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  1. You're correct in that it doesn't change my moral calculus in the least, but I'm not offering it to justify my position. I'm offering it as an argument for others to use to justify their moral position.
  2. The economic and social challenges that confront large sections of American society in ensuring that children live healthy, happy, well-adjusted lives are the "utter nonsense", not my statement. If anything, my statement ensures a lesser degree of suffering and is therefore inherently more moral.
  3. If American society actually gave a damn about the overall well-being of its children, then maybe -- just maybe -- some of these arguments for stricter limitations on abortion would have some greater degree of moral merit. But American society sure as hell doesn't give a damn, so these arguments sure as hell don't.
  4. I'm gonna be owned by Carlyle. Herndon’s ManTech to be acquired by Carlyle Group for $4.2 billion | WTOP News WTOP.COM Herndon, Virginia-based ManTech International has agreed to be acquired by D.C.-based The Carlyle Group.
  5. About bloody time. Biden invokes Defense Production Act for formula shortage | AP News APNEWS.COM WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden on Wednesday invoked the Defense Production Act to speed production of infant formula and authorized flights to import supply from overseas, as he faces...
  6. Not only do I own that position, but I believe that abortion should be the "default" one and that actual birth should require justification!
  7. This in and of itself isn't evidence of him wanting out, but the issue of the "true" value of Twitter vis-a-vis its bot situation is. And besides, I doubt anyone seriously believes that he's voted for Democrats in years anyway.
  8. We're way past the point where the CDC should be remotely concerned about "messaging". The only message that needs to be conveyed should be "A new version of the vaccine is available if you want it." That's it. Nothing more.
  9. NextGen decided to pay us a visit and in the course of doing so used the word "globalist" to describe David McCormick, the Republican candidate who is locked in a tight race with Dr. Oz in the PA Republican primary for the US Senate. Even though McCormick isn't Jewish, the MAGA scum (of which NextGen is one) routinely use that word as an anti-Semitic slur. As such, I purged NextGen's existence from D1P, something I should've done ages ago but had neglected to do so.
  10. Even though David McCormick isn't Jewish, I'm not even going to entertain that terminology on D1P in any way, shape, or form.
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