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  1. There were two versions of the last gen game, but only one got localized. This is the one we didn’t get, but from what I understand they are essentially the same.
  2. I still go to work, go over to my sister’s house at least once a week for dinner and a movie, go on walks, most of the stuff I did before. Biggest changes are no more hanging out in coffee shops, and I only do one shopping trip a week. It’s a little frustrating, because my therapist has been encouraging me to get and out and be among people more often, which is now the number one no-no!
  3. It also has a new epilogue called “Future Connected”.
  4. I'm just going to pretend that you're adopting, because I don't like the idea of you having premarital sex. I worry about your soul.
  5. I was there the first week of March (which already feels like a year ago). It was scheduled around when I could get time off and a cheap plane ticket, but now I'm really glad I went when I did. Any real travelling, especially to major cities, looks like it'll be off the menu for a while.
  6. I can't guarantee that you'll like it, but when I rewatched the series a few months ago, I skipped season 1 entirely. I watched it as it first aired and gave up after a few episodes, but later I randomly caught a season 3 episode and almost couldn't believe it was the same show.
  7. Parks and Rec has a pretty bad first season. It gets a lot better in season 2, especially towards the end of the season when Rob Lowe and Adam Scott come in.
  8. Kroger to give all associates a bonus, expands paid time off for COVID self-quarantine. They're doing what they can to keep our DC safe while still functioning with record volume. Every shift, a member of the maintenance team is dedicated to disinfecting pretty much everything. They've split us into 3 groups for breaks/lunches, so the break room is less crammed. A few weeks ago, they put a cap on how much overtime you could work... that's gone now. I don't seek out a lot of overtime because it's a very physical job and my body sucks, but some of the dudes on my shift are loving this.
  9. Trump accusing a reporter of sensationalism is just wild. Concast lmao
  10. I've mentioned that I've been having some carpal tunnel issues, so I've barely picked up a controller in months. I can peck at an iPad alright though, so I've been playing a ton of Hearthstone, and I started Planescape Torment Enhanced Edition. I've always been intrigued by this subgenre of RPG, but I usually bounce off of them pretty quickly. I'm digging this one so far, and it seems like a good fit for iPad. I tried the Bauldur's Gate EE a while ago, but it felt kinda clunky by comparison.
  11. But if they close, who will give power to the players?
  12. My favorite thing right now is Devs on (FX on) Hulu. I wish the whole season was out, because after 4, I really didn't want to stop watching. I recently subbed to HBO to watch The Outsider and Avenue 5. I liked both of those. I plan on watching The Plot Against America as it airs. I keep hearing about Succession, but I watched the first episode and really hated every single character.
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