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  1. I can't say I hope he dies. There are people who care about him (quite incredible to think about), and though he is a ghoul, his death would bring them pain, which is not ideal. That said, I do want him to shut the fuck up. And if the only way he will shut the fuck up is by exiting this mortal coil, then, well....
  2. I can't speak for the actual flower, but concentrates are definitely more potent. That said, the actual impact isn't really noteworthy (plus in some cases it's actually a positive; the come down I get from my vape cartridge is much better than the headaches I'd get from the shitty weed I smoked in high school).
  3. For a second I was hoping bmac was the dude who had his XBL account banned for breaking a Halo street date, then cowering away in shame.
  4. That's a pretty big 'to be clear'! How many people have linked their roster unerringly over the past 20+ years? I guarantee its a fraction of the amount of people who buy the games.
  5. Chris-

    Worst day ever.

    Ah yes, hold the lowly paid cleaning staff in contempt over a mundane mistake. Very good look.
  6. Actually I just remembered I drink a fair amount of milk when I'm bulking, but I haven't bothered to commit to a bulk in awhile so I didn't even think of that.
  7. Same, though there is a local dairy farm that makes killer chocolate milk (literally tastes like chocolate ice cream), so I treat myself to that on occasion.
  8. What false dichotomy? I don’t like her fatalism, but she’s not wrong: labor has broadly resisted environmentalism.
  9. Our receptionist, an otherwise lovely person who grossly violated this personal boundary. Being touched on the arm (tricep or lower) is permissible; the shoulder, trap, and neck areas are entirely off limits.
  10. I generally do not mind physical contact with people, but for whatever reason, I LOATHE when people pat me on the shoulder (or even worse, rest their hands there). There are only like four people in my life who have that privilege, and you are not fucking one of them. Don't fucking touch my shoulder.
  11. Broken Age absolutely should be on the list, as it was the first game to prove that crowdfunding was a viable (though complicated) funding model for development. It blew the damn into smithereens.
  12. My dad’s 2017 Forester gets the same MPG as my 2014 Impreza.
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