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  1. I haven't paid any attention to this game until now. I've never played RE2. I've tried the original RE in a couple of its remake forms, but that style just doesn't work for me, and from what I understand 2 played pretty similarly. But now, seeing how "modern" this game looks and plays, I'm pretty excited.
  2. About 35 seconds into this trailer, I turned it off because I had a feeling this was going to happen. If the movie wasn't coming out for another 6 months, I wouldn't mind because my memory is terrible.
  3. TheLeon

    I’m too young to remember 9/11

    Oh, so that's why I'm so attracted to you. Everything makes sense now.
  4. I'm a little surprised at just how badly I missed GOT last year. Daddy needs his fix.
  5. America doesn’t want or need any more of my genes.
  6. I tried reading Dune a couple years ago. Just couldn’t get into it. Im still 100% on board for this movie though, because Denis da man.
  7. TheLeon

    Movies Solo is up on Netflix.

    It's still difficult for me to nail down my feelings on this one. I was rolling my eyes through a lot of it (basically every "clever" reference to the OT and those freaking dice) but those things didn't actively anger me like they seemed to do for some people. I liked the characters and the performances, but they deserved a better overall story. I could see myself choosing it when I'm in the mood for a little Star Wars, but probably with a drink or two.
  8. TheLeon

    Microsoft M$ GWG and Game Pass

    I didn’t get an Xbone until late last summer. I bought it once I realized that pretty much every exclusive I wanted to play was either on Game Pass or it would added eventually. It’s a pretty fantastic value.
  9. I'm so glad that Racism is Bad: The Movie was a big winner.
  10. I just don't have it in me to listen to all of these any more.
  11. TheLeon

    Nintendo ~~ 3DS Community Thread ~~

    Scrolling through the current sales, Persona Q for $10 is a steal. I remember thinking that the Stella Glow demo was charming, so I grabbed that. This may sound like a slam, but it seems like the kind of game I like to have on hand to lull me to sleep when I'm having sleep trouble.
  12. I'm in the Water Temple now, and I've realized that I can't always play this game like I do most DS games - for 10-15 minutes before I go to bed. I've got to set aside some time to really tackle these dungeons in one go. I get lost and confused real easily when I come back to the middle of one and it's been a day or two since I played.
  13. It's the kind of stuff she's been dumping on Pottermore for years. There are plenty of people that just eat up every little tidbit that she throws out. Personally, I consider myself a pretty huge HP fan, but I couldn't care less about most of her "wider Wizarding World".
  14. I don't remember specifically, but I think it was some kind of deal relating to them being cancelled. "We're cutting you loose, but we'll give you a half season to wrap it up because we don't want fans burning down our offices." Parks and Rec is one of my favorites. Like you said, it doesn't get a ton of laughs, but it consistently makes me smile.