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  1. That's actually a really cool design, would be curious to see it in person for the textures etc.
  2. Samurai Shodown V Special I'm so incredibly bad at this game yet having fun. The art and soundtrack are both gorgeous.
  3. Joke's on you, I've just been holding back all my heinous plans until this right moment.
  4. I'll definitely get myself banned while you're away as a surprise.
  5. Having recently attempted to replay it, the gameplay is even shittier than I remembered it and it didn't even leave a good impression when I did like the game initially. It's almost baffling this followed Max Payne which still has great gameplay in my opinion. I keep thinking of Remedy as a cool dev because of Max Payne 1 and 2's gameplay and then realize that was it.
  6. See above, I was talking about the character of Elaine specifically, not necessarily JLD.
  7. She's basically a psycho and dresses even worse...yet I was totally into her. That's why 'weirdly' for me.
  8. Did you play Prey per chance? Not Lovecraft by name but...it's very Lovecrafty and a fantastic game. I'm really just saying it because basically every actual Lovecraft game seems doomed to mediocrity at best.
  9. That Max Payne boss fight with the drugged-out Satanist guy in that Valhalla club is still branded in my gaming memories. Those first two were great stuff.
  10. Elaine was weirdly attractive to me as well...and I'm definitely a better boyfriend than fucking Puddy!
  11. I think the show just got better and better. I can't remember exactly remember where I kind of "drew the line", but I always remember the first two seasons maybe being just not that funny. The meaner and more outlandish it got, the funnier the show was. I loved all the ridiculous shit with Peterman going to the jungle, Jackie Chiles and what not.
  12. He's 100% on that. I'm pretty sure bagels are the one thing on LI that actually bring any and all races, creeds and social classes together in one store. Having to cut back on my previously daily bagel consumption is one of the worst blows of my 30's thus far.
  13. ...aaaaaannndddd Bruce Dickinson is also a quite documented, well, dick. And I say that as a fan of the band. I'm sure however that their team of lawyers are even bigger dicks so who knows if this ever even reached the band.
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