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  2. I'm trying so hard right now not to say how this reads like Gran Torino's IMDB page. And there it is, damn!
  3. The entire time I watched that video I couldn't help but wonder just how insane his neighbors think he is considering they're approximately two feet from this weird squirrel torture dungeon.
  4. Has these been any data on whether length of time since recovery effects antibody tests? Like, if you get tested 6 months after recovery are you more likely to get a false negative than if you recovered 3 months ago? I figure since we can't even do testing right to begin with this is also a big question mark, but wonder if others have seen some speculation on it. Like, I know at least some illnesses leave markers for years, right?
  5. I'd like to think that this response was worth $0.02
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  7. There also doesn't seem to be much info on how much antibodies actually means anything, so just having antibodies doesn't necessarily mean a person won't get sick later. Until that's known, it's fine for tracing exposure, but it doesn't do anything as far as telling us which people are good to mingle and which people are still susceptible to infection.
  8. See that's why I was confused Here's the Mafia 3 website: https://mafiagame.com/news/mafia-iii-definitive-edition-out-now And the Mafia 2 website: https://mafiagame.com/news/mafia-ii-definitive-edition-out-now Basically Mafia 3 is the same but they give you all the DLC. Mafia 2 is slightly better looking but looks kinda shitty in the comparison video.
  9. Yeah, I spent so much time doing quests that there was no need to do intentional grinding. If you prefer not to waste time on quests you should be fine with a bit of planning. You can see what level enemies are so to minimize grinding you fight enemies a few levels higher than your party which will level you up faster.
  10. This is Boyle's official song
  11. I'm not an expert, but I think that some of the quick tests don't actually return good data. So it will say you have antibodies, but you actually don't (and vice-versa). The actual test itself isn't very good and returns false info. The blood tests seem better, apparently.
  12. Polling can always be wrong (though it was pretty good nationally in 2016 and 2018), but it doesn't look like the GOP is making inroads into any new groups right now. Quite the opposite. Anything can happen, but the fundamentals favour Biden right now, especially with the double-hater group of voters seemingly swinging from Trump to Biden. GOP voters may be more hostile and pro-Trump than in 2016 (where many held their noses to spite Clinton), but they haven't grown their base.
  13. But what makes the negative result a 50/50? Is it that not everyone develops antibodies or do they think it might be something else?
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