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  1. BURLINGTON, VT. — Ben and Jerry's is removing the claim that its ice cream comes from “happy cows” on all packaging. The news came in the company's response to a class action lawsuit filed in October, which accused the Vermont-based ice cream maker and parent company Unilever of misleading consumers. Their shit comes from large-scale factory farming which are essentially cow thunderdomes without the cool weapons. (Edit: don't ask me how I came up with this asinine analogy...I smoke too much I think...) There you have it, even Ben & Jerry's with their hippy bullshit are evil monsters.
  2. I assumed this was essentially an understood reality among adults. There is no 'decent' or even 'good' corporation.
  3. I love Malta so much, this guy could stab my cousin and I'd still buy it. Also... "We are all truly blessed ... to have a leader like President Trump who is a builder," Unanue said during the Rose Garden speech. "We have an incredible builder, and we pray. We pray for our leadership, our president." What an utter wacko.
  4. Last time I tried to tell you anything about that game it was all entirely false, I'm not saying anything haha Edit!!!!!: "Indeed, it seems as though Ghost of Tsushima will feature a lot of gory violence -- perhaps in honour of the many blood-spraying samurai movies that inspired it. The ESRB description reads: "Some attacks result in dismemberment and/or decapitation of enemy soldiers, often accompanied by large blood-splatter effects"
  5. Yeah actually, I'm on board with this. The mere mention of Assassin's Creed makes me nauseous at this point.
  6. I would've loved to have seen it in Bloodborne considering you have weapons like a saw cleaver and other really crazy shit. But then Sekiro was just begging for it, it's a samurai flick staple basically to at least lop off an arm here and there. Quickly checking out that Beta video posted up there somehow drove this home again.
  7. This has to be one of the most consistently unappealing and stupid looking series of games currently on the market to me.
  8. We rode bikes all winter long where I grew up, it's not an issue. You just have to bundle the fuck up and be careful, that's all.
  9. Have you ever tried telling it to get a goddamn job?
  10. Don't Get Caught is the first title. Get Caught is the sequel and then Get Caught: Lockdown will be the final DLC.
  11. Having recently replayed the first two, encounter design is definitely really weak in both of them. It's a shame because they're great games but it's very noticeable going back now.
  12. Did any of you ever play Dead Space: Extraction on the Wii? It was actually a really cool spin-off game.
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