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  1. Mr.Vic20

    Worst day ever.

    Texas is a big place, which part would you end up in?
  2. Mr.Vic20

    Worst day ever.

    Sadly its true and then in actual shit, as the scope of the project is sanitary...
  3. Mr.Vic20

    Worst day ever.

    I just arrived back at work after having stepped through a sheet of ice covered by snow and soaking my lower half in the process of reviewing a change in the field! Ice cold lower half is a bad feel. The things we do for our jobs.
  4. Can we get a graphic of this so we can just plop it in as an emoji?
  5. Come on buddy, 5 more years to a cool 100! then you get to get a call from the president!
  6. Its for....science? Yes, I want to say its for science!
  7. And yet he clearly is above the law, because all he needs to do it pay out from his ill gotten gains and carry on as he always has. On to the next grift!
  8. I really, irrationally, want this to be a spiritual successor to Alpha Protocol!
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