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  1. THIS !! It's also a no-brainier. I can in no way see this not happening. Graphical differences will be minimal at best on AAA titles moving forward so they will need to offer another Punch or two to make it seem a "Must Have" Same deal Apple faces, it's getting harder and harder to make the new thing feel Must 'Have" especially since games now look fantastic. So there's that faster possessors, more ram and a locked 60fps there isn't much the average consumers will be wowed by! To those gamers like me, I'm in either way . . .
  2. Been watching this since the beginning but i'm not in the position to be buying video games as you all know! I love the series and will attest that I'm not very good at them either. i have never played one though not on a PC and I'm not in the position to build a new gaming PC either lol. I want this but have done well to not bite. i'll grab this at a much later point, I do have my laptop that can handle it, STOP GLENN!
  3. Very very sorry to hear about your friend, so tired of all this Fucking Cancer Shit! I hope your friends son gets better, I truly do man. Keep me updated if youd like. This is a good forum to talk shit out in too, even privately, I have found it a gift lately to just read and interact with some great folks and take my mind off the horrid shit this life has thrown at me as of late!
  4. looking at picking this up on Xbox One X for my Birthday present to myself. I know it launches on the 15th so close enough, 11 past my birthday actually. I liked the first one alot. I would have preferred it on PC but again, a new gaming PC is a year away at best for me now so Xbox it is . . .
  5. I obviously didnt read or watch any of that footage or gameplay blogs but I can not believe how much stuff there is out there to avoid! Re2 is my second favorite video game of all time. I loved it so much. I'm eagerly awaiting the Jan 24th release of remake and I will not have a single thing spoiled for me footage wise. It has not been easy. Other that the very original we footage back like 3 years ago? I've not read or watched a single click bait. After all that has happened to us in the last 2 months. I so very much look forward to currling up in front of my TV and just losing myself for a awhile. In all honesty. An hour of gaming is an eternity these days but its what I'm hoping for anyways....
  6. Good Morning My Fellow Gamers again . . . Haven't updated you all in awhile, thought I'd catch you all up a bit. My son isn't failing as quickly as he seemed to be the last week or so. This is good new, but he is obviously in bad shape. He now has only 10 more radiation treatments left. The tumor symptoms aren't getting much worse and a few things are actually a bit better. He can stand up better on his own though he is quite shaky. He doesn't walk at all without help and even then it's just a few feet. So wheelchair all the time, and he does wear a patch on his right eye to help with severe double vision. His right side from the head to his foot is numb and that's not going to get better. I say this to put into perspective that though it all sounds horrible, and it is, it's not getting much worse like it was every day. So radiation and daily Chemo is helping and it seems like the Tumor has stopped it's rapid growth at least and maybe even shrunk a bit putting less stress on his head and eyes, etc. He is still obviously Terminal and that word I have grown to hate. This will take his life, but he is still with us, can hold a conversation though it's slurred a bit. After the 10 radiation treatments he will be done, and will only have Chemo 2 weeks on and 3 weeks off for awhile. We have settled into our new home {a rental} but furnishing it has been a bit difficult. Every time we go out for something we are overwhelmed with the task of replacing all the essentials that a home has that we all take for granted. Our insurance will nowhere close cover what we lost and it has taken this long to actually realize just what that means. Spending money is a bit hard to do, knowing just what all we need. No do not get me wrong, we have now replaced our bedroom set, have a new NU8000 TV in there too. We have an amazing new living room set and we are picking up a new NU8000 65" TV to go in there today. That said the house as a whole is so empty. All the things that made our home a home just seem unrepeatable. I sure miss my gaming room where I could go and hide and get away from life stresses. Having my son as sick as he is keeps me a bit paralyzed in a sense. Hard to explain. We are slowly moving forward and we have a great relationship my wife and I, but losing our home, our Town. our Jobs, and having a Terminal Son with Cancer is most days just too damned much! I have been looking for a PS4 Pro but I'm waiting for one that I feel I'm getting a deal at least. Maybe a 50 dollar off somewhere 349.99 ish? That;s just so not important but I do still love gaming and am looking forward to a day soon where I can actually relax and enjoy some gaming. I have my Xbox One Battlefield V edition but haven't even played more that 25 minutes in a single day yet. Looking forward to Resident Evil 2 Remake more than anything else I can think of!! I want to build a 2080Ti gaming PC too this year but will wait for a great deal on the card somewhere around 900'ish and then I need everything else that goes with it. For now I have a great laptop anyways so there is that. Hope all of you had a great holiday season and are excited for the new year. Thanks for everything friends, take care of each other the best you can, looking forward to also Finisjing some of you in the new Mortal Kombat 11 !! See you all around . . . HardAct out . . . Plz look past my grammar the best you can, I d try!!
