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  1. The run of matches that Danielson has had already in AEW, shit is insane
  2. Bill's fans had to endure almost two straight decades of a terrible to mediocre at best team, couple this with an area of the country that has a drinking problem and you get a fanbase that planned to get blackout drunk before the game even started. Now that we are good team fans don't know what to do with themselves and continue the traditions from the dark times.
  3. it should also be mentioned outside of maybe two games the rest of the Bill's schedule this season ranges from should win to should destroy the other team 6 Mon, Oct 18 @Tennessee 8:15 PM 7 BYE WEEK 8 Sun, Oct 31 vsMiami 1:00 PM CBS 9 Sun, Nov 7 @Jacksonville 1:00 PM CBS 10 Sun, Nov 14 @New York 1:00 PM CBS 11 Sun, Nov 21 vsIndianapolis 1:00 PM CBS 12 Thu, Nov 25 @New Orleans 8:20 PM NBC 13 Mon, Dec 6 vsNew England 8:15 PM 14 Sun, Dec 12 @Tampa Bay 4:25 PM CBS 15 Sun, Dec 19 vsCarolina TBD 16 Sun, Dec 26 @New England 1:00 PM CBS 17 Sun, Jan 2 vsAtlanta 1:00 PM FOX 18 Sun, Jan 9 vsNew York 1:00 PM CBS
  4. Bills have both allowed the least points in the league and scored the most in the league so far this year. Admittedly they got to beat up on Miami and Houston but to be at the top of both of the charts is rare. 108 net points, Cardinals are next closest at 62
  5. Space Jam the next generation Too much WB self-indulgence for my taste. Other than that it was about what you would expect which isn't much. 5/10
  6. I will upgrade when I do a new build and with the rate that new video cards are releasing/becoming actually available to buy that could be quite some time.
  7. Steamboy Visually interesting but the plot is somehow simplistic and messy at the same time, also I wasn't rooting for anyone in this movie including the main character. 4.5/10
  8. Didn't love the last 30 minutes of the series. It didn't ruin the show but it did cheapen some of what happened earlier IMO. Still a great series that should be watched.
  9. Squid Games Great series, interesting premise that is well executed. Interesting characters that are almost all very well acted. 9/10
  10. Reminiscence Tried too hard to be a neo-noir, the narration was down right terrible at times. 3.5/10
  11. The marbles episode was an absolute mother fucker of an hour television.
  12. little update, she is doing fine. Only symptoms so far are a loss of taste and smell.
  13. My future sister in-law tested positive yesterday. Honestly it is a minor miracle that she did not catch it prior. She is one of the head NPs at a local ICU, her specialization is respiratory so she has been at the extreme front lines since the beginning, fully vaxed since January.
  14. What a show last night, one of their under promise over deliver cards. Crowd was into almost all the matches, even the dark matches got some pops. Tons of Brodie chants as expected. Make sure you watch the first match on Rampage this week if you like professional wrestling, amazing in ring action. You could say our seats were pretty good, I'm the 6th person back in the glasses. We were ringside opposite the entrance ramp.
  15. my fiance works for a major hospital in the area, they are firing/retiring 15% of their staff tonight and that is after the religious exemptions.
  16. the entire NY nation guard is 16,000 personnel, at most 20% are medically trained if I had to guess, so best case scenario is that will be 3000 people that are most likely already working medical jobs that they are going to be pulled off of. Current estimates are 70,000+ people are going to be fired tonight for not being vaxed. It is going to be an absolute cluster fuck. edit - had the wrong numbers originally
  17. Harley Quinn (animated series) Season 1 and 2 Liked it a lot, fun characters with good dialogue. Nothing overstayed its welcome. 8.5/10
  18. Can you even film that many episodes of a big scifi show nowadays with the vastly increased production values? Star Trek and B5 were pumping out all those episodes back in the 80s and 90s because they almost look soap opera-like by today's standards and had absolutely brutal filming schedules.
  19. American Dragon "you're going to head fucking kicked in" Bryan Danielson is back with a vengeance, I want to say we really only got a good look at this level of viciousness from him in the WWE with his match vs Brock. Next few years are going to be wild. Just thought of this BD in the G1 tournament Also hot as hell crowd last night, losing their minds for a simple lockup. Glad they finally over Cody and were actively cheering Black. SoberChef I am worried we are going to have a very meh show next week with everything they are throwing out this week between Dynamite and Rampage, like you said they are essentially PPV matches. It might be a lot of talking next and building the next story lines.
  20. not even counting getting it through the door, a 325" 16:9 diagonal display would be over 13 feet tall
  21. capsule separated from the 2nd stage and the 1st stage landed, all is going well
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