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  1. Is “Walker” supposed to be Typhoid Mary?
  2. This game is a Konami sympathizer story, after playing it you’ll really begin to understand why they used to lock Kojima in an office and force him to finish MGS games.
  3. Watching ep2... the dialogue in this is absolutely awful, second only to the acting of practically every side character.
  4. Speaking of fog... They should also put Superman 64 on the console just as a troll.
  5. No, I want it on the N64 classic. I’d be better off playing all of these games via emu super-sampled to like 12k resolution, but that’s not the point of these classic edition consoles.
  6. Pilot Wings 64 not being on that list makes baby jesus cry. Also... Needs Turok.
  7. Ah, mine are always robots with no call back number.
  8. Spork3245

    The Kavanaugh Confirmation Charade Thread

    Something that's absolutely pissing me off beyond all belief about this. Memes like these being shared by self-defense instructors I know: Like... Okay, first of all, if you cannot discern the difference between a 2-3-year-old innocently grabbing the chest of a smiling adult woman vs a 17-year-old attempting to forcibly rape someone, you are a god damn idiot. Secondly, again, these are instructors of a self-defense school (thank fucking god not mine) - it's hard enough for most women to come into a room with a majority of sweaty men in an attempt to learn how to defend themselves, but now you're posting BS that implies that how long ago the incident occurred actually matters - they should be absolutely ashamed of themselves and have no business teaching anyone self-defense. Thirdly, if I found out a student was accused of attempted rape and the allegation was never proven to be false, I wouldn't care if it was 55 years ago, their membership would be canceled and they would no longer be welcome in my school. If my business partner argued with me, I would leave and make sure the world knew the type of people he was willing to teach. This shit isn't even fucking partisan. A conservative will wind up on the supreme court whether or not it's Rapey McFuckFace. How about we don't defend accused rapists based on how old they were when it occurred? Seriously, fuck anyone and everyone who would actually defend this based on how long ago it was. He was 17. He knew what he was doing was wrong.