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  1. Does this mean they're finally going to fix the PC version? Probably not, but I can unrealistically hope!
  2. Yeah, I wasn't super thrilled with the combat or how rigid they made the classes. I would like the flexibility they had with the first, where a DPS or bow warrior build were possible.
  3. So it's kind of set up like Resident Evil 6.
  4. I'm not really in to post apocalyptic trash heap worlds, so I'll probably pass.
  5. Yeah, that's his elven god moniker, so Dragon Age.
  6. I have no idea what that's supposed to be based on that, but the art style is pretty.
  7. This is pretty crap. I'm pretty sure I have points from five plus years ago that I now pretty much have to spend in AC: Odyssey, because it's the only recent Ubisoft game I have. I mostly only ever get the cosmetic stuff they have to offer and I've always had enough points for that going back to early on in the program just from playing games how I wanted to.
  8. jaethos

    PC PhysX is going open source, starting today

    If this means no more Nvidia cards only effects than this is great.
  9. I really wish this game had a map. It would make getting around so much easier.
  10. jaethos

    Microsoft Official Xbox Backwards Compatibility Thread

    The sad part is the game was profitable, it did well. Unfortunately all of the money went into an MMO, not being made by the same devs, that was never going to happen.
  11. I haven't started the game yet, as I just got it in the black Friday sale, but that mod looks perfect. I'm not a big fan of enemy level scaling.
  12. I don't know, I kind of wish I did. It was a great game over all though.