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  1. The chaos system kind of turns me off these games. If I'm playing a first person action game I want to RIP and TEAR not think about the consequences of my actions. I only played dishonored 1, but I felt like it encouraged me to play it in the least fun way.
  2. On a related note, EA access is the easiest to cancel service I've ever used. This sounds a lot like a potshot, and it totally is, but I was surprised that it was like three total clicks and wasn't hidden away.
  3. It's almost as if society has different standards for acceptable portrayal of violence and sex. You're not being oppressed because a fortune 500 company doesn't want to associate with molestation minigames.
  4. The downside is that if they don't die then they will unite against her, and if they do die then sending Bronn was unnecessary.
  5. This was such a weird direction. They can't possibly expect the audience to believe that Cersei thinks Bronn would kill Jaime or Tyrion. It has to be a ploy, but even then, it's a pretty shit ploy. Also, as far as crazy fan theories go, if the night king isn't Bran I'll admit I was wrong. They look soooooooo much alike.
  6. Rome wasn't built in a day. Apex is doing fine. It was never going to dominate twitch forever because so many games have much more established fanbases.
  7. If there is one thing more obnoxious than I presume the kids who pwn me at fortnite are, it's the mature gamers who bitch and moan about a game they don't know the first thing about.
  8. Jason Schreier does good work but also is totally incapable of looking in the mirror or handling criticism. Their response is basically saying, we know Anthem has problems but please don't dismiss the people and effort that went into making it, and he calls them defensive and later cowards without an ounce of irony. It seems like he is incapable of handling any response to his work other than you're so smart and right and we're all going to buy your book.
  9. I haven't played DMC 5 but from all the coverage I've seen of this game, I just can't see how it deserves such universal praise. Some of the cutscenes look cool and the 'tude is kind of funny, but the game just looks so sterile.
  10. I played through Bastion 1.5 times the day it came out. I haven't played their other games since Transistor looked lifeless to me and Pyre was its whole other thing.
  11. These games definitely need something to help new players. The problem is that these games kind of break if everyone in a match is highly-skilled and "playing to win." Fortnite specifically becomes a huge clusterfuck when played competitively and leads to a lot of situations with like 20 people are turtling in the same megastructure. That said, I am exactly the person who has been pushed away from Fortnite because even though I've been playing since season 2 I just can't keep up with the 12-year-olds anymore, so I'd like to see Epic at least try to implement a system to keep those monsters away from me.
  12. It's hard and you're a smart and valuable person even if you struggle.
  13. I agree with this sentiment. It was very crisp and smooth and they had some cool mechanics in some of the levels but I was often left wanting more as it felt like just as I was starting to get used to some of the more unique mechanics the level ended and it was all jerked away. I feel like I wanted a lot of the levels to be 30% longer and require greater mastery of whatever was going on in the level.
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