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  1. gamer.tv

    General Gaming What are you playing today?

    God of War (2018) - I'm really enjoying this so far and I sincerely hope that it will keep up the momentum so far (I'm going to assume by all the Game of the Year awards, that will in fact be the case). I just wish that I had more time to play games in general, though hopefully come September my leisure time will double so I can enjoy one of my favourite pastimes properly again (opposed to 30 minutes in an evening, occasionally and maybe an hour or two at the weekends). I've not even thought about my previously mentioned game (Ni No Kuni) and in fairness, I may never go back to it with the backlog of PS4 games that I currently have and those coming out, but it's a game there in case my partner wants to play something and I don't fancy reading, playing guitar or doing work around the house. Though, as I'm a terrible human, I recently purchased a 208 in 1 DS cartridge (it was a moment of weakness) so I'm fairly sure my time will be spent with that, as long as it works correctly. I should have mentioned, based on a quick chapter check, I've just started on 'chapter' 7, so plenty to go.
  2. gamer.tv

    Movies Solo is up on Netflix.

    Unfortunately not on the UK service.
  3. gamer.tv

    Cold cures

    Snoozing and complaining is my go-to.
  4. I’m still on day three listening on my walks to and from work
  5. gamer.tv

    Anyone ever been on a cruise before?

    I could really go for a 5 day holiday to somewhere pleasantly warm and spend my time lying about reading and then either going on long walks, bike rides or runs and then eating all the food I can fit in my fat fucking face.
  6. Luther Season 5: Episode 1 I love Luther, despite how ridiculous it typically is and this episode was no different. Although it was a relative slow burner of an episode (being part 1/2) it was decent. However, Luther's new Partner isn't great and Hermione Norris was an odd casting choice as I know her so well from Cold Feet. That said, this fills the Sherlock void nicely and as always, is a series everyone should watch. 7/10
  7. gamer.tv

    Anyone ever been on a cruise before?

    They're being marketed at a younger crowd these days and so long as you don't become seasick (even then, on the size of ship it's quite hard) they're great value for money. Depending on the package as well, most food and drink is cheap, the entertainment is decent and then you have the fun of waking up in a new location every few days. I don't know whether it would be my first choice every time for travel (namely as it can be very dictated) but if someone offered, I'd be more than happy to go.
  8. gamer.tv

    Movies Spider-Man: Far From Home photos and news

    I re-watched Infinity War today and Tom Holland's reaction to be eradicated was spot-on. I do hope however this is set post Homecoming and pre-Infinity War so we can have some surprises.
  9. Due to this thread, I started playing God of War again. I just wish I had more free time to enjoy it as it's really, really, really good.
  10. gamer.tv

    Merry Old Year's Night, D1P!

    I woke up surprisingly fresh today, though I have celebrated not returning to work until tomorrow by doing pretty much nothing at all. It's also been the start of my ambition to reduce my impact on the world and so: Year Long: making a conscious effort to save water by, in the first instance, not having baths, also in a less sacrificial way, getting a Dishwasher. January: No condiments to consciously attempt to stop eating food as it's there, usually with a side of mayonnaise or ketchup to push through the barriers February: Veganism March: Will be a year that I've been a vegetarian and the choice of whether to carry on, or change my eating pattern again. I'm also very tempted to buy a DAB radio and not watch television in the mornings, but instead do some jobs around the house, read, do some work or add in a bit more exercise on top of what I already do. I'm sure there are other things that I could do or change about how I live my life, so I'll keep on thinking.
  11. gamer.tv

    Books D1P, What Are You Reading?

    After finishing off the KPAX books, I've started on Child 44. Pretty spot on thriller, which leads you along nicely in an interesting setting. After that, Stephen Fry's Mythos.
  12. Still not quite enough to decide to renew. I always found the best way to market PS+ was to put in a lesser known single player game and then a secondary game that had online multiplayer (or even have that as the primary) as at least you know on playing, it will have a player base and will actually encourage you to try the game out.
  13. gamer.tv

    General Gaming Your game haul for Christmas?

    Nothing this year. Currently working out where to install a dishwasher I want to buy.
  14. gamer.tv

    Christmas Eve / Christmas Day

    I drank a lotta lotta wine this year, had a little snooze to find out we were halfway through face timing my family.
  15. I've played through a good portion of the game, several times (completed once) but dear me, as soon as people start to mention it, it makes me really want to fire it up.