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  1. I will probably just blind buy this game. Love AOE and Civilization games. I loved Civilization 2 test of time best of all though.
  2. Let's rate them @Mr.Vic20 sir! Ok, this wasnt very fun............🤧
  3. So........ Who's the top 3 gaming rigs from these board 2019? I've never been even in the top 25 so you know......... For science
  4. This grandson will be our 10th so if I'm not, I'm pretty sure I am now! When I say old school gamer, I'm not joking. I've played them all. It's in my DNA
  5. Hey guys and Gals . . . . Here's a recap of the past year . . . . . ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Original post November 11th 2018 Just a quick hello, shit has really hit the fan for me and my family. Bear with me. I find out out Wednesday night my son has a stage 4 brain stem tumor, FUCK!! My wife and I have been driving 4 hours a day for an entire week to go through the testing with him Bamm Thursday, he gets released to come do treatment in the hospital where my wife works and we life. Find out that night that's it is stage 4 inoperable. He asks if he can come down and stay a day, sure......and here the real kicker. On TV a warning Paradise California is being evacuated! Where my wife works where the treatment was to be. 20 minutes later my kid daughter is at my house and my wife and her jump in the car to paradise and grab cat and some stuff, FUCK, there to be right back. 3 hours later I realize the stuck in the middle of the paradise blaze. I lose power and cell services! No one saying evacuate Magalia where we live, but 3 hour of waiting, I realize were fucked. I grab one computer. My dog 2 hand fills of clothes a few stupid shit and jump in truck. At this time I'm in line with a direction away from where my wife went. 5hours later I make it the 13 Mile's to Chico and call wife on a stranger's phone, ok where all ok, about 2 more hours apart. We spend night in my truck behind all the first responders, and the start getting news. Paradise California is a complete loss, so is lower magalia where we live. I'm homeless and jobless and so is my daughter and all my friends. What the fuck just happened. Fastest moving wildfire in California in history, moving 80 football fields a minute. We literally have nothing. Nothing. It's hard, because we had everything, life was perfect. Dont blink gamers / friends. Hold on to what and whom you love. Dont let go! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- One Year Later: Ok so . . . . it's now been just over one year since the devastating Camp fire in Paradise and Magalia California where we lost our home both ore jobs one of our cars, my daughters home and her car! We all managed to escape, my wife and my daughter made it out through the fire and flames driving through Paradise, I had to escape up and over the mountain with our Dog Juno. Were all OK and a lot has happened so I wanted to update the thread one time just to thank the kind folks here at D1P from the bottom of our hearts! We lost my son to the Brain Cancer quickly, just over 5 months ago. Fucking single hardest thing I have ever had to fathom of course! So, we packed up and moved to Medford Oregon to be close to our son during his treatments and his kids. Him being in Yreak Ca, us in Medford Oregon 55 minutes apart. We spent just over 4 1/2 months in hotels meeting so many amazing people. We then found a rental that could take my dog for 1325.50 a month, and were grateful to have it. Insurance is paying the rental for now and paid off our home though under 20k went to us because we didn't have much equity. So no house payment, but no nothing else. It took us until about a month ago to start feeling better about the loss of our son, and we can at least talk about it, etc. Here's some good news and why I'm updating this thread. The GoFundMe account my mother started raised over 11k! Most from here at this site, LOVE LOVE YOU GUYS and GALS!!! It helped a lot while we started to recover, and get some sort of direction for our lives. We have made the decision to stay in Oregon as we are done with California. My wife and I both turned 50 years old this year, and thats enough in that state. We love Oregon so much. We have some furniture and our cars are replaced, and I have a brand new gaming PC and both Xbox One X and PS4Pros to game on again. Obviously we have years still to deal with what all we have lost, everyday I'm reminded of things I lost that I just forgot we even had. We are doing so much better. Stress and depression took a super nasty toll on me and my wife, unbelievable we got through it, only together was that possible though. Weve been together 25 years now and I love here so Damned much!!! Also, my daughter has rebounded from the loss of her home and everything well too. She and her long time Boyfriend are married now, and get this, Pregnant with a new Grandson for us to love. Due in February. So good new about us too. We made an offer on a beautiful home, our dream home. Much nicer than anything we would've ever been in ever, it was accepted and we move in to our new super fancy 3 bedroom, 3 living areas, meaning 2 living rooms and a family room, wonder neighborhood, great quiet street over a 1/4 acre huge back yard for our Dog and the grand kids, etc. I;m so fucking blessed and thankful to all you that chimed in with kind words, advise, money, game offers, everything you know who you are! And to all the many others that gave us clothing and blankets and food, etc, so many people helped us. Bless all of you truly from the bottom of our hearts . . . .. Though the house is very expensive {320k} we were able to liquefy some of our 401ks and use almost all of our entire savings to put over 165,000 dollars down. Making the final payment with State taxes and insurance to just over 925.00 a month. That's an amazing payment for us for a 1850 square foot home in an very nice area in Medford. I just wanted you to know that yea we went through a Mother Fucker of a fire, Lost our Son to Cancer, lost our friends homes, our home, both our jobs {mine of 19 years, wife's of 26 years} our stability and everything we ever knew and managed to fight to get to a point where we can enjoy the little things again. With tons of help around every corner, we are blessed, surrounded by friends, and again we thank every one of you that took the time to leave so kind word, your advise, tried and helped us in so many ways, and those of you that donated to our Go Fund Me account. Everyone one of those comments helped us get through just one more day, Thanks to these boards, we love you guys . . . Thanks D1P'ers for being part of our family . .
  6. OK I LOVE SCIENCE !!! pcpartspicker.com exact list NZXT 700 Case Intel I7 9700k Corsair H100i Platinum RGB Cooler Asus Prime x390 A Motherboard Cosair Vengence RGB Pro 32gig {4x8} DDR4 3200 Memory Samsung 860 Evo 2.5 TB Solid state drive {for games} Samsung 890 Evo 500Mb M-2 Drive {operating system} Zotec 2080Ti Rtx Extreme Amp Edition Corsair 750 Watt gold PSU Gigabyte PCIe Wi Fi Adapter Total was around 2400.00 so I love it. my dream PC gamer for sure . . . Finished PC Video
  7. Hope theres a bit more to see in 5 years I've missed other than just Roster Updates damnit
  8. Really liked The Show franchise for a very long time, but over the years I have stopped buying it. Last one was 2015, so very excited to see what I have missed with The Show 2019!
  9. Deaths Stranding Limited Edition Ps4 Pro I lost the Destiny 2 Limited Edition in the Camp Fire, I really liked the all white Consoles, along with an All White Xbox One X both gone. I really want both consoles again once more in white but having already rebought a pro and X and coming off just building my dream gaming PC, I'm just gonna wait till next gen or if one of my consoles die. So thought I would Share the console that caught my eye, wish I had the doe . .
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