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  1. It's not surprising. The team said they were still trying to figure out what the game was going to be after the reveal, as it was basically just a bunch of pretty art at the time.
  2. I backed this. I'm glad to see them get a Gamepass deal, it means more money for a better game. They were always open about the Kickstarter being just that and that they would be working with a publisher for the rest of the funding.
  3. If it comes to gamepass I can just request a refund and go for something else. So it's not a big deal if that ends up happening. Edit: I guess I should have read the gamepass thread before responding here. It doesn't look like it's happening, so I'm good.
  4. I went with Scarlet Nexus. Now I just have to wait for it to release. At least I'll have E3 to distract me with news in the meantime.
  5. If I remember correctly they stated they went 3D specifically because it was super hard to find people capable of making highly detailed sprites now. I would love it if they could go that way, but I ended up really liking the final look of the game.
  6. I have yet to touch any of the games from the previous bundle, but maybe someday.
  7. Back when Humankind started it's beta I got it mixed up with Old World and was very confused when I watched some videos of it. I kept thinking, "What happened to the leader system?" I figured it out a little later and am interested in that too, but Old World interests me more.
  8. Maybe I'm remembering wrong. I haven't beaten ME1 LE yet, but I can take a look at OG ME when I get home tonight.
  9. If I remember correctly you start a new game and then it gives you the option of using a previous character. It never gave new game plus as an option on the start screen.
  10. I actually didn't get the skin, so I can't comment on that. I really just wanted to get rid of the white plates, I don't mind the gloss on the smaller front area too much.
  11. Sorry, I only tend to get on here a couple times a day. Busy with family yesterday and my work doesn't involve many opportunities to look at the internet. No Monday off for me. I got the code though, so thank you very much!
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