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  1. Man, I just noticed this. I actually feel bad for the guy he obviously went through something very stressful and completely broke down. Also true or not (the deep state political operation part), this is all trump supporters will talk about pretty much for the rest of our lives.
  2. There’s been additional detail released on this video, apparently he was hung.
  3. I really like the ubzerd one because right after he says it he says “that’s not the right word to use”, which is true.
  4. This actually made me happy that they finally put a ring on it. They have been dating for so long now.
  5. And not because of support for anything recent or former because it is constant. He deserves a little love.
  6. I don’t think enough people appreciate what Wade does and has done for this site. It’s actually been a lot, in front and behind the scenes. This isn’t a joke, it’s true, and I wanted to say it.
  7. I guess what I’m saying is out of everything horrible that happened now all I care about is his penis shape.
  8. See, this is when I think I’m the problem. I watched this, then watched it like two more times. Then texted to it to my best friend and also my father. Then my father and I both discussed it in detail ending with him saying he hopes they have a sketch. And..I kinda do.
  9. Im just so happy I read the thread from that point down because that’s how I read it too and it made it so good.
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