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  1. https://wccftech.com/playstation-5-aaa-square-enix/ And there it is. Unless there is more detail though, this is kind of "no kidding".
  2. What is the world coming to when a porn star's lawyer is probably a sketchy person?
  3. You and me both brother! Oddly, it didn't impact the frame rate in 4K too badly (it definitely did, just not down to 20FPS like I was expecting) but maybe that's because its royally borked!
  4. I can now tell you that the much vaunted ray tracing on the PC is FUBAR as well! DICE has found a VERY unique way to enable ray tracing that won't be to hard on the GPU! They only render half of the effect. Example: On the first "war stories" mission, there are spot lights all over the camp (mission at dusk), some of them point from a high ridge to the ground. The beam of light obviously begins at the light source, but gives up half way on its decent to the ground. No it doesn't fade or diffuse, it just ceases to exist! Apparently, Ray tracing is hard!
  5. Mr.Vic20

    Mass shooting in Thousand Oaks, CA

    Now hold on, perhaps mclumber1 is being more literal then you guys think? @mclumber1 ?
  6. Hmmmm, but that would mean it was a thinly veiled ruse!
  7. For those with RTX cards, there is also a new Nvidia driver you'll need that dropped just yesterday.
  8. https://www.ea.com/games/battlefield/battlefield-5/news/battlefield-5-update-notes-11-14-2018-update?utm_campaign=bf5_hd_ww_eam_socd_twt_bfv-day-1-update-notes-tw-nov-14&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&cid=53467&ts=1542214993810 @stepee , its happening!
  9. Mr.Vic20

    PC Who has the worst GPU on the forum?

    @NextGen , welcome back Mr! Since you've been gone, I've fallen on hard times and I now have THE WORST GPU on these boards! Others here will tell you this is not so, but they are, of course, filthy liars!
  10. Given you current GPU, I would lean toward the PSVR option. Its a good platform for the price and there are plenty of good PS4 games to justify the purchase!
  11. Mr.Vic20

    Microsoft X018: The Official Thread

    I predict they will launch one series and then the core team will exit and form yet another company.