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  1. So long as Mindhunter isn’t part of that grouping I’m fine with the take.
  2. Working my way (we’ll, I say working, I mean enjoying massively and slowly) Luigi's Mansion 3. With life, at a push, I have about 45 minutes of downtime to game (I use my commute for working and reading), so everything takes a long time. I could definitely go for a pause button from time to time, just to really sit down and enjoy something, without that feeling that I should be doing something more important.
  3. I play rugby, which is just the best game ever. However, I dropped a whiteboard pen on the ground on Monday and it took me about 8 seconds to pick it up in front of 21 children and an adult.
  4. I have fond/horrific memories of watching the first two movies when I was…11? I’ll watch it when it hits streaming.
  5. It does feel that he gaming public is started to appreciate redemption stories with game development.
  6. Played another match, so tired 😴
  7. Only the front door in the morning. The rest of the time I slam that shit.
  8. How is it better to get Covid rather than have a vaccine? Genuinely interested in how a doctor explained that.
  9. Tried Borderlands 2 (from the collection). I managed about 15 minutes and it just felt too much like a 360 era/yeah bro game for me. I’ll give The Witness a go tomorrow.
  10. Maybe you’re coming from your financial/personal situation to that approach rather than another person’s.
  11. I’m guessing there’s no car share options for work? How far is the trip?
  12. I feel like this has been mentioned more than once by him.
  13. Maybe they pitched it that he was working for Sony, using a Konami IP.
  14. Just woke up on the sofa, really confused as my pillow was wet - whole top of my body was sweaty wet. Temp has come down though
  15. I thought I was fine then creeping headache and restlessness last night, today joint pain and chills. Working with 8-9 year olds has been a challenge today.
  16. News, much like other things in life, is two-tone
  17. Heathrow, if you have a packed lunch and don’t mind sitting in the floor can be a reasonable experience.
  18. Isle of man Birmingham Liverpool Exeter Manchester Bristol London Dublin Edinburgh Amsterdam Magaluf Berlin Garda Venice Prague Lanzarote Florida probably others
  19. I’d say ‘mate’ and ‘cheers’ far too many times for it to be taken seriously. Sort of like when Christian Bale does an interview and it all seems fake.
  20. I’ll give Mortal Kombat a whirl and add PGA to the list of PS+ sports game I’ll put in the library and never touch.
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