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  1. The best opinions don’t have the author’s name attached
  2. The Thunder are easily the biggest let down so far
  3. GRRM should put a 60 page food description in the Winds of Winter
  4. I thought this was a fake Schefter for a moment
  5. Jack is a dumbass https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/jack-dorsey-twitter-interview_us_5c3e2601e4b01c93e00e2a00
  6. Bernie is by far the left most candidate which is why there’s enthusiasm for him. Warren is closer to the center but is still much better than the rest of field, which is a blob of Tony Blairs. If Warren gets the nomination, most of the left will support her while also criticizing her every time she’s tempted to compromise on her positions.
  7. Like 200 people world are willing to pay for this phone so Samsung should be fine
  8. the German Empire should have to pay reparations to most of Europe
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