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  1. For months, I’ve had a group of guys at work trying to get me to come to “the club” with them. I’ve lost my polite excuse.
  2. Is it narcissistic to take five seconds to play along with a thread?
  3. Run (2020) - You’ll probably guess where this Hulu original is going within the first few minutes, but that’s ok. It’s a fun, fairly tight little 90 minute thriller. Sarah Paulson does her thing, but the real highlight is newcomer Kiera Allen. I didn’t realize until I was reading about it afterwards, but this is the director and co-writer of 2018’s Searching, which was really good and unique. I’m definitely interested in whatever they do next.
  4. My Facebook account shows up on the first page, but that might just be because of my cookies or whatever. My name is pretty close to a US politician who shows up first. Then there are some other boring white guys like me whose names match mine completely or close enough that they get tossed in.
  5. I feel ya. At this point, I’ve been without my mom for over half my life. Didn’t realize that was today. Maybe subconsciously that’s why I picked up some beer and was about to start the first real night of drinking I’ve had in months.
  6. I think somewhere in the 12-15 range, most kids could handle some part time “work”. When I was that age, I was regularly walking the dogs of some elderly people in my apartment complex. Then when we moved into a house and I had to start mowing the yard, I did it for a few neighbors as well. You know, the kind of stuff that counts as a chore in your household, why not do it for others and get paid?
  7. TheLeon

    Penis poll

    I think I may be more or less asexual. Never done it, never been all that interested in it or motivated by it, seeing it depicted in any vaguely realistic way grosses me out (hence no porn). But if I go more than about 5 days without ejaculating, I start to feel insane. Like fizzle said, gotta get the poison out.
  8. I know that these were originally planned to be a little more spread out, but damn that’s a lot of movies in the next year.
  9. TheLeon

    Penis poll

    It takes so little for me to get off, porn is unnecessary. I crank it maybe once or twice a week, whenever I need that release, but I don’t really get that much out of it. It’s just maintenance.
  10. TheLeon

    Penis poll

    Yes, and thank you for the generous use of the term “joke”.
  11. My previous statement was “I don’t fuck and tell”. That’s what I fixed. I set that up on a tee and nobody hit it. So no girlfriend. Sorry to get your hopes up.
  12. TheLeon

    Penis poll

    I can safely say that my dick is bigger than any penis I’ve ever seen in porn.
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