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  1. I've seen enough people say it works to give it a shot. It was only $14 for a pound of the stuff, so it's not like I paid out the ass for it.
  2. Chris-

    Books D1P, What Are You Reading?

    Got ‘Clemente: The Passion and Grace of Baseball’s Last Hero’ by David Maraniss from the library, can’t wait to read it.
  3. All of the data algorithms probably think I'm a fucking douchebag. I'm sure I'll start seeing crossfit ads soon.
  4. Weather Underground, y'all. I like my weather delivered by a company named after leftist terrorists.
  5. My favorite dumb Trump anecdote has to be the article that detailed him fast-forwarding to all the fight scenes in Bloodsport.
  6. I never thought he would fondle *his* balls bemoans guy who supported the I Will Fondle His Balls candidate.
  7. Chris-

    ~*Official 2020 Candidates Thread*~

    While true, I wouldn't classify [checks notes] - comparing homosexuality to bestiality - as a minor imperfection. That's a pretty big one!
  8. Only if @mclumber1 is forced to watch.
  9. Is this the book readers' thread or the non-book readers' thread?
  10. I'm surprised the bad DBZ game is more popular than the good DBZ game.
  11. Doing everything by hand is smart since they can avoid dealing with some massive, buggy system and hit their 2019 launch date.
  12. Chris-

    Nintendo How is Civ VI?

    I was perusing the Nintendo eShop and noticed it...How is it? I've never played a Civilization game before, but they've always been intriguing.