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  1. elbobo

    Television The Grand Tour Season 3

    this felt like the most generic of top gear episodes, it wasn't bad and actually one of their funnier outings they just stayed completely in their comfort zone
  2. Overlord mix of horror and war movie, pulls off the horror a bit better than the war but not until about 2/3s into the movie 6.5/10 Erased Anime with an interesting concept of having your mind go back into a younger version of yourself to help people, final episode wrapped up a bit too conveniently. other than that though it is good 8/10
  3. as a long suffering bills fan let me just say muhahahahahahahhahahaha
  4. elbobo

    Mueller Season 3: The End Game

    that is his fetish
  5. I don't think there is a schedule really posted but I would check on their website every once and awhile and you will see their offers. It looks like they are doing a free week right now which would probably be enough to get through a season of the twilight zone, I'm reading that this season will only be 10 episodes.
  6. all access runs free months pretty frequently. You can just wait till they release the full season and then binge
  7. I remember a few of the 90s outer limits. There was one with Robert Patrick and Wil Wheaton that was really good
  8. meh the S6 still works; gets texts, makes calls and lets me browse the internet. That is about all I use it for
  9. guess I will finally upgrade my S6 for a standard S10
  10. it is looking very possible that this will end up sub 70 on metacritic, for a monster AAA game that is really bad and the youtube reviews seem even harsher
  11. Counterpart season 2 This show never got to the level that it should, strong double performance by JK Simmons and some neat ideas but a lot of sloppy coincidences and conspiracies mixed in. 6/10
  12. elbobo

    ~*Official 2020 Candidates Thread*~

    actuary tables put the odds of someone in their late 70s dying at under 5% per year and that is not taking into account the healthcare a senator will get. So there is not extremely good odds he does not live to see the election.
  13. aren't half those people already in the HoF, also feels like a cheap way to put Chyna in