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  1. I get being upset that Bioware is moving away from what you enjoyed about their games, but since the initial announcement of Anthem it has been crystal clear what type of game it is going to be. It sounds more like you wanted Anthem to be a game that you would like than you wanted to like Anthem.
  2. I feel like I'm going to buy this game just to spite the critics and then not actually like it.
  3. I'm going to prematurely nominate Anthem for the Rainbow 6: Siege award of this generation, meaning a game released to unrealistic expectations and near universal criticism that rapidly garners community goodwill to the point that everyone forgets about the initial negative coverage.
  4. I would recommend looking into playing The Division, as the dark zone is very similar to what you described.
  5. I'm a big fan of the Wingman so far, it's so satisfying to use and the default sight is dope.
  6. I think there is plenty of room for more good BR games. Shooters will always be in competition with each other so I'm not going to argue that there is no cannibalism, but I think concern about Apex torpedoing firestorm would be like worrying about Halo competing with Gears because they're both deathmatch shooters. I figured that Apex was a source game when I started getting horrible rubberbanding and had flashbacks to playing TF2 on DSL.
  7. I'm definitely enjoying this game a lot. Fortnite is fun and all but it gets tiresome having to play a game of Dance Dance Revolution every time I want to kill someone.
  8. The Night School Studio connection is also encouraging. Their game Oxenfree was excellent and its more fluid real time dialogue system was promising.
  9. The silver lining of Telltale going out of business is that now a lot of talented people are no longer tethered by making shovelware for tired licensed IPs on creativity-stifling timetables. I think interactive narratives are the future of video games as art and while Telltale wrote the book on the genre I think that they ultimately were holding it back.
  10. Twitch streaming and organized esports are not the same thing. I'm talking about tournament play and all of my points are aimed at that.
  11. I don't think BR games work well as esports for several reasons. 1. Randomness and luck play too large a role. 1a. BR games generally break down when all parties are "playing to win." When the objective is to be the last person standing defensive play will always be the most logical thing and it will make the games unfun for the competitors and uninteresting for observers. This is well-illustrated by all the water camping in early PUGB tournaments. 2. Spectators will only ever get to see a tiny slice of any given match and in order to keep the viewing experience interesting production teams will have to frequently shift perspectives making it hard for viewers to ever get invested in any one player's perspective and success. 3. The logistics of running a tournament with that many people playing simultaneously would be awful. Returning to the "play to win" argument, in order for tournaments to prevent camping/defensive/boring play they will have to implement rules that incentivize killing. This will likely lead to a system where the players who win the match(es) do not necessarily win the event, which will be anticlimactic for everyone since in a lot of situations to results of the event will be determined well before the final kill of the final round. A system like this would feel bad for spectators and competitors alike. These obstacles aren't entirely insurmountable, and I hope these games can succeed as esports but I don't envy anyone whose job it is to figure all this out.
  12. Fortnite BR was very bare bones at the start and took a lot of development before it became the giant that it is now. I started playing midway through Season 2 and the game had just started to attract mainstream attention around that time.