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  1. Could be that it's technically called Fear & Hunger but more likely you haven't enabled steam to show 'adult' content. The suggestion is mostly a troll since it's not a spoiler to characterize the game as a despair simulator.
  2. It had some nice moments like the play, but Rachel felt like such a cardboard cutout and the antagonist's actions made absolutely no sense. One thing I really liked about the first game was that despite how batshit everything was, I could always understand the motivations and actions of the characters. The third act of Before the Storm just felt like senseless escalation for the purpose of climax.
  3. True Colors was surprisingly good but Before the Storm was actively bad. None of the subsequent games from Deck9 or DONTNOD approach the lightning in a bottle that Life is Strange was, but despite that I'm unreasonably excited to see Max back.
  4. Load times were so shit on my old system that I never got around to getting any peripherals, so I decided to become a real pilot instead.
  5. Is Star Citizen not on this list because any reasonable person already gave up hope more than 10 years ago? Also No Mans Sky was a bigger disappointment than the entire list combined.
  6. Right, the new DOOM games are some of the very few single player FPS games where the most effective way to play is also the most fun. Most games kind of break when you start trying to power game them since the optimal strategy is usually cheesy and dull, but in DOOM the best way to play is to go hard and fast. The early Halo games are fantastic, but on the top difficulty they quickly become a tedious chore of waiting for your shield to regen while picking off enemies. They become more of an exercise in patience than skill. DOOM on nightmare is a difficult delight, my only complaint is that all the weapon swapping becomes hard on my wrists.
  7. That's true, but there's also the tension that good games make more money than bad games. For every successful live service game there are dozens of failures. There are plenty of games that could have been good but are ruined with cynical monetization plans. Suicide Squad was a spectacular failure along these lines. Live servicing a game is a risk it seems more developers are veering away from as that segment of the market remains saturated. The only recent breakout success I can think of is Helldivers 2, which achieved this by being a fantastic game by all accounts. Despite all the doomsaying, or maybe partially because of it, the gaming market seems incredibly fickle and relatively resistant to enshittification. The big counterpoint are the semi-annualized Ubisoft franchises and Call of Duty, which have been making a shitload of money despite being lazy and iterative well before the live service trend began.
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