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  1. I hope they just push it back till it's perfect in there eyes. I'd love to play it on PC first or XSX, but I won't have the latter till middle next year. I want the best version, as I love 7 so much! Resident Evil is my favorite franchise by a large margin, that said I hated 6! I'm very much looking forward to getting RE8 and 4remake soon'ish.
  2. So...is the EA thing permanent? or a year thingy? I haven't heard either way, but it's pretty damn incredible anyway. Bethesda is my favorite game dev ever and I was already a Gamepass Ultimate sub'er! adding in EA and it's just some tasty gravy.
  3. Sorry guys, Your all very excited as you should be, but DAMN! I have just no patience for this crap. I would've pre-ordered a PS5 if I could've but these cards, I'm just gonna wait now that 3080's with 20Gigs V-ram have been all but confirmed {?}, it's much easier. I'll try here and there and if at all possible I'll gladely just sell the pre-order free of charge. I feel I need to help all us here on these boards that just want a badass GPU and aren't trying to make money off them. I'll try with you guys to counter the scalpers!! With a 3080 with a possible 20G ram and/or a possible 30
  4. I think they both look like there designed to be stood up. I'm sure the heat they create is the main reasoning. I know they both can lay horizontally but having them vent strait up is probably the best. I'm sure there will be thermal testing on youtube by the hundreds...lol
  5. I've had a 4TB WD external drive also hooked up to my Xbox1X, it's only 1/3rd full and a WD 5TB Black hooked to my PS4pro that I love too
  6. IF THEY PROVE TO BE CORRECT, Yea don't know why but it shocked me as I've been actively pondering a 2TB m.2 now for a month! Those are the same cost as a 1TB xbox ones. This will hurt for sure, 1TB sucks but we knew that going in. Looks like I'm buying a drive for my PC and watching you guys for a few months hook up and enjoy your new consoles and graphics cards this year anyway. 200 for a good 2TB gaming PC drive is looking great to me now...lol Go figure!
  7. 1TB Series s & x Memory cards? I usually don't do this, but caught up in the ps5 preorder woes, but this did catch me off guard a bit! Really hope it's not this much, I've been wanting a M.2 gaming only card 2TB for my gaming PC and there well over 200 but wasn't really thinking about possible costs for the consoles, thoughts? These are 219.99 for 1TB is reliable!!
  8. Yea I had one in the cart but just couldn't really justify the extra cost and while in the cart I was booted out saying it had changed. Was exciting for a sec, but at least I was able to talk myself down of the ledge, not that it was a guarantee anyways!!
  9. Had no chance really but to be honest I tried for a few hours early this morning say 3am'ish. Sorry guys that really really wanted one, as I feel you. Personally I really wanted to wait but got caught up in the shiny new console thoughts too! Oh well the world will not end because of this anyway. This Virus and the state of the world these days on top of these amazing new machines and graphics cards releases that are always in the best situations very limited at launches anyway, so it is what it is. I'm prepared for a cluster fuck experiences on all of them. Sorry guys, i'll be waiting till I
  10. NO WAY THAT's TRUE!! I think it's less then 50% better a 2080Ti. 2x would be absolutely insane!
  11. I WISH, as I don't feel suckered but a but like I should've waited a bit longer. Losing my Gaming rig and consoles in the fire, I had to build something! Many helped me piece this bad boy together, and where to save a few bucks to be able to get my 2080Ti, so I'm greatfull for what I have, but I want the best damnit!
  12. Yea, Don't think he leaked anything that wasn't shown in the add thingy, clearly chows the white lights. My PC is white with blue lights, I love the white Zotec/Gaming logo on my 2080Ti just wish it said....well 2080Ti!! lol
  13. Wanted a C9 so bad but I just can't do it. In reality I want a 85 inch display with 2.1, g-sync 4k {dont care about 8k obviously} and 120htz @4k. The C9 is expencive {understandably} and only max 77" LOL!!! I have a Samsung Q8fn 65" and it's so good for the price I paid! Not a LG C9, but you know. Like I have said, I will not be preordering these cards, I'm just 1 year on my 2080Ti / i7 9700k so i'm just excited is all. Having the time to watch and really see exactly what I want is nice and had it not been for the FUCKING CAMP fire in paradise Ca I'd be building and spending money
  14. Gonna be so jealous of you 3080/3090 guys out the gate. I'm so excited to see the Professionals get there little hands on these things and we see real world numbers, so exciting. I'm set to build a 4k/120 capable PC rig and just be happy for a long time. I'm hoping this is easy for the 3090 to do across the board, but we hall see. Then I can narrow in on my new TV to pair with it. must be 2.1 {of course} and be able to have a 120{+} refresh rate in 65" and have G-sync would be a great selling point Really interested to know how you guys feel about there being a Ti version of the 30
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