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  1. Matrix Resurrection No clue how to rate this, like every compliant I have is almost an intentional meta in joke by the creators. The scene with the Merovingan though was actively awful and I will not be told otherwise. There is some good stuff in here too but it is definitely is a movie that didn't need to exist. 5.5/10 Ghostbusters Afterlife A few too many member berries but overall a good use of nostalgia combined with new stuff. I have a soft spot for movies with a coming of age cast, might be from growing up in the 80s when these type of movies were at their peak but I will always give them the benefit of the doubt. 8/10 Silent Sea Good production values but a silly plot and cardboard cutout characters. 4/10 The Expanse season 6 Short but good end to series if this really is the end. 8.5/10
  2. Outside of the questionable inclusion of the Laconia scenes this was a strong season and good end to what they had built up to in terms of the belt vs the inners that had been going since the start of the series. All the characters had clear motivations, goals, and well used screen time for the limited amount of episodes we had. Overall the series will likely go down as one of the all time great Sci-fi shows. Branching storylines with lots of interesting characters, well integrated politics and world building. The real triumph of the series though is its commitment to showing hard scifi space travel/battles. The battles in particular are master class efforts in storytelling, being able to show the incredible speed that everything happens at while still making it clear what is actually going on is something that no other live action show that I can think of has even attempted. Even other shows that use full Newtonian physics like Babylon 5 and the BSG reboot still have ships flying around at what looks a few hundred mph not blink and a ship has gone from right next to you to out of visual range like we get in the Expanse. On top of that they were able to make each battle unique with its own interesting tactic or circumstance and not just shoot more better than the other guy.
  3. If this is it in terms of tv Expanse then the Laconia scenes are the most baffling inclusion to a show I can think of in a LONG time
  4. I've had MS for about 15 years, I don't recall ever having mono though. Thankfully my MS has been an extremely mild case outside of my initial flare up.
  5. I'm feeling a bit better today. Sore ribs from all the coughing the last couple of days but the cough has mostly died down now.
  6. My teacher friends are losing their minds over all the BS this school year, one who has 15 years into a really good pension system is thinking very hard about completely switching careers.
  7. Dennis trying to hold in his coughs at the realtors office was the funniest gag in the season
  8. If things are happening faster I have no idea where I got my case from then, my last interaction with was a group was new years day, that was 10+ days ago. I work from home and haven't been out in public since then.
  9. Well I finally got it if the at home test I used is accurate. Fully vaxxed and boosted. Feel like I have a head cold with some chest congestion.
  10. Big Mouth Season 5 They know where their bread is buttered and are sticking with it 7/10 Hawkeye I thought it was a fun not too serious MCU fling 7.5/10
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