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  1. So I finally cleared it all. Hands shaking like a leaf. I’m standing at the fog wall. And to the left is a locked door I didn’t notice before. There ‘s a bloody message stating “find the key”. So I’m thinking - ok, I know there’s 2 archers upstairs that I died to stupidly bc I didn’t eat some herbs. The key must be up there. And I bet it unlocks a shortcut so I can bypass most of the bridge as I’m sure beyond the fog wall is a boss. nope. No key anywhere. Go through the fog wall and yep, it’s a boss. The tower knight who lights me the fuck up. So now I am all the way back at the begi
  2. But I’ve made zero progress. In fact, I’ve made backwards progress bc I’m almost out of healing herbs. So I’m guessing now i have to go back to 1-1 and farm for souls to buy herbs. It just feels like an hour or more of my time was wasted. Im gonna give it a go a few more times but I might have to put my tail between my legs and bail on this game.
  3. I’m on 1-2 and the bridge is just kicking my ass. With all the archers and the knight that charges you. The dragon at your back. I made it once past the archers and the 2nd knight. I then forgot to eat some health, got up the stairs and got hit with an arrow and died. I wanted to throw my controller through my tv. What am I doing wrong here? I absolutely love the atmosphere of this game. The gameplay is really good. I really love the story and basically non-existent dialogue or frequent cut scenes. The environment really does such a good job of telling the story (kinda reminds me of
  4. I had no idea so many Jews held prominent positions in the Confederacy. TIL. As @Commissar SFLUFAN they were textbook Kapos. there was also the Association of German National Jews - Association of German National Jews - Wikipedia EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG
  5. this dude is a Jew walking next to a dude carrying the Confederate Flag. Unreal.
  6. I hate this fuck with every ounce of my being. Defiant Trump denounces violence but takes no responsibility for inciting deadly riot WWW.CNN.COM A defiant President Donald Trump insisted Tuesday his speech inciting the riot at the US Capitol was "totally appropriate" while at the same time calling for "no violence" in his first public remarks to reporters after the insurrection last week.
  7. I didn’t find the gameplay particularly amazing in cyberpunk. I would say it was adequate. I was hoping for more unique guns that did interesting things. At the end of the day, the guns came down to whatever you preferred to play with and stacking as much crit chance and crit damage on them. The quick hacking was cool but every encounter ultimately resorted to a gunfight. And i didn’t really have a huge problem with the gameplay in RDR2. It was a bit clunky but it never hindered the enjoyment of the game for me.
  8. all slippery slope arguments. there is no right or wrong answer here until that scenario actually plays out. there is enough evidence that both of us are right. in the meantime, ill keep my guns.
  9. i moved into my new house about 8 years ago. ironically we moved out what was perceived as a not so nice area to this area that was supposedly safe and friendly. since i've been here - ive had my car broken into twice, some methed out goon tried to open my backdoor at night while my wife and 2 babies were there (and i was at a work event) and i had some unhinged roided out lunatic show up any my house bc our 7yr old daughters had a disagreement on the bus. add to the fact that ive had 2 other cars and my childhood home broken into - doesnt seem so unlikely that my gun wouldnt be a
  10. i mean, whats the alternative? lay down and let them kill me or my family? i dont play rambo. i have my guns and they come out a few times a year to brush up on shooting. other than that they are out of sight. i dont mod them or go on gun message boards or pal around the gun shops and jerk off with the other ammosexuals. its not even a hobby to me. they are as important to me as my lawn mower.
  11. If all 3 of those conspired then yeah, there is nothing anyone can do. in the meantime, ill protect myself and my family from nutjobs. also - dont misconstrue my stance on 2A. Im all for better, federally regulated laws, a national registry, etc.... It needs to be revised to meet modern times. I 100% am on board with that.
  12. Ive mentioned this in the past - but I used to lean conservative and when i started paying attention, i realized i didnt have much at all in common with them from a morality and ideology standpoint. however, maybe this is an unpopular opinion around here....but one thing I still believe in is 2A. Shit like this is why I remain armed. Im more scared of my fellow countrymen than I am of the gov. These lunatics prove that. They are unhinged and easily manipulated...there is a lot of them and they are armed to the teeth. I never want to be a victim. That said... Trump needs to be dra
  13. I dont know about game of the year - but its absolutely the best open world game of the year. Nothing has come close the the depth and detail of this game. with the mess that is Cyberpunk - it firmly solidifies Rockstar as gods of the open world genre.
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