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  1. This current season I tried out a barbarian. I have adventure mode at Torment 13 and have passed a greater rift of 76, which is still in Torment 16 difficulty. I'm not super serious about it, but it's the only game that has ever kept me coming back for end game stuff. I mostly play solo on PS4.
  2. I got it, figuring I wouldn't need to worry about it just after getting the PS5, as it expires at the beginning of the year. After redeeming it I checked my expiration date, it's now 2023. It seems I already had this thought, probably during the holidays. I guess I should check before I buy, instead of after. Oh well, it's a really good deal.
  3. It seems like they are holding their "around the time of E3 presentation," but actually around the time E3 would have been. Unlike everyone else who seems to have pushed it back to July or just decided to drip feed at some unspecified random time.
  4. Yeah, Mortal Kombat 11 is still using a modified version of UE3 from what I understand. A lot of studios heavily modify UE, so porting their game to a newer version can mean a substantial amount of work.
  5. While I got the Playstation, one of my best friends got the Saturn. He brought it over all the time, so I was able to play a lot of games on it. I remember playing a lot of Guardian Heroes? I'll have to check and see if I remember that right. Edit: Yeah, it was a beat 'em up with amazing graphics for the time and RPG elements made by Treasure. I loved that game.
  6. I'm not getting my hopes up for any of these things. I'd rather be pleasantly surprised than let down. I'm just going to assume all of these are going to be interesting at best.
  7. I hope to see something substantive for Beyond Good and Evil 2. Otherwise I'm only kind of interested in Valhalla and don't care about anything else.
  8. PS4 installs from the disc, so you need the space on your HDD, but you don't need to worry about a 100GB download. A lot of people have data caps and slow download speeds
  9. While I am hopeful for cool stuff tomorrow I am not counting on much. Inside Xbox is the fluffiest of fluff marketing Xbox has.
  10. This. Learning about all the new stuff at the same time is awesome, they then drip feed us info after that to keep us interested. Now we're just getting a drip feed, which means far less excitement and quite frankly probably a lot less interest. "Oh look, some information about a game I've never heard about. Meh, maybe I'll check out the random video for it sometime."
  11. I have pretty much the ideal specs, just with a better Ryzen. I might try it out, since it should be on game pass, but I'm not sure yet. I'll wait for reviews on how well the game play scales from super sim to total newb (that would be me).
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