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  1. Moa

    PC Epic Games Store - Wave 1 Lineup

    I like that they failed to address the reasonable assumption that Epic is paying them quite a bit of money for exclusive status, and that this is likely an unsustainable practice for Epic. I would say let the bidding wars begin, but I doubt Valve is going to play ball given their commanding position. Also the bit about a curated store is hilarious, I don't need Epic or Valve to help me find games.
  2. My initial impressions are that the single player mode is a long, padded, and similarly uninteresting mode to other smash bros single players. The online felt functional, but also pretty hollow in the way all Nintendo online games feel. I look forward to playing this game in the same room as other people.
  3. Didn't this show just come out?
  4. I was trying out the meepo preconstructed deck and was getting bashed all around by a mono-green deck. I had lost one lane, had a few creeps in another lane, and had a single hero in an empty lane. I got to redeploy 2 heroes and a fistful of meepos and committed to the first lane putting only one meepo in the second lane. My opponent committed hard to the second lane with a lot of buff cleaving heroes. I used time of triumph to buff my 3 heroes + 3 meepos, proofed my meepos to the second lane, took the first tower, and despite losing all my units in the second lane I pushed exactly lethal damage to the tower for the win. Felt good to steal a game that I spent the majority of the time wondering how to concede.
  5. It may be a little different from some of the other suggestions, but the biography of T.E. Lawrence, Lawrence in Arabia, is one of the most compelling stories I've ever read, and the audiobook is fantastic.
  6. My God I think it's Forza Horizon 4. Don't get me wrong, it's a fantastic game, but usually I go for the soulful indie titles that actually try to push storytelling in games forward, and I feel like none of those types of games came out this year. Anyone have any recommendations?
  7. Entertainer uses other entertainer's death for attention.
  8. Celeste was too hard for my filthy casual hands. The self-hatred that game cultivated inside me was wonderfully exorcised during the story moments. I love-hate that game but certainly think it is great. Unrelated to Celeste, I also don't think that 1/5th of a game should be eligible for awards, regardless of how much I personally enjoyed it.
  9. I want a game where the twist is that the robots aren't really sentient. Was Detroit bad or just obvious?