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  1. I've done about 4 hours on WT3 and have only replaced one piece of my WT2 gear, I am not getting anything I need. Going to take a break from this game and beat RE2 that has been sitting on drive for months.
  2. Beat it when it came out. Great game if you can get past the dated JRPG mechanics which I didn't have an issue with since I grew up with them.
  3. it was a good game, you should check it out if you like squad based tactics games
  4. I have literally not done a single group activity at all in this game
  5. between pasture, timber and traditional agriculture which is getting increasing grouped into corporate megafarms it wouldn't surprise me that it is less than 1% that own 50%+ in the US too. America is a big empty country outside of the coasts for the most part, it is called flyover country for a reason.
  6. this primary is going to be the most loaded with unfulfillable promises we have ever seen
  7. Vice Transformative performance by Bale. The serious biopic parts were good, the "comedy" elements were just total out of place everytime they popped up. 6.5/10 Replicas Just a bad movie all around with some low level 90s CGI for a robot and a terrible ending 2.5/10
  8. They certainly did some things this episode. With using the route of classifying Discovery out of the timeline they are going to have to keep her and the crew in the future, if they do a couple seasons of Discovery in the future then bring it back to roughly when it left they are stuck with why is there no mention of the sporedrive in future set Trek, still not entirely clear why they are classifying the sporedrive completely out of existence from in an universe perspective but whatever that is what the writers went with. Then again Georgiou is on the Discovery and they are developing a Section 31 show around her so I have no idea how that is going to work. I guess season 3 will have a Voyager style feel to it with one Federation ship on its own in the unknown, so they are wide open with what they can do there. Problem being the ship just went through a major battle and is in rough shape. This isn't a complaint about just this episode but a lot of scifi in general, huge CGI space battles do not work on screen. A thousand ships flying around pew-pewing at each other and exploding just turns into visual noise. This battle the battle of the binary stars and even the opening battle in Revenge of the Sith are just a mess of light on the screen, they are the equivalent of a 500 piece jazz band. Compare those to the "smaller" and less frenetic final battle in the Return of the Jedi which after 35+ years that is still the king of large space battles. oh that was one really tough blast door too
  9. yeah 8k will be what the system is able to output at not what any game will ever possible run at, maybe it will handle future youtube videos or something like that
  10. oh boy the talent nerfs are going to be awful, every meta build out there can be thrown out the window. Huge increases to number of R/B/Ys needed to run them along with major drops in their power Berserk: 10% WDMG for every 10 20% max armor depleted. Shotgun, SMG or AR Requires 11 or more red (Shotgun, SMG or AR) (DZ Normalized you gain 5% WDMG for 20% armor) Unbreakable: 25 70% of max armor is repaired when armor is depleted. Armorkit not consumed within 5s 7s. No other active armor talents Requires 11 or more blue (No other active armor talents) (DZ Normalized max armor repaired is 25%) Frenzy: Reloading from empty grants 25 20% WDMG and 25 15% ROF for 10s 3s. Clutch: Crits restore 15 20% HP and 2 1% armor. Requires: AR/SMG/LMG Patience: After being in cover for 3s 5s armor repairs by 5% every 1s. Requires 7 9 or more blue Safeguard: Killing a target grants a 150 50% bonus to repairing and healing effects for 20 5s. Requires 5 4 or less red Footnote; The cooldown before it can trigger again is still the same it seems between 15 and 20s Bloodsucker: Depleting enemy armor adds a stack of 20 25% bonus armor for 20 10s. Max stack is 5 6. Requires 7 11 or more blue Surgical: 8 5% CHC - u/abtei Spike: Headshot kills grant 25 35% skill damage for 10 20s. Requires 5 or more yellow Unhinged: 25 20% weapon damage at the cost of 35 25% weapon handling. Strained: 10 5% CHD for every 5 10% armor depleted. Requires 5 or less red Spotter: 10 20% WDMG to pulsed enemies. Requires 5 or more yellow Preservation: Killing an enemy repairs 5 10% armor over 3 5s. Headshot kills improves the repair. - u/eX1D Requires 5 7 or more blue Reformation: Headshot kills increase skill repair and healing by 25 50% for 25 20s. - u/eX1D Requires 4 or less offense Requires 9 or more yellow Entrench: Headshots from cover repair 5 10% of your armor. - u/Vaetherian Requires: Rifle/MMR Pestilence Exotic LMG: My damage on Live is 4.9k and PTS is 13.7k Blacksmith: Kill with your sidearm repairs 25% 50% of your armor CD 10 15 seconds. - u/omfgwe Requires 5 or more blu
  11. actually it looks like shale doesn't account for most of it. More conventional oil is being produced now than there was 15 years ago, just doing some reading up since I'm curious now https://www.forbes.com/sites/michaellynch/2018/06/29/what-ever-happened-to-peak-oil/#37851915731a
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