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  1. I think as a pack in for people with Gamepass ultimate it's great value. Using the beta makes me realize how cool it is to pop out my phone at my brothers house and start playing Ori or Forza. It's not perfect but being able to play all my games where I am is awesome.
  2. I think I have owned 6 Xbox ones -Xbox One Day One -Sunset Overdrive White Xbox -Xbox S -Xbox One X -Xbox One X Scorpio Edition -Xbox One X Taco Bell Edition 1 PlayStation Pro 1 Nintendo Switch Definitely gonna pick up to Series X at launch
  3. Hey everyone! Happy 2020! We decided to get the band back together and get to talkin' bout' video games. Don't forget that you can subscribe to us on iTunes, Podcasting apps and now on Spotify! Give us a listen and follow! @SFLUFAN @Mr.Vic20 @SaysWho?
  4. Missed you too @Keyser_Soze I have just had a busy year with work, selling and buying a house and moving. But my schedule has become more normalized now that I'm all settled in. Why have I missed?
  5. Congrats dude! Make that schmoney!
  6. It's not even that, it's just annoying. I don't mind stomping if it's with rythym as I'm a drummer. Don't mind humming if it's the time and the place to hum. Mouth smacking can be down right sexy . But at work that's not the place to hear any of that.
  7. Nah it's not that. It's just sucking on your teeth is disgusting as hell. I have the same issue with a dude that sits in front of my desk at work. Dude talks to himself, smacks his mouth when eating anything and stomps his feet while humming to music. I have told him repeatedly to stop but it will for about a day or two and then it he just ends up doing again. I'm real close to bringing it up to HR because it's just so distracting. My current solution is just listening to music on my headphones.
  8. I'm at work but I was able to watch the Buy In 3v3 match and it was pretty fun watching MJF and Spears being team mates knowing what he did to Cody. It's amazing after the match Cody and Darby had the crowd was really fired up for more Darby which is what that match was supposed to do. Sammy is so full of energy. Very fun to watch matches he is in. Sean is being set up to be a significant heel. Glad that they are able to use the chair botch to their advantage by calling him the Chairman. Will watch the rest of the show tomorrow.
  9. You forgot Diablo>Fire>Hot>Mild. Apparently when opening up the Taco Bell in Thailand their version of mild is our version of Fire. I need to head over to the test kitchen and see if they can give me a packet to try. My take is that Taco Bell hot sauce isn't really that hot but it adds spice to your food which I would rather have than not. Also they just released a new flavor sauce that is based on the Carolina Repair chili, Reaper sauce which they add to the Reaper Fries but you can get on the side if you ask.
  10. Well looks like Heyman Is doing what he does best and turning things around for WWE. Turning AJ heel and putting the club together is something everyone has been wanting. I'm actually excited to see what Heyman has planned for The Club and where Balor will fit into this
  11. With how well HBO did with Gam of Thrones this could potentially be the next big thing set in a fantasy setting. There are plenty of books to get material from. Not gonna set my expectations too high but the books have been great and the game is my favorite RPG this gen.
  12. It was a good show and free. You can watch the replay on Bleacher Report app. It's definitely some of the best wrestling you're gonna see this month. If all you took from the Cody vs Darby match was the chair shot incident I'm not sure you were watching the rest of the match. They did an amazing job at building up Darby Allen who I have never heard of before this match. Cody beat the crap out of Darby without burying him. Setting him up as a dude who won't go down so easily. I like that they actually put time limits in the matches and this was a great example on how it can be used to build future story lines. The match put Darby on my wrestlers to watch. I'm sure even after the chair shot accident and Cody being ok with no concussion they will use that as story for the upcoming rivalry with Shawn Spears which I am looking forward to. This will make him look like a major heel. The Riho, Nylia Rose and Yuka was a fun match. Had a smile the whole time watching the match. Plenty of spots that I thought were pretty awesome. They are building future stories with Yuka and Riho here which I thought was pretty great. MJF. This guys can do a promo. He is such a fun heel to boo. It's like a Miz 2.0. The MJF vs Adam Page vs Jimmy Havoc and JUNGLE BOY! This was a solid match which really did 2 things. Give Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus a time to shine on the big stage and build up a rivalry with MJF and Adam Page. Plenty of good wrestling here and lots of good interactions between the different personalities. What can be said about The Elite vs Lucha Bros with Loredo Kid. This was a 5 star match across the board. The chemistry and trust that the Lucha Bros have with the Young bucks have with their bodies is insane. Never a dull moment watching these guys go at it. Love the crowd energy during the match. Moxly vs Janela. I'm not a fan of hardcore matches but this one kept me entertained. So many moments that made me flinch. It was just refreshing seeing Mox having a great time wrestling again especially after hearing his interview with Jericho. These guys put on a show. Even though this wasn't a Pay Per View quality event it was a really good show to watch for free. It feels like this is what their TV stuff will more less be like as far as presentation goes and if that's the case that's ok with me cuz it entertaining to watch. On a side note the commentary for the show was great. Excalibur did an excellent job on the play by play and Jim Ross adding color was always fun to hear. Goldenboy as a guest commentator adding to the mix and by picking his spots to chime in was appreciated. So in other words if you have 2 and half hours to watch wrestling this week make it Fyter Fest @Dodger.
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