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  1. For anyone interested in the actual answer to the question "why an arched bridge, its a "Tension Arch", which when used individually works well with stone materials and in sequence can also support the creation of a sturdy viaduct. why it works:
  2. Arched bridges are stronger because the gods hate our happiness and an arched bridge looks like a frown.
  3. But that sounds reasonable and if he turns out to be innocent of this, then my comment has less punch! Thanks a LOT @stepee
  4. Staying true to the moto, "Play has no limits" is good, but this is maybe too hardcore an interpretation of it.
  5. You can't remove the cocoa glands from the chocolate cow without significant genetic modification. They tried in the mid 20th century with horrific results. Some say this is the process that produced Toucan Sam.
  6. Guys, guys! Its just marketing research to ensure that Israel is "best aligned" with its good friend the United States of Schizophrenic Geo-political behaviors.
  7. Yup! I like Nvidia product, but this is no so great for the industry as a whole.
  8. Even now, WWII era undetonated ordinance continues to cause pain for the populations of Europe...
  9. Not sure, but I know its not enough! I am really sloppy and inconsistent poster, and I don't plan on improving upon that magnificent foundation!
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