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  1. I think I’d rather be on a bus with one rapist/murderer but with a load of other people than most other situations where I’m near a rapist/murderer.
  2. Compared with my friends I was rolling in the cash. At least one new N64 game a month!
  3. I started to help and earn money on my parents farm from about 7-8 years old and at 10-11 would work in our family business. I loved helping on the farm but hated the more ‘real’ job so I’d slide towards either 16 or 18 (just as school in the UK can be very pressured and I’d want that to be the focus).
  4. This thread had significantly more legs than I expected.
  5. More Eternal Darkness. It’s nice to play the game when I'm not 12 and this terrified of it. I’m also thankful for the save feature which is forgiving and helps mitigate the fact that if you die, it’s back to the last point you saved. I’ve made it to Chapter 5 and it’s a case of so far, so good.
  6. No, at least nothing that has impacted my life in any way. Unless it’s been heavily, heavily repressed.
  7. I seem to have two strands of retro game that I play. The nostalgia strand of games that I played or loved from about 5-10 years old and the games that I never owned, but internet critics and top 10 lists tell me are essential to play.
  8. gamer.tv

    Penis poll

    Anonymous poll and apologies to those unable to answer the poll.
  9. My in laws are down and my wife is playing Spiritfarer on our Switch so I’ve dug out my GameCube for when I can’t play on the PS4. I popped in Eternal Darkness and have just found Karim’s chapter so we’ll see. I keep seeing Metroid Prime in my cupboard, unfinished and I know exactly where I am (come out of a save room and I can get the ice beam) so I know I should really pick that up and complete 18 years after starting.
  10. It sounds about the right time to rebrand from something that isn’t Riot Games (which is a shite name for an actual company to have - especially now)
  11. This. I’m sure there’s a market - but I’m certainly not part of it.
  12. Definitely an example of food you make when you’re hungover but haven’t been shopping yet.
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