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  2. I look forward to the tweet saying it’s fake, nothing in it and will not be made public
  3. I have amended the title accordingly to reflect that this particular report addresses the Russia investigation.
  4. Uh...we just got news about Mueller still wanting people to testify before the grand jury. I'm calling FUD. This is probably a report, not the report.
  5. After like 3 deaths to that guy I said fuck it.. typical From fashion they made an easy bypass so I can probably just come back to him later. So i go to the next area and took out 2 dudes, then the guy with the arrows spotted me and started shooting. that basically pulled agro on anyone in the area. So i start kiting around and ran into that giant dude. LOL. i was like "oh cmon!!" i really actually think i was being too careful and playing too slowly. I only really played for about an hour before the urge for Division 2 hit me. But now I kinda wanna take a crack at it again.
  6. Try to avoid mobs at all costs, they'll fuck you up. Remember how much of a drop you have on these guys with your grapple hook and drop stealth kills for example, really utilize your freedom of movement and stealth to thin out crowded areas. The other guys will get startled if you stealth kill someone in front of them and take that second to grapple back out of the place if there are several guys you think you can't handle. Basically, divide & conquer stealth tactics work really well here for me at least. You can also fully sprint in this game and still get a sneak attack if their back is turned by the way, his footsteps are really silent. I've often run up on an entire group from a vantage point, stealth killed one dude, grappled out of there, hid for a bit and attack them again from a different angle for example. But yeah, the General...you can stealth him and get rid of the first health bar right away leaving you to only have to fight through one.
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  8. Anthem had $100 million in digital sales, only 3.5 million of it is microtransactions, so a lot of people bought the game digitally, but not many are buying any of the in game stuff with money. Compare that to Apex's 93 million in digital sales. https://www.forbes.com/sites/paultassi/2019/03/22/what-to-make-of-anthems-surprise-100-million-in-digital-revenue/#75eea6a84329
  9. Damn this game does not sound like for me. I enjoyed Nioh even though I never finished it and was considering getting this. Maybe I should start up gamefly again to rent it.
  10. Fine, he's a sack of all the combined bodily fluids I deal with in a typical shift.
  11. Hey, at least elephant diarrhea could probably be useful as fertilizer.
  12. https://www.gofundme.com/in-loving-memory-of-sydney-aiello?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=fb_dn_cpgnsharebartop_r
  13. That's awful. They should stick that guy who shot up the school into a smaller cell or something.
  14. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/parkland-shooting-survivor-sydney-aiello-takes-her-own-life/
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