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  1. Even at 1440p I have to use a mod to fix the UI so I'm not sticking my face against my monitor. Beyond that though you have to click all over the place to get things done. They would have to unify things some how.
  2. It would require some extensive UI changes. It's not a complicated game to play, but it's info and controls are all over the place. That's where the learning curve really is.
  3. jaethos

    Microsoft New To Xbox Game Pass in February

    I came so close to buying Shadow of the Tomb Raider during each of it's half off sales. I'm glad I held off.
  4. jaethos

    PC DLSS comes to 3D Mark

    Because "free" anti-aliasing is more exciting than 1440p with fancy upscaling on my 4k TV. I'm not against image reconstruction and checkerboarding, I think they are very cool. I'm not a fan of only having it available on one line of cards from one vendor though. Also, they currently give you zero adjustments. In the future, when it's available on cards that aren't horribly overpriced I might change my mind. Nvidia's past proprietary tech doesn't provide me a lot of hope though.
  5. jaethos

    PC DLSS comes to 3D Mark

    Nvidia has referenced straight up DLSS AA as well, they call it DLSS 2x or something along those lines. It probably does the exact same thing, but it starts with the native resolution. I don't think they've actually shown it off though, it was just in a slide.
  6. jaethos

    PC DLSS comes to 3D Mark

    There are two uses for it actually. There's the fancy upscaling, which I have zero interest in, and there is super efficient, supposedly, AA. So far they've only been pimping the upscaling. If I want to play games not actually in 4k I have a PS4 pro with lovely checkerboarding. It also costs one fourth the amount.
  7. Yeah, that is a great commercial for a great product.
  8. I started with Symphonia and think it's a good choice too. I like Symphonia's story better, but Vesperia is definitely prettier.
  9. Yeah, I'd rather just have it BC and X enhanced. That would actually put it at a higher resolution than the definitive edition.
  10. This is basically 1080ti performance at 1080ti launch price. Unfortunately that was almost two years ago. It's nice to see them come out with a 4k capable card, but I already spent $700 on a 1080ti a year and a half ago.
  11. I thought it was just on the menu screens or something. These pictures are hilariously bad. They look like photoshop jokes.
  12. Does this mean they're finally going to fix the PC version? Probably not, but I can unrealistically hope!
  13. Yeah, I wasn't super thrilled with the combat or how rigid they made the classes. I would like the flexibility they had with the first, where a DPS or bow warrior build were possible.
  14. So it's kind of set up like Resident Evil 6.
  15. I'm not really in to post apocalyptic trash heap worlds, so I'll probably pass.