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  1. Gotta admit. I'm kinda jelly of the inevitably incoming ridiculously over the top game breaking mods. lol
  2. I like the look and feel of the physical copy of a game. I'm guess I'm old school like that. I do have quite a bit of digital games too though. I'd say my library is 70/30 physical vs digital. But I haven't bought a physical copy of a movie since maybe 2012.
  3. Movie looks very 3 stars on Netflix for me. Unless you've always wanted to see old Will Smith battle the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.
  4. Pretty much the same for me. The original game had a kind of Tim Burton atmosphere, which I was drawn to. I remember playing it for a few hours but kind of lost interest after that.
  5. I was interested too... until I played the demo. But it did give me some nostalgic feels with the music so there's that I guess.
  6. Wildlands is one of those that I've almost bought like 10 times. Idk why, but I can't seem to pull the trigger. Maybe a "been there done that" feeling like Dexter said.
  7. I've beat Dark Souls multiple times...with every class on the game.
  8. Gonna try Link's Awakening tonight. Framerate be damned.
  9. I never played TLOU on any platform. Guess I'll give it a shot.
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