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  1. There never have been in Cruis'n games. They're basically bumper cars. Though it does look like you can crash other cars.
  2. To what benefit though? That's what I mean. The game is running off a pretty old engine, and while they're still tweaking it with each new Chapter release, the game is only ever going to look so good. It's in what, it's 8th year?
  3. I didn't do much gaming on my Advance, and I skipped the entire DS generation, so I have actually never played any of the portable Castlevania games of that gen. I'd be down for this.
  4. I mean, wiping in would just run the risk of infection.
  5. Ugh.. that sucks. I didn't hate the story in the Yakuza games, it was just all the other shit you had to do. I was hoping Judgement would be a good story and more action but without the fluff.
  6. Are the judgement games more exciting/streamlined than the Yakuza series? I wanted to like Yakuza but it was too bloated and they talked way too much.
  7. Looks like an always-online connection will be a requirement, even for campaign. *waits for Sony outrage* I really hope PS+ isn't part of that requirement. It's the main reason I never played GT Sport. I just don't play my PS4 enough to justify Plus.
  8. I believe I paid close to $70 for Cruis'n World back on the N64, so forty bucks is a decent price point. Would've preferred 30 but I'll probably end up picking it up at some point.
  9. Not surprised... this fall is going to be stupid enough as it is. They're gonna be going up against Horizon Forbidden West now though.
  10. GT Sport is on sale for ten bucks on the PS store right now. Is it worth it for the single player? I remember it was added later so I don't know if it was legit or just a tacked on feature. I don't have PS+
  11. Hulk in Wolverine would be a neat tie-in, but I would honestly hope it's just a cameo, or maybe a boss fight, that would be cool. Sabretooth should be a given. I would also want to see Omega Red. The list of possible badguys is
  12. The Madden fucks complaining that it's literally the same game every year are the same Madden fucks that keep buying that shit every year.
  13. With Nintendo money. While I'm sure the budget is there, I can't help but wonder if Nintendo if isn't micromanaging and adding their "creative input." I know Nintendo funded Bayonetta 2, but I also believe it didn't make a ton of money. I wouldn't be surprised if Bayonetta 3 was a bit... different.
  14. Are they bringing back the driving tests? Do we know anything about that? I haven't played a GT since GT3 A-Spec, but I've always been open to them. They just.. haven't really grabbed me since.
  15. I looked it up and other consoles have been mentioned when this game was initially announced, but then again so was FFVII remake.
  16. God of War is a given, but it's pretty odd that the only two games that have me pumped so far are two Marvel titles being made by the same developer.
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