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  1. Please watch this one. This all makes SO much more sense once you see this wacko's face. I love this guy and I truly hope he's dead serious. Fortnite in there is a great touch of pure insanity. Edit: I spoke about insanity too soon, he literally completely wigs the fuck out at one point, violently flailing his head and arms about.
  2. But how else would you have learned that millenials specifically are even to blame for a zombie not exiting a door in a video game?
  3. I can't even tell if that's supposed to be a parody or if this dude is serious. It's much funnier though if he's serious.
  4. Those satisfy my inherent German longing for precision and order, my friend.
  5. This has to be good news for fans if so. I ran into trees more than I care to admit during my time with it.
  6. It's not a 1:1 remake. He probably doesn't want those surprises spoiled, seems straight forward to me.
  7. I actually perversely like tank controls. I really like the original Tomb Raider controls
  8. Didn't someone beat Dark Souls with a racing wheel and another with chat directions or some absurd shit? I wouldn't be surprised if playing blindfolded could be done after that.
  9. You're from Jersey? Whereabouts? I've got a lot of friends over there, especially Secaucus and Hoboken. I also lived in CA for a year actually interestingly enough. Wasn't for me and I hightailed it back East and now I'm back to crying about the evil winter.
  10. Nah, I have a crass, and sometimes obnoxious, sense of humor and it can be unintelligible on here because no mannerisms etc. are involved. It's backfired on me a few times so I totally get it. The combative NY dickhead in me forgets not everybody jokes like that.
  11. Somebody did this up for those who might be curious what that would've looked like.
  12. That was a joke man Edit: And my apologies if that wasn't clear. I just had a funny mental image of us all in the school yard with me bitching about the game and when I saw the upvote I pictured that kid in the back going "yeah fuck him up!!!".
  13. I keep picturing @skillzdadirecta as that kid in the back trash talking in a schoolyard argument with his stupid upvotes
  14. If you guys think that's what it boils down to, knock yourselves out. I still want the option because to me you guys' assessment of what I consider exploration in old RE games isn't my experience. I didn't run around the perimeters of rooms and spam X and I replayed RE1 through 3 in the past few years. All I asked for is an option, I'm not saying you guys shouldn't play that way. There have been several titles I've bought in recent years that don't offer HUD customization for a hint/waymarker/whatever display and it's annoying me. It can't be that hard to give people the option who don't want that.