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  1. It's a hard game that I don't think I will ever go back to. Some puzzles even with the help of guides I still could not figure out how someone would figure it out. Then after you beat the game there are more puzzles to the puzzles. I wish I would have loved it better than I did but in the end I just lost interest.
  2. Gamestop is on it's deathbed as far as selling games. There won't be a lot of places to buy or sell used games other than people on Craigslist. The used game market is won't be around much longer my prediction.
  3. I'm really loving this game. Just wish I could find a permanent 3rd Me and my buddy always end up with a bad third. They either go off and do their own thing or when the battles get going they run away and hide and don't want to actually come back for our banners. Watching g the cam they just stay in the corner healing and never attempt to revive us. Just get players that play for themselves and not as a squad. With that being said we are still having a blast. Just also wish that the cosmetics weren't so expensive even for Fortnite standards. Looking forward to the battle pass
  4. I don't think Corey could have scored either of them. He took what he could get.
  5. That's the great thing about game pass is that you don't have to buy the games to support the devs. I buy them because that's the way I want to support the devs. I figure extra sales wouldn't hurt.
  6. It's not about you seeing your character. It's for your dead opponent that you are tea bagging watching the kill cam seeing your sweet outfit you paid cold hard cash for
  7. I do and I do. Doesn't matter if it's an MS game or not devs need games to sale to keep making more games or risk getting shut down. I try to support the hobbies I enjoy and if I have the money to actually buy the game I will. Also Game Pass games are sold at a discount so there's that
  8. This game should be fun to play because it's on game pass. Don't see myself buying it unless I get hooked but judging from the reviews doesn't seem likely.
  9. My team was with me when I was on the ship. Then suddenly I was the jump master and they were gone. Made it to top 2 by myself
  10. Just my luck. The first game I jump in solo with out my friends and my squads quits the game before the jump
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