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  1. Same for me. This game gives me massive anxiety. On one hand, I can’t stop thinking about playing and on the other hand I’m reluctant to fire up bc of the feelings it invokes in me.
  2. This so far is my only gripe with the game. The story has a sense of urgency and here I am exploring every nook and cranny In the opposite direction. The first game and its lack of open exploration had a better pace to the story. I’m finding the pacing to be slow bc my OCD wont allow me to not check every house and building. In RPGs we kind of accept this silliness but in a heavily story-driven game - it doesn’t work as well. I think I’d rather have more linearity to help the pacing along.
  3. I’m about 10hrs in. Just got to day 2. I took a peak at a walkthrough just to see what chapter I’m actually on and how many and holy shit this is still like the beginning of the game. are all the chapters this long? so far I’m enjoying the hell of out it. Although it doesn’t feel like a drastic change from the 1st one. The biggest change for me is how hard stealth seems to be. I always wind up altering someone/thing and just go guns blazing after that. It’s a bit different from the first one where I played mostly stealth. However, given the context of the plot it kinda makes sense to go in guns blazing. I feel like ND even set the game Up like that bc I’m never short on supplies.
  4. Welcome to D1P. Lots of good people and conversion to be had here...so stay a while! with that, i couldn’t disagree more with the FF7R comparison. With how linear that game is, I expected the same level of polish as TLOU or Uncharted and it just does not have it. I’m at chapter 12 and do not have the desire to continue. Eventually I suppose I will, just to complete it...but it’s one of the biggest disappointments this gen for me.
  5. About 5.5hrs in. Really good and thoroughly enjoying it. but I had a giant LOL at this: that is no coincidence!
  6. Jesus Christ. At this point just wait for next gen consoles and release the game with the enhanced patches.
  7. On one hand i really dislike the ps5 design. Looks like wit the curved sides you can’t lay it flat at all. On the other hand, since the series x seems to prefer vertical as well, i might be able to remove a shelf in my tv console and just stand both next to each other.
  8. I mean....most streaming services come with a few profiles or you could give someone you trust access to your account. And with movies anywhere you automatically get a copy across every linked service. back when DVD was the rage, I amassed a ridiculous collection. I’m lucky if i could get .25-.50 each for em now. Never again. i found a message board where people sell the 4K digital codes from their physical copy. I usually pay 6-10 for a new release. YES, physical looks slightly better but not at 3x the cost.
  9. BF5 is dead and Im glad they are moving on. Even though I played it for damn near 400hrs it was a train wreck compared to 3/4/1. With how well COD: MW19 is doing, its no surprise DICE is jumping on a remaster of a modern shooter. I wouldnt mind a remaster of BF3 if it had the cinematics of 1 and the gameplay of 5 and the battle pass, season of COD MW19. Id prefer a new game, but Im fine with this as well.
  10. I’m having a really hard time finishing FF7R. It’s so linear and lifeless to me. outer worlds I’ve picked up and put down several times. It’s OK. It actually can be fun...but i dunno. Just didn’t hook me. I agree with @Chris- luigis mansion 3 is boring. I was hoping for me. I decided to put it down and I’m going to try again next October when I’m in the Halloween mood again.
  11. are we convinced hes even going to lose in november?
  12. 12hrs in now and made it through the ether mine and on my way to Satori Marsh. I’m really enjoying this game! I’m glad I caved and decided to buy. Even though the landscapes are vast and there’s not a ton to do in them, there’s something really cool about climbing around the body of a titan oh yeah and the music is great.
  13. @SimpleG I heard the new Ruins of Beverast the other day. Amazing as usual.
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