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  1. 'In preparation' is kind of a misnomer...He's been trying for nearly a year, and before that it took him over a year to do the Trilogy (DS1 + DS2 + DS3). I'd highly suggest people here check Hob out though, he's a super entertaining streamer. And as he's been doing these challenges he's made bets with his chat to finish by a certain date, and he has almost always lost (including shaving his head and bungee jumping).
  2. Dude what the fuck, I complimented you
  3. Like I said, I'm not judging responsible indulgence; I just think we should tax the shit hard as fuck.
  4. Oh wow I didn't see that coming, very good joke.
  5. When I posted that I was wearing a thin grey hoodie, a red thermal shirt, and fuzzy pajama pants. I am now wearing the same hoodie, an old t-shirt, and jogger sweatpants (went to the gym). I've been wearing Bombas socks the entire time.
  6. Some of the replies here further show why soda is so bad: - It gets paired with food that is already bad for you; and - You can have as much as you want at basically any point in the day, whereas with something like beer or wine, social norms will generally limit when/how much you are drinking. Soda is still stupid.
  7. It's hard to rank his films IMO, simply because I think about and revere individual scenes/segments as opposed to the films as a whole. I think I would have an easier time ranking my top ten scenes/segments... 1.) The basement scene (Inglorious Basterds) 2.) The Bonnie Situation (Pulp Fiction) 3.) Zed and the dungeon (Pulp Fiction) 4.) The pastry scene (Inglorious Basterds) 5.) Breaking out of the coffin (Kill Bill Vol. 2) 6.) The dinner scene (Django Unchained) 7.) The Mexican standoff (Reservoir Dogs) 8.) The torture scene (Reservoir Dogs) 9.) The House of Blue Leaves (Kill Bill Vol. 1) 10.) The overdose (Pulp Fiction)
  8. I do not like her music, but Taylor Swift is not stupid.
  9. You do not seem stupid, other than your willful ignorance of the importance of voting, which is very stupid.
  10. Do you mean your icon? If so, your icon is stupid and you should immediately go back to the TF2 Spy.
  11. Keto diets are not stupid; people who won't shut up about them are, however, stupid.
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