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  1. stepee

    holy fuck

  2. We need an angry face reaction here. I don’t want to guillotine you, but I do want you to know that I’m very angry about your trickery.
  3. can you at least toss some food down here
  4. I feel like most likely trump will try to grab biden’s mic, then biden will grab back his mic and trump will trip and fall down starting the news cycle that biden attacked the sitting president of the US and he’s on steroids because he’s so big and strong so he is unfit for office.
  5. Do we have any reports yet on how big he was?
  6. lol I’m really high and I just kept reading that article over and over again trying to accept that it’s actually real I love it so much
  7. What about next year if Biden wins and trump leaves office and the new administration takes over. THEN can I just have a minute to fucking relax? FUCK.
  8. lol it’s the top story on fox news right now. Honestly it’s kind of a nice preview of shit like this being the big bad thing happening rather than the president ordering a hit on an American citizen or something.
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