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  1. I think about this sometimes, this dude out there probably still voting and his grandpa helped spearhead virginia joining the confederacy and people be like we don’t need to address systemic racism that was all ancient history.
  2. Did you write him up? Completely inappropriate in the workplace.
  3. I think I de-aged over the last year because of no alcohol. After I shave anyway, cuz ya them grey beard hairs starting (which i’m fine w tbh)
  4. This is a fucking SOLID point. @Jason @Commissar SFLUFAN PLEASE Inuk is obviously the d1p mascot.
  5. It’s an absolute masterpiece in subconscious racism, I expect it to come up every year or so from now on!
  6. I watched this last night and, mind, it’s the first movie I’ve seen in Dolby Vision (old tv only did hdr10) at home, but man it was GORGEOUS. Definitely the thing I’ll be showing my Dad when he comes over tomorrow to try to convince him to finally upgrade his 1080p. Everything that wasn’t monsters was just complete nonsense and it’s crazy how much they could easily cut and it wouldn’t matter, but it’s so beautiful looking and the fights were cool so I enjoyed it
  7. Can’t watch if bad stuff happens to the penguins.
  8. Also the best thing to do is to buy 3 $60 one year gold and join Xbox Ultimate pay $1 if you’ve never joined or the first month if you’ve joined before, then get your $5 a month game pass with free xbox gold and xbox pc game pass set for 3 years. Or do it for 2 years if you don’t feel like spending that much.
  9. Use cdkeys.com to get a cheap 12 month code via email.
  10. Saying nobody should do anal and that it’s gross is being biased against a common type of sex amongst gay men and kind of homophobic.
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