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  2. This deal is pretty huge in that it will entice more PC players to join Game Pass.
  3. US Postal Service Files A Patent For Voting System Combining Mail And A Blockchain WWW.FORBES.COM USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) published a patent application filed by the USPS. A reading of the patent itself. Opposition to technology in election systems, from election "experts". Why this year is different.
  4. I think they will hold up their contracts for those like they did with Outerworlds. But everything after that will probably move to XBox/PC/Switch exclusivity.
  5. So what happens to those two PS 5 timed exclusive games?
  6. Game pass price is going up for sure if it gets Elder Scrolls, Doom, Wolfenstein, and others day 1 on the service. Smart to announce a day before preorders open. Let’s gooooooo!
  7. This GIF played in my head when I read this 😂 Crazy purchase really don't think it's what their portfolio needed but why not!
  8. Play all your favorite Bethesda games, now not on PS5!
  9. Reminds me of when the hotel did breast cancer screenings which was in a spot next to an open lobby.
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