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  1. I have a conflict of interest...but should one person's comments sully the work for 100 people (when that initial person wasn't involved in the project?).
  2. I'm drinking a glass of white wine at the moment. Normally, I won't drink during the working week and then probably every other weekend have one or two (usually watching sports).
  3. I still feel sad that I knocked a cup of tea into my 3DS killing it in the process. I played most of the titles I wanted to, but would still love to try out: Fire emblem Samus Returns Monster Hunter on reflection not a massive list...
  4. Paying about $90 dollars more for the privilege of living in the UK. Either way, we’ll be picking one up next summer during some kind of sale.
  5. Also at what point does the need to half wake them up to make sure they’re ok pass
  6. Thank you everyone. It’s been an interesting, sometimes tiring week (especially with work). Looking forward to my first solo looking after on Saturday where I’m hoping to finish a few chapters of RE4 between a load of cuddles and introducing her to the magic of Ridley Scott’s Gladiator
  7. Update the thread title...replies still work
  8. This feels like when a classic cartoon is revived and the art style is updated and you know it technically looks better but no, it really doesn’t...
  9. Speaking of this thread. I followed my own advice and I’m currently on 4-3
  10. Like most things from Ubisoft (in their current iteration), it looks like a popular game with the heart ripped out of it.
  11. My copy arrived, played for about 10 minutes and I am not as good at THPS as I was in about...2005 (when I was a God at 3 and could clear the main story in about 25 minutes). It looks and plays really well however and I'll definitely be putting some time into it...when I can. Although my wife is currently in hospital and my employer has arranged for me to not be in today and tomorrow...so if I get all my work done and I have time to kill.
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