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  1. Mr.Vic20

    Sup AMA

  2. That's a solid plan, and hey, Nvidia might even finally have some actual cards to sell by then!
  3. This, this is a stretch.
  4. Mr.Vic20

    Wade was just shot and may be dead.

    @stepee , joking about me having to run this place again is no laughing matter!
  5. Then brick, my man, this might not be the card for you! Wait for next gen and hope they bring the next cards back down in price a bit.
  6. Right, this is the aforementioned "newer tech" along side the much more widely touted Ray Tracing, which is itself a hybridized version of RT.
  7. You are looking at a roughly 35-45% speed increase over the 1080ti. These cards are champion Overclockers compared to their Pascal equivalents so if you OC all your cards, add another 5% to the previous number. Solid performance jump, terrible price if you are not looking to be an early adopter of Nvidia's newer tech.
  8. Mr.Vic20

    God speed D1P

    Have a great trip mister!
  9. Mr.Vic20

    PC Gigabyte introducing M.2 budget minded drives

    Hey slow is relative, some folks are still rockin' HDDs for their OS drives!
  10. Mr.Vic20

    PC Gigabyte introducing M.2 budget minded drives

    I would argue these would be best as a budget OS drive. I wouldn't recommend this solution for storing game or bulk media!
  11. Mr.Vic20

    God speed D1P