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  1. I don't think we've even seen the real October surprises yet. My gut tells me that there are still some real whoppers in the pipeline.
  2. Reminds me of the two day period where Trump and his army of dipshits were all claiming that Jim Accosta assaulted that woman who tried to take the mic from him. Dude, we have eyeballs, we saw the tape. We all have access to the exact same footage... the exact same facts. He gently moved her arm after she touched him first. We have eyes, we have brains. We can process information. What are you doing. Typically their lies are based on all sorts of complicated layers of deception. Most things in politics are very hard to understand and so complicated that it really can be hard to det
  3. Qanon should be all over this too... they finally caught a pedophile!!!
  4. What's also funny is that you know that they knew this footage was out there, and yet he kept putting himself out in the public, knowing what was coming. I'd be hiding under a rock in shame... but then again, I'm not a morally bankrupt con artist working for an even bigger morally bankrupt con artist...
  5. Except you know that Rudy and his team signed a mountain of paperwork saying that they consented to being filmed... so yeah, not revenge porn. Like, at all.
  6. I also just made the connection that it was Amazon (and Jeff Bezos, AKA Trumps best friend) that bought the rights to this movie. Ha.
  7. When this story was shopped to Fox News, they decided it didn't meet their standards of journalistic integrity, so they passed on the story. However, the New York Posts story on it? That's something Fox News can turn into multiple huge news stories for weeks. Just release the whole fucking thing you cowards. Let us all have what you have. This whole story is so fucked up.
  8. Three laptops... owned by a man who lives in LA, taken to a shop in Delaware... who was charging him $85 to do data recover on three laptops? And then, when they weren't picked up in 90 days, this (blind) man decided to just start combing through them for info? What the fuck?
  9. If they were fake, I think the Biden campaign would have said so. I think they do have his laptops and I think the emails are real. The entire story of how they got them makes ZERO sense, so I'm sure something very shady happened there. It's also interesting that they haven't pushed back on that part of the story. None of that makes the FBI having them make any sense. Why would they have them? What federal crime has been committed? They have an entire laptop of info and the most damning emails they can provide are the two they did? What's funny is that if th
  10. Is there a thread where we are discussing this Hunter Biden stuff? FBI in possession of Hunter Biden's purported laptop, sources say WWW.FOXNEWS.COM The FBI is in possession of the laptop purportedly belonging to Hunter Biden which contained emails revealing his foreign business dealings, including with contacts in Ukraine and China, two senior administraiton officials told Fox News Tuesday. Why would the FBI have possession of his stolen laptop? Do they have a warrant for it? I don't get this?
  11. I played like an hour of this last night. There is no warm up period. They just drop you right into total chaos with a fully powered up slayer. So far it's been fun, but nothing that feels new.
  12. It sounds like he was in 2 video chats at the same time. A work meeting and some sort of sexy time one. He accidentally left the video on for the work meeting. He was jerking off yes, but not to the meeting. He wasn't naked, he pulled his weenie out at some point. That's how I understand it anyway.
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