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  2. I didn't have to reboot in safe mode, but it was a very hard crash. The system rebooted itself to be honest. Let it download all of teh updates it needed to and haven't tried to play the game again since. I'm honestly a little afraid. I don't think its happening exclusively with Miles Morales though... I think that;s just one of the games most people happen to be playing. I don't think any of the issues are peculiar to one game in particular.
  3. Well I bought it just in case. I figure someone will need it. Redd shows up with 3 paintings I already had 2 were fakes 1 was real and the one thing he had that I didn't have was a fake.
  4. Seems like Miles Morales is where most people are having problem with crashes. I've read people are having to do a hard reboot in safe mode to get back going
  5. Too expensive and wtf, Who is looking to play MegaMan games on this?
  6. I support this solely because it makes chuds sooooooo mad. I mean it seems like good policy too but I like that it makes chuds mad.
  7. You literally don’t need to though, thats what we keep telling you. If you have ps+, you have cloud saves, which are available anywhere you log into your account. Edit: Misread. yes you can safely store them. There was one bug, with one game, and they already patched and fixed it. People are blowing it up into being unsafe to use an external, and thats just false. It wasMiles Morales, in rest mode, with the hdd attached. Thats it, and they fixed it yesterday. the misinformation about both consoles is getting a bit ridiculous.
  8. Epic did it! You can be happy now that small developers that make less than one million dollars per year will have their cut down to 15% instead of 30% Apple will reduce App Store cut to 15 percent for most developers starting January 1st WWW.THEVERGE.COM A substantial change to Apple’s longstanding App Store cut.
  9. I think we already have with this previous episode. The post-RotJ novels describe how the remnants of the Empire fled into the Unknown Regions where they began to reconstitute as the First Order. The New Republic pilot said that they're investigating things happening in the Outer Rim which could be indicative that overall effort.
  10. I had a 65" LG B7 OLED. Developed some problems in the top left corner of the screen. Fortunately, I had the extended warranty, so it's getting replaced with a CX. I opted to pay the difference in dealer cost and am upgrading to a 77" CX OLED instead of the 65". Should arrive in a couple of weeks due to backorders on that model.
  11. Plus it's not like you-know-who is using it for its actual intended purpose...
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  13. Reports are in that he has passed away. Cocaine is a hellava drug.
  14. I can't wait till Wii U and Switch games are playable on the Xbox.
  15. I honestly don't know how you even lasted 10 years with regular crap like that. My faith in humanity is already low and if I had to keep witness this kind of stuff it would be zero.
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