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  1. Worth noting that this seems to be a “new” strain of monkeypox which is much more mild than the OG strain which has a 10% mortality rate. This strain, so far, is less than 1% deaths. However, what’s very odd about monkeypox is that the younger you are, the more deadly it is to you; children are the most likely to have the worse cases. Think like reverse-COVID in terms of “highest risk”.
  2. Massachusetts reports first confirmed U.S. case of monkeypox this year THEHILL.COM Massachusetts on Wednesday reported the first confirmed U.S. case of monkeypox this year in a man who had recently travelled to Canada. The case comes amid an... Harambe’s revenge may have taken its time, but it will be just.
  3. List of best-selling video games - Wikipedia EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG Looks like Minecraft is the only game to sell more copies than GTAV so far
  4. CG looked really bad, like UE5 does better character models in real-time type of bad. Show did not look great in that trailer IMO. I’ll give it a shot because I’ve mostly liked the Marvel D+ shows so far, though I thought Moon Knight was kinda boring and saved solely by Oscar Isaac’s performance.
  5. It’s confusing in that it’s all labeled as PS+. This would be like if MSFT named the various tiers of GamePass as Xbox Live, Xbox Live Premium, Xbox Live non-plebe, and Xbox Live Ultra. It’s dumb and confusing for those who already have the current PS+ and aren’t up to date. Sony is presenting it as “coming to PS+“ not even acknowledging the new tiers, which at a quick glance can be taken as the current model. Don’t be purposefully obtuse.
  6. Don't worry, Sony decided to make this all as confusing as possible on purpose. PS Plus Memberships: All Three Tiers Explained WWW.PUSHSQUARE.COM What PS Plus Essential, Extra, and Premium gets you - Beginning in May and June 2022, Sony will expand its PlayStation Plu...
  7. I'm actually annoyed about them adding Jurassic World Evolution 2... because I bought it on sale from Epic for about $33 like 3-4 months ago and just started playing it last week
  8. They're great, IMO, and I'm not typically into park-building games. It's just fun to watch the dinosaurs. The OG one from years ago is actually great if you can find it; it actually had some decent npc ai in the dinosaurs so you could watch them hunt, the ai in the current games is more basic. EDIT: This one, Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis - Wikipedia EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG
  9. Yea, there was one line of receivers from them that had an issue where the capacitors would go bad if they reached a certain temperature. It happened to me, but onkyo fixed it for free as it was a known issue (they provided service even out of warranty)
  10. At least it's downloads now and not streaming only (PS Now was streaming only, right? ). I never did PS Now but am planning on the $100/year tier for this next month. I saw a handful of games I've been wanting to play but don't want to outright buy on there.
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