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  1. Hell Let Loose - perhaps the most frustrating and rewarding shooters Ive ever played. Im still not sure I like it, but I cant stop playing it.
  2. I havent been paying too much attention to the steak deck. When does it come out?
  3. Disco Elysium just dropped for the switch. Im so tempted to pick it up myself.
  4. @Commissar SFLUFAN @Zaku3 you were dead on with those games. I actually like Insurgency, but holy fuck is the community toxic. everything about Hell Let Loose’s presentation is awesome, but actually playing the game is a slog. If feels like a running simulator and then you get OHK from some bush camper just as you get to the action. you need to get in with a group of players to have fun in this game for sure.
  5. good to know. Im def not a fan of milsim shooters and def perfer the more casual, fast paced games like COD and BF. thats awesome Hell Let Loose is on Ps plus!
  6. I think im going to cancel my pre-order as well. Ive now played around 7-8 matches and it just feels off. Ive heard good things about Insurgency and Hell Let Loose, and both are coming to console. Perhaps ill check them out and see how BF2042 pans out.
  7. I love Battlefield. Its my favorite shooter, but Im not 100% on this one. theres obviously a massive amount of bugs, glitches and graphical issues, which Im hoping they get all squared away before launch. I really dislike the on-the-fly attachment swap mechanic. Its the most arcadey thing Ive seen in any game, and BF is the last game I would expect it in. Is there any weapon customization at all? You wouldve thought they would take a lesson from how wildly popular the CODMW19 weapon mod system is. speaking of COD - this BF feels like its really trying to be COD. The movement and gunplay feels very similar to COD. this game, just like BFV lacks the grittiness of BF1. Im not sure theyll ever re-create that, but im always going to compare every BF to that masterpiece of immersion. The map feels too big, even with 128 players. There are times when youre just running from flag to flag and theres nothing going on. The BFV map sizes were good. I think with this increased player count, they dont need to be much larger than BFV. Im not a huge conquest fan anyway, so hopefully operations will feel more focused and tighter. i dislike the default controls. I know I can re-map them, but they suck outta the box. ill still buy it and play it, but my excitement has been taken down a peg or 2.
  8. Ive been in a rut of buying a game, play for a little while, never finish or get back to it. Because of that, ive been on a gaming hiatus for the last few months… however, I jumped back into Outriders and finally finished the campaign and all the side missions. Im now in the endgame grind of expeditions, not sure I have it in me to grind out the 40K pods to actually complete the final FINAL mission - but I have to say I really enjoyed this game. Its a shame it didnt get more praise or attention, which is apparent bc its tough to find matches to jump into. I think Ill jump back into Ratchet and Clank after this bc I was absolutely having a blast with that game and then…just stopped.
  9. you’re on a 3rd run already? Is the game super short or something? I got to boss called and I thought I beat it. Even went into what looked like a death animation, and then I woke up back at the ship. I’m only like 1 1/2hrs in. Died a few times
  10. I see what you’re saying now. I hadn’t played for a bit but I jumped on. I’m level 14, world tier 6 and probably 80-90% to world tier 7. I then died 3 times in a tough side mission and it knocked the progression down to around 50-60%!
  11. Weird. I don’t think I’ve died more than 3-4 times post-demo content. could damage output also have something to do with it?
  12. I’m having a blast with this game. I’m currently level 14, world tier 6. I just got to im playing as a pyro and I am lighting everyone up. LMG/Sniper is working great. my only complains are that the class tree is huge and leveling has really slowed down. Im not sure how far I am into the game but I really don’t see how you’ll unlock even half the tree. Also - In the beginning the world tiers leveled up pretty quick but I’ve been stuck on 6 for a while and I’m still only about 1/2way to 7. playing solo hasn’t been bad, but I’m sure playing with a group would be super fun. If anyone is around my level, let me know!
  13. honestly I hate it. Hard to keep warm in the winter, hard to keep cool in the summer (esp since it’s south facing) and it sucks for surround sound. But it does look nice.
  14. My current setup. My wife and I aren’t feeling the towers anymore. They are too obtrusive. We’re thinking of getting a new media center than spans the length of the wall and putting bookshelves on top (which I already have)
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