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  1. seriously. i remember which day what mag would arrive. i couldnt wait to flip it open and see what new games are coming are read the latest reviews. the internet provides us instant gratification, which isnt a bad thing, but i do miss that anticipation and excitement of receiving a new issue.
  2. the only reason i go into gamestop anymore is to renew my game informer subscription. its the only magazine for any hobby that i still read while pooping.
  3. Ive been hooked on this album. Another solid Polish BM band. Definitely heavily inspired by MGLA and Burzum. Really good shit.
  4. this is the first COD game im actually kinda excited for. Ive been watching a bunch of the MP streams and it looks really good. I think Ill be picking this up.
  5. i think this game has been as low as like 10-15bux. for that price, its worth checking out.
  6. I had an absolute blast in Anthem for the 60ish hours I played. While I would be happy if they did a complete overhaul of the loot, Im ok if the game dies too. I got my money's worth.
  7. if i cant surf bonzai pipeline while mowing down enemies, its a hard pass.
  8. How dare you be intolerant of my intolerance!!! Hypocrite!
  9. Call them what they are....Ammosexuals. And I don’t want them sharing a bathroom with my kids.
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