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  2. The best highlights coming against Nebraska @Paperclyp
  3. The Ascent. I'm not a big twin stick shooter player, but it's pretty good so far. Not something I would have bought, but hey. . .Game Pass.
  4. And they're going with "well we can always change our mind later if we need to" like ffs how have they STILL not learned that you need to be proactive with measures against this virus.
  5. Yeah, this may be worse on consoles, that’s for sure. Particularly with the PS5’s god awful storefront.
  6. I’ve played a decent amount now and I am quite fond of it. I think like content wise it probably should be a $30 game or whatever, but honestly if you want this type of game just fuck it and spend the $40 and have some silly fun. I haven’t moved on to more difficult races yet;, still checking out all the courses and leveling up some stuff, but it seems to be more about just making it through the crazy levels as fast as possible than really competing with the other racers, so the rubber band ai which is definitely present doesn’t bother me as much. These are also one lap deforming courses, so yeah just go as fast as you can, take out anyone in your way, and find the best shortcuts etc. The courses are just insane lol, the yeti one really gets me the most so far, but they all are full of crazy shit happening and things falling apart and huge drops etc. It’s just fucking fun. There’s things like three keys to find in each level to unlock cars and collecting money and upgrading the vehicles to give you stuff to do besides just winning races as well. I mean, it’ll take time just to find the best shortcuts and all as well which I’m sure will be needed in the higher tiers, there’s a lot of alternate routes here. I think it’s one of the nicer looking games on the switch i’ve seen recently as well. Only played in handheld but it’s a solid 720/60 and has a lot going on during the races but doesn’t seem to have any issues. The sound is..ok I guess? Idk its low cuz i’m usually watching tv at the same time. But yeah there is also no online multiplayer, there’s 30 courses which is great but they are all one lap 2min and under courses, no mission mode or anything like that. Just arcade, single race, time trial, local mp, and the tour mode which is the main complete in cups of four races and win tournament mode. You have unlocks and keys to find and stuff but that’s essentially it. It’s not a lot for a $40 game imo, should have been priced at $30 would be fair. However it’s just really fucking fun so if you are in the mood for this kinda thing I’d say just bite the bullet.
  7. last time I did that I got a free 3ds
  8. Yep I don't give a shit what the FDA says, their priorities are not the same as mine. I have no interest in getting a breakthrough case.
  9. “Something is easier to bare if it doesn’t impact you personally” is worthy of being printed now?
  10. Today
  11. They should all op-ed space to actual subject matter experts for whatever topic is in the news that week.
  13. I fail to conceive of anyone who contributes less to society than an editorial writer. In fact, I dare say that society is actually worse off for their very existence.
  14. i’m 27 so idk if i’ve experienced that yet. the popular child actors who are adults now are around my age lol
  15. Yeah it's bad, but it could have been worse, so it's not really that bad!
  16. Yes I know it’s never been in Cruisin games before. They just flip around and land. But that doesn’t mean there was t a chance they could change the series
  17. There's honestly more than one thing wrong with the FDA board's analysis from what I'm reading. One is getting laser-focused on hospitalization/death. Breakthrough cases can still fuck you up pretty bad even if you don't wind up in the hospital, you can still have long-term complications, and waning prevention from catching it is going to be a breeding ground for variants with higher likelihood of breakthrough potential. Another is they seem to have made this a dick-measuring contest to prove that they didn't get pushed around by Biden instead of actually making the right decision. https://arstechnica.com/science/2021/09/fda-advisors-greenlight-pfizer-boosters-for-people-65-and-at-risk-groups/
  18. I'm being honest, I wouldn't feel comfortable in a relationship but I think a one time event or whatever is fine.
  19. I feel like at that level it's all relative to the individual. People mature in different ways at different rates depending on their experiences. It's like I would *never* sleep with a 21 year old. 24 is starting to get like borderline for me, but it really depends on the person. I agree that the late 20s are a significant growth gap in general, and people could definitely throw *mission abort* flags, but I'm not ready to throw every 24-25 year old in the same group.
  20. Steam page is usually pretty good at conveying what is in the DLC, you just have to go to the DLC page to read it though.
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