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  1. Since December I have been working about 65 hours a week. Come August should be down to about 50 hours.
  2. Game is so good. Any of you guys done any of the boss battles in towers of time. Playing with a team is damn fun!
  3. I ended double dipping on the switch version I needed to practice on my kombos when I am not home. The online can be rough. My only grip with the switch version so far is this dumb 16gb download. The game is missing so much with out it. Also the switch wifi takes forever to download the patch. Why didn't they just put the whole game on the cart Other than that it's still pretty fun. Whish it could cross save with Xbox though.
  4. Brutalities are caused by meeting certain requirements in match and then performing the correct final blow. Scorpion has one where if you don't block in the final round and finish an opponent with an uppercut their head fly's off. I love the way Brutalities work in the new games.
  5. So they added Monster Hunter to Game Pass! Never able to pull the trigger to buy it but now I'll be able to try it as I have a few friends that have been wanting me to get into it.
  6. McDonalds has salsa? I did not know this.
  7. Those scenes aren't pre rendered. It was just a design choice to make the fatal blows run at 30fps. I'm sure if they let you it could easily run at 60fps on PC but they want it to be at 30fps for those.
  8. Man went through most of the tutorial and did some towers. Game is so good. Plan to spend a whole day to do the story mode. I would double dip with this on Xbox and switch if save file and progression was shared between the two. I know with MS and Nintendo having a close business relationship it would be pretty sweet if this was made possible.
  9. No Rondo of Blood but SotN is on the Xbox One as a 360 BC game. I beat it last year. Great game!
  10. They added Ninja Gaiden 2 to the BC list! This has been one of my most wanted BC games. Not only that they Xbox One X enhanced it so it plays at 4k 60fps They also added other BC games to the X enhanced list like the Splinter Cell games. https://www.gamespot.com/amp-articles/ninja-gaiden-2-is-now-backwards-compatible-with-xb/1100-6466306/
  11. New Japan is certainly not Indy. Its actually a lot bigger promotion than TNA ever was as it's biggest. Saw the clips of what happened with Bret Hart. Like what did the guy think was gonna happen? Dumb ass. Dash Wilder with the knock out punch ill be watching the G1 later when I'm not at work but I heard what happened with Enzo and Big Cass. Was relieved that it was more a RoH thing than New Japan. I really hope if they do continue as a tag they stop with their schtick. Can't really say I'm excited about Enzo coming back to Wrestling.
  12. Alright Wade you just earned yourself a Taco hat from Taco Bell. Yes that is a real thing we have here I want you to wear it proud at your office! PM me your address
  13. It's a hard game that I don't think I will ever go back to. Some puzzles even with the help of guides I still could not figure out how someone would figure it out. Then after you beat the game there are more puzzles to the puzzles. I wish I would have loved it better than I did but in the end I just lost interest.
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