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  1. It happened to me with my first Legendary hunt, I was killed on the way back. I didn't get the message pop-up but should check anyway if it's available whenever I play next. The traveling doesn't bother me nearly as much as the main mission structure and while I see its absurdity glaringly, it's not something that actively brought the game down for me like said missions for example.
  2. It may not be popular, but it's entirely obvious and logical and crosses my mind every single time I've had to active auto-pilot. The absurdity of that is mind-blowing to me. "Yeah...this really common and enormous part of our game is really tedious and boring so what do we do here? I got it, let's give them an option to just completely disengage with our VIDEO GAME and just sit there for 10 minutes, that'll solve the issue of tedium and boredom". WHAT?
  3. I really hope he goes full Kojima and it turns out to be an incredibly artistic fart simulator.
  4. Congratulations everyone who won and a shout-out to that generous fucker @SFLUFAN
  5. I agree. Then there's the aspect of not being able to fast travel if you have any cargo on your horse such as a Legendary Pelt or anything of value. I assume the theory was that there's an added sense of danger with ambushes when riding back the absurd distances coming from a Legendary Animal kill but seeing how that hunting task itself tends to be a major, major pain in the ass, I find it silly. Seeing how the ambushes spawn out of thin air and randomly with the ability to create up to several attacks per travel route, it's overkill.
  6. I would rather chop my balls off than buy Days Gone.
  7. This. You can upgrade the tents to feature fast travel in the shape of a map on your wagon. This allows you to fast travel FROM camp to those locations but not vice versa.
  8. I don't think so. You can fast travel from your wagon to the oil refinery place for example. I don't think there's a stage coach nor train station there.
  9. My late twenties were a train wreck in terms of weird self-loathing, depression and anxiety combined and yeah, the subsequent boozing, partying to keep busy and drugs were the worst possibly idea. That being said, nothing anybody said or did helped, the only thing that made me give it up and try to improve was some self-sought discipline on my end. I didn't play video games in that time span at all though, I found all of my hobbies really dreadfully meaningless and joyless.
  10. This happens during massive snowstorms here on the East Coast constantly. Not that it's the same thing, but similarly dense to a lesser degree. Someone I know works in retail and a snow storm last year was so fucking bad, even the subways in NYC were barely running. He received a similar message about team spirit and how their branch will be open tomorrow and any absence will be written up. On topic: I lived in CA for a year for work and this type of shit scared me to death. One of my co-workers vacation home he poured all his life's savings into went to a fire while I was working there. Maybe subconsciously this made me gtfo as quickly as possible and high-tail it back to the land of bagels and shitty winters.
  11. Bloodporne

    What beer or liquor have you drank recently

    My friend came out from Jersey over the weekend. We bought a bottle of Maker's Mark and drank half of it Saturday night. I had a fucking yoga class at 10AM Sunday morning, my god.
  12. Then I extra don't understand why it would fail me for applying logic and trying to steal the wagon from a driver instead if you did it on your way to the place. There's a consistent lack of internal logic/rules that yields so much frustration for me. The whistling thing is fair and I would've had no issue with it if it hadn't been the icing on the cake at that point. It was just yet another moment of 'cutscene does something totally opposed to what's going on in the game in favor of story'. That's what irritated me after all the other other nonsense that preceded it.
  13. Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Greatest song ever recorded
  14. I think I've kind of dropped the game for now. While I really enjoy the world in itself, the beautiful graphics, atmosphere, music and so on, my free-roaming/do-random-stuff approach to it really wore off by Friday or so. Granted, I've had many, many hours of addictive fun with it so there's nothing to bitch about, but the bottom line is this: I absolutely loathe the main mission design and can't get myself to engage with that portion any further. I've said it before but the more I played them, the more I realized most main missions for some utterly bizarre reason are treated almost like semi-on-rails tutorials when you're not literally holding X while being fed story. I'm somewhere at the end of Chapter 3 story-wise and the main missions still somehow feel like barely interactive tutorials. It's an open world game, how did they not account for/care about that many players may be doing hours worth of free roaming, and therefore learning, in between? Other open games have been getting that right for years now, it's incredibly frustrating when I know there's actually a very entertaining, albeit janky and cumbersome, game below all those layers of idiocy shoveled on top. It's such a jarring juxtaposition to me to the point it feels like there's a version of the game I like and a walking sim shoe-horned into it happening all at once and for all the enjoyment I've gotten out of it, I have zero interest in the walking sim when I've experienced how fun its gameplay can be if you're not being choke-held through its ultra-archaic story missions design. One example that really stuck out and summarized my frustrations is the John Marston oil wagon portion of the train heist mission in Chapter 2. You're sent to the refinery (whatever its actual name is) to steal the oil wagon of which there are two as designated by two yellow wheels on your map. Cool. I arrive there and know through previous exploration that the guards are plenty and highly aggressive so I immediately choose not to go in guns blazing: My first thought is to wait until night time to see if the guard routines and frequency die down. I hike a short distance away from the