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  1. Do it! I just didn’t want to play any games I have but haven’t played much. But damn, glad I started it. If you got the urge, scratch it!
  2. So I started playing again bc of this thread. I started with first light attack sign dumped two points. 2 in quen and next two in Axii for conversations. After that who knows! Probably fire since I didn’t use that last time and it destroys human enemies and nekkers and u see them a lot in beginning. Then I’ll respec to something else.
  3. I never forget my mask. I just take three steps out of my car and turn around. Every friggen time!
  4. Quen, dodge, dodge, slice, slice, dodge, quen, slice, slice! but for reals, I always like the whole prepare concoctions and combat immensely. It was nice to have something different.
  5. Yeah, I realize that word’s already taken. But it sure would piss the republicans off even more!
  6. Then do it. It’s the one of the greatest games. Great story, fantastic side quests and brothels. Plus once you finally beat it Tsushima will be on sale. lastly, it’s great for the Halloween season too!
  7. Well I didn’t hate the first 4 episodes so if it gets better I’m in
  8. Mine doesn’t have drift but the right seems off when trying to make hard turns in kart. I remember the same feeling from n64 days. Also, I’ve had it since April and barely use it. Only play kart like once every two weeks for an hour and have had this problem for a month now. Anyway, sort of has little to do with this tread but I’m back to being done with Nintendo. It’s not for me.
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