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  1. I look forward to seeing how you like the franchise. IMO you have watched the best of the series so curious how the rest stack up for you.
  2. Shang-Chi will start streaming on November 12th as part of Disney Plus Day WWW.THEVERGE.COM Disney Plus’ two-year anniversary comes with new movies.
  3. Action Game Shows BotW Up, Has A Great Weapon Durability System KOTAKU.COM Ultra Age has a refreshing take on weapon durability, and I love it
  4. Screenshots from the video show likely the moments after she was murdered. There is no way currently to know this much less enough information to speculate this and the victim was very adamant about not having shoes on in the van, the person closing the door to the van could very well be the victim before she was killed.
  5. From what I understand he disappeared and they didn't report it for 4 days and they picked up the car he left in. So much information flying around hard to tell what's true and what's not.
  6. But if we read the article we wont be able to shit post for upvotes
  7. Shotgun effective range. Shoot someone at 10 yards and they get slight flesh wound, slugs can kill out to 150+ yards and buck upwards of 50. To be fair BF has done slugs justice but people gripe about 1 hit kills.
  8. FYI there is a bug where if you click on "Reset Colts Progress" and then click no , it will just erase that shit anyway.
  9. Yea this kinda of a sore spot for me right now. There seems to be a multitude of ways to get the to objective but only one path to complete it.
  10. US man files $1m lawsuit after Michigan teacher cuts child's hair WWW.BBC.COM The US man says his daughter's rights were violated when she had her hair cut without permission. What in the good fuck is wrong with these people.
  11. Really tired of this country pandering to fucking morons. If a chunk of the population believes your bollocks will swell up and explode or whatever nonsensical shit will happen , it's time to let them go. They have reached the evolutional dead-end.
  12. Bluetooth® Devices | PlayStation®Vita User's Guide MANUALS.PLAYSTATION.NET PlayStation®Vita Official User's Guide. Explains how to use the PS Vita system, including basic operations, settings, and use of software applications. 2011 folks
  13. Jax and Dexter Crash Bandicoot Commando's Most 4x games
  14. I cant say his video's are "alt right" or even leaning that way cause honestly I dont care to watch a 12 hour sprawling critque of someone eles's critique. His tweets and followers tend to lean that way though. Either he is too dumb to understand the original Alien/Aliens films or he does and he is catering to the "anti woke" crowd. When that same crowd chimes in with stuff like this or or Never a correction,never a "woah guys, thats not at all what I meant". Hes activly courting them. And this jem He totally misses the point of this scene and jumps right to "white men oppressed". If he was half way decent at his job he would understand that to her outside perspective she is correct but hes placing the readers knowledge on this character. I am also gonna say that everyone has a different level of what they can accept from "entertainers" when it comes to the "entertainers" views or past. I will absolutly rock out black metal that veers way off into racism and worse. I will never not watch The Apartment Trilogy, Polanski is fucking scumbag that deserves eternity on a Catherine Wheel but he makes a damn good film.
  15. Malignant - Wans high budget Troma film. This seems to be a love it or hate it and I am more in the latter group. I love dumb campy over the top horror but most of those film dont feel like that was creators intent when making them, they just turned out that way. This film feels a bit disingenuous to what it was trying to accomplish which is probably to harsh a criticism but I cant really describe it. I will say I am harsh on Wan's horror films as I find them pretty yawn inducing but atleast he was willing to try something a bit different then usual. Also I saw the killers origin coming from a mile away but I watch a metric shit of horror so I have seen similar origins from others films/shows. I feel the others did it better but thats a minor niggle .
  16. Lupi Amoris by Heavy Temple If you enjoy bands like Elder or Baroness this could be your jam. Dòngshāng 冻伤 (single) by Laang 冷 Taiwanese black metal I Have Seen The Light, And It Was Repulsive by SERMON OF FLAMES Very hard Death Super listenable 70 rock/funk/psych .
  17. They can bring criminal charges but they are less severe , normally they will work with local officials to handle something major. Under the OSH Act, the agency can bring criminal charges against an employer for: Willful violations causing an employee’s death; Providing advance notice of an OSHA inspection; and Providing false statements on a document required by the Act. But the criminal penalties associated with these violations, found in Section 17(e) of the OSH Act, are less severe than the potential penalties available to a district attorney under state law. They include a fine of not more than $10,000 or imprisonment for not more than six months, or by both for the first offense.
  18. I enjoyed Lawrence Fishburnes portrayal of Morpheus. With that said, him not being in a sequel to films that were last completed almost 2 decades ago wont get an eye brow raise from me. Maybe after I see the movie Ill have a different perspective but not gonna wig out over something I dont know or havent seen yet.
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