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  1. I don't have a physical copy but from what I've read/watched, the worst of the FPS effects happen on a physical copy or when placed digitally on an SD Card. Only a digital copy on internal memory seems to run smoother, and it still hitches.
  2. Apparently, if you install the game to your internal memory it will run a bit smoother. Testing this suggestion now.
  3. From what I've read it a combination of the Vsync method and the system memory usage as it effects the data streaming. Edit: to be clear the memory issue appears to be a memory leak.
  4. To me, the biggest thing to be excited about in console land is an SSD and more system RAM. These two increases will really help console close the gap with PCs and offer a more similar experience. Graphically, we are challenged by the current rendering burdens imposed by 4K. I've said this before and I'll continue to say this, 4K IS HARD! There is a reason that PS5 and NextBox Will both still employ some kind of checker board rendering, and that's because the quest is no longer to focus solely on higher Resolutions, but rather to effect the best possible IQ for a given game. Sure, these new systems will have more GPU power and possibly some, though not hardly enough, RT cores to be able to put a bullet on the back of the box, but the true start will be the way in which SSD and more RAM supports better texture streaming techniques and LOD work that will give the illusion of superior rendering capabilities. Better still for those of us that enjoy PC gaming, the increased CPU, RAM, and SSD in next gen consoles will allow even more parallels between consoles and PC making ports a bit easier on the devs. Overall I'm pretty excited about PS5 and future Xbox content because consoles are the target more often than not and as they rise, so also do my PC games!
  5. Maybe, but I can't imagine the optical drive's value covering anything close to the price of a reasonable set of RT cores. These system may have them, but I'm guessing they will implement them more through software than through hardware. Could be wrong, but I'm just not seeing it. Sure, the back of the box will certainly say "Ray Tracing!" but I doubt it will have much of an implementation until the mid gen refresh at which point I could definitely see RT coming into the picture in a proper manner.
  6. I have strong doubts that you could have base and pro models at launch, presumably at 400 & 500 respectability and expect much of a performance difference. One of the main reasons mid generation upgrades are possible is that the ensuing 2-3 years from launch give the chip makers time to drive down prices and therefore offer a substantial jump in power for roughly the same price as the launch hardware. If a pro launched at the same time it would cost several hundred dollars more worth of chips to get an appreciable difference, especially for console owners who aren't too picky about their graphics settings historically. I would guess that if there are more than one SKUs at launch it will be based on an optional/larger SSD.
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