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  1. Since I have been working from home I haven't been able to listen to as many podcast as I used to Bombcast included. Pretty much with Abbey, Ben and now Alex, Vinny and Brad gone within the same year it's all pointing to the acquisition. There is pretty much no more GBEast after Friday. Bakalar mentioned that he is now part of the games division at Red Ventures.
  2. Ha ha time to reformat the podcast! On a side note damn this is pretty crazy. Red ventures must be fucking up.
  3. DF talks about it in the video. They say Capcom has it at 45 fps but they didn't cap the frame rate and so far from the demo the Series S has the power to hit 60 fps easy. They did mention that may vary maybe later in the game but I guess we'll have to wait and see.
  4. DF says the game runs great on the Series S. It's running 1440p 60fps. I would do that over 1080p 60fps. I really enjoyed RE7 in first person. It doesn't matter if it's 3rd or 1st I have enjoyed all perspectives with RE. Looking forward to going back to first person view after RE2 and RE3 remake.
  5. Finished the game last night but the final boss at World Tier 15 is like an hour long boss fight and that's if you manage to kill him. Several times me and my buddy got to his second phase but would die with a quarter left on his health bar. I had to re spec my Technomancer several times before I found something that was able to do more damage but that dude's health pool is massive and the damage the blue balls due is crazy high. We decided to drop it down to WT13 just to beat him and we finished the fight in 15min. Now we are at the end game. Looking forward to unlocking more gold mods as the
  6. I don't think I get disconnection errors in the middle of my games but just when I use Quick Resume I have to reconnect to the Sony servers so I got to make sure I'm not in the middle of a game. So far the Road to the Show has been really fun. Just got called up to the AAA hopefully that means the majors will be next. Can you use your created player in Franchise mode or is it only Diamond Dynasty?
  7. Sony gets a pass from me about the medicore scores due to the fact that everything about the game is new to me This game is great but I guess if you have been playing this series on Playstation it's not much of a difference from last year. Hopefully that was due to it being the first multiplatform game in the series.
  8. Is this game using Sony servers for game saves? I was playing franchise on my Xbox downstairs and when I went to play in my bedroom before I went to bed my game save didn't load automatically. I notice there is a button to download from the cloud. This is new to me as I am used to my saves just being automatically downloaded from the cloud on Xbox. This is kinda a weird thing for Sony to do. They are on Xbox might as well take advantage of their cloud services. Edit: NVM it was due to my downstairs Xbox losing server connection error before I powered it off. Made sure to connect to
  9. Yup. Game looks great but I haven't played The Show 20 but as a new comer to the series it's been great. Playing with pure analog batting but still using traditional pitching. Maybe I'll switch to analog pitching as well. Started spring training as the Angels in franchise mode and my first game against the Giants and they are whooping my ass. Mostly because of my fielding and throwing. Getting used to the meter throwing.
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