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  1. I have a little Charlie Brown tree that I put on my table every December, that’s it. I generally dislike putting up a bunch of stuff. When I was a kid, my parents had 5 or 6 big storage containers of Christmas decorations in the attic, and it was always my job to drag them downstairs the day after Thanksgiving and put them up everywhere. It felt like a weird punishment.
  2. This whole "I'm gonna stand up to The Man by having Thanksgiving with a bunch of people" shit is just... ugh. It's about saving lives, you raging dickholes.
  3. Have you played other Quantic Dream games like Heavy Rain or Beyond: Two Souls? They're pretty love/hate. I like them, Detroit included, but can't really argue with people who trash that particular style of game (sort of a "cinematic" take on old school adventure games).
  4. See a new movie in the theater once a week or so. Live theater - I’ve really got into this in the last couple years (as much as I can afford, which isn’t much). Take weekend trips to different cities, walking around trying different bars/restaurants. Attend local meetups - I got into the groove of doing this a couple times a month last year. I was actually starting to cultivate something like a social life.
  5. Not really, but I like it more than my last job, and I have more opportunities here. I recently applied for a promotion to a position that would probably be a better fit for me, just waiting to hear back.
  6. I completely forgot that I’m temporarily subscribed to Showtime via Amazon, so I can actually watch this!
  7. TheLeon

    What's up?

    I have Stardew Valley on PC, but I never really got into it or Animal Crossing or any of the other chore-based games. And even if I did enjoy it, I could only play for a few minutes at a time because my hands suck. There isn't much of anything that brings me joy these days. I'm miserable and alone, and I can't even imagine being in a dating relationship. Hell, I barely have anyone that I would consider a true friend. I visit my sister and her family once a week, but they're all feeling nearly as bad as I am these days. I exaggerate slightly to make my point, but not that much.
  8. I think it’s funny that back towards the start of this, we got an extra $2 an hour for “hero pay”. That lasted a month or two. Now that cases are hitting new highs, are we going to get that back? Seems unlikely.
  9. I’m really curious to see how they handle The Last of Us. After his success with Chernobyl, I imagine Mazin has the clout to do just about whatever he wants, so I hope he has a good take.
  10. If the Predator is trapped in a bomb shelter with John Goodman for the whole movie, I’m in.
  11. TheLeon

    What's up?

    That was maybe what I was getting at. His night sounds like an impossible fantasy to me.
  12. I’m a little surprised that my mom’s side of the family voted to not have the big family Thanksgiving. Normally a good 50+ people descend on my cousin’s house in rural Kansas for 2-3 days. I wouldn’t go even in non-pandemic times, since I can’t really get away from work during the holidays.
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