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  1. current plan is just All Out but we haven't finalized yet, we are booking our plane tickets later this month and will probably sort it all out then our tickets are currently 2 sets of 2 seats in row 2 and 3 of section C101 but that might change as we get closer to the event and other comp tickets become available
  2. My friend hooked me and some of my other friends up with tickets, can't wait. This will be my first PPV.
  3. list of the first debate participants is out Those candidates are: Former Vice President Joe Biden Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg California Sen. Kamala Harris Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren Former Texas Rep. Beto O'Rourke Businessman Andrew Yang New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker Former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Washington Gov. Jay Inslee Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar Author Marianne Williamson New York Mayor Bill de Blasio Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet Former Maryland Rep. John Delaney New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand Former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan California Rep. Eric Swalwell how in the world are they going to give 20 people equal time is beyond me, if they don't there will be nonstop screams of bias and the fix is in. I do not envy the moderator in this one.
  4. video of something being done to ship also the damage is rather small and above the waterline so it was probably limpet mines that caused it
  5. Billions season 4 The show has entered caricature status this year. It has always been a little silly and that was one of the things that made it so entertaining but they are just getting over the top now. Characters are distilled into their most prominent traits, all plot issues are resolved by two powerful people having a one scene conversation where they either trade favors or bully the other person into doing their bidding. Money has no meaning anymore, one episode they celebrate bringing in half a billion in new investor money like it is a huge deal and they next they buy the Chrysler building before lunch to squeeze someone. It is still fun and actors revel in it but it is pretty dumb now. 6/10
  6. https://www.cnn.com/middleeast/live-news/gulf-of-oman-incident-latest-intl/index.html the nature of the attack is unknown, some reports say they were struck by torpedoes but that seems like conjecture at this point.
  7. Deadwood The Movie The dialogue is as wonderful as ever but there just isn't enough screen time to go around for all the characters they try to cram in, it leaves all of their stories feeling artificially shortened. 6/10
  8. Going to a birthday party this weekend for a senior reactor operator who works at Ginna nuclear power plant which is the oldest nuclear power plant in operation in the US, the party will be full of people that work at the plant. Can't wait to hear how many questions I overhear about Chernobyl.
  9. Saw it tonight and honestly a bit disappointed, felt more like a slightly long mediocre episode of the show than Deadwood THE MOVIE. I think the main issue was trying to give so many characters screen time they didn't leave enough time for any of the stories or characters to really flesh out, Jane probably gets the best conclusion. Al goes from being the power player in the series that everything truly revolves around to just a bystander in the movie.
  10. Captain Marvel Mostly generic MCU fine but with a couple interesting changes 7/10
  11. the grocery store number is surprising, are people really doing a lot of online shopping for food?
  12. the new gunner skill tree looks good, especially if you use a LMG. That +50 round large pouch
  13. Chernobyl First 3 episodes are as great as you are going to get last two were just really good 9/10
  14. This primary is going to be extremely interesting to see who controls the Democratic party, centrists or those on the hard left.
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