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  1. I bought a Playstation Classic and an Instant Pot, but from Target's "Deal Days", an online only sale that just so happens to coincide with Prime Day.
  2. I went ahead and ordered one from Target ($20 there as well). There's a couple of games on there that I'll play for like 10 minutes. Then I might explore the hax0rs.
  3. Looks like they're going for a bit of a different tone, which might help.
  4. Wild Rose - 4/5 While it’s not particularly groundbreaking material (working class young woman wants to escape from her problems and become a star) the lead performance by Jessie Buckley really elevates it.
  5. It's not just that it's a live action remake that might feel unnecessary, it's that we've already had two of these in the last few months, with more on the way. If they had spaced these out a bit more, the reception might have been a little better.
  6. I enjoy the flavor of their hot sauce.
  7. Not particularly. Someone in a local Facebook group had a spare ticket, and I wasn’t doing anything.
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