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  1. I vote that it should go in the Canada thread because “close enough”
  2. I dunno, saying that faithless electors shouldn’t be a thing was somehow controversial a few days ago
  3. Wawa employee had an easy osoto gari at the 15 second mark. Disappointed.
  4. Yea, he’s very hesitant without a stimulus bill as he knows that it could/will be a death knell for many businesses and people (financially) that have “survived” until now. Something to consider as well, iirc, hospitalizations are roughly 2-3 weeks behind positive cases, with deaths ~10-14 days post hospitalization. BTW, here’s a list for numbers and updates from every day since this started: LIVE UPDATES: Tracking the coronavirus in New Jersey | NJ Spotlight News WWW.NJSPOTLIGHT.COM This data is provided by the state Department of Health a
  5. Seriously. Didn’t Sony make the system so stupidly big for the purpose of cooling it? Yeesh. If your PS5 has a faulty GPU, the GPU needs to be replaced. No way really around it.
  6. I’m talking about average for the entirety of the spring. We’re at the highest since early May - I should have clarified my statement better, I was in the middle of cardio As coronavirus fills N.J. hospitals again, a look at hospital bed capacity statewide WWW.NJ.COM There are more people being treated for COVID-19 in N.J. hospitals since late May. But it's not all bad news.
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