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  1. stepee

    ~*Official 2020 Candidates Thread*~

    dodger spending the rest of his life fleeing from brown people makes me so happy
  2. Never thought I would be so happy to read this! After the way it ended, really need to see what happens.
  3. stepee

    PC DLSS comes to BFV

    Its a good thing I half expected this!
  4. stepee

    PC DLSS comes to BFV

  5. stepee

    PC DLSS comes to BFV

    Nice, now patch it into Anthem in time for next week please.
  6. Before entering the thread I guessed correctly that it’s the one coming out in a few weeks.
  7. stepee

    PC DLSS comes to 3D Mark

    From playing FF15 with dlss on, I’d say even at this stage it’s damn close enough to regular ol 4k that I’m not bothered at all for the huge boost. Now for games to come out with it!
  8. I already told you, but I’m enjoying it! Really wish it wasn’t this unlocked 50’s-60 shit on the X but at least the combat feels better than if it was a straight 30 (my God the frame pacing is unplayable in the 30 mode) but even at 1400p the game is gorgeous. It’s fun so far, I like that it’s easy actually, just feels kind of light and breezy but fun.
  9. From what I’ve read it’s super easy all the way through even on hard.
  10. 1440p 50’s unlocked fps ehhh, i’ll hold out for a pc version for a bit then.