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  1. I wonder how news like this plays with the vile toxic hateful idiot garbage person crowd of chortling brainwashed dipshits who believe vaccines and masks were a government conspiracy to control us...
  2. I hope a waiter with a flashlight came to talk to them about the bill right in the middle of the climax of their merger negotiations so they got the full Alamo experience.
  3. The McDonalds guy? I'm loving it... ba ba bah ba ba... Anyway, what? How did I not know about this? This is theatrical? Weird. I mean, maybe it could be good, I dunno. I guess we'll see. The stills make it look more like a Netflix show than a Hollywood feature film. We need to see it in motion.
  4. I don't mind when things end as long as they end on their terms and we get a good story. Netflix has a habit of just cancelling things so I'm happy this gets a chance to wrap up. Hopefully they knew that before the season started and it gets a proper ending. I know a lot of people in real life who are obsessed with this show. I liked season one, but wasn't really blown away by it. For me it's a nice 4/5 kinda show. Looking forward to season 2.
  5. The odds of Hunter seeing actual jail time is very low. He's a first time offender of a crime that almost never goes to court on its own. (Usually it's like one of multiple crimes they layer on top of one another when people go to court). People are estimating the worst he will get is probation or community service.
  6. I bet that guy has made some sweet angry white guy sitting in his pickup vids.
  7. With no actual game play shown this has to be at least 2 years away, right? Wasn't the original Mad World commercial the one that started the entire trend of playing slow soulful remixes of popular songs juxtaposed with intense violence? The mad world commercial was cool but that trend got so corny so fast. Every single game trailer felt exactly the same for like a decade. It was like the BONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG sound in trailers in the 2000s.
  8. I have an idea. Anyone who is running around yelling about how the COVID response wasn't based on science should be beaten to death with a metal pipe and their bodies should be left to rot in the streets so we all have something to piss on.
  9. I think the trailer for Prometheus was pretty good if I recall... Covenant fell into the "complete indifference" category after having seen Prometheus.
  10. American politics are so weird. I bet that something like 99% of people who watch the entire debate already know who they will vote for. Most people get the scraps of the debate chopped up into soundbites that get controlled and manipulated by our hyper partisan news outlets and/or get turned into bite sized kibbles for social media and memes. I think there is a percentage of people who pay tons and tons of attention to politics and will never change their views, and then a huge chunk who only gets politics in the periphery, like a background noise... and then vast swaths of people who probably couldn't name a single politician outside of the President.
  11. It feels very weird seeing a trailer for an alien movie that doesn't immediately fill me with anger, sadness, disappointment and/or complete indifference.
  12. Jerry Seinfeld, known for radiating pure unfiltered masculinity... Jerry Seinfeld Says He Misses “Dominant Masculinity”: “I Like A Real Man” DEADLINE.COM Jerry Seinfeld got nostalgic in a recent interview and says he misses "dominant masculinity."
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