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  1. Just played the first episode; that was a blast! Almost forgot how amazing this game looks. I loved the destruction in the last section. I also loved the hyper 50s aesthetic with the beautifully modeled diner. Always happy to stare at that location.
  2. yeah I had a scratch on the front that made one spot blurry when in mixed reality so I sent it in and should hopefully get it back tuesday
  3. You should see that shit on Vision Pro, it’s nuts. I can’t wait for mine back
  4. I’m not understanding why so many of you guys have an issue with this? The whole point of this is so you can marry a woman and never let her leave. That seems like a good thing for us? You may be happy with your spouse now, but women have a way of changing over time and this secures your investment.
  5. Oh yeah I know that one I think I meant the Birth by Sleep Fragmentation or whatever part. It seems like it’s a prologue before 3 off the same engine? So I should play this first before going back to 3 maybe? I want to get my save back first, I’m skipping cut scenes to get back to where I was since I played through it 3 times already. Also I forgot how much I liked DDD the bit I played. It’s the one with the cool animals you can have as friends and pet them. I had that on 3DS, but lost the save somehow around the Notre Dame area, think a friend erased it accidentally or something. I feel like the whole series has been bad timing for me. So pumped to have these all in one place I can poke through over the years. I tried out Chain of Memories also last night and it seems..interesting. It’s cool they remade it in 3D on ps2, I always forget that. But I wonder if it would actually be better on gba.
  6. Also besides MR/VR stuff, Apple has some games that are just 3D games you play on a screen in MR. I love that too especially while watching something. I want more 3D smaller scale games like that on both platforms.
  7. If anyone is curious btw it’s $800 to fix it. lol. I didn’t have the plan but the plan would have been $500 and then the cost would be $300 sooooooo
  8. With 3D coming back again I hope nvidia gets back in with 3D Vision 2. Imagine what they could do now 15 years later with all their AI tech. Auto convert any game to 3D with AI making all the post process etc work and have it stream to the glasses of your choice???
  9. So I’ve been noticing a kind of “blurry spot” on my AVP and kinda hand waived it but it was starting to annoy me as I’ve been using it more and more in the living room where it’s more obvious. It was only in MR not in VR so I could diagnose it down to the camera. At which point I knew it was my fault. A couple weeks back I was charging it from across the room kinda and tripped on the cord and it fell off my chair onto the hardwood floor. Now, if my phone did this I feel like it would survive but I guess it’s just more of a direct hit with this big curved glass. I thought it was okay and kinda didn’t connect the two for awhile. But one I realized what it was I couldn’t stop focusing on it. So I had to bring it in for repair on Monday and won’t get it back until Tuesday. At least that’s what they said. I was hoping they could do it same day in store. Honestly I think all they do is diagnose it then ship a new one to the store from what I’ve read. But man oh man it really made me realize I do love the stupid over priced thing a lot. I miss it
  10. I hope they do create their own movie store at least, if they can. I can think of some potential workarounds and such here but the entire thing I care about with this is adoption and nothing that isn’t an easy app in the store will help with that.
  11. Nice so you got that extra 3% XP in too? I was thinking the night before that if there would be a prominent discount or not for launch would just depend on if SE wanted to make a bunch of money or not. I have a feeling they just made a bunch of money! This could have really ended up anywhere from well, $55 for the whole deal, or all the way to $170 if they went total asshole full price. Smart move.
  12. I just think a base of 20+ mil would be good to get 3D rolling again so I want the support to exist so we start getting everything back in 3D
  13. Or maybe that’s just a case of the user base (on ios) being too large to ignore even if it’s just pennies but on Meta it isn’t worth the squeeze.
  14. Oh that makes sense why they left. They should make an exception for movies or they will be left empty handed. Apple has an established storefront so I guess that is why it works there and studios put movies out. I wonder how it works with Fandango at Home though where it’s on Apple (not just AVP but on iphone/ipad etc) but not Meta, and what Meta needs to change to get it.
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