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  1. I use diet soda with my rum, otherwise it has never really been a drink for me.
  2. Harden my friend, things will improve: https://www.anandtech.com/show/14104/hp-reverb-virtual-reality-headset
  3. I agree with what you've put forward here! Perhaps "Mothballed" is too harsh, but perhaps its better stated as present, but not setting the world on fire.
  4. I would guess that by 2022 most discrete GPU fabrications will be at the 5nm level and we should be seeing cellphones with just below (1.5 TFLOPS) the GPU power of the launch PS4 (which was 1.8TFLOPS, for reference). The power draw on such a chip should be very low and afford the designers the ability to create a much lighter and complete successor to the Quest. At that point, I would hope that the price point and the optics would have come in line as well. Here's hoping?
  5. If I had to guess, VR will get mothballed again until the HMD are: -ultra light weight and compact -All wireless - resolutions high enough to eliminate the screen door effect -better lens for superior FOV -cheaper and all of this will be happening over the next few years, but likely the gains will be made in pursuit of business focused models.
  6. I now believe that Valve has but one course of action by which to respond. They should acquire: And change their name to STEAMy.
  7. Me too! I see it as its own game platform and I'm very interested to see what they do with it. Day one!
  8. Yuck. This looks even worse with HP's newly announced "Reverb" HMD. Then again, it seems they are currently more focused on the Quest.
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