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  1. if i cant surf bonzai pipeline while mowing down enemies, its a hard pass.
  2. How dare you be intolerant of my intolerance!!! Hypocrite!
  3. Call them what they are....Ammosexuals. And I don’t want them sharing a bathroom with my kids.
  4. Damn, my thoughts and prayers meter was depleted yesterday. Gonna be another week before it’s fully recharged.
  5. Hes such a chill dude and he really loves the game. its almost relaxing to watch him just obliterate the opposite team. his tutortials on how he sets up his sensitivities and settings have helped me tremendously I also follow MBVgaming - but only on instagram. I dont think he actually streams, but hes another chill dude. Im on the fence whether or not hes cheating. the dude is too good. he quickscopes headshots before i can even see the enemy on the screen. its ridiculous.
  6. I watch streamers occasionally to see different tactics for the games i play. I watch a lot of BF streamers...some of them are just amazing. Its cool to see them approach situations differently and its definitely helped me improve my skills. I mostly watch: Broken Machine Stodeh Jack Frags LevelCap
  7. nier still holding strong at $27 bux. im holding out for a sub $20 deal.
  8. swimming pools kill people too. maybe if he had a swimming pool, he couldve drown them from his hotel room.
  9. This is exactly right. These "illegal" guns we have in the states arent imported from elsewhere (we are actually a huge exporter of illegal firearms to other countries). The vast majority of them were legal at some point. THAT IS THE PROBLEM. Where was the breakdown? Where did our laws fail and why isnt the last legal owner held accountable? Close the gun show loopholes, crackdown on straw purchases and make the penalties severe. make it mandatory to report lost/stolen guns to police (penalties if you dont). regiser all guns (this is the big fuck you from gun-owners - registry = confiscation in their minds). the problem is the ammosexuals refuse to even have a conversation on this. most liberals are OK with gun ownership, but are just looking for a revamp of the laws and better policing of them. there needs to be a compromise on the laws and it needs to be regulated at a federal level so the rules apply across the board. Im a gun owner but realize the need for this in our country. This shit has gotten out of hand.
  10. I played through the first chapter, I think. Its OK at best. The gunplay feels good, but the bosses are total bullet sponges. the graphics are really nice. However, it just doesnt feel like a wolfenstein game.
  11. arent Gears and Forza 6 already a part of game pass? EDIT: are you happy now @Keyser_Soze?? does this make you happy?? how about now!!!
  12. for real. I play video games. I know absolutely nothing about how they are made. I guess I can't give my opinion on them.
  13. This is also true for Chicago. Whenever conservatives cry about failed gun control laws, they use Chicago as an example. Except they casually leave out that Chicago is part of Cooke county and 15 minutes outside the city, the gun laws are very lax. I read an article that something like 15% of all gun related incidents in Chicago can be traced back to a single gun shop just outside the city. Edit: here is a similar article: https://abc7chicago.com/news/protesters-take-aim-at-bad-apple-gun-dealers-at-chucks-gun-shop-in-riverdale/770226/
  14. ah i didnt know they made a statement. Its good they owned up to it. It will be interesting to learn how the gun wound up in his hands.
  15. Or - they had a relative or friend buy the gun legally in nevada and then gave or sold it to him.
  16. The Wolfenstein subreddit is tearing it apart. Not sure if this was before a day one patch but, tons of bugs and glitches where a bunch of people literally stopped playing and put the game away until they release a patch. Sounds like the AI really dumb and playing solo becomes a chore because of it. My copy comes today, not sure if Im going to keep it or return it.
  17. boo. im on the fence with this game. sounds like the first 3-4hrs are great and then it nosedives hard.
  18. thanks. those might work. weird they didnt show when i searched. everything i saw was like $125+ for a used mobo
  19. I liked 4. I havent played 5 bc of all negative reviews about it being boring.
  20. im waiting to grab this on a sale and/or come to gamepass.
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