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  1. I really haven’t been paying any attention to this game, and I’m going to try to keep it that way. I figure since we’re only a month away, I’ll just stay on a media blackout and go into it blind.
  2. Superliminal- fun little game, only takes a few hours for a normal playthrough. The Outer Wilds - I’ve mentioned this elsewhere, but I bounced off of this game almost immediately when it first came out. I didn’t give it much time. Returning to it now, I quickly fell under the game’s spell. It was nearly all I could think about until I finished it. Fantastic game. Any feelings of frustration I felt during it were almost always quickly followed up with a surge of joy. The wonder of discovery! The thrill of mastering mysterious game mechanics!
  3. My sister tested positive today. She’s immunocompromised, so she’s been taking things seriously, has all her shots, etc. But she’s a high school teacher and they’ve been in person for at least the last year, so it seemed inevitable at a certain point. Luckily her symptoms are pretty mild. She cancelled our weekly dinner, even though I told her I wouldn’t mind a couple paid weeks off from work. Her and her pesky “ethics”
  4. You can sign up online easily. No cable required, no contracts, just a monthly fee.
  5. In a few of those shots, Ike Barenholtz was looking like alternate reality Mark Wahlberg. That looks like exactly my jam. I bet my sister would like it too. How does the tone of the show overall compare to something like Knives Out?
  6. I’m now deep into Outer Wilds. So glad I gave this game a second chance.
  7. I know nothing about the Moon Knight character, but you tell me that Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke are starting in a show… I’m interested.
  8. Criterion channel is great if you have a genuine interest in those older/foreign films. When I scroll through lists like French New Wave or 50’s Japanese Noir though, I realize that I might not be a real film buff in that way, because it seems like homework.
  9. I mostly rotate through them. I keep Disney Plus on an annual subscription because that’s relatively cheap. Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Max I’ll sub for a while and then drop if I go a week or two without watching anything. Of those three, the one I probably use most these days is HBO. Although now that the Warner Bros new release movies deal is over, I’ll be more willing to drop Max. When I’m feeling fancy, I’ll get something like the Criterion Channel for a while. I recently grabbed a cheap annual sub for AMC+ because I wanted to watch The Bureau and a couple other things, and that site is so terrible, it feels like a practical joke.
  10. TheLeon

    How are you?

    Ate entirely too much Dominos, punishing myself with food because why not? Playing The Outer Wilds, a game that I constantly feel like I’m on the verge of cracking, but progress is slow because my brain is even foggier than normal. Had a better than average weekend at work, hoping it doesn’t snow too much tonight because I have to work in the morning. And then I’ll have my days off, in which I’ll be too tired and lazy to even have fun.
  11. Escape Room: Tournament of Champions: these movies are dumb, but I’ll gladly watch a new one every couple of years.
  12. I finally got around to this. I don’t watch enough docs to speak to the quality of the film, but this really is an incredible story. Fascinating that while thousands of volunteers made this happen, it ultimately comes down to this small network of dudes with an extremely niche, dangerous hobby.
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