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  1. I wanted to like it more than I did. The gameplay is classic Remedy mediocrity, and the tone and atmosphere are fantastic but the story and characters were lacking relative to Alan Wake.
  2. I haven't played Man of Medan but it's setting and tone seemed so much less interesting than Until Dawn. Little Hope looks a lot more up my alley, and I hope they can improve on the formula. One lesson I hope they learn is that not every character needs to be unlikable.
  3. Climbing is pretty accessible. Starting at your local gym is the cost of a daypass/gear rental and after a few times you can decide if you're interested in it. Bouldering and using an autobelay requires no prior knowledge, and gyms often offer top rope belaying classes for people as well. The initial cost for your own gear to use at the gym (shoes, harness, belay device, locking carbabiner, chalk bag) can be had for around $150 (black diamond momentum package and some beginner shoes.) From there you can learn to lead and transition to outdoor climbing. A sport rack is a little more expensive since a set of quickdraws will probably run around $150 and a rope can be $150-300, and you'll probably feel better with a helmet too. There's a lot more progression to be had from there, but by the time a person is looking to build a trad rack they're probably all in anyway. I live in a relatively flat state but still have five outdoor crags within 1-2 hours of driving from my location. It sounds like you live in the UK anyway, and they have a fantastic climbing history/culture.
  4. I do wonder what will happen when larger and larger melee tournaments start getting organized online, which seems almost inevitable what with the state of the world and the massive netplay improvement.
  5. They should add Melee now that it has good netcode!
  6. Discord is great but is already super bloated when it comes to features. I'm just a guy with an internet connection, but this seems like the type of expansionism that kills these kinds of companies and products over the course of a few years.
  7. I'm sure it's just a coincidence that youtube recommended this to me after not watching it in like half a year.
  8. I've been rewatching this. I'm very impressed with the general pacing of the show and how it manages to shift focus between the serial killer of the week plots and the Hannibal plot so deftly. Mikkelsen of course steals the show, somehow putting both Brian Cox and Anthony Hopkins to shame. I also cannot believe that they managed to run this on network television. The body horror here is truly the most disturbing and interesting that I've seen including X-rated torture porn trash.
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