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  1. That is funny - because it is one of the most racist things I have read online in a minute.
  2. I just finished Valour - by John Gwynne. Just started Fahrenheit 451 - By Bradbury Listening to Nemesis - By Asimov
  3. My experience is that it gets worse. My kids are preteen - and they want to play games. So sometimes I play with them, or I read.
  4. As has been pointed out this book has been adapted several times, and none of them follow what was written. If this sequel gets made it just resets the clock by another decade or so before someone will try again. Maybe someday someone will follow the book. Honestly probably a better shot for a faithful adaptation on streaming somewhere - because the book ending will never test well with audiences.
  5. I think that there are definite times where breaking all the rules works for certain individuals and can even propel them to higher greatness. As an example you would think spelling and sentence structure would be important for a author - but Cormac McCarthy has turned that around in many of his novels. Hedberg is great because he breaks the rules. It would not be a good template for others to try to follow because he was a genius.
  6. The construction scene with the brontosaurus gives me strong Flintstones vibes. I really hope the whistle blows and Chris Pratt slides down it's back yelling yabba dabba do. My other thought watching that was that it looks a lot like a mission impossible movie with dinosaurs.
  7. I think you are right, but I'm not sure they are choosing the right path. I think leaning into what they do best would help differentiate them. However these live service games can be cash cows for a decade if you get them right... so I guess I can understand chasing that.
  8. I think all the same arguments for exclusive content that work for Microsoft work for Sony. I fully expect future COD and Elder Scrolls games to be Xbox exclusive (where game pass is available ) However any ftp multiplayer stuff or Warzone, Elder Scrolls online etc... will probably be multi platform. If there is a Destiny 3 it might be multi platform - but there will be every reason for the best stuff to be PS 1st or PS only. Also if they have something else non destiny cooking - you better have a PS if you want to play it.
  9. I 100% forgot about that game... mostly because I don't play it. But that is a quality title from them. But if you look at their wiki page back in the late 90's/early 2000's before MS acquired them they were releasing multiple bangers every year. Then they got relegated to kinect sports and produced garbage for a long time.
  10. The potential problem with this and not getting any real marketable IP's is that the talent can leave. I mean it happened to Microsoft. Microsoft purchased RARE back in the day... but all the talent left, and RARE hasn't done anything since.
  11. Well the twitter post did it's job. How many threads do we have on here talking about ads?
  12. I do this often in tower defense type games after all the real goals are accomplished. Like how far can I get only using a certain type of tower or without upgrading it. In Madden playing online sometimes I'll restrict myself to a random formation and try to win the game using only that. Assasin Creed games I would try things like taking out an entire outpost without being seen.
  13. There are times that you just need to move on - and this is a property that really just needs moved on from. There are a million stories out there - choose a different one. The very name in the title is Snow White - because the title character is the most beautiful of them all largely because she has snow white skin - which is laughably bad to teach children (or anyone). Of course they have already announced a latina lead actress for the role. Then you have the dwarf issues... the consent issues. For 2022 this story just isn't a good choice. By the time this movie comes out it will be a latina woman who meets 7 magical creatures and recovers from the poison on her own cause she don't need no man. So why bother with the story?
  14. The Rock also tweeted out today that he is going to be staring in a new Video game movie. He has close ties to MS and Xbox. Wonder if these things are related. Gears Movie + New Gears collection of games.
  15. I think they would install just like xbox. Of course they would need to be made to work on a PS5... but most of the games already work on xbox and PC and many are already available on PS5 too. It would be work - but not anything like the PS3 days. The ports should all be very possible. But it would probably not be an identical service. Not every game would be there and not everything would release at the same time. I doubt the BC games would ever come. Just like the differences between xbox and pc.
  16. Microsoft has repeatedly said as much. However with the tag of - wherever gamepass is available. I do think that if PS or Nintendo allowed gamepass to be on their system that MS would be all for it - but it would pretty much dry up sales of games for their hardware. MS is getting pretty close to checkmate.
  17. This sucks... I always enjoyed her work. At least her early stuff. I was kind of shocked reading this, then I found out she was 80. She was stuck in my mind at the age they started making the movies.
  18. I fully expect to get assaulted here for what I'm about to say - but that article was funny as hell. I have a feeling too many here are reading this like it's a drama when it is a comedy. Him dunking on those students reminds me of the billy madison scene of adam sandler blasting kids in the face with dodge balls. If you read the whole article it even explains how dave told them all he had been joking, he loved them all, gave them all tickets to his show, gave them all thanksgiving dinner - and has provided lots of money to their school over the years for their education. Dave takes things to extremes to make points. That has always been his comedy.
  19. Pattison just did Batman... Also there are a ton of examples of actors who move as fast as possible to get out of franchise type of work - then are never heard from again.
  20. This feels a lot like in sports when a coach looks around at other jobs just to get a raise. I wonder if Holland made all the noise about being done with SM just to get a fatter contract.
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