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  1. Nice. Can’t wait to try Control. I love gamepass. One of the best things to happen to gaming in recent years.
  2. Lonely Mountains: Downhill - this is a free game on gamepass. My buddy turned me on to it and it’s wildly addicting. It’s a downhill mountain bike game that really encourages exploration off trail to find cool lines and faster ways down. Really fun. COD: season 1 dropped. I seriously fucking hate this game, lol. But I can’t stop playing. I really think they nailed the aesthetics and leveling system and the grind is keeping me hooked. There’s so much variation...but at the end of the day all the guns seem to have such similar TTK and range. it almost doesn’t matter. sniping is ridiculous with OHK anywhere on the body and near instant bullet velocity and no drop off. The overall TTK is just too fast to encourage cool gunfights. Battlefield V: trying to get as much time in as possible before they fuck up the TTK and add in the spotting nonsense. NFI why they are making these changes that the community didn’t ask for and actually all agree upon that it’s good as is. I’m loving the Jungle Carbine, so much fun playing an aggressive medic again.
  3. I wanna say I put in 100hrs in the Witcher 3 and that included the expansions. yes, there is a lot of content and places to visit. But it’s not necessary. I eventually turned off the “?” On the mini-map bc it was completely overwhelming. It made the experience much more enjoyable and I explored when and where I wanted without my ocd kicking in. One thing I hate is how developers feel a need to make replayability an important metric. I would rather the game give me a fulfilling experience I can enjoy the first the time through. There is just too many games to play to worry about retarting a 70-90hr+ game directly after I finish it. In my 41yrs I’ve only ever replayed one game.
  4. Just beat it. Oh....and dat ending looking back on what I played this year—this might actually be my GOTY. It hit all the right buttons for me. I haven’t really dove into Outer Worlds yet, but I still don’t see it topping this game for me.
  5. Actually just destroyed him. Only used one stim pack. Maybe I was just tired last night. edit - and as for my question
  6. so I just finished I rushed through to the temple as was met with i got stuck on some geometry and he killed me. When I returned, he was gone. is that a one-chance encounter? I’m now on the and he is kicking my ass. i haven’t had much trouble with boss fights up until him. Also - I think i have to be getting near the end. i really don’t want it to end, but I really want to see how this story wraps up.
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