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  1. If it's a nice restaurant with an interesting menu I will, but not if it's like a chain or local family place.
  2. I usually don't buy enough games in any given year to really care about the price, and even then I'm willing to pay full price given the ROI in terms of entertainment. Over the course of the pandemic I've purchased multiple full priced games (10 in all, plus some cheaper indies) and I haven't regretted a single dime, because I've gotten my money's worth (and then some).
  3. I’m willing to give a very thin benefit of the doubt to those folks that *maybe* Trump showed them the logical conclusion of conservative politics, and that they are genuinely pulling back. It’s as thin as Trump’s skin, but I’ll give it to them.
  4. I can’t wait to see how mercilessly they roast that Cerny PS5 stream.
  5. We should bring back prejudice toward the Irish to retaliate against Boston.
  6. My dad is the most impossible man to shop for so I didn’t even bother; usually I just cook dinner for him. I did give him a hair cut, though.
  7. I perused their site over the weekend and they were giving it a surprising amount of oxygen, and didn’t spin much other than to point out that Trump denied it.
  8. I think they have it in stores too.
  9. I recall the Halo 3 version being good. I think that’s the last time I ever bought one of these.
  10. Sugar-Free Baja Blast, but only from Taco Bell.
  11. This always kind of drives me insane, since you could definitely incorporate fried chicken into a meal that celebrates black southern heritage. It's possible! Most honkeys are just far too lazy to do it in a way that is actually referential.
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