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  1. They're very clearly trying to do something different to keep this franchise going. For any number of reasons, a straight-up Ghostbusters 3 is not gonna happen. The 2016 movie had a, um, mixed reaction, so going further down that path is off the table. Tonally, it reminds me of Super 8, which seems like a fine way to go. Plenty of room for fun/jokes.
  2. I forgot I had a couple other points about my ME experience. It might be because of the tweaks they made to the combat experience, but it was a lot easier than I remember. I normally stick to the default difficulty on long, story-heavy games like this, but at points it was just too easy. I was taking out dudes with 1-2 pistol shots towards the end, often using my abilities when I got bored, not because I needed to. And Mako sections were similarly trivial (except for Thresher Maws). In most cases I didn't even bother trying to avoid shots when I was driving, and I almost never lost shields.
  3. Well, I bought it, like the chump I am. Now I just need to commit to actually playing them… … … …
  4. Now I want to dress up like Indiana Jones, go to a Hobby Lobby, and start whipping things off the shelves while yelling “that belongs in a museum!”
  5. I never got a rash or anything, but that foam is kinda uncomfortable.
  6. Credits roll on ME1. I took about 17 hours, doing a decent amount of side stuff. I really appreciate all the changes they made. I love the original game, but it definitely needed some updates to be fun in 2021. It felt good to play through a full game like this. I don't think I've done that since TLOU2 last summer. I probably won't jump into ME2 right away (going to explore some Game Pass content on my series X) but I'm looking forward to it.
  7. it’s two very funny numbers put together
  8. Review of ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy’ (2021) LETTERBOXD.COM i was asked to do punch up on this movie and repeatedly pitched a bit in which lebron james goes through the sisterhood of the traveling pants franchise. “he and bugs could wear the pants” i said.…
  9. I’ve taken two short pandemic-time trips. Last September I got a cabin in the Red River Gorge area in Kentucky and hiked around for a couple of days. Then I did the same thing in Hocking Hills a few months ago. Both areas are beautiful.
  10. I can see why reviews are all over the place. The movie is all over the place! I completely enjoyed it, but the way I was enjoying it changed throughout the movie, if that makes sense. Sometimes it was so-bad-it’s-good, other times it was legitimately good and compelling. Wild stuff.
  11. Any money Chris gets from this thread, he’s gonna send it to me. He knows I need it, but am too stubborn to ask for help.
  12. That’s one that could use some kind of re-release. I tried to play it in like 2011 (in the ramp up to a game that apparently doesn’t exist) and I couldn’t get it to run smoothly on my PC.
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