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  1. Maybe in like, a year or two. First they'll use this to gain five or ten more million subs, THEN they'll jack up the price.
  2. So glad i havent bought a CoD in like, ten years. I'll have some "free" catching up to do!
  3. I don't really hate people that badly. But there are a few billionaires manipulating the economy and politics that could probably be removed from existence. Not because I hate them exactly, but because there needs to be balance in the force.
  4. That's how I got mine. I was skeptical, but it came through. The week of Black Friday, no less.
  5. I can appreciate Ori for what it was, but that game became so much of a chore to do anything. Even basic traversal was a pain. Call me lazy, but sometimes I just want to run in a straight line. But no, if you die and just want to get back to where you were, first you have to do 20 minutes of frustratingly difficult platforming before you can even attempt that thing that killed you in the first place. The only solution is to cheese it and spam the save button, but that's only if you have the energy to spare. I think I got about halfway through the game before I just couldn't do it anymore.
  6. So what they're saying is that they're remaking a beloved RPG but don't trust the RPG-ness of it enough to make it a full-on RPG. I'll be honest, the thought of KOTOR having a GOW or Nioh style combat system doesn't appeal to me very much. I just don't think they'll be able to pull it off. It will either be a shallow button masher or a complicated mess. I'd love to be wrong, but I don't think I will be.
  7. Hey at least they aged her at 20. I would not have been shocked if they celebrated her Sweet 16.
  8. As far as new games go, not many. But I've been taking advantage of the holiday sales and snagged up a few that I've had my eye on for a while. I'd say the newest games I have are Crysis Trilogy Remastered and Grim Dawn... neither of which are really "new" but they're new to Xbox. I'm really just waiting for Elden Ring and Dying Light 2. Those will probably be my first "new" purchases in a while.
  9. Having finally finished Ass Creed Valhalla with over 150 hours of playtime I can safely tell you not to waste your time. Seriously, don't waste your time. That's a hundred and fifty hours of my life I'll never get back. Never have I felt so dissatisfied with a game I've put so much time into. Don't waste your time. If a typical story in any given media is a bell curve with an introduction, rising action, climax, resolution, etc., Valhalla is a plateau. A very low, very long straight line in which nothing exciting happens for hundreds of hours. Then it ends, and instead of feeling great about the ending, it robs you of any satisfaction you might want to gain from it. I'll spoil that shit right now if you want me to. To save you the trouble. So there. You're welcome.
  10. ESA: "Hey Publisher guys, we need you to get with us to do the thing you've all figured out how to do on your own already. It'll be awesome, we promise! Also, we need your money. Like, a shit ton of it." Publishers: Capcom:
  11. I did a few months ago. Yeah, they're expensive but I just put it on the Best Buy card so it can be even more expensive. I do have it filled up because I don't have anything installed on the Series S or X internal, so that I can swap the memory card between consoles and play the games whether I'm in the computer room or out in the den. (Correction: I have 122 GB free on the external) Games are: Ass Creed Valhalla - 71.4 Back 4 Blood - 34.7 Borderlands 3 - 65.1 Control - 43.6 Crysis 2 Remastered - 17.7 Death's Door - 3.0 Echo Generation - 5.8 Elder Scrolls Online - 94.0 Skyrim SE - 34.7 Forgotten City - 13.9 Forza Horizon 5 - 102.4 Halo Infinite - 49.1 Immortals Fenix Rising - 32.9 Mass Effect Trilogy - 93.8 Psychonauts 2 - 28.6 RE Village - 30.2 Riders Republic - 20.4 Tales of Arise - 40.3 Twelve Minutes - 2.4 To be fair though, I also have an external HDD plugged in with all my non-Series X enhanced Xbox One and 360 games. These are just the ones that require the faster storage. I could probably fit a few more games on there once I finish and delete Borderlands 3, Valhalla and Mass Effect. ESO and FH5 never end, so I dunno wtf I'm gonna do there.
  12. Bouncing back and forth between Halo Infinite campaign and Grim Dawn. Halo Infinite's campaign is pretty good so far, but it is Halo, and I only do so much Halo at a time. Grim Dawn just recently got released for Xbox and I know it's been on PC for a number of years now, but this is my first time experiencing it. Been playing it co-op with a buddy and it's pretty solid. Enjoying it a lot. Playing other games here and there to work on my backlog.
  13. Subsidize is right. They're milking FFVII Remake to make up for the bath they took on Avengers.
  14. Can you still only do one island per console?
  15. My wife would play it... if I bought it for her. I'd buy it for her... if it went on sale for a good price. So... no.
  16. Especially with the kickback they're apparently getting from Sony to keep it off Xbox. How much moneyhatting do you need for a game that's already done?
  17. It starts off with video of Keanu and Carrie Ann Moss talking about what technology was capable of back when the original Matrix came out and what they imagined it would be by now. Then it changes to CG Keanu and Carrie and they go for a drive. Then it switches to a real-time car chase where you're shooting at agents chasing you. After that it lets you loose to wander around the city either on foot or in a car, or you can fly the camera around drone-style. I'll share a screenshot if it ever decides to upload.
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