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  1. I’m in Canada. That’s all we got!
  2. You see wasps and they all need to die
  3. Bees are going extinct. I will not support this. sending maple syrup instead
  4. I saw someone else posting their impressions of controls so that was part of the reason I went with motion. Thus, I can’t help offer impressions for you. Maybe I’ll get tired of motions and try controls and will let u know if I do so soon
  5. I think you have to take an iq test to ensure you are dumb enough to enter the theater. However, if you’re unvaccinated you can skip the test and walk right in!
  6. Ok so link doesn’t look stupid once he gets his green lil jumper. God I had trouble figuring out how to fly. Now I just switch from motion to sticks for flying portions. I’m enjoying the motion controls though. Only one dungeon in but I’m loving it. Takes me back to oot days but with updated graphics and a game I haven’t played before. The music just sucks me in. Botw is the greatest but the more linear non open world is something I miss in an era of open everything. Sorry mass effect 2, gonna have to wait until I’m done with this!
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