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  1. Doom is the only AAA single player FPS that I can think of that was significantly improved with M/K controls. By the end of the game on Ultra-Violence every enemy with the occasional exception of the Barons of Hell were just walking healthpacks. I really wish that there was a difficulty setting that maintained the AI damage and behavior of Ultra-Violence but was jam packed with more demons.
  2. I definitely went through a few frustrating sections where I either was missing the solution and kept trying something impossible or otherwise goofed and found myself in a sticky situation. I like that the game isn't too hand-holdy and gives you lots of rope to hang yourself with since the emergent oh fuuuuuck moments are spectacular. This game inverts the fear of deep water, and I now dread being plucked from the safety of my planet and thrown into space to struggle, die, and drift ever further from home. For those who haven't played this game, I would strongly recommend it and I hope Epic is paying the Devs a fuck ton of money because if this wasn't an EGS exclusive it would be making much larger waves.
  3. Based on the fact that it's call Overwatch 2 and it has to be mostly similar to Overwatch I don't have too much hope for this, but Blizzard doing a Warframe-esque game in the Overwatch universe would be pretty interesting.
  4. Ape Out is some hard bop I can recommend to anyone.
  5. I just started Outer Wilds, and I strongly suspect that this game is great. I avoided reading much coverage about it since I knew it would be a day one purchase for me, but so far what has really struck me about this game is how much control the player has over their ship and space exploration suit, and the resultant terror of accidentally jettisoning myself into the void. There was a moment as I was exploring a broken satellite where I had to get into an inaccessible section by space walking around the satellite, and somehow in my ineptitude I got going too fast, got turned around and lost orientation, and lost sight of the satellite completely, and as I spun out into the murky black trying to reorient myself the game activated a very specific panic center in my brain generally reserved for being trapped underwater not knowing which way the surface is. I also really like that is is an exploration game that it isn't a survival game.
  6. Who has a better story than this lifeless husk who has forgotten what it feels like to be human.
  7. 3.5 hours of swearing and the words POLICE STATE in coins.
  8. I'm excited for this game, but I'm more excited for the Giant Bomb content to come from this.
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