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  1. Reminds me of Disco Elysium. That would run smooth as fuck and then stutter massively every time the camera moved.
  2. Check out "Master Of Sparks" or "Precious & Grace" from their Tres Hombres album. I love most of the albums but those two are my favorite. There's a cool sparseness and atmosphere to that album, fits them being from Texas.
  3. Dusty Hill, bassist for iconic rock group ZZ Top, dies at 72 (nbcnews.com) Probably not a whole lot of ZZ Top listeners here but I grew up loving them. Just a cool fucking band overall and hugely influential. One of the few that never sounded like shit and washed-up in their old age...and who else checks their pockets for a lighter mid-solo:
  4. The version of Dark Souls: Remastered on Switch is actually better in my opinion. Someone else ported it and didn't fuck up the lighting of the original and introduce audio glitches that kills the ambient audio in quite a few areas. It seems like the best version to play really in terms of being faithful to the original.
  5. I agree with most of that post but Dark Souls, the first one, had an approach to exploration more in line with what people ended up praising BotW for I think. Or the very first Zelda theoretically. It plops you into this massive, gorgeous world and just lets you be an archaeologist and just play. It's definitely more stripped-back than Zelda dungeons with puzzles and so on but in terms of exploration and discover, it's and absolutely incredible experience. You should really give the games a shot.
  6. I mean they're different games and it's not a 1:1 thing. Bloodborne doesn't have platforming just like Returnal isn't focused on exploration like Metroid, so that's what I meant. Neither are 1:1 but the rest is so absurdly spot-on in regards to feeling like "the Metroid/Castlevania I always wanted but didn't know I wanted" in terms of aesthetics, mood and tight gameplay that I've thought it for both games. And I fucking LOVE Dark Souls and that Zelda statement is silly, just like saying Returnal out-Metroids Metroid etc. would be silly. They have different priorities but at a base
  7. While it definitely has its priority not on exploration but combat instead, a major percentage of Returnal is still the current-gen Metroid nobody's going to make. Returnal is to Metroid what Bloodborne is to Castlevania in my opinion.
  8. It was probably featured in the Retro Shooter thread, not sure though. I know I've seen it on here before.
  9. I can't wait for someone in 20 years to pull this post as evidence that I'm a monster when I'm trying to work for some hardcore Progressive outfit but here goes: I like the hat.
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