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  1. Haven't we all, this latest spat is so far below me that I'm only go to make two replies about it!
  2. This is the platonic form of a cold take. I have to look up the spelling of Schreier's name every time I mention him and even I know the dude's a total baby, but here Calandra is acting like he's duty bound to martyr himself by bringing such shocking allegations to light. Apparently the only people who can outdo Schreier's histrionics are his critics.
  3. It seems like it's going to be a 9/10 type game in comparison to TW3 10/10/10. TW3 was able to build on the successes and learn from (some) of the failures of the previous games, while Cyberpunk is a new thing for them. Also Cyberpunk is going feel like a let down because people have built up totally unreasonable expectations for it. I really hope they manage to translate some of the charm they managed to infuse all the characters in the witcher with into the totally charmless world of cyberpunk.
  4. I've definitely done some chores while auto-riding from place to place in cinematic mode.
  5. I feel like these big tech companies like Google and Amazon that are now trying to break into gaming are too big to succeed. Any offering they make that isn't immediately met with success they will just throw away because they can afford to cut and run.
  6. So I picked this game up on a steam sale a few days ago and just got into act 3. You clowns spent more time arguing about brushing your horse than you actually spend on it in game.
  7. Yeah, the switch is cool as fuck but everything about it is so fucking shoddy. I don't trust my switch to stand up to a soft breeze. It's such a shame having to coddle a handheld like it's a newborn baby.
  8. Since MS owns Minecraft this really opens the door for more exciting crossovers. Personally, I'm pulling for the greatest MS mascot of all time.
  9. After thinking about this movie more I'd love to see Kaufman make an "actual" horror movie.
  10. It's a weird watch with Adaptation, considering both came out in the same year. I'm curious if anyone here has read i'm thinking about ending things, since apparently this movie is an adaptation as well. My impression based off the wikipedia article is that the movie was not particularly faithful, or I completely missed much of what was going on in the movie. I also have to read Kaufman's novel Antkind now. This scene was unique for Kaufman as it concisely summarizes the main point of the movie.
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