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  1. hehehe. I've never played it. This is great. I'm also gonna start RE2 remake this weekend. Another classic I never played
  2. lol. My only fear is if it even slightly resembles xmen I'll be pissed. The part in the preview where he be like "she's all alone" gave me the searching for a powerful young mutant in trouble vibe that I did not like.
  3. Holding off until Friday. Getting together with my fellow nerdlords and making earl grey old fashioneds! Without maraschino cherries. Jeen Luck Pickered don't eat no maraschino cherries!
  4. lol you're ridiculous. Did he spend hundreds of thousands of dollars? like c'mon. There are so many examples of overspending/corruption etc in governments and you're concerned with $150 wow
  5. agreed man. I don't want know rose pedal flavoured fucking donut. Just gimme simple, delicious donuts (the ex style) and fuck fancy ass cupcakes too. way to much icing that half the time doesn't taste much different than cream cheese. Fuck dat
  6. glad it was bots. Was shocked at the outrage. The new Canadian thing to do is hate Tim Hortons and with good reason, they are likely the worst chain in our country. Trash donuts and even trashier coffee. Most of all, everyone here knows they aint Canadian to boot! What cha talking aboot twitter? Also, how much longer until his fucking beard fully attaches. Why are the sides still too little and the 90s goatee part in full force?
  7. I’ve cooled down now. I just got overwhelmingly emotionally when I heard the confirmation about the plane that I wanted to state exactly what you’ve said. Just in an angry way
  8. Look I was clear that I was in a fit of blind rage but your Mmmkay insensitivity is all too American
  9. Sure, Iran pulled the trigger but some of us will likely hold trump responsible since nothing good could have come from his instigation of this whole mess. I am certain I am not alone on this. The years of shenanigans by his administration in all aspects of global politics only add to the outrage. Logical or not, we mad
  10. If you’re confused about the blind rage of a citizen from an ally country mad about the murder of 176 civilians by Iran due to the recklessness of America better get used to it
  11. All is well, no Americans hurt just nearly 200 civilians were killed. CIVILIANS! Mothers grandmothers brothers and sisters. All for an election strategy, well done terrorists. I fully put Trump at fault. I almost wish we were no longer allies. Trump should have been arrested long ago. FUCK
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