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  1. Just 100% the game the other day. Will of the Wisp is definitely better than the original and the original was great. The music is fucking amazing. This game is an instant classic for me, up there with Symphony of the Night. The only thing that sucks is at least 3 of the achievements are glitched for me so it's not acknowledging that I beat the game. Dont think I will go for the beat the game with out dying one
  2. All my podcast listening happens on my drive to work. But my drive is an hour one way. So I listen to a lot of podcast
  3. We made it! It's technically still February and with that a new episode of the D1Pcast with @SFLUFAN @Mr.Vic20 and @Emblazon We talk Xbox, disease and Baldurs Gate III?
  4. Playing a few hours it's quite fun. The team play aspect of the game is very important. So far a lot of people have just been running off and doing their own thing and dying. Had several people play healing classes only to use them as DPS which is annoying but the beta is open to all Game Pass members which means people who don't normally play games like this will be giving it a shot. I actually am looking forward to playing more of it once I get home as I have been doing well healer class.
  5. Vegas is the closest show they have scheduled so far to California so I had to get tickets. When they finally come to the LA area I'll be going again. AEW has been a fresh of breath air. Love their tag team disivion.
  6. Currently downloading and watching other streams to get an idea of what the game is about. Interested in giving it a go.
  7. Bought my tickets for Vegas and ready for some Vegas AEW wrasslin'. Any other D1Pers planning on going?
  8. I think as a pack in for people with Gamepass ultimate it's great value. Using the beta makes me realize how cool it is to pop out my phone at my brothers house and start playing Ori or Forza. It's not perfect but being able to play all my games where I am is awesome.
  9. I think I have owned 6 Xbox ones -Xbox One Day One -Sunset Overdrive White Xbox -Xbox S -Xbox One X -Xbox One X Scorpio Edition -Xbox One X Taco Bell Edition 1 PlayStation Pro 1 Nintendo Switch Definitely gonna pick up to Series X at launch
  10. Hey everyone! Happy 2020! We decided to get the band back together and get to talkin' bout' video games. Don't forget that you can subscribe to us on iTunes, Podcasting apps and now on Spotify! Give us a listen and follow! @SFLUFAN @Mr.Vic20 @SaysWho?
  11. Missed you too @Keyser_Soze I have just had a busy year with work, selling and buying a house and moving. But my schedule has become more normalized now that I'm all settled in. Why have I missed?
  12. Congrats dude! Make that schmoney!
  13. It's not even that, it's just annoying. I don't mind stomping if it's with rythym as I'm a drummer. Don't mind humming if it's the time and the place to hum. Mouth smacking can be down right sexy . But at work that's not the place to hear any of that.
  14. Nah it's not that. It's just sucking on your teeth is disgusting as hell. I have the same issue with a dude that sits in front of my desk at work. Dude talks to himself, smacks his mouth when eating anything and stomps his feet while humming to music. I have told him repeatedly to stop but it will for about a day or two and then it he just ends up doing again. I'm real close to bringing it up to HR because it's just so distracting. My current solution is just listening to music on my headphones.
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