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Popular game franchises you've never played.


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Silent Hill

ALL of those console "animal mascot" titles from the 1990s/early 2000s

All of the Nintendo franchises

All of the Sega franchises

All of the "Soulsborne" games (except for Sekiro which I just started playing)

All of the sports franchises


To summarize, if it wasn't on the PC, I didn't play it.


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I don’t know of any notable ones that I haven’t played at all, but there are some for which I’ve played only one or two entries.


For example, the only Resident Evil game I ever played was Code Veronica on Dreamcast.

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I just dug around a bunch of wikipedia pages and found series that I've never played.


Jax and Daxter

Old God of War

Animal Crossing

Just Dance



Street Fighter

King of Fighters

OG MegaMan - I've played bits and pieces, but have never actually tried to beat one

Saints Row

Walking Dead


Ace Combat

Metal Slug


F-Zero - I played it at a friends house, once

LittleBigPlanet - I think I owned one of them once upon a time, just never got around to playing it

Luigi's Mansion

Stalker - Just bought them on steam not that long ago, played one for like 10 minutes


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14 hours ago, best3444 said:

Anything Pokémon 

Animal Crossing

Mine craft

The Sims

Half Life

Any strategy game


I'm sure there's more I'm not thinking about.

Same here for Pokémon, Sims and Minecraft.


I even have Pokémon red, blue, and yellow GB carts that I bought 15-16 years ago for my son to play when he was older. He certainly later played Pokémon, but never played those carts. Now they are mostly just games room decorations. 


I have never played Forza, but im 100% going to remedy that in November. And Ive never played Alan Wake, but I don't think that is a series?


Im sure there is more, but I do tend to try most long running franchises at some point.

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I've never played a single Call of Duty or any game of its ilk. Never played any online shooters since bouncing off playing Unreal Tournament online like...twice back in the day. In general, the most online gaming I've done is approximately a few hours combined of PvP or invasions across all Souls games and a little bit of Street Fighter V before I rage-deleted it. I haven't played a sports game since NBA Jam on the SNES and no racing game since Colin McRae Rally on PS1. 


Oh I've also never played a single Assassin's Creed game somehow. 

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2 hours ago, GameDadGrant said:

It’s called JAK AND DAXTER! Not “Jax” and certainly not “Dexter!” You uncultured swine! 

Honestly I just copy and pasted it lol


2 hours ago, Bloodporne said:

I can't speak for the others but the first Metal Slug is one of the most fun, refined and perfect feeling Action games ever for my money. It's so fucking good, highly recommend that. Also, the animations and art in general is incredible to look at in motion. 

I might add it to my wishlist and if I get bored one day look at it. Just never looked like something that I really wanted to play.

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