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  1. Beat this today, they did a good job wrapping it up and having a conclusive ending here. l started the dlc and I’ll run through that in the next day or two just to play more, but there really isn’t any need to return to these characters or stories for a franchise. Should be a one and done. Just make a similar game with the “Ghost of” name if they want to do a sequel, but everything besides the core gameplay should be totally different. Maybe stick to the East for its locations. Great game and while it was very Assassins Creed, it was also that in a way that felt less bloated and was more like what I want them to be.
  2. Can I mention how the deck will technically play more Nintendo games than the switch to try to make this argument even weirder?
  3. Just thinking of deck replacing switch as a system parents get for their children, that just feels so far away from current reality to me.
  4. Also i want to mention that the way the topic title was written, I legitimately expected that part of this would be about Kanye cumming on a photo of Kim and posting it online. Like I kinda half expected that when I clicked to enter.
  5. I just think it’s wishing for more of an impact for the deck than even Valve expects along with everything else, and even then I’m feeling different market sets for the two. I mean anything could be anything I guess, I’m just not seeing it at all, agree to disagree!
  6. I think to me, it’s just that they already beat the psp easily, destroyed the vita and kicked Sony out, and now we have a challenger that is on the more expensive side, and is a pc, which historically have never really competed with dedicated gaming systems as they attract different audiences. It’s almost impossible to challenge Nintendo on handhelds because for too many people the two are not interchangeable because of franchises like Animal Crossing and Pokémon. I feel you are letting Wiiu’s failure leak too much into their handheld business and where Nintendo is as a company in 2022. Edit: And their most recent and biggest challenger is mobile, not psp. I’d say it still is, far far more than Deck.
  7. Can’t they just let Toys for Bob start working on Banjo Threeie now instead of having to wait over a year? Sigh, can’t believe we still have to wait probably another three years from now until the Toys for Bob developed Banjo is available.
  8. lol exactly the problem is that blizzard was always rapecore, they need to purge anyone management level and above
  9. Sony just needs to lock in Sega and Square and they can be the gamepass of the East.
  10. Blur Caesar Call of Duty Candy Crush Crash Bandicoot Diablo DJ Hero Empire Earth Gabriel Knight Geometry Wars Guitar Hero Gun Hearthstone Heroes of the Storm Hexen Interstate ’76 King’s Quest Laura Bow Mysteries The Lost Vikings Overwatch Phantasmagoria Pitfall Police Quest Prototype Quest for Glory Singularity Skylanders Solider of Fortune Space Quest Spyro the Dragon StarCraft Tenchu (legacy games) TimeShift Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater True Crime World of Warcraft Zork I’ll take new Spyro, Crash, Tenchu, Kings Quest, Phantasmagoria, Gun, Protoype, and Pitfall out of those.
  11. Im all for a THUG1/2 collection next but we ain’t skipping over 3. Im also excited for Call of Doom.
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