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  1. Prepare for a lot of air sucking sounds, eyes watering, and teen age soap opera like reasoning!
  2. Come on silly, he means Fedralia, a land that extends to include all of his real-estate ventures!
  3. I love a good Pilkington! Also, yes, this is likely bunk!
  4. Religion and plagues go together like peanut butter and chocolate!
  5. In the age of fake news, I've lost my taste for April Fools and the like.
  6. Eleven and a half hours until this terrible bullshit comes to and end for another year! Kill it with fire!
  7. Cornell uses Zoom, so we won't be switching anytime soon! I'm sure the IT folks will be "evaluating" this issue for some time!
  8. Who cares when his base is comfortably dumb? We have underestimated the power of dumb. Dumb let's their children die for Jesus. Dumb secretly feels that easy power is "better" than then responsible power. Dumb thinks there is a difference in the potential quality of a person because of their skin tone. Dumb thinks science is for "know it all" types. Dumb thinks a lot of things, but rarely does it think about what will fuck it in the end, only what scares it to its face. There is no tomorrow for dumb, only its feelings right now. - a shitty poem by Vic.20
  9. A game about a Wasteland life, delayed because of the COVID outbreak is a really good viral marketing campaign, next level really!
  10. Well, the same consumption of air and water, and calendared time, but not much else transfers over!
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