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  1. Hm, from what it sounds like, the framerate is only an issue if you're a huge fuckin' nerd. Thankfully I'm not a dweeb like the rest of you, so I don't foresee any framerate issues.
  2. He also voted against the Brady Bill five times! That'd make a great banner.
  3. Wow, amazing. Why should I vote for him over Elizabeth Warren?
  4. They run co-working spaces; they provide the space, furniture, amenities, etc., and small businesses or start-ups rent desks/office/suites in the space. There has literally never been a profitable co-working space company, because somehow everyone involved loses money.
  5. I have often wondered what the discussion post-Sandy Hook would have looked like if the crime scene photos had leaked out.
  6. Chris-


    I’ll contribute in the next day or so- in all earnestness, please feel free to remind me if I forget!
  7. I can’t believe you actually bought cakes from a dog bakery, but I absolutely believe that dog bakeries are readily available in NoVA.
  8. Chris-

    I’m okay

    It’s not worth much, but I’ve always valued your contributions on this board; I was sad when you left and happy when I realized you came back (it took me awhile to figure out lol). I hope things get better and that you continue to feel welcome here.
  9. It's incredible Chappelle would lean into an 'anti-PC' angle given why he left his show...
  10. lol like you give a shit, you wouldn't care if he hadn’t been involved with Clinton and a bunch of Harvard professors. You think anyone here buys your crocodile tears?
  11. I basically only wear Steve Madden chukka boots and Vans.
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