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  1. Unhinged I was expecting a dumb badguy chases a family on the road thrilled, I was unprepared for how what I hope was intentionally absurd it got. This is a good laugh and yell at the screen kind of movie. 6/10
  2. also the small fact that blue origin has but literally nothing into orbit yet
  3. I've sold and rebought multiple times since April of last year. Wish I went a lot heavier when it was sub $1
  4. Added to the Russell 3000 yesterday after after hours too. Could get a decent bump from that Monday.
  5. Great AEW PPV last night. Every match was at least solid except for the Cody match which had a weird feud/build to begin with. They booked around Sting honestly as best as could possibly be done and he looked fine especially considering his age and condition. The 3 way was fantastic. Stadium Stampede 2 was fun. Best part of the whole show though was having a full house live crowd back and they came to cheer.
  6. Watched it last night, no zombie movie should ever be over 2 hours. It was a zach snyder movie through and through.
  7. Keeping the product close to the ICE version is probably what is needed for a lot of buyers especially when it comes to what is generally a more conservative group like truck buyers.
  8. Biden wasn't even driving the Ford either. You can see a second driver's ed steering wheel in front of the passenger and when Biden turns the steering wheel the front tires do not move. I think there is some secret service rule that presidents can't drive under any circumstances.
  9. Never heard of this show before. The Cuomo, Trump and OJ ones were decent.
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