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  1. Chuck Todd is a fat guy who somehow managed to look worse after weight loss and a makeover. And he's really bad at his job.
  2. If it makes you feel better, we’re not going to do anything about climate change until it is way too late.
  3. I’d like to thank Warren for killing the Bernie Bro narrative
  4. he should run to prove that dozens of never Trump Republicans exist
  5. https://www.nrapvf.org/emails/2018/texas/henry-cuellar-tx-28-general-election-email/ I can't believe Justice Democrats are trying to primary candidates like this guy
  6. the lead prosecutor "committed suicide" The atmosphere of suspicion surrounding the trial has been heightened by the mysterious deaths of some potentially key witnesses. Simon Poncelet, one of the investigating policemen, was shot dead while on duty. Bruno Tagliaferro, a scrap merchant who planned to testify against Dutroux, was poisoned, and his wife was burned to death in her bed. A sex club owner associated with Nihoul was shot dead, and Hubert Massa, a state prosecutor involved in the case, committed suicide.
  7. we know about Jeffrey Epstein so something did leak. some other tip of the iceberg leaks: The Marc Dutroux pedophile ring (20 potential witnesses mysteriously died) 'WARNING: I am not going to commit suicide, I am not going to take too much cocaine and drown in a bath, or shoot myself. So if this happens, IT WASN'T ME. Save this Tweet.' (no drugs in her system)
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