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  1. He was a clown but now he’s a monster clown and we all know monster clowns are far worse than your typical monster.
  2. Not a cartoon but this reminded me of how much I loved Captain Power and it’s toys
  3. The jerk store called. They’re all outta you!
  4. I think there should be a online date romcom called love at first byte. I think of this stupid shit so you don’t have to
  5. I haven’t had a haircut since June. And even then it was a trim since I wanted tho keep the length since my march hair cut
  6. Not sure where I’ll end up. I’ve really been leaning towards Xbox this go around but will probably end up getting the ps so I can play with my friends that never play.
  7. I don’t get it? Who is this queen. oh who am I kidding Yaaaaaaaaaaass!
  8. Oh I watched. Fastest growing “sport” in America!
  9. Well I’m gonna have to google it now. During that huge blackout a million years ago we bought to circle kiddie pools and a soccer ball and each pool was a goal. We called it hilarious squares
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