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  1. stepee

    17 dead from duck boat disaster

    There were. But the captain said you’ll most likely not need these.As they head towards a storm. It happened quick, no time.
  2. The source is still Gunn tho, not the dude who pointed it out. It’s still kinda whatever, but I would prob do the same. Don’t sorry, they will never hire that guy either. Also don’t stay stupid shit on social media if you want to work in a public sector. The only slightly annoying part about this is was obviously making fun of people who held those views and someone who held those views called him out.
  3. stepee

    17 dead from duck boat disaster

    Jesus, this is where you want to take THIS?
  4. Tbf he misspoke, he used the word “favorite” instead of “least favorite”
  5. So someone doing satire of a subject got called out by someone who actually believes what he is writing? I mean if I was a Disney executive I would do the same thing and fire him still, but lol this world.
  6. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-nation/wp/2018/07/21/grab-the-babies-duck-boat-tragedy-kills-nine-members-of-the-same-family/?utm_term=.f9e9ab51262e One survivor lost three children and her husband along with 5 other family members. If you want to donate to help her with this tragic loss: https://www.gofundme.com/coleman-family-boat-accident?
  7. What gets me is the your favorite president part. I’m assuming he is talking about the US president, so there is only one, which by default sure I guess that could be true. If he is talking history, he is too arrogant to say that because he wishes it true. And he is too dumb to use that to annoy people because it isn’t. So I idk.
  8. And with like 19 charges of sexual harassment I doubt that was the only time.
  9. I mean dude rapes women and nobody cares, nobody is going to give a fuck about this at all.
  10. It looks so ridiculously good. Insomniac making a Spider-man game with Sony funding is such a fever dream that it’s still hard to believe it’s even happening.