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  1. I'd easily pay for a high end console from both companies. Problem is they aren't going to be that remarkable if they launch at 400 bucks! That's crazy talk. Make them amazing, packed with what makes games great hardware wise and I'm in at anywhere between 5-600 each! I have $1200 put aside for this years consoles and hope they dont go cheap high end to save costs. Build It badass and price it fairly, then I'm a customer day one!
  2. REALL?? But fucking made me laugh . . .
  3. Been playing Nioh on the PS4, bought it and played about 5 hours and stopped. I'm gonna get through this this time . . .
  4. AWESOME!! I lost everything in the camp fire, obviously my gaming collection took a huge hit as well. I've been wanting Horizon Zero dawn & The new God of War again, but haven't pulled the trigger. I never started GoW and was very early in Hzd. Playing it on my beast of a PC gaming rig would be amazing! This is some good news. Along with the news of Mlb the show coming to PC, things are a changing! NOW IF I COULD JUST AFFORD A COUPLE GAMES........!
  5. This should test our new gaming rigs and cards, very interesting. I don't know if it would be fun to just fly around for very long, but the eye candy could be the ultimate bench test for a gaming rig huh? Looks stunning though!
  6. Personally I want it to be as powerful as possible and be under 600, so I'm all-in day one at 599.99. I'm sure that at this price point though they will have to have a lower 399.99 console to gather momentum and numbers, but I love high end stuff, its in my nature . . .
  7. IGN Next Gen Xbox Series X costs.... Thoughts? I'm hoping they go all out and build a beast console, I'll buy it day one, I can not wait . . . I think that they are spot on, but man at that price they just won't sell well, so It could hurt, but if they are right about the CPU and GPU than this will be the closest we have ever gotten to a mid / high end gaming PC out of the gates. It's super exciting, plus I love the look of the new console. That said I'm a PS5 adopter day one too, and I think this will be my last gen of console gaming at least day one stuff. We will finally have consoles that can deliver native 4k @60fps. That is exciting, so.....thought guys and gals?
  8. I miss patapon 2 on my vita, I lost a shit ton of games in the fire, but I really miss the vita and the huge library I had on it. I welcome a patapon 2 remake
  9. Its 82/85" this time or nothing! I'm swimming in 65 inch 4ks tv now. I want an lg oled but they just cost to much. I could wait another y months and buy one but I want a show stopper big boy this time
  10. So.......... No one huh? That's hard to believe, but 2499.99 for a 82" tv in the mid tear for a Qled is exciting! Just cant pull the trigger without real world hands on impressions....
  11. Just wondered if anyone here uses a Q70 Qled from Samsung to game on and even as a PC monitor? I'm using a q8fn 65 inch but want to buy a bigger one for my livingroom theater system. Was looking at the q70 85inch oled because it's just 2500.00 and that thing at least at the store is a people stopper. Thoughts?
  12. Built my very first gaming PC just for this game. Simply amazing RPGs and its number 5 in my top 5 games all time So yes I have played and beaten the main story!
  13. I just thought that there is perfect spots for buttons on the bottom of the DS4 where it could be programmed through the menu like the speaker volume and the light bar brightness, but this is just not a viable solution to that idea.
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