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  1. That says a lot knowing about the people you were around growing up.
  2. I took a week off in May, and back in November the week of the election, but I have not gone on a vacation since 2019. Have over 5 weeks of pto just chilling
  3. And I assume there is some political division as far as how you identify and how it relates to being vaccinated.
  4. That's my plan. If it's part of a refund I'm going to get I'll take it now. If I owe I'll have it ready to go. I don't normally get much back from the feds, but it just seems like one hell of an increase in money coming back to me.
  5. I just got the letter, after getting my money. Thanks usps.
  6. 3 kids. I known I'm making less this year, so I'm not too concerned but it seems like some people are going to get fucked over at tax time.
  7. I just got a bit over 500 but don't know why. AGI was over 200k last year and I thought that would have made us ineligible. In just gonna set this shit to the side for now, better than an interest free loan to the government.
  8. leftovers? Who wants a soggy sammich? Eat up.
  9. We are going back September 27th...kinda excited for it. I'm fucking sick of Teams and Zooms, but we hired people from all over the US so I'll be dealing with it even in the office since I have people in Ohio, North Carolina, Texas, and Arizona on my team right now. We won't have any mask requirements when we go back...can't wait for the madness to happen a few weeks later.
  10. Oh man I used to demolish them all the time but it's been forever since I've had them. Time to go run a dozen miles and then kill a bag or two.
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