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  1. Fired up Fallout 76 this morning since its F2P this weekend. My character progression carried over from the beta, which is cool i guess. I ran around for about 1/2hr. World felt empty and lifeless. As far as I could tell, there was only 3-4 other people in my instance. I realized I really don’t have an interest in playing this game at all. Maybe after the sept update I’ll try again. Then I fired up mudrunner. Disappointed that I can’t just play this game how I want like with spin tires. Also doesn’t seem like mods are available for it. I just want to rock crawl with a Hilux. I don’t want to play a logging sim. Then I Started A Plague Tale today. Just ran the first chapter. Beautiful graphics. Gameplay is a bit dull and basic, but I’m ok with that. After playing a massive game like Witcher 3, a short linear game with a good story is exactly what I’m looking for. Almost getting a TLOU vibe from the game. I’m hoping to really dive in over this week. Also fired up BFV to check out the new map, mode and guns. Still a mess of a game but the new map is big, beautiful and allows for a basically any type of play style. Overall a pretty fun map. I’m really enjoying that new medic rifle that also has a nade launcher for alternate fire.
  2. The TCL 6 series TVs are very reasonably priced and do HDR well. However, I think the smallest is 55”. $100 off this week at Best Buy Not sure you’re going to find a TV smaller than that with HDR.
  3. So last night I finally finished Blood and Wine (finished Hearts of Stone the week before)....and I’m in agreement that B&W might be one of the best DLCs of any game ever. In fact, i would say the story was on par with the main story and maybe even a touch better bc of that turn of events at the 2/3rds mark. My only complaints: no warning before the turn of events, which basically sets in motion having to finish the main story without being able to go back to side quests and exploration. I never did get aerodnight before I finished the story. Not sure why, but wisdom didn’t unlock even though I think I did the mission with the witch and spoons correctly. I had to go back after I finished and do the father knows worst quest to unlock it. Then i ran around for 1/2 slaughtering everything. Lol the difficulty spike on the final boss (esp the 2nd phase) was a bit jarring compared to the rest of the content. I was around level 52 at the time and got smoked about 3 times before I realized i actually needed to sit up and pay attention. I felt like my grandmaster bear set was underpowered. So I switched to that weird red set you find in the unseen elder lair. Last- and this really blows - but my achievements were bugged. The only achievement I got was the very first one for starting B&W called “Geralt goes south” or something like that. No achievement for equipping grandmaster gear. Getting aerodnight. Or completing the DLC. Plus whatever other ones I might’ve gotten. Something to note as I’m sure this must’ve been a hot topic when this relased, but Geralt breaks the 4th wall at the end and it seems to insinuate there might be more Witcher games coming. I thought this was the last one? I also started reading The Last Wish and I’m about 1/2way through. I know how he got the nickname “the butcher of blaviken” which is awesome.
  4. I really want to love the Borderlands series. I played the first one and put in about 3-4hrs in the 2nd one. I know everyone praises the loot system in this game, but it just doesnt fit my idea of a good loot game. To keep it brief, I dont want to play for 30 minutes and then have to spend the next 10 minutes sifting through the hundreds of items I picked up to find the 1-3 that are worth keeping. Thats not fun to me and its disengaging. The unending amount of chests riddled through the world hit the worst parts of my OCD in such a way that the game becomes tedious to play. Give me 1/2 the amount of chests, containing half the amount of loot...but make the loot meaningful and exciting to pick up. I cant wait for the day a shooter nails loot 100%.
  5. i picked up a gamepass 12 month sub for $45 on ebay just before i converted. im good until 6/9/21.
  6. 100%. I cant watch anything Japanese because of the over-the-top melodramatic shouting that is considered acting. Even their porn when grown-ass adult women are crying like little school girls is absurd. Totally kills my boner. Also - things like music. I love metal. Death/Black/Grind - Shit I cant even understand anyway most of the time. A lot of good shit comes out of Europe. If its not sung in english - Im out. I wont even pay attention to it.
  7. beta is out now. check out www.reddit.com/r/iosgaming lots of feedback and info on using the controllers with steam and moonlight
  8. I am not a nintendo fan at all, but The Secret of Mana collection is tempting as I never played the original. Its one of those OG JRPGs that are on my list. But really.... Breath of the Wild 2 is a game changer for me. If that releases on switch, then I may actually have to buy one.
  9. Witcher 3 still! Finished Hearts of Stone - It was pretty good. Really cool story. Now Im about 1/2 way done with Blood and Wine - and Im feeling like this might be the best content of the whole game (altough I really loved Skelliege) . Which is pretty amazing after 95hrs this game still feels so fresh with this content. All DLC should be this good. cant wait for iOS13 to drop with full xbox/ps4 controller support. Im going to stream Witcher 1 from my PC To my ATV!
  10. during the press conference last night, they said there is two blu-ray discs full on content. Not a mention of it being episodic. Is that speculation or confirmed? It would suck if its episodic. Combat looked great. I wouldve like to see more of the exploration or just walking around midgar in general. That would help me determine if this game is going to capture the same charm as the OG.
  11. Remember when ps3 launched at $600 and the community gasped in utter outrage and shock? The same thing would happen again. PC elitists seem to always forget console gamers don’t really give a fuck about the same things as you. They want to turn the system on and it works. If the games look good, great. I come from both camps and see the value in both. Bottom line- to try and steer this ship back on topic -at $15/mo for access to hundreds of games and first party titles on both my PC and console with cross-play and save - IN MY OPINION - is a great deal.
  12. i know.. which makes this argument all the more laughable when you quabble at $5/mo.
  13. sirius is in my car when i buy it. its a matter of them "unlocking it" when i decide to pay. the hardware is all there already. they arent adding anything new. same with naviation, remote start, the driver assist stuff, etc...
  14. I just preordered every new game with a release date thats been annouced (probably 15 games). Im taking advantage of the final days of my GCU membership. 20% off each physical game, day one. Many give me an extra $10 reward zone. I then use my BB CC for another 5% in points. I can play the game, trade it in, sell it or let a friend borrow it. I know this is ending and it makes me sad... but for years I have gotten every new release for $40 or less using this method. Then sold some of the games for $25-$30 on CL or ebay or worst case trade it in at gamestop.
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