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  1. Boss fights in games where they aren't the main focus (Soulsborne-type titles)
  2. FDA advisers vote not to recommend Pfizer booster shots for most Americans | US news | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM Vote is a potentially significant blow to the Biden administration after it announced a plan to ‘boost’ adults
  3. BBC News - France recalls envoys after security pact row France recalls envoys after security pact row WWW.BBC.CO.UK France recalls its ambassadors from the US and Australia over a new security pact it said was "a stab in the back".
  4. Yep, same old pieces of shit: Taliban ban girls from secondary education in Afghanistan | Afghanistan | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM Government announces re-opening of high schools for boys but makes no mention of girls
  5. US admits Kabul drone strike killed civilians WWW.BBC.COM A US inquiry has found a drone strike in Kabul in late August killed 10 innocent people, a US official says.
  6. Just play Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes and you'll play the best game in the series.
  7. It happens sometimes to me as well. I'm pretty sure it's just a glitch in the cloud service which hosts the site.
  8. That's "Pasha" - an Illyrian Shepherd Dog that was given to him by the president of Serbia in 2019.
  9. According to data released by the security office of the DoD agency that I work for (DARPA), 91% of our personnel are fully vaccinated and 2% are partially vaccinated.
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