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  1. I only stopped playing it because Elden Ring came out. Other than one crash in 10 or so hours, it ran well on my Series X. I would definitely give it a shot.
  2. Dating often feels like a surreal horror game. It’s nice to see a game reflect that.
  3. Oh yeah, I don’t need a test to know that I’m somewhere between snow and mayonnaise on the whiteness spectrum.
  4. 23. I went went the added health option because it was on sale for only $50 more than the base. I think I’ve finally hit the point in my life where I would be comfortable being connected with my biological family. Well, as comfortable as I can be meeting new people.
  5. Me neither. And ironically, it’s the only GTA I ever finished (one of last games I rented from Game Fly).
  6. Well, I just spit in a tube and mailed it to North Carolina.
  7. I was curious about the Jurassic World games, almost bit on a Humble Bundle sale the other day, so I'll gladly download that one.
  8. I would personally rank Old in the same tier as Signs and The Village, but when people tell me they hated it… I get it.
  9. Outer Range (Amazon series) - a weird one. I wasn’t paying attention and thought this was a limited series (while it's clearly labeled season 1). If I had realized that it wasn’t going to be wrapped up, I probably would have given up after the first couple episodes. Don’t think I’ll watch season 2 if/when that happens, unless they really tighten up the pacing.
  10. It’s funny that since this was held for so long, Kosinski’s next movie comes out less than a month later on Netflix (Spiderhead).
  11. Really enjoyed this one too. Such an interesting point in Shyamalan’s career. Like you said, this is clearly what he made after taking a step back after making several bombs and re-evaluating what he’s good at. He needed to go back to smaller scale, lower budget, creepy/twisty movies. And it gets him out of his slump! I didn’t like Glass all that much, but Split and Old are both a lot of fun! Can’t wait to see the one he’s shooting now.
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