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  1. Were a lot of people going around saying take5 is the best candy bar?
  2. Also so nobody else wastes their time, apparently dlss is on the Steam version but it is not on the gamepass version, apparently they are trying to work on it. Ray tracing is also not working either as far as I can tell in the gamepass version though it lets you set it on.
  3. People would have thrown a fit if it was isometric even if it was done as well as this I’m sure.
  4. Fun! Yeah, I tried DX11 and it seemed better but still happening, hope they patch that, I’m reasonably confident they will since they are trying to do a tech showcase here. Is it just the pc version that does it or do consoles do it too?
  5. Detail is crazy, it’s really a fantastic looking game, probably just the most AAA feeling of this type of isometric shooter I’ve seen in awhile. Getting weird annoying stutters on on pc tho. Guess I’ll try DX11 later since DF mentioned the performance was off with RT. Though the frame rate is actually fine never dipping below 60, just random stutters.
  6. I also forgot this was going to come out in August so I’m fine with this since it’s still soon! I just assumed it was further away I mean, not that I’m not really looking forward to this one which I am.
  7. Any of y’all try flight simulator on console? Curious about impressions. I tried playing it with the new update on pc, seems I can get 1440p/60 on ultra now (tested in new york which should stress it well), which is new. Hitting the gpu instead of the cpu now so just need dlss pls. Something about vrr with this I don’t like, I can see the shifts as it flops all over the place, normally I don’t really notice that. I guess it just fluctuates over such a large range constantly unchecked. That said the update was annoying and took forever and made me remove more
  8. Someone just pay the dude $50, give him a script of the documentary, and just start filming.
  9. I feel like Jason would just end up getting in really weird arguments with people over lawnmower noise or something.
  10. I was going to have you beat on this but I got a work call.
  11. I think it’s ridiculous that someone should have to force remove him from this earth when he could very easily just do it himself if he had any conscious whatsoever.
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