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  2. tell her we’ll build another wall in Berlin and give half of them back to Russia if she doesn’t stop being a ****.
  3. Whenever I finally upgrade my computer I'm looking forward to playing this. I tried it out but it was just too much for the old GTX 660
  4. I was definitely getting a bunch of them last night. Haven't played today but I was getting a ton of the fallen players. I know the game updated when I first started playing yesterday but I'm not sure what update I got. Game played fine for me last night.
  5. If I were in Altuve’s shoes there I definitely clutch my jersey as I come around to touch home because I’m pretty like that
  6. If you were getting this, you must have had the update. I think that's only live in the other updated version. Did they activate it again in 1.3.4?
  7. @elbobo $5M hit. 5.5 looking more and more likely.
  8. I checked it out at 1080p with reflection rt removed (it’s not on console versions) and can confirm it’s still incredible looking.
  9. Frau Merkel is not amused. Merkel breaks with Biden on US plan to waive patent protections for THEHILL.COM German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s administration on Thursday broke with President Biden over a proposal to waive patent protections on vaccines, saying it would create...
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  11. Both GOTG films could be perfect 10’s for me but they can’t let a serious moment pass by itself. They always feel the need to add humor to the moment and it ruins it for me.
  12. You’ll have to turn some stuff down from max for 4k/60 or do 1800p/60 or 1440p/60 worst case, either way you’ll be able to have it running/looking better than either next gen console with a 2080ti.
  13. Not surprising that millennials continue to take a deep dicking from the boomers and join them in their anti-crypto stance. Millennials are a mistake and need to commit seppuku.
  14. Just waiting for steam to allow me to start the download! Bought the Deluxe edition from CDKeys and now it's a waiting game! It's under 60 bucks there at least, my fingers are crossed that it will run well. I'm stuck with my 2080Ti now for well into the future and I'm not buying either of the new consoles either till at least middle of 2022.
  15. Seemed like he wanted more playing time and the front office called the Rays and asked what the tea leaves say.
  16. Pujols DFA’d. An all-timer. Wonder if he’ll get picked up by a middling club to bring “veteran presence” or if he just retires?
  17. when I played it there was some tuning problems, but not in the single player. Playing solo was ok. It was playing with one other person instead of two other people. The game seemed tuned for solo and 3 player. So plying 2 felt overwhelming, specifically in the boss fights. I don’t know if this was ever patched or tuned.
  18. I might play this with a friend. I don't really find these games that fun but if im shooting the shit with a bud it can be enjoyable.
  19. Some stuff doesn't get attention from sites like this one or in our general circles on social media, but that didn't mean people aren't watching and talking. The biggest TV series from Netflix last year were Bridgerton, The Queen's Gambit, and Emily in Paris. Quiz time: Who here had watched Netflix's most popular movie last year? It was the Polish 50 Shades-like 365 Days. It beat out the likes of Old Guard, The Social Dilemma, Project Power or even those shitty Adam Sandler movies that I assume Netflix loves because everyone watches them.
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