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  1. Apex, Call of Duty, Crossfire X, Fortnite, Warframe. Just to name a few. Plenty of ways to make Halo Free to play and profitable.
  2. I saw a spider moving through the grass. Went to take a peek and it saw me. I ran away a good distance and it was still following me I managed to lose it. Also at night almost bumped into a sleeping spider. Apparently they snore
  3. Started playing today using Game Pass and game plays like Ark only it doesn't run like ass. Definitely plan to sink more time into it hopefully with some friends.
  4. Have you lost your sense of taste and smell? Every time I get a congested nose I think I has the COVID. I have gotten tested once already and it was negative. I think it's just allergies at this point.
  5. I have seen several facebook feeds that are anti vaccine because Bill Gates has a patent on the Corona virus that's all a ploy to get us to install nanochips
  6. This is actually cool as I have a friend who I gave a year of Xbox Game pass so we can play games together on two xboxes at my house. He doesn't have an xbox but at least now he can play xbox game pass at his house via his android phone.
  7. They do but there's better options than Goya. I have always seen it when shopping like jars of olives but never bothered to buy any Goya products.
  8. Halo 3 at 4k still looks good. Halo Reach at 4k looks good too. Ran through the whole collection via couch co op with a friend and think it holds up very nicely. Great series.
  9. Has your order shipped?!
  10. Thinking about it Probably play a little bit before I tell my buddies to get into it. Just to make sure it isn't too much for them. I feel Diablo 3 might be easier to get into but if POE is just better overall might not be bad to start them off with that.
  11. With Minecraft Dungeons it has gotten back into the Diablo 3. Best the story but didn't do much after that. Minecraft Dungeons has actually got one of my friends who has never played a Diablo type game really into it. Think he's already out 50+ hours into Minecraft Dungeons and looking forward to the expansion. Figure that maybe we can get into something more complex now that's he's dipped his toes in the genre. I saw that POE is on Xbox. Anyone play POE on console and how does it compare to Diablo 3? Should I stick with Diablo 3 or give POE a shot since it's free to play?
  12. Ah my mistake. I remember when the new LG OLEDs came out with hdmi 2.1 VRR and not freesync there were issues with it working. Glad that it's patched.
  13. My game room I play on the Sony X900 75" but also have a Samsung NU8000 49" next to it for when having to play games that don't allow couch co op like Halo 5 or Minecraft Dungeons which has couch co op but cant do couch co op with other online players. My bedroom has an LG B7 55". I won't plan to upgrade any of my TV's until hdmi 2.1 is standard and can do VRR and Freesync. I know LGs have VRR but no consoles support VRR.
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