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  1. Filip Miucin presents the Gerstmann memorial award for outstanding ethics in games journalism. Alternatively, the "Wait, plagiarism is wrong?" award powered by Dan Ryckert.
  2. Was DOOM (2016) the greatest FPS of all time?
  3. Captain Spirit made me believe that this will be good, but damn I don't like the apparent direction change from magical realism time travel to telekinetic super powers. The time travel mechanics got rid of much of the clunkiness of these dialogue games since you got to see your options before fully committing, and without that I see the old frustrations of "I didn't mean to say that-itis" returning in a bad way. They are going to have to do a lot to continue to have high-stakes decisions with consequences that feel fair. Then again, Captain Spirit was really great and shows that DONTNOD has continued to mature as a studio. It can't be worse than Before the Storm, which somehow did not manage to temper my enthusiasm for the series.
  4. I predict this is the most divisive game of the year and I can't wait for Bethesda to spread its hot mess all over me.
  5. Moa

    General Gaming Podcast games

    Turns out Slay the Spire is engaging enough to forget about the podcasts and just session for 4 hours listening to the same loop of mediocre background music. Also, turns out that the yearly inevitable WoW resub was as inevitable as it always is.
  6. I survive entirely on transfusions of Game Fuel (Halo 3 or WoW Horde branded).
  7. I bleed mountain dew but all videogames suck.
  8. I generally check back in on wow for a month or two every expansion and enjoy my time with it. There is something to be said for returning to a ten year old character, going in adventures, checking out your once-epic-now-pedestrian mount that you spent a month in Alteric Valley for, etc. I do think they killed it with class design in Legion, my sub rogue has never felt so subtle.
  9. There can only ever be TF2uesday