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  1. Thank you? Thank you??? For allowing you to shoot civilians. Cool. Your country is gone thank you Russian bots
  2. Meanwhile in Canada... apparently the pandemic is over https://www.680news.com/2020/05/23/trinity-bellwoods-packed-coronavirus/
  3. Ehhh, I’ve been a couple times to buy old ladies gifts. Their clearance section was da bomb!
  4. I’ll do it for 50k and extra butt stuff. Plus, I live in Toronto. Got to love dogs though and tolerate the cat
  5. Our summers are pretty hot! Just get a summer home in Florida. They’re like $10
  6. Like my post. Shit just came out of me!
  7. Funny. I will say I’m surprised the cop left him in the driver seat and went back to his car.
  8. Of of all the systems I can. Games never go on sale so I’d rather buy cartridges and trade with friends. I’m not going to resell but that’s an option too. Also no need for memory card. I get pissed when a friend gets a game like links awakening digitally. Perfect game to lend to friends. Uhhh, that’s what this forum is for. As I sit on the throne
  9. Hot peppers, pineapple and feta is the greatest food in the universe. I call it the hot and sour pizza! I get it on half a pizza 90% of the time
  10. He’s not a robot in the movie. He can age. Also, he looks great! also, I’m sick of every reboot with 18 year old actors. What’s next, Xena the warrior princess: the puberty years
  11. I used to say I was allergic so I could run and scream like a child
  12. I skipped a lot of them after the first three because I just don’t like franchises not giving time in between. 2 is probably my fave followed by origin. I’m currently playing odyssey and have lost interest as I find it too damn big with too much filler crap.
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