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  1. I'm honestly not sure how I pulled that of Wade!
  2. Until I had kids, I really didn't care, but now it's a big part of the winter season to light the fire place, cook and bake with the family, and to litter our walls with all manner of garish garnish!
  3. That is a lot of not knowing how to fight and even more ass! @Spork3245, can you please critique their fighting "styles"?!
  4. Please provide me with a Scope, budget, goals, success criteria, and any schedule constraints you are aware of, thanks!
  5. I will strongly recommend this to my young self once the time machine is fully operational!
  6. Fuck no! I'm a project manager, so I'm always to blame for something someone else didn't do. That's the job. It pays well though and it will let me put my kids through college so, off I go with cup of coffee in hand, a smile on my face, and a pit of despair in each and every one of my round bones!
  7. Honestly, not much. I like my life and my wife and I are very happy with time away from the rat race. If I want anything, it's more social time for my children. They are "suffering" more in this situation than we are, though we all get along pretty well, so they are doing pretty good overall!
  8. I would say that Sekiro is more skill based, whereas the Souls games are knowledge based. Yes, both require skill, but in Souls there is almost always a way to cheese a fight if you figure out the exact right equipment combo, plus you can level to compensate.
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