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  1. I just realized that FIFA 2022 has the potential to be pretty...different
  2. And Juventus and Milan. The only "big" names missing are Paris Saint-Germain, Bayern Munich, and Dortmund.
  3. When consulting the dictionary for the definition of the word "insufferable", one finds a picture of Krysten Sinema.
  4. Under their current plan, those 12 teams would play each other once a week. However, their domestic football associations are threatening to ban them from playing in their domestic leagues.
  5. "European Super League: Bayern Munich and PSG not backing plans - The Athletic" Bayern Munich and PSG are not backing breakaway European Super League plans THEATHLETIC.COM Paris Saint-Germain and Bayern Munich are not backing the new European Super League proposal.A report in The Times said a number of top European clubs had...
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