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  1. I only stopped playing it because Elden Ring came out. Other than one crash in 10 or so hours, it ran well on my Series X. I would definitely give it a shot.
  2. Dating often feels like a surreal horror game. It’s nice to see a game reflect that.
  3. Oh yeah, I don’t need a test to know that I’m somewhere between snow and mayonnaise on the whiteness spectrum.
  4. 23. I went went the added health option because it was on sale for only $50 more than the base. I think I’ve finally hit the point in my life where I would be comfortable being connected with my biological family. Well, as comfortable as I can be meeting new people.
  5. Me neither. And ironically, it’s the only GTA I ever finished (one of last games I rented from Game Fly).
  6. Well, I just spit in a tube and mailed it to North Carolina.
  7. I was curious about the Jurassic World games, almost bit on a Humble Bundle sale the other day, so I'll gladly download that one.
  8. I would personally rank Old in the same tier as Signs and The Village, but when people tell me they hated it… I get it.
  9. Outer Range (Amazon series) - a weird one. I wasn’t paying attention and thought this was a limited series (while it's clearly labeled season 1). If I had realized that it wasn’t going to be wrapped up, I probably would have given up after the first couple episodes. Don’t think I’ll watch season 2 if/when that happens, unless they really tighten up the pacing.
  10. It’s funny that since this was held for so long, Kosinski’s next movie comes out less than a month later on Netflix (Spiderhead).
  11. Really enjoyed this one too. Such an interesting point in Shyamalan’s career. Like you said, this is clearly what he made after taking a step back after making several bombs and re-evaluating what he’s good at. He needed to go back to smaller scale, lower budget, creepy/twisty movies. And it gets him out of his slump! I didn’t like Glass all that much, but Split and Old are both a lot of fun! Can’t wait to see the one he’s shooting now.
  12. Framed #66 🎥 🟩 ⬛ ⬛ ⬛ ⬛ ⬛ https://framed.wtf Second ace in a row, but this one was a shot in the dark.
  13. I've never claimed that my life was anything more than kinda shitty.
  14. Just to dig myself an even deeper hole, looking at his IMDB, the only 80's Cruise movie I've actually seen is Rain Main. I've seen nearly everything from A Few Good Men on, but just never got around to the earlier stuff.
  15. I don’t have a thermostat. Definitely prefer it on the cooler side, so in the summer I spend more time in my bedroom, where my one AC unit is located.
  16. Jesus left some really hot footprints in the sand when he was carrying me.
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