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  1. They did an offering, that's why it dropped, not volatile, just annoying shelf at a $10/insider-share. Then they PR'd some of the Phase 3 data and the shelf offering was eaten up within a couple of hours, closed, and then it ran again to $11+. Yes. I'm likely done posting here for the time being if not forever but I'll check my PMs as I get emailed. A trade is something you get rid of short-term, an investment is something you'll hold with no short-term plan of selling as you believe in the company. The majority of criticism here is a lack of understanding that virtually
  2. I'm up like $1.5k on the day. Do you need a hug or something? There was just absolutely zero reason to attempt to troll me - I'm honestly just fucking sick of it.
  3. No salt. Just calling out your BS. I had ham for lunch, salt reserves are full and fine. You gonna cry or something? Take pictures, your onlyfans will pay big money for those.
  4. It's just fucking annoying I come into this thread via a notification, get some annoying BS playing on loop blasting my speakers, then get shit for mentioning it from someone who can actually fix it. Like, seriously, fuck the fuck off.
  5. You're haxx0red and posted them everywhere. Can't help but read your posts. They're generally like watching a train wreck itself over and over. Can't. Not. Watch.
  6. I'm not seeing much in the way of walls on lvl2. Pending sell offs with people taking profit, it could get past $12 pretty easy.
  7. I would but it still wouldn't be FireFox? Why the fuck do you even reply and attempt to give a hard time if you're not going to do anything about it? FFS. Get a hobby or go back to your porn.
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