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  1. So, I mean... Christie is probably pretty upset he missed out on this banquet, huh?
  2. I’ve never watched the show, I just remember hearing about him as a villain one season
  3. Aborbing Man was already part of the MCU on Agents of SHIELD iirc?
  4. Who’s the other villain? It looks like Mysterio is making these elemental things appear to pretend to be a hero...? Also, I don’t think you need to spoiler tag things from the trailer in a thread about the trailer. If someone comes in here and reads all the posts without watching the trailer then that’s on them
  5. I’m going to rewatch all of the eps starting towards late-Feb. I’m debating on getting an open-box of UHD S1 off of eBay for the HDR (it’s only around $25-30 used)... but, it’s hard to justify it since I’d be going back to 1080p for the rest of the seasons. HBO really needs to get their crap together and offer 4k HDR streaming on their apps
  6. Ugh, really? It's not 100% in VR like RE7? EDIT: Is the VR PlayStation exclusive? I was hoping for it on my Vive
  7. OH MY I might switch to one in 2020/2021 pending a few things (mostly finding a low mileage one and using the magic of depreciation ), but I’m now kind of spoiled by a heated steering wheel and ACC, so being able to keep those will also be a contributing factor.