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  1. So far I got a Xbone controller, a lamp, a 64gb Samsung USB 3.1 flash drive, and an 8-piece diamond cooking set.
  2. Ya know, I googled “Barron Trump Steve Bannon” just to see if something funny would pop up. Not only was this the first image, there are tons of links about this “conspiracy theory”
  3. Yup, that’s the one. All 3 fans and the heatsink are full RGB
  4. I have a Cooler Master ML360 that I can't use (I didn't realize I'd have to take out the optical drive bay to fit a 360mm radiator in my new case, and I don't wish to front mount it as I got nice Corsair RGB fans for the front). I had it too long to return it (didn't buy from Amazon) before I realized it wouldn't work. They go for $130-150. $100 shipped if you want it and can fit it. It's supposedly the best cooler out there and outperforms all the other 360mm AIOs. I had to go for a Corsair H115i 280mm but wish I could've used the Master Liquid.
  5. When Hopper was in that basement and had his gun against the Russian guy's head. It was line-for-line from Die Hard where McClane had the gun against the first guy he kills ("Now I have a machine gun. Ho Ho Ho"). "You won't shoot me" "Why's that?" "You're a policeman. Policeman have rules" Also, that Russian guy who came off like a super-soldier was basically Arnold's character from the Terminator without being a machine.
  6. That's viewing distance, not screen size as well as sub-pixel spacing becoming more apparent (which will happen regardless of screen size). Aliasing and other artifacts/imperfections on a smaller display becomes more noticeable in gaming as details become harder to make out due to the limited size (ie: things such as aliasing will now be spaced closer together and cause a more noticeable "shimmering" effect in some instances. It's why some games were unplayable for me on my nVidia Shield Handheld vs my nVidia Shield Tablet when using game stream, even though they are being rendered at the same resolution). Try playing a game while sitting 50 feet away from a 50" TV, then sit 5-6 feet away, tell me which had a more discernible image. On a 5" screen placed at optimal distance vs a 50" screen placed at optimal distance, the 5" screen will not appear "sharper", it will be more difficult to make out details which is the exact opposite effect.
  7. Yea, taking out the screen and just making it a little AppleTV-esq box that comes with a pro controller could likely reduce the overall cost and have it retail at a similar $200 price. However, I’d imagine the market for people that only want to use it docked vs those who either want only portable or both isn’t large enough to warrant the R&D and actual production.
  8. It’d be great if it’s announced for later this year alongside the Lite. I’d much rather get this and give my OG to my fiancé for Pokemon then just buy the Lite or share my OG
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