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  1. I thought it was quite enjoyable and it's a shame we can't at least see the next part (especially after the conclusion of Season 1).
  2. Just to boop this up a bit. So far, I've enjoyed Death Stranding and will take on the advice to power through as quickly as possible until Chapter 4. It definitely satisfied that Kojima itch. I'm also improving at CTR after changing some of the settings, although I need to get better at drifting. I'll keep plugging away at both and see how I go.
  3. I worked in school two days last week, which was mainly child-care with a bit of teaching and now we have a two week end of term break. I've got some assignments to work through and my end of placement meeting (online) on Monday to show my experience file (stuff you collect each school placement that shows the work that you have completed) and then as we're only really allowed out once a day, I've been running/walking the dog, spending time with my wife, playing video games, playing a lot of guitar, gardening, tidying/cleaning the house and sorting things out. EDIT: I've also got to apply for a teaching position to start in September, so I also need to write an letter of application that can be adapted that isn't terrible. I also looked through one of my assignments and it's very full on so I'll start on that from Monday and make sure I write something worthwhile (I just had the results back from a previous assignment and I passed but it wasn't a good pass and it just shows me that I need to really up my game with my academic writing if I want to think about a Masters in the future).
  4. I really liked the Toy Story series, but 4 was just boring to me.
  5. So the UK thinks we're within a few days of having home testing kits that will be first distributed to NHS workers and Key Workers and then depending on supply will be available for people to order to test. My wife works as part of the NHS so here's hoping she can get one and then we can essentially both be tested. On that note, most likely my last day in a school tomorrow for a few weeks and then I literally have no idea what will happen.
  6. Bojack Horseman: All the series So I started watching this about two and a half weeks ago (and have run through the whole of it). I'll start with I really didn't want to like the programme in the slightest. I really didn't like the character design, the animation or the first few episodes. However, as soon as it hit it's stride...fuck me it's good. There were some parts where I feel it loses sight of the 'comedy' and goes a bit too far down a path that's neither that interesting or engaging, but so many times it decides to walk a difficult line and comes out fantastically. I will happily put this up there with other top-tier animations (Rick & Morty, South Park, The Simpson's, Archer) and look forward to revisiting this with my Wife (who due to my endless enthusiasm, refused to watch it with me). A+ stuff.
  7. So I started What Remains of Edith Finch at 6:30 this morning and finished it (after breakfast) at 10am. What a wonderful game. UPDATE: So, in order to have 'something' on the go at any time and the fact that I wanted something to play when my wife is playing Two Point Hospital (which has now taken over her life) I've started to play Final Fantasy 4 on the DS. I'm not exactly confident that I will stick with it, but it gives me a handheld option. I'll also start up a new AC:WW game to give me something that I can just play without really thinking. Console-wise, I tried Watch Dogs 2 and didn't love the tutorial so I may put that on hold and start Death Stranding. It seems like the kind of game that I can play early in the morning (about 5:30am after I've been running) and play before anyone is up in my house, rather than do extended playthroughs. I do really want to see off all the big games from 2019 at some point though (Sekiro -possibly, The Outer Worlds, The Outer Wilds, Fallen Order, Control, possibly Crash Team Racing for some co-op) along with some slightly older games (Spiderman, Tetris Effect, Celeste, Undertale, Crash 'N-sane trilogy, and Spyro)....it's just a shame they all cost money, take time and need commitment. All things I'm putting towards teacher training rather than gaming.. UPDATE 2: So, I've decided on Death Stranding and so far I'm a fan of the Kojima weirdness and unnecessary everything that's going on. .My wife also decided to buy Crash Team Racing and I've been playing that on and off (the idea being we will play against some friends of our online). I do have to say, after being pretty good at Mario Kart 7 and 8, it's a step back being shite at this.
  8. Finished RE2. I'm aware there's another ending, but by the looks of the sneak-peak it's the actual ending from the original, so I'm not overly fussed about it right now. That said, great game and if it wasn't for Mr X, would be my favourite RE game. I think I'm going to play What Remains of Edith Finch next as I've heard great things, enjoy strong stories (I was a massive fan of Everybody's Gone to the Rapture) and then we'll see...
  9. I was significantly annoyed when my friend recommended that I read the books and then found out there was no third one. Hopefully though with isolation across the world, slack authors will get finishing.
  10. Me and my wife played Boss Monster yesterday. It's a fun, quick game and not very hard to get started with. Obviously with the current climate, we're looking at more card and board games for two people so after a quick google, will pick up Pandemic and Ticket to Ride soon. Are there any good single deck strategy card games (I would love to play something like Magic, but that needs some money, time and some deck building - whereas I'm quite keen on a game that comes with all the bits from the start).
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