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  1. kids with nice firm tits and tight little pussies that smell like cinnamon
  2. Yeah, I had to check because I was kinda bummed since I got sword cuz dog with sword in his mouth but a rock and fighter gym theme is p lame compared to ice and ghost if that were the case. Now I can finally sleep at night.
  3. Also I’m loving this, played almost 6 hours straight yesterday...yet somehow haven’t yet gotten my first badge. For some reason I thought this was going to have random battles and was kinda down on that but you can totally see all the pokémon in the grass walking around and sometimes on the paths. My biggest complaint after playing Go is that you can’t pick a pokémon buddy to take out of your bag and walk around with you. That really was a thing for me choosing who to hang out with even if it was usually psyducks goofy ass waddling around.
  4. To be clear, I’m pretty sure the gyms themselves are the same just the gym leader is different?
  5. “Ok apoc” should be the “ok boomer” for people in their late 30’s that pretend to own lumber yards.
  6. i’ve used them extensively to lure women into my secret chamber so they work well I guess? depends who you ask
  7. people who think it would be cool to be able to suck their own dick don’t get it, as soon as you taste your cum the illusion is broken and it’s just weird
  8. well now all I can think about is eating an entire platter of deviled eggs by myself, thanks jerks
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