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  1. You get one of the ultra quiet ones? We bought one at our old home and when we moved into our current house it was one of the first things we purchased. I don't know how anyone can deal with a load ass dishwasher if it is in any proximity to where you would try and read / watch tv / hold a normal conversation.
  2. My average resting heart rate for the last 7 days is 48 beats per minute. I don't know what it is at this exact moment, but I just had some coffee so I imagine a bit higher than 48.
  3. I mean I had to once the one I was paying under the table was deported.
  4. Hand washing uses more water than a modern dishwasher.
  5. Madness. The coffee cups alone would fill a dishwasher faster than that. Working from home has increased the amount of dishes I need to do for sure.
  6. Every 1 or 2 days or so. Me, my wife, 3 kids.
  7. My Garmin, since I run outdoors it uses GPS + my body weight to give a pretty good estimate. Then I use my fitness pal to track what I eat.
  8. I try for one run a week that's at least 13 miles. Weather has been shit recently so my miles are way down, but normally I'll do a few 5 to 7 mile runs and then a 13 or more mile run on Sunday.
  9. I wish I had time to run every day. It's the best high, when it's not cold as fuck out.
  10. I eat delicious food every day. But I also make sure not to indulge every meal. And when you burn 1500+ calories running you can have your cake and eat 2 of them.
  11. Eat a proper amount of calories relative to the amount I've burned.
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