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  2. Perhaps that is due to generational trauma though, which has left the Hyenas unable to function in a normal society due to the damage and oppression done to them by the Lions. If the Hyenas were never taught by their parents how to properly live, then are they to blame, or is the society who never helped them?
  3. Just finished watching a bit ago. “Thanks, Andrew!” was the line of the night.
  4. this is what weekly episode releases bring upon us. while waiting for a new episode people are getting their childhoods murdered over lion king movie!!!!!!!!! GIVE US THE BINGE WE DESERVE DISNEY!
  5. Yeah. That aside, the notion that Disney movies are problematic is... the least spicy take of all time.
  6. It's the way they are portrayed on top of their voices - the film is far more classist than racist to be fair too (what accents are meant to imply about each character, etc.) but I don't care much about that stuff. But it's certainly there.
  7. All of the lions except for Scar and Simba were voiced by black actors, tbf.
  8. Strange that the trailer seemed like a sequel to HL2: Ep2, but its a prequel to HL2. I dont own a VR rig, but this might get me to purchase one.
  9. I was aware of the comparisons to Kima but was not aware that people people thought the Lion King was subversively racist. That's a new one to me.
  10. It’s great that Valve is being so up front about their support for various platforms. I think those in the know would assume that any Valve game would work on all platforms supported by Steam VR, but it’s nice that they’re very clear they support Oculus, Windows MR, and even Quest+Link. It does seem that they’re doing some fun stuff with finger tracking if you’ve got the fancy knuckles controllers. Also, there’s a zero percent chance the gravity gun doesn’t make it in, right? Pretty cool that Valve is going to launch with mod support. It’s a real shame they make games so infrequently. They seem like they’re pretty good at it when they try.
  11. just took down so I think I am probably well into the later half of the game....but I haven't come across any new lightsaber colors
  12. Hmmm, it could stand to look a bit better, but the fundamental elements of mech combat and customization appear to be present.
  13. Except the three hyenas were voiced by a black person, a Latino person, and a hyena portrayed as mentally ill/unwell. Sure, that was probably just accidental too. Hence the comparison doesn't work. It's called subtext/coded.
  14. The more I think about it, the thing that shocks me most about their lack of ambition isn’t that you have games like Sword/Shield that follow the same old formula to a T without any innovation or modernization, it’s that they don’t also have separate projects that do try those things. They have a whole generation of gamers that grew up with these games that would very likely consume riffs on the franchise. Obviously the old formula still works and sells millions, so I guess you just keep putting in the same lazy energy and put out the same lazy games. Anyone who doesn’t do that is probably foolish when there is a fortune to be made in doing so. But they’ve literally created their own market, and one of their licensed offshoots went on to be the most played game in the world for a time. Why the hell don’t you throw some money another dev and see what happens? After playing Spider-man PS4 and Fallen Order it think it would be incredible to see what a dev like those could do with Pokemon. Then again, after playing WoW 1.0 it seemed obvious and inevitable that there would be a Pokemon MMO. There probably still should be, but if they don’t have the ambition to do a decent single player title, they’re not going to do that.
  15. He says all the light touches is our kingdom(or whatever). I don’t think they had authority in the bone yard. This is honestly the most try hard argument I’ve ever heard lol
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