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  2. Wow guys and girl now Base is also making fun of my sister who committed suicide 4 years ago. Wow, wow, what a piece of shit this guy is. Just thought I’d let everyone know and warn you about this mother fucker.
  3. I could be a vegan if animals didn’t taste so fucking good.
  4. Today
  5. The Perfection 3/5 the first 40 minutes of this is fantastic. The rest of the movie is ehh. I liked it but my friend thought it got too wacky.
  6. There different on each end, I tried several cables. I carefully looked at them side by side. This is just frustrating!
  7. Tried to get the wife to go the other night, but couldn’t fit it into the schedule. Gonna hit it up during the week.
  8. I didn’t get to watch so trying to find a replay. Don’t have my cable box setup at the new yet
  9. I do wish more of you on D1P had watched tonight, but perhaps you can find it some way, shape, or form and watch & enjoy it then come here to talk about it!
  10. I would hope a 70-year old man would be a millionaire, as that amount is normal for retirement.
  11. I am over-fucking whelmed and over-fucking joyed at what I was able to witness tonight. I lost my mind time and again and by the end...it imploded by all expectations being exceeded! The line has indeed been drawn, not just in the industry but in the HISTORY of pro wrestling forever. Pre-AEW and Post-AEW and FML what a time it is to be alive witnessing this!
  12. IMHO: Best Wrestling PPV (aside from All In) that I've seen since Mania 18!
  13. Back to back weekends with series wins over the Red Sox for the Astros
  14. Tonight's recipient is @KupoBitches - let me know which game and for what system!
  15. Since December I have been working about 65 hours a week. Come August should be down to about 50 hours.
  16. Oddly enough you made me second guess myself and I had to think, "did I type that?"
  17. I wanted to get it especially after the pre show but if I couldn't get it thru my PS4, I wasn't going to see it and unfortunately the PS4 did not offer this PPV.
  18. Finished! A few quirks and some junk aside, that was a very satisfying game! Bring on the next one!
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