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  1. Minor spoilers ahead. When I first started I went to Giants Deep first and everytime I reached the end of the cycle the music played and the screen turned white after a while but I never saw any animation. After punting around on Giants Deep for a while I went to Brittle Hollow and the first time I actually saw the sun explode it was through the center of the planet and it was a pretty mindblowing experience since I had gone through a bunch of cycles but didn't know there was more to it than the screen suddenly turning white.
  2. Broadly speaking, prior to Polanski and Tate moving into the house a record producer, Terry Melcher, lived there who Manson had auditioned for but ultimately Melcher didn't produce his music. In the scene Manson is looking for Melcher but is confronted by the people who are there and he sees Sharon Tate for the first and only time. Tate was unnerved enough by this encounter to describe him as a creepy little man. This is the only time that Manson or any of the family members had contact with Tate or any of the other victims and partially explains why the murders happened at the particular house.
  3. Without a doubt this movie is Tarantino's masterpiece. The way it weaves history, myth, abject fiction, and viewer expectation together like nothing I've ever seen. I have a ton of thoughts on the movie but it was so damn dense that I'm struggling to organize myself. One thing that I particularly appreciated about the movie was how much it de-emphasized the murderers. Prior to the ending, I'm pretty sure Tex was the only killer formally introduced, Manson himself is shown only briefly in a throwaway scene (although the historical importance of the scene is significant), and I believe his last name is never spoken, and the family is shown only through the lens of other characters.
  4. I'm guessing the choice of the word "Hot" is not a coincidence based on the Superhot leak.
  5. Yeah, Outer Wilds is definitely the space exploration game I've always wanted.
  6. I truly don't understand how they keep making these games.
  7. Despite having more or less ignored coverage about this game I feel like I could write a passable review of it already. Spoiler alert, 78/100
  8. Ugh, I hadn't thought about this game in a long time. The combat and class design were so good, but literally everything else in the game was confusing busywork. It kind of reminds me of Warframe but a lot more impenetrable.
  9. Gnog is the first game they've had for free that I will actually play but don't already own.
  10. I suspect Microsoft has big plans for Mixer with the next generation.
  11. To me, there are two obvious issues at play here. The first is that everyone's tired of Call of Duty's hack shit war porn, so nobody is willing to continue to give them the benefit of the doubt. The second issue is that now more than ever CoD is trying to have it both ways. If they want "you to experience just how difficult it is for a soldier to face the modern battlefield," then they can't reward players with chemical weapons. You can be irreverent about war, but you can't intercut your focus group tested solemnity with integrated G-fuel ads, especially when you're the same series that already brought us "Press F to pay respects."
  12. Tetris effect. This game causes the weirdest time dilation, minutes feel like hours and hours feel like minutes.
  13. I've been playing too much FFXIV and am pressing on into the Heavensward content. I'm enjoying it so far and particularly like the group content. The leveling is a lot of fetch quests, which I honestly mind less than killing 50 baby sea turtles, and the plot so far has been repetitive but kind of fun since the player character seems to have acknowledged plot armor.
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