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  1. I'm actually about to go on a Lvl 7 sword shopping trip next time I play but my current sword should be decent for my level, I'll see. I just leveled to 7 right before having to quit last night.
  2. I was actually gonna type 'fighting with Asians'. It could be an Asian dude straight-up boxing and it'd be Kung Fu according to the film industry.
  3. I've been doing that yeah. I tend to read all the Bestiary entries and things like that in these games, figure out how to fight things. That being said, some monsters seem bizarrely strong for their level but maybe that's just the nature of the monster itself and less to do with the level number. Not a biggie. And actually, Jenny O' The Woods is next up on my hit list. That fucking jerk absolutely destroyed me when I first got the quest. Time for revenge.
  4. Been cleaning up all kinds of side quests, finished the Keira storyline in Velen for right now and I'm about to get into the Bloody Baron quest when I play next... The difficulty, or specifically enemy levels, constantly throws me off. There'll be a human enemy several levels above me and I just destroy them, then I went to fight a wraith the same levels above me and couldn't even dent its health bar. Still haven't wrapped my head around what all that really indicates I guess and I think it's the fact the only ARPGs I've played since like 2011 are From titles apparently. I keep thi
  5. I wonder if Jiu Jitsu is going to be the next 'Karate' where movies just interchangeably use a well-known martial art as a euphemism for....fighting that's not strictly boxing?
  6. This is the only correct answer to anything ever. As law-abiding citizens, they could've shot the bad truck.
  7. MicroClimate MICROCLIMATE.COM AIR™ is a new wearable that creates a safe, healthy, and comfortable environment for the individual. The device also protects surrounding bystanders from the person wearing the device. An innovative face mask for public use. A friend of mine sent this to me earlier, total Death Stranding
  8. How does dumping points into one work by the way? I see a "1/3" in a skill tile...I've been afraid to click it again in case I simply end up purchasing a duplicate. If I invest another point in the same skill tile does that create a duplicate or strengthen the skill?
  9. It's Souls all over...so many fun rings, so few slots! I only have three slots unlocked right now so it's painful to try to choose. I do have a buff for Aard right now, I really like that skill although I can never get to the 'finisher' in time when enemies hit the ground. I did it by accident once, that's it.
  10. I invested in the sword combat buffs immediately but think I'll switch that up soon.
  11. Creedence were a fucking incredible band in general but I agree, this album particularly is fantastic. Run Through The Jungle is amazing. On a side note, apparently the '3rd Generation' sign on that post on the cover is a reference to some critic calling them basically less than previous Bay Area bands. A '3rd Generation Band'.
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