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  1. It's a short game and they couldn't even handle reporting on its content correctly, I give that a 3.8/10. Edit: Since the review has been edited accordingly and all tomfoolery is cleared up, I raise my score to 3.9/10.
  2. I really hope Mr. X isn't too far up your ass as a stalker type enemy. Based on quite a few reviews I've checked out, it kind of sounds like he's omnipresent after a certain point and even shooting your gun attracts him.
  3. Shit. HUD Options confirmed to be the same as the demo. I know I'm the only one here that cares but there it is!
  4. I never trust any completion times like this when it's revealed in context of my personal playstyles. People somehow beat Bloodborne in like 20+ hours and there was a huge drama and it took me fucking 70 because I actually enjoy playing and exploring games.
  5. I've never seen the issue with that section at all and why it's deemed so utterly horrid myself. All the lab shit there is super creepy and I really like how balls to the wall tense it gets here. Regenerators, or whatever they're called, are also some of my favorite RE enemies.
  6. RE games are always quite short so I was mainly Larry David-ing the rest of that info anyway. I especially don't mind this one being not terribly long seeing how much fun it was to actually fuck those zombies up. Wouldn't mind playing that several times.
  7. Gladly, my play times are always like triple of everyone else because I'm slow as all hell. And that enemy looks dumb as fuck but that may just be the image quality...I hope.
  8. Says the misanthropic android. Calling Harrison Ford, retire this heathen!
  9. 200% chance the kid in the MAGA saw the following:
  10. I've replayed RE4 more than most other games in general, it's one of the most fun, engaging and exciting games out there to this day to me. I got hooked on the The Mercenaries mini-game last year and ended up feverishly addicted to a game I've beaten like 10 times yet again. That's quality.
  11. Despite my childlike hype levels for the Resi 2 Remake I somehow didn't realize this was releasing January 25th already! FUCK. YES. I haven't bought a game Day 1 in quite some time but this is it. I'm quitting my job, getting a divorce, selling the cats for Doritos and Mountain Dew, buying some absurd gaming chair and it'll be on. Thank you Baby Jesus, seriously. HOLY SHIT THEN IT'S DEVIL MAY CRY 5 ON MARCH 5 AND SEKIRO ON MARCH 22!!!!!!
  12. Bloodporne

    Y'all are cool people

    Thanks pal!
  13. Good thing I checked here because I'm in dire need of a new quality flick. Also just saw Mean Streets again not too long ago as a matter of fact. Love the guy as a director.
  14. I mean I'd consider myself a film buff and a huge Scorsese fan and...I didn't even know this existed, seriously. I just had to google it. What the hell. I'm getting on this asap. Is it for rent on Amazon? Coincidentally, I just re-watched Wolf of Wall Street.
  15. I only have a work PC at home and it ran Hollow Knight at like 25 FPS on a good day.
  16. Yes, bullet proof glass in a wood door, definitely. Fucking hell, those HUD things even hover OVER your character haha...
  17. I'm pretty sure the example in question is a door to like the accountant's office, Sir...
  18. I've been trying to avoid watching videos and everything but this sounds interesting. That's too bad, imagine how satisfying blowing a zombie's face off with glass flying everywhere on top of it would've been. John Woo style. I really can't wait to fuck these things up in general though after seeing how absurdly detailed and good they were in the demo. I especially liked the whole critical shot mechanic, I'm a sucker for stuff like that with visual feedback like the changing reticle somehow.