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  1. My body is covered in hair. I choose the shower. I choose life!
  2. Hey, that's a gross mischaracterization that happens to be spot on!
  3. Them new Honey BBQ chicken poppers live up to their name!
  4. Speculation from one of Nintendo's hardware partners: The new “mini” Nintendo Switch will take advantage of a two generations of die shrinks to its Nvidia Tegra processor to deliver 1080p mobile gaming to a broader audience. By joining the joycons to the main body of the Switch, Nintendo will squeeze out the expensive and sophisticated wireless joycons and create a mobile-first Switch platform. The die shrink of the Nvidia Tegra processor will provide better battery life and a meaningful upgrade to a 1080p display and graphics in mobile mode. The new mini Switch, and an upgraded standard Switch are poised to address a broader market and capitalize on their growing software and user base. https://wccftech.com/nintendo-switch-mini-new-nvidia-tegra-1080p/
  5. More than likely it just means a more efficient processor and memory so that the system total power draw is reduced.
  6. I'd prefer to play this on PS5, but I'm happy its coming out on PS4.
  7. This will be a a DC madam situation. Buckle up, there are no heroes.
  8. Always something new to do in the ye old Warframe!
  9. I love that 50% of Wade’s posts in the last month contain spidey vs spidey!
  10. And of course exploiting the town/city/country that ends up hosting the event.
  11. And I’d agree, but human history tends to show that it favors a worse outcome on the whole.
  12. Its as if competition brings out the worst in people, but we keep telling ourselves it brings out the best.
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