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  1. I mean the weapon you craft with the 8-bit coin, then upgrade from there with the other coins. It's the best gun in the game.
  2. I just finished it up today, finished Nightmare and got all of the achievements. It was very fun and looked great at 4k. I got the unlimited ammo hat from the recipe lady on my first run, upgraded the 8-bit gun and made some diamond bullets before I even tried using a gun. After that it was basically modern military vs medieval conscripts. The last boss is stupid easy with that combo. I was actually really surprised at how fast I got him down.
  3. The 1080 is going to be 4 years old by the time these come out. If they can't match that then it's really more of a testament to how terribly GPUs have advanced over that time period.
  4. Control - Already bought during the EGS $10 off sale. I couldn't care less about what platform I buy a game from, I buy the games I want. I've been multi console for two decades, PC stores are nothing compared to that. The Outer Worlds - Gamepass Borderlands 3 - I'm not sure if I want to go PC or stick with Xbox. Bloodstained - Maybe, probably. GMG has 20% off right now. Something else will probably get my attention as we go through the year, but I'm trying to focus down my backlog more and buy fewer games.
  5. The stuff from E3 didn't sell me on this. Digging into Midgar is nice and I'm glad they're wanting to make it a full game worth of content, but unless they completely change when the main story beats happen this game will end with absolutely nothing resolved and no questions answered. It will literally just be a bunch of teases and questions and then it will end. Especially in regards to Cloud and Sephiroth, since it looks like they're going to go all in on Cloud hallucinations. I'm also not sold on the combat, what does this mean for Aerith? Is she going to have to smack enemies to be able to use magic too? I'll probably play it at some point, but they haven't earned a purchase from me yet.
  6. I'll have to see more. Zestiria tried to change up the battle system and that was one of the main reasons I never finished it. It made the maps clunky and the item upgrading was way too much busywork. Does this even have a party system? Does it have separate battles? It looks like some solo action adventure thing. Maybe like they're trying their hand at a Final Fantasy 15 styled game. Also, the name is really dumb. It's like they couldn't be bothered to make up a word this time, so they just put the general story concept instead.
  7. I actually prefer them not. If my PS4 battery dies I have to plug it in and deal with a cable. If my Xbox controller battery dies I just grab another set and use those while the other ones charge. I have a bunch of rechargeable AA batteries for controllers, remotes, flashlights etc., so it's easier for me. I was actually kind of disappointed that the new elite uses a built in battery.
  8. I just did this. I picked up a discounted extra year of Gold, added it to my account and then converted. Adding up my Gold and Gamepass subs plus the month for $1 and I'm now covered for the next 3 years for maybe $3 a month. I'll figure out what I want to do with it afterwards in 2022.
  9. The game gets pretty tense later on. It's totally worth the $12.50 you can get it for now. It's very reminiscent of 2001 in many ways.
  10. I thought the English VO was excellent. I really liked the game, though I felt there were a few too many unanswered questions.
  11. Didn't they say they aren't releasing an AC game this year? If so, then they have well over a year left of development time.
  12. I don't see how that would work considering all of the visual customization you can make to the characters.
  13. I'm guessing they won't be using any extreme force usage scenarios, which TFU had (thus Mt. Dew). It kind of had to though, what with the name of the game. The story of the first one was pretty grounded as far as Star Wars goes and was kind of somber. I'm hoping this game will be good, but my confidence in anything Star Wars is pretty low at this point.
  14. I came really close to buying it as well. I'm glad I was able to wait.
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