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  1. you’re on a 3rd run already? Is the game super short or something? I got to boss called and I thought I beat it. Even went into what looked like a death animation, and then I woke up back at the ship. I’m only like 1 1/2hrs in. Died a few times
  2. I see what you’re saying now. I hadn’t played for a bit but I jumped on. I’m level 14, world tier 6 and probably 80-90% to world tier 7. I then died 3 times in a tough side mission and it knocked the progression down to around 50-60%!
  3. Weird. I don’t think I’ve died more than 3-4 times post-demo content. could damage output also have something to do with it?
  4. I’m having a blast with this game. I’m currently level 14, world tier 6. I just got to im playing as a pyro and I am lighting everyone up. LMG/Sniper is working great. my only complains are that the class tree is huge and leveling has really slowed down. Im not sure how far I am into the game but I really don’t see how you’ll unlock even half the tree. Also - In the beginning the world tiers leveled up pretty quick but I’ve been stuck on 6 for a while and I’m still only about 1/2way to 7. playing solo hasn’t been bad, but I’m sure playing with a group would be
  5. honestly I hate it. Hard to keep warm in the winter, hard to keep cool in the summer (esp since it’s south facing) and it sucks for surround sound. But it does look nice.
  6. My current setup. My wife and I aren’t feeling the towers anymore. They are too obtrusive. We’re thinking of getting a new media center than spans the length of the wall and putting bookshelves on top (which I already have)
  7. I played pyro solo through the whole thing and thought it was fine. There was one area where I had to drop to world tier 3 but this bc for some reason all my guns that weren’t equipped disappeared from my inventory. So I only had an AR and a shotgun. If I had snipes I would’ve been fine.
  8. So you’re saying this is maybe more of a borderlands style game? I got the impression that with crafting, banners, emotes, integrated LFP it was going to have an endgame with a grind and potential world events (like that big roaming monster). Is this not the case?
  9. I’ve said this a few times - it’s disappointing what happened with the Anthem endgame, but the campaign was a blast and I still got around 60-70hrs out of the game total. I don’t feel slighted in the least....but it would be nice if Outriders has some legs.
  10. I’ve been on a break from gaming (except a few Warzone matches with the boys) and I’m not sure where - maybe an Instagram article or ad popped up for this game’s demo. I never heard of it before..but thought the few pics looked cool. im pleasantly surprised by it. I’m actually hooked on the demo. It’s Gears meets Anthem meets Destiny with a touch of Mass Effect. All games I loved. I will definitely be picking this up.
  11. Gears of Anthem....I mean the Outriders demo and COD: Warzone
  12. So I finally cleared it all. Hands shaking like a leaf. I’m standing at the fog wall. And to the left is a locked door I didn’t notice before. There ‘s a bloody message stating “find the key”. So I’m thinking - ok, I know there’s 2 archers upstairs that I died to stupidly bc I didn’t eat some herbs. The key must be up there. And I bet it unlocks a shortcut so I can bypass most of the bridge as I’m sure beyond the fog wall is a boss. nope. No key anywhere. Go through the fog wall and yep, it’s a boss. The tower knight who lights me the fuck up. So now I am all the way back at the begi
  13. But I’ve made zero progress. In fact, I’ve made backwards progress bc I’m almost out of healing herbs. So I’m guessing now i have to go back to 1-1 and farm for souls to buy herbs. It just feels like an hour or more of my time was wasted. Im gonna give it a go a few more times but I might have to put my tail between my legs and bail on this game.
  14. I’m on 1-2 and the bridge is just kicking my ass. With all the archers and the knight that charges you. The dragon at your back. I made it once past the archers and the 2nd knight. I then forgot to eat some health, got up the stairs and got hit with an arrow and died. I wanted to throw my controller through my tv. What am I doing wrong here? I absolutely love the atmosphere of this game. The gameplay is really good. I really love the story and basically non-existent dialogue or frequent cut scenes. The environment really does such a good job of telling the story (kinda reminds me of
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