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  2. Begins is the best of the trilogy you're just all now coming around to it.
  3. I've already seen people praise this as good because they didn't like the direction he let the new Star Wars movies go in. Pretty sure that would be more on Kathleen Kennedy as the head of LucasFilm, and Alan Horn as the head of Walt Disney Studios, ie the movie division of the Disney company. Iger was head of all of Disney, not just the movies, and was more in charge of business, not creative decision making.
  4. As much as I still genuinely love the days when 7/10 games with voice acting and cinematics had the production sheen of a ‎Tommy Wiseau sci fi original, I also like that bigger talent is hired now as well. If you have an idea for a character and the best person to bring them to life is a well known movie or tv actor, why shouldn't you get to hire them? The less creative limitations and more open doors for possibilities of stories you can tell/ ideas you can express in the medium the better as far as I'm concerned. And since the future of games with realistic graphics will be scanning and mocapping real people and c/p them into the game anyway, might as well bring in some movie stars now and then.
  5. What about when the opposite happens? Toy Story 3 had a knock-off Woody and Buzz and it just wasn't... right. And then there was Splinter Cell Blacklist when they took away Michael Ironside. Sorry. #notmySamFisher And remember that time we found out that the awful Gilbert Godfried impersonator in Kingdom Hearts was actually Gilbert Godfried? I think it just goes both ways.
  6. I find I like Begins a lot more than other people do. Not sure why, but as tired as batman's trauma is, I feel like they nail the emotional impact in it. TDK is obviously amazing to everyone. TDKR is also pretty cool with me, even though I like the first two more. I should rewatch it as well.
  7. Going by varying performance of DXR enabled tittles on PC there is little reason to believe Microsoft has universally solved the raytracing optimization problem. The best examples today are just as much a testiment to each dev team's own advancements. In all likelihood that will also be the reality with next gen consoles (with Vulkan too). Sure won't stop marketing from doubling down on Raytracing though, even if at the start of the gen it's not common place.
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  9. All this format has done is to further convince me that I am infinitely more intelligent than every one of them on that stage.
  10. Aside from joker in mass effect, I did like how actors voices were used. I remember losing my shit when marina Sirtis voiced a character. But that was just a nerd shout out. Mass effect used several actors voiced from sci-fi shows
  11. Our whole system of government sucks. We're the beta version of what a democracy should look like
  12. We don't even know if they have dedicated RT cores.
  13. AMD has continued to make big promises about their GPUs, and consistently failed to deliver. I would like nothing better than for them to bring something to market that is competitive with Nvidia, as it might actually bring down GPU prices. I'm not holding my breath.
  14. “Affordable” ... we shall see. We technically don’t even know their (AMD’s) approach to hardware accelerated RT. Again, MS is beholden to that.
  15. Any democrat should refuse to debate Trump. None of them are smart or savvy enough to go through with that because it looks weak.
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