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  1. I recently bought Sam Sho V Special on PSN and the AI is hilariously clairvoyant. Amazing game but the AI renders it boring and useless to play if you don't have a couch pal, which I don't. Shame.
  2. Completely lost interest 10 seconds into those hyper cliche squad-based DudeBro one-liner antics. Single player FPS sounded cool at first until I watched the trailer.
  3. This was not intended as a joke somehow. An absolute classic among my friends:
  4. Get Out 2: Black Men Keep Dying Inside The Apartment Of A Wealthy Democratic Megadonor With A Vengeance
  5. I haven't played the game in probably a year so I'd have to look but basically as far as I recall, it matches you with people's motherbases that have similar amounts of stats in general? Shit I can't remember what it took for me to get to people's more advanced, crazy bases. Those are really fun because the soldiers are hyper-aware compared to the base game and there's drones and traps and shit everywhere, so it gets very challenging. Edit: I do remember grinding through a few of those near-empty/low rank bases for cheap GMP and resources though... FYI, fully upgrading D-Dog's equipment unlocks some really fun shit he can do, not sure if you guys mainly choose Quiet or D-Dog or the horse though.
  6. You don't actually battle people. It's basically loading you into their customized, decked-out motherbase and you have to try to make it to the comm center through the set up defenses like drones, soldiers, traps etc.
  7. This might be one of the most unintentionally funny and racist promo lines ever, I actually laughed out loud reading that again.
  8. I don't know how active the online community still is but have you tried engaging with invading other players' mother bases etc.? It's really fun side content.
  9. This video made me nostalgic as fuck...
  10. Ended up buying it the other day and with some patches and balancing, there's a great game underneath some of the rough shit I think. It's not perfect and has some issues but overall the more I'm playing, the more I'm getting sucked in. It definitely leans way more into the spiked pits/enemy memorization per screen type of design rather than Metroid in terms of moment-to-moment gameplay. I will say that I think anyone, what the one or two of you here, considering buying this should hold off. There are a ton of bugs and other stupid shit adding a layer of annoyances right now and I really think they're going to patch and balance the fuck out of this.
  11. That makes sense and that is impressive in context of modern Action films I'm sure. I can't even put my finger on it but I found it incredibly dull and generic somehow. The "typical modern Action movie" soundtrack probably contributed to it, I don't know, I just couldn't wait for it to be over and was really bored despite its constant fights somehow.
  12. First time I agree with you ever. This movie did suck and I have no clue why it's held in high regard, I just watched it for the first time recently. The puppy thing though...
  13. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood I went for a second viewing, a friend invited me with an extra ticket. I have to say I really enjoy this movie and find his treatment of Sharon Tate very endearing and touching. I'm not really sure about a specific rating but...maybe a 9/10?
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