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  1. It's been a long while since I've read the comic book, but this is the impression I get. Whoever they give Dr. Manhattan's powers would just be Dr. Manhattan. The nature of his powers would make who he was prior to becoming Dr. Manhattan irrelevant.
  2. There's only one list I care about, and these ain't it.
  3. No wonder this show reminded me so much of LOST. I'm liking the show quite a bit but the thing I'm enjoying most is trying to unravel the differences between this world and our own. I also think this show does a good job with addressing politics in the year of our lord 2019. Every time I laugh at the idea of Robert Redford being president I remember how implausible our current predicament would seem if only it were fiction. "Is this a Zeus thing?" has to be the line of the series.
  4. I know digital foundry videos are mostly about performance, but it's super obnoxious to see a video call something a game of the year contender and then say almost nothing about the gameplay. Is this a good game?
  5. Sayonara Wild Hearts fucking blows and I'm mad I bought it. The levels are so short and with the exception of the song in the trailer the music is bland electronic noises. The gameplay is a sloppy temple run that doesn't interact with the rhythm at all. The game is absolute trash and everyone needs to know.
  6. I can think of few books less filmable than Call of the Wild.
  7. This has been a weird year. With the exception of Control there haven't been many interesting games in the AAA field. The two standouts for me this year are Outer Wilds and Disco Elysium, which are both startlingly original and well executed games the likes of which you rarely see twice in one year.
  8. Well that was the best movie I've seen in years. To employ my friend's three point review system, in which one point is bad, two points is alright, and three points is an unprecedented masterpiece, this is a three point movie. The only "negative" thing I have to say about the movie is that it made me feel bad in a way that I don't have an easy remedy for.
  9. New game from the Life is Strange team at DONTNOD. Cool that it is all coming out either at once or in the "summer" 2020 window since I really don't like playing these games drawn out over a year. It sounds like Square Enix owns the Life is Strange IP and DONTNOD is now self-publishing, which is probably a blessing in disguise.
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