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  1. If I’m out tonight, then maybe Hitman tomorrow. If I’m, then I’m thinking MW remastered or I may succumb to the video game crack that is Overwatch and redownload it.
  2. Apex with random people is either great or horrific depending, which has turned me off it. Hitman continues to be great and Chrono Trigger is dar seems worth my time.
  3. I decided to take advantage of having a new PS4 account so have the free 14 day PS+ trial. I’ve tried Apex legends and like it, though it’s not as fun as Overwatch, it’s fun. I’ve also run through the training of Hitman and really enjoyed it. Finally, I’ve started Red Dead Redemption 2 to see how it plays. It look fantastic and I’ll enjoy it when I have the proper time to invest in it (Easter).
  4. That Emu video is such a good representation of what it's like having a conversation in England. The Emu I admit however is unusual.
  5. It does feel like the kind of series ready for some NI No Kuni style battling.
  6. Geostorm - it’s nice that they’re still making 90’s action movies in 2019.
  7. After really thinking about it, I just couldn't settle on trying veganism (after vegetarianism for nearly a full year now). There's too many food groups where I'm just not a fan of the animal free alternative, though I have my a concerted effort to lower my dairy intake and I'm sure I can work on swapping out milk for a substitute.
  8. The gym's been continuing on and it's been fun. Today though, rather than a longer interval run (usually 20 minutes where the incline will vary) I went with a very short, sharp finisher. Namely, spin bike, 20 seconds maximal work, 40s rest (5 sets). I sweated a ridiculous amount and had that horrific lactic acid/I feel sick feeling. I do however feel that that, mixed in with a full body weight session will set me up well to do fuck all for the rest of my day. I say that, I may be going back later on today with my partner for some cardio work so I was thinking 250m row sets x 5 and then just some hill walking to finish me off.
  9. God of War is such a good game, it makes me think about playing it when I’m not or can’t. So at the moment I’m watching Geostorm and will carry on with Super Mario 64 DS because why not.
  10. Chrono Trigger on the DS and then tomorrow I’ll be playing God of War and I might resubscribe to PS+ and try out Apex and For Honour (and maybe check what PS+ games I have)
  11. Mythos by Stephen Fry, of which I'm probably 20 pages from the end. I have loved it and the way in which the mythology of the Greek Gods was almost modernized, explained and told was just lovely. I'll definitely be picking up Heroes at some point, though next on the list I think will be Sapiens - then I need to do a check through the books that we own and see what needs to go and what needs to be read.
  12. As always, BC is something I like and then never use.
  13. Had a few weeks of being solely in the gym due to the weather and it's been fun. Tomorrow the plan is a 2 or so mile run, then some sprints on the treadmill before work (cycling in). With my stag party in May, I'm aiming to be in decent (muscular) shape for it, so I've been taking the gym a bit more seriously, which has also been fun. I need to start taking some measurements soon just to get a handle on where I am. I also really need to start taking a longer cycle route to work and add into my workout, so I'll work that out soon.
  14. So this is my clueless self, but I'm now assuming that in the US, taxes are a more personal responsibility. I say this as based on my income, my employer will arrange a contribution to the National Insurance (under the term Pay as Your Earn - PAYE) per month, that mean come the end of the year, I wouldn't have any outstanding amounts/be owed any more. Naturally, for those self employed this isn't the case.
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