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  1. My lord I loved Grim Dawn & DLC. It's the only game that I have played in a few years that I just couldn't get enough of. I beat it in 3 difficulty settings and theres 2 more. I did since move on but loved it as a whole! The dlc is awesome too and these games just click with me. Notable mentions: Torchlight 2 & Diablo 3: Reaper of souls Very much anticipating Diablo IV
  2. I couldnt find it? It's not steam, where can I buy/download sh2 on pc? I'm all over a 2 remake, just like dead space 1 & 2. If there anything like the RE remakes it's going to be awesome
  3. Me too plz!!! I need to buy this on the downlow as $650 on another gaming handheld around here for my shelf isn't easily justifiable right now. Just spent $575 on 8 ps5 games, second ps5 controller, ps5 black plates, s 2Tb seconded M.2 drive, and a ps5 controller charger and I still haven't played anything on the ps5 except 2 hours of Returnal. GOD I hope there aren't "Pro" versions of these consoles coming holidays next year......lol ALL THIS: plus a planned from the ground up gaming pc build late 2023, (Scalpers will most certainly control when I do this, the plan is a 4080 Ti) starting to think I'm not that into games themselves anymore, more so the gaming tech. I could stop right now and have plenty of AAA titles to play through for the next 5Years minimum!!!
  4. Me either.....lol Crazy how this just keeps on paying out for them. I have never Beaten a GTA game but played them all. I only bought GTA3 back in the day. They were all great tech each one pushing what platforms they were on to the limits. GTA5 is still doing this now with all the mods and such. GTA5 is the only one in the series that I couldn't really get into, butt used more so as a Benchmark for my gaming pcs. Also I have never even sniffed the online portion of the games. Obviously they remain popular and there is really no incentive to hurry and release GTA6 bring in this kind of cash year after year! Sucks for there fans that patiently await a new game. Few devs can ever sit back and release a game every 10 years...lol
  5. 512, I'll buy a 1tb when I get my 512gig Steam deck. Hope the best ones are around 150$ but either way I'll get it. 512 gig has been just fine for my Switch, I still have......WELL F$#K$%G HELL, only have 617MB free SH$T! Oh well, good to know before XBC3 comes out! Looks like I'm buying a 2x 1TB cards in the near future damnit!
  6. I LOVED Dead Space 1 and I don't agree with your take on the first game, DS2 was really good also but DS1 is one of my favorite games ALLTIME! Getting a Complete remake akin to Resident Evils 1 & 2 remakes makes me extremely happy. I'm a all things horror fan though so just my opinion of course. Day onw for me!
  7. WOW, I want in on that train pllz!!!!
  8. WTF !!!!! The Stanly Parable: Ultra Deluxe IGN Review 9 Mindlessly surfing Vampire: Bloodline reviews satisfied this game IS NOT FOR ME in anyway what so ever, I stumbled upon this game on IGN! Just TOTALLY random mindless new game surfing, while looking to maybe get the RE7: Remake / Intergrade for PS5 free, I find this? I have NEVER HEARD OF IT! Excited to have maybe found another GEM I must buy NOW for completely unjustifiable reasons. I have a Mountain of games bought just in the last 2 weeks, SO....I did, and on Switch even! This is crazy, gives me 12 minute vibes, but with Portal tells. I'm loving this, where did this come from? How many games like this don't I know about? Where the FU%K have I been? Honestly I haven't a clue this game existed, and it's on everything imaginable too. So cool, different, and I'm 100% in. Trying to get more involved with the Switch too so this works. I can see how in 2013 K/M controls would be king here but I've not heard of it before so I'm just enjoying this MIND FU%K! I'm sure everyone here has heard and played it forever ago, but this seems to be the definitive edition with new content added a complete overhaul visually and Hardware wise. This is just way cool. Seriously anything totally unique like this that I don't know of, Please point me in that direction. I would greatly appreciate it. No wait maybe don't, really I'm good. Thanks anyway, but honestly yea could you. Please don't, unless it's REALLY gooooood........NO Thanks!! My attempt of humor is out there I know and I'm working on it, so just know that I know it's a problem already....
  9. Me too, We are in the minority though as MOST EVERONE raves about New Vegas. It was a good game yes, nowhere near the game FO3 was though IMHO. I want a NEW Fallout just like 3 with todays graphical and framerate improvements and I'm a Day One buyer! The Base building was complete optional in Fallout 3 for the most part. DLC aside of course. Hell even a full Remake Resident evil 1 & 2 style of FO3 and I'd be on board.
  10. I never really got into XbC 1 and am afraid of kind of on Switch, I loved 2 though but again from what I'm hearing about graphical anomalies on the remaster I haven't pulled the trigger. XbC2 is a fantastic game and I've always wanted to replay that one. I do have XbC 3 pre-ordered for Switch I just hope it runs and plays like BotW and I'll be elated! Careful: You get chastised for lengthy ramblings here........ Though mine are more fall off the cliff ramblings with only a sprinkle of sentences here and there with any "MEAT" to them, so....you probably be fine. Carry on.
  11. I have a friend that wants me to build him a PC in mid June. He wants a 3070Ti or 3080 and I've seen them at near MSRP on STOCKX.com. anyone ever use them, I've looked them up and there in 200 countries with 2000 employees but I've never heard of them? Anyway he wants a 10900k, Gen 4 Motherboard {Z490?} and a 3080 to start with, I still say hold off but he's about 6 years in on the last build I did for him. It's stressful building for people, but luckily the last build we did had no issues other that a bad stick of ram during the build way back then.
  12. Right now I'm still trucking through Borderlands 3 on Steam {Managed an impressive 3 1/2 hours tonight} before I tackle Elden Ring ON XSX and the 7 games I bought for the PS5 to get me started. "LOL.....Get Me STARTED" That's easily enough gaming for this entire year, oh and II have Xeno Blade Chronicles 3 switch pre-ordered that should be a 80+ hour game too....
  13. Totally agree, I love retro gaming and older games but I don't want to be stuck there, games today are amazing! For the amount of just fantastic AAA titles on the 360 though is why I picked it. I know I had the most fun gaming on that console during that stretch.
  14. last night very late I launched Ratchet & Clank: A rift Apart for the first time on my 83" Lgc1 and I was blown away, truly a visual masterpiece. I'll admit I didn't play it though, just wanted to see how it looked......
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