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  1. I don’t think I’ve ever been banned on any forum.
  2. Rock Band 2 came out days after I turned 18. I never owned it, but I played it at a friend's house almost every week that year.
  3. I was told to watch this without knowing anything about it, and I think that was good advise. But the basic premise is a riff on It's a fun, sweet movie.
  4. Just days before he died, the 98-year-old recorded the closing scene as the storytelling grandfather in the fan-film version of The Princess Bride. It started out as a tribute to his son Rob’s movie. It turned into the sweetest possible goodbye.
  5. I just let BoA put a chip in my wrist. Now I don’t even need my phone!
  6. A Kanye presidency would truly be a Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.
  7. You can't miss what you've never had! That's my motto.
  8. My prescription was getting steadily worse for years, but for my last 2 annual exams I've held steady at -4. Never really thought about that number and how much higher it could get. wow
  9. I cleared a couple of games out of my wish list at modest discounts: Black Mesa, Druidstone, and Return of the Obra Din. Threw in Doom 64 as well. I would have bought that for $5, but must have just completely missed when it dropped on Steam. Then last night I was drunkenly scrolling through JRPGs, and now I have FFXIII
  10. I was about to let my PS+ lapse last month, then I found that I had bought a year during an Amazon sale last year, so I’m good for a while. Will I do the same thing with this? Maybe.
  11. I watched this while having, uh, several beers. I have a pretty big crush on Rachel McAdams, so I’ll watch and enjoy her in just about anything, but this didn’t really do anything for me. The best bits were the crazy songs, but if you want that, just do a search on YouTube and you’ll find plenty of weird Eurovision shit.
  12. Come on, Warner! My local independent theaters are open at like 25% capacity. That's enough, right? Right?
  13. I played a few hours of it thanks to Game Pass. I liked the tone and style of it a lot, but mechanically it fell flat for me, so I didn't stick with it.
  14. I went to Kings Island today. Overall, I was really impressed with what they were doing, and people were mostly following the rules. It honestly felt as safe as my average trip to the grocery store. I'm not sure how well their procedures will hold once they open to the general public next week, so I'm glad I took my shot now. The new giga coaster, Orion, was pretty disappointing though. It's really similar to Diamondback, just taller and a little faster. I'm really salty that they tore down Firehawk for this.
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