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  1. whats funny is i realized im pretty much tired of TD2 also. Even though there is a ton of content.... the loot sucks. Yellow are just not exciting to get , purples are useless, exotics are nonexistant and the green sets blow. The last few sessions I would play for 2hrs for a marginal gain in stats. I dont want to theorycraft with spreadsheets and spend hours in the shooting range equipping and unequipping gear to see what my DPS looks like. I just want to kill shit...and at the end of the day, TD2 gameplay is no where near as fun as Anthem. With that, your post prompted me to check playtimes. 66hrs in Anthem. 72hrs in TD2.
  2. The last part of tidal basin in WT5, hard difficulty is just stupid. Its almost all yellow-bars and the boss just continuing launch lazer-guided OHK grenades at you. i cant even imagine what challenging is like and ill never even attempt heroic.
  3. most recently, in RDR2, when you slide down a hill and the little rocks and pebbles roll down. In the TD1 when taking cover behind a car and moving past the door and your guy closes it (I remember in the E3 reveal all the ooh and ahhs when he did that, pretty cool.)
  4. what these guys said. However, if youre having survival issues with the black tusk missions, you might want to run a couple of CPs to gear up. I recall though that I pretty much ran straight through. Its really quick to go from 1-4 if you run the missions in a group. I wanna say it was like 2-4hrs total.
  5. jesus christ. You must have altitude sickness from that high-horse you're riding. My wife owned her own furniture restoration business for many years before going back to real estate last year. She was rarely offered a tip and we always figured it was understood she was the owner and it was essentially a one-man shop. The very rare occasion she would be offered one, she NEVER accepted it from her customer. The only time she would accept it is if the customer asked to make last minute changes or additions and my wife didnt charge them for it. I had to pick up and deliver the furniture for my wife. As her husband I would NEVER accept a tip and I was offered all the time. I would explain I was her husband and it wasn't necessary. If I had a helper with me, they would usually hand the tip money to me since I was "in charge". I would hand it back, say I'm her husband, but please tip John (or whoever was helping me), he would appreciate it.
  6. this is me. I even tip my UPS man. We give gifts to all my kids, teachers, coaches and bus drivers. I tip the kids running my food out of applebes or other joints when doing curbside pickup, or even if i pick it up inside. Ill tip the kid who carries my bag of top soil out even if i asked him not to and he insists "saying its part of his job". The last big project I got done in my house, solar... I bought the whole crew lunch, tipped them about $25 bux each and then threw them all a 4-pack of quality craft beer (probably $20 worth of beer/ea). I thought that was fair and they seemed thrilled. @Man of Culture as a buisness owner, you have a different perspective. I happen to not agree with it. However, I never presume who the business owner is. If i dont know, I tip.
  7. How heavily will this report be redacted? And if congress chooses to, do they have an avenue to acquired the un-redacted report?
  8. yes, there are still gas station attendants... and tell that to them when they are out there in 100 degrees, or -5 degrees, or pouring rain making minimum wage so you dont have to be. My haircutter is the owner. Hes booked out 5 weeks in advance and owns two shops. He drives a Mercedes. My uncle owned 5 hair salons in Florida (until he passed away). He was raking in the money and my aunt sold the business after his death and is pretty set now. Pretending you know how much profit an owner makes is disingenuous. Tipping in general is bullshit anyway. I shouldn't feel obligated to tip someone to compensate for their salary. The owner/business should pay them an adequate wage and bake the "tips" into the price of goods sold and or/services. Tip should be reserved for people who go above and beyond your expectations. And before you assume Im cheap... I always tip minimum 20% where tipping is required.
  9. Well thats subjective isnt it? bc the fast food workers are absolutely performing you a service. As are cashiers, gas station attendants, mechanics, and literally thousands of other industries where you dont normally tip. IMO, unless the owner went above and beyond, I dont feel a tip is required. They are making all the profit. As I mentioned the workers, esp in a hair salon, pay a vig to the owner in some shape, so the tip helps compensate.
  10. this is my sentiment. i tip the other workers because they rent a chair in the owners spot and/or the owner takes a piece of every cut they do. the tip is try and make up for it. i usually tip $5 bux. i have an easy head to cut and im in and out in about 20 minutes.
  11. i recall them saying no, but some DLC would be awesome. there were those other locked realms, would be nice to visit them.
  12. i have a side question..... if you go to the barber shop/salon and the owner is the one cutting your hair, do you tip them?
  13. Weird. Won’t let me deconstruct lullaby. And it’s not set to favorites.
  14. @Man of Culture if I scrap the pre-order shotgun exotic, is there a way to get it back? I want to upgrade my liberty to 500 to boost my GS up.
  15. I just maxed out Demo, so i might try something another one now. The grenade launcher does massive damage, its pretty fun.
  16. this was the problem in the beginning with D1. They nerfed stuff instead of bringing other talents up. As it is, I have almost 190K armor, 55K health, 250K-400K DPS and I finding hard difficulty challenging and anything above is just too time consuming and difficult.
  17. the patch yesterday fixed the special ammo drops!!!! rejoice!!!! and it was much needed. The weekly invasion missions are refreshed and it came in handy. i was looting a chest bc i thought the wave was over so im down this corridor, which was a dead end and i turn around to come back a door opens and 4 yellow-bars come out. i panic grenade launchered them all. took 3 hits and i got them all. i definitely wouldve wiped otherwise.
  18. cool. cuz i didnt think i was gonna beat him anyway. lol. i think he had a shotgun and he was knocking my shields completely out in 2 shots...and I felt like i barely did any damage to him
  19. So thats just a mission kick it off. Is that hunter supposed to be beatable?
  20. So I had 2 really different and weird things in the game just now. First, i think I accidentally triggered a hunter fight Next I had this weird yellow material in my inventory called something like BSAV.
  21. Liberty is in order. Not sure about Chatterbox, but I did do the first mission mentioned in the YT video i saw. just got unlucky yesterday. luckily the missions can be done on normal so you can fly through them. i just hate that the key boxes are on a 24hr cooldown so i can even try again until tonight. they really need to change from a 24hr cooldown to a daily reset.
  22. yesterday i was key farming and i hit just about all the UG locations other than the northwest corner of the map. I only got 4 hyena keys . However, a ton of outcast and true son keys drop. They must intentionally give them a higher drop ratio. Also the black tusk keys were just as rare. I then ran the Grand Washington Hotel missions and neither chest dropped the piece for Chatterbox.
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