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  1. Didn’t ween write a song called ‘bananas and blow’?
  2. Oh eat my ass. Who cares. you’ve been talking to them egg people. Haven’t you edit: simpsons reference butchered. It’s “egg council creeps”
  3. Breath of the wild mass effect 2 and 3 (bastards!) dragon age ( they all different… bastards!)
  4. Whoa whoa whoa. I ain’t buying no watermelon with seeds in them
  5. Raspberry and smooth . I also prefer the raspberry jam with seeds. im also the guy that likes pineapple on my pizza. Have at me D1p. Have at me
  6. Just watched it last night. It was really cute. Some of the landscape shots were beautiful. The middle of this film was fantastic. The acting and writing. It’s the beginning with some comedy elements that felt a bit low budget but once it gets going it really shines. The female lead was great from start to finish and the male only struggles slightly in the beginning but then he charms you making the two of them likeable characters. I also thought it was a nice change where many side characters are kind people. It also started to make sense with the whole setting. I mean it could go either way of course, but it was nice to see people being nice to each other because of the impending doom. It made for a wholesome date flick. And that’s what it is, a date flick with minor sci-fi elements. and as I said before, the middle of the film is tight. Forgot it was a low budget film. When the two leads play more of a serious tone they do very well. glad I watched it
  7. Fabricated memories, bro. We were able to program our bots to age but we can’t seem to figure out how to make them grow. So, easy fix. All our robots are “born” around age 25 after max height is obtained. You were never dumb. You are smart, robo smart. Day one. Once we uploaded your positronic matrix we added your pre-memory building arc. The rest is as they say… fabricated history.
  8. I love them so much. Had two! Gave one to a coworker. Every spring and fall I get the thumbs up. However, I use a rake too and only use it maybe 4-5 times a year. Once in the spring as a big clean up and twice nearing the end of fall. Once to clean the pool cover. I love the sound waking me up in the morning. It’s like a call to arms
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