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  1. RedSoxFan9

    MLB The Mariners

    If Acuna is hit again, Snitcker will probably charge the mound
  2. RedSoxFan9

    General Gaming Backlaugust!

    I’m working my way through Gears of War 3. Looks good on the XOX
  3. https://www.ice.gov/news/releases/ex-ice-attorney-sentenced-prison-falsifying-document-immigration-case the dude was 58 years old too
  4. RedSoxFan9

    Turkey to ban US electronics as Lira falls off cliff

    Trump is going to trade Gulen
  5. RedSoxFan9

    The White Nationalists Are Winning

    very smart post
  6. RedSoxFan9

    The White Nationalists Are Winning

    I really regret canceling my wapo subscription
  7. RedSoxFan9

    Trump's military parade to cost 766% more than planned

    as long as it's cool who cares