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  1. I've already bashed it enough on here but I simply think the whole game feels awkward and lacking at a core level. It's like a gimped RE4 with a more limited moveset shoved into an outdated FPS template or something, pretty much just like you said. The opening segment is a prime example of how hard they were leaning into the RE4 nostalgia without seemingly understanding even a quarter of the stuff that made that game's village opening so fucking good. That marriage thing you said is the exact problem I have with it. It's the weaker aspects of both worlds combined in some weird hodgepodge that just doesn't work for me. The review scores and reception is baffling to me, really. I actually liked, what I played of it at least, RE6 more than this, at least the gameplay was legit.
  2. You and me both apparently Regarding playing, still the same shit for me. Been spending about 30 minutes in Hunt: Showdown's training mode every night just practicing my aim, trying to learn how to flick shoot, learning different guns. Never been so dedicated to learning a videogame lol
  3. The reception to the sequel was baffling to me, I didn't read reviews etc. until I had already finished it. What people seemed to hate about it were welcome changes to me so eh. It's sad to see how much that clearly affected them. They seem noticeably upset about it even in this video all these years later.
  4. I absolutely love both games so this was a really interesting watch I wanted to share.
  5. For some reason last time I replayed Dark Souls, Capra Demon absolutely fucked me up at least five times in a row and I had never had an issue with that fight.
  6. I just cannot fathom any boss ever in those games being described as 'a joke' lol. You still have to play well and really pay attention. The easiest they get in my opinion is maybe one being noticeably easier than a complete ball-buster elsewhere in the game. Like a 'joke' of a boss would be something where I waltz in after two hours of playtime and beat it on my first try without taking damage or something like that. I guess my point being even the comparatively easy bosses in any given Souls-related game can still fuck you up if you're not playing well, including over-levelling yourself I guess which also requires an investment of playing well technically.
  7. I recently got on a Noir kick and ended up buying the BluRay for Kiss Me Deadly and realized afterwards, wait, maybe I should just sign up to the Criterion streaming. I'll check the site thanks for the feedback gents
  8. What's the selection like? Is it just the bargain bin shit nobody buys from their archive or literally all, or most of, their stuff?
  9. "LOL this boss was a total joke..." to literally any and all bosses anyone finds difficult. I once saw someone describe the Bloodborne DLC bosses as 'a joke'.
  10. Uh right now I have Netflix, Prime and mooching off my friend's Shudder account which is fun if you like B Horror. I'm actually really interested in the Criterion service, would be curious if anyone has that here and what their opinion is.
  11. Hunt: Showdown any time I've had a chance to play this week. Found some cool people on the game's Discord that have been really helpful and fun to play with.
  12. I don't think I've ever actually watched Family Feud in my life. It's one of those shows I know exists somewhere but yeah. And yeah, I've seen some of his standup before and thought it sucked.
  13. Bernie Mac in Bad Santa alone was funnier than most (okay that's a bit much, let's some *some*) comedians' entire careers.
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