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  1. There’s nothing wrong with pointing out the hypocrisy...That’s absolutely what they should be doing, and it would be grossly negligent to not score those easy points. What really matters is what (if anything) they do beyond that, and it’s still too early to tell.
  2. The book has been sitting on my shelf for a good few months. Maybe this will push me to read it sooner as opposed to later.
  3. How's your roommate doing? In terms of quality, in what percentile do my posts rank as of roughly 2015?
  4. I cannot think of a single cake that would satisfy all of those conditions.
  5. I used to feel the exact same way as the OP, but then I went all digital with my Switch and I'm not looking back. I'm at an age where the amount of time spent selling/trading in physical copies simply isn't worth it, and I'd rather pay for the convenience of getting games immediately and always having them playable.
  6. I liked it! It's a very, very good (though not quite perfect) adaptation of the book. I'd say the biggest whiff is the narrator, who is wholly unnecessary (though it's very cool that Pollock himself played it).
  7. Men with disposable income simply cannot be helped from wanting to buy something they don't know anything about and don't know when they can actually buy it.
  8. I'm sure @Emperor Diocletian II appreciates that Sony's nakedly half-assed effort to launch this generation has granted them such a tremendous amount of hype. Literally whipping up a sales frenzy because they can't be bothered to care enough.
  9. The best is when you have them for breakfast and you can absorb their silky rich goodness with your toast, hot damn is that good.
  10. Runny fried eggs are god tier, especially on a burger.
  11. Gaming ended with Breath of the Wild, no game will top it. CD Projekt Red and From Software have earned the sole exceptions to that though, they get another shot at it.
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