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  1. To share with everyone else in the restroom. You can also say "OK, who had asparagus!?" while standing at the urinal next to someone.
  2. Hell yes. I enjoy eating it before going to a sporting event.
  3. Half Indian (dot)
  4. None of their sauces are hot. Verde was the best but Merica.
  5. I never really left... Just too busy to post
  6. High level gamer, I think that was his name.
  7. Just me after a run. Down 45 pounds since March, 220 to 175. F dad bod
  8. Me and my youngest.
  9. I'm probably going to end up playing more on the Xbox than my pc. HDR on my oled is way better looking than my gsync lcd monitor.
  10. They need to add this to the uhd player. I don't want to buy a seperate player for Dolby Vision.
  11. I have a pro and one x and pre-ordered the one x version. I'm assuming it's going to be the best version.
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