  7. yea I have AoE3 on Steam. It's not installed but I own it forever! Thank you anyways. Appreciate it!
  8. Ahhhh Age of Empires is up there too in my favs list. Loved the 3rd on so much!
  9. I'd love civilization pal! Civ 3 is in the top 3 games all time, at least to me.
  10. Amazing offer, I haven't used anything other that Nvidia in 15 years. I'll be keeping tabs on you kind sir . . . lol Just looked up your card, looks to be far better than the 980Ti rig I was using until the fire. I do want something that will be future proof aka 4k gaming. That said, I have nothing right now, and that card could really speed up a build this year. I do not have cash to through at a Gaming rig probably even this year. Thank you so much. So many of you guys, great cummunity we have here for sure!
  11. Yea haven't watched any gameplay videos and there are many out there now. It's been hard, normally not so, but I can't wait. This will be the first game in a long time that I play strait through to the end, and then maybe again a few more times. I want it that badly, very excited!
  12. I was ever so close to building the "new gaming PC" before the Fire hit us in California! I'll never be able to do a card like the Titan V, but I was SOLD on the 2080Ti and still want one so badly. I know now I'll likely have to wait till Next year, yes another whole year before I can even start to part a new build. I'll be a Laptop gamer for and PC user for the near future. That said, wow reading about the power of some of these "BEAST" cards is fun stuff. Right now a 2080Ti is going for around 1200-1400 that just isn't me. Now 900 and I might just start pricing that 8700k and Ram right away . . .lol Good new is the 3080Ti should be around 1100'ish at launch if I jump on the preorders? there only say one year away too right?
  13. OH I KNOW I KNOW!! Single most anticipated game for me next year and that I can even think of for awhile!! After the events of the last few months, I have really forgotten about most games upcoming!! I'm kinda following Anthem but who knows. There is a new Trials game coming to I read but that's about it. Pretty humbling to start over from scratch and not feel so buried by that large backlog that way weighing me down . . .
  14. First Christmas in a long time I only got 2 games!! given the circumstances that's plenty too . . . Thanks to @SFLUFAN I got Battlefield V for PC {laptop} and a copy of Monopoly for Switch!
  15. Merry Christmas Everyone . . . . We are in our new house, we have a couch and a recliner and a 50 inch Samsung NU8000 and we are able to stream Netflix to that now., and Amazon Prime Video! All is good as we have our youngest Son here for Christmas but weren't able to see Donnie today. He was supposed to come up but that didn't happen. My youngest Daughter will be up for the day tomarrow all day, we will all get to see Donnie at the hospital during his treatment. So not a perfect day, but I'll take what I can. Of course my Oldest Daughter is AWOL in Washington state doing well enought we hope. I hope you all have an amazing day and new year, I really really do. From all of us here Merry Christmas &Happy Holidays. . . Glenn & Barbara and Juno PS: I went into our local Best Buy to pick up the TV and Xbox One X's were on sale for 399.99!! I was like holy shit, I had a 45 dollar Best Buy gift card that I had been carrying forever, plus 95 dollars in Reward Zone Points and I just could not pass it up. I bought a Battlefield V limited edition Xbox X for just a dad under 275.00 and it came with Battlefield V Ultimate Edition too. So I have the following downloaded. Battlefield V Mortal Kombat Forza Horizon 4 Black Ops 4 Red Dead Redemption That's been enough to keep the grand kids gaming oh and my oldest Grandson got Diablo 3 Ultimate Edition, so we will be playing that tonight. I haven't gotten a chance to play the console yet, but look forwards to running into some of you soon online!
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