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  1. I’ve realized that spotting is no longer a thing at the gym. I see someone about to fail on the benchpress putting up way too much weight, their arms are shaking, movement paused, slowly bending in reverse, their back arches to exorcist-levels just before their feet lift from the floor and flail about in the air: in March and prior I would have run over to help, but, now, I just watch thinking “better than the long term effects of COVID!”. Get stronger or die trying, baby!
  2. They both have ALLM via HDMI 2.1 for PS5 and XSX so input lag via ms is now semi-irrelevant, thankfully. It matters for non-2.1 consoles still, of course. I hear ya on the burn-in thing - it’s always in the back of my mind, just like it was with my plasma. It’s why I wish Samsung had DV support, seeing two TVs playing a movie side-by-side with HDR10 vs DV, there was no way I could go with the non-DV TV. But, it’s supposedly not much of an issue since the first couple of iterations unless you’re actually trying to get it by running the TV in a torch mode (ie: vivid mode), in one of the g
  3. Holy shit, this retribution storyline is beyond stupid, even by WWE standards
  4. Minus the support... and DV is visually superior anyway LG OLEDs have all the features you listed minus the “no possible burn in”, though. They also don’t have the halo/bloom that QLEDs still have in dark scenes.
  5. EVGA models are randomly popping up on Amazon. Gone instantly but it's happening, kinda. @thedarkstark @stepee
  6. I still haven't gotten an email, my paypal hasn't been charged, and it's not listed in my recent orders in my MS account (but nothing is showing in previous purchases so???). No clue if I actually got one or not
  7. No, not yet. I was just coming to ask if you or @number305 did
  8. JFC finally got through the MS checkout hell
  9. It's finally listed on Amazon (via search) but says "unavailable"
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