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  1. Yea you guys should take a few more pats on the back. Way too brilliant for us regular folks. It's too bad you use your great powers on kids shows on disney +. You might want to look into the reason that you missed that my comment was a joke while you are at it. Maybe that whooshed by your head.
  2. I thought his helmet off scene was because he was hungry.
  3. For me the time went quickly. I recently read the book (which is titled I heard you paint houses) and the movie looses so much from the book - I would not have wanted them to cut any more. I think the standout performance is from Joe Pesci... but that may be colored by just missing him in movies for so long. It is a little odd when these guys are computer generated as young people. Even with their wrinkles gone... their mouths are a little too tight and their walks are still old people walks. You kinda just have to suspend disbelief and go with it. Overall I loved it. I think it will be the last of the era of great mobster movies.
  4. I'm not the biggest expert in star wars lore... But Jango was a human not a mandalorian. So that may explain him not following the rules.
  5. The most funny thing about this (to those who understand how humor works) is that this is a story at all. It would be a huge outrage if this movie was actually made this way, or even if they started to announce she was hired for this. But honestly if we are going to have breaking news stories for every time someone has a bad idea in meeting then we are going to need a bigger message board.
  6. I agree with you. I already said there should be a separate place these are made available. Racist studies don't really belong alongside kids shows. Disney + isn't the place.
  7. You can argue that out of ignorance, but you would be wrong. People are influenced by media. This stuff should be studied and understood by smart people in the attempt to prevent similar mistakes in the future. Much of the disney and wb racist material is in line with nazi propaganda of the same time. The very fact that it came across as silly on the screen is a big part of the reason that no one stood up against it at the time.
  8. I think being able to see the entertainment of past era's can absolutely add some details to how people thought and acted during those times. I'm not sure a textbook would be a good replica of that. I would take it a little farther than warning text in some cases. I think short documentaries attached to the content explaining it would be beneficial in certain cases. Some times things have changed enough that modern people might not understand some of what was hurtful or being mocked. Disney + is probably not the best place for all of this... But there maybe should be a .edu streaming site that could contain the removed content.
  9. I agree with this. I would much prefer they put out the whole catalog and put warnings where applicable. It is advantageous to be able to learn where we came from.
  10. I would think Battletoads would be a shadow drop candidate. That game seems to have been in development forever and some people are excited for it - but it will never really be a system seller or something to build hype for. That would be a good choice for a 'you can play today' game.
  11. Thanks. That was a good interview. Nothing he said was wrong. I hope in the future there is room for both types of movies to be made.
  12. Biggest news for me is the line that says they are adding an additional annual sports title to their list. PLEASE be NCAA coming back!
  13. Seriously not trying to be rude - but with something with that little effort being put into it do you really expect to create content that is valuable enough to bring in money? The people who make money online putting out content may make it look easy, but most of them are dedicating a large amount of time and effort.
  14. That is a lot of information... but it clears up nothing :) Not your fault. AT&T is making it's typical mess. They already had a paid subscription service. If they wanted to charge more -then just do that. Having multiple paid subscription services that have different offerings is dumb.
  15. Not sure if true, but I just read this show is going to debut on and be exclusive to HBO max. Seems like an AT&T move.
  16. Well thanks. That sums up my feelings better than I could have written it out. Except that I really have no desire to revisit it. I do like re-watching the short clip of the guitar getting smashed. The looks on faces when they are all horrified that Kurt smashed the real guitar on accident are... much like the guitar - priceless.
  17. With HBO owning the rights I don't see this happening. Netflix pretty much turns their nose up at most content if they aren't allowed to own the rights anymore. Also I'm not sure just putting GOT on the title is going to guarantee another hit.
  18. AT&T ruins everything. HBO may have a rough future.
  19. I hear they had two really awesome movies planned, but just couldn't figure out how to end it.
  20. I'm glad some enjoyed it. I'm in the 'hated it" group. From the very beginning 10 minute opening shot of the wagon coming in... the whole movie felt self indulgent to me.
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