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  1. When work and family obligations start stacking up, I most certainly need to just to ensure I can at all!
  2. [MyASUS for Windows] Software Update | Official Support | ASUS Global WWW.ASUS.COM
  3. Who is the manufacturer of your motherboard? Several of them have moved to a desktop app to support the update from the web feature.
  4. AMD Brings Smart Access Memory (Resizable Bar) To Ryzen 3000 Desktop CPUs, Up To 16% Performance Boost In AAA Games WCCFTECH.COM In addition to the Radeon RX 6700 XT unveil, AMD also announced that is bringing Smart Access Memory (Resizable Bar) technology to its Ryzen 3000 Desktop CPUs based on Zen 2 cores. This is great news for a large majority of PC users who are running Matisse CPUs and the extra boost in performance thanks […] @legend
  5. Misery loves alcohol, so good luck with that Oregon!
  6. Ostensibly it’s about solving the mysteries surrounding alien space ship debris that has fallen to Earth. In reality, it’s about prematurely cashing in on relationships to sell the plot when said relationships haven’t, from the viewers perspective, even been established. Terrible, rushed, hollow.
  7. And you should NOT watch it! I did, and I want my time back. Its over serious, half baked, and plays out like someone trimmed a one hour show down to 30 minutes. Several baffling decisions were made here! Learn from my mistake and just don't watch it! If this show were rated by Wade it would receive a "Jesus Christ!"
  8. You could have a damaged rail on your PSU. BUT if your system is ONLY crashing on these three games, and works with several others, then I'm baffled. Edit: Just for fun, try rolling back to an earlier version of Nvidia's drivers and see if that makes a difference.
  9. Yup, so not a caps issue. I would go back to the PSU. It's the most likely culprit. If it were any other Component causing a crash then you would likely get a BSOD with an error code.
  10. What version of the 3080 do you have? Some have the dreaded "caps" issue.
  11. Oh yeah, you're going to need an 800W PSU when using a 3080. In fact, just to be safe, I would go with an 850W.
  12. As you've said you already reinstalled the OS, I would look to a hardware issue, specifically a faulty power supply.
  13. Cuomo continued, "To be clear, its my Penis that is playful, its likes to play!"
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