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  1. I wonder how awkward these board meetings are where they decide on whether or not to include releases with content of this nature.
  2. You should send that fucking crystal ball you got so I can use it on something more helpful than seeing the future of Star Wars video games, like winning the lotto.
  3. Milk murders my stomach so I haven't drank any beyond the occasional coffee add or ingredient in like 10+ years either.
  4. Sooooooo....don't play Mass Effect 2 first, @Emblazon? Is that what you'd tell someone wondering whether to jump into this series at some point?
  5. I've never played a Mass Effect game and still have zero clue what they're about/what they entail gameplay wise somehow. Are they RPGs?
  6. Don't make me edit my list and put Death Stranding on it!
  7. But it's so good I decided to just do the 10 year thing instead of this actual decade.
  8. With each hair lost, another non-white person is added to the shit list.
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