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  1. Lots of factors go into that, no way to really say without a credit score and knowing how much you are borrowing, putting down, term of loan, buying down rate, fha vs fannie vs Freddie vs usda etc etc
  2. I just refinanced myself. Cut my rate by over 1 percent, only added 18 months back to the loan since I only bought the house a year ago. Gained $40k in equity and didn't even need an appraisal. Sent my paystub and W2 in on Thursday last week and got the clear to close last night. The perks of the job I suppose. If anyone is interested in doing a refi let me know. Money is cheap these days... Get it before it isn't.
  3. A pan pizza with delicious crust vs a hot and ready...if you can't tell the difference just end it all.
  4. I'm good with my LG OLED. I think I'm OK being a peasant these days.
  5. Left taken today, right taken July of last year.
  6. May feel this tomorrow. https://strava.app.link/FqfngQFEKZ
  7. Got my new license plate.
  8. I'd let you rip my record but I doubt your equipment will be able to resolve the warmth the record delivers.
  9. Working, since we're busy.
  10. If you want to refi, or buy, let me know
  11. Kia and hondayyy won't sell EVs in Michigan, so the bolt looks like it will be my next car.
  12. That spinster never had kids, and now she's talking to onstar for old people.
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