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  1. Having flashbacks of your childhood?
  2. Depends. Do you wanna play an incredible open world combat type game or NBA 2K set in a futuristic dinosaur land?
  3. Looks like one of my Call of Duty character skins lolololololololol
  4. I have no interest in this game but I’m with @best3444on this subject. Why wouldn’t you want to play any new game on the PS5 regardless of how much better it might look or run? Even if the improvements are subtle I’d still wanna play my games on the best system possible. And all of you saying it’s gonna run great on the PS4 I assume you’ll be playing it on that system instead of your PS5. Right? No difference right?
  5. Yeah 3 wirebugs would be perfect. Or at the very least let me keep all 3 once I add that third one instead of disappearing. I hate when I think I have 3 during a intense fight only to realize that uh oh I don’t lol.
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