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  1. I have you covered, Sir: The jerky kid I hit with the semitruck MASK also had Condor, that's how I remembered it immediately haha
  2. This is it. The one MASK toy I was allowed. I, of course, picked Raven. It was like a poor kid's way of also getting a Knight Rider toy at the same time. Also, MASK was the edgy Transformers for badass kids, kids with rat-tails or pre-mullets.
  3. I made it a commendable amount of time into Okami and then Okami HD each and bounce off every time still. It's not just the opening for me. There's something really boring about it to me that I can't put my finger on. It does look and sound amazing though, that's for sure.
  4. Replaying Shadow Tactics after beating it already because it's a fantastic game and I can't stop.
  5. YEEESSSS I would listen to that theme song now, unironically, I won't lie. @Ghost_MH fun fact about MASK toys. My mom once had to pick me up from this kid's house because I hit him in the head with the semi-truck MASK for not letting me play with it.
  6. Holy shit. Came in here to rep the fuck out of MASK but then was reminded of this. I used to LOVE this show! I saw all of it on reruns when we finally moved to West Germany from the commies. The theme song alone made me so happy just now awww haha Edit: I HAD to look up my childhood version. Here it is, folks:
  7. I think I just lost the thread because I was a bit sleepy and that ain't the movie for that!
  8. I'm planning to watch it soon and actually mainly because I'm interested in discussing it with you guys here after reading those reviews. I felt like those reviews describe my experience with some of Lovecraft Country after the great, first episode so I'm curious how this'll go.
  9. The Parallax View I can't remember who recommended this to me on here? Anyway, I really liked some aspects but ultimately felt rather confused and somewhat disinterested in it. I didn't finish it, probably just wasn't in the mood. It seemed objectively good.
  10. I've got a remedy for that. Don't blow your own article out of proportion out of the gate with a clickbait central headline.
  11. Hyper Light Drifter has quite a few Zelda LttP elements in it. That being said, it's much more combat focused and difficult than any Zelda game and also a bit abstract. Also, I know you didn't mention the platform but Alundra (PS1) is probably the best Zelda-like game made in my opinion.
  12. I remember not liking it much but honestly have zero recollection of it even.
  13. Man fuck that corny cover, how dare they! This is the graphic design equivalent of frosted tips
  14. But he said altered...and it's Altered Beast...and then Shper had said powers...and Altered Beast also has powers...
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