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  1. Got my new rig set up now and really happy with the upgrade so far over the old system (kept the 3080, psu, ssds). The ddr3 ram and 4970k stuck at stock really bottlenecked the heck out of me. Games seem to be about 20fps or so average better with the upgrade, some things like Watch Dogs Legion almost doubled with rtx ultra, that’s actually easily playable at 60fps now! The big difference in playing I think is the minimum frame rate improvement though, it’s just so much more smooth playing, loving it. Now to redownload Ms flight Simulator and see what’s up.
  2. id fuck her so hard up her ass she’d be bleeding out of her eyes
  3. Yeah, it seriously does! I wonder if it was actually going to be that at one point.
  4. Nintendo is weird because it’s annoying they are charging full price for these ports and are half-assing things like all stars but also you can give them the $60 still and have tons of fun cuz their stuff hella fun
  5. Really tough pick between Bacon and Wade here. I went with Bacon because weird food takes is like his THING. There are also so many things he strangely has never eaten in his life that you get a more constant stream of it. Wade may win in many communities with that take but not when we have fucking BACON here.
  6. I always took it as $1,400 additional, not another full $2,000. It just seemed that is what they meant, it didn’t even register to me it would be $2,000. But like Joe, I’d love to be wrong!
  7. Doesn’t mean it didn’t damage the cpu too! I just only like selling something if I’m totally sure it’s 100% good, and I can’t really isolate it to test to make sure that part is fine. It I don’t use it for a lab I know someone who could benefit from the whole thing and just deal with the weird bios button thing and put it in sleep mode, so I might just give it to them for their non gaming use.
  8. lol yeah i still have the whole old pc minus the psu, and one ssd, everything else is new. I might just throw in a $30 psu and use it for voice system test labs or smtn. Im not going to sell anything because I don’t trust the reliability of anything with some issues I had.
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