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  1. Book of Revelation It's a killer story, what can I say.
  2. I've rarely seen this game come up anywhere but kept seeing it on PSN sales lists over the years. It's basically an indie Ghosts 'N Goblins clone...or based on its quality I'd call it a spiritual successor I guess? In short, it's actually a really great game with a good, memorable soundtrack and first and foremost very good and challenging encounter design. It was just on sale for dirt cheap, not sure how much it is now. If you're into Ghosts... obviously or old school Castlevania, check this game out
  3. Maybe it'll turn out that it's secretly an internship program for some shadowy evil CEO organization. Like a test to see how little compensation it takes for candidates to be utterly condescending power trippers. "Just imagine what they can do with a $500k salary, you are hired Sir!" Truly the Squid Game of videogame message boards Edit: I had just hit a joint a few times before I typed that up good god
  4. Yeah, like I said, this whole topic rubs me the wrong way and that argument between her and I had been simmering in me for a while. It feels like the equivalent of not being able to get off to regular porn and having to escalate shit to get your rocks off.
  5. There are several seemingly very successful channels that do analysis of full police interrogation room footage and shit. It's supposed to be in service of analyzing the psychology but my argument with my girlfriend was partially that this seems like bullshit circus freak style entertainment with some questionable source giving their 'expert' opinion once every shocking twenty minutes. Maybe there is some merit I just don't get, she's way smarter than me really, but it looks like exploitative, tasteless garbage to me.
  6. The fact D1P has a GIF button, built-in memes and reactions to endlessly antagonize other posters with should be enough to impress the shit out of them.
  7. This has actually become a sort of source of friction between my girlfriend and I. I understand the motivation since she's in med school going for psychiatry and all I guess but close to all she's interested in entertainment-wise are Netflix Shockumentaries, like that fucking awful story about gym bro murdering his wife and kids, and YouTubers dissecting police interrogations (this is apparently a popular thing I was gladly not aware of). I kind of watched some of it with her here and there at first but man, it says a lot when even I think this shit is tasteless, depressing and creepy. It actually happened last week that we ended up getting into a somewhat big argument about all this because that Netflix doc I mentioned earlier was the breaking point for me.
  8. Considering the amount of active, regular posters, I demand approximately $0.76 of that payday.
  9. I just hope it deeply upsets as many of its permanently-outraged and delusional members as possible.
  10. I saw some dude with a red baseball hat the other day and legit had one of those full body flinches. It turned out to be something unrelated but that's how much I seem to have red-hat-PTSD
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