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  1. Skyward Sword deserved the Final Fantasy 7 Remake treatment WWW.POLYGON.COM Skyward Sword HD is good, but a remake could’ve been better Reading this article, it makes me wonder if the author forgets that the game was most likely conceived and completed during a pandemic when developers were trying to stay profitable. Admittedly this wasn’t something Nintendo struggled with in the last two years.
  2. It’s made me very nervous driving behind anyone with wood strapped to their vehicle. Just started to watch the He-Man reboot with my daughter in the morning (namely I’ve been watching it, she’s been eating or playing). It is awesome and such a good blend of 80s throwback without all the irritating parts of the 80s.
  3. My sister borrowed a VHS of the Green Mile and when I was 11, I stole it from her room and watched it after everyone in my house went to bed. I don’t know if that was a good move, considering the content of the movie and all that. I also took Final Destination 2. Which I still love.
  4. What about people that have added to their library but haven’t downloaded the game. Where’s our poll?
  5. We’re away from home, so we brought the Switch. I don’t have a huge array of options (Dark Souls, Pokemon Snap, Hades, Dead Cells and Spiritfarer) - but I’ve just played about 30 minutes of Spiritfarer and it was lovely.
  6. I’ve been camping and visited my wife’s family a few times - though Thursday will be our first plane ride since our honeymoon in 2019.
  7. It’s a degree of hot I’ll never get used to. I’ve camped the last two nights though - which has been very temperate. Then paddle boarded to keep battling today, but thankfully it drops to 22C tomorrow.
  8. Coming from a place where 18C is a lovely day, this is too much. Currently sat on a bus, wearing a mask, sweating.
  9. Speaking of Super Mario Sunshine, the Manta Ray section can burn.
  10. 6 and a half weeks of being at home and only having to think about work stuff for maybe…5 days total. I can’t wait- unless circumstances change, seeing my family for the first time in 19 months, going camping, going to the beach to paddle board, gym every day and I might even try and polish off a few games from my backlog and catch up on one or two newer releases. Plus loads of time to spend with my dog, daughter and wife. it’s also going to be the first time in…4 years where a holiday means time off, rather than studying or working a second job. Jus
  11. Deep Impact - call it my age, but for me it’s the GOAT disaster film. I just love everything about it.
  12. All this talk made me pick up Spirit Tracks again…talking about shit Zelda games and all that…
  13. That would be something worth catching and breaking in - more than those waste of space horses.
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