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  2. You don't even know what her ideology is! You're absolutely ridiculous.
  3. That doesn't mean I have to like her as a nominee just because it's explainable because Joe Biden is also a centrist. So no, it's not dumb, just expected. Some of his nominees have come out as more progressive than I would have expected - Neera Tanden isn't one of them - perhaps his next nominee will also be one of those "more progressive than expected" persons and, if so, again, all the better she didn't win the nomination. So my very original post raising the question of her ideology making it so that I'm happy she lost the nomination still stands.
  4. Huh, that's very strange - you downloaded it under your account but he could sign into his account and play your downloaded copy/version of the game? Well, I did say I'm no expert! I've not been able to do that with anything when it's come up before, so I guess you will have to just try it out if it's a case by case basis kind of thing.
  5. No, I’m retired, single and don’t have kids. I do what I want when I want for as long as I want.
  6. I honestly don't like weed. I don't like how it slows my brain down. To put out an example, I feel like alcohol just makes my brain less accurate, but still just as fast. Like from a bow to a machine gun. Weed turns it into a trebuchet. I can get there in the end, but it's long and plodding. I end up having to watch the same episode of British Baking Show 3 times to figure out everything that happened. Also it honestly makes my dick feel numb, so I can get hard but can't "get there." My ex girlfriend was the same way. If we got high, we'd have sex and eventually be like "it's not happening, yo
  7. Also Max's baby was born last year and she's the cutest baby. Normally I don't mention babies are cute but she's too cute
  8. I don't really mind 720p on the screen since it's a small screen, and wouldn't really benefit from 4K anyway. Being able to take advantage of 4K on a 65" TV optimal.
  9. Yes I will. Incidentally how do I check? I'm assuming after a certain point I can travel to the DLC area, so what's it called, and when am I able to do so I can check?
  10. Dems/Antifa should order just a ton of pizza and have it waiting for them outside the building fencing. On the inside of the box reads “Pizza or Human Baby sauce?” then a giant middle finger made of pepperoni on the pie, and under that pie saying “You’re a Bunch of Fucking Dumbasses” love JFK Jr?!?
  11. I’m just happy that the judge today ignored this poor excuse for his violent behaviour. She didn’t refer to him by name in her judgement this morning because she said it would give him the notoriety he wanted from his planned out attack that day. So, neither will I.
  12. it’s because you need weed Harry Palmer and not alcoholic potions.
  13. Wouldn't you count the boom in 2021 since most people born in 2020 had sex in 2019 before the pandemic?
  14. The misogynist incel movement is spreading. Should it be classified as a terror threat? | World news | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM Violence linked to the ideology has killed as many as 50 people in the US and Canada and sparked debate among counterterrorism experts and police Boys will be boys
  15. Before the Pandemic every Friday I'd go have dinner with my friends and then we'd hang out and play video games. Not so much these days.
  16. Unless they are making an actual follow up - who is this console really for?
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