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  1. I have been stuck inside the map now in 2 different areas, one time i did it 2x in the same spot! doing a glory kill on the floating tomatoe guys over a ledge, thus using the dash to get back on the ledge backwards and ending up going through an invisible wall. For the most part it's a beautiful chaotic romp thats for sure. I am having an issue playing with HDR on where the map is all but completely invisible. if you google it, it's a known issue. sucks because it looks great with HDR on, but everything else @4k Ultra settings, V-sync on {Qled 65" samsung q8fn} and 60Hz. never ever will you see it dip below 60fps so I'm happy as a get go . . . lol GPU: 2080Ti
  2. WHAT??!! Man..... I in no way was looking for something like that. This forum helped us a lot {Here me} when looking for a way to just getaway from the hurricane so-to-speak that was November 8th 2019 up till now. We have come so very far from then, but we are far from the stability we took for granted right up till the day of the Fire and then the diagnosis of my Son {Donnie} literally the day a after! I'd love to own a VR headset, have a great PC to run one, thanks for the offer, and shipping and then some could easily be worked out! Thanks @Spork3245 I have no Idea what they cost but I know they ain't cheap! HalfLife: Alex really caught my eye, and I would love to own a VR Set to give it justice, thanks so much.
  3. Man I would love to play this game, just wow. Huge half life fan here. No way after the fire, the loss of our home, both our jobs and our vehicles could I justify right now buying a decent VR set up. I could dream, but I'm just glad we are back on our feet, new home, etc. I'll be broke for the next 20 years trying to catch up. The game looks fantastic though. I'll live vicariously through you guys with impressions, and the like!! One can dream cant I. Man....looking back, we had everything before November 8th 2019 the day of the camp fire. Losing literally everything is very humbling to say the least. We've come along ways, but gaming has taken a back seat in a many, many row bus of life. So.....lots of impressions plz
  4. Well hell, This is going to he my final console generation. Even though my wife literally laughed out loud when I said that, I feel it in my bones. They both sound great, and will be day bbn one purchased by me. So I'm excited, but I'll be a pc gamer for the most part along side these two beauties. Finally getting 4k / 60fps as the standard is the most exciting thing for me. Can't wait to own these two new game boxes!
  5. Absolutely!! Just bought this from CD keys. Deluxe Edition 71.95 it's a Bethesda key but oh well. Plus it's all ready preinstalled. Love that. Cant wait to rip hell a new one, Again!!
  6. Yea I agree. That's the game I was playing when the camp fire struck us Nov. 8th thus losing the disc and console etc. I keep thinking that its gonna be a playstation plus game, thus making me not buy it again! I miss it and hopefully will own it yet again! That said, I'm trucking through Zelda: Breath of the Wild and it's fantastic. The switch was the only piece of electric equipment I didnt lose in that fire. Well the console, lost the base! It's just so great, and unique, and cant stop playing it. I play at least 1 hour a day, and that's alot for me...
  7. I'd easily pay for a high end console from both companies. Problem is they aren't going to be that remarkable if they launch at 400 bucks! That's crazy talk. Make them amazing, packed with what makes games great hardware wise and I'm in at anywhere between 5-600 each! I have $1200 put aside for this years consoles and hope they dont go cheap high end to save costs. Build It badass and price it fairly, then I'm a customer day one!
  8. REALL?? But fucking made me laugh . . .
  9. Been playing Nioh on the PS4, bought it and played about 5 hours and stopped. I'm gonna get through this this time . . .
  10. AWESOME!! I lost everything in the camp fire, obviously my gaming collection took a huge hit as well. I've been wanting Horizon Zero dawn & The new God of War again, but haven't pulled the trigger. I never started GoW and was very early in Hzd. Playing it on my beast of a PC gaming rig would be amazing! This is some good news. Along with the news of Mlb the show coming to PC, things are a changing! NOW IF I COULD JUST AFFORD A COUPLE GAMES........!
  11. This should test our new gaming rigs and cards, very interesting. I don't know if it would be fun to just fly around for very long, but the eye candy could be the ultimate bench test for a gaming rig huh? Looks stunning though!
  12. Personally I want it to be as powerful as possible and be under 600, so I'm all-in day one at 599.99. I'm sure that at this price point though they will have to have a lower 399.99 console to gather momentum and numbers, but I love high end stuff, its in my nature . . .
  13. IGN Next Gen Xbox Series X costs.... Thoughts? I'm hoping they go all out and build a beast console, I'll buy it day one, I can not wait . . . I think that they are spot on, but man at that price they just won't sell well, so It could hurt, but if they are right about the CPU and GPU than this will be the closest we have ever gotten to a mid / high end gaming PC out of the gates. It's super exciting, plus I love the look of the new console. That said I'm a PS5 adopter day one too, and I think this will be my last gen of console gaming at least day one stuff. We will finally have consoles that can deliver native 4k @60fps. That is exciting, so.....thought guys and gals?
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