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  1. We get a total compensation report and I have what I consider great insurance, low copays, see any doctor you want, no premiums for single and a $1500 max out of pocket for the year. It was listed at about $8300 on last year's compensation report.
  2. hilarious that he thinks companies would actually pass those savings onto the employees
  3. Another really good show. It is too bad that Luchasuraus was hurt because it looked like the Lucha Bros were wrestling a couple of children but they were able to pull an entertaining match out of it. Baker is not it, she is mediocre at best and they should stop pushing her but they are thin on the women's side of things. Great in ring plot development during the omega/page vs pac/moxley match, they are doing a great job with handling moxley. The main event was a lot better than I thought it was going to be, Darby is going to have a short career they way he kills himself out there but it will be an entertaining one, he is so fluid in the way he floats around the ring. No wasted time with garbage backstage segments, just wrestling followed by more wrestling with a rare promo package dropped in, great format.
  4. Beat it this morning. The shooting and the looting were still good fun but yeah that plot/dialogue was pretty awful.
  5. Mindhunter season 1 and 2 Really solid series overall. Bill Tench is my spirit animal with grumpy professionalism. Thought season 1 was better than 2. 8.5/10
  6. and he didn't even look that spent at the end of it https://i.imgur.com/J3I5RNs.gifv
  7. https://www.cnn.com/2019/10/12/sport/eliud-kipchoge-marathon-vienna-intl/index.html 26.2 miles in 1:59:40, that is running a 4:34 mile 26 times in a row It doesn't officially count as a world record because he used a pace car but he ran 26.2 miles in under 2 hours, he ran at what would be a lot of people's sprint speed for 2 hours straight
  8. this is everything you could possibly want as BB fan, so good
  9. El Camino Everything you could possibly want as BB fan, great dialogue, acting, directing, pitch black humor and my god the cinematography /10
  10. I'm just going to post this every time there is a show I want to watch on one of the 100 different services I do not subscribe too
  11. I'm a level 35 Zane and I find the game easy but I am still only on normal mode, can't imagine how much of cakewalk it must be with the stronger characters.
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