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  1. The drunkard boss. I could prolly beat him if I had the time and some patience. Sekiro isn’t something you can just boot up for a quick go around. lol
  2. You might as well not tip. I’d be insulted if I got a buck.
  3. Seems like a trial and error type game. Am I right?
  4. I love Chick-fil-a chicken biscuits topped with egg.
  5. I’d cuddle with Inuk.
  6. 99% doesn’t fire back? That number is much much lower you plant eating robot.
  7. He’s in bed. It’s after 8.
  8. You missed that Best got busted by his apartment community for having a pet. His cat Elton. Was told he would have to pay $25 plus pro-rated for the time he was lying. Seriously considered just dropping him back at the shelter and let him be put down. He’s a sick twisted fuck.
  9. Well well, aren’t you a pretty boi.
  10. Hi. I’m Tiger Woods and I just won the Masters. Now take your clothes off and sleep with me.
  11. Depends, is your Mom still inhaling?
  12. Because of just shaving my head I decide to look like a cuck.
  13. I don’t know because I’m TIGER WOODS and I don’t get in SaNd TrAps.
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