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  1. Never heard of that actually, what should I check out? This is yet another favorite of all time tracks and probably my favorite Aphex track actually. Just brilliant, he has a knack for making these really beautiful yet eerie pieces.
  2. Damn, thought so. My most anticipated game currently, bastards. Edit: Someone already streamed it somehow and it looks identical to the first one pretty much. The level of asset and enemy reuse is off the charts. I thought it was just some DLC I hadn't played at first. Pretty much the exact opposite of what that game needed.
  3. Fuck yea...how do these work? They select users at random or?
  4. What he said, yes. I do however unapologetically wear tracksuits with Adidas sandals and socks so I'm an honorary Slav. According to ourselves, we're simply Silesian.
  5. I love Boards Of Canada and (older particularly) Autechre. Honestly, I got into this kind of stuff in my "drug experimentation" days. A great friend of mine who is a painter and tattoo artist used to drop acid and paint for like 10 hours to all this kinds of stuff and I thought it was fascinating. One of our go-to albums was this compilation Artificial Intelligence:
  6. I would recommend this to start with as it covers a lot of...bases...of his sound. Some heavily Ambient-veering tracks mixed with great percussion. Besides, the opening track is one of my favorite songs of all time. Or maybe this as it's also kind of a perfect cross section while his later albums are a bit too "glitchy" for me personally. This is my personal favorite:
  7. I'm originally East German. Then West when the wall fell (I was born in '83), then emigrated to NYC a bit later when my mother married a GI. My family history is complicated though, we're originally farmers from nowadays-Wroclaw, Poland before WWII. So Breslau in Silesia back then.
  8. He's done anything from very stripped-down and tranquil Ambient to borderline pure noise but definitely nothing like Come To Daddy funny enough.
  9. I'm not sure this has ever happened to me but I'm actually feeling apprehensive about watching this show. I've been meaning to a few nights in a row night and I keep backing away from the play button like a scared kid. The whole Cold War nuclear fear of my childhood must've really done a number on me, who knew!
  10. Ironically that song was apparently made as a parody of Heavy Metal, as a joke essentially, and became his most well-known song. Basically everything else he's done in his absurdly vast catalog and musical variations is nothing like that song. Edit: Assuming we're talking about Come To Daddy
  11. I would totally move to a shittier neighborhood temporarily for a better SAT score. Just kidding, immigrants don't go to college.
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