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  1. TV Side-by-Side Comparison Tool - RTINGS.com WWW.RTINGS.COM Ignore how the image presents here, when you go to the link you can choose which TVs you want to compare and it will do a side by side for you!
  2. I have the LG C9 and before anyone says "BUT its gots da problems with G-sync at 120hz 4K and VVR issues!" LG has already stated that these issues can and will be fixed shortly via a firmware update. So with that out of the way, I can heartily recommend LGs OLED C9 series and beyond!
  3. I would guess we'll hit 1/2 a million before its all said and done. Place your bets...
  4. Typically a year, which would be the same or similar to many Sony exclusivity deals.
  5. Future Bethesda Games Will Come To Other Consoles 'On A Case-By-Case Basis,' Microsoft Says KOTAKU.COM Following the announcement that Microsoft is buying Bethesda’s parent company, ZeniMax Media, Xbox boss Phil Spencer opened up the possibility that some of the newly acquired publisher’s future games could become exclusives.
  6. Maybe! As you said though there is a little bit of wiggle room to decide either way, PR nirvana!
  7. Agreed! I think Bethesda titles are likely to be Gamepass exclusive, but ultimately not Xbox/PC exclusive. So it will be on Gamepass for a while and then when it leaves Gamepass it will be eligible for offering on other platforms like PS and Steam.
  8. This season is strong and reminds me of the early seasons where the comedy was fast and fresh as apposed tried and true.
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