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  1. Yeah, there's an uncomfortable extra layer of voyeurism to the whole thing considering that the author died before she finished it, but I think somehow the book's multiple tragedies humanize one another.
  2. For what it's worth the book I'll Be Gone In The Dark is tragic, fantastic, and grapples well with the voyeurism inherent to true crime.
  3. I do think people in true crime circles take things way too far, but I also think arguing that you shouldn't expose yourself to real things that happen for fear that they might make you more conservative is putting the cart before the horse and follows another obnoxious trend of reducing everything to ideology.
  4. This implies that these businesses are entitled to your active support. Cancelling your Netflix subscription is not active opposition to Netflix, it is just no longer actively supporting them. Billions of people are not subscribing to Netflix, and it'd be quite the stretch to say they are all trying to prevent Netflix from operating because of it.
  5. I don't think that position stands up to much scrutiny. If Netflix started publishing articles from The Daily Stormer on the side, nobody would seriously argue that those who don't like it should just consume the other content they do like. So there certainly is a line where anyone could find a piece of content so distasteful that they no longer support the company that produced it.
  6. The number of people making a good living off twitch is much higher than I expected. I thought it was more feast or famine than it is.
  7. Dude's pretty damn prolific. I'm glad to see he's directing half the episodes, and the other half are all going to be from the same director as well.
  8. I had the opposite impression. I wasn't really connecting with the characters in the early episodes but loved the way things progressed once the plot started going.
  9. I felt like the show really dragged in the last few episodes and fell back on some pretty predictable story beats.
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