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  1. Can someone ELI5 what this game is about? I tried to watch some streams on twitch today and everyone i checked out was just someone wandering around a small island catching fish and digging holes and planting flowers. Is this like a stardew valley? I then saw the switch subreddit is in an uproar bc the console is locked to a single island. And only the 1st profile gets progression and new profiles can only visit the one island, even if you buy another copy of the game.
  2. I posted this in the PS5 thread too. Just stirring the pot!
  3. also - what is everyone's loadout for warzone? I've been switching around and I find the SCAR with some recoil and ADS attachments is pretty good. For some reason, Im finding the M4 to not perform as well as in the core game - even though everyone seems to be running it. I do know that having a silencer and extended mag is key for this game. My loadout is pretty meta Main loadout: Primary: HDR with mono suppressor, longest barrel, tac laser, thermal scope, stock with ADS Secondary - 357 - (I take this loadout if i downed someone or found a good AR/SMG. then just swap the pistol with the long gun - this allows me to run ghost as my 2nd perk) Heartbeat sensor proximity mine Perks: cold blooded, ghost, amped alternate loadout (if i didn't find a good primary to use) Primary: alternating between M4,Scar, P90, Grau - cant figure out what gun works best - all with as many recoil attachments, supressor and extended mag Secondary - AX50 - mono suppressor, long barrel, tac laser, ADS stock, fully loaded heartbeat sensor proximity mine perks: cold blooded, overkill, amped
  4. I actually played a few matches yesterday. I finally convinced my buddy to download it and i was showing him the ropes. we teamed up with a rando....and we actually did really good! Had my best match yet - we took 2nd. It was just me left in the final circle and it was 1v3. I downed one and was about to down a 2nd and ran out of bullets..lol. I ran out and tried to throw my c4 at them and it fucking came up short! another 10' and it would've gotten them all. I think I ended with like 10 kills too. it's so much better playing with people who communicate and formulate a plan.
  5. Right. So if I put it all the way to the right I’ll have around 5-6” of space from the fan to the side of my unit. But then it just hits a wall. Really not a good idea as that hot air will just sit there. I literally may have to lay it front to back so that maybe the fan is facing out into my living room. i dunno. I’ll figure it out. Life....finds a way.
  6. So I have 17” wide and around 6” tall. i would have to lay it on it’s side and then there would only be a few inches clearance on the top for the cooling fan. not really a great design for entertainment consoles.
  7. I just hope this thing fits into my entertainment console.
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