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  1. Do you think it matters if we watch Hawkeye before Eternals? I liked Shang-chi, but yeah, they raised the stakes way to high by the end. It got too silly too fast. The dad is the freaking bad guy, not some soul dragons we got introduced to 15 minutes before they show up. Everyone of these dang movies doesn't have to about saving the whole universe. I mean, I like Awkwafina, she steals every scene she's in (which is like all of them) but why is she in this movie at all? So they have someone to explain everything to? Ben Kingsley felt super unnecessary and random too. This movie feels like it got "punched up" at some point. It felt like a movie that got re-written halfway through.
  2. Can't wait. One of my favorite movies of the last, uh, I dunno. A long time... the first one is seriously an amazing movie.
  3. ‘We can't underscore how big of a deal’ Cuomo’s firing is: Joey Jones WWW.FOXNEWS.COM Joey Jones and his fellow "Big Saturday Show" co-hosts reacted to the news of Chris Cuomo's dismissal from CNN on Saturday. Here's a big story over there about how some of the hosts on one of their shows think this whole Cuomo thing is a pretty big deal. I mean, what a scoop!
  4. Fox is obsessed with him. They constantly make him their big lead story. This scandal gives them a giant boner. They usually drag out a Cuomo story when they run out of the usual chum or have to distract from someone on their team doing something. I've always found Cuomo annoying. I can only watch him for a few minutes before I can't take it anymore.
  5. Here's the current scene at Fox News headquarters.
  6. archive.vn ARCHIVE.VN Here's a letter that mom wrote to Trump in 2016. She doesn't come off as the sharpest knife in the drawer.
  7. Hey, I finally got around to resubscribing to Disney+ and we watched Black Widow tonight. It was incredibly okay.
  8. I'm thinking of starting this show... I know it's a comedy/drama... but is it mostly a comedy? Will the first few episodes give me a good idea of what it's all about or is it one of those shows that takes a while to hit its stride?
  9. Yeah, our governor is a piece of poop. No one is wearing masks here anymore. People are just over it. None of these people even believe masks do anything. They think it's all a giant scam and nothing, I mean NOTHING will convince them otherwise.
  10. We're still into... I see every single one of these in the theaters with my kids and we have a good time. BUT... That said, we're now way behind due to COVID. Haven't seen Black Widow or anything that's come out afterwards. Have not watched What if? or Hawkeye. Being this far behind makes it start to feel a little overwhelming.
  11. I used to occasionally get shit from "elsewhere", and then I got a few cease and desist letters from my cable company... so I cut that shit out. I guess I need to sign up for a VPN and start stealing everything. That seems to be what these media companies want us to do.
  12. Paramount + can eat my crusty butthole. I'm not signing up for it just to watch South Park. I just won't watch and they will get nothing. Great way to keep your fans happy.
  13. I'm just so sick of this streaming bullshit. The NHL was on NBC for like a decade and I don't think I missed a single game on TV. ESPN has had the rights for one year and they've already moved two games to ESPN+ streaming. It's fucking bullshit. I hate it. South Park has been on Comedy Central for 30 years or whatever. What the fuck is this bullshit? Why do I pay for cable? I don't want to sign up for 10 different streaming services. I don't want to sign up for free trials and cancel just to watch an episode of a show I like. FUCK THAT. FUCK. THAT.
  14. You lost me at Paramount + exclusive. Fuck that. Why do I even pay for cable?
  15. Ha, this is great... it's also not actually 12 hours. Its like an hour and then it loops.
  16. I mean, fuck it, lets just all walk around with assault rifles and shoot each other in the face like it's a normal fucking thing.
  17. I think that 99% of pro athletes have/had super driven, super engaged parents pushing them the entire way. There really is no other way. The amount of time and effort I see being put into hockey kids is insane. It's like dude, your kid is like, maybe the 30th best player in his birth year in one midwestern city, maybe you don't need to spend like $20,000 a year on private hockey lessons. Maybe chill out. There's an entire industry built around milking money out of these parents. They're all so competitive and will do anything to get their kids on the best teams with the best coaches and best everything. It's an insane world of insanity and I only see it from the outside looking in. I can't imagine being on the other side. What's really nuts is that for every Venus and Serena, there's 10,000 other kids who probably worked their entire life toward the same goal and didn't make it.
  18. I wonder just how broken inside one would have to be to give money toward this kids bail.
  19. So should I mix and match my booster? I haven't really been reading that much about this. I got Pfizer all the way back in March. I've had people tell me that I should definitely mix it up and people tell me the opposite.
  20. Watched the first episode and it was better than I was expecting but still weird as hell. It's almost too close to the anime. Things play very differently in different mediums, and what works in animation sometimes just feels strange in live action. I don't know. I'll keep watching. I'm not sure I'm really enjoying it all that much, but I'm also not immediately hating it, so I guess that's something. More than anything it just makes me want to watch the animated original.
  21. It does feel weird that it's taking so long. It seems like a pretty clear cut case by the letter of the law.
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