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  1. Those are big words and I’m not into book learning so English please. Thanx
  2. No problem. It’s what I do.
  3. Jesus, and I thought @best3444 was a sick twisted fuck but you’re right up there with him you freak.
  4. I’m going to miss you too! Miss pissing you off with my posts.
  5. Exactly. I play docked 80% of the time but it’s nice to have the option to play it handheld if I choose. The name of the thing is the fucking SWITCH.
  6. I’m a clean freak. No way I’m going an entire month without showering. I can find plenty of things to do instead of the Internet. It would be agonizing not being able to talk to you though Rach. ❤️
  7. Please notify them that @johnnywill not talk to them and both have been banished from his life. Thanx
  8. Think of all the special/limited editions they are going to do with the Switch Lite. Nintendo knows exactly what they are doing.
  9. Teen Mom sounds like date night for @caleb1915
  10. If you don’t buy this re-design there will be plenty more. After all this is NINTENDO.
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