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  1. More of a PSA, but if it comes to America, everyone should watch the Great British Menu. The best 3 chef's from each region of the UK are in competition (being judged by a world famous British chef in each reason) to cook a dish at a banquet (this year, in honour of the NHS). It's essentially the best chefs around, in direct competition with each other, trying to be extra fancy and clever with their food. As a fan of a cooking programme, it's just the tippy top.
  2. Metacritic tells me that it's not been reviewed favourably and compares it with the slow opening to Futurama/The Simpsons. I enjoyed the opening of both so I'll add on an imaginary 30 points in my head for enjoyment and quality.
  3. gamer.tv

    Finish my

    her glorious, fake
  4. I bought Diablo 2 on a whim when I was at uni and really enjoyed it, though never became obsessed with it. A bit of me is tempted to pick up the PS4 version just to see what it’s like. Shame there isn’t a trial version.
  5. gamer.tv

    Fitness & Nutrition - De Gym

    Small jog for me too and weather was cool so it was nice. Will hopefully wake up early tomorrow and smash out a pre work workout. Aiming to do a 10K hill walk on Saturday and maybe a little job prior.
  6. Hellblade felt very well directed.
  7. gamer.tv

    General Gaming What are you playing today?

    I'm still OK with the control scheme, though I could imagine it feeling weird not on a GC controller. Though I have an urge to play some Resident Evil before the remake of 2 is released and I've never had a problem with 'tank controls'.
  8. They're running this near my house, but it's over the weekend and we're set for heavy wind and rain. One day I'll catch a production in person.
  9. Genuinely loved Timesplitters 2/Future Perfect and would welcome either a new entry or a remaster. I’ve played about half of Second Sight and that was also well done. I do wonder how this will impact the Timesplitters Rewind ‘fan’ project
  10. gamer.tv

    General Gaming BEST OPEN WORLD DEV

    Rockstar, though a special mention to Nintendo for the most recent Hyrule they have created.
  11. gamer.tv

    Fitness & Nutrition - De Gym

    In reality, I should probably be running 6+ miles for my jogs butn slack. I’ve just maintained a level of fitness over the last few years which just keeps me in good knick.
  12. gamer.tv

    Fitness & Nutrition - De Gym

    Another 3 miler, though really suffered from a) it being sunny b) walking about 30,000 steps at work but eating as though I would have a day sitting down. So long as I wake up early enough tomorrow, will smash out some circuit training when walking the dog.
  13. Thanks for this, it's brought up a shop about 2 miles from my house! This is a decent idea to try out. At least once I'm up to speed. I think next pay day I'll pick up the Player Guide, look through it and see if the desire is still strong.
  14. She would be spot on. Though I think I’d prefer her in the mission impossible universe.