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  1. I got Outer Worlds on Gamepass last night. Put a couple hours into it and so far I'm having a lot of fun with it.
  2. Frickin shooters man. Good Lord.
  3. I don't get it. Seems like a failed opportunity from a marketing standpoint. Brand new console, huge crowds, media outlets everywhere... somebody help me understand.
  4. Finally finished Fallen Order and now I'm gonna see what Control's all about this evening.
  5. Played? Atari 2600. I was the Combat king Owned? NES. I think I played Super Mario Bros until 4am. lol
  6. Wait..what? Let me think on it and get back to you here shortly. Sorry for the delayed response. Thank you so much! PM'd you
  7. Crazy what happens when you show somebody how to properly make a Star Wars game.
  8. Fallen Order is so much fun. I did get Control too. But I can’t put down FO. Sooo glad somebody finally got a Star Wars game right. I have little nit picks. But this game does so much right that it’s not even worth mentioning. I am looking forward to Control...sometime in the near future.
  9. I think most married people already know what they're getting anyway. lol
  10. I usually do too. But I always tell my wife I'd like one or two games and I'll wait until Christmas to open it. Last year she got me God of War PS4, which I didn't even ask for. I thought it would be too linear and too many QTE sequences. Boy was I wrong. It's one of my top 5 games of all time. One year I got a 55" Samsung UHDTV, a sound bar, and a PS4 Pro on black Friday. I just let them sit there nestled in the living room until Christmas. I like something to look forward to
  11. I''ve had Fallen Order and Control sitting under the tree for about a month and a half now lol. I really don't know much about either one (but I've heard they're good) so I'm pretty excited to go in blind on these. What was your Christmas gaming haul?
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