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  1. The def star

    Nintendo LTTP: Breath of the Wild

    I'm not afraid to lose weapons it's just there is no incentive to fight random encounter enemies. The combat isn't fun to enjoy it and after the fight I done used up my weapons. I get that you can take your time with the game but I'd rather there be interesting characters to find along the way to my destination. Side stories to encounter. Engaging fights. The reason I'm going from point A to point B is because there isn't anything to do in point A I want to encounter something For example I just turned in the camera to that old lady in Koriko village I think. I see the 4 divine beast on my map now. Great want to go fight them but I have to travese this empty world. I helpd some last on a bridge being attack, found a horse stable and it started raining spent 1 hour and that's all I got done because spent most of the time running in the rain. Others games have addressed the issues of filling up their open world's but sad I'm sad that Zelda didnt. Doesn't help that my stamina is low and climbing in the rain sucks. I really want to enjoy this game. Any pointers in what I should focus on. I have 5 hearts, 1 circle of stamina and about 15 shrines under my belt. I can't fight those machines yet cuz I die in one shot so I just end up running away from them. Also can I craft arrows? I'm all out. Other than finding them do I have to buy them?
  2. The def star

    Nintendo New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe Reviews

    The $60 price tag is ridiculous for this game. I get that not many people played this game on Wii U but it's technically a port. The changes they made aren't significant for me to double dip even though I wouldn't mind if it was $40. It came with my Wii U packed in along with the Luigi U and I completed both 100% It saddens me that they like to milk their fan base as much as they can. $60 would be a lot easier to pay for if they added in more levels. I would love another new game entirely for $60.
  3. The def star

    Nintendo LTTP: Breath of the Wild

    Man I wish I could get into BotW. I'm a big Zelda fan but traversing in this game is a chore. I haven't been able to mount a horse successfully. So far I'm about 4 - 5 hours in and other than shrines and knowing where the Devine beast are I feel like there isn't much to do. The combat in the game isn't that great and other than collecting materials there is no incentive for me to fight the random enemies that pop up because they will just deteriorate my weapons. Maybe it's because The Witcher has spoiled me on open world fantasy games but Im just not having any fun with this game. I have been trying for the past year
  4. The def star

    General Gaming Bungie done with their Activision overlords

    Halo 3 > Reach The story in Reach was better but the gameplay, level design, multiplayer, was better in 3 for me. Halo 3 was a mile stone in gaming in general. Reach is my least favorite of the Bungie Halos. I'm not saying that it sucks. Reach is a great game just played the other a whole lot more.
  5. In Florida? Of course they are
  6. The def star

    The UI of the Taco Bell Self-Service Kiosks is fantastic

    Well according to Demolition Man Taco Bell will be the last remaining chain restaurant in the world, having been the lone survivor of the Franchise Wars in the year 2032. All hail Taco Bell!
  7. The def star

    The UI of the Taco Bell Self-Service Kiosks is fantastic

    I suggest you all try the Naked Chicken Chalupa with nacho cheese
  8. I feel like he makes this post once a year
  9. Been working non-stop. Just got a new job and have been doing training all week long. Still working at my old job until I make the full transition. I have jumped back in to try to complete the tides of war challenges. I should be on tomorrow for sure.
  10. The def star

    PCCB New Careers

    Im working at the Taco Bell corporate offices in Irvine. I work in this building.
  11. The def star

    PCCB New Careers

    I finally got a job in IT! I just got hired for an L1 service support position. Just had my first week there and I have been enjoying it. A refreshing environment than what I am used to. Everyone is super friendly. Even when I went to my interviews I noticed people just making conversations in the elevator even when on different floors and departments. I'm really glad that I chose to make the career change sooner than always holding it off because I didn't feel ready to go back to school. I definitely recommend anyone that wants to find a better place to work to make that effort.
  12. Yup it's something I wish Halo 5 had as I have played all of Master Chief collection spilt screen with my nephew's. Looking forward to them bringing it back.