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  1. Real vibes if you all turn this into the ‘official’ thread for the game while keeping the title intact.
  2. Dude is a legit ‘nice guy’ for the better part of 2-3 seasons, and when it becomes clear he won’t get to fuck Pam, he outright transfers to a new job. That’s kind of being an asshole!
  3. In other words, post things you are sure no one else on the board has seen, read, listened to, or known about; then, we can see if we are wrong! My selections: Film - 'The Night is Short, Walk on Girl' Book - 'See You in Paradise' by J. Robert Lennon Album/Song - 'My Dog's Eyes' by Zammuto
  4. That will be more effective than anything else she could have possibly said.
  5. I was just doing a ‘virtual happy hour’ with my girlfriend and one of her friends who lives in Manhattan, and he opened his window and showed us the 7 p.m. applause for the hospital employees; if you are ever feeling down or pessimistic about this situation, I highly recommend you watch a video of one. Strength and resolve well and truly reside with the people.
  6. I’m glad you told us about their rifles, I’m sure they’ll do a great job shooting the virus out of the air.
  7. I have definitely grown to appreciate the job security that is inherent to my career path. Places will always need to fundraise!
  8. Accepted. Not a lot of interest though so I’m postponing to another night, but if I’m on I’ll open my gate for ya.
  9. ‘Experience’ and fidelity aren’t the same thing. Do you like eating in restaurants with plain white walls? Would you have fun at a sporting event where people didn’t cheer? If you went to a brewery and all of your beers came in red solo cups, would you be disappointed? Aesthetic and atmosphere are huge components of an experience, and unless you are backing up your car to your home theater set up, you are correct, it simply cannot compare.
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