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  1. If its Halo I'd be more than fine if they delay the single player until co op is ready. Release the multiplayer on December 8th since it's free anyway.
  2. TBH Tim puts a lot of thought into this games. Psychonauts 1 story and character development was top notch. I can imagine how refined this one is with as much time it took to make a sequel. Plan to sit down with it this weekend as I know once I start playing I won't be able to stop.
  3. I'm kinda in the same boat. This my first time playing a Quake game it is enjoyable for what it is but I think the part that I don't like is the level designs. So far a lot of the stages all kinda look the same and in order to progress you have to find a hidden key to open the door to progress to the next level. I think that's why when Goldeneye for the N64 came out and added different objectives to finish the level I really got into FPS's. Much more diversity in level design.
  4. I recently finished it as well and I loved it. The platforming was kinda floaty but feel a lot of platforming games during that time on Xbox were never as tight as they could have been. The story though and humor in this game is top notch. The characters, art style and music of this game gave off Tim Burton vibes. The experience was well worth the play through and 2 looks even better.
  5. No co op campaign is a major bummer. I can wait for Forge. I would be ok if they delayed the campaign until co op was ready. Since the MP is going to be free to play anyway I'd say they just release that this year and wait to release the campaign until the co op feature is ready.
  6. Just beat Psychonauts 1 and looking forward to Psychonauts 2. I just started playing Hades and it's fun but after trying to get into Dead Cells and this I have come to terms that Rogue lites just aren't my cup of tea.
  7. Yup. I can't go back to playing on my One X. A friend of mine saw how much faster everything loads and how Quick Resume works and wants to upgrade just for that let alone the performance differences.
  8. Another thing that I very much appreciate is all the customization to the controls. They finally added zoom sensitivity!
  9. So far this has been a fun co op shooter. Been playing it with my friend and we are enjoying the leveling up and specing out our characters. Difficulty hasn't been too bad. Occasionally we will get to an area we are too low to be in and die but we just do side missions to level us up. Graphics are good and the gameplay is solid. Have run into a couple of glitches so far but it gets a pass since it just came out and it's a small team that developed it. Great Game Pass game. My only complaint is that my buddy is playing on a One X and loading times are long. He wants a Series X now because of it
  10. One thing Halo 5 did right was the audio. I actually really enjoyed the Halo 5 4v4 multiplayer. Didn't care much for the pay to win Warzone mode. I just played a bit but will jump back in after work into the flight test but hopefully these are the Xbox One graphics. The gameplay seems solid but hopefully they flip a switch to get this looking much better for the Series X/S verisons.
  11. To be fair you are listening to an MP3 if you care so much about how your music sounds you would be a Tidal subscriber
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