates William P Barr for AG

    Seems like way too sane of a choice... I guess the time traveling giant dong toilet salesman wasn't working out.
  3. I like this trailer... they did a really good job of giving almost nothing away. No big action, no giant sizzle... very low-key and somber... it's perfect actually.
  4. Yeah, she was great in that too!
  5. Is this one of those games that forces you to play with a single joycon like some sort of animal?
  6. ort

    Movies Welcome To Marwen trailer

    I find this trailer insufferable. It just looks so, uh, saccharine? Cloying? Excessively hip and quirky/quaint? I don't know the right words, but it looks like it's trying way too hard.
  7. Whatever, I'm done with the Marvel movies forever because of this travesty...
  8. Weren't we supposed to get a trailer yesterday?
  9. They can split the difference by putting out a trailer that shows almost nothing at all.
  10. I've only seen her in Scott Pilgrim, and she did fine playing a stuck up vindictive jerk. The Marvel movies are all very well casted, so I'm not too worried. They do a great job at finding the right people for the most part. But her readings of those lines in the trailer did sound really off to me.
  11. I thought the trailer looked great. Not sure I liked Brei Larson's line readings, seemed stiff and weird... but we'll see.