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  1. Taught swimming this afternoon, do 30 minutes of being in the water then a two mile recovery run (and a shirt dog walk afterwards). Feeling stupidly good at the moment.
  2. More half marathon training so what should have been a 5 mile run (by the sat nav) ended up being 6.5 miles with a bag that had my laptop in it. That said, it was very hilly but felt great the whole time. My half route is flat mostly so I’m hoping it’ll be an easy finish and a springboard to thinking about a full marathon.
  3. I’ve had a great weekend. Thursday and Friday were shocking as the same viral infection my wife/daughter had, got me on and I ended up taking the end of the week off due to illness. As it involved a horrendous headache I didn’t so much more than lie down on the sofa/in bed feeling awful. So, we made up for it by going to the beach on Saturday and a botanical garden on Sunday. Both were lovely. I also did some reading and some cleaning which also sorts me out.
  4. Back to Perfect Dark, second to last mission. I wandered around for ages trying to see what to do. Turns out, I needed to blow up three relatively unassuming terminals to lower some shields, then the alien was one hit killed and I failed the mission. Classic gaming at its best. I also had a little temptation of buying a new Xbox 360 controller to buy and play the Gears games and Halo 3. Then I remembered I have no time for playing new games much less replaying games I owned when I was 17 so had a word with myself and now I won’t be doing that.
  5. I really hope Boris Johnson hangs on…and then has to stand down due to a vote of no confidence. Then, I hope we get a general election and the country realises that not one member of the Tory party is capable of being the PM. As a labour voter of 16 years, it’s been fairly relentless post-brexit and any change would be nice.
  6. gamer.tv


    4/6 - luckily thought of US spellings over UK ones.
  7. gamer.tv


    Easy 3/6 today.
  8. Everyone in my family is unwell, so I had to take the day off to do some taking care of people. Everyone else was asleep at 11am so I got a few missions of Spiderman in before I joined them.
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    First loss today. Not that I’m competitive with myself, but it hurts.
  10. I really didn’t want to like Rick and Morty and then it happened. It makes me a little sad that I’ve watched it through about 10 times.
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    So what’s everyone’s starting word? I’m tread guy. Then young if there’s no joy.
  12. gamer.tv


    I’m on my last guess for today's and it just isn’t clicking. Is my ten game streak coming to an end? update:
  13. More Spiderman, though it’s vaguely disheartening to continually see things added to my map that I’ll never bother with. It definitely feels like the kind of game I would 100% at the age of 14 though. Hoping to play more tonight but I’ve got a fair bit of school work to plan, so it might be more of a tomorrow treat.
  14. I have this lined up as a summer game, so expect that number to creep up by at least one this year.
  15. I went with my wife and her family to Wales last July. We had a lovely time but about 3/4 of the way through, my daughter became unwell with a cold. We gave her medicine, but at about 6pm, she got so hot she had a febrile seizure. One of those things that are common, but really horrible for a parent. She stopped breathing, went blue and stayed that way for a while. Maybe 3 minutes or so. She came back around but wasn’t great, but thankfully, despite being in the middle of nowhere, we had an ambulance and paramedics not too far away (20 minutes or so). They arrived, took her heart rate, blood pressure and her temperature. She was 39.9C at the time and had probably crept higher. We had a thermometer and it had been coming out at about 38C, so we knew she wasn’t well but not that unwell. After it was checked, one paramedic, about 60 or so, looked at her and said ‘Aye, she was definitely cooking something off alright.’ I literally think about that every time my daughter is unwell, the whole night. Driving to the hospital in the dark, having a little cry to myself saying ‘she’s too good a girl to have anything bad happen to her’, waiting for maybe 7 hours to be seen for 5 minutes by a hospital so over capacity with accidents, Covid etc Then I also think of a part that really helped me, the same paramedic said, when I was with him outside the ambulance (my wife was inside with.my daughter), ‘I’ll be honest mate, it’s fucking awful but this is the worst part, when you can’t do anything, you can do things now, even just driving to the same place they are.’ I always think about both of those moments. I’m writing this because my daughter isn’t well, her temperature is high and I have a huge amount of worry that she may have a seizure again - even though my wife is with her, her temperature is lowered, they’re watching cartoons and I’ve not had a call. Sometimes you just need to let it out.
  16. Once I’ve finished Perfect Dark, I’ll go back and finish GoldenEye I think. It feels wrong that I’m 32, owned both games for a long time, but never actually finished either.
  17. On book three - this is the post Hobbit fantasy I need in my life at the moment.
  18. I mean, following the article, I think more people have seen his penis than currently have Covid.
  19. Played some more and completed the first dungeon. As a console game, I had little time for SS, but as a handheld game, it’s pretty awesome.
  20. I stopped smoking in…2014, at least smoking properly. I’m glad that I stopped but I do miss the halcyon days of being 16, staying up late and smoking in my parents garden listening to music.
  21. At my in-laws until tomorrow so I ended up playing 25 minutes of skyward sword hd. I do wonder, if Nintendo ever do another ‘traditional’ Zelda, I’d they’ll forgo the slow burn openings and try to make the first hour a hook for the game. Start in a war for hyrule sort of situation.
  22. 5.4 miles included a warm down walk at the end. Had my old trainers though and it felt like I was running barefoot at the start.
  23. Up at 4.30am as daughter decided she wanted to wake up then. Took her downstairs to play and eat breakfast then at about 7:45am we went back to bed for a snooze until 10am ish.
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