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  1. ironically this show has already contradicted the prequel comics for Star Trek(2009) those had Data as the captain of the Enterprise E
  2. I mean this is what he has been campaigning on; bread and butter democrat policies, Obama admin part 2, best chance of beating Trump.
  3. it is this one https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patriot_(TV_series)
  4. What is the spoiler rule going to be in this thread? Anyway I liked the first episode but didn't love it. There is some good stuff like Picard's interview and some weak stuff like the handwave of how Dahj found Picard and the stuff about one positron can rebuild an entire artificial brain. This was more a lay the groundwork episode than anything and did a decent enough job of it. I hope we get some flashbacks to some of the major events they glossed over because they could really use some fleshing out.
  5. Barry is excellent, check out Patriot on prime if you want something similar
  6. I'm most shocked about it still having an optical out for audio
  7. Sanders will be 79 at the time of inauguration and had a serious heart attack a few months ago, his VP pick is more relevant than most.
  8. I know there was a lot of chatter about picking Warren but I would think he would go with someone that isn't elderly and less white even before the whole he said she said of last week.
  9. If Warren performs below expectations in the early white heavy state elections I wonder if she will stick around for long or throw in with Bernie, the events of last week make it seem less likely but if Bernie picks up a decent chunk of her voters he has a good shot at winning it all.
  10. the capsule at the top of the rocket flies away from the rest of the rocket
  11. https://hannoodlebar.com if you are coming from Syracuse it is on the way to the arena
  12. Dinosaur BBQ is right by the arena but will probably be slammed, Owl House is only a couple of miles away, small place kind of hipstery but good food, Geneese Brew house if you are looking for more bar like food, burgers and such. as for accommodations honestly not really sure because I have never had to get a room in town
  13. AEW just announced a show in my town, Rochester NY, it also is where Harper is from and it falls a couple weeks after his non-compete supposedly expires. Needless to say I will be in attendance.
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