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  1. What about that tattoo on your chest? Doesn't it say "DIE PENCE DIE"? No that's German for "The, Pence the."
  2. On another note, my grocery store obviously discontinued their chipotler sauce and I’m pissed. It was straight up chipotler so it was the best. Mix with mayo or do whatever, it was great. I don’t want fucking chipotlre mayo. I could make that myself.
  3. At this point you gotta ask. How does one commit treason if their country is treason. Fuck all y’all, you doomed.
  4. I enjoyed the video but you can’t really compare rockstar games to huge rpgs too much. I imagine a lot more time is spent with the rpg component whereas rockstar has zero progression to deal with. Plus their combat hasn’t changed from all their games and it kinda sucks. But that’s not why you play their games. They are the kings of immersion. Plus, this is the first game. They couldn’t use many assets from the Witcher games. It’s an almost entirely different best. Not even the same perspective. Whereas gtv and rd are virtually the same combat mechanics copy and pasted. Maybe you could compa
  5. Ehhh, when you meet protesters with overt violence you get overt violence
  6. Nah, I will continue to wear my foil hat. This was intentional
  7. You know, on second reading this is really Bond villain type shit
  8. Oh I know, I was just getting screwed with the no draw bug and enemies from a distance attacking and was dumb and didn’t realize it auto saved after each round
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