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  1. I'll be on first thing too all long as the servers hold that is, pretty excited for this actually!
  2. Haven't even turned on a game yet on the 65" LGCX in the game room since I got the 83" LGC1 in the home theater....lol That and It has the Series X hooked to it!! I love the gaming menu that pops up when you have a game on, showing VRR, 120htz, etc love it so much but i eventually have to have this all in the game room, the wife will want her screen time too...lol
  3. Ouch!! I wanted this to be an amazing game for the BF enthusiast out there. I've never been good at these games but I usually ended up getting them at least 1year later. Take BF3 I really liked that one, and I was so bad at it....lol I'm not going to touch this game at all unless it's a free GP or EA play GP included game, I've read and seen enough. Man that Trailer is pretty epic, I didn't think any game in real time could playout like that, way to episodic and movie like. I do think it's the best game trailer ever put out there hands down. I also haven't played now or bought a CoD game in many years, I loved them, had some great times with them but there just not for me anymore either....
  4. We came close to getting the lgc1 77" for our home theater project, but even the wife said "go big of go home" on this one. We wanted that wow factor and the 83" lgc1 oled does not disappoint, go fir it if you can, it's an amazing size! Coming from a 65" nu8000 we know we made a wise choice on this purchase! PICTURES HERE
  5. Weird, now almost 2 weeks with our 83" lgc1 I can not see what you mean on mine. It's just spectacular and I'm known to send tvs back for having even the slight issue. This tv is amazing sitting in front of course, but also from anywhere in the livingroom and even far off to right in out family room it fantastic at a pretty good angle. Sorry man, I really am. Glad I have the warrenty through the total tech program, I'm just gonna use it how I want and see what happens....
  6. Simply because I'm backlogged from hell and back like always. Just getting the Series X didn't help and that's a fun thing. I was really content with my PC lately, grateful to have built it when I did and glad I spent a good amount matching the i7 9700k / 2080Ti. Knowing this PC holds it's own and will continue to do so in these crazy times is humbling too. I have the XSX hooked up in the Home Theater plugged into my LGC1 and it's just jaw dropping gorgeous along with just the bad ass sound system we already have in there and are only going to make better once the TV is paid off. I don't need to buy Death Stranding anytime soon, must finish this small amount of games I have committed some serious time too or I'll end up never finishing them and I'm getting tired of doing this. Especially to some fantastic games like Ghosts, and Far Cry 6, even Metroid on the Switch that is also hooked up to the LGC1. Got tired of all you guys drooling over that new Oled switch I thought I'd one up you and see what it's like on the 83" lol. Thank good ness I finished God of War, what a fantastic game even though that took over 3 years. I know we seem to always feel the grass is always greener yadda, yadda but I really did want the PS5 this generation. My PC like you said was doing me just fine, but I'm grateful to have the XSX I / we know the difficulties in getting one for some. I did sign up for the "CHANCE TO GET ONE FROM" playstation.com I guess we'll see if that goes anywhere. Man I just wish I could just pay 600 for a disc version and be done with it, but I have so much, I really should slow down and smell the roses a bit for awhile. Not saying I will, or that I can, I just know that I should.....
  7. Man I would just love a remake of Devil Dice on the ps1. My wife and I really enjoyed that one, like you I miss these type games. Lumines is just great period!
  8. One game I'm waiting on for a ps5 and haven't had any part of it spoiled for me. This and Ratchet and Clank I'm just waiting till I'm with console, same with the spiderman games, havent played or watched any story content or spoilers other than trailers. Only good thing about the scarcity of the ps5 is the games out early will be dirt cheap. Demon souls, R&C, Ghosts (upgrading that one if possible), etc. Gotta find the positives where you can I guess.....
  9. This shit is horrid if true / untrue, if true then see ya so long, good by, rot in HELL, etc, etc. If untrue though, fuck this world is just so hard to stick up for.
  10. Easily the easiest decision in gaming for me in awhile. Thank you Nintendo, no that's a nope from me, not in the slightest interested! If my wife still played Animal Crossing I'd see a possibility but I tried I cant get her interested in gaming for the life of me. Yes she played Animal Crossing and seemed to like it, but shes far more content with match 3 games and merge dragons type stuff. I dont see the point, but I'm not judging. I bought her a brand new Samsung galaxy S7 + 12 inch Oled tablet. It's the best you can buy right now has a drop dead gorgeous screen on it "WOW" and shes really likening that playing her games on that and not on her Samsung Note 8bso much. I have the best stuff, I like knowing she does too.... MOTHER FUC$@ER I CAN RAMBLE........😫
  11. 20211130_142552.jpg - Google Drive DRIVE.GOOGLE.COM 20211130_142502.jpg - Google Drive DRIVE.GOOGLE.COM 20211130_142334.jpg - Google Drive DRIVE.GOOGLE.COM 20211130_142327.jpg - Google Drive DRIVE.GOOGLE.COM 20211128_153833.jpg - Google Drive DRIVE.GOOGLE.COM
  12. It's just a venier cover over cheaper wood we got the set at Ashley's furniture after the fire took all our furnature. It's meant to all be together with a shelf across the top, I like the look of the towers separated and let me tell you there heavy as fuck, especially the main entertainment base, its easily 250lbs. I love the fact that I can now finally see behind the thing and not have to squeeze past the edge of the 65" Samsung nu8000 that was there. Just sold that tv for 700 so I'm happy about that
  13. Can be a good thing the 4 / 120 pass through chip set issues are still a thing. Theres a reason we arent seeing 2021 receivers and it's almost 2022. I'm waiting but I know theres a way to make sure you have the updated firmware and the newer chips that show it made past may. If you look it up its online. I'm not sold on the deno but it perfectly covers my needs. I'm going amp first and waiting to see the new line revievers to make a sound decision, this has to be perfect. My best buy has the denon in stock, I'm waiting
  14. Home Theater Update PICTURES HERE! Well The 27th cam and went and along with it our 83" LGC1 was installed into our home theater! So damned exciting and what a stunner it is too! It just can not disappoint! The complete picture I had in my head is now coming to light. We knew it was going to be an expensive project and knew it could take awhile to get it all done but it's now about 75% done! The 2 most expensive components are in there spots. Speakers are paid for, they cost the most and it's on to the final 2.5 pieces. I made the decision to place the SVS ultra center on top of the entertainment center thus raising the TV higher than I first envisioned but it's so perfect! This is a really bright room too so we had all new blackout blinds put it {By Me} and it made a HUGE difference just leaving a large half circle window at the back of the room...lol This was extremely distracting when we first turned it on, it's all we saw but the tilt feature took care of that and my wife gets to keep her window and the plants that live there, happy wife, happy life! I have 4 Dolby Atmos height SVS prime elevations to install still 2 in Front L/R and 2 in the rear L/R up high, its a great room for it being raised Ceilings anyway and I don't have yet the needed AVR for that. In total I'll need 11 channels and 2 subs outs to complete the 7.2.4 Atmos set up. Going from a 7 ch to an 11 ch really ups the cost, so something like the Denon X6700H or something like that and I'll be adding an amp with at least 7 channels to power it like it should be, something like the Outlaw 7000 series 130 watts all channels driven. Leaving the Denon to only handle the 4 height channels and the subs!!! THIS HERE is my vision where it is now, more to come for those interested ...
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