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  1. HardAct

    General Gaming Good morning fellow gamers

    hey again I have been in shock as can be expected, wife if fucking losing it. This forms been a great release forum been a great release over the years, and a much needed escape. i just don,t know where to start now. thanks for the kind words, means alot.
  2. Just a quick hello, shit has really hit the fan for me and my family. Bear with me. I find out out Wednesday night my son has a stage 4 brain stem tumor, FUCK!! My wife and I have been driving 4 hours a day for an entire week to go through the testing with him Bamm Thursday, he gets released to come do treatment in the hospital where my wife works and we life. Find out that night that's it is stage 4 inoperable. He asks if he can come down and stay a day, sure......and here the real kicker. On TV a warning Paradice California is being evacuated! Where my wife works where the treatment was to be. 20 minutes later my kid daughter is at my house and my wife and her jump in the car to paradise and grab cat and some stuff, FUCK, there to be right back. 3 hours later I realize the stuck in the middle of the paradise blaze. I lose power and cell services! No one saying evacuate magalia where we live, but 3 hour of waiting, I realize were fucked. I grab one computer. My dog 2 hand fills of clothes a few stupid shit and jump in truck. At this time I'm in line with a direction away from where my mife went. 5hours later I make it the 13 Mile's to chico and call wife on a stranger's phone, ok where all ok, about 2 more hours apart. We spend night in my truck behind all the first responders, and the start getting news. Paradise California is a complete loss, so is lower magalia where we live. I'm homeless and jobless and so is my daughter and all my friends. What the fuck just happened. Fastest moving wildfire in California in history, moving 80 football fields a minute. We literally have nothing. Nothing. It's hard, because we had everything, life was perfect. Dont blink gamers / friends. Hold on to what and whom you love. Dont let go! Finally seeing all the hard work we had done, complete movie multi media super sound movie room, 4 xbox ones, 2 ps4 pros. 1 75 in old lg, 2 65 inch samsungs, my ne gamer PC, our 3k brand new couches, my shef, with 30kplus in welders and tools, generators, all my tools! I just am frozen in place, someone slap me.
  3. HardAct

    PC LTTP: Doom (2016)

    yup for sure, it's my favorite game to just jump into here and there and just kill shit. It's almost perfect and I can not wait for the next installment!
  4. HardAct

    PC Steam Halloween Sale is Live

    Thats where I am too, I have the game and all dlc on ps4 with about 3 hours of time put into it!
  5. I'm in a pickle, wife just left to go to friends retirement party, over a 90 minute drive. I last minute decided I didn't want to go, so I have a minimum or 5-6 hours of alone time to fire up Red Dead Redemption 2 right now! was playing Dark Souls Remastered but died for the 20th time in an hour, so RDR2 in my ear, and on the verge of a rage quitting DS1, I know I shouldn't, but . . .
  6. HardAct

    Gaming Accessories External drive for xbox question

    I can tell you it is normal. I bought a white External WD My passport 3.0 awhile back for my white ps4pro and when it's off no light! Yesterday I bought a Black 4TB WD My Passport External HD so same as the white one, though for the Xbox X and yea, the light stays on / blinks even when completely shut down. No worries bud! did think it was a pretty good deal, as the 2 gig is 89.99 and the one I bought { 4TB } was just 9.99 more. I know they go on sale often but, this is all I'll need as long as it lasts! I like that they match the consoles look well and are not very big, nice little needed IMHO accessories I believe!
  7. Funny, Yea I couldn't wait and like I said, bought the "special Edition" at 11:00pm. Started the Install, shut off controller and TV, walked out to livingroom fired up Dark Souls on Switch {yup, I know! I said I wouldn't buy it again, lol} made it to Blighttown {furthest I have ever played through it} shut off Switch, went to bed. Wake up fire up Xbox X and see RDR2 is fully installed, shut it off and go to day1patch to read how everyone likes the game. I'm in trouble, and I see the pattern, I'm like frozen. If I fire up RDR2 I'll not go back to Dark Souls. I can't frikk'in wait till a game gets released, then it is and I don't play it. WTF is wrong with me! lol
  8. Epic fail on my part, went and bought the "special" edition on the X, I'm disappointed in that I couldnt even wait till Friday after all my "no going to throw money at everything and anything shiny" speech. I have no self control. I think it comes from growing up very poor in Chula Vista, single parent. I never got anything as a kid. So now that I can, I just do! I know I'll love this one though! Next goal, no more games period until next year. And quote me here guys. If I buy the new fallout I will also buy someone here a copy for their choice of console! I mean it, period!
  9. its only for fallout for now, so pass for me!
  10. Oh my goodness, this is a good deal. I have a launch Xbox one in my closet, gonna go look this up now. I wont bite unless its the white Xbox One One
  11. No way no how am I getting this game, I'm just not going to do it. Red Dead Redemption 2 is the only game left this year for me. For the first time ever, I'm not buying another game! If all goes well, Resident Evil 2 next year will be my next game after that, even if delayed! I loved Fallout 4, but this will not be mine. I really honestly do not have any interest in it either, but that has never stopped me from buying anything and everything. This is more a foot down thing. Side note, although I know I'm buying RDR2, I'm not going to pre-order it either, or buy the day one release. I'm gonna wait till I beat more of Forza 5. I want it, but hell I'm only 9 hours into God of War, etc. Backlog has finally caught up with me, and I have to stop throwing money at everything that is shiny!
  12. OMG! I didn't even know this was a thing and it launches literally tomorrow? 10/19/18 I was poking around looking at the remastered Dark Souls 1 because I was thinking of getting it for switch. That has gone away, but in my searching I come across the DS Trilogy with DS1 remastered, and DS 2 / 3 with all DLC. This is unbelievable and simply can't see why it's not all over the place on these boards. I was just about to buy DS remastered for Xbox One X for 39.99 when I saw this last second for $80. I never beat Dark Souls 1 because of frame rate, never got back to it. I'm buying this right now, I know as far as DS fan boys I'm not the best at them, but they intrigue me. I own 3 on ps4, but I'm just gonna jump at this, anyone else on board? Only bummer is looks like remastered is the only one locked @60fps, others {2/3} are 30, so there very well could be another set down the road, thought?
  13. They all can afford a wonderful vacation after release at least, so there's that!
  14. Yup, just like the "Y" button in forza . . . well kinda, and/or pressing the start button a fraction before the finish line and hitting replay race. We gamers don't have the balls to except true life consequences I guess . . .
  15. Ok, I see yes it is in a way. There are only about 10 games that are on both so yes but a pass for me. Bummer!