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  1. I’m looking forward to this, and I was just thinking that I need to rewatch the trilogy (I honestly don’t remember if I ever watched 2 and 3 other than catching some scenes on TV) when I saw that my AMC is showing the original in IMAX this evening. A-List saves the day yet again!
  2. This isn’t a knock on the game at all, but I’m pretty much done with MP for now unless we ever get some group games going. Excited for the campaign though.
  3. I’m still awaiting the triumphant return of @doctorasspuncher
  4. Fascinating movie. I think it’s safe to say if you like the vibe of the trailer, you’ll enjoy the movie. I’m excited to watch more Campion. The Blank Check podcast is going to cover her filmography starting next month.
  5. I was fascinated by this story when it happened. I forget what magazine/website it was, but the long article that broke down every beat of the rescue was one of the most compelling things I’ve maybe ever read. This doc was only in one local theater for like a week, so I’m glad it’s now easily available. I’ll check it out soon.
  6. It can get a little annoying when everyone is yelling about how good something is. I resisted for a while, but now I get to be one of the people yelling. It really is that good.
  7. Yeah, what I can offer is closer to $3.50 than $350, but I can definitely contrib… Nevermind, the 1% is here. Y’all don’t need me.
  8. “The latest from PTA” is probably all you need to know. In extremely limited release right now.
  9. Had fun going back to the first page of this thread and getting roasted by @Chris-all over again.
  10. I get the Jack Sparrow analogy, but the difference there is that Pirates if the Caribbean is a good movie. I don’t know if the rest of the cast hamming it up like Leto would have actually made House of Gucci that much better, but it’s not like it would ruin a masterpiece or anything.
  11. Yes, I bumped this because we needed another thread collecting quotes from Sir Ridley’s press tour.
  12. Some basic cloth ones that probably barely do anything.
  13. MORE LISTS! Get mad! Time Variety (2 separate top 10s) Vanity Fair Indiewire Indiewire (focuses on new series that either have been or could be renewed for another season) If these lists are good for anything, it’s reminding me of a lot of stuff I meant to watch and/or keep watching. I’ve watched one or two episodes of Hacks, Reservation Dogs, The White Lotus, The Great, Invincible
  14. Anyone see this yet? I went last night. It's weird. I understand why reviews are kinda all over the place, because that's how the movie is. I liked it most in the beginning, where it's sort of a light romantic comedy about the Lady Gaga and Adam Driver characters. Then when it tries to get into the serious plot of who will lead the Gucci brand into the next era of fashion, my eyes start to glaze over. Maybe I would be more into the familial infighting at the top of a major business if I hadn't just watched two and half seasons of Succession, which does that perfectly. And I hate that this has sort of become a recurring thing for me lately, but this movie 100% does not earn its 2.5 hour run time. As for the Jared Leto of it all, he feels like he's in a completely different movie from everyone else, but I think I would have enjoyed the movie a lot more if everyone else was operating on his wavelength.
  15. I’m kinda in the tank for Hailee Steinfeld, so it’s weird that I haven’t watched Dickinson yet. And kinda weird to list a comedy special as a series, but whatever. I think Only Murders in the Building deserves an honorable mention. It’s a reunion of the Three Amigos, but since nobody wants to work with Chevy Chase, they went with the most logical replacement: Selena Gomez. It’s kinda falls in the “cozy mystery” sub genre, where there’s death and twists and all of that, but it’s never really trying to be all that suspenseful. It’s funny and charming.
  16. You must be new here. The internet is made for bitching about things you know nothing about.
  17. None. I was told to just say no to drugs. Not that anyone has ever offered me weed or anything.
  18. I moved to a grocery distribution center two years ago. And it is certainly interesting, but not in a good way. When I started my current position back in August, I was told it would be “a real learning opportunity. You’ll really see how the DC operates.” And they were right. I see how it works. It sucks. It’s a miracle any grocery store ever has any food.
  19. This is the answer I’ve got from most people, and I see the logic. I’ve resisted it because none of those fields seem all that interesting. But since I’ve hit my early 30’s and still nothing is sparking my interest, yeah, maybe I just suck it up and dive into HVAC or something.
  20. I’m not much a war movie guy either, but Dunkirk rules. I don’t know if I would call it my favorite, but it’s probably my pick for Best Nolan.
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