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  2. Jason

    Nintendo How is Civ VI?

    I haven't played it on Switch. The new expansion is coming out soon so whatever platform you buy it on is probably wait for that at this point.
  3. A quick Google search says that if Netflix buys the software to track it, one of the remedies would be to make you upgrade to multi-screen plan anyhow. So unless you're sharing a single-screen plan or something, I don't see why it'd really affect you even if it's true.
  4. I dont see a problem. At least he didnt put dijon mustard on the spread for the burgers.
  5. Babylon Berlin season 2 Not as great as the first season. The characters that were vice cops in the first season get involved in a grand national conspiracy this time around and it just all feels like too much. I thought the show had done something pretty daring near the end of the season but it was just a very unfortunate head fake. 6.5/10
  6. That's a damn good guess.
  7. Keyser_Soze


    Not hard to do for the op.
  8. Keyser_Soze

    Emblazon & Triage Wedding Pictures!

    Gotta love the fancy lens flare in the 4th pic.
  9. Keyser_Soze

    I’m a mentally unstable racist and bigot

    Examples of your racism and bigotry? How far do you take it?
  10. Nothing to see here please just confirm the guy ASAP so he can totally clear the president thank you bye-bye.
  11. Boyle5150


    I like to masturbate
  12. There is little doubt in my mind that both of the cancelled Star Wars projects (Visceral's and this one) have the same root cause: EA's mandated use of the Frostbite Engine for all of it's projects. No pressure, Respawn Entertainment. None at all.
  13. Boyle5150

    I’m a mentally unstable racist and bigot

    Bring it, bitch boy.
  14. I'll probably pick it up once they release it for a third time.
  15. Keyser_Soze

    Nintendo New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe Reviews

    I've used a wiimote with Dolphin but you can also use the mouse on the fly. Like I used the mouse while my friend played with the wiimote.
  16. True. Except the last part. Astonishing enjoyer.
  17. Supposedly they are going to start cracking down on account sharing as well.
  18. Today
  19. Maybe now that Activision and Bungie have parted ways there will be more matchmaking options in Destiny as well.
  20. I read a lot of news daily and it's rare that I care that much to have a take on it. On a grand scale my thoughts are worthless. But what the fuck.... I can't....My head is swimming and confused looking at these pictures of Trump standing with all the fast food at the White House. My eyes are seriously cringing when I look at them. The level of cheapness and disrespect is on a whole new level.
  21. I hope this turns out good. It looks promising.
  22. So the Mustang is an automatic, the front looks nice (to me at least), the knob was unexpected
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