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  1. I played it back in the day and it is the absolute peak of 90's edge. The multiplayer mode was even called...wait for it...Gang Bang.
  2. He kept it so real that when he had to sell everything cos he was broke he apparently always held on to a bag of diamonds to still 'look rich'. Somehow this is gangsta as fuck to me.
  3. This reminds me of when Vanilla Ice went Fred Durst or MC Hammer got real.
  4. This went from Philip Glass and Coil to Ethan Embry. If I were a Christian, I'd repent for this blasphemy.
  5. They're both peak 90's "not gonna be part of your system quirky cool guy", I don't blame you. I can't even tell which one sucks harder.
  6. My ex loved this stupid movie and I've seen it minimum of ten times and I seriously hate it haha... That stupid ├╝ber-edgy white kid who looks like the singer of Blind Melon is the most 90's person ever and has the most punchable face. That being said, I don't know one 90's boy who didn't watch this due to the fact of Jolie wearing that white outfit alone.
  7. This is hands-down THE most 90's movie ever outside of...maybe Empire Records. It's so fucking edgy, the bad guy rides a skateboard and is like 45. Speaking of Horror in my last post, I can't believe I forgot one of my absolute favorites: Between the soundtrack, the colors, the disjointed set pieces of surreal violence, it actually feels like a weird, witchy nightmare. The remake was a ridiculous train wreck.
  8. I've never read the backstory on why it wasn't used but the Coil soundtrack is great, I actually have it on LP. I'm a fan of Coil in general, they've made some amazingly innovative and interesting music.
  9. Unfortunately I'm somewhat broke right now after dropping all that money for the laptop itself and have to wait a bit to start buying games. PS: It's amazing how ubiquitous Hollow Knight is, I've seen that game on every list of games I've looked at in the past few days between Game Pass, this etc.
  10. Oh no, fuck. The first season especially was absolutely great with the second one being quite uneven yet still great. I was really looking forward to S3, what a load of shit to leave the story hanging like this.
  11. I absolutely love Philip Glass and Floe is one of my favorite pieces of music. Helen's Theme on this soundtrack is fantastic. Edit: You should really check out this particular version of Floe if you enjoy his music, the last minute and a half or so is incredible with her vocals.
  12. Speaking of cult movies, I saw Stalker (Tarkovsky) for the first time the other night and much like Solyaris before, I walked out I hated it so fucking much. I'm all for taking art within their historical context and all but I just can't with Tarkovsky based on these two films. I had actually wanted to see Stalker for years and years based on the super cool looking trailers I had seen.
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