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  1. I have an Apple TV with steam on it as well as a steam link. It’s decent for slower paced games, but there’s too much latency when playing shooters and twitch games, esp MP. plus - my PC is in the basement and i would have to go down and turn it on/off everytime i want to play. I could never get WOL working properly.
  2. I’ll get both the XboxSex and PS5. I would love to go back to playing SP games on my PC, but I’ve come to enjoy sitting on my couch with my 65” OLED and surround sound vs. sitting at a desk w a 27” monitor and having to use headphones. if it’s in the cards, my next PC build with be a small form factor So that i can put into my entertainment center and hook up to my tv. I looked into converting my current PC into a HTPC but the mobos are no longer made and the ones still around (that are decent) fetch a high premium for a used product. Between needing a new case, psu, mobo and cpu cooler - it didn’t seem like it was worth the cost being my PC is now quite a few years old.
  3. So if I had an x1x preorder, will that same game/disc carry over to series X and playable with assuming upgraded graphics?
  4. Too be honest, I’ve watched a ton of it whether it’s shroud, dr. Disrespect, summit1g - and I’m not never sure exactly what this game is and how to classify it. it seems to be a sort of BR game where the objective is to get to the extraction point. There are real players and NPCs in the world. It’s supposedly incredibly difficult - like the dark souls of FPS’. they call each game a “raid”, maybe to suggest its difficulty, I dunno. You scavenge for loot throughout the match and whatever you acquire and extract, you keep and can use on your loadout in the next match. There is also a “flea market” where you can sell the gear you extracted for in-game credits to buy the gear you want. it’s an interesting concept and the more I watch the more I understand and the less confused and boring it seems, bc the game is high-stakes and high-tension from the minute you drop in.
  5. Escape from Tarkov. 😉 if you’re into The Witcher series - the first one is PC only.
  6. OG Xbox One: gave it to my son XboX One S: Xmas present to my daughter Xbox One X: mine OG PS4: traded in PS4 Pro: mine Switch
  7. Anyone know anything about this? it looks really cool - pesky FB add piqued my interest. I think wifey, daughter and myself would love it.
  8. DICE Stockholm is in desperate need of new leadership. BFV is such a massive turd. I had high hopes for it after the pacific update and then they wrecked it with the 5.2 patch. I’m convinced at this point it was done intentionally to drive the playerbase away so they have reason to focus on a new game. I suspect after the success of COD they will look to do something similar (BF3/4 remaster).
  9. Also - for anyone who watched the show and enjoyed it, you should check out The Last Wish. It’s the first book that contains short stories which were basically where the show came from. I really think they did a great job translating it to a live action experience.
  10. The DLC, especially Blood and Wine is basically an entire game in and of itself. also - I too was overwhelmed with all the stuff to do. The icons on the world map drove my OCD crazy. I turned them off and it made the game unbelievably more enjoyable for me. i said this in another thread - but I really hope with the popularity they decide to remaster Witcher 1 and add controller support.
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