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  1. Im gonna jump in here for anyone that comes across this looking for headphones for the Xbox One.... I went through a ton of different headsets - Hyper Cloud, Astros, Turtle Beach Stealth, Rigg...and returned all of em. I then got a pair of Lucidsound L35x wireless that communicate with the X1 like a controller....and they are absolutely amazing. Clear, loud AF, mic is good. Highly recommend these for anyone looking.
  2. My 10hr trial just ended. I wound up clearing 1 tomb. The others I am very close. I have get more combos, but I can’t figure out what exactly triggers a combo. I’ve gotten it work playing with others, but can get one to trigger solo. Playing as a ranger. Freeplay needs work. 1.) they need a minimap 2.) they need to incorporate the squad member status in hud like they do in the main missions. 3.) squad should appear in the minimap 4.) you should be notified of world events and they should also appear in the minimap 4.) I should be able to fast travel to striders in other areas. As of right now it’s quicker to leave the instance and reload in on the strider you want. 5.) if a squad memeber is not in combat, you should be able to fast travel to them 6.) they need more people in freeplay. It’s much to large for 4 people. Should be 12-16 the open world they created is intriguing and full of cool shit but as of right now feeeplay = solo play and a lot of the world events are tough solo.
  3. I did a bunch of contracts and agent missions before I took the tomb mission. I have a bunch of the tomb requirements halfway done but I don’t think i have anymore contracts ready at this point. I’ll have to check. Its not a bad mission, but it’s a huge departure from the previous 8ish missions I’ve done. As for the difficulty, I agree. So far it’s been a breeze. I have a sniper rifle that has explosive rounds. It’s a 2HK on most yellow bars. It’s a complete beast of a gun. I have no other complaints. I love the game so far. I just hope the loot drops get better as we get into endgame. Otherwise that’s pretty much going to ruin it. It’s good to have random stat rolls on guns so you can chase specific builds, but there needs to be truly unique weapons.
  4. So turns out, I signed up for EA access so I could play BFV early. I forgot to unsubscribe so I’ve been playing anthem early on the X1X. I put about 7hrs in so far. Rifht off the bat, it’s running a lot smoother than the beta. So far I’ve only had one audio glitch and that’s been it. Load times are shorter, framerate feels like they smoothed it out. As for the game, it’s been really fun up to the point that I’m at. If you enjoyed the beta, you’ll like the full game. However the mission I’m on has brought the game to a screeching halt. So that’s where I’m at. My only concern as I’m playing is that I’m getting a ton of the same guns over and over. From common->green->blue it’s the same name just better stats and perks. I really hope there are some unique exotic weapons in this game that really stand out from the stuff that seems to be dropping frequently.
  5. Im actually glad I have to wait another week to play on console. I need to finish the epilogues of RDR2. Im off next week, so it gives me plenty of time to tackle. however, please post impressions!!! really hoping this game lives up to the hype.
  6. Im really only interested in this game BECAUSE its a Sony Exclusive and they haven't disappointed me once in the last several years.
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    i actually prefer a short, wide glass of milk.... so i can sink the little sumnabitches in there and still grab em with my fingers when they are all soggy and falling apart.
  8. same. While Im not terribly excited for it, I have no doubt I will get at least 30Hrs out of it and that makes it a worthwhile purchase for me.
  9. yep. On Xbox. playing mostly solo, so i would love to get a crew together for Anthem and Division
  10. Im starting to shift to digital - mostly because on my xbox, when I buy digital, my son gets a copy to play as well. However, its tough to pass up a deal for 3 brand new games for around $40/ea. especially games where I will either probably not finish, or play it and never touch it again (Days Gone, Sekiro). My problem is there isnt a 3rd game on that list I really want.