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  1. The Witcher 3 complete for $14.99 is one of the greatest gaming deals of all time.
  2. 1.6 Ghz Intel Core i5 8 GB RAM Intel HD Graphics 6000 1536 MB Ideally, something $500 or less (hence my openness to something refurbished). But I'm willing to entertain something more expensive than that.
  3. Here's the deal: I want to play World of Warcraft Classic when it comes out. I am objectionably horny for that game. The problem is that I have a MacBook Air, which even though it is a 15 year old game, will probably not run it well. So I want to get a cheap(er), moderately powered gaming laptop to run it. I don't need anything with real heft - WoW Classic is the main pull, and I'd probably mess around with some older games like KOTOR and Oblivion, but I wouldn't be playing anything modern. Any good suggestions? I'm perfectly fine with something that's refurbished, especially if it comes with some kind of warranty.
  4. I’m finding it increasingly difficult to convince myself it is coming out in 2019, and that makes me sad.
  5. No, we need to know who the Knights of Ren are, and where did Snoke come from?!?
  6. It's tough when your 'liberal arts grads pour my coffee' perception is shattered in the face of cold, hard data.
  7. You bemoan my lack of complexity, then rely on tropes like 'look at all these gender studies baristas and Patreon whores' instead of real proof like, oh I don't know, figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Brookings Institute. But by all means, keep saying that I'm the rube.
  8. A joke you then went on to argue for in earnest, so I'm not sure what point you are trying to make (especially since you literally just said it is based on what you believe). I never said nepotism doesn't exist, I said it is not true that college degrees are becoming increasingly useless; the numbers prove that is not the case, and none of your rhetoric or links directly link the value of college to nepotism. The evidence you are providing does not back up your actual claim. I literally did not say a single thing about this. Yes, vocational training is a better option for some people. It's also disingenuous to make sweeping generalizations like 'college isn't worth it if you don't go to a prestigious school', then argue for the exceptions (which don't actually disprove anything I've said) when they are shown to be generally false. It is true that the risk of dropping out is far too significant for some people; it is also true that if they navigate that risk and complete their studies, they will (generally speaking) be in a better position compared to the other outcomes. Again, this all goes back to your point - the perceived diminishing value of a college education - and how the data does not bare that out, not whether or not college is the right choice for any one person.
  9. Sorry, median lifetime earnings (millions). None of those assumptions are supported by the data. The simple fact is that on the aggregate, college is better than no college (regardless of what or where you study). And that isn't pedantic given that it directly addresses your assertions, i.e. that the value of college is in your specific major and/or your access to prestige and nepotism.
  10. In this context it's only a problem if the increase in earnings don't outpace the debt; per the statistics in your link, the median and average student loan payments are smaller than the difference in median income between Bachelor's and no Bachelor's. And to your second point, even degrees in 'post colonial studies' lead to a larger earning potential:
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