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  1. Me neither, but I’ve been watching/listening to Murphy’s briefings every time he’s had one (almost every day until he recently cut back) and that site barely matches what the actual rates have been here for July.
  2. I have no idea where that site is gathering info from. NJ has been well over 1 and climbing for several days. Friday was 1.35, Saturday was 1.38, yesterday was 1.49, today is 1.48. https://www.nj.com/coronavirus/2020/08/njs-coronavirus-rate-of-transmission-is-rising-heres-how-its-calculated.html
  3. Must not be “live”, I literally just watched it be announced on Murphy’s press conference. Is the 0.97 like a monthly average or is it daily? Mine is the daily
  4. NJ rate of transmission is up to 1.48. ~3 weeks ago it was around 0.7-0.8.
  5. 9/10 troll joke from Sony. They’re going to announce price and open preorders.
  6. Yea, GoW Ascension was just a bad game. Graphically it somehow looked worse than GoW3 which came out prior. It had nothing to do with burnout of the series.
  7. Atilis Gym owners break into their own business to let in customers, again violating N.J.‘s coronavirus orders These f’n assclowns. If you’re not familiar with this: in May, the two owners of this gym decided to open, violating state orders and had a huge publicity run leading up to it. Police came on opening day which had all the MAGA-chuds out in the parking lot, told them they are violating state orders, asked them to close, the owners said “no”, police said “okay” and left (again, huge crowd of “support protestors” (?)), cops came back 3-hours later after the crowd left and gave them citations. Next day, they opened again, police came and gave each owner $1k fines. Same thing the next day, and they started warning and/or fining customers. This went on for awhile, at one point the gym was padlocked. The gym owners filed a lawsuit claiming that Murphy doesn’t have the right to close businesses. The week before last, the court ruled in favor of Murphy/NJ and ordered the gym closed... so, the dipshit owners tried to open anyway, except now they were violating a court order so they were arrested and held in contempt of court with cops barricading the parking lot this past Monday. In the meantime it looks like police or someone from NJ barricaded the building with wooden planks to stop entry... so, this morning, the owners decided to kick down the barricades to open up. I’m sure this will go well for them.
  8. It’s like during the first syllable he starts thinking of oreos and gets distracted
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