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  1. When ever I noticed people are no longer "friends" on social I wonder what was the tipping point for them lol.
  2. My sister-in-law, who thinks the vaccine will make you infertile, has caught COVID for a second time. 🤷
  3. Sometimes it sucks. Sometimes you find a solution. Other times the person is trying to commit fraud so it feels good.
  4. That not a gift... I won't tell though lol. Saw a guy with some steam transactions on his bank statements today, wasn't sure if it was for him or his kids since he was in his 50s. Had to deny someone out this week because their 2020 1120s had negative income, 2021 and 2019 worked but COVID and all.
  5. Talked to many people the last few weeks with it. One guy today sounded terrible, he even admitted he didn't think much of it and now it was kicking his ass. I don't understand why people don't understand.
  6. I enjoyed this, and wouldn't have been mad for it to be more than one season.
  7. Be ready for appraisal delays lol. Such a shit show these days. Hopefully it comes in on time.
  8. Everything is in house where I work, so underwriting is typically looking at things in under 24 hours. If you use a local bank or broker they are going to likely get your docs and send them to their lender. Sometimes the lender won't review anything until it meets some type of criteria, like all docs in or the title bring clear etc.
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