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  1. Very interesting indeed. I have a feeling I'll have vr unit from a tech angel in my mail sometime between now and the end of 2022! 😁🤗
  2. I'm a weird cookie though in my defence! I myself have never ever been on Facebook in my life, as in gone there on purpose! I know that seems impossible but it's true. My wife drove dead over heals in the beginning and it caused a rift of sorts for awhile. As older folks, the social media scene really did a number on our kids, and I watch them try and navigate it and saw first hand the pitfalls. , and forces that drove the generation. Now we are in complete middle ground and my kids are all grown, my wife shows me daily the pictures of our family, kids, grandki
  3. Oh man thank you so very much for the offer. That's very kind also, I did take Mr.Vic20 up on his offer, and wow, very cool of these boards to hook us up like this. Appreciated
  4. I loved all that tech shit. The fact that it played movies and took mini game discs was impressive. Haven't even begun thinking about replacing that thing. Mine was in perfect condition too. We all used the PSVita though, the screen on the original was an Oled I think, but I don't care about that. I'd think the PSP had to be quite expensive to make even, I don't know why the Vita wasn't very well received, I thought it was fantastic. Easier to carry than a Switch, it was pocket sized.
  5. FUCKING WOW, That's to generous man, com'on! I'd gladly accept that unit, and easily give you a reasonable price!! I finally just told myself that I'm not paying those prices I was seeing. What a great little console it always was for the younger kids and grandkids when the older ones always hogged the Xboxes and Playstations and every tv in my home, and my Gaming rig in the man cave {It used to be a Man Cave/ Theater room before the fire, now it's just a bedroom with a man cave sign } Thank you Mr.Vic sir, you as usual much to kind my friend. Thank you. Pleas
  6. As many know we lost everything on Nov8th 2018 to the California Camp Fire that took our home, our vehicles, our jobs, our community, and our entire town along with OVER 14,ooo homes. Easily the largest forest fire as in homes lost and just sucked in just about everyway you could imagine it would. As we have been rebuilding our lives as well as we can and starting to require some things that I owned before, I've began looking into getting another PSVita. I just need it to be an American version, and really it has to be in VERY good shape, like new really. Thing is, There a fortune on Ebay for
  7. Wow, just WOW!! I have never even replaced my thermal paste after a year in all the years I've been building gaming rigs. That's just way overkill in my opinion. There is no way properly applied paste as in anyway needing redone unless! It's overheating, thus somethings wrong here, etc. I monitor my CPU thermals not anally but I do watch them and if they tend to seem high I'll investigate and troubleshoot a bit, and maybe replace the paste, but at 10 months, I've just never even heard of this. I've Had good application last 5 years easily without even as much as a degree or t
  8. Seems your ready better than most as its GPUs that are the mother fuckers to get. Sorry about that motherboard issue didn't know it was a thing. I using a Asus z390A motherboard, I7 9700k, H100i corsair AIO, with 32 gig DDR4 3200 Samsung vengeance memory and Zotec 2080Ti Extreme Amp Edition GPU. I love it, it's silent, and now as of yesterday I have my second 1TB 970 Evo M.2 as my dedicated Game drive, a 500Gig 970 Evo m.2 as Boot drive and a 500 gig 869 ssd as playing together nicely. Enjoy your build when you get the parts, awesome stuff man...
  9. I really recommend the NZXT H700, it's just so nice to look st, a pleasure to build in, I use the 700 non 700i dont need the fan hub. Its bold with clean edges, one of my altime favorites by far. Yea it's over 100 bucks butbits worth it and will last through many upgrades to come....
  10. Crazy crazy ass shit. Although I'm grearful for the boards tech experts to help my shave a bit over to pay for my Zotec 2080ti extreme amp edition. It was 1199.00 and has been a fantastic card, but kinda worthless these days at the same time. Hurts a bit, but gaming wise it's still my beast and does my bidding!
  11. Finally Bought the 1Tb 970 Evo as a dedicated gaming only drive It finally got here and for once I waisted no time installing it! Everything went perfectly and benching the drive came out to be almost exactly what the top numbers were for the 500 gig version of same drive! Amazon also decided to give me a handout sort of...lol. I bought the drive and am a Prime member so it shipped with a window of 3 days, after the 3rd day I tracked the drive and it just stopped short of the out for delivery part. I called amazon and they said to give it another 2 days, but i
  12. Mortal Shell this week, pure hell awaits my gaming skills and pride... Beat Cyber Punk 2077, then finished Resident Evil 3 Remake my kid dropped by and so I then went and bought Mortal Shell for PC from CDkeys. 18.98 pretty good price I though! I just do not know why I do this to myseld over and over again. I wanna be in the Souls club, but just can't frikk'n do it. This game is starting out brutally hard for me, like all the other ones like it before it. I have owned them all, Nioh, DS 1-3, Blood Borne, Sekiro, etc. Only one I have ever beaten is Demon Souls on the Xbox, o
  13. Makes my cry (all-b-it inside...lol) everytime I think or see these cards (on paper...lol) and their costs! Although I LOVE MY Zotec 2080Ti and haven't been hurt by the performance this beast of a card delivers...it was frikk'in 1199.99! Those 3080s are drool worthy. Honestly for the performance the 3090 really shockingly doesn't interest me. What a sweet bunch of cards these are. I'm sure the xbox series x and ps5 are nice, not that I can ever catch them online either though...
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