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  1. HardAct

    Nintendo Octopath Traveler

    At first I find myself "Hyped", but honestly I know I wont put the time in if the story doesn't grab me and hang on. I just haven't been grabbed by a JRPG in a long time. I seem to want this game, but I know it's not for me. . .
  2. Simply a steal, can emagine not liking a game as amazing as Fallout 4!!
  3. For me it's the Vita followed by the 3ds and then any Android phone made in the last few years { like my Note 8 }. Thats a tri-fecta with a great PUNCH!!
  4. Totally disagree 1000%. Games aren't getting better, they are getting prettier, yes!! But not better. Opinions respected in all, but having most of what has ever been offered, my favorite is the Xbox 360, followed by the SNES. I love my Ps4 Pro, and my Xbox 1 x, blah blah blah, but the best gaming memories are getting left further and further back in the dust by rehashes, and mindless copies of everything under the sun. That said, I am a happy gamer, we have quality content to choose from in any type way or fashion. So many great games, and yes! Many have been great, just not the type games that never seem to leave you best gaming blissful memories, I'm not talking "ahh, remember when I made prestige 1000 in CoD 15. If i've lost you well then fine, as a gamer going on 36 years, i'm still real fond of the earlier stuff as for all-time favorite games. I picked Xbox 360 though because it's where the whole gaming with friends and huge libraries of wonderful fun were had. The SNES is where those unforgettable games for the most part were first played by me though!
  5. HardAct

    Consumer Technology LG OLED 65” C8PUA - good?

    Interesting, I'm hijacking this TV thread as I'm in the final fazes {within 8-12 months} of replacing our 65 inch Samsung living room TV with a 4k bells and whistles 75 inch. The wife was given full go ahead on new furniture and she did not disappoint as we now have 2 amazing new reclining couches and recline / rocker chair, new tables and lamps, etc. she used all of the 4k budget she was given too on just the couches, and 2 lamps {shes definitely my girl....lol}. So I'm reading, listening, watching all the advise given good stuff. If I were to do it now I'd go with the Sony 900f {?} but it's not over yet, and it seems some amazing new tech will be standard soon, hard to jump. VRR and HDMI 3.0 are biggies too . . .