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  1. OVID is a potential easy flip. R/R is very good on it. They made a deal with Takeda pharmaceuticals, yet, due to this trash ass market, it's currently trading at $4... which is below OVIDs (now) cash value... OVID is trading below their cash. Based on the current stock price, Takeda could've paid roughly $75m more and just bought OVID outright and avoided royalties and what-not. Simply put: OVID's current stock price/share makes ZERO sense and should be at least $5-6.
  2. Current market pull-back is a trend that's not stopping anytime soon. If this was 5 weeks ago both OCGN and KMPH would've been touching 30 off their news. SPY keeps dipping so don't expect past $18-22 range for OCGN on FDA submission and/or approval news.
  3. Save 75% on Save daddy trump 2: The Final Triumph on Steam STORE.STEAMPOWERED.COM Daddy Trump is kidnapped again and now locked to container. You Kiki Trump are only hope. Destroy Peaceland country enemies and their leader Corrupt.
  4. I personally had zero luck with stockdrops.net, even signed up for their telegram channel to get more immediate notifications and would hop on them as soon as I the alert was sent. A lot of it comes down to luck. R/hardwareswap on Reddit is probably the best bet for paying a non-insane amount over MSRP (many sell for like $50-150 over what they paid after tax + shipping, just so they can buy dinner as a reward for getting you a GPU ).
  5. There’s also rumors that they’re going to be bought out today and announce it at the conference call that’s about to start
  6. BREAKING: Bharat Biotech announces Phase 3 results; Covaxin's efficacy at 81% WWW.BUSINESSTODAY.IN The company said that the efficacy of Covaxin is 81 per cent. Covaxin is currently being administered, along with Serum Institute's Covishield in the COVID-19 vaccination drive
  7. PA drivers used to be able to get their license at Sears and have no idea that the left lane is for passing. /argument
  8. Yea, pending which 3080 that is (pre-OCed) you may need greater than 800watt.
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