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  1. All this talk of Xenoblade Chronicles has me sorely tempted to re-download the game to my Wii U, but then I remember how horrific I found the side quest markers and that I'm stuck on a boss battle where I'm too weak to beat it and to lost to work out how to get better.
  2. I finished Masters of War and in it's genre (historical fiction) it was good, though no Iggulden, Mantel etc good. I will pick up the next book(s) if I see them somewhere cheap, but I won't rush. I wanted to get back into the Uthred books again, so I'm going to re-read (I assume, I literally can't remember if I have, or haven't) the Empty Throne and start working my way through the series. I also grabbed a random book from my shelf called The Long Take, which in it's own description is a noir narrative written with the intensive and power of poetry. I've read the first 15 pages and it's been good so far, but will be 250 odd pages of poetry about a WW2 veteran with PTSD. Nothing like reading out of your comfort zone.
  3. A bit more REmake this morning (online lecture which was a lot of talking, a lot less doing) and have acquired the shotgun, located the kerosene container and then after saving went on an exploration run and located the dog whistle and the lighter, so I'll replay that little bit later on and then go and grab a few items to throw in the item box. I've not used a guide/map so far, but I think I probably will end up doing so, more to keep a tab on things that I've found so far. Update: As always happens with RE games, just popped it on again to have a bit more of a go and now Richard has been given the serum, I've got the Armour key and I'm just milling around opening up things.
  4. I've owned a copy of Metroid Prime (with a few repurchases) since 2003 and still never completed the game. My current save on the Gamecube places me across a hall from the Freeze Beam and I almost feel guilty for not giving it my attention. In terms of gaming, I messed around with some PS Now and completed the first stage of Devil May Cry. I think that style of action game just isn't for me, unless it's been made by Platinum. I'm also in the middle of an online lecture at the moment and decided to trying out REmake for the first time in a few years (again on Gamecube). It holds up well, though on my television looks...not great. That said, I've just grabbed the Sword Key (so maybe 10 minutes of actual playing) and saved. It's funny, I don't find games that scary any more (more jumpy and then fun) but I must have some kind of hangover anxiety with this game from playing it when I was 13 and being scared shitless, because I have that vague 'worry' when playing the game. EDIT: One other thing about REmake, did anyone ever make a mod for the PC version (if the game supports them) that makes the map more in line with modern Resident Evil games - namely it details the items within a room, states which keys open which doors etc). Either way, emotionally preparing myself to test each door until I find one that works.
  5. Beef with a slightly gamey aftertaste is my guess. Or fish, if the adage "you are what you eat" is true.
  6. I've decided that the pre, pre-season fitness group that I run for my rugby club is starting today. So I came up with a 36 minute session to get that horrible blend of anaerobic fitness, aerobic recovery time and some little bits of strength thrown in. 10 minutes continuous jog 45-15's (work for 45s, rest for 15s - Push Ups, Plank, Squats, Mountain Climbers, Alternate Lunges) 2020's (20s 3/4 pace running, 20s rest x10) 45-15's (Burpees, High Knees, Close Arm Push Ups, Straight Leg Crunches, Plank) Pyramid (10m sprint and jog back to start, 20m sprint and jog back to start, up to 50m and back again) 4 minutes slow jog as recovery The next session on Wednesday will be a 5km run, but with each km split into different forms of aerobic exercise, but I need to plan that out properly first. I did the session, here's a review because why not. 1. Easy, I like running and this was a small one of those. 2. Easy, except for the Mountain Climbers which started to burn after about 30 seconds. 3. After about 5 these started to become horrendous, by the final two I sounded like I was dying, but my legs felt alright. 4. Easy, though I dropped my piece of paper with my exercises so I forgot about High Knees and substituted them with shoulder-tap press ups instead. 5. I thought I'd use the lamp posts in the park to measure my sets, which after two very confident sprints I realised were about 30m apart (not 10m). The 150m sprint was not fun, nor were the other 120m, 90m, 60m or 30m ones that came after it, still finished and I ran better than I thought I would. 6. This was a slow walk followed by a 4 minute very slow jog. I'm now home icing my legs and lying on the floor.
  7. More a quick summary of the weekend: I played a bit more Horizon: Zero Dawn, just working my way through the side quests and story as they appear which is nice, though I can already sense that I'll want this game to be over before it is. ABZU - I appreciate what they were going for, but it just didn't have the impact that Journey had for me (although I only played for about 20 minutes) I also played some random bits on DS. Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story was fine, Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon was also fine and Ace Attorney was also...fine.
  8. I drifted through a few books (the danger of having a lot to access with Kindle) but have settled on Masters of War, which is pretty much like every other historical fiction that I've read, but I'm still enjoying it.
  9. Now we have an end date for Supernatural, I'll actually get back to it and finish it off. I dropped off at some point (I can't remember when) but at least the first 6 series were some of my favourite things to watch on television.
  10. It's been a good 12 years since I played it and I remember the game being...OK, but very repetitive.
  11. For an outlier I remember being able to fly in Prototype being pretty wonderful
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