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  1. And I forgot that awesome credits song. I was well satisfied with that happy end!
  2. What?!?!? You get the fucking babes and bust outta that damn cave it was always for the babes
  3. Extreme h2o max now with 0 calories!!!! now it is
  4. Like, how is it possible. How do I love Tom cruise
  5. I want a full episode of just fucking each prostitute in a tavern, u know just like the game like episode 3 I’d guess
  6. The music sucks. I (my mom) paid good money for a full orchestra... oh wait, one weird nerd on a synthesizer that makes homemade replicas of Star Trek phasers in his spare time!
  7. Yeah but that’s just one
  8. I like the music and the stone face doors in two but I was super disappointed with the combat. I didn't like the whole gun era of 3.
  9. ehhh, two had it's moments. Combat was the best in 1 though
  10. Their, their kittycat... their their
  11. YAAAAAAAAAS! Guess I'm going xbox next gen!!! Also no guns!!!! That's what magic's for dummies!
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