place attempting to set up camp to sleep until night time as I've done this successfully for stealth with gang hideouts. A) you can't 'rest with Triangle' during this mission because...story?...B) therefore you can't set up a tent to sleep til night and C) mission failed because I wandered too far away. Ok, so I learned nothing about how to approach this mission again but only learned what the game wants me to NOT do because it would interfere with their script. I'm re-spawned like 20 feet from the entrance and a guard immediately sees me within seconds, opens fire (because Defuse rarely works) and I fail the mission again because I let myself be killed because what's the point trying to recover from that with a huge bounty and if I move too far away to lose them, I fail anyway. Next time I re-spawn, I immediately bolt the opposite direction and gladly their positioning was different this time so I was good. At this point I'm already frustrated enough because I hate when games refuse to let me play in a 'skilled' manner. I hate winning sloppily. Now on my third attempt, I simply observe the place from several angles to check for holes in its security to simply sneak in and bust a wagon out. Much to my joy, one of the oil wagons is being prepared to leave the compound. Awesome, this is the kind of creativity I was waiting for...he's taking the thing for a route and I bet my patience will be rewarded and I can simply lasso that fool off the wagon and steal the thing at a safe distance without any witnesses. The wagon leaves and embarks on a nearby road with forest to one side so I gallop a good distance away right next to it without being spotted. I ready my lasso and prepare to get near him and fucking BOOM...mission failed. Turns out that was not acceptable, albeit logical with all gameplay elements being present for this to actually be able to happen, due to its future story beats/dialog. At this point I want to just turn the game off because the seams are increasingly glaringly obvious. I take a break, make coffee and return to it. My fourth attempt now is simply jumping the fence and stealing the wagon and riding it out of the front gate because clearly that's what the game NEEDS me to do to advance a mission that at first seemed refreshingly 'open' and didn't, for once, involved two or more AIs riding with me to dump endless exposition on me while forcing me to do nothing for ten minutes. Anyway, I do that and joylessly realize that yes, this is what I was meant to do all along with yet again no skill, no creativity or fun involved. Go through the motions to advance the story. You can argue that there's a choice of going in guns blazing or this approach but come on... After this odyssey, I'm stranded nowhere near a train station/coach with my horse still at the refinery a country mile away on the map. Five seconds prior, Arthur shooshed all the horses tied to the wagon away because...cutscene. I run into an open field somewhere with no civilization nearby and tame a horse to ride back to the fucking refinery I just robbed to retrieve my horse. I immediately incur a Wanted for theft for taking the horse despite there being no human for seemingly 10 square miles in the Flatlands. People at the refinery great me like nothing happened and a guard tells me to move along. I sit there thoroughly baffled. Now I'm not asking for some fucking miracle of interaction, I realize it's just a video game, but goddamn, all of this is so archaic at its core and has been done so much better in other titles and I seriously rarely play anything open world. The juxtaposition I mentioned is exactly why it feels so insultingly dumb to me. I know for a fact that all the elements mechanic-wise are there to be able to do the shit I wanted to do but the game just creates arbitrary new rules on the fly for the sake of its story beats. It's implemented in such a stifling and consistently infuriating manner that feels like an invisible hand slapping the controller away from me regularly. Main missions keep making me wonder why the fuck they even bothered to include gameplay sections in those at all at points. Take Mary Linton's cult brother mission as another example. At this point you've done several missions explaining dueling to you, several missions of scripted no-control horse chases and yet again, it's a semi-automated horse-trek to an on-rails dialog segment to a semi-automated horse chase to a cutscene to a 10 second snippet of gameplay in the form of a duel that is treated as another tutorial essentially and we're back to semi-automated horse-trek and cutscenes. Just...why...there are so many cool mechanics here once you get used to its baffling control schemes. I'm seriously not trying to shit on the game for people who genuinely love it, I just can't remember playing a game that frustrated me so fucking deeply knowing there is a truly fantastic title hidden underneath. Also, like I said, I HAVE HAD lots of fun free-roaming and just kind of ignoring the main missions but that made this whole thing feel even more frustrating really. It boggles my mind like few video games have managed to do that seemingly none of that 8 year dev cycle seems to have been spent updating the exact same mission formula I've played in GTAIII and upwards (from the titles I did play). I can do without 8,000 species of life-like wild life, please... That concludes my enormous rant and I will say that I'm actually very curious and optimistic about the online component. I do really like the gun fights at this point and searching for, and taking out, huge gang compounds has by far and wide been my favorite aspect of RDR2. I'm hoping RDR2 Online focuses on things of that nature. Unless it's microtransaction Central, then that can go fuck itself. EDIT: One thing I have to add...this game absolutely loves to eschew its faux-realism to tip the scale in its own favor against you. It constantly spawns hordes of enemies in plain sight, they literally just appear out of thin air without any warning. If you don't have full Dead Eye at EXACTLY THAT TIME, you're basically dead if you're in an area without immediate cover such as rocks/trees. It's yet another infuriatingly transparent way for that invisible dev hand to reach out and slap any control out of your hands.