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  1. The cinematography was gorgeous, the weird portmanteau of samurai/Western/fantasy/modern politics was Star Wars at its best, that fucking owned.
  2. Exactly the type of heads up I needed, because that's exactly how I would play it!
  3. @Commissar SFLUFAN, this has been on my wishlist for awhile; seems like something decisively up your alley.
  4. I will consider buying it this Saturday! I'm also eyeing up Paradise Killer:
  5. I would be incredibly owned if people continued to post indie games I don't know about, so owned.
  6. Between the poor labor conditions at major game studios and the ingenuity of small/independent developers, I have grown quite fond of indie games as of late. They introduce innovative design/mechanics, unique art styles, and riff on established genres with an entrepreneurial spirit. By all accounts I would say buying an indie game constitutes supporting a small business (relative to the size of the industry), and these are some of the indie games I would encourage you to buy on Small Business Saturday:
  7. I’m convinced he will try to give himself a preemptive pardon on his last day of office.
  8. Been playing a whole lot of Stardew Valley (Switch), and finally got around to starting Spider-Man (PS4) too. Just got Ring Fit Adventures in the mail so that’ll be on regular rotation soon too (assuming it doesn’t completely suck; I know it won’t be a perfect gym replacement, but I need SOMETHING to fill the void)
  9. You can lead a horse to water, etc. My girlfriend tried to get her mom to consider getting her news from PBS and was thoroughly rebuffed. A lot of those people don’t want the truth, they want to appease their feelings.
  10. The lack of date nights is driving my girlfriend insane...The other day she said we should do something special like cook dinner together and watch a movie, and when I asked how we make that ‘special’ (since we do that all the time) I had my rights read to me. I definitely understand where she is coming from because patience isn’t her strongest quality, and pandemic monotony is real, but god damn do I need an assist.
  11. What's the fucking situation like in a house full of 8 people? Is there always fucking going on?
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