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  1. Well I'm glad this trailer is out now and not being held for either a ms or Sony event. That was terrible.
  2. IGN has a story up about this right now. They say early in the story that the DC properties are not a part of the deal, then later in the story they talk about what a boon for sales it would be for Microsoft to get all the DC properties. No one knows what any of this means. I just hope EA doesn't win this bidding war.
  3. With all the different versions I don't want to think about the total I paid for SF2. There was regular, championship edition, turbo... plus I purchased it for more than one console. Not counting the summer I spent throwing countless quarters at the arcade machine.
  4. NBA2k is the worst example of a company to raise prices. The game is kneecapped without a constant connection to their shitty servers and the whole deal is just set up to collect micro-transactions. Then for them to say they won't support Smart-delivery or any cross gen purchases - yea get out of here with that.
  5. Yeah, even the new sony intro at the beginning of the youtube video looked compressed and shitty. That being said you could still see some of the textures used in the game were the originals. Which used to be fantastic but don't really stand up anymore. If they want to charge for a remastered version then they better put in the work.
  6. Walking dead lost me about season 4... When they spent a whole season looking for a girl lost in the woods.
  7. Ha. I only read about five posts back so all I have seen is the name calling. Now I'm going to have to read more to figure out what group I'm pigeon holed into.
  8. I liked the live show when I saw it. But I don't understand the people who lost their minds for it. It's kind of like 8 mile meets the founding fathers. That being said, if you like the show you should be happy with this release. Crying over mild edits seems childish.
  9. Agree. The two batman movies in my opinion are some of his worst work. I really enjoy some of the other movies on the list.
  10. I feel the same, but I realize that literally millions of people love it, so it's just something that I don't understand. It's okay for people to like stuff that I don't. Fortunately no one is forcing me to watch.
  11. I have a pretty decent gaming PC and also a One X. The reason for me is because I have kids. It is pretty nice to share a library and have multiple locations to play games. We can even play together on many games. Having a console as a second machine to play xbox games is much cheaper than a 2nd PC and also more kid friendly.
  12. I think the plan is for the majority of 1st party games to be on pc. 2nd and 3rd party have no expectations.
  13. My memory of that game is trying really hard to like it because it had such a cool premise, and it was one of the only really dark n64 games. I couldn't however find my way through the mazes where all the walls floors are ceilings were the same blurry muddy textures.
  14. Disappointing. I plan on watching with my kids soon. This probably made going straight to streaming an easy call.
  15. If you honestly don't know who these people are I can't really take any of your musical takes seriously. You don't have to like them... But they are influential as hell for the past 30 years
  16. Yes. Sim for the fantasy created in the movies. True space fighting Sim would be pretty boring. You can't actually have dogfighting aircraft in space. With no atmosphere there is no way for ships to maneuver in that way.
  17. I have been wondering if they somehow tied loot drops in multi-player to skill level. I have been playing a bunch with my two kids and the one that struggles has always got the best gear. My son that is a little more skilled is actually starting to get irritated at the game because his brother is constantly gloating that he has better stuff.
  18. https://www.amazon.com/Anfiner-Controller-Steelseries-SteelSeries-Controllers/dp/B07CLJF3V7/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=xbox+controller+phone+mount&qid=1591568336&sprefix=Xbox+controller+ph&sr=8-3
  19. MS and Nintendo have shown friendly tendencies in the past. How about the next version of the Switch be compatible with Xcloud. Nintendo gets to sell more switches, MS gets to collect more monthly fees - profit all around.
  20. Yea I get the collectible side. Just not very functional for actually playing games.
  21. I'm going to preface this by saying I'm an Xbox guy. I think if you don't have gamepass you are missing out big time and I am looking forward to the series X. That being said I have very much disliked the last several Gears games (including the xcom one) and the most recent Halo. I am hoping they can turn those series back around to being something good...
  22. Why would someone hack these? I can't think of a scenario where you would actually want to spend more than a novelty few minutes messing with this device. They are fine as a collectible - but I'm guessing whatever you are currently reading these words on right now can emulate all game gear games just fine - and has a much larger screen - and can interface with better controls.
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