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  1. If I removed should from my vocabulary I'd sound pretty fucking stupid
  2. I think this image is an appropriate response
  3. Two shows I loved... bsg and lost one of my favourite rpgs... mass effect ... i guess they can! edit: haven’t seen the end of game of thrones but it sounds like...
  4. I will say that handheld is a major pull as well. I could see it being a must for long flights and hanging around in chalets when not skiing! Whoa, I sound rich, who am I kidding. IT'd be nice playing while on the Mega Bus red eye to buffalo for some outlet shopping!
  5. UGH! I'm so broke but I had a four day hernia surgery (nothing major) and a friend lent me his Switch to pay BOTW and now I see this game. URGH, hadn't played a Nintendo game since the ol' 64 days. Just bought Spider man and was kinda into it but then BOTW sucked me in just like the good ol days. I so want to pull the trigger on buying a damn switch. MUST... RESIST!!!
  6. Lol. Me sensitive much. True but there are so very few reasons u wouldn’t get out to exchange info. One, they look psycho and two, so very small there wasn’t any damage
  7. lol America how the fuck u exchange insurance info by not leaving car. Can u guys do anything normal or is every daily situation require modification due to the likelihood of getting shot?
  8. I've been hooked on a French Rose called L'Orangerie from France obviously. Its not sweet at all and dry as fuq Also, I've been drinking Dusty Taverns. Its a drink I invented that is soda water lime and gin with just a tiny bit of iced tea. Replace gin with tequila and you got yourself a Dusty Mojave!
  9. Only 50% of this year! ok, then ban all. Jk but kinda like shooting yourself in the foot. With a handgun of course
  10. God I'm so glad I don't live in the US. Can't wait to see this opening weekend without an ounce of fear
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