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  1. well if you play that little, then ya, just get the 1 month sub or whatever. for me, i wouldve bought gears 5 and outer worlds day one....so the cost of doing XBL->Ultimate more than justifies it.
  2. ive never played the other games, but from what i understand it shouldnt be required as the storty is pretty shallow. this looks like a lot of fun and i have it pre-ordered already/
  3. fair enough. just keep in mind that once you convert, you cant go back. if you dont think that there will be another game youre interested in the next 3 years, then your plan sounds fine. otherwise...you might be making a mistake.
  4. Your live subscription converts to Xbox Ulitmate, which includes PC game pass. Apparently, the PC game pass is $5.00 only until its out of beta and then it might go up. i think i read 7.50/mo. getting 3 years of XBL maxes you out at like 4.25/mo. so even if it goes up, youre locked in for a few years.
  5. but before you convert.... max out your xbox live. you can stack up to 3 years. Costco has 2yrs of XBL for 95.00 add the time on to your account THEN convert to Ultimate.
  6. This and COD on the same day. Then Luigis Mansion less than a week later. Death Stranding a week after that.. Then Jedi: FO a week after that.
  7. Yes, but with some legs to it. I loved Anthem - enjoyed the story/lore and gameplay much more than TD...but it just fell flat in the endgame and the loot pool was terrible.
  8. I really hope for TD3 they skip 50-100 years in the future. fix the loot pool in this game so that 98% of the hundreds of drops you get in a play session isnt junk. add some vertical mobility into this game. add in new faction enemies - maybe AI or Aliens.... something. this game got boring fast, both 1 and 2.
  9. I’m ok with this being delaying since Death Stranding, Jedi: FO, Luigis Mansion and COD (I’m iffy on this one) are all releasing relatively close to each other. but March 20 is a tough month.
  10. that makes sense to me. i would imagine all 1st party games for both consoles will try to hit 4k/60. most 3rd parties games will depend on how well they are optimized. hopefully if the hardware between the two consoles is similar, it will help.
  11. arent some games on X1X already native 4K? and didnt Gears 5 hit native 4K/60? why would it be a reach to assume the next-gen will be able to handle that?
  12. gimme steady 4K/60 with hi-res textures, SSD and backwards compatibility with my PS4 library and ill be happy.
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