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  1. you forgot the “we don’t get to talk about this game because one time a marketing dude went on 8chan” bullshit
  2. Not far yet, just past the first two towns and the forest now. But loving it so far! Looking forward to getting more play time in over the weekend for sure.
  3. Pretty much this. I’ve only played a very tiny bit to see how beautiful the ray tracing GI is. I do plan to actually play it some day.
  4. y’all don’t understand that friction
  5. u literally pooped on my feet while i was sleeping
  6. it would be cool if vaginas were always soaking wet except when a girl gets turned on they get super dry
  7. I’m actually surprised that Activision allowed them to do so many things right here. Must have tricked them somehow.
  8. I only watched season 1 but I really enjoyed it.
  9. Didn’t he completely shut down the border like two months ago? I mean, that’s what he said he was going to do.
  10. The good news is win32 apps coming to the windows store aka uwp should die out soon.
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