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  1. The company I work for is an all-employee completely private ESOP and we sell guns, left and right together at last.
  2. Teenage Bounty Hunters A light fun series with great chemistry between the leads. Also the whitest thing on Earth and I say this as Whitey Mcwhite 7.5/10
  3. Ended way better than it started. Still don't care for the two main characters that much
  4. Looking forward to it, hopefully it is better than season 4 which I found to the weakest so far.
  5. The finale was great too, with actual consequences which is so rare in Trek. it also had one of the deepest deep cuts I have ever seen
  6. So the WHO is now saying that 1 in 10 people have contracted COVID-19, how is that possible? That would be 760 million infected with only around 1 million dead. Either the fatality rate is way way less than what we have been told or their numbers are totally off. https://apnews.com/article/virus-outbreak-archive-united-nations-54a3a5869c9ae4ee623497691e796083
  7. I don't understand what happened to the Bills defense this year, they haven't really lost many key players since last year when they were great. Thank god Josh Allen is actually starting to play like all the fans hoped he would.
  8. I beat it yesterday. This is an amazing game that is currently hiding under a pile of bugs and performance issues. Every CRPG fan should play this in about 6 months or so once it has been thoroughly patched up.
  9. Bills got fucked on the interception call in the 3rd but got repaid by the pass interference at the end of the game
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