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  1. https://jezebel.com/what-is-red-scare-and-am-i-exempt-from-caring-about-it-1836221532 But yes, people who aspire not to be assholes are the real idiots.
  2. Then the flaws of our system are ultimately exposed, as the Executive-directed DOJ does nothing, and Congress does nothing.
  3. I have to give it to @stepee. Dude had a completely different username for years just to troll ONE person; that is next level dedication. He is also just as talented at the quick, minute troll jobs that captivate ones imagination. On the D1P Troll Mt. Rushmore, he is definitely represented along with a huge, unfinished cock.
  4. God, I want this game so bad but I suck at 2D Mario. I watch people on stream and just think, 'Shit, you mean to tell me you can *grab* things?!?' Young me just fucking ran and jumped!
  5. Every point you just made could be said about college football and basketball. There is no parity (only an incredibly small percentage of teams have a true chance to win the championship in any given year; upsets happen during the NCAA Tournament, but that's about it), they are both slower and less skill-driven (basketball especially), and the officiating is always terrible since each conference has its own officials. And yet there are not nearly as many, 'I don't think college sports are good' takes as there are 'Women's soccer isn't good' takes; go ahead and ask yourself why that is the case.
  6. That's still a stupid argument though. Like, good compared to what? The USWNT isn't good compared to the French mens national team, but that is a pointless comparison because they don't play them. And you would be hard pressed to explain how the Women's World Cup is 'bad', other than it is less physical/quick.
  7. Moreover, being 'good' is completely irrelevant when it comes to fandom. College athletics aren't 'good', but I'll still watch Pitt whenever I can! I have not developed a fandom for any NWSL team, and it is unlikely I ever would simply because I already have too many teams I root for.
  8. I highly doubt there is that much of a price discrepancy between Aldi's nationwide. Hard disagree my friend.
  9. But all of those conditions are satisfied by take-and-bakes, which are just as cheap and bigger/better than frozen pizzas. Shit, the take-and-bakes at Aldi are the size of an extra large, and they're only like $6! Even if you need a regular, economical pizza option, frozen still isn't worth it!
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