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  2. Although I have no intention of buying one for a few years, I would lean towards PS5. However, if we do get a Switch Pro (or successor) and Nintendo allow Gamepass to be playable via the cloud, that might be a game changer.
  3. That CA poll is comprised of 35% self-identified Republicans and 60% non-Latin caucasians. Those demographics are a little...uhhhh..."off" for California.
  4. IT: Chapter 2 - 9/10 Now, like most scores given by random, unknown people on the internet - I should provide some context. I really enjoy Stephen King, I've read a fair few books, 'It' being one of them. Shockingly, I really liked it (though I would accept a redact of the children orgy). I also really enjoyed the first movie and I've watched it maybe three or four times now. I was however apprehensive about this after reading some impressions and seeing some scores. Thankfully, the 'opinions are like assholes' thing holds strong. I loved it. I really liked the fact it was campy, I enjoyed the fact it didn't care how long it was. Unlike most horror movies, it didn't want to be serious and that cartoon element (for me) allowed the things shown to be pleasantly out-there and in-keeping with the material it was based off. So yeah, for me this was a very strong two-part adaptation and one I will sit down with and watch in total at some point.
  5. I don't what it means in the rest of the world, but this is what it means down here in these Untied States
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  7. I'm actually one of those people who does PC game at my desk the majority of the time. But I have crap vision and I prefer sitting closer to my screen with certain games. I do play on the game room PC occasionally, though.
  8. You lying son of a bitch you don't do that. You sit hunched over in a crappy office chair at a small monitor, you can't use a controller with your PC or anything wired so you're basically tethered to your computer with a mouse and keyboard!
  9. I have an Apple TV with steam on it as well as a steam link. It’s decent for slower paced games, but there’s too much latency when playing shooters and twitch games, esp MP. plus - my PC is in the basement and i would have to go down and turn it on/off everytime i want to play. I could never get WOL working properly.
  10. I don't understand anyone who could take the family's side over Meghan and Harry's, in terms of the way she has been treated.
  11. Probably for the best. Hopefully someone can replace him, but good on Azaria himself for saying he'd be willing to step down after listening, and understanding why people have a problem with the character.
  12. As per usual for me, whatever system is going to allow me to play my games while on the road or in an airplane. So, likely Switch for the foreseeable future. And my 3DS (and Vita!) backlog.
  13. Yeah I played a small bit of it back on Wii U. Seemed decent, but I so very rarely play console games, so it kinda fell off my radar. Yeah, the (re)development of the game was pretty rocky according to some reports. So it’s likely the game is going to require more time in the proverbial oven.
  14. Especially the Leia scenes since this first draft was written before Carrie Fisher died. Those would definitely have needed to be changed. I wonder how else Leia could have been handled. Maybe a full digital actor with a soundalike would have been better (if they also got more time to make sure the VFX are good). Writing scenes around cut footage from TFA probably wasn't the best idea.
  15. I am glad that Meghan is getting out of such a toxic environment and her marriage didn’t implode because of it. #FreeDiana
  16. While not a huge deal I think it is kind of a bummer that William Fox is getting his name removed.
  17. He doesn't have the guts but he also doesn't have the sense not to. Cowards with something to prove are always the most dangerous in these situations and Trump is a tremendous bullshit artists who doesn't give a shit about the lives on either side of an armed conflict.
  18. Warren campaign may not have leaked the Bernie-Warren convo re: woman President. Journalists might have, to stir up drama:
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