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  1. Im almost done with GOTG (on chapter 13) and I was thinking of going back to Valhalla after Im done. My only concern is I dont want to get open-world burnout right before Forbidden West drops. As for Valhalla, I have 34hrs clocked in already but in typical AssCreed fashion, I get to a point where i feel like: ok, this basically what this game has to offer, nothing is going to be a significant change for the next 20-30hrs. I then just stop playing and never go back. Have done that with every single one except AssCreed II which I finished and actually 100%. I have no idea why THAT one did it for me..but I absolutely loved it.
  2. i saw this and switched to ray tracing. this game is really beautiful and just plain fun. Im on chapter 7 now and Im smiling the entire time im playing. Ive never card so much about characters before. The banter really brings them to life and i think really makes this game stand apart from other action games. The combat is growing on me more but I still dont find it amazing.
  3. I think My TCL S-Series in my bedroom is starting to go. The image seems very dark, but its intermittent. I have an 65 LG OLED. I think its a B7A. It still plays flawlessly. Hundreds of hours of gaming and zero burn in. Im thinking of moving this to my bedroom if my TCL shits the bed. Where my 65” OLED is now, my viewing distance is 10.5’ so I think a 77” is the perfect size. What is the difference between the CX and C1?
  4. Started Guardians of the Galaxy yesterday. Played through the 1st mission. Visuals are incredible. The banter is amazing and hilarious. The gameplay is so-so. Question for people playing on a next-gen console - what graphical setting did you go with? For a game like this I dont care about 60FPS. So Im using quality mode now, but wondering if the ray tracing mode is a noticeable difference.
  5. I was feeling the same way through the game but the story kinda explains it in a roundabout way
  6. Just finished Mass Effect: Andromeda. Ive been incredibly hooked on this game and havent been able to play anything else. In the end it was really an awesome game. the last mission was jaw-dropingly beautiful. It almost feels like they lead the design of the game with that and said how do me make a story around this? Lol. ME:A was not without its fault. I still came across some bugs (load screen), environmental obstacles, etc. It got a little long in the tooth in the middle (the back and forth on Kadara), but none of it detracted from the overall experience. I finished with all planets at 100% and 86% total for Helios. Around 50hrs even. This was the perfect amount for me bc If I continued to try and do every side mission or task i probably wouldve burned out. this was every bit of a ME game and Im sad it got shelved before they could release the DLC. Although I am now really excited for the new ME game. if you bailed out on this game bc of the launch issues, I strongly suggest giving it another go. now its time for Guardians of The Galaxy
  7. I havent even tried it yet. My brother in law plays on PS4 and hes been telling me to grab it. Ill check out YT in a little bit.
  8. I picked it up on ps5 as well during the sale. Add me. Same username.
  9. Deep into Mass Effect: Andromeda and the more I play, the better it gets. This is every bit of a Mass Effect game and Im so glad I gave it another chance. When Im taking a break from ME:A, Im playing some Hell Let Loose, my shooter of the year for sure.
  10. I followed wario64 and sololinks on twitter. I turned on to receive all notifications from them. It sucked with the amount of notifications I was getting, but during the rush last year at launch I got 3 PS5 and 8-9 XSX. Gave them all to friends and family at cost. Lots of smiling faces on Christmas morning. one thing that is super important for any method everyone is listing in here: make sure you have an account created at every retailer, including credit card and shipping all filled out and ready to go. Also!! Make sure youre logged into these sites already. download the retailer app on your phone and have them open in the browser. If you first have to log in, enter payment or shipping info, its over. Youre done. So be on top of your logins and make sure they are active. retailers: best buy target wal-mart B&H PC Richard Gamestop Amazon Newegg Antonline costco bjs Sams club
  11. We got my son one for christmas so this is helpful. so far we picked up Creed, Beat Saber, Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy and Job Simulator. hes been mostly playing Creed, in fact so much that he was sore AF last night. I had no idea we could setup a wireless connection from my PC. My PC os already wired so I need to check that out. would love to try Half-Life. However, Im still on a i7-4770K and a 980ti. Will that be enough juice to run it?
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