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  1. Finished! A few quirks and some junk aside, that was a very satisfying game! Bring on the next one!
  2. I'd like to offer up the option of making fun of my mom. She's a genuinely awful human being. People say so all the time! All of her children included! So if you're feeling like being disrespectful of someone's mom, why not choose mine? I promise you'll I will not be offended!
  3. I gotta tell you, my kids loved knack! It was the first game my daughter played all the way through!
  4. Nope, thats where I dropped off from the series as a whole. I have heard many say that SoTN has been surpassed multiple times since then, but I have no experience myself. It takes an absolutely superb Metroidvania (like Hollow knight) to get my attention these days.
  5. SotN by far. Its RPG elements and fantastic sound track really made it stand out from its predecessors. I also enjoyed Simon's Quest, simple because it tried something different.
  6. Standing face to face with Darth Vader is really something! Things you don't think about. I'm apparently taller than the average storm trooper, but ever so slightly shorter than Darth Vader! Also, wielding a light Saber never gets old!
  7. I have spinning wheel of internet responses, it came up on "Sensitive pain in the ass". Always trust the wheel!
  8. I'm guessing you're sensitive as Hell and therefore either incredibly insightful and thoughtful or a massive pain in the ass, depending on the day/hour. Edit: Good/Bad is way too simple of a label for a human. That's our long history of religious, half ass thinking talking there.
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