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  1. Some advice seeing how I think I may have gotten a bit further than most: Learn how to properly engage with the parry system early on, don't rely on cheesing too much. Some later areas' regular enemies, and bosses, are next to impossible without a tight parrying game, so you'll pay for it later. Unfortunately I think the game does a quite shitty job teaching you this in a reasonable difficulty curve. Regular enemies are pushovers that can mostly be R1 stun-locked until ones pop up that can totally crush you in one swift combo. My suggestion is to not really rely on R1 spamming on regular guys. Engage them in a proper parry blow-for-blow match as often as possible early on already to get into the habit. Best way I felt was to simply block the first incoming hit normally, then start parrying to get the timing down with the first block. Also, don't get greedy and mainly counter-attack to bait a retaliation strike from the enemy and parry. Something that is noted in training but not explicitly again I think is that the less health bosses have, the less quickly their posture recovers. A crucial tidbit to the combat system. Also read the fuck out of those load screen tips...some of that stuff isn't explained properly anywhere else.
  2. I'm about several major bosses, various mini bosses and quite a few new regions in and I have to admit, I think I'm done with it. The atmosphere, levels and regular gameplay is fantastic but this utter obsession with mini-bosses and bosses that have utterly absurd damage outputs just never stops. This is literally Getting Two-Shotted: The Game. It's almost funny by now that every new obstacles has that exact damage output. I've advanced quite a bit, probably four main bosses down and a good amount of minis as well, lots of upgrades and yet it never ceased to feel really cheap. There was a lull with two gimmick bosses that were relatively easy but outside of that, I've had kind of a miserable time progressing and facing yet another brickwall of four different enemies that can nearly OHKO me...I'm just forcing myself through it because it's my big fan boy favorite From. Especially being single player, this needed a difficulty setting seeing how relatively easy the stages actually are compared to the absurd bosses. It's like From finally bought their own memes.
  3. Try to avoid mobs at all costs, they'll fuck you up. Remember how much of a drop you have on these guys with your grapple hook and drop stealth kills for example, really utilize your freedom of movement and stealth to thin out crowded areas. The other guys will get startled if you stealth kill someone in front of them and take that second to grapple back out of the place if there are several guys you think you can't handle. Basically, divide & conquer stealth tactics work really well here for me at least. You can also fully sprint in this game and still get a sneak attack if their back is turned by the way, his footsteps are really silent. I've often run up on an entire group from a vantage point, stealth killed one dude, grappled out of there, hid for a bit and attack them again from a different angle for example. But yeah, the General...you can stealth him and get rid of the first health bar right away leaving you to only have to fight through one.
  4. I mean, I don't know what your definition of hard is but saying they're not that hard and then stating they're way, way more demanding than some of the toughest boss fights in earlier Souls games is...really fucking hard to me honestly haha.
  5. I agree yes, but it's absolutely ramped to 11/10 in Sekiro. It's like they thought that shit was cool somehow and actually made it much worse. Regarding your post above, I'm actually employing all those tactics and I think the levels themselves have actually been super fun and not very hard. The bosses are nasty though in a bad way so far for me like I've said. I just feel like the levels don't prepare you and things get so absurdly perfection-demanding compared to the relatively forgiving pace and combat of the regular enemies, it just feels out of nowhere to me. Combine that with all the other shit @SimpleGsaid and bosses just feel incredibly brutal for the sake of it right now. The levels don't demand 1/10th of that precision or skill. It's the first time I get the feeling From bought into their own difficulty hype and went overboard honestly. I'll probably change my tune once I sink more time in and learn everything properly but it definitely just feels frustrating instead of challenging right now.
  6. It's going to be Sekiro Fest all weekend, although I'm not sure playing is the right term, more like "what are you being abused by today?"
  7. I guess I could say the same about Souls and Bloodborne but I feel like the actual combat tactics are so different for bosses and mini-bosses that levels don't prepare me for it. I feel like that'll change but right now it definitely feels weird to go through an entire level dying once in my case only to feel completely helpless and unprepared in terms of even strategy against a mini-boss, not just execution. That being said, the levels themselves are incredibly good and fun and it really does feel like an evolution of Tenchu 1 to me in many ways.
  8. There's just an absurd gulf of difficulty between the actual stages and mini-bosses/bosses for me at least so far. Souls and Bloodborne always made me want to "try just one more time" when a boss smashed me, this game is honestly doing the opposite right now. I was also pissed to find out that after bashing my head against one mini-boss for an hour, all it did was unlock the arena for...a worse mini-boss. I'm hoping that changes with learning the combat system more and it's just because it's new to me.
