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  1. This is a game that is literally called ver.1.22474487139... (the ... is actually part of the title), i’m not surprised there isn’t much clarity yet. :P
  2. Well they said it’s not a remaster or a remake, it’s a “version up” whatever that means. I think of remaster in how some of those are just the original game in higher res/frame rate. This has added content at the very least and I imagine it’s been reworked graphically enough to the extent they aren’t able to easily put it on switch because otherwise with the Japanese audience being what it is, it would be weird to skip it.
  3. NieR Tomato is one of my fav games this gen so I’ll def check this out having never played the original. Wish Platinum was doing combat again but they seem rather busy. Really wish this was in switch too though, I’m guessing it’s a ground up remake otherwise I don’t see why it wouldn’t be.
  4. how the FUCK would I have heard about that
  5. There is no reason why Nook can’t just operate out of his shop while it’s being upgraded. He is just hoping you spend your bells on other things at the shop since you can’t upgrade the house. I DONT TRUST HIM.
  6. honestly it mr driller shadow dropped today i would have forgiven no main direct for 7 months
  7. We really need a main direct already but taken by itself as a mini this was really good with some fun surprises and shadow drops. MR FUCKING DRILLER
  8. 1.8 million physical sold in Japan. With digital this is now likely the biggest launch of any game in Japan, ever.
  9. You buy a nooks miles ticket and then go to the airplane dodo and ask to use it.
  10. This was pretty much my day too, except I was only left with 10k after paying off my house. None of the islands I visited seemed to be good for loot that would get me bells. Overall a productive day tho!
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