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  1. Hot bath and then there's a stretch that I learned from a physio. Sitting on a chair, cross the leg of your sore hip over the thigh of the other side (so the ankle is resting on the quad) and then press down on the knee of the 'sore hip leg'. It helped me to do it with some deep breathing to try and increase the range of motion and it's something I do if I'm sitting anywhere for more than 10 minutes, just as a bit of self care.
  2. Yes. It's an experience I've returned back to a few times. I will not elaborate any more.
  3. My wife bought me Lila and the Secret of Rain (nice book targeted at 6-8 year olds) as I'll be teaching it next week so it makes sense to have a copy. I imagine it'll take about...10 minutes to finish off
  4. Breath of the Wild, just finding Shrines, getting armour, killing things and avoiding trying to actually finish it. As I seem to post every week, I also still intent to get back into RE2...but then I'm playing rugby tomorrow and have work to do...
  5. I'm only typing this as I've been playing our Wii U off and on recently (with being a student, I've had to make a lot of cut backs with purchases outside of food and bills, so gaming wise I'm restricted) and whilst I appreciate that the console does have an inbuilt requirement for the gamepad, there still enough experiences (or experiences that could have been patched in, following success) to make it worthwhile to have released a Wii U with a Pro controller. I'm never sure about UK pricing, but it would have been the sort of thing to get a £99.99 release with Mario, Donkey Kong or Smash or similar. Naturally, with perspective the reason for the lack of a release was due to the decision to abandon ship pretty quickly, focus on a true hybrid etc etc It just seems odd, with Nintendo's track record of redesigning consoles, to not at least roll this one out.
  6. I do my best to reference that one line at least every other time I see a potato. The same for fried fish or fat hobbitsis
  7. Was there a good episode with Apu featuring prominently that wasn't the one where he loses his job?
  8. I look at this thread endlessly and always think to myself - I really need to make better use of spotify outside of gaming podcasts and pre-made playlists to run to. Maybe I should start to try and listen to one new album a week...
  9. gamer.tv

    Delete d1p

    I wonder how much more productive I would be if I didn't have the compulsive need to post throughout the day. Let's just hypothesise that each post takes maybe 20 seconds and across D1P and IGN, I'll have made about 80,000 of them...
  10. Although I have no intention of buying one for a few years, I would lean towards PS5. However, if we do get a Switch Pro (or successor) and Nintendo allow Gamepass to be playable via the cloud, that might be a game changer.
  11. IT: Chapter 2 - 9/10 Now, like most scores given by random, unknown people on the internet - I should provide some context. I really enjoy Stephen King, I've read a fair few books, 'It' being one of them. Shockingly, I really liked it (though I would accept a redact of the children orgy). I also really enjoyed the first movie and I've watched it maybe three or four times now. I was however apprehensive about this after reading some impressions and seeing some scores. Thankfully, the 'opinions are like assholes' thing holds strong. I loved it. I really liked the fact it was campy, I enjoyed the fact it didn't care how long it was. Unlike most horror movies, it didn't want to be serious and that cartoon element (for me) allowed the things shown to be pleasantly out-there and in-keeping with the material it was based off. So yeah, for me this was a very strong two-part adaptation and one I will sit down with and watch in total at some point.
  12. As a person nearly 20 years too late for this statement "fuck Whitney". I also decided, after a few games coming in the top 10, to delete Fortnite. I came fifth after literally doing nothing, hung around to see the last few fight and the building level you need to get to, to be good at the game is just beyond my point of caring. If I fancy any more BR in my life, I'll look at Apex Legends.
  13. So now parts have started to flood due to the rain...
  14. I might play some (don't judge) Soul Silver today as I'll be out all day and in the evening as well. I think it's time to get back to RE2 as well (for no real reason, I've put off playing it for a while).
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