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  1. TheLeon

    Nintendo Octopath Traveler

    DS games usually ranged from $30-40. I think $40 was mostly for Nintendo and Square-Enix "flagship" titles.
  2. I also just bought an Xbox One S, and I don't really plan on buying games for it. It came with a code for Rare Replay, which was one of the few non-Game Pass games I would have bought. @brucoe Sunset Overdrive is included in Game Pass
  3. If I saw this earlier this morning, I probably would have bought it. I went with the "starter bundle" from Amazon for $229.
  4. Sorry to Bother You - I didn’t love every place this movie went, but man does it go places, and I admire that.
  5. TheLeon

    What pizza restaurants do you like?

    I live right down the street from a local place that does a great pizza, but I usually end up getting Dominos because it's easier and a lot cheaper.
  6. This looks more like the game I imagined after the initial reveal.
  7. Now you’re gettin’ it!
  8. TheLeon

    Television Y: The Last Man (FX) casts Yorick Brown

    My first reaction was “Whaaa?” I’ve only seen him play characters that are nothing like Yorick, but he’s a good actor and FX generally seems to know what they’re doing, so this will probably be good.
  9. TheLeon

    Nintendo Octopath Traveler

    I enjoyed the demo well enough, but my history with this type of game leads me to believe that there is a 5% chance I actually get to the end of it, 95% chance I’ll get bored of it after a few hours and never touch it again. So I’ll wait until I can grab it at a deep discount.
  10. Just this morning I heard a coworker talking about how H1H1 was so much better than Fortnite. It was the first time I had heard someone out in the wild mention that game.
  11. TheLeon

    Who is hotter? The def star or Kal-El814?

    Def is pure sexy, no doubt, but Kal has that unassuming girl next door vibe that drives me absolutely wild.
  12. American Animals - 8.5/10 Great cast, clever take on retelling a true story. I figured that there would be riffs on other heist movies (they get a lot of fun out of assigning Resovior Dogs code names) but I was really caught off guard by a shot that evokes the opening scene of The Dark Knight. So, look for that, I guess.
  13. There are people out there that will be disappointed if at least 75% of the cast and crew of a movie aren’t queer women of color. Can’t please everyone.