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  1. I'm offended by the rat/aardvark inter-species relationship angle.
  2. I watched this with my kids. They make absolutely zero fuss over the gender of the married couple. It's just, here's ratburn and here's his spouse. The kids on the show are just like, whatevs. It's not even a thing. It was the most innocent and non-offensive thing ever.
  3. I wonder if the seasons will still be 10 episodes after their big renewal deal. I know it's stupid, but the popularity and a big chunk of it's fanbase are a bit of a turnoff for me now.
  4. I use and manage the distribution of this exact software for a living and I think this is a non-story. I get why it seems alarming on the surface, but meh.
  5. We don't eat there that often, but man, if Steak n' Shake went away, I would be pretty upset... not so much because of the food, but because I have so many memories of that place. This was where we went all the time when we were teens and in my early 20s. We knew people who worked there and we would go late at night and just hang out there all night eating free or heavily discounted food. It's kinda the worst of all worlds though. It's like fast food quality food at restaurant speeds and prices and you have to tip. They also have notoriously bad service and are typically shockingly slow. And they have the worst drive-thru service imaginable. Like, don't even bother, it's a farce. It's really not that great of a place to eat... but I would miss it. My kids love it too. Meh.
  6. I saw this with my kids. It was okay. The plot was a hot mess. The world they built was pretty cool though. I kinda wish they had made a more traditional Pokemon movie in this style rather than this goofy detective thing. It takes a weird turn in the last half hour.
  7. The trailers for these movies are better than the actual movies. Well, the first one anyway, not sure on the second, but I would expect the trend to continue.
  8. I'm sure all the Avatar fans out there are super upset by this news.
  9. Is paying women on Fiver to fart on you considered essential? Asking for a friend.
  10. Ugh, reading this thread with all these spoiler tags sucks. Ha. Whatchagonnado.
  11. You can tell it's fake because nothing is misspelled and it clearly and concisely conveys an easily understood message.
  12. It's looks way better than I was expecting.
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