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  1. Sorry, I'll get in line. *ahem* $50 a year, what a rip-off! Who would even pay that much for a bunch of games no one wants. It's a scheme to get us to fill their pocketbooks. Nintendo is so alone in this.
  2. I'll be starting Dread tomorrow. So for Samus Returns, I'll add some of my own thoughts ontop of what @Nokt said. IMO, the game's biggest weakness is still the repetitive Metroid-killing part of the design. It gates you from moving on artificially, which I suppose is better than locking things behind you (a la Fusion, parts of Other M). You can turn your brain off for finding secrets once you're close to a Metroid. They don't hide any power-ups in rooms with them, which is a huge missed opportunity. I think it's really cool how early the Spider Ball is introduced. They deserve some chops for still making the power-ups interesting after that point. The Aeon stuff was a brilliant addition that reminds me of the Prime games, oddly enough. That robot boss was awesome for me, except for the final form, which is straight up bullshit to get that final hit. But I agree that the last few big encounters are awesome, sometimes in unexpected ways. In those final moments especially it feels bigger than a 3DS game, and I can't wait to see how they follow up to that with Dread. The map design also deserves some major cred outside of the Metroid rooms. It's really good stuff, and like Zero Mission, feels almost like a brand new Metroid game in the vein of Super. Only problem is that the palette and music changes don't do quite enough to delineate. It gets a better later on, but you still get a sense of deja vu too often. Maybe some of that was inevitable with needing to adhere to the Gameboy game in spirit. There's some minor balance stuff I'd change, like the ice beam slowing the game to a crawl for a time, with how many shots it takes to kill anything with it. The counter thing didn't bug me nearly as much, especially when it helped rectify that pacing issue. Overall, it's a fantastic game, in the upper echelon of 2D Metroids. The only major thing it lost by being on 3DS was not running at 60fps, when the rest of the series does. If the game ever gets an emulated patch or Switch re-release that does, bump my score up a half a point. 8.5/10 2021 games Hades - 10 FFIX - 9 (8 without speed boosters) Captain Toad - 8.5 Minit - 7.5 Yoku's Island Express - 8 Prince of Persia 2008 - 7.5 Oxenfree - 8 Shadow of the Colossus (remake) - 9 Hat in Time Seal the Deal DLC - 7.5 Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap - 7.5 Bad North - 8 Metroid Zero Mission - 9.5/10 Metroid II: Samus Returns - 8.5/10
  3. Eh, I stopped a few hours in, might continue it at some point. Buy I’d be more excited to get back to Origami King, tbh. Undertale is more essential.
  4. Probably wouldn't 'fix' it without a patch to do so. And considering Samus Returns still runs at 30fps emulated, I wouldn't hold out hope. ... Got too many chores to start Dread. But I hope to get on it mid-week.
  5. I loved the puzzles personally. I did resort to a guide once or twice near the end where it gets a little obtuse, but it never felt groan inducing like the Witness. Art style is the hodgepodge you might expect from a one man developer using UE4. But considering that, what's there is super impressive. The closing credit song is literally from his cheesy German polka band, lol. It's endearing.
  6. Wife is a teacher, she paid exactly 3 months on students loans before the pandemic pause. We make roughly the same amount. I just ran a PSLF calculator online, and we'd have nothing forgiven. We could file separately and get some forgiveness after 10 years... but that still wouldn't even cover all the accumulated interest. None of the principal would be forgiven. And we'd lose out on joint tax benefits. It's the school teachers with 6% loans in states that pay 40k salaries that could come out ahead. Otherwise, the math doesn't really check out. PSLF could help some single parent households make ends meet, but relying on it when you don't need it probably isn't optimal. (and with how much of a shit show it's been, I don't think I'd trust the government to honor it years from now) Will be killing our student loans in February, as planned. Whatever the government won't forgive by that point. It feels doubtful we'll get anything extra: not the 10k for individuals, or the extra 5k per year for public servants. Biden will probably tout the PSLF reforms and loan forgiveness from scam universities as a job well done.
  7. Mechanically speaking, they could have placed the Varia suit upgrade on a pedestal in the same room Adam 'unlocks' it for you. It'd be the same difference. I get much more frustrated with doors that lock behind you. A remnant from Fusion, though not quite as commonplace Other M. You're actually allowed to backtrack much of the time.
  8. My motherboard (Z170 Pro S) doesn't allow for supported CPU's, in spite of having TPM support and some of the 7th gen intel processors working with dev builds. That's okay. Really would want Auto HDR, but it sounds like there's some performance snags already with Windows 11. Might be best just to resort to a dev build of 10 for that.
  9. Reviews for this definitely reflect a bias towards fan service ahead of fun gameplay. Not that the devs weren’t asking for it with the license and budgetary limitations. Sounds like another TMNT Smash Up in that regard. I’m sure it’ll sell okay, but the licensed platform fighter is a poison pill for critics, especially after Ultimate.
  10. The final area of Prime 2 might be the best zone in the entire series, 2D or 3D. The game is a slow burn overall though, with some balance issues in the Gamecube original. I actually enjoyed Other M when it wasn't trying to be not-Metroid. 100%'d it and beat the secret boss. It was best when it shut up and let you find secrets - it's actually less linear in that regard than Fusion. I feel like it was one sequel away from atoning for itself. But we'll never see it due to everyone's reaction to the story bits.
  11. Watched this interview the other day about making the Prime games, Iwata, etc. Guy works at Deck Nine now (Life is Strange True Colors).
  12. It's basically on par with every other highest rated game that's come out this year. For a 2D Metroid in 2021, I think that gets the job done. GOTY could get interesting. I've really enjoyed seeing all the diversity this year. Not as much open world glut.
  13. I had a good time with it. It's meaty, took me 15 hours actually. I really wanted to get through it before Dread, just to get used to the new controls (which work really well).
  14. I thought Fusions linearity was death. Locking you out of zones was a stupid idea. Even Other M of all games is less straight jacketed. Fusion has good boss fights though. It’s just in a no man’s land between an action platformer and Metroid proper. Hopeful that Dread will rectify that. Hollow Knight is big and bloated in some ways, but having just finished Samus Returns (more on that later), I think it does a lot more to keep its areas and pathways memorable. I never found it dull personally. I could see someone thinking Zero Mission is as good as Hollow Knight. It’s the most streamlined 2D Metroid, in a good way.
  15. 3D World's is the most difficult IMO. Or at least least it was on the Wii U, with its slower run speed.
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