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  1. If the answer isn’t yes, you’ve not lived.
  2. I've started my teacher training and with the commute and workload, I wasn't able to fit in the gym (I tried in the morning but the earliest I can wake up is 5am it seems and I had enough time to get up, get my clothes ready, cook food for the day, shower and get to the bus station) and after, depending on how late I stay I still have a high workload). So I've paid for a workout programme at home, so there's bodyweight workouts that you exercise along with, a really robust food plan and it works in 25 minute HIIT bursts. I'll see how it goes, but I just like the idea of someone else guiding my eating and workouts (though naturally, will always have extra with rugby, walking, dog walking, running) but the fact I'm 30 in 2 months has made me want to enter that part of my life (and career) as a role model for people that I'm with. I'll see how it goes.
  3. No, because it won't have the pin issue (or pairing issues). That's just after a look at a few forums mind...
  4. Had a few pints of a local beer called AM:PM which was nice and some Middle Eastern beers when eating out which were perfectly fine.
  5. We bought Man of Medan, so I can't say my buying habits have dwindled, but I've held off from Control after hearing of the performance issues and the fact that after I've finished Arkham Knight, there was earlier releases in the Year that need my attention.
  6. Fleabag (Live): It was one of those "performed live in London, shown in select cinema deals". It was very well done, very, very well acted and for those that enjoyed the series, essential. My take away was it may have been more impactful after another year as the series only recently finished, but still, Waller-Bridge is now a British icon.
  7. That felt like a trailer for a new Muse CD.
  8. So we finished Man of Medan and it was perfectly fine. I love the gameplay and the idea of playing with people sitting with you, but it ended too soon and I did t feel the fear. On finishing, it does show the next game due to be released and I’m very interested in that.
  9. La Belle Sauvage is finished and was perfectly OK. Read like the Amber Spyglass in terms of style, with additional swearing. Now onto the Farseer trilogy and so far, so very good.
  10. I’ve accepted now that I won’t be buying a Switch until next Summer, but at least there’s going to be a lot to play. Good direct all round, although I would rally hope that they make side quest locating a bit more obvious is Xenoblade. Distinctly remember in the 15 hours I’ve played being confused as fuck, wandering around with no real clue.
  11. I’ll be starting training as of tomorrow and term starts on Monday. I’ve had my 8 weeks and now back to the fray.
  12. Been away in Italy so had some reading time. Finished off the Falcon of Sparta which I enjoyed and felt like I’ve skimmed on some interesting elements of history. Also, in about a day read The Nickel Boys and really enjoyed it, partly as a story, just for how well written everything is. Now The Book of Dust and then it’s back book buying.
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