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  1. My first two high school-era jobs were a movie theater and a gas station, and at each one I would drink an absurd amount of Coke. Thinking of it now, it makes me sick. Especially at the gas station, where every day I would start my shift by filling up a 32 cup, then refill it 3-4 times over the course of my 8 hour shift, then get one for the road. Combined with the fast food I was eating almost every day, it’s not hard to see how I ballooned to over 320 pounds. I also fucked up my teeth pretty good. I made an effort to quit about 8 years ago. Switched to sweet tea, then unsweetened tea, then mostly coffee and water. I used to think water was boring, but now even if I’m eating and I could justify treating myself with a Coke, I’ll choose water instead. I actually prefer it.
  2. I played a bit of it when it was still in early access and really enjoyed it. I’m glad it worked out for them.
  3. I'll let you know if I ever go on a date. I assume it will be terrible.
  4. I was on that leaderboard at one point. I guess I stopped giving the people what they want.
  5. I’m drinking too. Wanna cyber?
  6. Assign me a book for homework, and I’ll read it. Actually, I probably won’t. I was supposed to read John Adams for my APUSH class and never did.
  7. Aw yeah, that nasty little beaver is gettin’ wet
  8. The closest Hardee’s is 25 miles away. If I ever have a reason to visit that area, I’ll make sure to check it out.
  9. I just hope the actress who plays her isn't outspoken about politics. She could ruin the entire DOOM Cinematic Universe!
  10. I watch these movies and I enjoy them, but I rarely get excited for them. Considering I've been on this ride since the beginning, I really should feel something from these trailers, but I kinda don't.
  11. I'm looking at mine now, and I can't see or feel a difference in the triggers.
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