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  1. The Devil Wears Parada - despite the name , it didn’t scare me once. 9/10
  2. 2 alarms, but I’m up either at 4am or 5am most days.
  3. I have both that and 7 on my PS3 but have only touched 7 so far...which I should get back to as I think I’m at the point where the remake ends...
  4. The dishwasher goes on every 1-2 days and I’ll hand wash some things daily.
  5. If we did a D1P awards thread again, I’d throw by hat in the ring for ‘most vanilla’ user.
  6. Over the time that we use them definitely - they’re also much better for the environment which was a driving factor as well.
  7. The plural of nappy is nappies. I think in your side of the Atlantic they go by diapers. We use washable ones but it means endless washing/drying.
  8. Clothes every few days, nappies probably once a day.
  9. With the Zelda anniversary today, I wanted to play something to mark the occasion. I settled on Link to the Past through Nintendo Online but I don’t know if it’s because I’ve played the opening few dungeons a lot, or that I’ve played ‘better’ versions of the top down Zelda formula in Links Awakening (Switch) and Link Between Worlds, but it just wasn’t happening for me. I’ve never finished the game before so I may just power through at some point - but because it’s so iconic and so has had most of the ideas recycled, it makes the game feel stale weirdly enough.
  10. IGN was 2004 - 2010. Here was been 2010 - I often wonder what great things I’d have accomplished if I wasn’t constantly posting on a message board. I bet my Twitters followers would be more than 87.
  11. It’s the price you pay for inclusivity, but one I’m willing to commit to.
  12. I remember really enjoying the 3 weeks I didn’t have a job when I moved to the city I now live in. I literally just wakes around the town, exercised a lot, joined a new rugby team and caught up on about 3 games an a few series. By the end though I was definitely looking forward to starting work - now I get to enjoy the fun of summer holidays every year!
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