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  1. You owe me $200, so I’ll just hop on the phone with Equifax to give you a little boost.
  2. It’s cute that y’all think BioWare will be the one to ultimately work on/release the next DA or ME.
  3. Logging onto D1P immediately afterwards like a true poster.
  4. My father is in a similar position; I once had to keep a straight face while he said, “You know, I’d like Cuomo for President.” Beats having him be into QAnon!
  5. My heart is making approximately 64 beats per minute right now.
  6. Honestly the most shocking thing about this is that Bacon has good taste in something.
  7. If we’re being honest the Tron Legacy soundtrack is one of their best as well.
  8. I think Discovery would be a good starting point. Their style changed pretty drastically throughout their career (Random Access Memories, their last and IMO best release, is absolutely nothing like their earlier work), and Discovery is a good middle point.
  9. Not to mention the misguided idea that 1%ers let their children rack up massive student loan debt to begin with as opposed to, you know, paying it. Warren Buffet’s grandchildren never filled out a FAFSA form. Building a barn around a needle.
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