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  1. Didn't they say they aren't releasing an AC game this year? If so, then they have well over a year left of development time.
  2. I don't see how that would work considering all of the visual customization you can make to the characters.
  3. I'm guessing they won't be using any extreme force usage scenarios, which TFU had (thus Mt. Dew). It kind of had to though, what with the name of the game. The story of the first one was pretty grounded as far as Star Wars goes and was kind of somber. I'm hoping this game will be good, but my confidence in anything Star Wars is pretty low at this point.
  4. I came really close to buying it as well. I'm glad I was able to wait.
  5. The newly enhanced versions of the first two, along with being able to import my 360 saves to my 1X is going to get me to play through them again. I can introduce my kids to them.
  6. I picked it up on Amazon for $5 a while back. I'll probably just go through the single player, but I might look at this.
  7. Luckily that's not how patents work. If someone else can show prior use then the patent would be voided.
  8. That sale is a Ubisoft thing though, they have the same thing on Uplay.
  9. I have no particular love for any storefront and they certainly haven't earned any sort of loyalty from me, though I'm fond of GOG's no DRM policy. I'll go where the games I want are. The Outer Worlds and Control are two of the games I'm most looking forward to, so I'll buy them wherever they are. In this case it looks like I'll be buying from Epic.
  10. Those are all some of my favorite games. The ME trilogy is my favorite gaming experience, by far. KOTOR was the reason I bought an Xbox, which I did on the day of the game's release. I had bought every Bioware game on release date since then. I didn't buy Anthem. It may or may not be great, but it's not the kind of game I want from Bioware, so I spoke with my wallet. I really hope their next game is something I can get excited about. They don't get automatic day one purchases from me anymore though.
  11. I just saw it, it was fine. I didn't feel like she really had much of a struggle, which I guess was fine for an origin movie, but I really wonder where they can go with the eventual sequel. If she can free fall through ships and take ship mounted blasts straight on, what kind of struggle could she possibly face in the future? I also found the villains to be especially weak as villains, though they were fine as characters.
  12. This might be the last video I watch of this. This looks good and I like that they are going with a metroidvania design. I really liked both of their last games, so I'm hopeful for this one.
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