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  1. I’ve lived here in flyover country all my life. Trust me, we hate ourselves and our neighbors plenty.
  2. Mass Effect 2 (LE)- I’ve been slowly making my way through this over the course of a month or more. I have the full crew and all but one or two are loyal. I don’t remember how much there is to do after that. Also seeing a lot of this DLC for the first time. I think the only one I bought back in the day was Lair of the Shadow Broker. Back 4 Blood - Seems good/fine. Glad it’s on Game Pass, because I probably won’t get a ton out of it.
  3. I’ve played a few levels single player. It feels a lot like Left 4 Dead at first, but I just hit the point where it throws a bunch of unlocks and progression systems at you. Seems good. Makes me wish I was a more social gamer.
  4. I just walk/hike a bunch. I barely liked organized sports as a kid, and I can't think of any I would enjoy now. Well, if my wrists/forearms weren't ruined, I would love to join a bowling team. I did always like bowling, and I bet it's even more fun with beer.
  5. I've been meaning to give The Last Kingdom another shot. I watched maybe 4 episodes, and it never grabbed me. I don't remember exactly why. Do they do several huge time jumps in the first couple episodes alone? I think that's part of what threw me off.
  6. Filter by deals, 0-$4.99. Explore! You could get 10 games instead of one! The value!
  7. Love that they pulled an Ozark and ended the season on an RTJ track.
  8. To add to the confusion, in some territories it was called Casino Quarter Pounder.
  9. The show did get ruined for me (in a very minor, superficial way) when I started looking up the cast. I don’t know exactly how their characters are supposed to be, but IRL Riley and Bev are like three years apart, which is just wild.
  10. I’m starting to think this guy might have some issues with alcohol and the Catholic Church.
  11. Initial impression: this movie completely rules, and finally pays off the more connected nature of the Craig era.
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