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  1. The owner of Leicester City died in a helicopter crash the other year as well. Weird to have multiple sports-related helicopter crashes in such a short timeframe.
  2. Imagine a Bernie/Warren administration where Bernie is out-and-about or utilizing the bully pulpit and Warren translates his ideas into functional policy proposals.
  3. I’ve come around on Bernie...I still fucking hate his online following, and I think Warren would be the better President, but goddamn that Overton window shift would be incredible. And the idea of an ‘Organizer in Chief’ actually inspires a modicum of hope that the balance of political power may be able to shift.
  4. Lopez only cares about drugs and opposing collective bargaining, so this info wouldn’t be of use to him.
  5. Yes, that is correct (allowing for some small differences between states). At my old job I was responsible for recruiting donors into the program, so I know a lot about Pennsylvania’s version.
  6. How pissed are you if you are Christopher Nolan, and you watch Sam Mendes ride your coattails to a fucking Oscar?
  7. Though I will say Greatone is right (and sexy), the acting is quite fantastic and deserves applause.
  8. What if we made a lazy river and used lava instead? No, they are trash. I will never forgive Peter Jackson for making me watch that horrific scene.
  9. When I worked at a school I was pretty close to the guys in the kitchen, and the parameters for the program really aren't that onerous. You can basically make whatever you want so long as you work with your supply vendor to make sure it stays within the guidelines (but we were a school of 150 kids, so scale could be an issue). And the meals were good too! The only real issue was portion size; the program dictates pretty meager portion sizes (definitely not enough for a growing kid).
  10. I do like the idea of a Sith analog to Yoda, that’s a pretty good idea.
  11. One of my better recent dining experiences has been Apetaka, which does vegan Central/Eastern European food. Kluski Slaskie (baby lima bean + winter bitter leaves + potato dumplings + fried buckwheat + marjoram)
  12. What’s there to be confused about? ‘Look how right I always am’ in the face of international conflict is insanely narcissistic.
  13. I'm reading 'The First World War' by John Keegan. It is quite good. Fucking Serbs!
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