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  1. It was incredibly predictable, but what annoys me is that the reveal could have been an emotionally satisfying moment in the show instead of being relegated to a throwaway teaser. I don't know, season three was definitely an improvement on season two but damn has this show just been chasing its tail the entire time.
  2. To think I used to be naive enough to think this was a Chickfila thing not a China thing, I have grown a lot in the last 8 hours.
  3. This looks like it has pre-gears shooting mechanics of mostly unusable cover and just stiffly strafing around chest high walls. I don't think I've seen a AAA offering look this shitty in the last decade.
  4. I saw this yesterday and thought that the IGN article was pretty disingenuous. He seems primarily to be talking about avoiding a Chickfila type situation, not trying to remove politics from games.
  5. Not only every ubisoft game, but also almost every game in the schlooter genre (The Division and the destinies). I think a good portion of the negative reaction to Anthem was fatigue from these types of games launching broken and content lacking. Anthem was the straw that broke the gamers back.
  6. I'd love the see the game Anthem could've been. That said, I don't know if Bioware has it in them.
  7. Slay the Spire makes time pass like no other game. I blink and two hours are gone. It is both a blessing and a curse. I'm also a huge fan of the new character.
  8. Just finished Life is Strange 2. Somehow I'm also hopelessly addicted to Escape from Tarkov, which I didn't expect to happen. I feel like I haven't had a game rewire my dopamine pathways this was since I first played WoW. I suspect that with the rise in demand for HOBBY GRADE games from the twitch crowd who need a game they can play all day every day we are going to be seeing a lot more ultra demanding high risk/reward type games come out.
  9. So I finished the game playing through acts 2-5 over the last week and I gotta say I'm pretty disappointed. The game is totally fine, but it felt pretty hollow compared to LiS. My biggest issue with the game is the pacing, each episode begins with what is pretty much a reset from the last one and none of what happens before the last 10-15 minutes of each episode ever comes back up. There was never much tension in the story since from the outset we knew that we were going to Mexico, so the ultimate conclusion of every conflict until you get there has to be preordained. The original game juggled so many conflicts effortlessly (Time?, Chloe?, Rachel?, Storm?, etc) while this game was monomaniacal in its focus. I felt like my head was buzzing with so much going on while playing the original that I welcomed the moments when the game hit the brakes and told me to chill out, listen to the music, and pick up some fucking bottles. In this game I just wanted to see what was going to happen and the interstitial moments felt more like a chore. At a certain point it felt like this game just existed because it had to, and I worry about their next project since it seems to be coming so soon after this. Also the use of music was super disappointing relative to the first game. With the exception of the music integration felt uninspired and we didn't get the strong moments like the hallway scene, the obstacles montage, the end of the game, etc. LiS 1: 100/10 LiS 2: 7/10
  10. Yeah, I didn't watch many of these types of movies but I was convinced to watch the infamous A Serbian Film, which was more boring than it was revolting, and it was plenty revolting. The movie was just heinously stupid and I'm upset to this day that I wasted my time on it.
  11. Looking back on it, the era of torture porn movies was really weird.
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