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  2. My son is the same way. It's so funny what causes anxiety and what doesn't. He could get 100 shots in a row without skipping a beat... but 2 tablespoons of grape antibiotics is a 3 hour standoff involving gagging and vomiting and crying. Or rather it was a few years ago, its been a while... would probably go better these days...
  3. Finally getting around to finishing Hunter X Hunter.
  4. Then they should have given it to you months ago so they could dump it on D+ already. But maybe they hate money. Maybe.
  5. This. I think many people forget that suicide is often an act of passion. We already know that fewer guns lead to fewer murders, but nobody for a second believes that just because there are no guns around doesn't mean people just magically stop fighting or hating each other. It's just that those confrontations when faced with a very easy to use murder weapon will often escalate in ways they won't without them. The same applies to suicide.
  6. Not that it is by any means definitive but going off of the critic and user ratings on metacritic, it appears this is the consensus from best to worst (with Blood Omen 2 the only one being outright "bad"). There's no question there was a drop-off in quality after Blood Omen 1 and Soul Reaver 1. Soul Reaver 2 and Defiance are pretty evenly matched and are good enough but are a clear step down from the first two games. Blood Omen 2 has always been the odd one out. -Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver -Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain -Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 2 -Legacy of Kain: Defiance -Blood Omen 2: Legacy of Kain
  7. Have I told you that I eat my Hot Pockets with a fork? Also, don't like Hot Pockets. I did eat them when I was younger, but I'd say since like 2013 I haven't really eaten any. I have grown to hate the saucy-cheese slurry and the bread/crust. Like, I don't get why they can't use actual pizza dough to make the crust. Oh wait. I got a box of breakfast of Hot Pockets a few months ago. I only ate one and they are fucking dog shit. You don't even taste the bacon and the eggs. It is just some gross cheese slurry once again. Oh wait again. There was one time in the past 3 years, where I tried a few regular hot pockets, but in the oven. I had basically stopped microwaving anything at that point and wanted to see if even hot pockets could be improved by putting them in the oven. But they were just as shit as they always were. I do get pizza rolls every now and then. I maybe buy two 50 count bags a year. I haven't had frozen pizza in a while either. But that is usually a winter thing anyways.
  8. It's confusing because separately Del Toro co-wrote a film for director Robert Zemeckis, which is a film, titled The Witches which comes out later this year or next. So you have Wizards: Tales of Arcadia coming out (10 episode, one season animated TV show sequel) and also The Witches, a full-length live-action feature film, unrelated and separate.
  9. I believe that suicide should absolutely count on gun violence statistics. Plenty of studies and real world examples have shown suicide to be a deeply impulsive act. Even a modest inconvenience will stop a lot of people from attempting the act. There's a really good New York Times article from a while back about this: The Urge to End It - Understanding Suicide It gives some interesting examples, like how in the 60's and 70's Britain changed from coal gas to natural gas. Coal gas asphyxiation had become a major method of suicide before then due to its ease, relative painlessness, and being in essentially every modern home. Once the change was made and asphyxiation became much more difficult, it essentially disappeared as a method of suicide. The suicide rate dropped, and has never gone back up. By removing the easily accessible method, the people who would have killed themselves simply didn't. There's even an example of twin bridges where a suicide barrier was put in place on only one. People objected to the cost and argued that people would simply walk the extra hundred feet to the other bridge and jump off there. The barrier went up, suicides on the bridge down, and the jump rate and the other bridge didn't budge. Why? The first bridge had a waist high fence, and the second bridge had a chest high railing. An extra foot of climbing, the effort and time required to complete the task, was enough to make people not do it. Easy access to a gun absolutely 100% contributes heavily to the suicide rate in the US. It's not like every single gun suicide would go away if guns magically disappeared because not every single suicide is purely spur of the moment impulse, but a shocking number of them would.
  10. And if we're being honest, there's only about 10 minutes of the run time anyone actually watches...
  11. I started the process of going for my dual citizenship about two weeks before Covid really 'officially hit' and it's been one blow after another to an already up to 12-14 months wait time without anything that has happened this year. It's to the point my lawyer asked me to stop emailing her about my case until further notice.
  12. I'm a fan of the whole franchise (Blood Omen 2 being the . . . weird one) but without Amy Hennig I just don't see Crystal Dynamics returning to Legacy of Kain in any real, proper way (as much as I'd love it). All we got were horrible potential spin-offs like Dead Sun and Nosgoth. But yes, Crystal Dynamics should be pumping out triple AAA Legacy of Kain and Tomb Raider games, not . . . this. I am surprised though, I really liked Soul Reaver 2 and most seem too? Surprised - if you don't count Soul Reaver 2 you probably don't count Blood Omen 2 either (though that's in an alternate timeline anyway). Man, imagine a Dark Souls-like or Tsushima-style open-world like (or God of War semi-open world-type) Legacy of Kain remake combining Blood Omen 1 and Soul Reaver 1's worlds, towns, etc.
  13. You’re a lot of talk. Where are your food pictures? Show us all how it’s done. also it has to be food you made, not your wife.
  14. At least if @Bacon posts a picture of his Hot Pocket he'll have it cut open so you can see the insides.
  15. this is what you get for quickly reading through an article on Polygon. I stand (very much) corrected.
  16. He has been posting in threads of really bad games. There is definitely something wrong with him. No sane person enjoys Death Stranding.
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