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  1. I wanted this game to good so bad. I kind of shrugged off the mediocre reviews and bought it anyway. I should have listened.
  2. Play Fortnite with a bunch of mouthy 12 yr olds for a while. You'll learn to appreciate the solitude of a good single player game again.
  3. Lol. You probably need to figure yourself out soon sweetie. You’re better than letting me live rent free in your head.
  4. Don't need any. SFLU agrees with me so deal with it.
  5. Obama perpetuated violence against police officers. Sorry, he doesn't get a free pass.
  6. No, her exact words were: Video games aren’t causing mass shootings, white supremacy is. Sadly the GOP refuse to acknowledge that, bc their strategy relies on rallying a white supremacist base. That‘s why the President hosts stadiums of people chanting “send her back”& targets Congress-members of color. Lol. Everything about that comment excludes any other fault except "white supremacy". And she's an idiot because, among numerous other things, she has literally no clue what she's even talking about. In fact almost every single mass shooting in the last 37 years had nothing to do with white supremacy. Oh, but there was that one time so I guess they're all race motivated. The fact that ya'll defend her is comical.
  7. Was the Orlando mass shooting about white nationalism? How bout San Bernadino? Las Vegas? Sandy Hook? Fort Hood? My point was you're girl AOC equating all mass shootings to white supremacy when, you know, they're not. It's just a supremely idiotic and moronic thing to say. But I wouldn't expect any different from such a dumbass.
  8. I wonder if Alexandria Dumbass knows the Dayton shooter was a leftist Warren supporter?
  9. Yea? And how has stunt casting historically worked out for putting butts in the seats? If you think Bond needed a shot in the arm, this ain't it.
  10. Sooo.... Roger Moore, Sean Connery, Daniel Craig and Pierce Brosnan were all "unremarkable white men"??
  11. The problem with today's wrestling is today's wrestlers. The reason Bischoff was successful in WCW was the personalities he had access to. Steiner, Goldberg, Hall, Nash, Sting, Flair etc etc. There's nothing even close to those guys in terms of grittiness and general charisma today. I'd be real interested if Bischoff can turn it around because at this point, what do they have to lose. The ratings are continually spiraling downward.
  12. I mean, has stunt casting ever worked out well for an established movie franchise?
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