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  1. capsule separated from the 2nd stage and the 1st stage landed, all is going well
  2. busing is a major issue around here too, they had to postpone the entire first day of classes because of it
  3. Suicide Squad (2021) Vastly superior to the original not as good as GotG 7/10 Jungle Cruise I did not like the banter between the main characters that permeated the first half of the movie, also a bit more violent than I would expect from a Disney movie. 5/10 Pig Good but not as good as the hype made it out to be. 8/10
  4. if you are at the physical decency level you should definitely consult a professional as you mentioned the DTs can be fatal.
  5. Nice to get an official official name for Number 1 after all these years. Also a Noonien Singh on the Enterprise, that could get interesting.
  6. Like everyone else I have no real idea how this slots into the current canon but taken in a vacuum that trailer gets me pumped.
  7. What a show, every match except for the big show one was at least good with several being excellent. The tag match was easy match of the night
  8. Hitman's Bodyguard's Wife it exists as a movie, I highly doubt I will remember anything about it a month from now 5/10
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