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  1. im down, I'm like 508!! I know, don't say it. No one wants me holding them back.
  2. HardAct

    Sales & Deals Steam Code Giveaway for Deadlight

    yes plz, was just reading reviews on this. Looks fun! Well thanks for the reply in messages, the code you gave me was already activated! Bummer, but oh well, thanks
  3. HardAct

    Sales & Deals Steam Code Giveaway for Deadlight

    sorry double post
  4. HardAct

    General Gaming Forza Horizon 4 OT

    They never dissapoint that's for sure!
  5. HardAct

    General Gaming What are you playing today?

    I rotating between Destiny 2, The Xbox One X enhanced version of Bio Shock, and Shadow of a Tomb Raider. None of which are getting long stretches but I'm trucking along at a slow pace. . .
  6. HardAct

    General Gaming Forza Horizon 4 OT

    I use Logitec g29 when I play and its fantastic. I also have it hooked to the Open Wheeler Racing Seat !! I just love it. I have this version because I wanted it to work with PS4 too and with that you'll have to use a PC to play Forza on Xbox. That's no biggie though, my PC runs it perfectly @1080p / 60. I wish there was a Logitec G series that worked with both consoles, but there isn't. Love these games, also the best yet is the Dirt Rally game with my setup!! Just Heaven period! PS: My New birthday / christmas present to MYSELF with be an NEW Dream PC to future my fun running a I7 8700k / Nvidia GTX 2080Ti !! Can't wait . . . . . . . .
  7. HardAct

    General Gaming Forza Horizon 4 OT

    Dont care about the 4 days early but im bittinng the bullet and buying the Ultimate Edition. There so much to do in these games, that said. . . . I still havent finished the blizzard expansion of FH3 lol!
  8. Ok, Ok . . . that makes sence! Thanks I get it. I said as a casual player, that's all. I did get one bright engram and one purple one that dropped that said it will be 506 but there not turned in yet. I was just commenting on the how to get guns to drop that use special ammo as I Only have a shotgun and a sniper rifle period. I don't remember those types of weapons being that scarce. I'm getting over an hour a night, close to maybe 90 minutes a day, so I'll finish the campain by the end of next week. Hunting the last guys two night, but may only get to one of them! Just killed the mechinist? He was easy!
  9. I have the last of the guys Spider sent me to hunt, I'm level 501. Still nothing, not a one this worth mentioning has dropped. Not a single Exotic. Getting to the Hard cap of 600 seems impossible to a casual player like myself. I am having fun killing things, my bow is useless as it's 410, so I'm just hoping for a legendary pulse or scout that uses the green ammo to drop @500. I'm using a shotgun though its 500, but just a blue becasue I can't get anthing good that dosent use primary ammo now. Dont want both guns using the same damned ammo do I?
  10. Oh no you didn't . . . .lol. It took me over a year to start using my bought grocery bags, I now remember to bring them with me every time! I'm saying this to show just how long change takes me. I now recycle almost everything we throw away, that took a very long time. My Dad only recycled cans period! I'm really not amused by the way @johnny comes across in these threads. Just way to "attacky" to be believable let alone respected, or taken at all seriously! Just listen to yourself. Your way to high on yourself @johnny. You call it passonite. I call it a lack of respect. Not even going to mention my meat preferences as I'm sure nothing would make these standards, "murder out"
  11. I like the fact that future DLC would probably come with at least 8 new maps for the multi-player 6 v 6 or 8 vs 8 matches, 4 new zombie maps and 1 new battle royal map per map pack? That would be nice!
  12. Bought and Downloaded on my X! Gonna be a fun ride!
  13. I'm gonna pop on and try and finish the Forsaken story, or maybe try and just get 1 1/2 hours in strait. Haven't done that in a very long time. Iike the Bow but it's power is huring me now. It's purple and only 410. So about almost 35 levels lower then average drops right now. I'm at about 448, getting there! Still nothing cool has dropped and I'm doing as many of the Blue banner Raids as I can {or are they strikes I get that shit confused }! I would love a Exotic Bow or a Exotic anything lol!
  14. Id do some raids with you guys, i'll be nice and hang way behind so's not to get in the way. . . ? SHIT! Sorry, i'm at 418, damn it . . .
  15. I ramped up to around 445ish quicly but no exotics equipped anywhere anylonger still going through story, did spiders bounties and quit with the "go back and visit spider" quest availible!