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  1. I ended up going with the regular return process. I sent in my card on Wed and they got it on Fri. I just got the tracking number for my replacement card, which should be here this Wed, so a week total turn around time. In the mean time I have my old Radeon 7850 installed. It has 1GB RAM. I'm playing games on my Xbox.
  2. I've watched a couple different people playing the beginning of the game. It looks like a metroid prime/survival mashup. The tone is humorous and the gameplay looks solid. I'll probably pick it up. Also, if you pick the dog when choosing your character portrait all of your character sounds are changed to that of a dog.
  3. This reddit page may help. It has a bunch of mods to make the game more playable on modern hardware.
  4. KOTOR combat is almost exactly the same as DA:O. It's real time with pause, plus you can queue up to three commands on each character. I don't know why anyone would call it turn based, unless people think the Baldur's Gate and Dragon Age games are turn based.
  5. The gameplay is more in the style of Diablo and the characters are fixed. Each dungeon run has you start out with whatever permanent upgrades you have (lvl and skills, damage and health upgrades etc.) During the run you collect and buy various upgrades and items that will only be used in that particular attempt. You also collect money which is used for the permanent upgrades and certain items to decorate your home and unlock certain events.
  6. Children of Morta is pretty great. It's a rogue lite, but each character is unique, with different abilities and skill trees. The story is charming too.
  7. So I've just gotten RMA approval for my 1080ti and it's crashing shenanigans. I have two options for the return, either I send it in and they send me a replacement after they get it, or I pay for the replacement and get it sent to me first, then get refunded after they get my current card. I'm guessing this will either mean around two weeks without a decent GPU (I'd have to slot in an old AMD card I still have to be able to use my PC in the interim) or I'd be out somewhere around $700 for two to three weeks. Has anyone had to do this before, can you share your experience?
  8. EVGA. You're right, I just looked and it's still under warranty, so I'm going to contact EVGA and see what can be done.
  9. The error is "Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered" It crashes whatever game I'm playing and sometimes kills the detection of the monitor or even (rarely) freezes the PC completely. The only thing that seems to mitigate it is downclocking my GPU, though that's not certain either as sometimes that does nothing and sometimes running it at default works just fine too. It's ruined entire gaming sessions and every time it happens it makes me wish my consoles were as powerful as my PC, so I wouldn't have to deal with it. At this point I'm pretty sure the only thing that will fix it is a new GPU, so hopefully this year a non ludicrously priced upgrade for my card comes out.
  10. If only it were that simple. The issue I have is well documented and none of the supposed fixes work for me. Nvidia has apparently admitted it's something in their drivers, but who knows if it will ever be fixed. When I was researching it I found forum posts from multiple years ago with people having the same issue.
  11. I would say mine does too, if not for the years old Nvidia driver/windows issue that likes to crash my games and sometimes lock up my entire PC. It really makes me wish AMD would release a card that is an upgrade from my 1080ti. Oh, also fiddling around with settings and the fact that HDR is still much less likely to be implemented on the PC version of a game. That said, I do tend to get the PC version of games at the moment, but that may change with the new consoles.
  12. I remember really enjoying this game. I was able to add it to Steam with it's key, so I may have to download it again and try this mod.
  13. 2 Xbox - Launch and X 2 PS4 - Launch and Pro 0 Switch I got the Pro and X when they launched and moved the base models to my kids TV.
  14. It apparently uses around 9000 Watts as well, so you'll need to run a dedicated line to power it.
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