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  1. Ironically prior to release they specifically name-dropped the first Dark Souls in terms of world design in Dark Souls III interviews.
  2. Got a free trial at GameFly so I didn't have to pay money to play Resi 3 Remake and Doom Eternal. Unfortunately they sent out Doom Eternal first because I was too stupid to move RE3 in front of it so I'm stuck with the one I'm quite confident I will hate over the weekend. I'm a dummy. But, first things first, The Last Door Season 2 will be tonight and I can't wait to start playing. I didn't know the game continued after what I had assumed were the only four episodes. I loved it so I was incredibly happy to find out there's a second part technically.
  3. What I'd really like to see more of is a focus on Dark Souls world design, as in the first game specifically. That'd be really cool seeing how even From dropped that.
  4. I'm sure it is considering its Metacritic score etc., I meant it more as it looks like two wtf-level remakes. I'm sure FFVII will also be a fun enough game if experienced on its own terms but as remakes, these both look disappointing and baffling to me.
  5. Too Fast For Love baby And I was already on the "fuck this remake" train but yeah, get me an express ticket. Between this and RE 3 Remake missing like half the shit from the original, what a month for highly-awaited remakes.
  6. I mean how could this get any dumber than charging $59.99 for game 1 out of however-many with no actual plan in sight?
  7. Has anyone seen this: The Pale Horse (Amazon Prime) The preview looked super cool visually but it has some real shit ratings. Is this just "I expected xyz and it ain't" or does it suck?
  8. Does it have to be a new album? Because I just listened to Judas Priest's Hellbent For Leather for the first time in a while and it's a 10/10 Problem with listening to a track like Delivering The Goods while on lockdown is that I immediately want to get a beer at the bar.
  9. I saw this on Steam earlier. Doesn't have a release date yet but apparently it's been in development for quite a while. Looks really cool, fingers crossed.
  10. If there's one incredibly funny aspect to this pandemic, it's the endless slew of "doing aggressively Americuh'n nonsense to own the libz" antics. Amazing post, LoweringMyImmuneSystemByWearingOnlyASweaterAndFreezingInTheCold/10, would die for Perkins again.
  11. I feel guilty that I exclusively thought "MGSV is totally awesome!" when I read R&D.
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