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  1. I’m always good for the basic loop of this Series. It’s brain dead comfort food for sure, but I don’t mind at all.
  2. 40-60 is pretty typical as people have gone crazy with the zoom meetings to prove they "care" and are "connecting". So actual work has to happen around the many, many, pointless meet ups. Its made my job 50-100% harder on any given day. Stress, yeah, I have it!
  3. I suspect this is the first step to assuring it. I would honestly be surprised if Sony had not made more regular inroads on PC by the end of this generation.
  4. Whelp, there you go. I guess future Sony 1st parties will be coming to the Epic store first!
  5. Interesting choices but this time I'll wait for reviews as I was very excited about Greedfall and was there day one. The problem was that I tried really hard to like it but ultimately I found it really boring.
  6. I've enjoyed the series since they decided to make it an RPG, so keep giving me more and adding a few more world building layers and character development mechanics per installment.
  7. OK, played the demo. Boy oh boy do i suck at this! I love the look and as @Keyser_Soze suggested, its more than just a souls like, fonts have been stolen people! The combat is not bad IMO, but I am to shit so far to really gauge if its mechanics are "fair" to its own world rules, so I'll reserve judgement there. The hardening mechanic is interesting. I was really confused as to how it actually benefited me at first. Now I use it to end a flurry of strikes so that I can recover stamina while being struck in hardened mode. strike, strike, harden, break, dodge seem to work for me. Again, very pretty game, looks great in 4K ultra! I hope the dev pays close attention to feedback though as its still a little rough. I am interested though.
  8. I love chili! I like to make mine over the course of two days in a crock pot. Toppings include oyster crackers, cheddar, and a little bit of rice.
  9. I will give it a shot, hope its not just reheated Family Guy stuff.
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