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  1. So long as Mindhunter isn’t part of that grouping I’m fine with the take.
  2. Working my way (we’ll, I say working, I mean enjoying massively and slowly) Luigi's Mansion 3. With life, at a push, I have about 45 minutes of downtime to game (I use my commute for working and reading), so everything takes a long time. I could definitely go for a pause button from time to time, just to really sit down and enjoy something, without that feeling that I should be doing something more important.
  3. I play rugby, which is just the best game ever. However, I dropped a whiteboard pen on the ground on Monday and it took me about 8 seconds to pick it up in front of 21 children and an adult.
  4. I have fond/horrific memories of watching the first two movies when I was…11? I’ll watch it when it hits streaming.
  5. It does feel that he gaming public is started to appreciate redemption stories with game development.
  6. Played another match, so tired 😴
  7. Only the front door in the morning. The rest of the time I slam that shit.
  8. How is it better to get Covid rather than have a vaccine? Genuinely interested in how a doctor explained that.
  9. Tried Borderlands 2 (from the collection). I managed about 15 minutes and it just felt too much like a 360 era/yeah bro game for me. I’ll give The Witness a go tomorrow.
  10. Maybe you’re coming from your financial/personal situation to that approach rather than another person’s.
  11. I’m guessing there’s no car share options for work? How far is the trip?
  12. I feel like this has been mentioned more than once by him.
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