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  1. Collections: Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla and the Unfortunate Implications – A Collection of Unmitigated Pedantry ACOUP.BLOG We're going to be a bit silly this week (in part because the ending of this compressed semester has left me with little time) and talk about the recently released historical action-RPG computer (and console) game, Assassin's Creed: Valhalla, set in 9th century Norway and England. And, as with the last time we did this,… An interesting article discussing the games historical accuracies and inaccuracies in regards to weapons ,armor, and race. Als
  2. For Thanksgiving this year we were planning on meeting up with my wifes side of the family. We all live in the same state and having been either working from home or restricting our interactions with others. 1 person decided on impromptu trip to Vegas, she is now sick. 2 people even after knowing the first person got sick by traveling, decided to go on trip for a few days. They are now sick. We are now doing nothing for the Holiday.
  3. Correct but that little subtle detail is not gonna stop them from stomping their feet about it.
  4. It seems a bit fishy. Also the 120 fps has been one of selling points so why release it in a 1/2 baked state, just release it in a patch in a few weeks when its ready.
  5. Predator sequels dont work because Predator is the apex of the films, there isnt anywhere to go but down. Alien - Alien against small crew, lone survivor Aliens- Ups the ante with a whole crew of badass marines that still get slaughtered with a shit ton of Aliens Terminator-Robot from the future sent back in time to kill vs human soldier sent back in time T2- Liquid Robot from the future sent back in time to kill vs another bad ass Robot from the future Predator- Skips all the bull shit and just pits a bad ass Predator vs a bunch of bass me
  6. Fair enough, even with the update it’s still not a good buy.
  7. That thread was so bad you have to build a statue about it with smaller statues surrounding it telling you why it’s bad.
  8. I thought so as well but the site doesn’t list as having it .
  9. The HDR on that is set pretty terrible, your gonna be disappointed. No VRR or HDMI 2.1
  10. Watch the above DF video at 10:45 The screen is tearing so much an so often it looks like what you are describing .
  11. Yes My wife and I watched Season 1-5 , 3-4 episodes every night leading up to 6. In fact she would get irritated by the Sunday drop on new season because she wanted more. When I changed jobs I had 16 weeks paid time and the first thing I did was main line The Wire all day until it was finished and a month later I did it again. Hell 1 day I laid in bed and and watched every episode of the New Pope.
  12. I am about 10-12 hours in, it’s a slow start but entertaining. I now have the Pokémon collection game but instead of Pokémon it’s scumbags.
  13. I gotta agree with @Baconon this one. I can understand the weekly drops on shows that have a lot to unpack like Watchmen, The Leftovers or even GOT. There really isn’t reason they can’t do both.
  14. The New Mutants will debut on HBO Max first, if you care NEWS.AVCLUB.COM And the reason is about as interesting as you think.
  15. They will never denounce him it will be a slow turn but they will be fine Very much so, hes past the Tea Partiers as far as Republican splits go. Yup , the head of the GOP are not stupid people, they new this would happen because he would be a useful idiot. They also know the Republicans always tow the vote. At best they will be side line players, with no real GOP backing they dont have the money to participate My guess is they will feign outrage , lets state handle their business and move on. My final guess is that now
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