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  1. 1917 finally got around to this one. Yeah it is a really well done bit of film making 9/10
  2. The Last Dance This was great docu-series and I don't even like basketball. 9/10
  3. I really did not like this movie. The first 20 minutes were overly cartoony even by comicbook movie standards. The next hour was boring and the last 40 minutes was ok at best.
  4. I honestly don't think they could have done it better. I had done a lot of crying these past few days so I was kind of prepared for tonight, I lost it at the end of the Silver match when he broke down then I was ok till the end when Amanda came out with the boots at which point I was a total mess. Some of the footage they had in the tribute video was from ALL the way back when were doing backyard wrestling. The footage in the snow was the park we used to wrestle in 20+ years ago. that doppy looking guy in the ref shirt is me, of course Huber is the tallest one all the w
  5. yeah I have another friend who is a VP on the business side of AEW and he was telling us about this. He cut a super long promo on the elite and then called out the dark order who were doing something else at the time and had to hurry and run in, the DO and Brodie(jr) beat up the elite and then Brodie "beat" Kenny Omega for the title. I can't say enough about how AEW has been taking care of the family through all of this, both the business side and the on screen talent side. They have done everything in their power to do right by the Hubers. This company has been nothing but class d
  6. If you have been following any of the stories on social media about Jon being loving and open to people he has known for a long time and even those he just met they are true, they are not being played up to paint him a good light. My girlfriend just shared her first encounter with him to me, she hadn't told me this before and I absolutely broke down after being relatively ok for most of the day. Every July for the last few years probably starting a year so after he made his main roster debut on the WWE main roster the Huber's would have this huge party at their house th
  7. I've personally known Jon for 20+ years. He was great man, great husband and great father. As great a wrestler he was he was better person. Absolutely fuck 2020
  8. I don't see anything on my wish list that is cheap enough to jump on, weak sale this year.
  9. Still haven't beat the final boss after 25 runs, thought I did then found out he had a second form.
  10. bought it on the EGS sale, played 2 hours, yeah it is great. I suck at it though because I am slow ass old man.
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