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  1. i would walk 351 i would walk 351 miles more just to be the man who walked 351 miles to be arrested at your door
  2. hey guys i just got a kitty brb going to step on it and throw it in a cage
  3. You forgot to mention to try not to violently drown the cat in the bathtub like @best3444
  4. I remember when I was a kid by parents bought me a fire truck transformers toy for Christmas and my dad accidentally stepped on it, breaking part of it. But at least it wasn’t fucking alive.
  5. THANK YOU for the merge. Clicking through two threads on the same topic was annoying me way more than it should have.
  6. I’ve played around 20 or so games out of the 30 I’ve downloaded so far on Apple Arcade now and I’m extremely impressed. I’m kind of in the “new console mode” just because of the sheer amount of new games available and different ways to play/experimenting. I’ve been trying on my Apple tv4k and my Iphone Xs Max, with a gamepad on both (I need a clamp for iphone ASAP) and touchscreen on my phone. Testing how quick and easy it is to move from phone to tv using cloud save (it’s quick!) etc. I want to think that this is a watershed moment for phone/set top box gaming that becomes something amazing and viable and all for $5 a month. But the cynic in me tells me this is not sustainable and was just an amazing front loaded push. I do hope Apple can keep it up, a few games seem like they were built in the trapping of old (Mainly Sonic Racing which is obviously a ftp game in development they just took charges out of) but so much of this is legit. No micro transactions, available offline, no ads. Games built as games not casinos. It’s so great to see so much of it at once. And being able to use your xbox or ps gamepads is so huge. I still wish Apple would just make a case with their own form of joycons now but if I can get a study clamp that works laying down in bed it’s all good for now. Side note: Jenny Leclue has been one of my most awaited for games of all time. Not even joking, I stumbled on the playable teaser back in idk like 2014/2015 or so and loved it so much, so I’ve kept the teaser on my phone since then to remind me to always check to see if it’s out yet. It’s kinda cool how it launched with this. Also it seems amazing so far as I suspected.
  7. Oh so we have to follow both threads for another day
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