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  1. Imagine they didn't feature these options at this point after the seemingly daily drama revolving around this game's representation of xyz elements of society. And if they didn't include any romance options...Alt-Right sleeper cell status confirmed.
  2. The same city that seems to be perfectly fine with seemingly a third of its residents smoking rock out in the open and in broad daylight.
  3. This whole situation keeps getting weirder. What is happening in this interview?
  4. Holy shit, I just looked at a family tree online and am now doubly confused somehow. Weirdly, I fully "got it" when season 1 finished but now I have no fucking clue what happened again. Maybe I'll just watch the last two episodes or so of season 1...
  5. Shit. I really don't have time to rewatch an entire damn show for its second season despite truly loving it. I'm pretty sure I'd be in the same boat...that show was fucking densely woven. Is there no decent recap on Netflix? Actually, I should snap a picture of my "chart" I made in my little notebook I keep on my coffee table while watching season 1! I got so wrapped up in this show, I was taking notes. Need to go find it tonight.
  6. That's 100% how I remember it as well and even how I discussed it with several friends, especially that first paragraph.
  7. I also love the old Sam Sho games, so this might be a good idea overall. From reviews I've seen thus far it seems the game is quite lean and simple to learn, yet hard to master. Sounds quite ideal actually.
  8. Is he running some obscure South American country along with Hitler and Andy Kaufman?
  9. Maybe a bit off-topic but I'm actually somewhat interested in getting into some online multiplayer for once. I've tried time and time again and always suck too much. What I haven't tried is fighters like SFV, are there specific beginner match-up options available in most of them? I seriously have no idea and don't want to blindly buy SFV for example just to get crushed nonstop. It seems like it'd be fun with the right learning curve.
  10. I grew up with a physically very abusive mother and all it taught me was to be a violent and aggressive teenager and young adult who thought attacking back was the only way through basically any problem. I just remember being terrified of her and loathing her as an entity and learning basically nothing else. I don't have children, and am extremely reluctant to even think about having any with my family's history of mental illness, so maybe I'm talking out of my ass, but it doesn't seem particularly productive to me. Secondly I feel like it can be a sort of "gateway drug" to increasing levels of violence. I'm not saying it is most of the time or anything but...it seems easy to me to go from spanking to eventually grabbing arms a little too hard and so forth. All I know is that I was a very sensitive type of kid and got that beaten out of me and I'm still paying for it mentally. Doesn't seem worth it. PS: I know parenting is fucking hard and complex so I'm sure there are situations where it is appropriate in worst case scenarios as well.
  11. Eh, the level design is super important to me. It all goes hand in hand I think and I definitely felt really fatigued and bored by the whole idea of one arena after another without. They were doing really well in the first set of stages but I felt a clear drop-off at some point. I'm still having fun though overall so I can't bitch too much. I think it was a good start to realize the aesthetics need a kick in the ass but for me, they took it totally the wrong way with Doom Eternal from what I've seen so far. Even the HUD somehow looks worse, it's amazing.
  12. I think I'm almost done and I have to say the level design really started taking a dump in favor of non-stop locked-down arenas one after the other later on. The hell levels were the worst about this so far. I wouldn't mind that as much if they switched things up more but they essentially all play out the same in terms of first dumping low level enemies, then mid, then a few Barons. Definitely prefer the first handful of facility stations to the rest of the game so far. I think the second stage so far has been my favorite in terms of level design with actual key card hunting and so on.
  13. That is a good fucking solo, very tasteful and lord knows solos can get tasteless quick. I'm especially fond of the drumming and specifically drum production though on this album.
  14. I've somehow never really paid real attention to Pink Floyd but listening to Dark Side of the Moon on headphones for the first time recently has been quite the revelation honestly. Their lyrics especially are doing it for me and some aspects I just can't shake. Time especially is stuck in my head lyrically.
  15. Too proud to change your name...okay, well, your fucking name is MARIJUANA PEPSI...time to drop the pride, lady.
  16. I've managed to somehow never see a single episode of this show but my friend and I just watched this clip like five times in a row. Fuck, that was good. The "son" is really the icing on the cake and then the "...what?" is the cherry on top of the icing.
  17. Doing some of the later Rune Trials now feels nearly impossible with a gamepad actually so I get the comments. I generally try to beat them all right away but had to give up on two so far, just can't fucking get agile enough. I know I can obviously practice and get it down but I really hate that timer and load time for a new try and that's actually what ends up frustrating the piss out of me.
  18. Is anything, I don't know, given to these poor people that wasted a significant chunk of their lives like this? I don't know much about the subject but are they at the very least given some sort of compensation/reparation for their lost time?
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