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  1. I'm not makin' any babies, that's for sure. ... because I'm concerned with overpopulation. Yeah, that's way.
  2. I enjoy a narrow band of mobile games. I ignore pretty much anything with the common F2P hooks, and I don’t have much of a use for games that try to emulate the “console experience” on my phone. Something like Grindstone, another Apple Arcade game, is a perfect mobile game in my book.
  3. All my crap is just piled on the cheapest IKEA furniture available.
  4. Sometimes. I play different games at different times for different reasons. One thing I've noticed is that I don't want the extreme challenge in a story-heavy game. If I'm playing a game mostly for the story/characters, I really don't want to have to play the same scenario over and over again until I finally conquer it. I don't mind fighting the same boss in Dark Souls 20 times because that's the game. Now that I'm trying to articulate that distinction as it is in my brain, I'm not sure if that makes a lot of sense. Whatever, I'm tired.
  5. I’m glad my terrible eating habits haven’t become a running joke on this board.
  6. Oh wait, so you aren’t talking about the makeup simulator? Disregard my previous post.
  7. I took a trip to NYC right at the beginning of March. I had booked it months in advance, not realizing that it would be pretty much the last week we were allowed to do anything. It was my first real vacation in years, and so I savored it for that reason. It took on a little extra significance shortly after I got home and realized I wouldn't be doing a lot of these things any time soon. Not just travelling, but seeing plays, touring museums, casually eating in restaurants, relaxing in a coffee shop. I don't know if I had a specific Moment.
  8. That's a pretty big technicality. Unless this has changed in more recent generations, you're pretty much on a set route through the world. Once you get toward the end, the entire region is an "open world" that you can explore, I guess. They are pretty linear games that don't include a lot of what "open world game" usually suggests. If anything, they're closer to Metroidvania.
  9. I’m planning to wait until it’s out of early access, but I definitely want to play it.
  10. You've got to be really careful with how you dispose of nail clippings. You don't want an enemy wizard to get ahold of them and use them in a hex against you.
  11. There's a joke about her name in ep. 4 or 5, when they're watching the "show". One of the agents has a line like "Wanda Maximoff? What, no fancy code name?" I think it's like Black Widow, where they'll use that name in credits and promotional material, but nobody called her that in the movies.
  12. I love that this show is now about a jealous 400 year old witch who is apparently a fan of X-Men: Days of Future Past.
  13. I still haven’t been able to get my hands on a PS5 yet, so I don’t mind.
  14. I've had my fill of the main line Pokemon games, possibly forever. Legends is intriguing though.
  15. FFVII Remake is huge! I never made it that far in the original game, but I guess I'll check this one out now. You know, to be a part of the conversation.
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