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  1. Played the first map with a buddy. It has some good ideas but eeeeehhhh.... it's pretty rough. We'll give it a few more rounds. My biggest personal gripe is the camera being glued behind the character. In a game like this, you gotta have full 360-degree movement. Not being able to attack a creature that's beside you until you turn the camera to face them is cumbersome at best. Plus, on top of that, when you lock onto an enemy, the camera pulls in even closer. When fighting something like a Verbeeg or any other large creature, you're literally so close to them you can't see anything
  2. Quake 4 wasn't bad... but it was basically Doom 3.5. Aesthetically it looked very similar. But it is a good, mindless corridor shooter. I wish they'd make it BC cuz I still have my 360 disc.
  3. Don't forget this gem! I heard it was decent on PC but it was ass on console.
  4. Indeed. And at Christmas After a while, it was just a store. But back then, it was a culture. I can still recite every single word of that fucking song.
  5. I liked Quake 4, even though it was kinda bad. I never played the original Quake. Even though it had its graphical advancements, to a kid who didn't know any better, it just looked like a Doom clone (of which there were many at the time).
  6. That's a fancy Toys R Us. Our gaming section was slips of paper you had to take to the front. And ours didn't carry nearly that many accessories. Of course, nothing can touch Toys R Us in the 80's. That place was magical.
  7. I always think I'm in a rut. I'll bounce back and forth between a handful of games, never get anywhere close to beating any of them, and think "Eh, I guess I'm just over it." Then a game like Resident Evil Village or Spider-Man will come out and I'll play it virtually non-stop for days until I beat it. So I guess it's not so much as a "rut" rather than there just aren't any games that fully capture my interest at the time. Taking some time away really does help though. I can take a week's vacation from home, not play a single thing the entire time, and not even THINK ab
  8. I did take a look at the eShop sale, and it's still the same shit. Hundreds of third party and indie games on "decent" sales, but Nintendo's own shit still hits that concrete floor of $40. I'm sorry, I'm not paying forty bucks for Octopath Traveler, or Xenoblade Chronicles, or Breath of the Wild. One of those games released on the Wii for fuck's sake, one on the Wii U, and the other is on Game Pass. I did grab Grandia Collection for about twenty bucks, so that was nice, but everything else on there is either available for other consoles or those tiny little indie games that I have
  9. Ok. I'll take a look at the eShop store right now to see if I find anything worth grabbing. I don't shop at Nintendo enough for those gold coins to really be useful for anything, though.
  10. Does Alan Wake even need a remaster? Most of the game is so dark you can't see it anyway lol. Though I will admit, an updated lighting model would take that game to a whole other level.
  11. Never said I was cool with $70 either. But those games on the other platforms go on sale regularly. Unless it's an indie, Nintendo don't discount for shit.
  12. What would be the real shit would be if I could play local games on my Series S and it used "the power of the cloud" to leverage the extra computing power it would need to bump the games up to Series X specs.
  13. I'm stoked this isn't exclusive to Switch. Any opportunity to avoid the Nintendo tax is greatly appreciated.
  14. I hope this one has more focus. The first BotW was the only Zelda game i've ever disliked.
  15. Tunic Replaced Somerville Death's Door Not huge on indies to be honest but those really piqued my interest.
  16. A lot of the reaction podcasts I watched seemed to gloss right over this one, like they never even played Innocence. Which is a shame, because that game was expertly crafted. I'm genuinely looking forward to this one. Also, if you're a gaming podcaster or "influencer" then you should probably know your shit. I don't get paid for any of this yet I seem to be far more knowledgeable about most of these games than the so-called "games media."
  17. You're not the first person I've seen say that, and I honestly don't know why this keeps coming up. Todd Howard specifically said the announcement was so that people would stop asking him about it, and that they've barely even begun the writing phase. There's no way we're seeing anything about ESVI remotely soon and with Starfield being a holiday 2022 release, I can see ES being a 2025 release, if we're lucky.
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