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  1. EVGA took the 30 series off of their store page yesterday when I looked. It still doesn't show as an option for me. Is anyone else able to get to the page, maybe a direct link?
  2. Oh I'm certain games built for it will be much faster, I just wonder what it is about Xbox One games that make them load comparatively slowly (to PC) even when using the SSD of the Series... uh, series of Xbox.
  3. Yeah, I had faster load times on a SATA SSD than the example there. I thought the same thing with the comparison they had back in the spring too. There must be something with how the game is packaged on Xbox that even with an NVME drive 5 times faster it still loads slower than my PC.
  4. I'm interested in the world they are presenting, not so much in the lack of a party and more action fighting.
  5. I already have almost all of those in my PS+ library already, but it's cool for anyone getting PS+ for the first time.
  6. So has it been confirmed that order availability will be at 6am PDT, or was that just a rumor?
  7. That's good. I'm OK with most times during the day. I have the money ready, but I kind of want to do the all access, since it looks like you actually get a discount, both in pricing and sales tax being included.
  8. That's quite possibly the worst time they could do it for me. I get up at 5:30 for work. I'm going to have to set an alarm for 1am and hope I can go back to sleep.
  9. I'm kind of bummed it doesn't seem like they're going to do a special Scarlet edition for launch. I really like my Scorpio edition One X.
  10. TSMC has really good yields on it's 7nm node. I don't know what Sony would have had to do to make an SOC with yields as low as 50%.
  11. You would have to set the Xbox you're sharing with as your primary console. Any profile can then play any of your games on it. You can play any of your games from any other Xbox, as long as you are signed in. I do this with my kids on my OG Xbone while I can play on the X.
  12. I guess I can try out Anthem now. A weak endgame doesn't bother me, as Diablo 3 is the only endgame that's ever been able to hold my attention anyway. I'll just go through the campaign.
  13. Hopefully it'll be real HDR, what's on the consoles now is fake. I guess I'll hold off on going back to finish the game until after this comes out.
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