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  1. The LG CX is in the Garage as we have company tonight, but earlier today I fired up the game on my Peasant Samsung Q8fn 65" Qled...lol and I gotta say, this is an amazing looking game! WOW! One of the best on the ps4 pro anyways. I love how it had the performance setting for the PRO Thanks @best3444 I think we made the right choice this over Mario Golf, the fact that it's a end of month Release date too helped, THANKS MAN! Great game so far, and a treat & visual showcase for those of us holding on too last gen awhile longer......That and t he fact that after reading and wa
  2. Ive been freeking out a bit going over how to set this all up as when I go into Nvidia control panel I don't have that option to set up G-sync! Now I'm thinking that you have to enable it first in the TV menu and then the option will be visible to the panel? I very hardly ever go into the Nvidia control panel. Is this correct? I have never had a TV, or monitor with the Gsync option before? Think this is why totday it's not even in the control panel options on my TV? I pick up the LGCX tomarrow!!
  3. fixed spelling so I don't get reeeeeeeeamed Do you recommend the warrenty? I know it's expensive and only my NU8000 is under warranty for 5 years, don't know why I did that one and not the other 3, but that's me! Weeeeeee how great it is to me! I'm not getting the Gx. The 77" C1 is though pulling me because cost is so much lower that the CX at launch. Knowing how much it's dropped as I watched every damned day, the new model will do the same and personally it's going to be such a great value later next year. I'm leaning though LG CX or Q90 about 2 months from now
  4. hell the 77" LG GX is the same price as the LG C1 now, it's the higher end model isn't it, brighter, etc? See what my head puts me through? I' was so surprised that my hand actually clicked confirm purchase yesterday after, and this is not a lie, hundreds of times doing so on many different sites. It's not healthy, it isn't I TELL YOU.
  5. Thanks man, I am so excited and grateful that I'm able to recoup at least half what I paid for the Q8fn. I've been impressed with myself not being to bothered that I don't own the new consoles. I've never ever not had a console at launch, well with in the last 25 years that is and meaning Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. Now I'm beginning to feel that pull. I even put PS5 in Google shopping and of course there were none anywhere, I then did Series X lol to no avail. I do not need these right now, really I don't but they would be nice. My PC has been a great deterrent lately with Game pass ultimat
  6. Went ahead and bought the LGCX 65" to celebrate my new game....lol Gonna wish I had a PS5 worse than ever I'm sure!
  7. So I have been watching this tv now for a very very long time it seems! I had already just bought my Samsung Q8fn and it has been very hard to justify the price. It wasn't cheap @$1600 but a lot cheaper than the LGCX was by 1000's of dollars. That said, with a 2080Ti gaming rig already and the fact that I will own both a Series X and a PS5 in due time, I've really been wanting this TV to future proof my Gaming hobby and to own one of the best TV's ever reviewed. I'm planning a completely NEW Gaming PC too at the end of 2022 or when the RTX40 {What ever it's going to be called} series is rele
  8. Got the $50 code man, Thank you sir your a kinde man! Sucks, Ghosts on CD Keys is 30.00 and on psn its 40.19, weird price but thankful either way. That's my new game!
  9. I'm not on or off the Mariners bandwagon, that said....The Mariners were my favorite team growing up. What a line up. RANDY Johnson pitching, Ken Griffey jr, Joey Corra, Frank thomas, Edgar martinas, and young Alex Rodgegas!!! Sorry about names and spelling, it's been over 30 years!
  10. Where do you buy game codes from there young man? I get my codes instantly, Amazon, cd key, etc. You shopping somewhere fishy son?.....lol
  11. I o ow I'm late to the party, but this game ran perfectly for me @ 1440p / 120 with everything on max! This is why I keep getting games on pc. I dont have a ps5 or series x do I'm good for awhile still! My next tv will be here soon to a 77 inch lgcx and I'll be even better ready for the future!
  12. That's fine and it's cheap and not on PC dang it so Ghosts plz. My Ps4 Pro really needs some attention. and another thing I hate about the PS4, I can't set the resolotion to 1440p / 120. I love how on Xbox I can just switch the depending on the game. Shark Eater, yea 4k / 60 please. Dishonored 2 ok 1440p / 120 thank you! Destimy 1440p / 120, The whiteness 4k / 60 and off I go. I like the PS4, I di it just is third place to my PC and then Xbox. Hey now back off, It's called an opinion. I don't judge you with you ps5 in your arms all snuggled up in bed as soul mates, it's all good man!
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