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  1. You've gotta admire how completely they're going for Pokemon's entire thing. I'm in.
  2. Han Zimmer is doing to the score, Billie Eilish becomes the youngest artist to do a Bond theme song.
  3. Looks far too pleasant and wholesome for that setting. Nobody is getting called a cocksucker or being fed to the pigs.
  4. It's his 52nd nomination, so it's more like "he's still alive and working, so we'll give him another one this year"
  5. I was just thinking that we can go ahead and start calling Ronan the Streep of her generation. 4th nomination and she's only 25.
  6. Oh man, I watched the Golden Globes (apparently I don't value my free time) and by far my favorite moment was when Missing Link won and every single person in the room was visibly confused.
  7. The Joker nominations, especially Best Picture, are interesting given the legacy of The Dark Knight. That movie received a bunch of nominations but was left out of Best Picture, and that's what is usually cited for the reason the BP category was expanded to include up to 10 nominees the following year.
  8. The Globes split the acting categories, so they have twice the nominees. And the Oscar nominees match the Globes nominees perfectly for the Drama category while Comedy gets ignored. But then of course you get into the weirdness of "is The Farewell really a comedy, or was it put there because that's an 'easier' place to win?" like a few years ago when Best Comedy went to... The Martian. But yeah, I would love to see Awkwafina in there, and Zhao Shuzhen for supporting.
  9. I'm glad Parasite broke through with some major awards. Even if it doesn't win (well, Foreign Film is a lock), being there will hopefully get more people to see it. Nobody saw Wild Rose. The Farewell should be in BP and director over Joker.
  10. 2 PS4s - original one I ended up selling when I was temporarily tight on money. Later bought a pro. 1 Xbox One S - waited until I could get one cheap, mostly to use with Game Pass. 1 Switch - original, probably won’t end up buying another one unless they do something crazy with a new model.
  11. Fire Emblem: Three Houses - found it for a whole $10 off, so I jumped on it. I haven’t played an FE since Awakening. I thought the school/management stuff might be a drag, but I’m enjoying it so far.
  12. They'll throw a big fundraiser for themselves, Lorde will perform, everything will work out just fine.
  13. I think you might have to do what Biggie mentioned (buy a $400 digital Amazon gift card with the amex). Those kind of gift cards are usually seen as a credit (or maybe debit) card, and I don't believe that Amazon has an option to split payment across multiple credit cards. Once you have the Amazon gift card on your account, you can use that first, and then whatever other payment method for the remainder.
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