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  2. I want to point out that @rc0101 also lives in Montana!
  3. Mariners play in a beautiful stadium. The product on the field is assy, but the stadium is great.
  4. I went ahead and preordered it. Not sure I'll keep it, $100 is a lot, but I can always change my mind later.
  5. I had no intention of buying all the mini/classic systems, but so far I have. Def getting the Genesis mini and possibly this.
  6. It's now live, $100 and not showing up on amazon.ca. =/ https://www.amazon.com/TurboGrafx-16-mini-Electronic-Games/dp/B07QD9GQ9J/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=turbografx+mini&qid=1563235818&s=gateway&sr=8-1 Well I think I can live without one.
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  8. Dear worthless speaker, do your mother fucking job already. Enough is enough of this bullshit.
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  10. Can anyone even pretend right now that the GOP isn't the party of white supremacy?
  11. Typical politician dodging the question and not addressing the real issues.
  12. After this hot summer, I need to do this. My house has no AC and it has been brutal.
  13. Can you... Call the cops on them?? "There are men outside knocking on the door telling me to come outside". Can you "stand your ground" in Florida?
  14. Skyward Sword isn’t what I’d call a Mario Party mini-game. Everything integrated in that game. Worked fine, for the most part. The joycon may not be the most capable motion controllers out there, but they’re apparently an improvement on Wii Motion +. I would still want to see more of that potential realized. Yeah, they could stand to benefit from spacial tracking too, but that’s also most important for the disembodied hand-like experiences you get in VR. Not everything using motion controls needs to be that.
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