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  1. Some pretty mean statements being thrown around. Some maybe in fun, but we are better than that . . . . . you know who you are! Coming from the absolutely the worst 10 months of my life, I've seen this forum feel and act like family! Kindness is easy, I prefer that!
  2. any of the lego games period, there great starter games
  3. So jealous I wanted a C9 but just couldn't do it and build this current PC too! This Samsung Q8fn Qled was a compromise, but honestly it's an amazing TV and I am very very happy with it. Things have been incredibly tough this last 9 months, and honestly even having a PC to game on and a nice TV to game on is humbling after losing everything we owned but my wife, truck and my dog to the camp fire and 4 months later losing my Son. I'm enjoying listening to you guys rave over your amazing TV's though, not the same thing, but I'll take what I can get!
  4. Totally out of nowhere I thought maybe opening day might not be that smart. Not because of the crowds, but the shit that's going on in this world now, some piece of shit might look at this as a good film to do something fucked up. I have never ever thought about not going somewhere because if gun violence possibilities. Fucked up time were in right now on that front
  5. IGN Joker review 10/10 I'm thinking this will be amazing, not just buy this review. We all know how IGN is hit or miss, but this isn't going to be boring . . ..
  6. The jump from my 980Ti to the forums recommended 2080ti has been mind blowing. I use a 65 inch Oled Samsung so I game @4k ultimate everything and could not be happier, so I hope you do get the card sooer than later. I buy every console at launch, but this next gen I'm not gonna do it. I'll wait for the PS5Pro and the Xbox two x, I'm buried in this gens games as it is . . .
  7. I really really enjoyed the hacking puzzles for locks and turrets and stuff like that, BS Infinite took all that and made it a point and click and then presented us with a wonderful looking FPS that wasn't a FPS, that's my vote as the biggest disappointment of all time at least for me. I loved BS1 and BS2, many didn't but the murdered everything that made those games cool and fun to explore.
  8. Bio Shock Infinite by a loooog shot at least for me. I loved the first 2 games so much and what they did to the 3rd game was just such a letdown. Having never played Twilight Princess, or ever even came close to finishing a Grand Theft game I can'r comment on the top 2. So BSI it is to me!
  9. I'm gonna buy it for or PC later this evening. I'll be looking for some co-OP folks if interested I'm HardAct on steam. Would love to ho kill some baddies with some of y'all
  10. Literally just used that last night as a last ditch effort to get a screw out . . . lol
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