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  1. Someone needs to write a book about the making of this movie, and then Charlie Kaufman writes a screenplay based on that book, and it’s Adaptation 2 starring Nicolas Cage.
  2. I'm in the same boat. Actually, it was $65 for a while, and now it's going up to $70. I would switch, but there aren't any good alternatives.
  3. I’ll say that I’m boycotting this game because of the corners they cut. But really, I’m just not interested in Pokemon any more.
  4. This has gone from a "never" to a "well, if my niece wants to see, I guess I'll go"
  5. I’m all for games trying to do new things. I went into this skeptical, but with an open mind. I was really hoping that it would suck me in and I could be a part of the cult championing this weird new thing. It just didn’t take for me.
  6. I returned my Redbox copy, and I'm not in a hurry to buy this game. I didn't hate what I played experienced, but after about 8 I had my fill. Definitely not interested in another 40+ hours of that any time soon.
  7. I've done some side missions (the ones for "general porters" or whatever). I picked up some cargo dropped by other players and delivered it back to the Capitol Knot. I didn't do too much of that because retracing your steps between established points is not at all interesting to me. I enjoy the pathfinding required to reach a new spot, and I suppose there is some of that if you want to try to find more optimal routes between points, but that's not nearly as fun for me. I checked my latest save, and at 6 and a half hours in, I just reached a . Don't know how that compares to the average.
  8. eew, back in coach with the filthy commoners? I would never do that to myself.
  9. Well sure, they don't compare to the longest cutscenes in history. And maybe it's just been a while since I've played a game like this, so I'm not used to cutscenes in general.
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