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  1. Me too. I have watched ONE video about this game, and that was 3 months ago. I've read little things here and there. But I honestly have no idea about the mechanics, structure, story, etc etc.
  2. Only problem I'm having is periodic long loading times. Sometimes I can get into a game in around 20-30 seconds. Other times, I'm looking at a loading screen for nearly 2 minutes. I'm playing on the PS4Pro btw.
  3. Alright alright alright. I caved and bought this darn game. I’m about 2 hours in and so far so good. So far, I don’t get the mediocre reviews it’s getting. It’s fun. It’s deep. It seems to have extremely high replay value. And Bioware is fully supporting this game. That checks all my boxes right now. I guess we’ll see if gets stale or not like the feedback says...
  4. This is the weirdest thread ever. Game is getting mediocre reviews nearly across the board. But almost everyone in here is ignoring the elephant in the room and enjoying it anyway. That being said, I’ll probably get this after a few patches in the future. I think Bioware is really listening and I like that.
  5. Not gonna lie, that looked.....laughably bad. And I grew up on 80's/90's hair bands so come at me bro. I was just waiting for Adam Sandler to show up when I watched the trailer.
  6. I see your first Valkyrie and raise you the last Valkyrie. Easily hardest part of the entire game for me.
  7. My bad man. It’s Saturday so my sarcasm meter is officially turned off until Monday. But yea, I honestly think Biggie didn’t even play it. There’s no other explanation for such an inexplicably wrong opinion. lol
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