  9. I think the game itself is fantastic so far but I'm having serious trouble getting into the combat against mini-boss/bosses due to how absurdly fragile your character is. I've been practicing on the training NPC but it just doesn't prepare you in any way for how utterly crushingly difficult these guys are. The actual stages so far aren't and are really enjoyable but the demands of the combat system vs. the fragility of your character is really unpleasant for me right now. I'm hoping to improve obviously but I feel like I haven't learned anything useful bashing my head against the General after Chained Ogre for example. One mistake parrying and he can knock off literally 3/4's of your health. Combined with the fact posture damage goes back down, it feels like constantly fighting enemies with regenerating health. I've got the whole evening on it tonight so I'm really hoping I get anywhere with this combat system against advanced strategies.
  10. That sounds about right. The penalty for missing a parry and blocking instead is posture damage to your character.
  11. Reviews are in. Metacritic sitting at 91 right now. No time to post all kinds of scores but some I recall right now: 9.5 - IGN 9/10 - Gamespot
  12. A DS/GBA collection would be fucking amazing actually. I really love Circle Of The Moon, only recently found out it's not very highly regarded.
  13. Thanks. How much did that run you about? I don't have an account but can get a card through work.
  14. Isn't SOTN missing the original dubbing track? What else makes it shitty before I accidentally bite one day in a bout of confusion
  15. I somehow was determined to beat Castlevania III a few years back...and did it. I have no idea what kind of demonic possession enabled this because goddamn, it's straight up unfair half the time.
  16. No I mean, I totally get it, just personally can't imagine letting that spoil a game as good as Bloodborne and I'm not about to learn about how to spoil games for myself is all I'm saying. I see the shitty frame pacing in Bloodborne but it just fades into the background for me and I don't actively notice it while playing is all. I mean I've only ever played the PS3 version of Dark Souls and it's possibly my favorite game of all time. That consistently runs like hot garbage and has.... FUCKING BLIGHTTOWN So clearly I've ascended to a +10 Level Shitty Performance Master Ignorer
  17. I'll be honest, I kind of refuse to read up on the details of frame pacing, FPS issues and so on because I prefer to be blissfully unaware of some of it. It's just easier to remain in the dark especially seeing how From is my favorite dev of the last decade In short, I'm afraid I'll start really noticing once I know the ins and outs much like I started hating some albums after learning production techniques.
  18. I mean yeah, the frame pacing etc. was never addressed and only marginally better with Boost Mode. The loading however was massively improved. And how From has become such a power house yet still manages to suck so much ass at performance is quite impressive. It's mindboggling that they never did a Pro patch for Bloodborne seeing how it's an exclusive, sort of flagship, title. The Pro patch for Dark Souls 3 was at least something but the wrong game as far as I'm concerned.
  19. What I wrote was reiterating things I've read about the PS4 Pro performance actually but honestly, you never know just how sensitive some players can be so who knows like I said. Just wanted to share what I read overall with everyone interested in the game. @Xbob42 One thing I noticed immediately in Sekiro are the very short load times after dying, I was surprised. From what I saw, it was like 10 to 15 seconds range. Did you play Bloodborne at launch or later? The initial load times were absolutely hideous but were gladly patched to a more reasonable level. Still quite long but nothing like on release. Figured I'd ask.
  20. It definitely looks tough difficulty-wise, no doubt about that. But again, I kept seeing people not engaging with the stealth mechanics which look very much viable in many situations. I can see this making the game look a lot harder right now before people get off their Souls playstyles. I haven't read anything about base PS4 performance myself. I know it apparently runs like butter on PC if you have that available.
  21. Early impressions I'm reading on reddit and lurk-checking on ERA sound overwhelmingly positive in terms of the actual game. Reports on console performance vary wildly so far so who the hell knows really. Some dude on ERA went balls-to-the-wall and claimed it to drop "Blighttown levels" yet a good number of players are saying it runs just fine on PS4 Pro, so yeah... Difficulty-wise, streamers and reports from other players look like it's well, a From game, but from what I've peaked at, we're at the stage where everyone is trying to play this like a Souls game and failing hard as hell. I watched someone for a few minutes earlier and they refused to parry at all and basically just got chased around by a mini-boss the entire time with zero results. The game does feature a practice area of sorts this time around I saw with a teacher NPC you can train on and who actually teaches you combat mechanics step by step. In short, it seems like it plays barely anything like Souls except maybe very superficially and From is trying to teach you that right off the bat this time. Stealth also looks very effective and well done yet like I said, three streamers I checked out briefly all stubbornly did their Souls routine and just sprinted into, and through, areas and ended up in mob ambushes getting crushed because they didn't engage with the verticality nor stealth really.
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