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  1. With all these free updates, and the fact they actually listened to disgruntled fans about no SP mode, also the fact it's only $20 would make this the best racing game I've never bought.
  2. For you purists in here, how does this game hold up in the Castlevania series? One thing I'm a stickler on is it has to FEEL like Castlevania. If it doesn't have the atmosphere, setting, and most importantly the music done right then it's just another video game.
  3. Thanks for the replies. I found out from the dev the PS4/Xbox multiplayer update "supposedly" releases this month.
  4. I'm gonna "try" not buying this until Halloween. We'll see if my willpower holds up. lol
  5. Games just need to be fun. That's it. That's all. If your version of "fun" is shooting babies or any other innocent being in a hyper simulated setting then yea, you have problems.
  6. Dragon Quest Builders 2 has seriously been the only game that excites me. Seriously, WTF have these devs been doing?
  7. SotN for me. Playing that game for the first time was like an out of body experience.
  8. And Jon dying, and being revived was for what again? Oh, to be exiled and live among barbarians in a a barren tundra. Nice job predicting that one, Bran.
  9. Drogon burning the throne was far fetched. Yea, I know it's medieval fantasy blah blah but whatever. Just didn't feel very Game of Thronesy to me.
  10. - Arya killing the NK is the most forced, lamest thing I've seen on TV in 2019. - Was hoping Jon wouldn't be so useless - It's like Melisandre used her one special ability..... for nothing - Brienne getting swarmed twice and not even taking damage? Ok. - Can't see shit captain.
  11. Reviews are all over the place. Welp. I wasn't expecting that
  12. Umm..I never said Christians have it rough. But congrats on dismissing the fact that over 300 people were just murdered for practicing their faith. I guess that doesn’t constitute for “having it rough” in your sad little world. I guess only Jews and Muslims are allowed to express any kind of sadness, anger, etc for dying at the hands of extremists. You know, faux outrage and all.
  13. Lol, what's with the name calling? Seriously? You're calling me stupid but can't even carry on a civilized discussion without getting emotional. Kids today. I tell ya. I said it because it's true. Stop getting yourself triggered and do some research.
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