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  1. They didn’t straight copy the star trek insignia, just kind of stylistically similar. I mean, this doesn’t matter, but it’s still kinda funny. Edit: nm I was wrong, it is indeed just a variant of the existing Air Force Space Command logo, I was thinking of the regular Air Force logo.
  2. also thank you @sblfilms for providing many pages of content in this thread to follow to read while i’m pooping
  3. I think, again, Schiff’s speech yesterday gave good reasoning as to why this (though there are many other reasons but this is what they chose) is cause to remove Trump from office. Plainly, he has proven himself incapable of putting the country above his own personal interests which is in itself a danger to national security. Of course, this is all political and personal opinion, but I believe that is in line with the intent of having a clause for impeachment and removal from office.
  4. Ok, since you mentioned the crime part, I wanted to make sure. Your opinion is your opinion, we just disagree and that’s fine.
  5. https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2020/01/19/trumps-lawyers-shouldnt-be-allowed-use-bogus-legal-arguments-impeachment/?outputType=amp This explains it better than I can.
  6. Quoting this as a write in upvote so I can upvote it twice.
  7. That’s kind of why I liked that speech. It was sort of like we all know what he did, we know he is guilty, now the question is are we going to do the right thing? I mean of course not, but it was a good speech.
  8. This is somehow, today, like the fourth main story on cnn.com at the moment. With everything going on, this is a major headline. The Coronavirus update is a couple below it.
  9. Can’t we just take all the ridiculous idiotic gun nuts and move them to an island somewhere so they can play toy soldier all they want so we can let normal society place regulation and move forward? Maybe we could send them to Epstein’s island.
  10. Besides the people who are going to vote for Trump anyway? Probably only Jason.
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